IrriGRAY Graywater Pumping Systems

The directors and managers of Just Water Savers USA Inc have extensive experience manufacturing and installing thousands of graywater diversion systems in Australia. Our USA pumping systems use the same core design principles as our Australian 60L and 120L systems (certified under the Australian Watermark Standard), but are manufactured here in the USA using high quality pumps and fittings matching USA plumbing and irrigation standards.

The following features are standard in all of our pumping systems:
Quality 660W Pump as standard They key to long term effectiveness and reliability is using a powerful quality pump to ensure fast irrigation, without having to work the pump hard. The 660W pump uses 440W when in operation, and only costs about 50 cents per month to run for a typical family of 4. Less powerful pumps work harder (shortening the service life), and can cause loss of graywater to overflow. The 660W pump also allows the use of 3/4” supply tube, instead of 1” tube required with lower powered systems. 3/4” supply tube carries about 1/2 the volume of water compared to 1” tubing. 1” tubing therefore requires much more graywater to fill it before the dripperlines are pressurized, typically resulting in uneven irrigation across the garden. A 2 year manufacturers warranty is included with each pumping system. Flexible installation options Want more than 1 inlet? Need to use 3” plumbing instead of 2”? Have a stubout 48” below ground, or perhaps the stubout is 36” above ground? Our range of systems cope with just about any site difficulties, and every house is different! In addition to manufacturing, our experience includes thousands of installations across a wide range of housing styles. Our systems are the most flexible on

the market, saving you money in time, labor and materials. Filtration AFTER the pump This not only saves more graywater (see last page), but provides far greater installation flexibility. Need to place the pumping unit in the crawl space, or 48” below ground level? No problem—the filter can be installed in any convenient location before the irrigation tubing starts. Self cleaning system The internal flushing tube (patent pending) ensures that graywater sludge and particles do not collect inside the basin over time. While we recommend an annual inspection of the unit, regular cleaning of the basin is NOT required— a fantastic benefit for crawl space and deep in ground installations. No electronic controllers or sensors Our systems use a single float switch that is reliable and simply can not hang or become caught. This is far more reliable than systems using small sensors and electronic controllers that require regular servicing, and are prone to damage / interference from GFIs.

IrriGRAY pumping systems are built tough, to handle small and large household / commercial graywater irrigation needs. Simple designs that simply work, year after year.

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IrriGRAY Graywater Pumping Systems

IrriGRAY 18" x 22" inground pumping system
18" (Diameter) x 22" (depth) HDPE black container, lid secured by screws / bolts. Suitable for in-ground installations. Click here for more information.

Pump Specification:
      660W EcoVort 520A dirty water pump (made in Italy), up to 28’ head 2 year manufacturer’s warranty Energy efficient motor with built-in overload protection and stainless steel shaft Environmentally safe, oil-free Ceramic shaft sleeve for long life and sand resistance Perfect cooling allowing running of pump even if partially submerged Inlets and Overflow are not predrilled, providing complete flexibility to change the plumbing design to best suit the site situation.

IrriGRAY 18" x 30" inground pumping system
18" (Diameter) x 30" (depth) HDPE black container, lid secured by screws / bolts. Suitable for in-ground installations. Click here for more information.

Inlet and Overflow Location 

Each pumping system includes:

Ecovort 520A 650W dirty water pump with 2 year manufacturers warranty. Pump float modified for lower turn on / turn off water levels. Pump is pre installed, with fittings for connection of 3/4" LDPE poly tube included. Internal plumbing system, including automatic container cleaning components. 2 x 2" seals, for connecting 1 inlet and 1 overflow schedule 40 2" ABS or PVC pipe. Lower drain assembly (1 valve at base and extra valve situated above. Drain valves located inside the container for easy access. One connection to 3/4" LDPE tube, plus additional exacto connector (and grommet) for connection onto overflow pipe. One 3/4" cap for remaining lower drain.

IG 183012 - IrriGRAY 18" x 12" extension
18" (Diameter) x 12" (height) extension collar, to extend depth of the 18" x 30" container. Screws / bolts included. Note a maximum of 2 extension collars may be fitted to a 18" x 30" container. This collar is not suitable for the 18" x 22", or 20 gallon container. Click here for more information.


Additional 2” & 3” seals are available. Each system is can be fitted with a standard potable water float valve, for makeup water supply connection.

IG 20 - 20 gallon above ground / partial in-ground collection pumping system
20 gallon HDPE yellow container, with opaque white lid. Suitable for on ground and partially in-ground installations. Lockable lid ring. Click here for more information.


18” x 30” basin, with two 18” x 12” extension collars, for house with graywater stubout 42” below surface level. Click on the YouTube icon to view.

Just Water Savers USA

IrriGRAY Graywater Pumping Systems
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Save more water with GRAYbarrel
Older design water pumps were not capable of pumping graywater containing hair, lint and other solids. Therefore, most early graywater pumping systems placed filter media between the inlet / overflow area of the container, above the pump itself. The downside of this approach is that substantial amounts of graywater were lost to overflow as the filter media began to collect solids:

Customer Testimonial

My name is Rick Stephenson. I am the director of Construction for Pepper Viner Homes in Tucson Arizona. At Pepper Viner Homes, we have been engaged in research and the building of green energy efficient homes for years now. The company has always attempted to stay out in front of the upcoming trends and best practices towards common sense building... ..Here in Tucson Arizona, conserving water has always been on the forefront and is now becoming even more of a factor as we continue to grow... . ...we successfully installed two complete systems in a model home park, Sunnyside Pointe. The systems are working beautifully and are actually being used by the City of Tucson as a “Water Harvest Demonstration Site” for the general public. .. ... Pepper Viner Homes will continue to use Just Water Savers USA for all of our future Graywater needs. .. ...Adding to the value of this system, we know we can install the complete system inexpensively and it will be very simple to maintain. As I mentioned earlier, the system is very flexible and can be converted to both shallow and deep public sewer connections and is a slam dunk for septic systems! (click here for the full text).


Automatic Pump

New graywater capable pumps can process hair, lint and other solids with ease—Just Water Savers (Australia) has proven this in many thousands of systems. Therefore, filtration necessary for graywater dripperline irrigation can be placed AFTER the pump:



External Filter

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Automatic Pump

Direct from
We encourage our customers to check for local dealers and enquire about our products from them directly. They have received training from us and can provide guidance to suit your area (e.g. rainfall patterns, local codes and regulations, soil type and climate considerations). Just Water Savers USA provides this shopping site as a convenience for customers who do not have a dealer nearby, and wish to purchase from us directly. IrriGRAY kits are assembled in the USA, from local and imported components. The design is based on our Australian products, proven over 5 years and tens of thousands of sales!

Because water is pumped through the filter, instead of relying on gravity, much less graywater is lost to overflow. In addition, installing the filter downstream of the pump allows the filter to be located in the most practical location for the home owner / facility manager. This is a breakthrough for crawl space / sub floor, or deep in ground pumping stations. The most common location for the filter/s is on the side of the house or against a privacy fence.

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