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has been added to the conversation. kyrell says: hey hey CHAN says: hissss kyrell says: where the guyanese at CHAN says: best be makin me ma sorbet. CHAN says: skank. shnoo. says: is makin shnoo. says: blood sorbet shnoo. says: straight from my cono CHAN says: omggg blood infused sorbet?? CHAN says: oh noooooo CHAN says: !!!! kyrell says: yum kyrell says: good hjob guyana CHAN says: dead. CHAN says: dead baby eggs. CHAN says: yum. kyrell says: ??? kyrell says: masterchef shnoo. says: just call it shnoo. says: damnit shnoo. says: what are fisheggs called kyrell says: caviar CHAN says: LMAO shnoo. says: totally ruined my joke shnoo. says: whatever guys!

shnoo. says: watching JS anyway kyrell says: jajaja kyrell says: sytycdc CHAN says: the new one? CHAN says: masterchef. kyrell says: is what i be watching kyrell says: the new one kyrell says: brb shnoo. says: ew shnoo. says: sytycd shnoo. says: and yeahh new js CHAN says: i can't stand leah. shnoo. says: augh shnoo. says: me neither shnoo. says: also, she;s so freaky looking CHAN says: she's a bitch. CHAN says: apparently. CHAN says: it kills me how she's married to dallas green CHAN says: why dallas. why. CHAN says: her cono may be 12 inches but come on. shnoo. says: LOL CHAN says: she has serious bitch face going on. shnoo. says: they'll be done soon! shnoo. says: they have to be shnoo. says: how can he look at taht CHAN says: i don't know. i really don't know CHAN says: i mean CHAN says:

his glasses are pretty thick. CHAN says: so... CHAN says: how can he listen to that too? CHAN says: her voice pisses me off CHAN says: brb shnoo. says: maybe shnoo. says: iights kyrell says: hey kyrell says: backs kyrell says: i hate leah miller too kyrell says: guys shnoo. says: me: I hate drake bro: why, 'cause he's black me: lol yeah 'cause he's black bro: kyrell is black kyrell says: jajaja kyrell says: way to be a racist shafferan shnoo. says: lol shnoo. says: I was being sarcastic! shnoo. says: brb shnoo. says: makin a trip to mah kitchen kyrell says: fine kyrell says: all by my lonesome CHAN says: backk CHAN says: i got tea, ginger beer and a banana CHAN says: yes, it is after me eat ittt kyrell says: ginger beer kyrell says: smh kyrell says: gingerness kyrell says:

says: they make it all the time CHAN says: smh smh kyrell says: leah miller's voice CHAN says: smh. says: guyanese chow mei shnoo. says: we have chinese guyanese shnoo. kyrell says: i know kyrell says: it's so high pitched kyrell says: and whiny CHAN says: brb kyrell says: cool kyrell says: "i'm not crying because i'm sad" kyrell says: "i'm crying because it's the most beautiful coreography i've ever seen" shnoo. says: n kyrell says: typical guyanese behaviour kyrell says: stealing another cultures food kyrell says: SMH RUDENESS! shnoo. says: LOL . says: i got chow mein kyrell says: coffee crisp bars CHAN says: way to be asian.banana after 5 o clock kyrell says: smh kyrell says: banananess shnoo. says: what's wrong with banana after 5 CHAN says: suck my cono shnoo. shnoo. CHAN says: sooooooo unnecessary. says: HEY shnoo.

shnoo. CHAN says: like oprah. CHAN says: grey's anatomy too kyrell says: oh man a couple of nights ago CHAN says: every episode CHAN says: cry cry cry kyrell says: they did a routine kyrell says: coreographed to "tonight" by lykke li . CHAN says: oprah makes me cry. says: only cont dancing i've seen was danielles CHAN says: especially that one choreographer CHAN says: what's her name CHAN says: mia michaels CHAN says: i think CHAN says: that's her name CHAN says: so amazinggg CHAN says: makes me cry. CHAN says: no lie. kyrell says: yo kyrell says: sometimes it's so beautiful CHAN says: YEAH kyrell says: contemporary ballet kyrell says: smh kyrell says: beauty shnoo.. says: what is that CHAN says: backkk CHAN says: LMAOOO CHAN says: OMG I CRY SO MUCH CHAN says: when i watch contemporary dancing.

