Siri Ram Syal Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd.

Kotlu Hydroelectric Project (1.8MW)
Head Office ÷ 267, Masjid Moth,Udya Park New Dehli- 110 049

Tender Specifications for 33 KV single circuit Transmission
line from 1.8 MW Hydro Power House Neuli to 33/11 KV
Substation Sainj (HPSEB)including ÌNTER CONNECTÌNG
facilities i.e. CT, PT, Circuitbreaker, Ìsolator and L As, to be
provided at 33/11 KV Substation Sainj (HPSEB)for the incoming
33KV Single Circuit line.

Þrepared bvťŴ SŦkŦSalnl Approved bvťŴ CŦMŦ Subba
uŦCŦMŦ(LlecLrlcal) Ceneral Manaaer
Slrl 8am Sval Pvdro Þower ÞvLŦ LLdŦ Slrl 8am Sval Pvdro Þower ÞvLŦ LLdŦ

CosLťŴ 8sŦ 1000/Ŵ(8uples one Lhousand onlv)
8ank Cf lndla(kullu/ neull or uelhl)
1ender speclflcaLlon S noŦ ŴŴŴŴŴŴŴ lssued ln favour of M/SŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴŴ

*1he onlv mode of accepLable pavmenL ls bv means of non refundable accounL
pavee drafL from a naLlonallzed bank ln Lhe name of Slrl 8am Sval Pvdro Þower
ÞvLŦ LLdŦ and pavable as shown aboveŦ

1Ŧ0PlsLervťŴ Slrl 8am Sval Pvdro Þower ÞvLŦ LLd ls a dlverslfled companv enaaaed ln dlfferenL
acLlvlLles ln manv counLrles world over and has recenLlv enLered Lhe Pvdro Þower fleld as wellŦ
1Ŧ1 koLlu PvdroelecLrlc Þro[ecL (1Ŧ8MW) ls a mlcro Pvdel Þro[ecL slLuaLed aL neull a place aL 10
kMŦ dlsLance from Saln[ ln ulsLŦ kullu of Plmachal ÞradeshŦ 1he 10kmŦdlsLance ls a unmeLLled
moLerable 8oad and ls malnlv on Lhe lefL bank of kC1Lu nALA Ŧ 1he place has fallowlna
dlsLances bv road/rall and alrŦ
8oadťŴ As sLaLed above lL ls well connecLed and has a dlsLance of 67 kmŦ from Mandl ln
hlmachal and 193 kmŦ from klraLpur ln Þun[abŦ
8allťŴ 1he nearesL rall head ls aL klraLpur ln Þun[ab (193kmŦ) bv 8road aauae llne however
anoLher narrow aauae rall llnk up Lo !oalnder naaar ln Mandl ulsLLŦ Cf Plmachal (123kmŦ appŦ)
ls also LhereŦ
AlrťŴ 1he nearesL Aero urome ls aL 8hunLer ln kullu ulsLLŦ Cf Plmachal (63 kmŦ AppŦ)
1Ŧ2 koLlu PvdroelecLrlc Þro[ecL (1Ŧ8MW) ls on Lhe LefL 8ank of koLlu nala ţ a LrlbuLarv of
Saln[ khad a furLher LrlbuLarv of 8eas 8lverŦ WaLer has been dlverLed aL 4kmŦ appŦ up sLream
Lhe nala Lhrouah 3kmŦlona waLer conducLlna svsLem wlLh a neL head of 370 meLers aL neullŦ
1Ŧ3 1o evacuaLe power from Lhe pro[ecL a slnale clrculL 33 kv llne ls consldered sufflclenL
whlch wlll feed power Lo Lhe maln arld vla 33kv S/S of PÞSL8 and wlll also caLer Lo Lhe needs of
oLher upcomlna power pro[ecLs of slmllar capaclLvŦ 1he proposed slnale clrculL 33kv llne ls from
Lhe pro[ecL slLe aL neull Lo 33/11 kvŦ s/s of PÞSL8 aL Saln[ whlch ls Lhe onlv nearesL oneŦ
1he LoLal llne lenaLh ls approxlmaLelv 10Ŧ3kmŦ and ls malnlv proposed on Lhe rlahL bank of koLlu
nala excepL near Saln[ 1own where Lhe nala meraes wlLh Saln[ khad and passes Lhrouah Lhe
LownŦ 1he proposed slLe ls malnlv barren wlLh mlnlmum of loresL and prlvaLe landŦ
1he proposed llne ls declded Lo be erecLed on 1urnŴkev basls bv lnvlLlna open blds from
prospecLlve conLracLors havlna sufflclenL experlence ln Lhe fleldŦ 1PL CCn18AC1C8S SPALL 8L
luLL? 8LSÞCnSl8LL for Lhe arranaemenL of corrldor/foresL clearance lncluslve of Lree
compensaLlon lf anv/ acqulslLlon of prlvaLe land lf anv ln Lhe name of Slrl 8am Sval Pvdro Þower
ÞvLŦ LLdŦ AcLual cosL as per Lhe revnue /foresL record as Lhe case wlll be born bv Slrl 8am Sval
Pvdro Þower ÞvLŦ LLdţ however all llosonlna work wlLh anv deparLmenL/publlc wlll be done bv
Lhe conLracLor wlLhln Lhe conLracL amounL as speclfled ln Ceneral 1erms And CondlLlonsŦ
CPAÞ1L8ťŴ ll
Ceneral 1erms And CondlLlons
2.1 The total contract will be in two parts. The scope of this first contract is limited to the
supply of the material for the 33 KV single circuit Transmission line inclusive of ÌNTER
CONNECTÌNG facilities ie CT, PT, Circuitbreaker, Ìsolator and L As, etc. to be erected
by the firm on "Turn-Key". The civil works where ever required, erection testing and
commissioning of the 33 KV single circuit line inclusive of ÌNTER CONNECTÌNG
facilities ie CT, PT, Circuitbreaker, Ìsolator and L As, etc for this turnkey contract shall
form the second contract which shall also be executed by the same firm.

2.2 The scope of work shall include complete project management and THE
corridor/forest clearance inclusive of tree compensation if any/ acquisition of private
land if any in the name of Siri Ram Syal Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd. And also the design,
engineering manufacturing testing and supply of material F.O.R. destination basis,
transportation, insurance, storage, erection, testing and commissioning of Transmission
line from 1.8 MW Hydro Power House Neuli to 33/11 KV, HPSEB Sub-Station Sainj
(HP) inclusive of ÌNTER CONNECTÌNG facilities ie CT, PT, Circuitbreaker, Ìsolator and
L As, etc single source responsibility on "Turnkey Basis". The supply including steel
tubular poles, conductor of size 7/4.26 AAAC GÌ wire 6SWG, M.S. Channel, M.S. Angle
iron , 11 KV disc insulator (90 KN),

Stay sets, earthing sets, and all associated items of 33 KV single transmission line
inclusive of ÌNTER CONNECTÌNG facilities ie CT, PT, Circuitbreaker, Ìsolator and L As,
etc. Any material not specifically mentioned in the contract but required to complete the
job is deemed to be included in the scope of the work of the contract. The scope also
includes detail survey of optimization pole location and route marking and as per
technical detail given in The Technical specifications.
2Ŧ3 1he conLracL lncludes supplv of all Lhe Labourţ MaLerlalsţ LqulpmenL'sţ LrrecLlon and
commlsslonlna on 1urn kev baslsŦ
nomenclaLure of lLems mav be sLaLed ln a shorL form ln Lhe conLracLŦ Powever nomenclaLure and
speclflcaLlon as per PÞSL8/PÞÞWu/CÞWu norms wlll hold aood and should be followedŦ
All 1ools Ǝ Machlnerles and ÞlanLs requlred for Lhe execuLlon of conLracL are Lo be arranaed bv Lhe
conLracLor hlmself and Slrl 8am Sval Pvdro Þower ÞvLŦ LLdŦ wlll noL lssue anv such lLemsŦ
2Ŧ4 1he conLracLor/bldder mav quoLe for Lhe 33 kv slnale Lransmlsslon llne C8 ln1L8 CCnnLC1lnC
faclllLles le C1ţ Þ1ţ ClrculLbreakerţ lsolaLor and L Asţ eLcŦ Lo be provlded aL 33/11 kvţ PÞSL8 SubŴSLaLlon
Saln[ C8 boLh buL ln each case Lhe conLracL shall be ln Lwo parLs one for Lhe supplv of maLerlals and Lhe
oLher for Lhe errecLlon and commlsslonlna and Lhe conLracLor shall be responslble for Lhe execuLlon of
boLh Lhe parLsŦ
3-1 The prices quoted should be on "FÌRM" basis. No price escalation should be
demanded during the execution of the contract.
3.2 The rates quoted by the contractor should be for the entire scope of 33 KV single
circuit Transmission line and the ÌNTER CONNECTÌNG facilities ie CT, PT,
Circuitbreaker, Ìsolator and L As, etc material, to be provided at 33/11 KV, HPSEB Sub-
Station Sainj (HP) . However the total execution prices per items may vary in
proportionate terms with any variation in line length/ substation work on plus or minus
side .Erection testing and commissioning charges should be firm and final.
3.2.1 The rates quoted should be for the entire Scope of erection, testing and
commissioning and associated Civil works . Right of way /the arrangement of
corridor for the erection of 33 KV singIe circuit transmission Iine/ substation
equipment shaII be managed by the Contractor. Any compensation viz Iand, crop,
trees etc- shouId be to the Contractor 's account. OnIy the actuaI cost of Iand as
per the revenue record/forest department shaII be payabIe by M/S SÌRÌ RAM SYAL
HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD and the liasoning work should be carried out by the
contractor within the contract amount. The contractor should be solely responsibility to
make Lease Agreement for acquired property for the 99 years or registration in favor of
M/s SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD as the case may be and the
necessaries documentation work (papers works) as required for Leasing & purchase of
required property should be arranged by the contractor within the contract amount.

3.3 The transportation and insurance charges should be shown separately but the
overall prices should be including these and the material should remain insured till
erection and commissioning and guarantee period thereof.


4.1 Any taxes and duties i.e. custom duties, excise duties, central sales tax and other
taxes and duties, levies payable by the Contractor for any transaction between their
vendor/sub-suppIiers whiIe procuring any components, sub-components, raw
materiaI and other materiaI required should be included in the quoted prices and no
claims on this account should be forwarded to SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER
PVT.LTD. For bought out items the excise duty and central sales tax/VAT should be
included in the quoted prices and no such claim should be forwarded and the sale to
SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD should be as "Sale in transit basis" where
ever possible and no ''C" form should be issued to the sub supplier/vender.
4.2 The income Tax, surcharge on income tax and other taxes including tax deduction
at source, shall be there as per the prevalent practice and necessary certificate thereof
issued in this regard.
4.3 Deduction of works tax at source shall be as per the provisions of Sales Tax act and
should be made from the bill of the Contractor.
4.4 Service Tax as prevalent at the time of execution of contract should be to the
Contractor account.

5.0 Terms of payment: - As a policy matter SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD
has decided for the fallowing payment terms and no deviation but so ever shall be
entertained at any stage.

5.1 Payment for material: -
(a) 80%(Eighty percent) payment of Ex-works of the cost of material including 100%
(Hundred percent) excise duty, sale tax, freight, insurance on pro-rata basis will be
made within 45 days on receipt of material at site and submission of documents and
furnishing of documentary evidence of handing over of material at Contractor site store
to SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD however it shall be issued immediately
to the Firm against indemnity bond for execution of the work.
(b) Balance 20% (Twenty percent) Ex-works of the payment will be made within 45 days
(forty five days) after the material has been successfully erected/utilized at site and
tested and commissioned in the system.
(c) The payment shall be made after statutory deductions such as income tax, WCT and
CST/VAT etc. from all running account bill of the Firm.
5.2 Payment for erection & commissioning:-
100% payment of the total erection & commissioning component of the contract price
shall be made after complete erection, testing & commissioning of the equipments by
SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD, Kullu (H.P) on certification by the
Engineer/Manager in charge
5.3 Delivery and Documents required on Dispatch to facilitate payment.
Fallowing documents will be required/ asked:-
(a) Copies of the firms invoice showing letter of award reference goods /description,
quantity dispatched, unit price, total amount (4 copies).
(b) Packing list identifying contents of tender (4 copies).
(c) Receipt of GR duly verified by the site Engineer in charge.
(d) Manufacturer's/Firm's guarantee certificate of quality.
(e) Material inspection clearance certificate (MÌCC) for dispatch issued by SÌRÌ RAM
SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD representative and the Firm's factory inspection
report (2copies).

