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Ladies and gentlemen,

English is an International Language. Because this language is very universal and used for
communicate among people around the world. So, its very important for us to learn English.
English is the window to acquire knowledge. As we know, a lot of book, like ensiklopedia,
discoveries,and inventions are written and published in English. we will not be separated
from the English language, because this language can exist everywhere. like, on the computer,
the internet, even in mobilephone. From this statement we can know that english is exactly
beneficial for our life.

For me , English is very important. Because English allows me to develop and interact as
social beings. In this case, developing means to follow the modern era of globalization. And
compete for success as a student. And also , in this case the interaction is where we can
communicate with the other people around the world.

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are is Indonesian people, even, we live in Bali, a small island in indonesia but very
famous in the world. Indonesian people are very friendly. So, we have to communicate in
english and tourism is growing. To reach this goal, we must mastering our traditional
language, traditional custom, and own traditional habit. Cause it impossible to explain and
introduce our culture to the foreigner if we dont understand and be able speak english.

Ladies and gentlement,

There is a saying, If you can speak English, you will be able to control the world so easily.
However, there are still many people who can not speak english. The main reason is they are
lazy to learn english, because its not used in their daily lives. Some of Indonesian people
may be think that its not necessary to be able to master english , because we live in indonesia,
we speak indonesian language, and all our families are indonesian people. The others think
that english is difficult lesson, so they are reluctant to learn english. But from now, we have
to change our mind. Why? Because we lives in modern era ,we have to compete with the
other people. We have to reach our dream. It will be happen if can communicate in english,
right? there so many information we can get from the Internet. Its very useful for us as
students. By internet , we can find information about everything to support our school. It will
be easier if we know english well.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Moreover, English is a fun language and we can learn English in some easy ways. Well, let
me tell you how to learn English easily.
1. Read books. Reading a book is a great way for you to get more vocabulary and
grammar. But, the most important things is read what do you are interested in.
2. Improve your listening skill by listening Englsih song or you can also watch English
3. Think and talk to yourself in English, not your native language
4. Practice speaking English. Of course, seriously works without practicing what you
have learn, it will be nothing. You can practice your English with your family or
5. Dont be scared about making a mistake, if you are scared you will never speak
fluently and remember Goethe have ever said: Knowing is not enough, we must
apply. Willing is not enough, we must do and remember: Remember: Language
indicates Nation. And Dont Forget English is a bridge for the future

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I think its completely enough for me to this point. The wrong utterances are caused by
limitation of my ability and the right one is merely from Allah SWT. So, I beg your pardon,
finally I say thank you for your attention.