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February 2017
In This Issue HERA Training Centre Programme

Directors Comment
Dear Mr Trump, what we really want is fair HERA-ATTAR Ultrasonic Testing Lvl 1
and free trade 13 February 2017
- Page 2
HERA-ATTAR Magnetic Particle Lvl 2
20 February 2017
Are you a visionary industry member looking
for opportunity?
HERA-ATTAR Liquid Penetrant Testing Lvl 2
- Page 3
27 February 2017
A top tour of Top Energy
Welding Inspection Part 1/ Welding
- Page 5
Supervisor Auckland 06 March 2017
Looking to future pathways Welding Inspection Part 1/ Welding
- Page 5 Supervisor - Christchurch 13 March 2017

PO Trust project moving full steam ahead

- Page 6 Welding Inspection: Part 2 (IWI-B) Course
15 May 2017
Welding of reinforcing bar
- Page 10 Welding Inspection: Part 2 (IWI-S) Course
15 May 2017
MIT researchers design a material 10 times as
strong as steel but much lighter Welding Inspection Part 1/ Welding
- Page 10 Supervisor
21 August 2017
Connecting with the greatest minds in
structural engineering Welding Inspection: Part 2 (IWI-B) Course
- Page 12 13 November 2017

New standards announced Welding Inspection: Part 2 (IWI-S) Course

- Page 13 20 November 2017

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HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 1

Directors Comment emerging tariff barriers with our own tariff

The lay of the land through Trump-tinted

On the edge of our seats, weve watched the
Trump empire come to power - demonstrating a
real support for change in the greatest nation in
the world and its current approach is a decided
move away from New Zealands policy that more
free trade is needed if were to be a prosperous

So what is the right tactic to pursue in the quest

for economic success and a happy gainfully
employed nation? Its a question that has led to a
split in opinion the world over, particularly in the
Wolfgang Scholz
US and the UK - and with New Zealands next
HERA Director
election looming, its clear our political parties will
have to make their minds up quickly when it
Dear Members,
comes to what side of the fence theyre on.
Dear Mr Trump, what we
No doubt, our own protectionist New Zealand past
really want is fair and free proves economic reform greatly increased our
trade living standard and delivered positive changes to
There are always two sides to every story our industry. Operating in areas where we could
even Trumps take on trade be competitive made economic sense and kept
Now that Donald Trump is officially the 45th our population employed, driving export growth
President of the United States, many of us Kiwis globally with annual exports of $8.3 billion to the
(particularly those in business) think New Zealand US - our third largest trading partner.
is well and truly Trumped. But is it really all
doom and gloom for the future of our nation when While Trump has indicated that there might still be
it comes to dealing with America? trade deals to be had with individual TTP
countries, the general consensus is we wont be
One thing we can say with any certainty is there the first to be negotiated with. Its likely that by the
will be many outcomes affecting us - on the one time Trump gets to us, a status quo in terms of
hand, its likely our free trade ambitions will get a tariff policies will have been adopted and more
hit and lead to reduced access to some very big sensitive items such as our metals trade
markets. On the other, it signals an opportunity for compromised in an aim to protect Americas
local manufacturing to respond proactively to economy.
emerging policies with our own political response
to arm local manufacturing with the scope to grow Perhaps the most significant impact that may
and make a bigger contribution to our economy. come our way is not the tariff increases for New
Zealand trade itself, but the influx of imports to our
it will all be about striking the market by those wholl no doubt meet similar
trade barriers and seek to sell their surpluses to
right balance between growing a anyone else that will take it driving down
competitive economy which can product quality and reducing our own industrys
continue to export successfully into ability to remain cost competitive.
the free trade space, and
protecting ourselves against unfair Weve already seen a glimpse of this in our
current oversupplied steel trade where prices are
trade at record low, and this isnt limited to steel
imported directly, but also to fabricated steel
In the end, HERA believes it will all be about products where overseas rivals are using low cost
striking the right balance between growing a steel via unequal pathways to import below true
competitive economy which can continue to market value to displace otherwise competitive
export successfully into the free trade space, and local products.
protecting ourselves against unfair trade such as
dumped products and promptly matching new