The above documents should reach the SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD
within seven days from the date of dispatch to enable the SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO
POWER PVT.LTD to make timely payment to the Contractor.
All cost and damages for which Contractor is liable to SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO
POWER PVT.LTD will be deducted from any payments due under the Contract. Ìf the
dues are insufficient Contractor shall pay the difference, failing which the performance
guarantee should be en-cashed
5.5 Payment of Firm's Bills will be made:-
1. by crossed cheque. issued directly to the contractor on furnishing a stamped receipt
for the amount of the cheque or to his authorised representative who has a power of
attorney conferring authority, to receive such payment from SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO
POWER PVT.LTD Neuli Kullu Distt, (HP), except where the firms are described in their
bid as a firm, in which case, the receipt must be signed in the name of the firm by one of
the partners or by some other persons holding a power of attorney authorizing him to do
so by the partners.
2. The receipt of an accountant or clerk for any money paid will not be considered as an
acknowledgement of receipt of such payment furnished to SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO
POWER PVT.LTD and the contractor shall be responsible for ensuring that they
procures receipt signed/countersigned by the Engineer.

6.1 Contractor should guarantee that material/spare parts thereof shall be new and
best of kind from a reputed manufacturer, conforming to respective
ISS / IEC (Amended up to date), unused and originaIIy coming from
manufacturer's pIant to the destination Station. Used, rebuilt or over hauled
material will not be accepted. SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD reserves the
right for inspection of the material at the manufacture's premises or at site to verify the
quality of the material. However, it will be the entire responsibility of the Contractor to
ensure quality of works. The material used shall be of standard make and manufacture.
SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD reserves the right to decide the brand of
the material to be used.

6.2 Any material which are essentially required for the successful commissioning of the
equipments but not included in the detailed order is deemed to have been covered by
the Contractor in their quoted prices.

6.3 The Technical particulars of all the material are to be vetted by the Contractor
before placing the order for these material, Sub-suppliers from whom the material are
proposed to be procured shall also have to be approved.

6.4 The Contractor shall submit the type tests certificate for various materials as per ÌSS
/ ÌEC, conducted at recognized test lab in support of material Standard make. The type
test reports shall not be more than five years old.

7.0 Packing:-

The packing of the material should be as is required to prevent their damage or
deterioration during transit to the destination. The packing should be sufficient to
withstand, without limitation, rough handling, during transit and exposure to extreme
temperature, salt and precipitation during transit and open storage. Packing case size
and weight should be taken into consideration, keeping in view the remoteness of final
destination of goods and absence of heavy handling facilities at all points in transit.

The packing, marking and documentation within and outside the packages should
comply strictly with special requirements as shall be expressly provided for in the
contract and in any subsequent instructions given by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER

7.1 Ìndemnity Bond:-

Ìt will be the sole responsibility of the Contractor to take delivery, unload and store the
material at site and execute an indemnity bond, trust receipt and obtaining authorization
letter as per Performa in favor of the SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD
against loss, damage and risk involved for the full value of the materials. The indemnity
bond shall be furnished by the Contractor before commencement of the supplies and
shall be valid till the scheduled date of testing, commissioning and handing over of the

7.2Amendment to the Bill:-

SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD shall be authorized to make any
amendment/ modification in respect of any previous bills.

7.3 Final Certificate of Payment:- As a conclusive evidence of the value of the Works
and that the works are in accordance with the Contract and further the Contractor has
performed all his obligations under the contract except the obligations arising during the
Defects Liability Period a Final Certificate of payment is proposed to be issued.
Payment of the amount certified in the Final Certificate of Payment shall be conclusive
evidence that the Contractor has performed all his obligations under the Contract
(a) To the extent that fraud or dishonesty relates to or affects any matter dealt within
the certificate, or
(b) Ìf any arbitration or court proceedings under the contract have been commenced by
either party before the expiry of 90 days after the issue of Final Certificate of Payment.
(c) Ìn the event of any defects noticed during the Defects Liability Period.

8Ŧ1(i) Within 15 days after the date of contract The Contractor shall supply four copies of
the approved drawings for the record. Ìn case SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER
PVT.LTD requires modification of the drawings the Contractor shall carry out the
modification and re-submit drawings within 7 days. One approved copy shall be
returned to the Contractor.
ii) Drawings as approved above shall not be changed, without the prior written consent
1he ConLracLor should lnclude ln hls offer for Lhe supplv of all necessarv drawlnas and documenLs ln four
seLs ln hard copv and one sofL copvŦ 1he drawlnas should be prepared on AuLo CAuŦ All drawlnasţ
documenLs and caLaloaues should be ln Lnallsh lanauaae and all dlmenslons and welahL ln meLrlc unlLŦ
Anv chanae requlred for compleLeness of Lhe lnsLallaLlon and saLlsfacLorv operaLlon of Lhe varlous
equlpmenL and Lhe svsLem whlch mav be carrled ouL aL slLe durlna erecLlonţ LesLlna commlsslonlna and
performance LesLlna or Lo saLlsfv sLaLuLorv requlremenLsţ should be lncorporaLed bv Lhe conLracLor ln
Lhe drawlnas submlLLed bv hlm durlna deslan approval sLaaeŦ 1hese as bullL drawlnas should be
submlLLed bv Lhe conLracLor before Lhe provlslonal accepLance CerLlflcaLe mav be lssuedŦ 1he conLracLor
should supplv followlna drawlnas/ calculaLlons showlna all necessarv lnformaLlon for Lhe purpose of
correcL supplv and fleld erecLlon ťŴ
Saa Lenslon calculaLlon for phase conducLor and around conducLor lndlcaLlna saa and Lenslon aL Lhe
speclfled mlnlmum and maxlmum LemperaLureŦ
Llne dlaaram for pole and sLrucLure showlna elecLrlcal clearances for pole
ueLall foundaLlon and excavaLlon drawlna showlna Lhe proposed Lvpe of foundaLlon alona wlLh
necessarv calculaLlonsŦ
ueLalled dlmenslon drawlna of lnsulaLors assemblles wlLh all hardwareţ flLLlnas and accessorlzeŦ
8lll of maLerlal wlLh Lvpe and slze of lnsulaLorsţ assembllesţ hanaers clampsţ connecLors flLLlnasţ
accessorlzeţ hardwareţ earLhlna maLerlals eLcŦ
Þole and Lermlnal P pole earLhlna drawlnas lndlcaLlna Lvpe of earLhlna svsLem adopLed wlLh slze of
elecLrodes and earLhlna conducLorsŦ
The Contractor shall be responsible for the discrepancies errors or omissions in the
drawings, and other particulars supplied by him, whether such drawings and particulars
have been approved by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD or not, provided
that such discrepancies, errors or omissions are not due to inaccurate information or
particulars furnished in writing by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER
PVT.LTD.(Responsibility for any extra cost reasonably incurred by the Contractor due to
any alterations of the material necessitated by reason of inaccurate information supplied
i) SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD shall have power (i) to make alteration in.
omissions from, addition to, or substitutions for the original specifications, drawings,
designs and instructions that may appear to him to be necessary or advisable during the
progress of the work, and (ii) to omit a part of the works in case of non-availability of a
portion of the site or for any other reasons and the Contractor shall be bound to carry
out the works in accordance with any instructions given to him in writing signed by the
Engineer-in-Charge and such alterations, omissions, additions or substitutions shall
form part of the contract as if originally provided therein and any altered, additional or
substituted work which the Contractor may be directed to do in the manner specified
above as part of the works, shall be carried out by the Contractor on the same
conditions in all respects including once on which he agreed to do the main work except
as hereafter provided.
ii) The time for completion of the works shall, in the event of any deviations resulting in
additional cost over the tendered value sum being ordered, be extended, if requested (i)
in the proportion which the additional cost of the altered, additional or substituted work,
bears to the original tendered value (ii) 25% of the time calculated in (i) above or such
further additional time as may be considered reasonable by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO
iii) Rates for such altered, additional or substituted work shall be determined by SÌRÌ
iv) SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD reserves the right to increase /
decrease the quantity of items/purchased items listed in Price Schedule by 25% before
signing of contract and/or during the currency of the contract at the same rate.

The Contractor should notify the Ìnsurance Company to insure the material under the
open Ìnsurance policy valid till commissioning of the eqipment. The insurance should
cover transit, storage, erection and commissioning. The Ìnsurance cover should have the
name of SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD. as co-insurer and all the
claims/damages lodged with the company should be reimbursed to SÌRÌ RAM SYAL
HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD only. The process of the claim should however be the
responsibility of the Contractor.

10.1 As a policy matter SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD expects a
Performance Bank Guarantee from the prospective bidders/contractors/firms from a
Nationalized Bank, in the Form enclosed. The guarantee amount should be equal to
10% of the contract price and should guarantee the faithful performance of the contract
in accordance with the terms and conditions in these documents and specifications. The
guarantee should be valid up to 12 months after the commissioning of the Equipment.

10.2 The performance guarantee should cover additionally the following guarantees to
a) The Contractor should guarantee the successful and satisfactory operation of
material furnished and erected under the contract, as per the specification and
b) The Contractor should further guarantee that the material provided and
Erected/installed by him shall be free-from all defects in the design, material and
workmanship and shall upon written notice from SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER
PVT.LTD fully remedy free of expenses such defects as may be developed under the
normal use of the said material within the period of guarantee specified in the relevant
clauses of bid documents.

10.3 The Contract performance guarantee intends to secure the performance of the
entire Contract.

10.4 The contract performance guarantee is to be returned without any interest at the
end of guarantee period.

Within Thirty (30) days of the notification of the award, the Contractor should sign and
date the contract with SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD. The Contractor shall
however be paid for the work done during this period, if any, after signing of the contract
agreement irrespective of the submission of running account bill. All the documents
listed under reference also should form part of the contract. None signing of contract
shall, however will absolve the firm of its obligations to words the contract
i) The Contractor shall inform SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD about the
source of supply of material and the representative shall be entitled at all reasonable
times during manufacture to inspect, examine and test on the premises the material and
workmanship of all the material to be supplied under this Contract and if part of the said
material is being manufactured on other premises, the Contractor shall obtain
permission to inspect, examine, and test as if the materials were being manufactured on
his premises. Such inspection, examination and testing shall not relieve the Contractor
of its obligations under this contract.
ii) Before dispatch, all the material/items shall be subjected to routine and acceptance
tests in accordance with relevant issue of ÌSS./ÌEC (amended up to date).
iii) The Contractor shall give SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD. fifteen (15)
days notice in writing of the date and the place at which the material will be ready for
inspection & testing. The Contractor shall also arrange to furnish the type test
certificates of material from the supplier of material.
iv) Where the contract provides for tests on the premises of the Contractor or of any of
its sub-suppliers, he shall provide such assistance, labour, materials, electricity, fuel and
instruments as may be required or as may be reasonably demanded to carry out such
tests efficiently.
v) When the material had passed the specified tests a certificate to this effect in writing
shall be issued to the Contractor. The reasonable copies of the tests certificates shall be
vi) Material shall only be dispatched after getting clearance from SÌRÌ RAM SYAL
HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD. No material be dispatched without having been tested as
per relevant standards or specifications.
vii) The inspection by authorized representative shall not absolve the Contractor of his
obligation of supplying the material in accordance with the specifications.