.is soo fucking hilarious kyrell says: hahahha kyrell says: " i fell like a pilgrim" kyrell says: feel* CHAN says: "it hurt's my vagina" CHAN says: "no. says: ew CHAN says: . kyrell says: iloveher kyrell says: her voice kyrell says: "who's edward scissorhands?" kyrell says: "does he have the scissor hands" shnoo.CHAN says: ohmygawdddd loveeee lykke li kyrell says: like i was dying CHAN says: that song is so good. says: JS over CHAN says: i love the situation CHAN says: he's actually pretty caring kyrell says: he is CHAN says: not such a bad guy CHAN says: same with pauly CHAN says: and snooki.. i like it" kyrell says: jajajaja shnoo. says: did you guys watch todays CHAN says: noooo CHAN says: not yet kyrell says: nope i be on that sytycdc tip shnoo. kyrell says: so pretty CHAN says: lykke li gives me a boner.

kyrell says: only three eps. kyrell says: gonna get on that CHAN says: gangstaaaaa kyrell says: g1and sherlock kyrell says: clouds get on that sherlock tip CHAN says: i can drive. says: clouds shnoo. says: so many tips to get on shnoo.. says: i need to sleep CHAN says: going to be on that pushing daisies tip after. car though CHAN says: give me CHAN says: link CHAN says: i'll save it and watch it kyrell says: ok kyrell says: i will send you the 2nd ep.i be on that masterchef tip shnoo. says: . CHAN says: yo. says: road trip around the world CHAN says: omgawdsss CHAN says: shaff CHAN says: if you want CHAN says: i can give you the chinese driver thing CHAN says: it has all the multiple choices shnoo. so far CHAN says: okk shnoo. says: I really wanna get on my g1 tip kyrell says: i have some sherlock downloaded CHAN says: hahaha CHAN says: i have my g2.

says: I think i can do it CHAN says: it's all multiple choice shnoo. says: I have reading glasses shnoo. says: LOL shnoo. says: why do you say chinese though CHAN says: cause it's chiense. says: Just seen it shnoo.ook CHAN says: it's ok shnoo. says: aw man shnoo. says: jojojojojo ... says: jajajajaja kyrell says: tha be mah homeboi CHAN says: hahahahahahahaha CHAN says: i ran into the dog park area and pretended to be a german shepherd kyrell says: jajaja shnoo. shnoo. says: ky too kyrell says: same kyrell says: shnoo take in my fb dpic kyrell says: matt left a really funny comment shnoo.YES CHAN says: and answers kyrell says: send me too in a book though shaff. CHAN says: chinese* CHAN says: it's manual. says: oh man! shnoo.. says: yaya shnoo. says: b. says: reachin for that g1 tip shnoo..

says: lolol kyrell says: jajaja kyrell says: SCOTT PILGRIM! shnoo. says: clouds did you watch the other guys CHAN says: what other guys shnoo. says: I need to watch it again shnoo. says: until I get sick of it! CHAN says: : ((( kyrell says: songs shnoo. says: I want to watch it like 10 times CHAN says: i want to watcchhh kyrell says: SAME! shnoo.kyrell says: jijijiji shnoo. says: The Other Guys with will ferrel kyrell says: together kyrell says: so good shnoo. says: dont worry clouds shnoo. says: so many times CHAN says: shut up guys kyrell says: metric CHAN says: i want to watch ittt shnoo. says: net tues kyrell says: and like videogame references shnoo. says: yeah scott pilgrim was so good! kyrell says: really really good shnoo. says: . says: get in loser we're going shopping kyrell says: clouds we need to reach for that shnoo.