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 2

Were preparing an application for a heavy
Its time to prepare for negotiation engineering industry sector-led research
From the onset, HERA has always supported partnership under the 2017 MBIE Partnership
New Zealands free trade policy - even if it scheme in response to the Governments
challenged our local industry and forced us to be Partnership Investment Plan 2017-19.
internationally viable. Thats why independent of
what happens in the US, we think our industry This proposal aims to provide highquality
needs to continue to strive for ongoing research to increase the competitiveness and
improvement in our competitiveness, whether for sustainability of companies like yours, in the
export or against imports. framework of a larger sustainable New Zealand
economy in the long term strengthening our ties
with the understanding that our with research partners and industry research
government upholds the principle users.
of fair and equal trade and With a working title Transforming New Zealand
effectively protects local industry Metals Engineering its in line with our strategic
against any practices which objective to help our members transition from
undermines this lowest cost tender-based contractors to more
sustainable businesses with higher-value
However, it has to be said that this stance has manufactured goods and services.
always been with the understanding that our
government upholds the principle of fair and equal We plan to keep the research objectives broad to
trade and effectively protects local industry benefit as many of our members as possible -
against any practices which undermines this - with subsector specific research themes
especially when we have no ability to respond addressing the required industry-led Horizon 2
ourselves. With this in mind, we believe its activities aimed at developing emerging ideas with
important that New Zealand reviews its trade higher risk science.
policies so we can effectively and quickly respond
to any challenges that may arise in the future.

This approach should not only find support from

partners who defend equal free trade but also
create a sustainable industry capable of
contributing to New Zealands economy within the
bounds of fair market practices.

Of the many headline grabbing actions of the

Trump administration, his trade related activities
should certainly grab our industrys full attention.
After all - if policies arent put in place to allow us
to respond quickly to any change in trading
conditions, its our own back pocket in danger.

Where do we go from here?

With the speed Trump is moving, we need to get
cracking when it comes to discussing and
analysing these new risks. Wed be keen to know Overcoming your R&D barrier: funding
what your thoughts are so we can take an Upfront, we know that many of our members pass
informed industry approach, identify real threats over R&D opportunities because of the high
and follow up with strong advocacy action. financial costs and equally high risk often
associated with them but we also recognise this
Please email Director, Wolfgang Scholz on barrier needs to be overcome if were to keep up or call on +64 9 292 4848. with the technological advances that are
challenging our members current business
Are you a visionary industry This realisation has led us on a journey to identify
member looking for how best we can leverage our industry levy to
better support you as our members, with a recent
opportunity? restructure of our research funding meaning were
Heavy Engineering Industry Research now able to meet the Governments minimum
Partnership Call for Interest level of investment to secure an additional 40%

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 3

contribution from them - provided the proposed overcome its earthquake related challenges
research themes explored are for novel products without too big headaches and in a safer
and services. environment.

Here at HERA, we have a great tradition of driving In November, the Heavy Steel Volumes continued
industry-led R&D in steel construction providing their upwards trend as shown in the 12-monthly
much needed competition in the building sector, rolling total chart below indicating annual usage of
and this will be continued with horizon 2-type 176,000 tonnes.
research developing more cost effective, resilient
and sustainable buildings. Weve also made much In this graph, the steel volume has been linked to
progress in driving R&D in the renewable energy the Import Value (CIF- Cost Insurance Freight)
space under our AGGAT program with Index. The CIF index is given in percentages and
members already committed to this program now correlated back to January 2000 where the value
intending to leverage continued financial support of the index is set at 100%. The price index in
via this funding pathway. November 2016 was 104% points or in other
words, landed steel costs have risen in the last 16
Were also exploring opportunities in autonomous years by 4% points.
offshore aquaculture as well as new opportunities
which will emerge in due course from our
research into promising business opportunities
and business models over the next two terms of
the program spanning an intended 14 years.

