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Misuse of Drugs

A term of drugs is very connected with a compound that gives the effect of addiction for
users. Dangers of drugs not only impact on physical but it interferes mental or soul of the
drug addicts, hence dealers and drug users must be eradicated.

For the addicts, dangers of drugs do not only emerge physical problems but mental
disorder will also appear. Actually these drug psychotropic compounds are commonly used
a doctor or hospital to anesthetize patients who want to surgery or as a remedy for a
particular disease, but this perception is wrongly defined and use d out of its function and
with a dose of that out of the provisions. If it is misused use, dangers of drugs can affect the
arrangement of the neurons, resulting addiction and dependence. Moreover, the impact of
mental , emotional , spiritual also will appear.

There are many impacts of drug misuse which will appear. The first is physical impact. The
body biological adaptation will happen against drug use for long periods of time, especially
with drugs which are in a group of downers. Even our body can be changed so much until
our body cells and organs become dependent on the drug to be functioned normally. But,
if the use of drugs is stopped, it will change all the arrangement and balance of the body
chemical. There may be an excess of a type of certain neuron enzyme and lack of
transmission. Suddenly, our body try to restore the balance.

Besides, the dependence of body cells, vital organs such as liver, the heart, the lungs, the
kidney, and the brain also suffered damage due to long-term use of drugs. A lot of drug
addicts end with leaky heart valve, the lungs that is hollow, kidney illness, as well as
damaged liver. Moreover physical damage that appears due to a viral infection (hepatitis
c and hiv and aids).
Second is mental impact. The mental impacts are more difficult to recuperate than
physical impact. The suggestion is the dependence of mental, in the form of the emergence
of to desire to get back taking drugs. This suggestion will not be lost when the body
function normally.

Third is emotion impact. Addiction of drugs makes one loses control of his emotions. An
addict often acts impulsively, follow the urge of any emotions that arise in him. The addict
is often full by a feeling of guilt, feeling useless, and deep depression, which often made him
think to commit suicide.

Fourth is spiritual impact. An addict will make drugs as the main priority in his life. Drug is
the centre of his life. There is nothing more important than drugs. Drugs become far more
important than a wife, the husband, a girlfriend, children, parents, the school, the work,
etc. He stopped doing the usual activities he did before he drowned in the misuse of drugs.
He no longer does his hobbies, routine activity such as schools, college, or work as usual. If
he previously was diligent in praying, he will be away from this activity.

Based on those arguments, we know many bad impacts of drugs misuse. It is very
dangerous for us and we have to eradicate it.