. CHAN says: hiding in the shadows.thursday? kyrell says: and walk down queen kyrell says: yeas! CHAN says: ohhhh okk kyrell says: next wekk will be epic kyrell says: week* CHAN says: girl i be seeing you like errr dayy shnoo. says: black girls CHAN says: she needs to get on this too CHAN says: guyana don't be hatin just cause you ain't us yo.. says: I be jealous shnoo. CHAN says: we be the blackest chicks yo. says: and bollywood fighting CHAN says: oooo kyrell says: true true kyrell says: we can do both CHAN says: so kensington and scott pilgrim? kyrell says: watch scot pilgrim CHAN says: maybe leave queen st for. shnoo. says: wekk kyrell says: nioce! CHAN says: where's cole cole shnoo. says: shadows be hidin you ..we reach for that CHAN says: but next tues kyrell says: and kensington kyrell says: both? CHAN says: we be tackling queen st east shnoo.

says: there's no such thing as nighttime anymore shnoo. says: just darktime CHAN says: hahaha what? kyrell says: i called nightime kyrell says: darktime yesterday CHAN says: hahahahaha kyrell says: when i was leaving rainbow kyrell says: with shnoo and matt CHAN says: darktimeeee CHAN says: girl next week is going to be off the chainnnn CHAN says: off the hiizzaaaaii kyrell says: off the chan CHAN says: shizzle maaa nizzle yos.shnoo. says: and the popo see me right away kyrell says: smh kyrell says: you can't hide CHAN says: smh smh kyrell says: in the "dark time" shnoo. says: I gotta walk on the street in daylight shnoo. v to the izz a kyrell says: yeasyeas kyrell says: . says: LOL shnoo. says: rap music shnoo. CHAN says: h to the izz o. says: and other black things kyrell says: take in my fb stat. kyrell says: jajaja kyrell says: dunz kno shnoo.

says: but I love DC! kyrell says: when survivor was hot kyrell says: i like knew all the lyrics CHAN says: jumpin' jumpin' kyrell says: sang along CHAN says: girl i know. kyrell says: that was my jam shnoo. says: I sang/danced to say my name in front of my grade 5 class . CHAN says: i kind of like destiny's child more....OMG! kyrell says: isn't jay-z CHAN says: hahahahaha YES CHAN says: LOVE kyrell says: supposed to be coming to toronto kyrell says: i'm scouring ticketmaster CHAN says: jay-z is maaa boiii kyrell says: such a good rapper kyrell says: /everything else kyrell says: like srlsy married to beyonce kyrell says: CEO kyrell says: part owner of a basketball team kyrell says: he be ballin' CHAN says: yea yeaaaa beyonce CHAN says: bootylicious. says: I guess I'm the only beyonce hater shnoo. CHAN says: just sayin' CHAN says: like she's good solo CHAN says: but destiny's child <3 shnoo.most of the lyrics to their songs.

shnoo. says: with two other girls CHAN says: omg i know all the lyrics CHAN says: bills bills bills CHAN says: emotions shnoo. says: bootylicious CHAN says: lose my breath! . says: cater 2 u! CHAN says: omg i love girl though CHAN says: http://www. says: emotions! CHAN says: cater 2 u shnoo. says: OHYEAH] CHAN says: i know a lot of their lyrics. says: forgot about this one! kyrell says: so torn now kyrell says: destiny's child or solo beyonce CHAN says: i have to go with destiny's child CHAN says: like that's my childhood CHAN says: this is my jam.. kyrell says: but crazy in love CHAN says: nah nah man kyrell says: and naughty girl kyrell says: and ring the alarm CHAN says: destiny's child is like super catchy CHAN says: it's like kyrell says: SINGLE LADIES! CHAN says: s club 7 but the black version kyrell says: JAJAJA shnoo.not even embarrassed shnoo..

says: kelly was my fave CHAN says: the shoes on maa feet.kyrell says: OMG! CHAN says: HIT MEEEE. says: !!! kyrell says: oh i like that one shnoo. says: I need to put some dc on my mp3 CHAN says: me too man CHAN says: beyonce..tell me what you think about meeee CHAN says: http://www.. kelly.. CHAN says: QUESTION.I BOUGHT IT! CHAN says: i depend on meee!!! kyrell says: playin it right now kyrell says: have this song on a mix cd kyrell says: much music tunes 1999 or something kyrell says: vairy hard core CHAN says: i have olddd mix cds i made CHAN says: SOLDIER CHAN says: ft. says: I do't know why now shnoo.I! shnoo. and michelle <3 says: YO I LIKE THOSE ONES TOO kyrell says: but then "all the single ladies" CHAN says: no no noooooo CHAN says: INDEPENDENT WOMEN.can you keep upppp? baby boiii let me lose maaa breathhh kyrell says: "can you keep up?" shnoo.. T. says: I really don't like her anymore CHAN says: beyonce be my favs CHAN says: .

