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This report contains explicit references to male sexual performance. Plus, it reveals
cutting edge research by Dr. Steven Lamm of New York University School of Medicine,
proving how in just 42 days YOU could be making erections like when you were 21

In This Private & Confidential Report

Stay Firm Naturally, Forever: Only a “lucky” 30% of men do…
discover how you could end bedroom disappointment and join them!

Love Better: Nobel Prize winning research can help save your

Put the Passion Back In Your Partnership: With an injection of[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

“just met” infatuated excitement!

Potency Promise: Your satisfaction is guaranteed. But be careful what

you wish for… 42% of sub-fertile couples got pregnant!

PLUS, Find Your “Cocky Confidence”: Turn back the clock 10, 20
even 30 years on your sexual performance and love like a stud!

Dear Reader,
I’ve Got Great News!
Male Sexual Pride and Performance
is NOT “All in Your Mind”.
Some guys go their whole life never suffering the
humiliation and indignity of going soft in front of
their lover. Their secret will surprise you!
– by Andrew Miller, Health Division Publisher, Agora Lifestyles

Nick Dudley slouches on the sofa, and watches the TV till late with a shot of something, to forget.
When he thinks the coast is clear he creeps upstairs and checks there’s no light under the bedroom
door. It’s safe for him to slide into bed next to his wife, their disappointment over failed erections
buried until another day.

Meanwhile, across town …

Lance Studley bathes in the afterglow of an explosion of lovemaking. He walked in from work to a meal
prepared with love, but didn’t make it as far as the coffee before he was ready for sex!

And as he relaxes with a glass of cabernet, the stirring in his loins hints he’s only stopped long enough
to catch his breath. He’s rising to the occasion for more. And his wife’s eager kisses signal the night
has only just begun…

For Lance and his lady, passion still burns brightly, despite his senior years and being a DECADE older
than Nick.

Stud or Dud?
If you’re over 40, there’s a one in two chance you’re suffering some degree of Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
right now. And by the time you reach 70, the odds are stacked 70% against your ability to get hard

It’s Father Time’s cruellest trick. As you age, he steals more and more of the signalling molecule
essential for you to make an erection.

This is the grim reality for millions of men in the UK. And not only is there the loss of sexual function…

It plays on your mind, crushes your confidence, and destroys your self-esteem. The saddest thing is it
can drive a wedge between you and your lover, in the prime of your lives together.[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

So why does it happen?

What goes on in Las Vegas,

stays in Las Vegas…
… except this famous public erection!
Prior to 1983, if Nick Dudley had taken his “problem” to the surgery, his doctor would have told him it
was “all in his mind”.

That was until Dr. Giles Brindley stood up at a meeting of Urologists in Las Vegas, dropped his trousers,
and injected a drug directly into his penis. The result was an instant erection!

Dr. Brindley proved, right in front of his colleagues, the main cause of ED is not psychological, but
physiological – though many ill-informed GPs still believe the old theory.

Feel more like Nick than Lance?

So if you’re…

Over 40…
Losing confidence in your ability to get and keep an erection…
Maybe don’t always get hard enough to properly penetrate your lover…
Or just don’t find your lovemaking satisfactory anymore…

… it’s probably down to just one thing… your vascular system. It’s not functioning like it should because
of ageing, medication side effects or both.

This limpness can be particularly brutal because it strikes hardest in the prime of your life. The kids are
off your hands, you’ve got the time and the cash to enjoy your lifestyle, and bam! Goodbye great sex.

What’s more, at the other end of those erection making arteries and veins, is your heart. That why it’s
called your cardiovascular system. And according to Dr. Parker Ward of The University of Chicago
Hospitals, a wilted manhood may be a more accurate predictor of heart disease than family history,
high blood pressure or cholesterol! (see ref i) But more about that later…

This may come as a surprise to you, because most men believe getting an erection is more to do with

As essential as testosterone is to everything that makes you a man, it doesn’t directly make you hard.
Sure, testosterone will make you horny. But it won’t make you stiff without the missing ingredient that
makes Lance such a stud!