Significantly, this HERA-led partnership provides

the opportunity for individual companies to put
their research projects through the system to
more effectively obtain government co-funding to
complement their own investment - making the
Partnership proposal very relevant to our
members as a unique opportunity to get the
business transformation process started.
The above graph shows the CIF values for the
Do you have an idea you feel could shake last 13 months in more detail. It shows that the
things up? Put NZ on the world map again? value of the landed steel has dropped by 10
If you have a concept you feel could work in percentage points over the last 13 months mainly
Transforming NZ Metals Engineering, then wed due to the exchange rate strengthening and a
like to hear all about it. Contact Director Wolfgang very competitive world steel price.
Scholz on +64 9 262 4848 or via email for a confidential discussion. However note in line with predictions the last two
months showed increases by 7% from the all-time
Time is of the essence, so dont delay! The first low in September due to the cost of steel inputs,
stage of the application closes 13th February! coking coal and iron ore going up. Please also
note there is a two-month data processing delay.

HERA produces statistics on levied imported

Heavy Steel Volumes and metals (Heavy steel, pipes, welding consumables,
Stainless Steel and aluminum) which are
Price Development available to members at a small fee. To find out
HERA is pleased to continue its monthly steel more, contact Brian Low at 09 262 4845 or email
volumes statistics and hopes Statistics NZ has

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 4 enables them to consistently produce around 70%
of electricity for their network region as New
Zealands only high temperature geothermal
resource outside of the Taupo Volcanic Zone.
Link us in through our
channels Industry Development Manager Dr Boaz Habib
Have you been to our LinkedIn and Twitter said Our research is focused on identifying
channels? HERA is looking to connect with potential uses for Top Energys brine at discharge
members in more ways so you can keep up to point. So far, weve found potential for them to
date with the latest news even faster and better gain power from their waste heat, but it will be
than before. dependent on discharge temperature regulation.


Heavy Engineering
Research Association

A top tour of Top Energy

Recently, our Intern Researcher Jenny Knittel had
the opportunity to visit Top Energy Limited at
Ngawha Springs, as we work to explore waste
heat opportunities throughout New Zealand for
the benefit of our AGGAT partners and members.

From left: Boaz, Jenny and an engineer from Top Energy

With certainty, we can say this tour was a great

opportunity for us to build a positive relationship
with one of the key geothermal energy providers
in New Zealand, and wed encourage our
members to keep their eyes open for work
A local electricity generation and lines network opportunities coming up in this region in the near
supplying power to 30,000 consumers throughout future, he said.
the mid- to far-north of New Zealand, this tour was
a chance to get a taste of geothermal waters in The plant sits on a sizable geothermal resource of
action at a binary power generation plant and map 3 production wells and recently gained consent to
their waste heat resources on HERAs national expand by another 50MW, due to begin in the
registry being developed. next few years. Our research focused on
identifying potential use of their brine at discharge
It was fantastic to talk with plant operators in the point however further brine cooling is dependent
field, and catch a glimpse of their passion for the on discharge temperature regulation.
job and knowledge they possess for their work
environment, Jenny said. We explored three of Keen to know more?
their sites which demonstrated various megawatt Please contact Industry Development Manager
capacities ranging from 5MW, up to 15MW - it Dr. Boaz Habib on or by
was truly inspiring to see it all in action. phone on +64 9 262 4753.

Top Energys plant sits on a sizable geothermal

resource thought to be between 20 to 40km2, with
three production wells and recently gained Looking to future pathways
consent to expand by another 50MW in the Our AGGAT team is progressing well on our
coming years. Connecting to the National Grid via Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust project in Rotorua for
their substation near Kaikohe, their operation
HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 5
the development of a geothermal spa/bathing HERA engineers have been active in the
recreational facility. assessment of geothermal heat resources
belonging to the Trust and are in the middle of
On a tight timeline for delivery, construction is preparing sophisticated models on heating
expected to begin towards the end of the year networks arrangement as well as heat resource
so we have much to do. Our engineers have been application potentials.
actively assessing our clients geothermal heat
resources belonging to them, and are in the One of these applications is expected to be an
middle of preparing sophisticated models on Organic Rankine Cycle power plant providing
heating network arrangements, and heat resource power to its facilities. Some of our members are
application potentials to provide our client with a involved in building one such pilot plant which we
better understanding of their resource utilisation hope to trial at the Trust site in the near future.
and make business decisions based on our work.
However there are many other potential
Of particular interest to our program is the fabrication opportunities that are likely to be
applications of an Organic Rankine Cycle power available later this year. If this is something that
plant which is earmarked to provide power to the excites any of our members and they would like to
spas facilities leveraging low temperature know more about geothermal project opportunities
geothermal sources harnessed from the sites own coming up ahead, please do not hesitate to
available resources. Some of our members are contact Dr Boaz Habib, Industry Development
involved in building this pilot plant, driving Manager (
opportunities to prove their technology
development for global distribution with hopes to
trial at the Trust site in the near future.
HERA bids farewell to HERA
Industry Development Manager Dr Boaz Habib Executive Board member,
said this is an exciting opportunity for our
members who have been working hard on the award winner, industry and
development of ground breaking New Zealand community leader
technology in low temperature geothermal power

