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CII-Encon Measures TO ALL

15th March 2012

CII Team Visit Schedule

Time Topic Lead

10:30 10:55 Arrival & refreshment Shri .A . Algarswamy

10:55 11:00 Welcome Speech Shri .Sundaramoorthy

11:00 11:05 Safety Briefing Followed by Video Shri. P. Narendra Kumar

11:00 11:30 Brief Presentation by Sr. VP (Engineering) Shri. Sundaramoorthy Organization & History
11:35 13:30 Plant Visit Shri Narendra , Shri
Duraikannu, Shri
Santhanam, Shri Sairam
13:30 14:30 Team Lunch CII Team & All heads

14:30 15:30 Discussion with Plant Team

15:30 Departure of CII team

Chettinad Cement Promoters History of Chettinad Cement

The House of Chettinad took birth in 1912 through a visionary, idealist,

born entrepreneur Dr. Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar who believed in
Social Transformation through business

The corporate credo of the House of Chettinad - "STRIVE, SAVE and

SERVE" is the very thought of our founder.

His dreams & aspirations, to reach greater heights the reins were taken
over by equally visionary businessmen- his son, Dr.Rajah Sir Muthiah
Dr. M.A.M. RAMASWAMY, B.A(Lit)., Sri. M.A.M.R.MUTHIAH, B.E., Chettiar and grandson Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy.
Member of Parliament Managing Director & President-CMA
5 6

History of Chettinad Cement

The House of Chettinad reached New Heights with generations of
hardwork and dedication. It has acquired the stamp of QUALITY,
INTEGRITY and RELIABILITY under the Versatile, Pragmatic and
Visionary leadership of our Founders and Promoters.
Today, the House of Chettinad is a business group diversified in varying
fields including
Manufacturing (Cement, Silica, Quartz, Grits)
Services (Construction, Transports etc.,) . Values
The group aims to broaden its Horizons and reach the zenith in this
millennium under the young, dynamic, enthusiastic, able leadership of
Mr. M.A.M.R.Muthiah, son of Dr. M.A.M.Ramaswamy.
Vision Mission Values Our Vision

Chettinad Cement Corporation Limited is the Flagship Company of the

Chettinad Group. To be the best-in-class Cement producer and build a progressive
organization that all stakeholders are proud to be associated with
To us, the definition of a progressive organization is complete only
when it covers long-term progress for all stakeholders.

The values that we have imbibed from our Chettinad House serve to
strengthen our commitment to sustainable growth to our business,
community and the environment.

9 10

Our Mission Our Values

To achieve and sustain cost leadership in the cement market. vEntrepreneurship

To harness technology to its full potential in a safe and clean environment vGrowth
in the entire business cycle and integrate quality with continuous
improvement. vExcellence
To become a vibrant, learning organization by building skills and
competencies of employees for growth.

To be the best and most respectable corporate citizen. vSustainability

11 12
Companys Expansion

Three Cement Plants in Tamil Nadu

Puliyur Cement Plant (Karur District) Geographical Expansion out side Tamil Nadu:
1.5 mill MT per annum plant
15 MW Power Plant v Green field Project at Kallur,
Karikkali Cement Plant (Dindigul District)
4.5 mill MT per annum plant
Gulbarga in Karnataka State:
15 MW Power Plant 2.5MTPA Will be Commissioned in
Ariyalur Cement Plant (Ariyalur District)
5.5 mill MT per annum plant
the current year
45 MW Power Plant

13 14

Capacity Growth at a Glance ISO Certifications

IS/ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification

IS/ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System


IS/ISO 18001:2007 Occupational Health Safety Management

System Certification

15 16
National Level Best Award from NCCBM
NATIONAL SAFETY AWARD (For Mines & Best Performance)

1986 , 1987 , 1989

MINISTRY OF ENERGY (For National Energy conservation)

2000-2001 , 2001-2002


(For Best Productivity & Performance)

2007-08 , 2006-2007 , 2004-05 , 2001-01 ,1998-99 , 1995-96, 1994-95
17 18

Plant lay (Example of CCCL, Ariyalur) Main Equipment Details (CCCL, Ariyalur)
Total Area: Line-1-282743 sq.m
Line-2 97732 sq.m