So what is Lance’s secret?

Lance, and about 30% of guys will never suffer the indignity of impotence. They stay hard and satisfied
throughout their lives.

So what is it about their vascular systems that are any different from yours? Did they just come from
better stock than you and I? Are they just lucky? And are you hopelessly condemned to live out your
days in the humiliated silent majority?

Certainly not! You could be back up to speed in as little as just 42 days…

Dr. Brindley proved ED is not all in your mind. It’s in your arterial blood vessels and veins…
The Nobel Prize winning scientists coming up, discovered the exact mechanism…
And the doctor from New York University Medical School I’m about to introduce you to, proved
you can reverse its age-related decline.[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

Sound interesting? This is your chance to undo the ravages of time with a safe, simple answer to mild
and moderate ED. It’s drug free, side effect free, and does not require a doctor's prescription.

First, discover Lance’s secret to growing erections more easily… sustaining them effortlessly… and
enjoying more youthful sexual performance. You’ll be doing your heart a favour, too!

The NO that means YES in the bedroom –

no ‘NO’ = no Sex
The injection Dr. Brindley administered into himself forced the arteries in his manhood to relax. This
allowed blood to flow into two cigar shaped vessels that run through the shaft of the penis. And as they
say, the rest is history!

What makes Lance Studley such a performer is a plentiful supply of the molecule that signals this
relaxation – it’s a gas called nitric oxide (NO). All he needs to supply is an erotic thought and it
explodes into action.

Without enough NO, the arterial blood vessels in your penis will not open properly, and you’ll never get
hard – not even if you take pharmaceutical erection drugs!

Erection fizzyology
So the only thing standing between you and great sex is filling those tubular vessels - called corpus
cavernosum with pressurised blood. And to do that you need to open the inflow valve and close the

If you’ve got the big gun holstered, so to

speak, your valves are set in the opposite
direction. What may surprise you is the
valves are actually a type of muscle. It’s
called smooth muscle, and it’s part of your
arteries and corpus cavernosum.

When your penis is flaccid, the smooth

muscle is tense, which constricts your
arteries and prevents the inflow of blood.
While the veins that control the outflow to
your heart, are relaxed and open.

Just like Lance, you need TWO things to

reverse those valves and get hard:

1. An erotic thought sent to nerve cells in

your corpus cavernosum… and

2. Enough NO gas produced by the nerve

cells, and the endothelial lining of your arteries.

Nitric oxide literally ‘fizzes’ around and through your arteries. This relaxes the smooth muscle, which
opens your inflow valve. It also expands your arteries so they can pump even more blood. And as your
arteries become relaxed and dilated, your corpus cavernosa becomes engorged with blood.

So where did your NO go?

The lining of your arteries make nitric oxide out of
L-arginine – it’s an essential amino acid you get
from your diet.
The Cardiovascular Risk,[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

Sounds simple enough, but as you age various

Common Denominator
factors damage this delicate lining. High blood
pressure, high blood sugar, cholesterol deposits and
smoking are some of the major culprits.

In 1988, American scientists Robert F.

They set up a vicious cycle, because the more
Furchgott Ph.D., Louis J. Ignarro, Ph.D.,
damage there is to the endothelial lining of your
and Ferid Murad, Ph.D., won the Nobel
arteries, the less NO you’ll make. And the less NO
Prize in Physiology or Medicine. They
you make, the more your arteries grow harder and
each made discoveries around nitric
your erections softer.
oxide (NO) as a signalling molecule in the
The good news is I’m about to reveal a patented cardiovascular system.
solution than can reverse this problem naturally.
What unifies their work is the entirely
new principle that a gas produced by one
Making the bullet magic cell can penetrate other membranes and
regulate the function of other cells. NO is
Most attempts to restore erection power with the common denominator in major
natural substances, involve the amino acid L- cardiovascular risk factors.
The other part of the erection equation
However, L-arginine is like a bullet in a gun without came from Professor Salvador Moncada
a trigger. It’s only the potential to make nitric in 1988. After the years of work by the
oxide, not nitric oxide itself! scientists awarded the prize, he proved
blood vessels make NO from L-arginine.
The science for using L-arginine on its own to make
NO is inconclusive. It may help some men, but
nothing like the 81.1%, 92.5%, and 100% of
men helped in the clinical studies coming up.