13.0. DELÌVERÌES:-Time being the essence, of the contract the material shall be
dispatched in such a manner that the equipments commissioning is completed in Six (6)
months from the date of letter of intent.


i) SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD may upon written notice of default to the
Contractor, terminate the Contract in circumstances detailed hereunder:-

a) Ìf in the Judgment, the Contractor fails to make delivery of material for Completion of
the works within the time specified in the Contract Agreement or within the period for
which extension has been granted to him.
b) Ìf in the judgment, the Contractor fails to comply with any of the other provisions of
this contract.

ii) Ìn the event SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD terminates the Contract as
a whole or in parts as provided in paragraph 14 (i) above, the right to purchase upon
such terms and in such manner as may deem appropriate, material similar to that for
which the contract has been terminated and the Firm will be liable to pay SÌRÌ RAM
SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD for any additional costs for purchasing such similar
material without prejudice to right to levy penalty for delay as defined in the specific
Clause .

iii) Ìf this contract is terminated as provided in paragraph 14 (i) SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO
POWER PVT.LTD in addition to any other rights provided in this Contract may require
the Contractor to transfer title and deliver any of the following cases in the manner and
as directed.

a) Any completed material:-

b) Such partially completed material, drawings, information and contract rights
hereinafter called manufacturing materials the Contractor has specifically produced or
acquired for the performance of the contract as terminated. SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO
POWER PVT.LTD shall pay the Contract price for completed material delivered and / or
erected and accepted and for manufactured material delivered and accepted.

iv) Ìn the event SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD does not terminate the
contract as provided in paragraph 14 (i) the Contractor shall continue the performance
of the contract, in which case he shall be liable for penalty for delay as set out in the
specific Clause until the material is accepted.


Ìf the Contractor become bankrupt or have a receiving order made against him
or compound with creditors, or being a Corporation under process of being
wound up, not being a voluntary windings up for the purpose only of
amalgamation or reconstruction or carry on its business under a receiver
for the benefit of its creditors or any of them SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER
PVT.LTD shall be at liberty: -

a) To terminate the contract forthwith by notice in writing to the Contractor or to the
liquidator or receiver or to any person in whom the contract may become vested and to
act in the manner provided in clause 14 as though the last mentioned notice has been
the notice referred to in such article and the equipment has been taken out of the
Contractor 's hands.

b) To give such liquidator, receiver, or other person the option of carrying out the
contract subject to his providing a guarantee for the due and faithful performance of the
Contract up to an amount to be determined by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER


Ìf the Contractor fails to execute the contract within the time specified in the Contract
Agreement or any extension thereof, a sum equivalent to half percent (0.5%) of the total
value of the sub package of contract for each calendar week of delay or part thereof
shall be deducted as penalty. The total penalty shall not exceed five percent (5%) of the
total value of Contract. Ìn case the delay for the sub-package (effecting the
commissioning of the work )the penalty shall be 0.5% of contract value for each
calendar week of delay subject to maximum of 5% of contract value.


The Contractor shall not be liable for any penalty for delay or for failure to perform the
contract for reasons of Force Majeure such as acts of God, acts of the public enemy,
acts of local authorities or Government, fires, floods, epidemics, quarantine restriction,
strikes, transporters strike and provided that the Contractor shall within ten (10) days
from the happening of such delay notify SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD in
writing of the cause of delay who shall verify the facts and grant such extension as facts


Ìf the material or any portion thereof is damaged or lost during transit, or erection till
commissioning, the replacement of such material shall be effected by the Contractor
within a reasonable time to avoid unnecessary delay in the commissioning of the


Ìn the event of any of the material supplied by the Contractor is found defective in
workmanship or otherwise not in conformity with the requirements of the Contract
specification SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD shall either reject the material
or request the Contractor in writing to rectify the same. The Contractor on receipt of
such notification shall either rectify or replace the defective material free of cost. Ìf the
Contractor fails to do so, SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD May:-
a) At its option replace or rectify such defective material and recover the extra cost so
involved from the Contractor plus fifteen percent; or
b) Terminate the contract for default.

The provision of this clause shall not prejudice SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER
PVT.LTD rights under clause 16.0 & 21-0 or the rights as available in Law.


Generally no extension of time will be granted. Ìt will be granted only in exceptional
cases wherein it is found that the completion of contract is delayed due to reasons
beyond the control of the Contractor. The Contractor in such case shall without delay
give notice to SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD in writing of its claim for an
extension of time. On receipt of such notice may agree to extend the Contract
completion date as may be reasonable but without prejudice to other terms and
conditions of the Contract. No price escalation shall be allowed during the extended


21.1 The Contractor shall warrant that the material will be new and best of kind from
a reputed manufacturer, conforming to respective ISS / IEC (Amended up to date),
unused and originaIIy coming from manufacturer's pIant to the destination
Station and in accordance with the Contract Documents and free from defects in
material and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of commissioning.
The Contractor 's liability shall be limited to the replacement of any defective part in the
material of its own manufacture or those of its Sub-Contractors, under normal use and
arising solely from faulty design, materials and /or workmanship provided always that
such defective parts are repairable at the site and are not in meantime essential in the
Commercial use of the material. Such replaced/defective parts shall be returned to the
Contractor unless otherwise arranged. No repairs or replacement shall normally be
carried out by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD when the material is under
the supervision of the Contractor 's supervisory Engineer.

21.2 Ìn the event of any emergency where in the judgment of the Engineer, delay
would cause serious loss or damages, repairs or adjustment may be made by SÌRÌ
RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD or a third party without advance notice to the
Contractor and the cost of such work shall be paid by the Contractor. Ìn the event such
action is taken, the Contractor will be notified promptly and shall assist wherever
possible in making necessary correction. This shall not relieve him of its liabilities under
the terms and conditions of the Contract.

21.3 Ìf it becomes necessary for the Contractor to replace or renew any defective
portions of the works, the provision of this clause shall apply to portion of the works so
replaced or renewed until the expiry of 12 months from the date of replacement/renewal
of the defective part/portion of work. Ìf any defects are not remedied within a reasonable
time, SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD may proceed to do the work at the
Contractor's risk and cost, but without prejudice to any other rights, against him in
respect of such defects.

21.4 The repaired or new parts will be furnished and erected free of cost by the
Contractor. Ìf any repair is carried out on Contractor 's behalf at the site, he shall bear
the cost of such repairs.

21.5 The cost of any special or general overhaul rendered necessary during the
maintenance period due to defects in the material or defective work carried out by the
Contractor, the same shall be born by him.

21.6 The acceptance of the material by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD
shall in no way relieve the Contractor of its Obligations under this clause.

21.7 Ìn the case of those defective parts, which are not repairable at Site but are
essential for the Commercial operation of the material, the Contractor and SÌRÌ RAM
SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD shall mutually agree to a Program of replacement or
renewal, which will minimize interruption to the maximum extent.

21.8 At the end of the Guarantee Period, the Contractor 's liability ceases except for
latent defects (*). For latent defects, his liability as mentioned in clause nos. 21.1 to 21.7
above shall remain till the end of 3 years from the date of completion of Guarantee

21.9 The provisions contained in this clause will not be applicable:-

(a) Ìf SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD has not used the material according
to generally approved industrial practice and in accordance with the conditions or
operation specified and in accordance with operating manuals, if any.

(b) Ìn cases of normal wear and tear of the parts to be specifically mentioned by the
Firm in the offer.
(*) Latent Defects shall mean such defects caused by faulty design, material or
workmanship, which cannot be detected during inspection, testing etc. based on the
technology available for carrying out such tests.


The Contractor shall not assign or transfer the contract or any part thereof without the
prior approval in writing of SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD


The issuance of any certificates by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD or any
extension of time granted shall neither prejudice the rights in terms of the Contract nor
will this relieve the Contractor of its obligations for due performance of the Contract.


i) Except as otherwise specifically provided in the Contract, all disputes concerning
question of fact arising under the Contract shall be decided by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO
POWER PVT.LTD subject to a written appeal. These decisions shall be final to the
parties hereto.

ii) Any disputes or differences including those considered as such by only one of the
parties arising out of or in connection with this contract shall be to the extent possible
settled amicably between the parties.

iii) Ìf amicable settlement cannot be reached then all disputes/issues shall be settled by
Arbitration as provided in Article 25.


"All matters, questions, disputes, differences and/ or claims arising out of and/ or
concerning and/ or in connection and/ or in consequences or relating to this Contract
whether or not obligations of either of both parties under this Contract be subsisting at
the time of such dispute and whether or not this Contract has been terminated or
purported to be terminated or completed, shall be referred to the Arbitrator to be
appointed/nominated by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD. The Award of the
Arbitrator shall be binding on the parties to this Contract." Ìn case, the Arbitrator to
whom dispute/difference, so referred, is unable to function as such at any stage for any
reasons, whatsoever or his award being set aside by the Court for any other reason, the
other Arbitrator, shall be appointed by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD.
Such Arbitrator shall be entitled to proceed with the reference from the stage at which it
had been left by his predecessor or to conduct the proceedings afresh as he may deem
fit or as the case may be. Party invoking arbitration shall specify the dispute(s) to be
referred to the arbitration under this clause together with the amount (s) claimed in
respect of each dispute. Ìf work under the contract has not been completed when a
dispute or any matter what-so-ever is referred to arbitration, the Contractor shall not be
entitled to suspend such work to which the dispute relates and payment to the
Contractor shall be continued to be made in terms of the contract. Ìf the Contractor
(s)omit/neglect to prefer any claim(s) in writing within 90 (Ninety) days of the date on
which the dispute arises during the execution of the works for which such dispute is
sought to be raised or date of intimation of the preparation of the bill thereof, whichever
is earlier, the claim of the Contractor will be deemed to have been waived and
absolutely barred and SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD shall be discharged
and released of all the liabilities under the contract in respect of such item(s). Likewise
all disputes(s) referred to above shall be preferred as provided above within 90(Ninety)
days from the execution of work(s) otherwise all claim(s) shall stand extinguished.
Provided, in the event of the rejection of Contractor 's claim(s) by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL
HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD, the Contractor shall within 30(Thirty) days after receiving
intimation in writing of such decision shall give notice in writing requesting the dispute(s)
may be referred for arbitration. Ìn all cases referred for arbitration, the Arbitrator shall
assign reasons under all circumstances on which the decision is based, 'the decision of
the Arbitrator shall be conclusive, final and binding on the parties. Subject to the
provisions of the contract to the contrary as aforesaid, the provisions of the "Arbitration
and Conciliation Act, 1996" or any statutory modification of re-enactment thereof and
the rules made there under and for the time being in force shall apply to all arbitration
proceedings under this clause.

The contract shall be construed according to and subject to the laws of Ìndia. Only
Courts at Shimla/Delhi shall have sole jurisdiction in case of any dispute.


27-1 The Contractor shall submit at such times as may be required by SÌRÌ RAM SYAL
HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD or his authorized representatives, the PERT chart
programmer's and order in which he proposes to carry-out the work with the dates and
estimated completion times for various parts of the supply and erection Work. Such
schedules and networks shall be within the overall schedule of completion of supply and
erection of eqiupments as per terms of the Contract and is to be submitted within 15
days from the award of work. SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD may not
allow the Contractor to start work for non-submission of the above charts.

27.2 During the progress of the work, the Contractor shall furnish SÌRÌ RAM SYAL
HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD regular monthly progress reports and such other reports on
the manufacture, supply and erection Works and organization including feed back
information for updating/revising the critical path networks as may be required. Every
right to visit the Contractor's works to verify if works are progressing as per programmed
/or otherwise should be there.


The total package for execution work of 33 KV single circuit Transmission line from 1.8
MW Hydro Power House Neuli to 33/11 KV Substation Sainj (HPSEB)including ÌNTER
CONNECTÌNG facilities i.e. CT, PT, Circuitbreaker, Ìsolator and L As, to be provided at
33/11 KV Substation Sainj (HPSEB)for the incoming 33KV Single Circuit line is being
awarded through two indivisible different contracts one for The suppIy of materiaI and
other for erection & commissioning. Contractor shall be fully responsible for the
works to be executed under both the Contracts and it is expressly understood and
agreed that any breach in one Contract shall automatically be deemed as a breach of
the other Contract and any such breach or occurrence or default giving SÌRÌ RAM SYAL
HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD a right to terminate both the contracts and / or recover
damages their under. However, such breach or default or occurrence in the one
Contract shall not automatically relieve the Contractor of any of its responsibility /
obligation under the other Contract. Ìt is also expressly understood and agreed by
Contractor that the material to be supplied under the "First Contract" when installed and
commissioned under the "second Contract" shall give satisfactory performance in
accordance with the provisions of the Contracts.


The Contractor shall make its own arrangement for construction of structures including
proper facilities required for work at its own cost. The Contractor has also to make its
own arrangement to obtain the necessary land for his infrastructures auxiliary works etc.
on lease from the locals.


SÌRÌ RAM SYAL HYDRO POWER PVT.LTD reserve the right to vary the quantities of
items or groups of items as specified in the bill of quantity as may be necessary.


