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Phi Mu Policy Regarding Hazing

The Phi Mu Fraternity Constitution and Bylaws states in Article XI, Section 5:

There shall be no hazing of any type in Phi Mu Fraternity.

Adopted at the 1986 National Convention:

WHEREAS, Phi Mu Fraternity does not permit hazing in any of our collegiate chapters;
and does not permit our members or provisional members to haze other
individuals that are not affiliated with Phi Mu,

WHEREAS, Phi Mu Fraternity promotes noble womanhood and discourages all

senseless activities that cause physical and mental discomfort,

BE IT RESOLVED that each chapter make a firm commitment to eliminate hazing and
any display of undignified behavior through effective programming and

WHEREAS, Phi Mu encourages all members, collegiate, alumna or provisional, to

contact the National Anti-Hazing Hotline at 1-888-NOT-HAZE (668-4293) (anonymous)
or the Phi Mu National Headquarters to report hazing.

Examples of Hazing and Hazing-Related Activities (not limited to)

Requiring Phi to participate in study halls if members do not participate as well.
Expecting Phis to answer the house or hall phone in a lengthy or ridiculous manner.
Scavenger hunts.
Asking or encouraging Phis to sing a ridiculous song for the entertainment of others.
Having the Phis dress up in a ridiculous outfit.
Having the Phis eat food or substance you would not normally eat.
Requiring Phis to get the signature of members in the chapter or to write an essay or
paragraph on each one.
Yelling at Phis.
Placing blindfolds on Phis (this includes initiation).
Not telling Phis when or where their initiation will take place.
Kidnapping Phis (surprise visits).
Any type of line-up or interrogation.
Not allowing the Phis to walk up a certain stairway in the house, walk out a particular
door or something similar.

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