Raw Mill-Output-350 Coal Mill Atox -22.5, Kiln -64.0 M*4.15M,Power

tph, Power-2550kw, Output-33tph, power- -544 kw, Cap-5.66tpd/m3
Atox-42.5 450kw

Cement Mill LM Raw Mill fan -3350 kw, Pre heater fan -1450 kw,
56.3+3 ,Power- Speed-1000RPM Speed -750 RPM
19 5400kw, Output -270, 20

Important Events of the Plant Raw Materials for cement

Major Raw Material

Section Commissioned on Name : Constituents
1. Limestone - CaO
Bhoomi Pooja Feb2007 2. Black Clay/ Fire Clay - SiO2/ Al2O3
3. Gypsum - CaSO4.2H2O
L-1 Commissioned Mar2008 4. Coal Indonesian ,Lignite , Pet Coke

L-2 Commissioned Dec2010

Product Portfolio
New Railway line - Dec2011
Ordinary Portland Cement
43 Grade OPC
Wagon loading Jan2012 53 Grade OPC
Blended Cement
Portland Pozzolana Cement

21 22

Captive power Plant

Steam turbine generators (HP) Make

3 x 15 MW
AFBC Boiler-Thermax Make
Turbine: Shinnippan Make, Germany

Special Features

Coal based power generation Capacity -- 45 MW

Special Features

v Back haulage of Vehicles for GHG reductions

v Bulk Transport system for Cement for all Grades OPC43,

OPC53 and PPC

v Colony Waste fed in kiln

v Packing Plant Bag Counting Machine

v ABB automation Line-1 Plant runs completely in Expert


v Total power requirement of the unit is met by our Captive

power plant

25 26

Energy Policy: Energy Cell Members

Mr. V.Ganesan Chairman
Chettinad Cement Corporation Limited, Ariyalur is committed to conserve
energy in all its operation in a cost effective & efficient manner. In order to Mr. Sundaramoorthy Co-Chairman
achieve topmost status in the field of energy conservation, emphasis shall be:
Mr. Narendra Kumar Secretary
Set objectives in terms of target for each of the specific areas of energy Mr. A.Natrajan Alt. Secretary
conservation. Mr. Manoharan
Monitor and control the consumption of energy through effective energy
Management system and periodic reviews. Mr. U.P.B.Sairam
Carry out regular internal & external Energy audits on regular basis to identify Mr. Jaykumar
areas for improvement.
Taking Energy efficiency improvement measures and saving energy. Mr. Muruganandham/Mr. Ravichandran (Raw Mill)
Involvement of Employees at all levels in the energy conservation efforts. Mr. Chitiraj
Incorporate energy efficient designs and technology in all future projects.
Mr. Kumar (Mech-kiln)/Mr. Selvaraj
The Management is committed towards continuous improvement through Mr. Muttaih
conservation and optimal utilization of natural resources.
Mr. Radhakrishnan (Cement mill and PP)
V.Ganesan Mr. Karthiken (Compressors)
Date - 30th July2011 Sr. Vice President( Operation & Projects) Invitees
27 28
What we have: What we have:

All belt Elevator in place of pneumatic conveyors VFD Compressor in all compressor unit

Efficient Mill Internals Particle size Analyser for optimising particle size distribution
in cement grinding fineness
SPRS for all HT Fans
For Kiln feed Mechanical mode of conveyors

VFD for Cooler ,Cooler ID fans, Booster fans, Reverse Air fan Optimise cooler exhaust chimney height to reduce the
exhaust fan power consumption
Installed Water spray in cooler to minimise the fan power High Efficiency coolers

Multi Channel burner Gamma Analyser for Crusher and Raw Mill

Knowledge is not free

Make the Most of your Energy Ignorance is Expensive
29 30

Golden Rules of CCCL Ariyalur Energy Commitments

Crusher Raw Mill and Crusher Kiln
Vertical Mill Vertical Mill Power Optimization
Maintain proper kiln seal (inlet and
outlet) to avoid false air infiltration.
Minimizing False Air
Avoid idle running of Raw mill conveyor
False Air
system and idle operation of Raw mill Reduce leakages in the preheater system
lubrication system.
Idle running Equipment idle management Minimise primary air to kiln
Optimise starting and stopping
sequence of Raw mill (to minimise idle Utilise cooler waste heat to Cement mill
Qualit y Impact Mastering Quality Impact on power consumption running of fans) and Raw mill.