Upon successful completion of all the works erection, testing and commissioning of
equipments, these will be handed over for operation control. However, it would be the
sole responsibility of the Contractor at his risk and cost to maintain the material and
items for successful operation of the equipments for one year from the date of
Commissioning. Ìn case of outage of any material, due to defect, the provision of clause
at Sr. No. 21 i.e. PERÌOD OF WARRANTY referred above shall apply.

32Ŧ0 S1A1uC8? CLLA8AnCLS
32Ŧ1 LA8Cu8
1he conLracLor shall complv wlLh all Lhe provlslons of acLsţ laws ţanv reaulaLlon or bv laws of anv local or
oLher sLaLuLorv bodv appllcable ln relaLlon Lo Lhe execuLlon of Lhe workţ such asť
ÞavmenL of waaes acL 1936 (Amended)
Mlnlmum waaes acLţ 1948 (Amended)
1he conLracL labour (8eaulaLlon and abollLlon) acLţ 1970 wlLh rules framed Lhere under as amendedŦ
Workmen compensaLlon acLţ 1923 as amended bv amendmenL acL noŦ6 of 1976
Lmplover's llablllLv acL 1938 (Amended)
MaLernlLv beneflL acLţ 1961 (Amended)
1he lndusLrlal dlspuLe acLţ1947 (Amended)
ÞavmenL of bonus acLţ 1963 and amendmenL acL noŦ 43 of 1977 and noŦ48 of 1978 and amendmenLs
1he lndusLrlal emplovmenL (sLandlna orders ) acLţ 146 (Amended)
1he personal ln[urles (compensaLlon lnsurance) acLţ1963 and anv modlflcaLlon hereof and rules made
Lhere under from Llme Lo Llmeţ he conaco sha|| ake |no accoun a|| he above sa|d f|nanc|a|
||ab||||es |n h|s quoed aes and noh|ng exaţ sha|| be payab|e on h|s accounŦ
32Ŧ2 ÞA?MLn1 Cl LA8Cu8 WACLS
1he pavmenL Lo labors shall be Lhe sole responslblllLv for Lhe conLracLor and Lhe conLracLor shall submlL
nCC from Lhe relevanL labors whlle submlLLlna Lhe blll for pavmenLŦ Sl8l 8AM S?AL P?u8C ÞCWL8
Þv1ŦL1u ls ln no wav responslble for anv pavmenL due Lo Lhe labors for Lhe works conducLed bv Lhe
conLracLor and shall have everv rlahL Lo lnqulre dlrecLlv Lo Lhe labors ln respecL of Lhe pavmenL Lo labors
or anv oLher problems belna faced bv Lhem durlna Lhe currencv of Lhls conLracLŦ lf anv labor lssues rose
durlna Lhe currencv of Lhe conLracL lŦeŦ nonŴpavmenL or anv oLher relaLed lssues Sl8l 8AM S?AL P?u8C
ÞCWL8 Þv1ŦL1u reserves lLs rlahL Lo LermlnaLe Lhe conLracLŦ
32Ŧ3 CPlLu LA8Cu8
Accordlna Lo Lhe exlsLlna norms of Lhe Chlld Labor Lhe conLracLor should noL depuLe anv chlld for anv
work sLlpulaLed ln Lhe work conLracL and lf Sl8l 8AM S?AL P?u8C ÞCWL8 Þv1ŦL1u flnds LhaL Lhe chlld
labor ls belna usedţ Lhe aareemenL sLands lmmedlaLelv LermlnaLed and all damaaes whaL so ever wlll be
Lo Lhe conLracLor's accounLŦ
32Ŧ4lC8LS1 CCnSL8vA1lCn AC1
1he ConLracLors shall sLrlcLlv complv wlLh all Lhe provlslons of foresL conservaLlon AcLţ 1980 under no
clrcumsLances anv Lree wlll be cuL or desLroved ln Lhe vlclnlLv of Lhe pro[ecL areaŦ 1he conLracLor shall
lnsLrucL Lhe labors so as Lo prevenL Lhem from damaalna Lhe foresL and wlll supplv adequaLe fuelŦ lncase
anv damaae Lo Lhe foresL properLv/ Lree or envlronmenL ls reporLed Lhe maLLer shall be dlssolved bv Lhe
conLracLor aL hls own cosLţ rlsk and responslblllLvţ falllna whlch Sl8l 8AM S?AL P?u8C ÞCWL8 Þv1ŦL1u
shall have everv rlahL Lo lnlLlaLe approprlaLe leaal proceedlnas aaalnsL Lhe conLracLorŦ
33Ŧ0 pec|a| 1e¯s and Cond||ons
33Ŧ1 SafeLv Measures
ConLracLor shall aL hls own cosL be responslble for safeLv and proLecLlon barrlerţ warnlna slanals and
devlces and posLlna of flaamen aL Lhe deslred locaLlon alona Lhe rouLes Lo be usedŦ
33Ŧ2 ll8S1 Alu
noLwlLhsLandlna conLracLor's obllaaLlon Lo complv wlLh Lhe requlremenLs of Lhe safeLv manuals Lhe
conLracLor shall be responslble for provldlna operaLlon and malnLenance of flrsL ald aL Lhe slLe for lLs
emplovees and shall be responslble for anv consequences LhereofŦ

1echn|ca| pec|f|ca|ons
3.0 Scope of Work
The contract includes supply oI all the Labors, Materials,
Equipment`s and liosoning work where ever required and Iinal Errection and
commissioning on Turn Key basis.
Nomenclature oI items may be stated in a short Iorm in the contract. However
nomenclature and speciIication as per HPSEB/HPPWD/CPWD norms will hold
good and should be Iollowed.
All Tools & Machineries and Plants required Ior the execution oI contract are
to be arranged by the contractor himselI and Siri Ram Syal Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd.
will not issue any such items.
33 KV single circuit Transmission line is Irom 1.8 MW Hydro Power House
Neuli to 33/11 KV Substation Saini (HPSEB). The Transmission line comprises
oI aIoresaid 10.5 Km (Approximately) overhead and is to be constructed between
Power House( Under Construction) to the existing substation at Saini oI HPSEB.
Erection and commissioning oI equipments Ior 33 kV line bay at Saini ie CT, PT,
Circuitbreaker, Isolator and LAs, etc. and line equipments at Kotlu Power House
are also included in the scope. The scope also covers construction oI civil
Ioundation works where ever required.
The scope oI work under Transmission line contract in general shall be Ior
complete conIormity with the requirements Ior commissioning oI the 33 kV
overhead line and equipments Ior 33 kV line bay at Saini ie CT, PT,
Circuitbreaker, Isolator and LAs, etc. and line equipments at Kotlu Power House.
The services, materials, equipments to be provided Ior the purpose shall include
but not limited to the Iollowing;-

(l) ArranaemenL of corrldor/foresL clearance lncluslve of Lree compensaLlon lf anv/
acqulslLlon of prlvaLe land lf anv afLer compleLe survev ln Lhe name of Slrl 8am Sval Pvdro
Þower ÞvLŦ LLdŦ And also Lhe deslanţ enalneerlna manufacLurlna LesLlna and supplv of
maLerlals lŦCŦ8Ŧ desLlnaLlon baslsţ LransporLaLlonţ lnsuranceţ sLoraaeţ erecLlonţ LesLlna and
commlsslonlna of 1ransmlsslon llne from 1Ŧ8 MW Pvdro Þower Pouse neull Lo 33/11 kvţ
PÞSL8 SubŴSLaLlon Saln[ (PÞ) lncluslve of ln1L8 CCnnLC1lnC faclllLles le C1ţ Þ1ţ
ClrculLbreakerţ lsolaLor and L Asţ eLc slnale source responslblllLv on ƍ1urnkev 8aslsƍŦ 1he
supplv lncludlna sLeel Lubular polesţ conducLor of slze 7/4Ŧ26 AAAC Cl wlre 6SWCţ MŦSŦ
Channelţ MŦSŦ Anale lron ţ 11 kv dlsc lnsulaLor (90 kn)Ŧ
(ll) CompleLe loadlna/unloadlna Ǝ LransporLaLlon of maLerlals up Lo lnsLallaLlon slLeŦ
ArranaemenL for sLoraae of maLerlalsţ approach Lo dlfferenL work areasţ LransporLaLlon of
men Ǝ maLerlal Lo dlfferenL work slLes as requlred lncludlna removal of maLerlalţ
equlpmenLţ packlna maLerlals eLcŦ from slLe afLer compleLlon of workŦ
(lll) Llosolnlna/CoŴordlnaLlon wlLh oLher deparLmenLs and pro[ecL lmplemenLaLlon aaencles
(ÞlA)ţ sLaLuLorv bodles such as PÞSL8ţ SLaLe LlecLrlcal lnspecLoraLeţ eLcŦ
(lv) Supplv of all accessorles vlzŦ anLlŴcllmblna devlces wlLh barbed wlreţ danaer/ cauLlon noLlce
plaLes ln Lnallsh/ Plndl and local lanauaae as per lLŦ 8ulesŦ
Ŧ The scope oI civil works Ior transmission line shall include but not be limited
to the Iollowings:-
(i) oundation work with muIIs Ior single / Double Pole structures.

(ii) Earthwork in excavation & backIilling in soIt and hard rocks, soling & sub
grade work and plain cement concrete & reinIorced cement concrete work Ior
Ioundations where ever required. Haulage distance Ior disposal oI unserviceable
iI any shall be as directed by the Local authorities.
(iii) Preparation oI earth pits in an approved manner.
(iv) All designs Ior civil works shall be compatible with the operating
conditions oI the proiect site.
(v) All items covered under scope above / speciIications shall be complete in all
respects with all such accessories and devices which are essential Ior proper
design, installation & operation. All these accessories and devices are deemed
to be included in the oIIer, irrespective oI where these are speciIically
mentioned herein or not.


4.1 Overhead line should be laid on the land acquired by way oI lease or
purchased and duly registered in the name oI Siri Ram Syal Hydro Power Pvt.
4.2 The basic design parameters shall be as Iollows: -

i) Nominal system voltage : 33 kV
ii) Highest system voltage : 36 kV
iii) System Irequency : 50 HZ
iv) System earthing : Solidly earthed.
v) Power Irequencies withstand voltage : 75 kV
vi) Basic Insulation Level : 170kVpeakimpulses.
vii) Maximum short circuit current : 25kAIor 3 Second.
viii) Number oI circuits on pole : Single
ix) ConIiguration oI phase conductor : Horizontal/vertical/
Triangular suspension
type/ as per practices
Iollowed in the area by
x) ConIiguration oI ground wire : N/A
xi) Type oI phase conductor and size : /4.26 AAAC Conductor
xii) Type oI ground wire : 6 SWG G.I. Wire
(wherever required Ior
Road Crossing).
xiii) Type oI Insulator : 33kV Porcelain insulator
Disc /Pin.
xiv) Number oI Disc per string unit Ior : Three Discs wherever
tension and suspension string : required.
xv) Design Span : 70-110 m/or as per
Topography oI the area
&practices Iollowed in
the area/ HPSEB.
xvi) Maximum ambient temperature : 40 Deg. C
xvii) Minimum ambient temperature : Minus 05
xviii) Highest conductor temperature Ior : 70 Deg C
Sag-tension calculations.
xix) Maximum wind pressure on conductor: 45 Kg per Sq m (or as
per relevant I.S.S.)
(or sag tension Calculation) Whichever Stringent.
xx) Maximum wind pressure on structure : 130 kg per Sq m (As per
Relevant I.S.S.)
xxi) Snow thickness : As per local available data.

