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Fahrenheit 451 Final Project Options

Choose one of the following projects to work on individually or in a group (with no more than four members). The
project will be worth ______ points and is due on __________________________. Remember to be creative but


There are many RESEARCH/WRITING Film a staged debate between Choose a scene from the Imagine you
literary allusions in Research the history of Faber and Beatty. One student novel that is especially are a TV
Fahrenheit 451. fire departments, their should act as the moderator who important. With a group of reporter
Choose five quotes equipment, and some will pose questions about societys students, type a script for the interviewing
from literature in the famous fires. You might problems. The students playing scene and film it. Hand in a Mildreds
book (include the also want to interview a the roles of Faber and Beatty typed copy of your script friends after
page numbers). firefighter in your should give solutions they feel the (double spaced, 12-14 point, the fire and the
Then explain if and community to find out characters would give. Hand in a easily read font). murder. Give
how each quote what services your fire typed copy (double spaced, 12-14 your on-the-
relates to the novel. department provides. point, and easily read font) of the scene report.
The quotes and Type (double spaced, 12- questions and answers used in Hand in a
explanations must be 14 point, easily read font) video (script). typed copy of
typed (double spaced, a summary of your the script
12-14 point, easily findings. Include a (double spaced,
read font). works cited page if your 12-14 point,
sources (MLA format). easily read


Design a different Montag, Mildred, and *Make your own soundtrack for Imagine that you find a flash Write an
cover jacket for the Beatty all seem to have Fahrenheit 451. Create a playlist drive next to the computer of original ending
book with an original double personalities. of at least 5 songs, and then Montag, Clarisse, Mildred, for Fahrenheit
blurb or tagline that Choose one and draw a burn a CD (using legal sites Beatty, or Faber. The drive 451. First give
would make someone picture showing the two like itunes, Zune Marketplace, contains personal documents: the plot
want to buy the faces of the character. etc.) in the order they would letters, music, photos, To summary, and
book. Design the Add an appropriate appear in the book. Create a CD do lists, data, saved emails, then supply
front and the back quotation from the jacket that illustrates the book (in facebook profile info., poems your own
cover. novel. your eyes). This should be in written by the character for ending as if you
color. Also include the titles, and his or her eyes alone, etc. were the author
performers of the songs in the Decide on 4 or 5 documents (1-2 typed,
order they appear in the jacket. or files, recreate them, invent double spaced,
*Type a list of the song titles, file names for each and 12-14 point,
along with the artists, where the create a fake printout of the easily read
song fits into the book (page drive directory (or table of font).
number required), and explain the contents) showing all of the
action occurring when the song filenames. Print all of these
would be playing.) Along with documents and place them
the list, explain your reasoning together in a packet about
for choosing your selection. the character.
*Select one song to play and *The four or five files you
explain in front of the class for recreate cannot be all photos,
extra credit. or all music. They must be a
combination of different
Cut out magazine Exaggerate either Draw a comic book complete with Create a radio ad Make a wanted poster
pictures to make a characteristics or bubble-style conversations showing an for the book. Type for one of the characters
collage or a poster events and write a incident in Fahrenheit 451. out the script (12- or objects in the book.
illustrating the themes tabloid-style news 14 point, easily Include the following:
of the book. Include story related to the read font) and (a) a drawing or cut out
a brief response book. Include record it using picture of the character
explaining the illustrations. The story Audacity audio or object, (b) a physical
symbols and pictures must be typed (1-2 software (or a tape description, (c) the
you used and why typed, double spaced, recorder). Be sure misdeeds of the
(typed, double 12-14 point, easily read to add music character or object, (d)
spaced, 12-14 point, font). ( other information about
easily read font). and sound effects. the character/object that
Your poster must be might be important, (e)
at least 12 X 18 the reward offered for
inches and should the capture of the
include a minimum of character or object.
10 pictures or images.
Create a list of Create a board game Design a movie poster for the book. DICTIONARY In The Catcher in the
favorite websites a based on events and Cast the major characters in the book Make a dictionary Rye, Holden Caulfield
character in the book characters in the book. with real actors and actresses. Include containing 20 or describes a good book as
would most By playing your game, a scene or dialogue from the book in more difficult one that when youre
frequently visit. members of your class the layout of the poster. Remember, words from the done reading it, you wish
Include 3-5 sentences should learn what it should be PERSUASIVE if you want book. Your the author that wrote it
(typed, double happened in the book. people to come see the movie! dictionary must be was a terrific friend of
spaced, 12-14 point, Your game must typed, listed yours and you could call
easily read font).for include the following: alphabetically, and him up on the phone
each on why your a game board, a rule include definitions whenever you felt like
character likes each of sheet, and clear and illustrations it. Imagine that Ray
the sites. directions. (pictures) for Bradbury, the author, is
ALL of the words. a terrific friend of yours.
Write out an imaginary
telephone conversation
between the two of you
in which you discuss the
book and other things as
well. (1-2 pages typed,
double spaced, 12-14
point, easily read font).
EVENTS Write a poem or song Design and make your own T-shirt with
Gather a collection about the story (typed, an illustration about the novel. The
(at least 10 -20) of 12-14 point, easily read illustration might be all about a specific
current events (from font). Length: at least character or scene, a movie poster, a
the newspaper, 5 stanzas long. May most wanted poster, an ad. for the
magazine, or the be video taped, or book, a collection of quotes, etc. Create
Internet) that reflect performed in class for a design using color-fast marking pens,
incidents that closely extra credit. or on the computer with special iron-on
parallel those in the printer paper (available at Staples, Wal-
novel. Write 2-3 mart, etc.) The T-shirt does not have to
sentences about each be new, can be a variety of sizes (fitted
article. T to XXX baby clothes
though) and any color, but must be an
original design.
*Include a brief typed response on a
separate sheet of paper explaining the
symbols and pictures you used and why
(typed, double spaced, 12-14 point,
easily read font).

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