So here’s the exciting news that means in 42 days or less, you could be making erections like when you
were 21! Scientists have finally discovered how to increase the biological “triggering mechanism”, so
you can convert L-arginine into NO more easily.

It’s such a major breakthrough the inventors have secured international patents to protect the
discovery. Scroll down now and I’ll tell you more about this erection making “magic bullet”.

Turn Back the Clock on Your Manhood!

Introducing patented Prelox® –
the world’s first clinically proven natural “blue pill”
available without a prescription.
Unfortunate ED sufferers typically report situations like…

The one time they couldn’t get hard and blamed it on the booze, becomes twice, three times and then
a regular pattern…

A wife’s quiet frustration as a promising looking erection weakens and fades before fulfillment…

How masculine pride descends into dark desperation as the excuse that, “I’m under a lot of stress”
wears thin…

And how even the tiniest of well meaning comments from a secretly unsatisfied lover, feels like a punch
below the belt.

The good news is you’re no longer condemned to endure these indignities. Why? Because scientists
have discovered how to unleash a surge of nitric oxide, that will make you more like Lance Studley. The
big gun could be up and firing again like an automatic weapon, in just 42 days or less!

So ask yourself…[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

“Will I spend the next 10, 20 or maybe 30

years of my life, a poor imitation of the man I Fire your arteries full
used to be?”
of nitric oxide and
With performance anxiety ever present… explode your sex life!
Embarrassed as sexual power bleeds away…
Depressed at the thought your best sex is
just a memory…
Taking “artificial” erection drugs that do
nothing to correct the real cause…
And feeling suspicious of a partner who says
it’s OK to just be best friends? …and get
discounts and
If this scenario is not for you, I’ve got the
up to £80.66!
When a man’s nitric oxide production starts to fall
life becomes miserable. It can cause all sorts of Or, FREE CALL
health problems besides stealing his sex life. Not 0800 0193322
only is it indicating damage to the arteries in his
penis, it’s a sign of stressed arteries throughout his
entire cardiovascular system.

But clinical studies prove when an ageing male

gives his body exactly what it needs to make nitric
oxide, miracles really can happen!

It can restore youthful erections, and the arteries throughout his cardiovascular system become more
flexible, helping his blood pressure return to normal.

In effect, he reverses the vicious cycle of damage to his arteries that leads to less NO production. More
NO makes his arteries more flexible and healthier, and flexible healthy arteries make even more NO –
he’s literally turned back the clock!

Now what man wouldn’t say yes please to

some of that?
Prelox® is fast proving to be one of the world’s most
advanced sexual performance boosters, and it’s available
in the privacy of your home.

Agora Lifestyles' is proud to bring you Prelox®. It’s a little blue

pill, and the result of a major biomedical breakthrough.

Prelox® is a combination of two natural substances. The first,

L-arginine, is like a bullet in a gun. And the second,
Pycnogenol® (pronounced Pic-noj-en-oll), is the trigger that
helps fire the bullet and floods your arteries with NO.

Pycnogenol® is a natural plant extract from the bark of the maritime pine tree, and only grows along
the southwest coast of France. It stimulates an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase (NOS) – the magic
that converts L-arginine into NO.