We see this as a stepping stone for our members

who want to gain back control of their future
pipeline by manufacturing their own products and
move away from relying on contracted work
which is often competitive, and delivers low profit

Theres many other potential fabrication

prospects in connection to our AGGAT work that
are likely to be available later this year, and Id
certainly encourage any of our members who
have their interest piqued to get in touch, he said. Were saddened to hear of former Steel & Tube
CEO Nick Calavrias tragic passing in Taupo on
Keen to know more? Saturday 7 January, and would like to send our
We have geothermal project opportunities coming thoughts to family, friends and work colleagues
up, so, please do not hesitate to contact Industry during this time.
Development Manager Dr Boaz Habib on or on +64 9 262 4753. Aged 67, Nicks career was paved with success,
and as an officer of the New Zealand Order of
Merit and holder of the Keith Smith Memorial
PO Trust project moving full Award for Distinguished Service to New Zealands
metal engineering industry, wed like to
steam ahead acknowledge the contributions hes made to our
HERA is progressing well in its project with the industry over his 42 years of service.
Pukeroa Oruawhata Trust in Rotorua on the
development of a geothermal spa/bathing Leader in industry and business
recreational facility. The project is on a tight New Zealand metals industry leaders have
timeline for its delivery within this year where described Nick as "a giant in New Zealand steel",
construction is expected to begin towards its end. a man of passion, a keen negotiator with strategic
insight and "compassion for fellow human beings".

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 6

This certainly was demonstrated with him and his
business partners founding the steel firm Acorn
Pacific in 1976 which went on to employ 100
staff over its fourteen years of operation, before
eventually being bought out by HERA member
Steel & Tube, of which Nick subsequently took
over as Chief Executive the following year.

...he "contributed to keeping

thousands of New Zealanders
employed by sourcing locally made
products over cheaper Receiving the Keith Smith Memorial Award in 2011. From left:
HEERF Chairman Noel Davies, Nick Calavrias and Mrs Jean
international alternatives". Smith, wife of the late Keith Smith after whom the award is
Becoming an officer of the New Zealand Order of
Merit in the New Year honours for services to His passion and voice in steering our industry
business in 2010, it was acknowledged he forward will certainly be missed.
"contributed to keeping thousands of New Source: and HERA
Zealanders employed by sourcing locally made
products over cheaper international alternatives"
an accomplishment that speaks strongly to his Our Industry Development
dedication for our industry and the people in it.
GM is moving on
Nick was also former Vice-Chairman of the New After close to eight years as the mover and
Zealand Business Round Table, an accredited shaker of our Industry Development division, we
member of the Institute of Directors, a fellow of say goodbye to our General Manager Nick Inskip
the New Zealand Institute of Management and a who is following his passion for the social sector
delegate to the annual Australia-New Zealand and becoming CEO of the NZ School Trustees
Leadership Forum since its inception in 2004. Association.

Leader in safety culture and community While it leaves us with a major role to fill, we know
During his 18 years at Steel & Tube, Nick had a this is a significant career opportunity for Nick who
determination to push through a culture of safety will be able to utilise his full set of skills in his new
that protected those operating in what can be a role.
dangerous industry - successfully reducing the
companys accident rate of 90 injuries a year in No doubt, all who have interacted directly with
1996 to zero by 2009 - to create what he said to Nick will attest to how much he believed in what
be a culture that put people's well-being ahead of he was doing working tirelessly to shape and
profits. implement strategic objectives to better
understand and promote the general heavy
Nick was also a leader of Wellington's Greek engineering sector for our members and
community, organising reunions for those transform it into a sector of higher value added
displaced in 1951 to New Zealand - no doubt products.
inspired by his own experiences of his family
fleeing Greece during this time. Initiatives such as the Industry Development road
map and geothermal capability register will be the
HERA award winner legacies he leaves behind at HERA which will
We were proud to present Nick with the pave the way for more exciting opportunities in
prestigious Keith Smith Memorial Award for the future.
Distinguished Service in 2011 in recognition of his
countless contributions to the New Zealand
metals industry, and earlier to work with him in his
capacity as a HERA Executive member from 2001
to 2003.

