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A web page is one of the most effective tools to communicate with many people around the
world. When web designers have a clear understanding of the target audience and the goals
of the site they can create a web page to deliver their message. Web pages do not only deliver
contents but also images, impressions and emotions through a virtual space. The
interpretation of the text and the way users response to the message is greatly influenced by
the context in which it is presented. To convey strategys efficiently and effectively a web
designer needs to have professional design strategies such as arranging colours and
graphics, etc. It is thus important for website designers to always keep up with new trends on
the market so that they can draw the public in. This report will discuss five growing trends that
could be incorporated into a website to ensure that it is content driven, attractive and allow
users to quickly get access to the content presented on it. The five trends that will be discussed
are the use of bold and brighter designs, cinemagraphs, card design and grid layouts,
asymmetry design and animation. The purpose of these trends will also be discussed and
three real world examples of each trend will be provided.

2. bold and brighter designs

The first trend is the use of bold and brighter designs. Colour is a central part of our lives, it
has an emotional as well as a psychological impact on people. Adding colours can make a
boring site more exciting and can evoke emotional responses. One of the most crucial
elements needed to convey effective messages on a website is through the appropriate choice
of colour schemes. Colour can control and affect the look of the website and the way users
respond to it, it is thus crucial to choose appropriate colour schemes. Web designers must be
very familiar with the effect of colours. More appealing and effective web pages are more likely
to send images and messages of the site to users directly and effectively. A designer should
not sacrifice readability, legibility, and even accessibility of a website. One can choose a white,
a collared, or a patterned background for the pages. Colours are good attention grabbers,
because they are loud and obvious. Colours should help the reader or user to enjoy their web
experience. Colour gives readers predefined feeling and prejudices about the web page even
before he or she sees the content. Creating a background and foreground with enough
contrast makes the content legible. Using warm colours that include red, red-violet and brown
gives vibrant and energetic feeling to the page. The website makes use of bright
and bold designs by using the colour Orange. Orange is a very bright colour and screams
energy, happiness, light-heartedness, and joy. Its bright and sunny, conjuring images of
summer, citrus, beautiful sunsets, and warmth. the orange slice has been used to fill up the
entire space, giving a fresh, citrus-y vibe to the page. This conveys energy, which helps bring
the viewer back to the idea of concentration, having the energy to focus and get things done.
The website Three-sided cube is another one that uses a more brighter and colourful
designed. The bright colours used are there to draw the attention of the users. These bright
colours also make the website more attractive. The site gradient app uses mostly blue as a
colour for their designs. Blue relaxes, refreshes, cools; producing tranquil feelings and
peaceful moods, and this is what happens to people when viewing this website.

3. Cinemagraphs

The second new trend that is being incorporated into websites is the use of cinemagraphs. A
cinemagraphs is a combination of quality photographs and looping videos. It combines a still
photo with a looping moving element. Cinemagraphs are typically still images with a few
elements slightly moving. They can make a boring website more exciting and can impact how
successful it will be. Using cinemagraphs with other effective elements can really grab users
attention. Cinemagraphs can also soothe tension as well as have emotional effects on the
person viewing it. Many websites are starting to make use of cinemagraphs and it is becoming
a growing trend this year. Glendevon Motors website uses cinemagraphs to create a mood
and stand out as a premium brand amongst its competitors. When users visit the website an
image of a convertible driving down Los Angeles is displayed, this convince customers that
Glendevon Motors is indeed a premium car service. The use of cinemagraphs on this website
keeps users attention diverted to the most important thing about the company, the cars. The
website of the company Deep End, an internet marketing agency, makes use of cinemagraphs
on their home page. The cinemagraph made use of is a man working at his computer. This
gives sense of professionalism, hard work and intelligence that the company is trying to portray
to its visitors. The website of the jewellery brand Tiffany & Co uses a cinemagraph of a pair of
rings. The rings have moving sparkles. this makes the image seem life like, grabbing the
attention of potential customers.