Millions of Americans know Dr. Steven Lamm M.D., of New York University
School of Medicine, as the doctor on ABC-TV’s The View. He’s also appeared
on many other TV shows including Oprah. He says, “Prelox® is a safe and
evidence based product that improves and restores healthy sexual
function in men.”[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

What follows are the results of the two European studies into L-arginine
and Pycnogenol®, that lead to the creation of Prelox®. Plus, the results of
Dr. Lamm’s U.S. Prelox® study.

Believe me, this will be the most exciting news

ever to hit your sex life . . .

Male magic bullet

clinically proven to increase your satisfaction…
… and of course, your lover’s.
Here’s the amazing Prelox® results published in the European Bulletin of Drug Research, by TV doctor,
Steven Lamm. (ref v)

Study No 1: 92.5% Success!

Dr. Romil Stanislavov Ph.D., performed the first

Over HALF of all ED is caused by a
clinical study into a combination of L-arginine and
Pycnogenol®, in 1993. He’s Head of the
lack of blood flow. And Prelox®
Seminological Laboratory and Sperm Bank, at restores blood flow in 81.1%,
University Clinic, Sofia, Bulgaria. 92.5% and 100% of men taking
it in clinical trials!
Forty men, “suffering from an inability to achieve
CLICK HERE for your RISK-FREE trial
and sustain an adequate erection sufficient for
including discounts and FREE GIFTS
successful intercourse”, signed up for the study. worth £80.66 – sent discreetly under
plain wrapper.
Dr. Stanislavov asked them a series of questions to
assess the ratio of successful to unsuccessful Vascular problems, including diabetes 50-60% (ii)
Medications 25% (iii)

Rather than just recording “unsuccessful”, he asked Hormonal Imbalance < 5% (iv)
if penis rigidity was too weak, if it was taking too Alcohol and smoking N/A
long to get hard or if the erection could not be
Anxiety or psychological problems N/A
Other medical conditions N/A
First, he wanted to see how effective L-arginine
was on its own. So the men took three grams a Caution: As much as 25 percent of ED is due to
day for the first month. The result was only two medication side effects! Over 200 commonly prescribed
dugs cause impotence. These include drugs for high blood
men experienced normal erections – more proof L-
pressure, tranquilizers sedatives, antidepressants and
arginine on its own is not enough to trigger a big
over-the-counter medications. If you think your
surge of NO.
medication could be causing you a problem it makes
sense to review it with your GP.
In the second month, Dr. Stanislavov added 80mg
of Pycnogenol® to the 3 grams of L-arginine. The (Please note: None of the natural ingredients in Prelox® is toxic nor
results were dramatic! Thirty-two men, 80 percent have any significant adverse effects. However, if you are seriously ill,

of the study group, regained normal youthful on multiple medications, suffer from severe hypertension or heart

erections – the time it took to get hard went down disease, consult your doctor before taking Prelox)

and the ability to keep an erection went up.

In the third month, he increased the Pycnogenol® dose to 120mg and the success rate rose to 92.5
percent![04/05/2010 13:48:38]

Study No 2: 42% Get Pregnant!

Dr. Stanislavov and his team then performed a

study on 50 men who had ED and fertility
problems. They had lower semen and sperm
volume compared to healthy men. Plus, their
sperm were less mobile and showed other

After one year, not only was the percentage of

men experiencing restored sexual function the
same as in the first study… 21 couples, 42
percent, got pregnant!

This should be great news for any couples

trying to get pregnant. Scientists believe
Pycnogenol® protects the polyunsaturated
fatty acids in sperm from oxidation.

Study No 3: 81.1% and 100% Success!

Dr. Steven Lamm himself performed a study into L-

arginine combined with Pycnogenol®. He used the
exact formulation available to you today – Prelox®.

He selected men for his study using the same

medical ED assessment questionnaire as Dr.
Stanislavov. It scores men between zero and 25
depending upon the severity of their ED. A score
lower than 22 indicates abnormal erectile

Dr. Lamm selected men with scores ranging

between 11 and 22. This means the men had mild
or moderate ED.