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 7

Past and modern wonders:
New Zealand China
Friendship Society
Engineering Delegation to
China 2017

Equally promising is his development of the New

Zealand Marine Energy Centre concept in
conjunction with AWATEA, the European Marine
Energy Centre and several local stakeholders and
emerging activity in an offshore wave energy
powered fish farm project which will be
manufactured by our membership for local and
export markets. New Zealand is undergoing a boom period in
engineering sector, with increasing opportunities
These types of prospects require vision, a great for exchange and collaboration with China as one
deal of connectivity to the stakeholders and of our largest trading partners. There is a growing
support from many quarters including industry and number of engineering projects in NZ that involve
government to take the manufacturing industry on Chinese partners as investors / suppliers. It is
a transformational pathway - something Nick important for NZ engineering professionals to
always had in spades. increase their awareness and understanding on
the environment and state of play of Chinese
Nicks work to advocate for industry often led to engineering sector.
frustration particularly around his belief that the
government was not in sync to resource This is an opportunity to join a study trip for
investments for our industrys future, despite their engineering professionals to visit past and
policies saying otherwise, and we hope we can do modern engineering wonders in China with an
him proud in continuing to carry this advocacy experienced professional mentor. The group will
torch and get everyone in alignment in the long visit Beijing, Hubei/Hunan and Shanghai over 10
term. days, meet with peer professionals and also high
level industry representatives, and draw parallels
Starting out alone, Nick has built the Industry to the engineering history and development of NZ.
Development to what it is today, a motivated team Through this project NZ and Chinese engineers
of five staff - putting great emphasis on keeping will grow their network, better understand each
Energy Research Manager Dr Boaz Habib and others culture and environment, share knowledge
Market Co-coordinator Kim Nugent fully updated about engineering innovation, challenges and
on current developments. successes, and commemorate legacy.
In his steed, theyll both rise up to the unique Programme and expectations on involvement
opportunity of stepping in to fill Nicks boots, with The programme will take place in June/July 2017.
Boaz becoming Industry Development Manager The delegates are expected to contribute towards
and Kim taking over the role of developing our the study trip's programme development, with
ocean engineering research opportunities. support from New Zealand China Friendship
Society, Chinese Peoples Association for
Nicks friendly, well informed, enthusiastic and Friendship with Foreign Countries and Asia New
supportive presence, characterised by his humble Zealand Foundation.
and socially responsible approach to life will be
well missed, and wed like to thank him for his In additional to the China based study trip, the
contributions and wish him the best in his future programme will include pre-trip workshops,
endeavours to ensure every student achieves briefing as well as post-trip fellowships (identifying
their highest possible education potential in his projects that can be brought back to New Zealand
new job. to further investigate/implement).
2. Briefings on key engineering features,
historical context and cultural significance of sites

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 8

with hosts to discuss the role engineering plays in
social/economic development
MJH Engineering enjoying
3.Group discussions with NZ engineering quicker bevelling time!
firms in China on engineering landmarks, the role HERA member MJH recently invested in the Alfra
modern engineering plays in development, and SKS-15 beveller that has enabled them to
business culture in the engineering sector. decrease the production time when it comes to
4. Goodwill exchange with engineering agencies bevelling.
representatives and young engineers over
workshops on innovation, challenges and Stu Cole, welding supervisor from MJH had a job
opportunities in NZ and China. to bevel a quantity of long bars at 45 degrees on
5. Cultural activities one edge, which would normally have taken 1
to 2 hours but was able to smash the job out in
For more information, go to 12-15 minutes. The operating speed of this machine is 3.6mts per minute, basically silent and
vhVraDzwMB5iLE_0xlwQwsPASeNWAhs- free of any sparks plus as Stu mentioned,
IljOo2buV5dQ/viewform?c=0&w=1 virtually no set up.