Minimise False air entry in Raw mill Switching OFF lighting around CCR
Feed size section building after office hours.
Mill feed size control (maintaining or reducing feed size contro ls)
Monitoring the performances of fan.
Compressed air Minimizing compressed air (use/leaks)
Increase operating Capacity of Primary
and secondary Crusher

Gas handling Efficient Gas handling Reduce Idle run of Crushers and belts.

Reduce Idle operation of dust collector


Oblend Analyser efficiency for crushed


31 32
Energy Conservation Ideas
Energy Commitments
Energy conservation ideas
Coal General Ceme nt Mill Sr.No Ideas Owners Due date Remarks
1 Hopper levels to be brought down-Band to be increased for auto operation Mr. Muttiah 9/30/2011
Water spray on the clinker at clinker silo 2 List of motors to identify which is running < 50% load Mr. Sivashankar 9/30/2011
outlet. 3 Cone gaps to be checked for HT fans Mr.K.Selvaraj/Mr.Jaykumar Ongoing

Air Audit report will be

Optimise starting and stopping 4 Unwanted bends in the compressor air line to be eliminated Mr.Jaykumar 9/30/2011 submitted by M/s Godrej by
Optimization of CCR & ADM building air sequence of cement mill to avoid idle Dec' end
Elimination of Spontaneous conditioner plants running.
combustion by proper stacking 5 Replacing blower V- belt with flat belt Mr.Selvaraj/Mr.Manoharan 10/30/2011 Identification of blowers
Optimise compressor air.
Avoid idle running of coal conveyor and Avoid water leakages in pipelines & 6 Starvation switch to install in all belts Mr.Muttaih 9/25/2011 Identification of belts
crusher. thru return water line. Avoid idle running of clinker conveyor- 7 Harmonic filters to be installed Mr.Muttiah/Mr.Chitiraj 10/30/2011
dust collector.
Optimise starting and stopping Awareness training on Energy During start up -RABH
sequence of coal mill to reduce operation Conservation Avoid idle running of cement silos 8 Reducing idle running
10/30/2011 transport and clinker
of fans. exhaust fans.. transport to be bypassed
Switch OFF lights at identified
Maintain higher residue for PC firing locations after 11 PM. 9 Running coal reclaimer in auto mode Mr.Chitraj/Mr.Mutiah 9/25/2011 Feasibility to be studied

10 Fault descriptioin of drives in CCR to be elaborated Mr. Thangavel 10/30/2011

11 Reducing the frequency of power generation from 50 to 49.5Hz Mr.Muttiah/Mr.Chitiraj Once trial taken in Line-1

12 PH louver damper to be replaced with shut off damper Mr.Selvaraj

13 MVD for major HT motors Mr. Selvaraj -ELE Identification of Motors

14 Cooling tower temperature to run in PID Mr.Karthick - Mech 9/30/2011

One small (50 KW) compressor is needed in packing house to avoid running Mr.Karthick -
15 10/30/2011
big motor of 160 kw Mech/Mr.Muttaih

33 34

Energy Conservation Ideas CCR Suggestions

Energy conservation ideas S.No Suggestion By
Sr.No Ideas Owners Due date Remarks To save power, crusher has to run at least 1 hr continuously. For this
Individual fan logic 1 Subbu
16 Kiln shell temperature VS shell cooling fan to run in PID Mr.Muttiah 9/30/2011
given w.r.t temp
mines co operation to be stressed
Idle running logic to introduce for kiln oil firing pump based on
17 CCR AC setting in auto mode intead of manual operation Mr.Karthick - Mech 9/20/2011 2 Selvarangan
18 After Cement Mill trip the fan rpm to be reduced slowly Mr.Thirumoorthy 9/15/2011
PPC grinding to plan when coal mill is stopped, to avoid the booster fan
Feasibility to be 3 Rajavel
19 Corretive crusher to run in auto mode Mr. Balaji Prasanna/Mr.Muttiah
studied usage ( energy saving)
20 Ensuring the D32 CP-8 compressor's VFD availabilty Mr. Selvaraj -ELE
4 Compressor air isolation to provide for each section in compressor Balaji prasanna
21 Reclaimer harrow load, travel & chain - PID loop Mr.Muttaih 10/7/2011
house - to save energy when particular section is not in operation
22 Raw mill reject belt to run in minimum rpm Mr.Muttiah 9/20/2011
23 Blending silo top material distribution - stand by fan to stop Mr.Venkat/Mr.Selvaraj 9/20/2011 Logic not implemented 5
Clinker silo top bag filters are not in group- to be taken in group Sampath
24 Plant operation in EO Mr. Thangavelu 10/30/2011
6 During cement mill heat up raw mill booster fan and its damper not to Kaneeswaran
Insulation of hot gas ducts( All FLS Mill inlet ducts) & spoiled insulation to be
Mr.Venkat/Mr.Manoharan 10/30/2011 Areas Identified
operate. This will reduce the cement mill heat up time
Dry fly ash SFM to be shifted to DFA silo inside ( top bin to be eliminated from
26 Mr.Venkat/Mr.Manoharan 10/10/2011 Idea dropped Sep-11