says: MY FAVE CHAN says: omg but they're all so goodddd CHAN says: sooooooooooooooooooo goooood CHAN says: . CHAN says: but she's the msot kyrell says: 1st concert i went to CHAN says: most* kyrell says: destiny's child CHAN says: the first one that i count CHAN says: is CHAN says: hellogoodbye CHAN says: played with.ohhh reggie and the full effect or something kyrell says: here in your arms kyrell says: that was a catchy ass song CHAN says: i actually saw hellogoodbye twice CHAN says: lmao CHAN says: i have tshirts signeddd kyrell says: raping my wall with destiny's child videos kyrell says: so much memories CHAN says: <3 kyrell says: my wall be blessed now shnoo. says: Post GIRLs kyrell says: okok CHAN says: and and uhhh SAY MY NAME CHAN says: that one is probably my favourite shnoo.and some other thing..) . kyrell says: same CHAN says: they're all bootylicious...cause she's bootylicious..cute is what we aim for.uhhhh dave melilo...

shnoo. says: I gotta sleep CHAN says: how can you sleeppp!!! CHAN says: too much blessedness to listen to shnoo. says: can you keep up shnoo. says: I don't thinky ou're ready kyrell says: jajajja CHAN says: OH NO shnoo. says: damn beyonce and beyonce shnoo. says: if you aint playin games CHAN says: NOW I'M ONTO BRITNEY SPEARS. says: LOL kyrell says: so much blessedness CHAN says: http://www. says: with my tiredness shnoo..CHAN says: c'mon kalisha shnoo. says: LUCKY CHAN says: I'M A SLAVE 4 U CHAN says: DEAD. can't handle it CHAN says: too much blessedness kyrell says: i don't think you can handle it shnoo. says: TOXIC kyrell says: early 2000's kyrell says: late 90's kyrell says: best timez CHAN says: best time everrrr <3 CHAN says: .com/watch?v=IyYnnUcgeMc&NR=1 CHAN says: so much bootylicious. says: say my name shnoo.

am i the only CHAN says: says: http://www... shnoo. says: christina milian kyrell says: she had another really good song kyrell says: omg CHAN says: am to pm CHAN says: or something kyrell says: one thing shnoo. says: do you guys remember nivea kyrell says: aemarie kyrell says: CHAN says: ok.seriously they need to make music like this kyrell says: i want to go back kyrell says: back to the past CHAN says: http://www. says: nivea! kyrell says: i want to watch whip it now kyrell says: eve CHAN says: OMG WHIP IT <33333333 kyrell says: . shnoo..that was in loveeee with this song? says: 1 thin remix kyrell says: CHAN says: OMG THAT SONG. eve kyrell says: http://www. says: DIP IT LOW CHAN says: says: omg shnoo.

says: nightttttttttt CHAN says: ok shnoo. says: skank shnoo. kyrell says: i have to get up early kyrell says: go to mayra's place kyrell says: get mah chicken kyrell says: from inder kyrell says: big plans! shnoo. says: listen to Okay . says: IT WAS kyrell says: and kristin wiig CHAN says: DROP YO GLASSES SHAKE YA ASSES shnoo.nivea kyrell says: NIGHT SKANK! CHAN says: nighttt skankkkk kyrell says: will do CHAN says: http://www. says: out kyrell says: i should go to bed to CHAN says: after this song. says: LOL sugar jones! .youtube. says: lol my dad always changed the song on the radio at that part kyrell says: SHAKE YA ASS shnoo. says: and it was right at the begining! kyrell says: WATCH YOSELF shnoo. says: OKAY GIRLS shnoo.and ellen page kyrell says: and julieet lewis CHAN says: THAT WAS SO GOOD shnoo.