Application submission MJH noticed the speed advantage of the machine

Please complete the below application form by on the long bevels and are looking forward to
the end of 8 Feb 2017. Shortlisted applicants will using it for bevelling beam stiffeners, where the
be notified by 14 Feb 2017. Enquiries contact pieces are smaller and with several bevels on one
Jenny by email to piece. Depending on what code is required, the finished edge is suitable for welding without any
additional preparation.

HERA House office space for This machine has the capacity to create a 15mm
wide bevel on plate up to 40mm thick from angles
rent 2
from 15 -55 degrees. Using a slow turning milling
From 1st September a 14.5m^ office space will cutter which can re-sharpened there are high
become available. Access to two 6-8 pax meeting tensile cutters suitable for stainless available as
rooms on first-come first-served basis included in well. This machine also has the feature of a belt
rent. Access to Boardroom (16 pax), Seminar (40 drive so the motor and gearbox is protected in
pax) and Conference (80 pax) rooms is available case of it jamming.
at a discounted rate.
Its quite clever, said Stu. Because if we need a
Access to kitchen with coffee facilities is part of double V bevel on a large sheet, the easiest thing
the rent as is access to printers and network (at a to do is flip the machine upside down and use the
usage cost rate). One car park space is included switches on the underside to do the bevel, rather
as well. HERA is also willing to provide basic than flip the sheet over.
office support.
The machine will drive itself along the edge of the
sheet and if not using the optional trolley, most
operators will attach it to the gantry to secure it
went it when it comes to the end of the sheet.

Preferred is rental of the office to relevant industry

organizations, considering the excellent exposure
to the NZ metals-related industry. Interested?
Contact Wolfgang Scholz at 09 262 4848 or
For any further information or if you wish view a
video of this machine operating, contact Simon on
0800-654-030 or

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 9

Welding of reinforcing bar Grade 500E rebar may have a carbon equivalent
Reinforced concrete structures often use the (CE) up to 0.49% which is relatively high compared
seismic grade of reinforcing bar 500E (to AS/NZS to the materials that covered by AS/NZS 1554.1.
4671). The designation 500E means the rebar Higher CEs require careful consideration for
must meet specific requirements in regards to preheat however for 500E rebar preheat is not
mechanical properties to ensure the bar will have required in most situations provided hydrogen
adequate performance under earthquake loading: controlled welding procedures are used. This is
the yield strength must be between 500 - 600MPa, because the combined thickness of joints between
the minimum elongation is to be 10%, and the round bars results in a slower cooling rate than for
yield-to-tensile strength ratio 1.15. The yield-to- the same thickness of joints between plates.
tensile ratio of a material indicates the ability of a
rebar to experience plastic deformation before For lap joints the prequalified method of
failure. procedure qualification allows some choice in the
welding consumable used; consumables that
The 500E grade is described as a high tensile, under match the mechanical properties of the bar
high ductility plain carbon (micro-alloyed) steel. It is are permitted provided weld size and lengths are in
readily welded provided appropriate welding accordance with the Standard. However for direct
procedures are followed. AS/NZS 1554 Part 3 butt splice welds there are no consumables
Welding of reinforcing steel is the most widely deemed prequalified and so the only option is
specified welding standard for rebar in NZ. This qualification by testing.
standard sets out the requirements for the
qualification of welding procedure for most of the AS/NZS 1554 Part 3 Welding of reinforcing steel is
joints commonly encountered including butt joints, in the process of being amended to ensure its
lap joints, and for end plates. technical accuracy and will be available for public
comments. The draft standard will be available for
Unfortunately not all welders are aware of the public comments on Standards NZ webpage soon.
influence of the joint design has on the For those whose responsibilities include the
performance of the connection under earthquake supervision or inspection of the welding of rebar
loads; the joint is only considered in terms of the HERA Welding Inspection Part 1/Welding
simple static loading. Often rebar welds need to be Supervisor course provides the knowledge
made on site because of mistakes made by required to ensure rebar is welded correctly.
contractors who expertise is in concrete
construction; not welding. Welders must be made The first course of the year will be held next month:
aware that the designer may have specific Welding Inspection Part 1/Welding Supervisor
requirements for joins in rebar, for example a 6 10 March Hera House, Manukau, Auckland
double-lap splice joint (two bars positioned side- 13 17 March ARA (formerly CPIT), Christchurch
by-side) will not perform the same as a direct butt
splice joint. More details and registration form