Pressure transmitter to S.No Suggestion By

27 Fly ash silo top bag filter fans K1AFN1, K1CFN1 to be operated on need base Mr.Venkat 9/15/2011
be installed 1 391 MD2, 391 MD3 & 391 FNC idle running logic to introduce Krishna
28 Cement silo I top fan 591 FNB is running extra (line modification to do) Mr.Venkat/Mr.Manoharan 10/10/2011 2 Gypsum feed belt idle running logic to introduce Krishna
3 In place of 391 RAR, chute to provide for the blending silo top bag filter Balaji prasanna
29 Cement Mill Silo top bag filter fans idle running Mr.Sivashankar/Mr.Kartik 9/30/2011 Logic given
To be stopped with
4 431 RA1, 431 RA2 idle running - 4th kiln feed rotary air locks to be stopped Venkat
30 Coal Crusher idle running Mr.Jaykumar 9/20/2011
bottom conveyor amps

35 36
Energy Saving

Monthly Activities


Raw Mill Line-2 False Air Coal Mill False Air-Line-2

Bag filter suction at the top of Raw mill feeding Raw Mill cyclone doors

Raw Mill main door Cyclone entry duct

39 40
Improvements in Pull rod -Coal Mill area Cement Mill Mill Sampler

Before After

Size Grit cone Product Size Grit cone Product

% Cumulative of retained % Cumulative of retained
+ 10 mm 0.43 + 10 mm 6.29
+ 6.3 mm 1.02 Blains - 283 + 6.3 mm 7.35 Blains - 279
+ 2.8 mm 2.24 + 2.8 mm 8.82
+ 1.0 mm 6.79 + 1.0 mm 13.49
+ 500 14.71 + 500 18.68
+ 212 34.22 + 212 34.96
+ 150 45.17 + 150 42.13
+ 90 65.41 00.00 + 90 53.19 0.1
+ 75 72.94 0.42 + 75 56.71 0.21
+ 45 86.86 9.66 + 45 66.40 8.5
+ 30 90.37 24.48 + 30 72.78 23.2
+ 15 92.09 44.49 + 15 80.57 43.2
+ 10 93.07 54.25 + 10 84.2 50.8
+5 95.10 69.66 +5 89.52 68.5
-5 4.90 30.34 -5 10.48 31.5 42

Duct leakages through joints Bags condition

Soft coating

43 44
Water spray location in Coal mill Modification in Raw Mill Nozzle ring

Past Present
New position
Roller 2

370 mm
Old Position

270 mm
dir able

450 mm m
450 m
Roller 1
Radius is increased by ~ 100 mm from 270 mm to 370 mm (armor ring
moved outward by 100 mm)
45 46

Mill reject chute- modification Pre heater fan Line-1 Inlet

Expansion Condition-NDE side

Past Present


Expansion joint Modified expansion

47 48
Insulation required for Heat Balance Cement Mill Line-1
By pass duct Above 441LD2 4th cyclone cylinder

Due to low dry fly ash receipt, wet fly ash usage
increased in line I cement mill.