says: NVM shnoo. says: OMG CHAN says: LOVEEEEEEE shnoo. says: OMG YOU GUYS CHAN says: OMGGG I'M GOING CRAZYYY CHAN says: TOO MUCH BLESSEDNESS kyrell says: SO SOOD! kyrell says: http://www. kyrell says: says: TOO MUCH CHAN says: love love loveeeee!!LOVEEEEE CHAN says: WAHHHH NO THIS ONE. says: i want some of the chicken CHAN says: SOOOOO MUCH LOVE. CHAN says: NOT EVEN EMBARRASSED OR ASHAMED shnoo. CHAN says: SO MUCH LOVE.CHAN says: http://www. shnoo. says: I REMEMBER THIS CHAN says: yum. says: PMG kyrell says: OMG! shnoo. says: BUT BLESSEDNESS kyrell says: . says: KYRELL kyrell says: GOOD*! says: I LOVE THAT ONE CHAN says: WAAAAHHHHH shnoo.

says: WE NEED A PARTY CHAN says: YOU CAN MAKE ME WHOLE AGAINN kyrell says: dunz kno CHAN says: BABY YOU'RE THE ONEEE YOU STILL TURN ME ONNNN CHAN says: AT THE PICNIC? CHAN says: YES? CHAN says: OK. says: YSYEYESYES CHAN says: AND DO OUR DANCE MOVES CHAN says: OMGG shnoo.i know CHAN says: CAN WE MAKE A MIX CHAN says: WITH ALL THIS BLESSEDNESS shnoo. says: dc . says: Old nelly furtado too! kyrell says: britney* CHAN says: ok ok let me write CHAN says: post it kyrell says: atomic kitten kyrell says: s-club shnoo. kyrell says: so lets get this down kyrell says: vritney shnoo. says: YES CHAN says: UNO DOS TRES CONOOOSSSS shnoo. says: OMG YES CHAN says: AND LISTEN TOGETHER AS A CULT CHAN says: AND SING shnoo. says: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS shnoo.

kyrell says: spice girls kyrell says: yupyup kyrell says: old nelly CHAN says: furtado? CHAN says: right CHAN says: not nelly kyrell says: yeas CHAN says: but i do like CHAN says: ride with me CHAN says: or w/e shnoo. says: old lil john kyrell says: OMG!!! kyrell says: boyz to men shnoo. kyrell says: blackstreet shnoo. says: aqua CHAN says: nsync!! kyrell says: backstret boys CHAN says: omgggawwdzzz CHAN says: so much blessedness shnoo. says: j kwon get tipsy! CHAN says: kc and jojo! kyrell says: . says: hpt in hurr kyrell says: hot in hurr shnoo. says: theres more CHAN says: babyface!!!! shnoo. says: anything before air fofrce one CHAN says: BLAQUE.

. . CHAN says: so you know CHAN says: white on the inside CHAN says: some black seeds too. says: i gotta sleep kyrell says: jajaja kyrell says: i should too CHAN says: it feels like spring timeee in winterr it feels like christmas in junnneeee shnoo..yeas clouds kyrell says: i should be sleeping CHAN says: girl i told you i was black. says: night girls! CHAN says: yeah girlll kyrell says: evryone is blacker than you CHAN says: i'm a banana. kyrell says: jajaja kyrell says: sleep kyrell says: what is that shnoo. says: me too shnoo.. CHAN says: you know. says: i want cold weather CHAN says: it feels like heaven has opened up it's gates for me and you CHAN says: and everytime i close my eyessss i thank the lord that i gottt youuu CHAN says: and you got me toooooo kyrell says: babyface kyrell says: BRAP! kyrell says: uughh i need to sleep shnoo. says: clouds is blacker than me kyrell says: ok i'm going to go now shnoo.

says: yyeah shnoo. CHAN says: you know. says: dislike kyrell says: . says: iights shnoo. says: it's all white in there kyrell says: i'm all black evrything shnoo. CHAN says: this. says: LOL kyrell says: ok CHAN says: no CHAN says: after. kyrell says: true true shnoo. shnoo. says: i'm a cocout shnoo. says: brown sugar says: jajja shnoo. says: oh no CHAN says: hahahahahahahaha shnoo. says: we know shnoo. says: jojo kyrell says: JOJO! shnoo.. says: shutup marshmellow CHAN says: i got some black speckled in me kyrell says: like the darktime CHAN says: especially when i turn bad CHAN says: then my blackness just comes out. says: outs CHAN says: http://www.