MIT researchers design a

material 10 times as strong
as steel but much lighter
A team of researchers at Massachusetts Institute
Tensile test on a double-lap splice showing the resulting joint of Technology in America claims to have designed
one of the strongest lightweight materials known
by compressing and fusing flakes of graphene.
The material, a sponge-like configuration with a
density of 5%, is said to have a strength 10 times
that of steel.

In its two-dimensional form, graphene is thought to

be the strongest of all known materials. But
researchers have struggled to translate that two-
dimensional strength into useful three-dimensional
AS/NZS 1554.3 tensile test requirements: fracture within the
weld zone is not permitted.

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 10

These findings show that the crucial aspect of the chemical vapour deposit before heat and pressure
3D forms has more to do with their unusual treatments, and then chemically or physically
geometrical configuration than with the material remove the polymer or metal phases to leave 3D
itself, which suggests that similar strong, graphene in the gyroid form.
lightweight materials could be made from a variety
of materials by creating similar geometric features. The same geometry could even be applied to
large-scale structural materials. For example,
The team was able to compress small flakes of concrete for structures such as bridges might be
graphene using a combination of heat and made with this porous geometry, providing
pressure. This process produced a strong, stable comparable strength with a fraction of the weight.
structure with an enormous surface area in This approach would have the additional benefit of
proportion to its volume. providing good insulation because of the large
amount of enclosed airspace within it.
Once we created these 3D structures, we wanted
to see whats the limit whats the strongest Because the shape is riddled with very tiny pore
possible material we can produce, said Zhao Qin, spaces, the material might also find application in
a research scientist in MITs Department of Civil some filtration systems, for either water or
and Environmental Engineering (CEE). chemical processing.

To do that, the researchers created a variety of 3D You can replace the material itself with anything,
models which they subjected to various tests and Buehler says. The geometry is the dominant
computational simulations which mimic the loading factor. Its something that has the potential to
conditions in the tensile and compression tests transfer to many things.
performed in a tensile loading machine.

Markus Buehler, the head of CEE, said that what

happens to their 3D graphene material, which is
composed of curved surfaces under deformation,
resembles what would happen with sheets of
paper. Paper has little strength along its length and
width, and can be easily crumpled.

But when rolled into a tube, for example, the

strength along the length of the tube is greater.
Similarly, the geometric arrangement of the
graphene flakes after treatment naturally forms a
very strong configuration.

These configurations were made using a high-

resolution, multimaterial 3D printer. They were
mechanically tested for their tensile and
compressive properties, and their mechanical
response under loading was simulated using
theoretical models. The results from the
experiments and simulations matched accurately.

For actual synthesis, according to the researchers,

one possibility is to use polymer or metal particles
as templates, coat them with graphene by

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 11

particular, detailing and design of the weathering
Connecting with the greatest steel superstructure.
minds in structural
Showcasing the latest research, case studies,
engineering innovations and technical topics around bridge
HERA is proud to have joined forces with Mageba and structural engineering, the congress was
to assist AECOM Principal Engineer and Steel attended by approximately 550 delegates from
Bridge Designer, Liam Edwards to attend the 19th over 48 countries - highlighting the truly
Congress of IABSE (International Association for international, collaborative, knowledge sharing
Bridge and Structural Engineering) in Stockholm reach it has.
Sweden late last year.
Papers presented focused on some of the largest
Presenting a paper on the design challenges bridge, tunnelling and civil and building projects in
faced on the Horotiu Paa Bridge project, Liam the world, drawing attention to both generic and
was able to bring his insight into maximising key aspects of projects, to technical and singular
structural efficiency and economy for the 200 issues encountered.
metre long bridge spanning over the 45 metre
deep Karapiro Gully. The Congress provided a unique opportunity to
gain deeper understanding on some extraordinary
projects including the 58km long Gotthard tunnel
in Switzerland, the Chacao Bridge in Chile, and
the design of complex structural forms - including
wind dynamics of large footbridges with complex
shapes and strengthening and repair of aging and
failing infrastructure.