Energy balance done across cooler vent fan to cement

Energy mill booster fan to know the unutilized hot source
and to find energy requirement for 100 % wet fly ash
Balance usage.
Cement Mill
Line-1 20 MKCal required for 100 %wet fly ash usage.
Shortage from booster fan is 7.72 MKCal and from
cooler vent it is 2.8 MKCal Design & Performance of
Env. Control Equip

Feed chute & gas pipe 4th cyclone inlet duct Mill Inlet Duct

49 50

Wet Fly Ash Drying in Day Sunlight Cement Mill Line-1

Wood Furnace work is under progress

Tiller Plough
Disc Plough

Type of Atm. Before After 3 After 6 Moisture % Area in Qty -MT

plough Temp ploughed hours hours Reduction M
equipment C Moisture Moisture Moisture %
% %

Two Furrow 39.8 23 19 17.8 5.2 1740 550

Disc plough

Nine tine 38.7 24.6 20.1 18.3 6.3 3259 690

tiller plough

51 52
Mill Inspections Measurements

Area Atmosphere RABH Coal mill Cement mill

Relative humidity 43.6 20.2 52.2 10.5

Stack Temperature in OC 35.4 89.1 69.0 93.1

Dew Dew point in O

C 20.9 52.1 54.8 42.2
Cement mill II Raw mill I
Roller, table welding is completed.
Inspected on 30 th as a part of routine
points Wet bulb temp in 25.0 55.3 55.9 48.2
New Water spray nozzles welded. OC
Static and dynamic separators are found in
Grit cone was found to be in damaged BH outlet temp in NA 96.0 64.5 86.5
good condition.
condition above roller 3.
Dam ring height & nozzle ring area were Inspections Temporary patch up done for 1.5 m x

0.4 m opening in grit cone.
Line II Amour ring is positioned at 20 o towards
Nozzle Coal mill cyclone
4.09 m2 In general higher wear rate is observed Size PH down comer Cyclone collection
ring area on grit cone tiles and separator housing. outlet
Dam ring
380 mm
height 5 42.12 18.9 54.62
380 mm Size 10 12.97 0 34.22
15 1.99 0 21.15
Distribu 30 0 0 5.32

-tion 45 0 0 0.51
53 54

AFR - Where are we

Applied in TNPCB for hazardous waste usage
letter for-Suzlon to TNPCB.jpg
Line I
Kiln main burner modified to use Alternate Fuels.
Eductor with Shredding machine of 250kg/hr capacity is ready
AFR for operation.

Line II
AFR feeding will be done in Precalciner.
Feed bin, screw feeder & flap gates are provided in PH 2nd
Fabrication drawing released for AFR transportation from
ground floor to feed bin in pre heater 2nd floor. (10 Lacs)
AFR storage yard Clearance to shift from Ariyalur site
Identified Storage yard behind Raw mill line-2 hopper 56
AFR Analysis of Various products AFR Appearance

GCV Bulk
on dry density Fixed
Price TM% Ash basis gm/cc VM Carbon Sulphur%
Rice brawn 3150 8.22 19.6 3564 0.26 34.9 37.3 0.27
Wood chips 3700 7.07 1.1 4753 0.16 17.5 74.4 0.12
Saw dust 3300 6.9 3.8 2141 0.162 24.9 64.4 0.3
Cashew shell 4500 5.2 1.6 4750 0.52 19.9 73.3 0.27
Palm coir 3600 6.8 8 4137 0.30 24.3 60.9 0.17 Palm Coir
Briquettes Rice Bran
Groundnut shell 3800 8.9 3.2 4287 0.20 23.5 64.4 0.18
Coffee husk 3500 8.8 4.1 4255 0.46 21.8 65.3 0.25
Shredded tyres 6500 0.94 1.25 7427 0.38
Juliflora 3200 9.00 2.41 4641 73.0 24.59 0.15

from HO) 8 1.68 4361 20.1
FRP 2.62 7980 0.28
Carbon waste 33.5 8.39 6310 24.1 1.37
Saw dust Cashew Shell Coffee husk
57 58

AFR Appearance

Wood Chips Suzlon-FRP Waste Juliflora

Solid AFR Feeding Handling Systems

AFR Existing system Line I Injection at Burner
Process flow diagram Injection through
Central burner pipe

Injection Pipe

61 62

AFR- Existing system Line I AFR Feeding in Progress CALCINER


II Floor Twin screw


Double Flap

Modified burner Eductor for transporting

Shut off gate

Ground Floor
Constr ucted
room To be
AFR feeding to Transport
Constr ucted

burner Pipe
63 64
AFR Existing system Line II
Other Hazardous Waste for disposal
(From Asian Paints):
Double flap gate Feeding system
Feed bin
Multiple Effect Evaporator (Sludge) : 6MT /Month
conveying ETP Lime Sludge : 15MT /Month