says: contract? CHAN says: and now. says: NIGHT GUYS .everyone has forgetten about her CHAN says: sooooo CHAN says: oh need to strike when the iron is hot shnoo. says: we're playin baskettt ballll kyrell says: had a bunch of issues kyrell says: with her record label CHAN says: reallyyy? CHAN says: did she get dropped? kyrell says: that's why she hasn't released any music kyrell says: no CHAN says: ohhhh kyrell says: she wanted to leave CHAN says: i see kyrell says: and they wouldn't let her CHAN says: well. says: she can make a comeback shnoo. shnoo. says: we're playin baskettt balllll kyrell says: jojo shnoo.. says: not that i like her shnoo.what was that song she had kyrell says: omg kyrell says: basketball kyrell says: by lil bow wow CHAN says: i dunnooo where she even went CHAN says: what happened to her CHAN says: lmao shnoo...

has left the conversation.sixpence none the richer kyrell says: HOMG! kyrell says: like HOMG! CHAN says: hahahaha CHAN says: this cd CHAN says: or mix CHAN says: actually CHAN says: on ma ipod CHAN says: .. kyrell says: am i the only one kyrell says: who liked jc kyrell says: more than justin CHAN says: whoooo CHAN says: ohhh CHAN says: yeah CHAN says: probably kyrell says: justin had like bleached hair CHAN says: kiss's okkk CHAN says: i wish i could dance like them in the video kyrell says: mc hammer CHAN says: yeaaaa kyrell says: that's who i wish i could dance like CHAN says: nsync all the wayyy CHAN says: best dance moves ever..CHAN says: ice ice babyyyy kyrell says: oh man kyrell says: now i have to listen to under pressure shnoo... CHAN says: this isn't our time but.

. CHAN says: just you CHAN says: it'll be so amazing that it'll catapault us back CHAN says: 20 kyrell says: l-a-t-e-r this week kyrell says: this was my childhood CHAN says: LMAOOOOOO CHAN says: OMGGGG kyrell says: they were from toronto CHAN says: .. CHAN says: uhhhhh CHAN says: http://www. kyrell says: this song kyrell says: was the 90's CHAN says: savage garden girl. CHAN says: you're not even going to know what hit kyrell says: she's so hiiiiigh kyrell says: high above me CHAN says: sooooo goooddd CHAN says: she's so lovelyyyy kyrell says: http://www. kyrell says: http://www. CHAN says: hahahahaha omg this sounds like the 90s kyrell says: hope sandoval kyrell says: has such a beautiful voice CHAN says: yeaaaaaa CHAN says: i like it CHAN says: 3 doors savage going to be CHAN says: for reals.

com/watch?v=pZ9KfKx8PmM CHAN says: omg le tigre has to be on ittt kyrell says: yeas! CHAN says: deceptacon CHAN says: or tko CHAN says: i can never choose kyrell says: DECEPTACON! CHAN says: okkkkk!!! kyrell says: also turning your wal into the 90's kyrell says: wall* CHAN says: DEAD. kyrell says: ok CHAN says: it's going to be like all the songs we know but have no idea who sings them kyrell says: CHAN says: YOU DID NOT PUT THE HAMSTERDANCE SONG ON MY WALL kyrell says: yo kyrell says: loved that song kyrell says: I LOVED THAT SONG! .omg CHAN says: holy shit i need to start writing down song names CHAN says: there's too many kyrell says: i will rape your wall kyrell says: avec videos CHAN says: lmaoo kyrell says: so so far kyrell says: steal my sunshine kyrell says: and fade into you kyrell says: basically the 90's CHAN says: don't worry i'm going to come up with an epic list.