Thirty-seven men from 30 to 60 years of age

completed the study. Dr. Lamm supplied them with
the same 42-day trial of Prelox® recommended in
this report, and an instrument that measures penis
rigidity called a Digital Rigidometer.

Never before has a natural male potency

supplement performed as well as this!
To establish the men’s overall sexual satisfaction after taking Prelox®, Dr Lamm surveyed them with
the following additional questions. Feel free to ask yourself the same questions after you’ve tried

1. Have you had an increase in morning erections?

2. Have you had an increase in sexual dreams?

3. Have you had an increase in sexual fantasies?[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

4. Has it been easier to initiate erections?

5. Has it been easier to sustain erections?

6. Has your partner noted any change in your sexual


7. Has your partner noticed any increase in your sexual


And the results were…

Twenty-four men reported more morning erections… 25 men reported erections easier to sustain… 27
men reported erections easier to make. Plus, there was a clear improvement in the measurements of
penis rigidity.

Across the 37 men in the study with mild, moderate and pronounced ED, 81.1 percent judged Prelox®
to be effective. Out of the men with mild and moderate ED that figure jumps to 88 percent…

And 100 percent of men with mild ED experienced completely restored sexual function!


Much More Is At Stake

Than “Just” Your Manhood!
Nitric oxide coursing through your arteries is
essential if you want to get hard and stay hard.
And when the time and place is right, it’s what all Pharmaceutical Sex Pills Make
us men want… right? Let’s tell it like it is. Hard is Dangerous “Artificial” Erections!
good, and harder is better!

When things are right in the trouser department

and your sex life is fulfilling, life itself is more
satisfying. You walk taller, feel more confident and
move through life more purposefully. And those
Your erection is a dynamic balance
cheeky quips you cast to the ladies make you even
between nitric oxide (NO), let’s call it
more of a magnet for attention!
your On switch, and an enzyme called
phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5)… call it
So no revelations there then. But what may come
your Off switch.
as a surprise is the opposite is true. An alarming
statistic from one of the largest studies on male
The enzyme PDE5 continuously breaks
health – The Massachusetts Male Aging Study –
down the gas NO, which returns your
said Erectile Dysfunction is 82 percent more likely
erection to flaccid, or stops you getting
in men who are depressed! (ref vii)
hard at all. So there are two ways to
make an erection. You can increase the
So what am I saying… treating depression will
On switch, NO, or decrease the Off
relieve ED? Unlikely. We’ve proved it’s mainly
switch, PDE5.
physiological NOT psychological. But eliminating ED
with Prelox® IS likely to make you feel a whole lot[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

The pharmaceutical route is to decrease

better mentally, and means you have one less thing
the effect of PDE5, which increases the
to worry about!
effect of the reduced nitric oxide in your
body. It does nothing to help you make a
Fiddling while Rome burns “genuine” erection fuelled by more NO,
and leaves your natural sexual power
Let’s face it we’re obsessed with this particular part bleeding away!
of our anatomies.
Sex pills also interfere with other
We give it pet names, talk about it in the third processes in your body that can lead to
person as though it has a mind of its own, and numerous side effects including,
shake hands with him every day! blindness and sudden death! One of the
dangers is a nasty condition called
It defines who we are as men. Our relationships,
priapism. (ref vi)
mental health, and success as workers, managers
and leaders is intimately connected to the state of It’s an extremely dangerous, painful and
its health. scary erection that stays hard for up to
24 hours. It can damage the tiny valve
The truth is it affects every aspect of your life. But
tissues that regulate blood flow to your
what if it could also save you from a heart attack
penis, and leave you permanently
and death! I’m serious…
You see, despite how important your manhood is to
you, it’s connected to an even more fundamental
body part. And just as Nero fiddled while Rome burnt to the ground, I would be neglecting my duty if I
didn’t tell you the critical information that follows about your cardiovascular system.