Spent Carbon : 175kg / Annum

flap Car pent(Organic liquid-50%Moisture): 60-70 KL /Month

Shut off Plastic Waste Bags : 10 MT /Annum

1. PC feed bin is in PH 2nd floor (E+40m) gate
2. No transport system available up to
calciner 65 66

Environment Initiatives:

Chettinad Cement has over the years focused on the following

areas of environment management.

vOptimising all the natural resources

vFocusing on water conservation and management Zero
Environment discharge of effluent from the factory.
vPollution Control State of Art pollution control equipments
are installed for the protection of air environment.
vWaste utilization utilization of Colony waste and usage of fly
ash, which is waste material in Thermal Power Plant, the
manufacture of cement.
vAfforestation Planting more than 40000 trees in and around

Environment Initiatives: Anti Pollution Measures ESP & Bag Filters

Kiln Raw Mill Coal Mill Bag Clinker Cooler Cement Mill
Bag House House ESP Bag House

Continuous Stack Emission Display Road Sweeping Machine

Board at Main gate

Screen Bag Coal Transfer Dry Fly Ash Silo

69 Filter Tower Bag filter 70

Closed Conveyors for Raw Material and Water Harvesting


71 72
Water Harvesting

CSR Initiatives


Employee Health and Welfare

Round the clock medical services.
Family assistance scheme
(benevolent fund).
Mediclaim policy.
Group personal accident policy.
Industrial canteen.
Transport service.

75 76
Employees Welfare Employees Welfare
Gymnasium Waking Track

Childrens Park Siggapi Achi Ladies Club

Basket Ball Court Open Auditorium

Hospital Throw Ball Court

77 78

Industrial relations Socio-Economic Development

5 Lacs Rupees donated to The District Collector of
IR situation in and around Ariyalur continues to be peaceful. Perambalur for Socio-Economic development under
Good personal rapport. self sufficiency
Good liaisoning / co-ordination with

Divisional Commissioner, District Collector, Supdt. of

Police, SDO, PWD, Irrigation, Forest departments.

Railways, TTPS, MTPS, NLC

Nearby industries such as Dalmia, Ultratech, TANCEM &

Madras Cement

Local bodies, villagers

Media personnel.

79 80
Infra Structure Development

Provided financial aid to poor couples on

the eve of mass marriage

81 82

Infra Structure Development Infra Structure Development

Bridge was constructed at Melapaluvur. High Mast Lights provided at Keelapaluvur

New Bus Stand

Dust Bins donated to Melapaluvur village Sanitation

83 84
Tree Plantation Water Shed Development Work

Various initiatives are being taken by us, like deepening of

village pond, formation of water carrying canals, construction of
check dams, etc.

Tree Guards provided to

Alagappa Cement School,

85 86

Health Camps Education

Providing amenities that are required for Schools in and around the factory.
We organize Health Camps at free of cost on a regular basis to t he people living Various infrastructure facilities are being provided to the Schools. Motivate the
in and around our factory. Blood donation camps are organized by us. In meritorious students by presenting cash awards.
addition to this, HIV/AIDS awareness programme is being conducted
In addition to the above, In Plant training facilities is being extended to the
college students.

87 88
Sponsoring Additional School Building at Disaster Relief
Vallalar Kalvi Nilayam, LINGATHADIMEDU
Fire and flood relief measures in the forms of Clothes, Food and
Money have been provided to the villagers in and around our factory.

89 90

To save Cultural Heritage Sports

Monitory assistances are being provided for conduct of

Sports & Games in the nearby villages.
Many works have been taken for the prevention of decay and
preservation of ancient structures/temples and place of worship. Major
developmental works have been undertaken in the Alanthuraiyuar temple
at Keelapaluvur, which is an ancient temple and young saiva poet and
saint Sri. Thirugnanasammandhar, who lived around 7th century
mentioned this temple in his verses.

Liberal donation and cement bags are being donated to villagers in and
around our factory and mines area for the construction of basic amenities,
temples and for celebration of local festivals.

91 92
Stakeholders Engagement Program

v Communities & NGOs

v Government & Regulators
v Employees
v Customers
v Dealers
v Transporters
v Contract Labours
v Educational Institutions

93 94

Energy Saved Today.!!!!!!!!!!

Will Save Us Tomorrow.!!!!!!!!!!