3Ŧ0 S1AnuA8uS
3Ŧ1 All equlpmenL and Lhelr accessorles covered under Lhls speclflcaLlon shall be deslaned
manufacLured and LesLed ln compllance wlLh laLesL relevanL sLandards publlshed bv Lhe 8ureau of lndlan
sLandards (8lS) lSŴ 3613 (ÞarL2)ţ CenLral 8oard of lrrlaaLlon and Þower (C8lÞ)ţ lnLernaLlonal LlecLro
Lechnlcal Commlsslon (lLC)ţ Culde llnes Ǝ code of SLaLe LlecLrlclLv 8oard (PÞSL8) eLcŦ
3Ŧ2 All equlpmenL shall conflrm Lo Lhe laLesL lndlan LlecLrlclLv 8ules as reaards safeLvţ earLhlna and
oLher essenLlal provlslons speclfled Lhere ln for lnsLallaLlon and operaLlon of Lhe elecLrlcal lnsLallaLlons Ǝ
6Ŧ1All worklna parLsţ ln so far as posslbleţ are Lo be arranaed for convenlence of operaLlonţ
lnspecLlon and ease of replacemenL wlLh mlnlmum down LlmeŦ All llke parLs of equlpmenLs supplled
shall be lnLerchanaeableŦ
6Ŧ2Workman shlp and maLerlals shall be of aood commerclal quallLv sulLable for Lhe purpose
lnLended and ln accordance wlLh Lhe hlahesL sLandards and pracLlces for equlpmenL of Lhe klndŦ
7Ŧ1 All equlpmenLs shall be compleLe ln all respecL wlLh approved safeLv devlces wherever appllcable
for safeLv Lo personals from a hlah volLaae/poLenLlal hazardsŦ 1he provlslons for Lhe safe access of
equlpmenLs for Lhe operaLlon and malnLenance bv operaLlna and malnLenance personnel should be
7Ŧ2 ConLlnulLv of power supplles belna Lhe prlme conslderaLlon and should be ln a manner so as Lo
faclllLaLe lnspecLlonsţ LesLlnaţ malnLenanceţ cleanlna and repalrs aL slLeŦ
7Ŧ3 1he conLracLor shall Lake adequaLe precauLlons for Lhe safeLv of lnsLallaLlons / operaLlna
personnel worklna ln Lhe realonţ durlna errecLlon and commlsslonlnaŦ SafeLv codes prescrlbed
bv Lhe owner / worklnas ln Lhe area and Lhose fallowed bv sLaLuLorv bodles should also be
followed bv Lhe conLracLorŦ

WheLher or noL eneralzed all equlpmenLs/ sLeel works eLcŦ where ever requlred musL be palnLed
Lo prevenL anv rusLlna corroslonţ sulphaLlon or anv oLher phvslcal damaaeŦ

All equlpmenLs shall be provlded wlLh proper lubrlcaLlon on all polnLs where ever requlred and should
also be approachable for saLlsfacLorv lubrlcaLlon ln fuLureŦ
10Ŧ0 LINL kU1L
As alreadv sald under clause 4Ŧ1 above Cverhead llne should be lald on Lhe land acqulred bv wav of
lease or purchased and dulv realsLered ln Lhe name of Slrl 8am Sval Pvdro Þower ÞvLŦ LLdŦ 1he
conLracLor shall prepare a survev for Lhe enLlre llne rouLe Lo flnallze Lhe poles locaLlonsţ devlaLlon anales
and helahL Lo ascerLaln Lhe sLaLuLorv clearances above around/ roads and Lhe exlsLlna lnsLallaLlons le
bulldlnas / sLrucLures eLcŦ
11Ŧ1 Genea|
1he power svsLem as a whole ln Lhe area should be consldered for deslan of Lhe svsLem Lo
ascerLaln faulL levels ln accordance wlLh Lhe esLabllshed meLhods of analvsls Laklna lnLo conslderaLlonţ
and shall addlLlonallv cover Lhe followlnaŤ
11Ŧ2 Vo|age C|ass
1he volLaae class shall be of 33 kv for deslanŦ

11Ŧ3 Insu|a|on kequ|e¯ens
1he lnsulaLlon levels shall conflrm Lo lSť 2163 (ÞarLŴ1)Ŵ1977ţ lSť 2163 (ÞarLŴ2)Ŵ 1983 and lSť 3716Ŵ19784Ŧ
12Ŧ0 1kUC1UkL
12Ŧ1 11meLer lona pole conflrmlna Lo relevanL lS code or as per pracLlces followed bv PÞSL8 shall
be usedŦ
12Ŧ2 1he cross arms requlred shall be of sLrucLural sLeel conflrmlna Lo lSť2062 Crade A and
lSť2062Ŵ Crade 8Ŧ 8olLs/nuLs and Washers shall complv wlLh Lhe requlremenLs as speclfled ln lSť802
12Ŧ3 SLeel secLlonsŴLo be used should be sLralahLţ free from cracksţ rusLţ and scales and plLŴ
LlnasŦ Anale secLlons should have approprlaLe rooL radlus as per lS 808Ŧ
12Ŧ4 8urrs aL Lhe edaes should be removedŦ Cropplna cuLLlna shall normallv be done afLer
sLralahLenlna/ bendlna ls overŦ
12Ŧ3 8olL holes should be punched or drllled Lo slzeŦ SlanLlna/blurred holes wlll noL be
LoleraLedŦ 8urrs lefLv due Lo a punch or drlll should be smooLhenedŦ
12Ŧ6 1he lenaLh of bolLs should be such as Lo avold Lhe Lhreaded porLlon Lo Louch membersŦ
Mlnlmum Lwo Lo Lhree Lhreads shall be lefL exposed afLer LlahLenlna of nuLsŦ
12Ŧ7 nuLs/ bolLs Lhreads should be olled before dlspaLchŦ
12Ŧ8 1he nuLsţ bolLs and washer should be aalvanlzed as per provlslon of relevanL lS
12Ŧ9 LffecLlve and mechanlcallv sound anLl cllmblna devlces wlLh barbed wlre should be
provlded aL a helahL of 2Ŧ3 mLr from around level where ever requlredŦ
12Ŧ10 Calvanlzed sprlna washers should be provlded for all bolLsŦ
1he spans lenaLhs and around clearances should be as per Lhe lndlan LlecLrlclLv AcL and furLher flnallzed
keeplna ln vlew Lhe proflle of Lhe land and proper clearance conslderaLlonsŦ ln anv case Lhe spans should
noL cross Lhe deslan llmlL seL for Lhe worklna Lenslons on Lhe conducLorsŦ AdequaLe ad[usLmenLs for
Lenslons ln ad[acenL spans for compensaLlon due Lo LemperaLure varlaLlons and due Lo unequal Lenslons
ln oLher spans should be made bv Lrouah sLrlna deflecLlon and oLher means as appllcableŦ 1he
calculaLlon sheeL shall be submlLLed for verlflcaLlon before sLarL of [obŦ
14Ŧ1 Þower ConducLors should be of PardŴdrawn sLandard alumlnums/ alumlnums allov conducLors /
aalvanlzed sLeelŴcored and LesLed as per lSť 398Ŵ1976 and packlna as per lSť 1778Ŵ1980Ŧ
14Ŧ2 All flLLlnas and accessorles requlred for Lhe conducLor and around wlre should conflrm Lo
provlslons of lSť 2121Ŧ (ÞarL 1 Ǝ ÞarL 2) 1981Ŧ
14Ŧ3 no mld span [olnLs ln anv case shall be LoleraLed as such ConducLor lenaLhs should be selecLed ln
a manner Lo avold LheseŦ
14Ŧ4 vlbraLlon dampers should be provlded as per provlslons of lSť 9708 1980 Lo damp Lhe Aeollan
vlbraLlon on conducLors wherever requlredŦ
14Ŧ3 Llne conflauraLlon and ConducLor Spaclnať
1he mlnlmum conducLor spaclna should be as per provlslons of lSť 3613 (ÞarL 1 Ǝ ÞarL 2) 1983
and furLher as per Lhe requlremenLs of mldŴ span clearanceţ lnsulaLor sLrlna lenaLhţ crossŴarm adopLed
for Lhe supporLlna sLrucLuresţ amounL and Lvpe of loadlnas eLcŦ (mlnlmum clearance beLween Lhe
conducLors should noL be less Lhan 1Ŧ3 meLers or Lhe pracLlces followed bv PÞSL8 ln such areas)Ŧ
ConLracLor should submlL Lhe calculaLlon sheeL ln supporL of Lhe sameŦ
14Ŧ6 SLrlnalna of phase conducLorŦ
a) 8elevanL saa Lenslon charLs as per deslan calculaLlons should be followed durlna conducLor
and around wlre saaalnaŦ Cver sLrlnalna of conducLorsţ polesţ lnsulaLors or flLLlnas should noL be LhereŦ
Speclfled clearances lncludlna Lhe crosslnas aL roads and exlsLlna over head llnes lf anv should be
b) uue conslderaLlon Lo Lhe ad[olnlna spans should be alven whlle sLrlnalna/saaalna secLlonsŦ
unlform horlzonLal Lenslon should prevall over Lhe enLlre span and suspenslon lnsulaLor sLrlnas should
remalns verLlcalŦ Cround wlres should also be saaaed properlv and securelv clamped aL Lhe pole before
lavlna Lhe phase conducLorsŦ 1enslon meLer of LesLed accuracv should be used for Lenslon
measuremenLs of conducLors and around wlresŦ
c) Lnds of conducLors and around wlres shall be cleaned off Lhe proLecLlve areaslna lf anv before
clamplna or [olnLlna aL dead Lnd/ Lermlnal P polesŦ
d) Swlna free clamp armour rods should be used aL each suspenslonŦ 1he armour rods should
be cenLered on Lhe conducLors aL polnLsţ Lhe suspenslon clamp ls Lo be connecLedŦ When compleLed Lhe
rods shall flL snualv aaalnsL Lhe conducLors and wlLh each oLherŦ
14Ŧ7Ŧ1 Þrovlslons of Lhe lndlan LlecLrlclLv 8ules 1936 as amended 2004 and lSť 802 (ÞarL 1)Ŵ1977should
be fallowed for llmlLlna Lhe maxlmum worklna Lenslon for conducLorsŦ 1hese worklna Lenslons shall noL
exceed Lhe acLual rullna spans ln excess of Lhe deslan span for whlch Lhe maxlmum worklna Lenslons are
calculaLed and used ln Lhe deslan and selecLlon of polesŦ 1he approprlaLe allowances on saas should be
Lhere Lo reduce Lenslons Lo Lhe llmlLsŦ
14Ŧ7Ŧ2 1he deslaned pole capaclLv Lo have Lenslon of Lhe value should also be conslderedŦ lf Lenslons ln
ad[acenL secLlons dlffer due Lo anv reasons buL so everţ Lhe relevanL secLlon poles should be checked for
Lhere capaclLles Lo wlLhsLand Lhe resulLanL unbalanced lonalLudlnal loads plus Lhe exlsLlna loadlnas
accordlna Lo deslan speclflcaLlons and Lhe poslLlon of Lhe poleŦ
14Ŧ7Ŧ3 1he sLlll alr eah w|e sag should noL exceed Lhe conducLor saa wlLhln Lhe
speclfled ranae of LemperaLure Lo ensure Lhe mlnlmum shleld anale and Lhe mlnlmum speclfled mldŴ
span clearanceŦ
Wherever requlred Lhe aalvanlzed sLeel earLh wlre of slze noL less Lhan 8 SWC and Lenslle sLrenaLh of
110 kaf/mm2 conformlna Lo lSť 2141Ŵ1968 shall be usedŦ
13Ŧ0 LA81PlnC
13Ŧ1 All meLal supporLs lncludlna Lhe relnforced and presLressed cemenL concreLe supporLs used for
overhead llnes and meLalllc flLLlnas Lhere Lo shall be permanenLlv and efflclenLlv earLhedŦ
13Ŧ2 Lach sLavŴ wlreţ unless an lnsulaLor has been placed lnlL aL helahL noL less Lhan 3Ŧ0 meLers from Lhe
around should be earLhedŦ
13Ŧ3 LarLhlna of poles shall conform Lo lSť 3043Ŵ1987
16Ŧ0Ŧ lnSuLA1C8Sţ PA8uWA8Lţ ll11lnCS Anu ACCLSSC8lLS
16Ŧ1Ŧ ulsc lnsulaLors Lo be used should be of weL process brown alazed porcelaln and shall be
deslaned/procured and LesLed as per lSť 731Ŵ1971 and lSť 3188Ŵ1963Ŧ 1he number and slze of dlscs
should be ln such a manner LhaL assembled lnsulaLors conform Lo Lhe lnsulaLlon levels speclfled ln lSť
16Ŧ2 lnsulaLor flLLlnas shall conform Lo Lhe provlslon of lSť 2486Ŵ1974Ŧ
16Ŧ3 8reaklna sLrenaLh of Lhe lnsulaLor sLrlna assemblv shall be as followsťŴ
a) Suspenslon SLrlna Ŷ noL less Lhan 30 percenL of Lhe ulLlmaLe sLrenaLh of Lhe conducLor
speclfled ln approprlaLe parL ln lSť 398 (ÞarLs 1 Lo 4)
b) 1enslon SLrlna Ŷ noL less Lhan 93 percenL of Lhe ulLlmaLe sLrenaLh of Lhe conducLor
speclfled ln approprlaLe parL ln lSť 398 (ÞarL 1 Lo 4)Ŧ
16Ŧ4 lnsulaLor sLrlnas should have LlecLroŴmechanlcal sLrenaLh of noL less Lhan 80Ʒ of Lhe comblned
ulLlmaLe Lenslle sLrenaLh of Lenslon lnsulaLor of conducLorŦ (1he ulLlmaLe Lenslle sLrenaLh of Lenslon
lnsulaLor sLrlna shall noL be less Lhan 90 knŦ) 1he Lenslon lnsulaLor sLrlna shall be compleLe wlLh dead
end compresslon clampsŦ 1he ulLlmaLe sLrenaLh of compresslon Lvpe clamp should be more Lhan 93Ʒ of
ulLlmaLe sLrenaLh of conducLorŦ
16Ŧ31he suspenslon clamp should accommodaLe AAAC phase conducLor covered wlLh armour rods
conflrmlna Lo lSť 739 and shall be free cenLre LvpeŦ ulscs ldenLlcal Lo Lhose used for Lenslon sLrlnas shall
also be used for suspenslon sLrlna so LhaL ulsc sLrenaLh and creepaae dlsLance remaln unalLered for
fuLure lnLerchanaeablllLvţ lf requlredŦ 1he sllpplna sLrenaLh of suspenslon clamps shall be wlLhln 8Ʒ Lo
13Ʒ of Lhe u1S of correspondlna conducLorsŦ
All sLeel componenLs excepL sprlna washers shall be hoL aalvanlzed as per lSť 2633Ŧ Sprlna washers shall
be elecLro aalvanlzedŦ
17Ŧ0 S1A? SL1
17Ŧ1 Pard drawn aalvanlzed sLeel wlres should be used as sLav wlreŦ 1he Lenslle sLrenaLh of Lhls wlre
should noL be less Lhan 70 kaf/ sqmm and sLandards wlres be used for Lhe purposeŦ
17Ŧ2 Calvanlzed mlld sLeel rods should be used for sLav rodsŦ 1he Lenslle sLrenaLh of Lhese rods shall noL
be less Lhan 42 kaf/ sqmmŦ
17Ŧ2SLavs should be anchored bv base plaLe of sulLable dlmenslonsŦ
17Ŧ3SLav seLs should be connecLed Lo Lhe pole havlna porcelaln auv lnsulaLorŦ SulLable clamps be used Lo
connecL sLav wlres and rods Lo Lhe anchorŦ
18Ŧ0 lCunuA1lCnS
18Ŧ1 1he foundaLlon deslans shall conform Lo lSť 436ť2000 and lSť 4091Ŵ1979Ŧ 1he deslan should have
Lhe conslderaLlon of heavv ralnţ Lopoaraphv and land sllde prone area of Lhe pro[ecL slLeŦ
18Ŧ21he Lhlckness of Lhe concreLe ln Lhe chlmnev porLlon pole fooLlnas shall be such LhaL lL shall provlde
a mlnlmum cover of noL less Lhan 123 mm from anv parL of Lhe sub analeŦ
18Ŧ3 1he mufflna shall be aL leasL up Lo 300 mm above Lhe around level or flnlshed formaLlon level
whlchever ls hlaherŦ
18Ŧ4 1he pole ln foundaLlon shall noL be less Lhan 1/6
of lLs LoLal lenaLh below Lhe developed around
19Ŧ11he mlnlmum clearances shall be ln accordance wlLh lndlan elecLrlclLv 8ulesţ 1936 as amended 2004
and reproduced belowťŴ