The conference was a structural engineers

dream with all types of structures being
discussed, Liam said.

Of particular interest to me was a paper focusing

on Shape Memory Alloys (SMA), which have the
potential to be used in existing and new structures
to provide low-damage solutions, due to their re-
centering and load dissipation properties.

Its ability to be utilised in any structural system,

whether strengthening of existing structures, or in
new structures because of its beneficial
mechanical properties allowing large elastic
strains are fascinating.

And, I thought of noteworthy relevance to New

Zealands steel construction was a paper that
One of four steel bridges constructed as part of presented testing undertaken on failure
the Cambridge section of the Waikato mechanisms when combining mild carbon steel
Expressway, the Horotiu Paa Bridge is a and high strength steels. Further testing proposed
weathering steel-concrete composite bridge to enable a clearer performance envelope of the
constructed as part of a design and build contract combined steels to be established could be very
with NZTA in which AECOM were the lead useful for us to understand, he said.
designers engaged by HEB.
The next International Congress of IABSE in 2020
The event was extremely well organised and I is scheduled to be held at the new Convention
enjoyed participating and presenting at the Centre in Christchurch - drawing delegates from
conference, Liam said. around the world and providing a rare opportunity
for Australian and New Zealand engineers to
With over 300 technical papers being presented, attend and gain exposure to the international
I received great feedback, with many interested in expertise likely to flow into the country.
how we overcame the seismic and topography
challenges presented at the bridge location - in

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 12

HERAs Structural Systems General Manager
Stephen Hicks said, The technical quality and
New standards announced
calibre of the individuals at IABSE events is like AS/NZS 1252.1:2016 High-strength steel
no other, and Im pleased that I was able to lead fastener assemblies for structural engineering
the bid for New Zealand to host this event in Bolts, nuts and washers. Part 1: Technical
conjunction with Canterbury Tourism. requirements
The main technical changes incorporated in the
new Part 1 relate to updated testing and
conformity requirements and the inclusion of a
specific nominated European fastener Standard
as a deemed to satisfy alternative product as
well as an additional assembly type. These
changes are designed to improve procurement
outcomes in the Australian marketplace.

AS/NZS 1252.1:2016 High-strength steel

The provisional symposium theme is Resilient fastener assemblies for structural engineering
Infrastructure, allowing us to showcase Bolts, nuts and washers. Part 2: Verification
Christchurch and its involvement with the latest in testing for bolt assemblies
technology and practice for resilient and This companion Standard to Part 1 gives
sustainable structures, said Hicks. provisions for the verification testing of high-
strength steel bolt assemblies for structural
We hope this will create a great forum to present engineering for suppliers, specifiers (designers,
new ideas, practical applications and new purchasers et al.) and third-party certification
technologies to engineering staff, managers, bodies to provide confidence in the products
researchers and industry. conformity with the requirements of Part 1.

New update Pending sites

Due to prevailing market dynamics and the recent Please contact:
Christmas period production shutdowns at some Gillian Casidy
certified firms, some due ACRS assessments Resource Officer
remain to be completed. DDI: (09) 262 4844
ACRS will be undertaking these outstanding site
assessments during January and February 2017
to bring the affected certified firms up to date with
their requirements under the ACRS scheme.

The status of these certificate holders remains

Pending whilst these outstanding ACRS
assessments are being undertaken.

Please note, during January and February, sites

noted as Pending on the ACRS website have
not been suspended from the ACRS scheme.

Pending status will apply only to 28 February

2017, after which date any site not in compliance
with ACRS scheme requirements will be
suspended until compliance with scheme
requirements is confirmed. For more info, go to

HERA NEWS Feb 2017 Page 13

February 2017
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AS/NZS 1252.1:2016 High-strength steel fastener
assemblies for structural engineering Bolts, nuts and
washers. Part 1: Technical requirements

AS/NZS 1252.1:2016 High-strength steel fastener

assemblies for structural engineering Bolts, nuts and
washers. Part 2: Verification testing for bolt assemblies


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