4. Card design and grid layouts

The third trend is the use of Card design and grid layouts. This type of layout consists of little
rectangles or squares full of images and text. It has become so successful in Web design that
they can be considered as a default option when it comes to balancing aesthetics with
usability. Grid layouts are suitable for companies that need to upload large amounts of data.
Card designs make the information more accessible and attractive. Using grids or cards allow
for an extremely simple and clean browsing experience, which is one of the most important
factors in web design today. This type of layout is more appealing to the users eye as it makes
the website look simple and organised. People like simplicity, no one likes to visit a website
that is overcluttered and hard to navigate. Examples of websites that use this layout include
htmlBoutique, Tumblr and Pinterest. HtmlBoutique makes use of the card layout to organize
their case studies into grids, giving the website a crisp, clean feel when visited by users. It also
helps set the website apart from the usual showcase pages. The website Tumblr makes use
of card layouts creating an enjoyable browsing experiences to users. Pinterest, being one of
the first sites to make use of this sort of card layout, allows their users an enjoyable browsing
experience and showcase content in a neat and ordered manner.

5. Asymmetrical designs
Asymmetrical designs provide a different approach and unbalanced perception on the viewers
vision to that of symmetrical objects. The concept of asymmetrical designing elements is to
create the connection between components to be multiplex which creates a more appealing
look for the audience. With these elements the source creates a free and innovative approach
making the look of the website a lot more compelling for viewers. The best feature from using
asymmetry is that it demands attention. (Bradley, 2015) Constructing a website that includes
asymmetrical guidelines include the use of movement, weightiness, space and even
pigmentation by the framework provided and how it will be prepared. (Cousins, 2015)
Incorporating new innovative and captivating looks within the outlook of your company can
create a lot of attention towards the brand and the company making it a lot easier to grab your
customers attention and to even make the customer remember the brand. The motivation
behind businesses approaching to asymmetry in their designs is because of the need for
innovation in the digital world of today. Things need to be kept fresh or the business wont
succeed in the long run. Asymmetry design creates a bigger image to draw the customer or
audience in and then keeps the colours and scales incorporate within so the look can be
visually pleasing and create a stop and see affect. (McNeil, 2011) Majority of the tools used
for the concept of asymmetry is the use of unbalanced imagery, shapes, colour etc. Examples
of business that have made use of the asymmetry design concept on their webpages are . Bully entertainments website has a balance between a large
element and a smaller element, catching the attention of people making use the website., this layout presents a standard web layout. A small side column
that contains key navigation, paired with a much larger column for the sites content. (McNeil,
2011) This layout enables an easier navigating experience for users. The website Cake sweet
cake also makes use of the asymmetry design.

6. Animation

A web design is equal to the creation of a company. As companies need special effort to build
its customer base, a website also needs special innovative designs to get the attention of
consumers outside of their target market. Animation is a brilliant way to make sure that the
business website has the power to capture and keep the attention of new clientele. Animation
is trendy, fun and user friendly. Incorporating animation into a web design will make the
website look bold, lively and colourful. Bold texts will make clients be able to see the important
information quicker and easier and wont have to scroll through fine print trying to find what
they are looking for. For example; the business address, contact details, prices, etc. The
colour within the animation will encourage readers to carry on reading. Animation will bring 2-
3-dimensional view to the website which will make it hard to avoid. The
websites, and all make use of animation within their website making it look more fun and
attractive to any user visiting the site

7. Conclusion
A website developer cannot force a customers to visit their website, if customers do not like
the website, they simply wont make use of it. That is why it is important that web designers
stay on top of the latest trends to avoid falling behind and not attracting customers. No
customer likes using an old version website so it is wise to upgrade every time a new trend
comes to picture. The five trends that were discussed was the use of bold and brighter
designs, cinemagraphs, card design and grid layouts, asymmetry design and animation. The
purpose of these trends were also discussed and three real world examples of each trend was
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