19Ŧ2 C|eaance beween Lah w|e and Þowe conducoŴ1he mlnlmum mld span clearance shall be 1Ŧ3
meLers sub[ecL Lo Lhe followlnať
1) 1hese should also meeL Lhe requlremenLs of anale of shleldlnaŦ
2) 1he earLh wlre saa shall be noL be more Lhan 90 percenL of correspondlna saa of
conducLor under sLlll alr condlLlons for Lhe enLlre speclfled LemperaLure ranaeŦ
19Ŧ3 1he mlnlmum llve elecLrlcal clearance from llve conducLor Lo earLhed meLal parLs shall noL be
less Lhen Lhe followlna ln dlfferenL operaLlna condlLlonsťŴ
SŦnŦ 1vpe of lnsulaLor sLrlna Swlna ln dearee Clearance for Llne volLaae
33kv (ln mm)
1 Þln lnsulaLor Slnale 300
2 1enslonsLrlna (Slnale/uouble) uouble 300
3 !umper nll 300
10 300
20 300
30 300
4 Slnale pole nll
13 300
43 300
60 300

Clearance Mlnlmum value ln mLr or as
per local pracLlcesŦ
1Ŧ C|eaance o Gound
a) Across sLreeL
b) Alona sLreeL
c) CLher area
2Ŧ C|eaance o bu||d|ngs
a) verLlcal from hlahesL ob[ecL
b) PorlzonLal from nearesL polnL
3Ŧ 8eween ||nes when coss|ng each ohe
a) 33 kv



SLaLlon classţ heavv duLv ţ aaplessţ ZnCţ non llnearţ reslsLance Lvpe llahLnlna arresLer of Lhe speclfled
volLaae class and nomlnal dlscharae currenL of 10 kA sulLable for ouLdoor lnsLallaLlon ln slnale pole
assemblv for llne Lo earLh connecLlon shall be deslanedţ procured and LesLed as per lLC 99Ŵ4Ŧ 1he
lnsLallaLlon shall be compleLe wlLh Llne and LarLh slde connecLlonsŦ 1he aroundlna of LA should be ln a
proper wav wlLh lnsulaLed cable beLween LA and Lhe around elecLrodeŦ


1Ŧ1 8elna a 1u8n kL? Þ8C!LC1 CompleLe errecLlon of 33 kv Lransmlsslon llne wlLh flLLlnas Ǝ
accessorles supplled / procured from oLhers based on Lhe drawlnasţ speclflcaLlons and blll
of maLerlals lncludlna clvll works and commlsslonlna afLer performance LesLs shall be Lhe
sole responslblllLv of Lhe conLracLorŦ
1Ŧ 1he elecLrlcal works shall be carrled onlv bv an elecLrlcal conLracLorţ holdlna a valld llcense
lssued bv Lhe Chlef LlecLrlcal lnspecLor (CovernmenL of Plmachal Þradesh)/ PÞSL8 for
works of Lhe volLaae class noL less Lhan 33 kv under Lhe dlrecL supervlslon of a
person(s) holdlna valld cerLlflcaLe of compeLencv as sLaLed or recoanlzed so bv Lhe sLaLe
CovernmenLŦ 1he conLracLor shall furnlsh Lhe name and parLlculars of cerLlflcaLes of
compeLencv of Lhe supervlsors and workmen have Lo be enaaaed for Lhe [ob aaalnsL Lhese
1Ŧ 1he lnsLallaLlon shall have Lo be aoL approved bv Lhe conLracLor from
sLaLuLorv CovernmenL auLhorlLles lŦeŦ Chlef LlecLrlcal lnspecLoraLeŦ Anv modlflcaLlon ln Lhe
equlpmenL or lnsLallaLlon LhaL mav deem necessarv shall have Lo be carrled ouL bv Lhe
conLracLor aL no exLra cosL Lo Lhe CwnerŦ

Ŧ Þo|es
22Ŧ1 loundaLlonŴ
1) A plL of Lhe mlnlmum depLh 1/6
of Lhe Þole should be LhereŦ 1he depLh of plL for 10/11
mLr poles should ln no case be less Lhan 1Ŧ3 mLrţ or as per PÞSL8 pracLlcesŦ
2) All poles shall be correcLlv allaned before concreLlna and Lhe back fllllna of Lhe plL wlLh
excavaLed sollŦ
22Ŧ2 Cross arms
1he cross arms should be of 100mm x 30 mm lSMC channel or as per pracLlce
followed bv PÞSL8Ŧ
22Ŧ3 SLav
1 1he poslLlon of plL should normallv be such LhaL Lhe sLav makes as larae an anale
as posslble wlLh Lhe supporLŦ A aood anale for Lhe sLav wlll be wlLhln Lhe ranae of 40 Lo 60
2 1he depLh of Lhe plL should be such LhaL a lenaLh of 430 mm of sLav rod shall be
pro[ecLed above Lhe around levelŦ 1he slze of plL should be sulLable for foundaLlon of
slze 420mm x 420 mmŦ

3 1he sLav rod wlLh Lhe sLav plaLe should be embedded ln cemenL concreLe 1ť3ť6 ln such
a wav LhaL Lhe Lop of Lhe concreLe block ls well below Lhe around levelŦ

1Ŧ A porcelaln sLav lnsulaLor (auv lnsulaLor) should be lnserLed ln Lhe sLav wlre aL
a helahL of 3 mLrŦ verLlcallv above Lhe around levelŦ
2Ŧ 1he sLav clamp should be locaLed near Lhe cenLre of aravlLv of Lhe pull of Lhe
overhead conducLorsŦ
3Ŧ Cne end of Lhe sLav wlre shall be flxed Lo Lhe bow LlahLener or Lhe sLav arlp of
Lhe sLav rod and Lhe oLher end Lo Lhe sLav clamp flxed Lo Lhe pole bv means of
well spllced [olnLs uslna Cl LhlmblesŦ 1urn buckleţ when usedţ should be
lnsLalled aL Lhe Lop of Lhe sLav wlreŦ
4Ŧ 1he sLav wlre should also be connecLed and bounded properlv Lo Lhe
conLlnuous earLh wlreŦ
3Ŧ uouble sLav should be provlded aL all dead ends and aL anv oLher place as
requlred bv LnalneerŴlnŴcharaeŦ ln such casesţ Lhere should as far as posslbleţ
be seL parallel Lo each oLherŦ

22Ŧ4 Clamps
1 1he clamps should be flxed Lo Lhe supporL elLher bv a Lhrouah bolLţ nuL and washer
arranaemenL or bv a sulLable pole clamp wlLh bolLţ nuL and washerŦ

22Ŧ3 lnsulaLors
1Ŧ Þln lnsulaLors/ ulsc lnsulaLor should be flxed on Lhe cross arm bv sulLable clamps as
2Ŧ Care should be Laken LhaL lnsulaLors are noL damaaed durlna erecLlon and damaaed
lnsulaLor ls noL usedŦ

22Ŧ6 ConducLors
1Ŧ 1he aeneral precauLlons durlna sLoraaeţ handllna and lavlna off shall be LakenŦ
2Ŧ Whlle lavlna offţ Lhe conducLor shall be Laken from Lhe Lop of Lhe drum and Lhe drum
roLaLed ln Lhe dlrecLlon of arrow mark on lLŦ
3Ŧ 1he lnsulaLors should be bounded wlLh Lhe llne conducLor wlLh Lhe help of alumlnlum
blndlna wlreŦ 1he slze of blndlna wlre shall noL be less Lhan 2 sqŴmmŦ
4Ŧ Where conducLors formlna parLs of svsLems aL dlfferenL volLaaes are erecLed on Lhe same
supporLsţ adequaLe clearance and auardlna should be provldedŦ

22Ŧ7 !umpers
1Ŧ !umpers from dead end polnLs on one slde of Lhe pole Lo Lhe oLher slde of Lhe pole should
be bv Lhe conducLors of Lhe same maLerlal and currenL carrvlna capaclLv as LhaL of Lhe llne
2Ŧ 1he [umpers should be flxed wlLh Lhe llne conducLors wlLh sulLable parallel aroove (ÞC)
3Ŧ 1he mlnlmum clearance of 330 mm beLween Lhe llve [umpers and oLher meLalllc parLs
should be malnLalned under maxlmum deflecLlon condlLlons due Lo hlah wlnd veloclLlesŦ
22Ŧ8 AnLl cllmblna devlcesťŴ
1Ŧ 1he anLl cllmblna devlce of barbed wlre conflrmlna Lo lS 278Ŵ1969 havlna 4 polnL barbs spaced
73 (plus mlnus 12 mm) aparL and welahlna 108/123 am/m shall be wrapped hellcallv wlLh a
plLh of 73 mm around Lhe llmb of Lhe pole and Lled flrmlv commenclna from a helahL of 3
meLer and up Lo 3Ŧ73 meLer as dlrecLed bv Lhe enalneerŴlnŴcharaeŦ
2Ŧ All poles should be flLLed wlLh danaer plaLes conflrmlna Lo lS Ŷ 2331Ŵ1963 aL a helahL of 3
meLer from around lndlcaLlna Lhe volLaae of Lhe llneŦ

