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ELA 7 Media Violence: Lesson 4

Grade 7 ELA Unit: Media
Topic: Media Violence: News March 9, 2017 Length of Lesson: 45
Specific Learning
Outcomes 2.4 Create Original Text. Generate ideas. Structure text.
3.1 Plan and Focus. Focus attention. Determine information needs. Plan to gather

Learning 1. Students will:
Objectives  Understand the constraints when it comes to creating a news cast and how it might
affect the content delivered
 Create their own news cast using the information learned in previous lessons

Materials  Story board handouts
 Writing script handout

Procedure Assessment Methods
Introduction 1 Review: What did we talk about last class? What is a Formative: review of prior
(5 min.) bias? knowledge. Check for
• Last class we touch on the fact that certain factors understanding through group
when it comes to creating newscasts may add discussion.
to this bias. Discuss the following: How do the
time constraints in television newscasts affect
the news we watch? Time limit? Competing
with other news sources?

Body of Lesson 1 Reflection: (15 minutes)
(35 min.) Have students reflect on the content of the television Formative: Self feedback sheet
news cast viewed in the previous lesson by for news cast story boards.
discussing the following questions: 
What are the Feedback on presentation of
key ingredients—or the codes and conventions—in story board
the television news report (what went into making
the television news report? How do these ingredients
affect the impression we receive of the story?
(Consider sound, visuals, camera work, and editing.)

What perspectives or voices are missing from some
of the news reports? It may be useful to isolate one
particular news report in order for students to
generate specific examples. 
How can a 30 second
news report that involves violent content be
representative of many perspectives and be fair,
informative and balanced? (Brainstorm in small
groups then come back and discuss as a class)
Activity: (20 minutes) In partners or groups of 3 have
students write the script for a television news report
based on the available information provided on
Writing the Script for a Television News Report (In
handout). Students will use Using a Storyboard to
Write the Script for a Television news Report (Story
board handout) to organize their material. The
challenge for students will be to keep their script
within a 50 second time frame. Go over both
handouts with the students and allow for any
questions. have students write script on a loose
leaf piece of paper show me and then put it onto
the story board

Closure Give the students 5-minute wrap up and clean up
(2 min.) time. Remind the students that we will continue to
work on their storyboards next class as well as
present them.