Why your penis is like a canary in a coalmine

This letter could be a blessing in disguise. Why?

Because while you may not be intimately acquainted with your blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar,
or homocysteine, you sure know when your manhood isn’t performing as it should. And according to…

Dr. Andrew McCullough from the New York University School of Medicine, “Erectile dysfunction is
often a result of hidden heart problems. It even precedes angina. It can be an early warning
system in that respect.” (ref viii)

Put simply, if your manhood is suffering then it’s likely your heart is, too!

To bear this out, one study found 64 percent of men who had a heart attack had ED before the event.
And almost the same percentage of men in hospital for by pass surgery had ED (ref ix).

Of course, they’re on the same circuit… your cardiovascular system. So the connection is obvious. When
an erotic thought calls for the arteries in your penis to relax and dilate, it demands more blood is
pumped from your heart.

If the arteries near your heart are filling with plaque they’ll become hardened, inflamed and won’t
expand so easily to drive the extra blood. The result is you’ll find it harder to get hard!

(Editor's note: You should always seek medical advice if you are concerned about any aspect of your
health or before embarking on any course of treatment).

Prelox® – the phenomenon that means

you can regain sexual function
and rejuvenate your love life
The fantastic news is… nitric oxide (NO) helps
reduce major cardiovascular risk factors!.
Relieve Major Heart Risks with[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

Boosting NO can help your arteries become One Magic Bullet

healthier, and function as if they are much younger
… not just in your penis, but in your, brain, arms,
legs, fingers and toes. And of course, it’s doing the The Pycnogenol® in Prelox® helps
same thing to the organ at the centre of your relieve major cardiovascular risk factors.
vascular system… your heart. It does this by helping to restore healthy
arterial function so that arteries relax
A lack of nitric oxide is the common denominator in
and dilate…
most heart risks. And NO relaxes and dilates your

Improving blood flow: The microcirculation

of blood at the root of volunteers' fingernails
improved in 78% of the test subjects, in just
15 minutes (ref x). In addition, in a double
blind, placebo controlled study, forearm blood
flow increased 46% after two weeks! (ref xi)

Relieving high blood pressure: One double

blind study looked at patients who were
borderline hypertensive but not on
medication. After eight weeks, they
significantly lowered their systolic pressure Improving blood flow…
and improved their diastolic pressure. (ref xii) Relieving high blood pressure…
Lowering “bad” and raising “good”
Preventing blood clots from forming: A cholesterol…
lack of nitric oxide causes blood platelets to Preventing blood clots…
become “sticky”. This makes blood clots that And strengthening tiny capillaries.
can cause heart attacks, lung embolisms and
When your heart pumps
more freely and your
manhood responds more
Lowering “bad” cholesterol and raising
instantaneously, sex
“good” cholesterol: Several studies show
becomes a relaxed, fun-
this effect, including a large-scale double
filled, intimate and
blind placebo controlled study of 200 women.
loving occasion again.
During the six-month treatment period, their
Harder, longer-lasting
LDL “bad” cholesterol reduced 9.9% and their
erections mean greater
HDL “good” cholesterol increased 4.6%!
satisfaction for you and
These numbers are significantly high enough
your lover, and Prelox®
to reduce your risk of atherosclerosis. (ref
can help you get them
right now!
And strengthening tiny “hair thin”
capillary walls: NO interacts with the ORDER NOW
“scaffolding like” collagen in capillary walls,
and decreases their physical rupture. (ref xvii)

It’s highly effective in preventing swelling and

…Or FREE CALL 0800 0193322

blood pooling oedemas, and helps stop the and get discounts and FREE
progression of the retinal bleeding that can GIFTS worth £80.66
cause diabetics to go blind. (ref xviii)

So now you know much more about cardiovascular risks than the vast majority of men. And in an ideal
world all of us over 40 would take a supplement that protects this system naturally.