.I THOUGHT SHE SAID CHAN says: I GAVE YOU GOOD HEAD CHAN says: HAHAHAHAHAHA kyrell says: dancing hamsters kyrell says: too cute kyrell says: sooooooooooo cute CHAN says: NO .CHAN says: no kyrell says: SO MUCH! CHAN says: noooo CHAN says: NOOOOOO CHAN says: I HATE IT SOO MUCHHHH kyrell says: SO CATCHY! kyrell says: I LOVED IT! CHAN says: I DON'T CAREEEEEEE CHAN says: AAAHHHH CHAN says: IT'S BLEEDDINGG kyrell says: drove my fam crazy CHAN says: MYYY EARSS CHAN says: WAHHHHH kyrell says: played it all the time CHAN says: OMG I WOULD'VE KILLED YOU kyrell says: hahaha kyrell says: my dad wanted to kyrell says: not more than nickleback CHAN says: YES.. CHAN says: ACTUALLY kyrell says: they're so cute CHAN says: HAHAHAHA OMGGG I'M SO WEIRD.

CHAN says: DA BA DEE AOSIIDHFAOISHDFASHDF kyrell says: i really love hope sandoval kyrell says: like her voice kyrell says: just gawd CHAN says: <33333 CHAN says: THIS PICNIC IS GOING TO BE CCRRRAY CRAAYYY kyrell says: yeahyeah kyrell says: OMG! kyrell says: the 90's all over again CHAN says: more than rosie o'donnell and elisabeth hasselbeck CHAN says: put together CHAN says: that's how crazy. .. CHAN says: <3 kyrell says: now it's the 90's kyrell says: blue song CHAN says: BLUE CHAN says: BLUE CHAN says: BLUE!!! kyrell says: i am blue...3 kyrell says: wait.CHAN says: HAHAHA WHAT IS THIS CHAN says: PROZZAK CHAN says: OMGGG CHAN says: DEADDD DEADDD DEADDDD kyrell says: your wall is now the 90's CHAN says: yeahhh seriouslyyyyyyy CHAN says: omgggg CHAN says: the chemical brothers ..

kyrell says: but she's no rosie CHAN says: but she's so crazy i like it kyrell says: gawd kyrell says: i give all those ladies points CHAN says: but she's soooo stoooopid.kyrell says: sigh* kyrell says: i miss rosie on the view kyrell says: i mean whoopi holds it down CHAN says: they need to kick elisabeth off. kyrell says: for not slapping her in the teefs kyrell says: "hey HEY!" kyrell says: srsly all the time kyrell says: that's all she says kyrell says: HER VOICE! kyrell says: i'd hit her CHAN says: hahahahahahahahahahaha CHAN says: i like barbara walter's voice kyrell says: so soothing CHAN says: it isssss kyrell says: not as soothing as morgan freeman's kyrell says: but stil i loves it CHAN says: yeaaaa CHAN says: i love whoopi so much kyrell says: me too <3 kyrell says: sherri has her moments kyrell says: but whoppi/joy kyrell says: that's waht it's about kyrell says: .

kyrell says: i want to go back to the 90's kyrell says: right now CHAN says: me too!! CHAN says: i kind of wish i grew up during that time CHAN says: like was a teen CHAN says: that would have been crazzzyyy kyrell says: 90's need to happen again CHAN says: fo CHAN says: she's all CHAN says: i don't even know kyrell says: not the same CHAN says: she's just crazy. CHAN says: unlike. kyrell says: .omg kyrell says: elisabeth sued law and order one time CHAN says: yes yes joy <3333 CHAN says: i love herrr kyrell says: I KNOW! CHAN says: she's soooo amazingg CHAN says: the stuff she says CHAN says: pure gold.. kyrell says: real talks kyrell says: good music kyrell says: awesome fashion kyrell says: britney wa ssuper hot kyrell says: was super* CHAN says: yeahhh! CHAN says: actually.

jpg kyrell says: let's live vicariously through this rolling stone cover CHAN says: omgggg she's holding the gay teletubbie!!! CHAN says: it's the gay oneee! CHAN says: wahhhhhh kyrell says: i miss you really hot britney CHAN says: hehehe CHAN says: i want to like kyrell says: OMG brb CHAN says: jump on her kyrell says: i need to send you CHAN says: through the screen kyrell says: sherlock ep.rollingstone. 2 CHAN says: okkkkkk .com/files/content/mounts/sambamount/images/MUSIC/GAL LERY/2008/britney_covers/24344661-24344666-large.just she'll never be the same CHAN says: nope : ' ( CHAN says: sadddd kyrell says: http://www.

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