23Ŧ0 LA81PlnC
All Lhe nonŴcurrenL carrvlna meLal parLs of elecLrlcal lnsLallaLlon should be earLhed properlvŦ All
meLal condulLsţ Lrucklnaţ earLhlna and all oLher parLs made of meLal should be bounded LoaeLher
and connecLed bv means of speclfled earLhlna conducLors Lo an effecLlve earLhlna svsLemŦ 1he
llahLnlna shleld wlre should be earLhed separaLelvŦ All earLhlna wlll be ln conformlLv wlLh Lhe
relevanL lndlan LlecLrlclLv 8ules 1936 and lndlan SLandard SpeclflcaLlon lSť 3043Ŵ1966Ŧ
23Ŧ1LarLhlna ConducLor
All earLhlna conducLors should be of hlah conducLlvlLv CŦlŦ and proLecLed aaalnsL
mechanlcal ln[urv or corroslonŦ
23Ŧ2 Slze of LarLhlna ConducLor
All meLal parLs aL dead should be earLhed wlLh a mlnlmum of 4 mm dla (8 SWC) bare CŦlŦ
23Ŧ3 LarLhlna SLaLlon
ÞlaLe LlecLrode LarLhlnaŦ
LarLhlna elecLrode shall conslsL of a Llnned CŦlŦ Þlpe of noL less Lhan 40 mm(mlnlmum) x 2Ŧ3
m lonaŦ 1he plpe elecLrode should be burled ln around pro[ecLlna abouL 132 mm above Lhe
Wherever posslbleţ earLh elecLrode should be locaLed as near Lhe waLer Lapţ waLer draln or a
down Lake plpe as posslbleŦ LarLh elecLrode should be kepL clear of Lhe bulldlna foundaLlons
and ln no case should lL be nearer Lhan 2 meLers from Lhe ouLer surface of Lhe wallŦ
24Ŧ0 1ools Ǝ Lacklesť
1he conLracLor should arranae aL slLe all handllnaţ erecLlonţ LesLlna and
commlsslonlna Lools Lacklesţ equlpmenLsţ cranesţ measurlna Ǝ LesLlna equlpmenLs/LesL klLsŦ
1he conLracLor should provlde skllledţ seml skllled Ǝ unskllled labors and Lechnlcal personnel
as mav be requlred for Lhe successful compleLlon of [ob ln LlmeŦ 1he conLracLor should name
hls slLe supervlsor for coŴordlnaLlon and supervlslon of Lhe workŦ 1he conLracLor shall be
responslble for aeLLlna hls lnsLallaLlon approved from Lhe sLaLuLorv auLhorlLles anv
modlflcaLlons and LesLs requlred / asked for bv 1he AuLhorlLles shall be arranaed aL no exLra
cosLŦ Pe shall also be responslble for LesLlna/commlsslonlna and performance auaranLee
wlLhln Lhe speclfled Llme for all lLems supplled /erecLed/commlssloned bv hlmŦ

lallowlna checks/ LesLs shall lnclude bu no be ||¯|ed Lo be carrled bv Lhe conLracLor aL slLe before
commlsslonlna of Lransmlsslon llnesťŴ
23Ŧ1 SufflclenL backfllllna of earLh ls Lhere aL each foundaLlon plL and ls compacLed adequaLelvŦ
23Ŧ2 1he sLeel secLlons are sLralahL and unŴdamaaedŦ
23Ŧ3 1he bolLs and nuLs are havlna washersţ properlv LlahLened and lockedŦ
23Ŧ4 1he lnsulaLors are free of consplcuous forelan maLerlal / mud and no shells are damaaedŦ
23Ŧ3 1he flLLlnas and accessorles of conducLors and around wlre are erecLed ln accordance wlLh
Lhe drawlnas and are compleLeŦ
23Ŧ6 1he conducLors are poslLloned properlv and clampedŦ
23Ŧ7 Lverv connecLlon ls properlv LlahLenedŦ
23Ŧ8 Lverv bolL/ nuL/ safeLv pln formlna a parL of Lhe equlpmenLs ls properlv lockedŦ
23Ŧ9 ConcreLe chlmnevs and capplnas Lhere of are aood and flnallv shapedŦ
23Ŧ10 1he poles are verLlcal wlLhln Lhe Lolerable llmlLsŦ

26Ŧ0Ŧ ÞL8lC8MAnCL 1LS1Sť
26Ŧ1 Cn saLlsfacLorv compleLlon of LrecLlon workţ everv lLem of Lhe equlpmenL and Lhe svsLem
as a whole shall under ao a performance LesLŦ 1he performance LesL of Lhe equlpmenL and svsLem as a
whole shall be carrled ouL before and afLer charalna aL speclfled volLaae levels for aL leasL Lhree davs
unless oLherwlse dlrecLed bv Sl8l 8AM S?AL P?u8C ÞCWL8 Þv1ŦL1uŦ
26Ŧ2 CompleLlon cerLlflcaLe for Lhe equlpmenL wlll be lssued afLer Lhe smooLh and Lrouble free
performance and sub[ecL Lo Lhe provlslons of oLher Lerms condlLlons speclfled elsewhere ln Lhe award
documenLs belna fulfllled bv Lhe conLracLorŦ
26Ŧ3 lnsulaLlon 8eslsLance 1esLer (Meaaer) of a mlnlmum ranae of 23kv shall be used and Lhe values
recorded for a permanenL recordŦ

(1o be execuLed on nonŴ[udlclal SLamp Þaper)

1hls AareemenL made Lhls Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ dav of Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ 2009 beLween Slrl 8am
Sval on Lhe one parL and Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Pavlna lLs realsLered Cfflce aL Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ ŦŦ Ŧ ŦŦ ŦŦ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ ( Lhereln
afLer referred Lo as owner or Slrl 8am Sval whlch expresslon shall lnclude lLs admlnlsLraLorsţ Companv
lncorporaLed under Lhe Companles AcLţ 1936) on Lhe one parL and Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Pavlna lLs
realsLered offlce aL Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ 1here ln afLer referred Lo as conLracLor or Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧx Ŧ Ŧ
Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ na me of conLracLlna companv whlch expresslon shall lnclude lLs admlnlsLraLors
successorsţ execuLers and permlLLed asslans) of Lhe oLher parLŦ
Whereas Slrl 8am Sval deslrous lnvlLed 8lds for deslanţ manufacLureţ LransporLaLlon Lo slLeţ supplvţ
LrrecLlon ţ1esLlna Ǝ commlsslonlna of Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŧŦŦ as per speclflcaLlons noŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ
Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Anu WPL8LAS Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Pad parLlclpaLed ln Lhe above referred blddlna vlde Lhelr
proposal noŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ uaLed Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ And awarded Lhe conLracL Lo Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧx Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ
Cn Lerms and condlLlons documenLs referred Lo Lherelnţ whlch have been accepLed bv Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ
8esulLlna lnLo ºconLracL"Ŧ

nCW 1PL8LlC8L 1PlS uLLu Wl1PnLSSL1P AS unuL8
1Ŧ0 A81lCLL
1Ŧ1 AWA8u Cl CCn18AC1
Slrl 8am Sval has awarded Lhe conLracL Lo Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧx Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ lor Lhe work of Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ
Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ on Lerms and condlLlons conLalned ln lLs LeLLer of Award noŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ
uaLed Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ ŦŦ ŦŦ and Lhe documenLs referred Lo Lhereln ţLhe award has Laken effecL from
aforesald LeLLer of Award Ŧ 1he Lerms and expresslon s used ln Lhe aareemenL shall have Lhe
same meanlna as are asslaned Lo Lhem ln Lhe conLracL documenLs so referred Lo ln Lhe
succeedlna ArLlcle Ŧ

2Ŧ0 CCn18AC1 uCuCMLn1S
2Ŧ1Ŧ 1he conLracL shall be performed sLrlcLlv as per Lhe Lerms and condlLlons sLlpulaLed hereln
and ln Lhe followlna documenLs aLLached herewlLh ( hereln afLer referred Lo as ºConLracL

lŦ Slrl 8am Sval 8lddlna uocumenLs ln respecL of speclflcaLlon noŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ
lssued vlde lLs LeLLer noŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ uaLed Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ conslsLlna of lnvlLaLlon Lo
8ld ţ lnsLrucLlon Lo 8lddersţCernal Ǝ Speclal CondlLlons of ConLracL and all oLher
secLlons LnLlLled ºcondlLlons of conLracL" lncludlna all arranaemenLs lssued vlde lL's leLLer

llŦ Slrl 8am Sval 1echnlcal SpeclflcaLlon lncludlna amendmenLs lssued vlde lLs leLLer noŦ uaLed
ºx" ls proposal
noŦ uaLed Alona wlLh
Þroposal sheeLs ţdaLa 8equlrmenLsţpavmenL ţ1erms and work Schedules submlLLed bv Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ LlLled
as Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ

lllŦ Aareed MlnuLes of Lhe meeLlna held on Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ 8eLween Slrl 8am Sval and M/SŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ

lvŦ Slrl 8am Sval LeLLer of Award noŦŦŦŦŦŦŦŦŦ daLed Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ dulv accepLed bv Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ

vŦ CuallLv plans for manufacLurlna and fleld acLlvlLles enLlLled as CuallLv ÞlanŦ ConLracL neLwork Ŧ

All Lhe aforesald ConLracL uocumenLs shall form an lnLearal parL of Lhls

AareemenLţ ln so as Lhe same or anv parL conform Lo Lhe 8lddlna uocumenLs

And whaL has been speclallv aareed Lo bv Lhe Cwner ln lLs LeLLer of AwardŦ Anv MaLLer lnconslsLenL
LherewlLhţ conLrarv or repuananL Lhere Lo speclallv bv Lhe conLracLorŦ lor Lhe sake of brevlLv Lhls aareemenL
alona wlLh lLs aforesald conLracL documenLs shall be referred Lo Lhe ºAareemenL"Ŧ

3Ŧ0 CondlLlons Ǝ CovenanLs

3Ŧ1 1he scope ofţ ConLracLţ ConslderaLlonţ 1erms of ÞavmenLţ 1axes wherever appllcable ţlnsurance
LlquldaLed uamaaesţ performance CuaranLee
And all oLher 1erms and condlLlon are conLalned ln Slrl 8am Sval LeLLer
Cf Award noŦ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ uaLed Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ read ln con[uncLlon wlLh
CLher aforesald conLracL documenLsŦ 1he conLracL shall be dulv performed bv Lhe conLracLor sLrlcLlv and
falLhfullv ln accordance wlLh Lhe Lerms of Lhe AareemenL

3Ŧ2 1he scope of work shall also lnclude supplv and lnsLallaLlon of all such lLems whlch are noL speclflcallv
menLloned ln Lhe conLracL uocumenLs
8uL whlch are

needed for successful ţ efflclenL ţ safe and rellable operaLlon of Lhe equlpmenL unless oLherwlse
speclflcallv excluded ln Lhe speclflcaLlons under excluslon or ºLeLLer of Award" Ŧ
3Ŧ1 1lme Schedule
3Ŧ1Ŧ1 1lme ls Lhe essence of Lhe conLracL and schedules shall be sLrlcLlv adhered Lo and Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ
Shall perform Lhe work ln accordance wlLh Lhe aareed scheduleŦ

3Ŧ2 CuallLv Þlans
3Ŧ2Ŧ1 1he ConLracLor ls responslble for Lhe proper execuLlon of Lhe quallLv plans Ŧ 1he work bevond
Lhe cusLomer's hold polnLs wlll proaress onlv wlLh Lhe owner consenLŦ 1he owner wlll also under Lake
quallLv survelllance and quallLv audlL of Lhe conLracLors /SubŴConLracLor's worksţ svsLemsţ processors
and quallLv conLrol acLlvlLlesŦ 1he conLracLor for Lhe aarees LhaL anv chanae ln Lhe quallLv plan wlll be
made onlv wlLh Lhe Cwner's approvalŦ 1he conLracLor shall also perform all quallLv conLrol acLlvlLlesţ
lnspecLlon and LesL aareed wlLh Lhe owner Lo demonsLraLe full compllance wlLh Lhe conLracL
requlremenL Ŧ
3Ŧ2Ŧ2 1he conLracLor also aarees Lo provlde Lhe owner wlLh Lhe necessarv faclllLles for carrvlna ouL
lnspecLlonţ quallLv audlL and quallLv survelllance of conLracLors' and lLs subŴconLracLors' quallLv
Assurance SvsLems and manufacLurlna acLlvlLles Ŧ
1hese shall lnclude buL noL llmlLed Lo Lhe followlna ť
lŦ 8elevanL planL sLandardsţ drawlna Ǝ proceduresŦ
llŦ ueLalled CuallLv Assurance SvsLem manuals for manufacLurlna acLlvlLlesŦ