Sadly, that world may be a long time coming. And in the meantime millions of men for whom the
writing was on the wall, will perish prematurely after years of depressing impotence.[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

Wow! Prelox® Reset My Love Game to 21

Now you know the main reason men get ED, the only question that remains
is what are you going to do about it? Will you let it bleed away your sexual
power and steal your confidence?

If you’re adamant this won’t happen to you, you’ve got to take the 42-day Prelox® trial – you’d be
letting yourself and your lover down if you didn’t.

Forty-two days worth of extra nitric oxide coursing through your arteries, giving you erections like when
you were 21! It’s a phenomenon you’ve just got to experience for yourself.

After all, a trial is risk-free, safe, inexpensive, and will be delivered to your door, without the need for a
doctor’s prescription.

Get back to your winning ways in the

game of love
The scientific data is clear. Regardless of your age, if you’re
suffering mild or moderate ED, Prelox® can put you back at the
top of your love game. Remember it combines two powerful
natural substances in one unique patented formula.

Today is the first time ever you’re able to hold scientific

documents in one hand that prove 81.1%, 92.5% and 100%
success… and in the other hand the exact same product that
delivered those results.

So which path will you choose today…

Do you really want to be in this position in a year, two years or

five years - with your ability to perform draining away? Losing
confidence, embarrassed by impotence, and feeling like only
half the man you used to be?

If your answer is “NO!”… you’ve got to say "YES" to Prelox®,

and begin turning back the clock on your manhood today!

Your best sex is yet to come!

When I was a young man in my 20s and just starting out, life
was good. But I would look at some middle-aged guys and
wonder where their passion for living had gone.

They looked like something was missing, even though back

then I didn’t know exactly what it was. They’d given up the
cocky confident swagger of their youth, for a more mild-
mannered, meek existence.

But not all of them. A few men still had a zest for life even
though they were 50, 60, and beyond. They still had their spirit of adventure and self-assured ways.
Back then, I vowed to myself I would be like them. You may have made a similar commitment to
yourself once?

That’s why I’m so keen you try Prelox® for 42 days. It can help us keep those promises we made to
ourselves all those years ago. We’ve worked hard, brought up families and built careers. Middle age
should be the time of our lives! Now it can be with a little help from Prelox®. So go ahead and take a
risk-free trial now – you’ve earned it, you deserve it.[04/05/2010 13:48:38]

I’ve put together a Special Offer, with FREE GIFTS and discounts, meaning you pay as little as 66 pence
to light up your love life. That's less than many folks spend on their daily cappuccino!

Love Better and Longer With Prelox®

RISK-FREE, Special Introductory Offer
For First-Time Users Only:
Save up to £44.70 and receive up to
3 valuable gifts – with a £32.97 value - FREE!

You know, guys are paying upwards of £10.00 a shot for pharmaceutical erection drugs that kill
spontaneity, do nothing to address the underlying problem and come with a long list of dangerous side

Not that I’m going to condemn them… the intimacy of lovemaking is one of the most important and
beautiful aspects of a marriage or partnership. So you can see why men are prepared to pay such a
high price - both in monetary terms and the risk to their health.

The good news is Prelox® is incredible value by comparison. It’s normally just £29.75 for a one-month
supply. And for the initial 42-day trial, you need two packs, which I’ve instantly discounted by £9.52.

However, I can save you much more with my BEST VALUE offer , and here’s FIVE great
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Can you imagine walking into a high street health food store and asking for a 30 percent discount on a
male potency supplement? Of course, it’s not going to happen! But that’s exactly what I’m going to do
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*Neither of the natural ingredients in Prelox® is toxic nor have any significant adverse effects. A small percentage of men may experience flushing or
headaches when they first begin taking Prelox®, but this should lessen with regular use. If you are seriously ill, on multiple medications, suffer from
severe hypertension or heart disease, consult your doctor before taking Prelox®.Further Sidebar Content

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