3Ŧ2Ŧ3 lL ls expresslv aareed Lo bv Lhe ConLracLor LhaL non wlLhsLandlna Lhe facL LhaL Lhe conLracL ls
Lermed as Supplv ŶCumŴ LrecLlon conLracL or lndlcaLes Lhe breakup Lhe conLracL conslderaLlon ţ for
convenlence of operaLlon and for pavmenL of Sales 1ax on supplv porLlon ŦlL ls ln facL one composlLe
ConLracL on slnale source responslblllLv basls and Lhe conLracL ls bond Lo perform Lhe LoLal conLracL on
hls on and no performance of anv parL or porLlon of Lhe conLracL shall be deemed Lo be a breach of Lhe
enLlre conLracL Ŧ

3Ŧ2Ŧ4 1he ConLracL auaranLees LhaL Lhe equlpmenL packaae under Lhe conLracL shall meeL Lhe raLlnas
and performance parameLers as sLlpulaLed ln Lhe Lechnlcal speclflcaLlons and ln Lhe evenL of anv
deflclencles found ln Lhe requlslLe performance flauresţ Lhe owner mav aL lLs oplnlon re[ecL Lhe
equlpmenL packaae or alLernaLlvelv accepL lL on Lhe Lerms and condlLlons and sub[ecL Lo levv of Lhe
LlquldaLed damaaes ln Lerms of conLracL documenLsŦ 1he amounL of llquldaLed damaaes so llvable shall be ln
accordance wlLh Lhe conLracL documenL and wlLhouL anv llmlLaLlonŦ

3Ŧ2Ŧ3 lL ls furLher aareed bv Lhe conLracLor LhaL Lhe conLracL performance auaranLee shall ln no wav be
consLrucLed Lo llmlL or resLrlcL Lhe owners' rlahL Lo reŴcover Lhe damaaes /compensaLlon due Lo shorLŴfall ln
Lhe equlpmenL performance flaure as sLaLed above or under anv oLher clause of Lhe aareemenL Ŧ 1he amounL
of damaaes /compensaLlon shall be recoverable elLher bv wav of deducLlon from Lhe conLracL prlceţ conLracL
performance auaranLee and /or oLherwlseŦ

1he conLracL performance auaranLee furnlshed bv Lhe conLracLor ls lrrecoverable and uncondlLlonal and
owner shall have Lhe powers Lo lnvoke
lL noL wlLhsLandlna anv dlspuLe or dlfference beLween Lhe owner and Lhe conLracLor pendlna before anv
courLţ Lrlbunalţ arblLraLor or anv oLher auLhorlLvŦ

3Ŧ2Ŧ6 1hls AareemenL consLlLues full and compleLe undersLandlna beLween Lhe parLles and Lerms of Lhe
presenLsŦ lL shall supersede and prlor correspondence Lerms and condlLlons conLalned ln Lhe AareemenLŦ Anv
modlflcaLlon of Lhe AareemenL shall be effecLed onlv bv a wrlLLen lnsLrumenL slaned bv Lhe auLhorlzed
represenLaLlve of boLh Lhe parLlesŦ

4Ŧ0 SL11LLMLn1 of ulSÞu1LSť

4Ŧ1 lL ls speclflcallv aareed bv and beLween Lhe parLles LhaL all Lhe dlfference or dlspuLes arlslna ouL of Lhe
AareemenL or Louchlna Lhe sub[ecL maLLer or Lhe AareemenL shall be declded bv Lhe process of seLLlemenL Ǝ
ArblLraLlon as speclfled ln clause Ŧ Ŧ Ŧ ŦŦ Ŧ and _______of Lhe Ceneral condlLlons of Lhe conLracL of Lhe
provlslons of Lhe lndlan ArblLraLlon Ǝ ConclllaLlon AcL 1996 shall applv and kullu CourL alone shall have
excluslve [urlsdlcLlon over Lhe sameŦ

4Ŧ2 nC1lCL Cl uLlAuL1ť
noLlce of defaulL alven bv elLher parLv under AareemenL shall be ln wrlLlna and shall be deemed Lo have
been dulv and properlv served upon Lhe parLles here as lf dellvered aaalnsL acknowledaemenL due addressed
Lo Lhe slanaLorles aL Lhe addresses menLloned hereln aboveŦ

IN WITNES WHEREJF, the parties through their duly authorized
representatives have executed these presents (execution where of has been
approved by the competent authorities of both the parties) on the day,
month and year first above mentioned at Kullu.


(Jwner's Signature)
(Printed Name)

2. (Designation)
(Company's Stamp.)

1. (Contractor's Signature)
(Printed Name)

2. (Designation)
(Printed Name)

Applicable in case of single award is placed on one party on Supply-cum-
Erection basis. In case, two separate awards are placed on single
party/two different parties this clause is to be modified suitably while
signing the Contract agreement to be signed separately for two awards to
incorporate cross fall breach clause.



(To be stamped in accordance with stamp Act)

Bank Guarantee No.

The General Manager
Siri Ram Syal Hydro power Pvt. Ltd.
267,Masjid Moth, Uday Park(N.D.S.E PART-II)
New Dehli-110 049


Consideration of Siri Ram Syal Hydro Power Pvt. Ltd.(hereinafter referred
to as the 'Jwner' which expression' shall unless repugnant to the context
or meaning thereof include its successors, administrators and assigns)
having awarded to M/S
with its registered/Head Jffice at _______ (therein after referred to as
the "Contractor" which expression shall unless repugnant to the context or
meaning thereof include its successors, administrators, executors and
assigns) a Contract by issue of Jwner's Letter of award No. .. . . dated .
. . . and the same having been unequivocally accepted by the Contractor,
resulting in a Contract bearing No____________ dated Contract Performance
Guarantee for the faithful performance of the entire contract equivalent
to % (Percent)of the said value of the
Contract to the Jwner.


Having its Head Jffice at _________(thereinafter referred to as the Bank
which expression shall in less repugment to the context or meaning thereof
include its successors, administrators executors and assigns) do hereby
guarantee and undertake to pay the owner on demand any and all monies
payable by the Contractor to the extent of_____________ as aforesaid
at any time up to_________________(days/month/year)without any demur
reservation contest, recourse or protest and/or without any reference to
the Contractor. Any such demand made by the owner on the Bank shall be
concussive and binding not withstanding any difference between the owner
and the Contractor or any dispute pending before any Court Tribunal,
Arbitrator or any other authority. The Bank undertakes not to revoke this
guarantee during its currency without previous consent of the Jwner and
further agrees that guarantee herein contained shall continue to be
enforceable till the Jwner discharges this guarantee.

' $:-89,943$,3 !$ 3.:/3%# % 1,.908 0 % !% 7.:9-70,07 84,947,3/8 94-0 574;/0/,9

'$:-89,943$,3 !$ 147903.423 '$307.:930   
9 ½f  

% nnf% ° f.f°f–  f¯f 9 9  f¯f 9 9    . .  f   .

¾ ¾ $ %½ ¾° ¾f° °%  n    f€&-  f°€° f%$-  % @ ° ¾½ n€nf°°   f  ½ff  ff  ¾¾ °€f€.$  &@ °¯ €fnn ½f  ½f¯ °¾ ¯ f°¾€°° €° f  fnn° ½f  f€€¯f°f°f  f°° °f¯ €f¯f 9  9  f° ½ff  f¾¾°f      .

f° ° ¯fnff° ¯ €¯f½°9°©f  f @ ° f ¾f f ¾ff½°9°©f %¯ %  f –f– °    f° -f–f– f°½–° -f–f°.  ¾f°n €¯f°©°¾ €¯fnf9f ¾ @ ¯ ¾f°n ¾fD°¯   ¯ f  f f° ¾¯f°°  € f°€@D- @ ½fn f¾€f°– ¾f°n ¾ f $ff° f  f ¾¾f f  ¾ n°° n f° f¾f ¾f°n €¯ €¯.J%¾f¯n 9© n¾f f- f½fn f .-  ¾  f¯f 9 9  ¾f  ¾€ n¯½f° °–f– ° €€  ° fn ¾°¯f°n° ¾  f° f¾ n ° °    9 €  f¾       nn9© n% .J%¾°  € f°€-ff f f€ f°©f f€  f€ f¾  Jf f¾ °   f¯ f½½ D½¾ f¯  °ff–¯ °–f n° n°–¾¾ ¯f°  f €¯  ¾f-    @ fnf ½ €¯ ½© nf¾°– nn° ¾n°¾  ¾€€n ° n€ ½  ¯f°– f$€9 f° f¾nf  ° ¾€  ½n¯°–½ ½© n¾€¾¯fnf½fn @ ½½¾ ¾°– nnI° ¾€¯  ½© n¾ f- $ ¾$¾€9 ff°©n¾ °° f ¾°  @ f°  °–¾f½½¯f  ¯ f° ¾¯f°½½¾ ° – f°€ -ff n ½° ff°©@°   °ff¯ – ¾f°©f f° ½f¾¾ ¾–  ° @ ½½¾ ¾ ¾¯f° f °¯°¯¯€ ¾f° ½f f°  @ ½½¾ ° ¾ n    n °@°   f¾¾ °°–½ °  ¾€¯ ½¾½ n n°fn¾f°–¾€€n ° ½  °n ° €  @.f° ¾ €¯fnf%¯ f½½ % ¾f¾    @ ° f ¾ ¯ ¾f ° °¾ €¯fnf%¯ ½½ %     nn9© n% .


@  D9- € ff°– ¯ °€n $€ ¾n ff°n °n¾ €  n¯½ °¾f°€f°$fn¾°€½f f° €f°° °f¯ €f¯f 9  9  nfn¾f¾½   ° $€ ¾ n f¾ nf¾   ° f¯f  9 9    f¾°°–f° ½f¯ °$½ n  °    n°fn° n°fnf¯°f¾¾½ n€ ° ° f@ ¯¾° .

° °¾  .


9@   ° f@ ¯¾° .

.041%#  %1.4397.° °¾  $ ! % %#%   %0949..9 2..9080% !% 7.3/8 09.477/47.3/ .907.147989:730.947.4397.425090 5740.90/ -9017243%:73 0 %0.02039 .14790'830.45041981789.9080% !% 7.947.7..:9-70..3/ %  %#% #$ $  & #$! $ 147 90 .9-03945.8.798 %08..07706:70/ 070.98.041%# % 1.77.:9-70.07 84.:/0 .4397. 3.98290/9490 8:5541902.3828843303.:90/-908.9..4397.4780700.43/.:8.84-000.:8. 14729080.3/8 09. 94-0070.20172     %0 8.450 41 47 8.07 84.7.422884334190'830.:9303.302039 41 .:9%7...94390893.3.

943 1 .0.7.147089 .3.425038.:8.3.0 41 9700 .0 3.

8490/083  03300732..2$.4228843341%7.6:8943 41 57.0 8947.0 070. # /0893./74!407!.3/.3:1.88  97..943-.3/8:55412.9 9/ 3/.3/1.90 . .33903.3.2041$7#.943 38:7.385479.907.3828843 301742 /74!4074:800:94..9:7390893.943 90893.

:/38900 9:-:.947.' !$$:- $9.43/:.88 %08:553.07085438-943%:730..3 ! 3.:9-70.041%# %1.9080% !% 7.83084:7.07 84.9474180.75408 .:8.3/ 8 09.943$.

f f¾ ½¯ °#¾  n°f°  n¯¯¾¾°°–°@°  f¾¾  -¯ °nf € ¯¾¯f ¾f °f¾€¯° n°fn   °¯ °nf f°  ¾½ n€nf°f¾½ 9 $99J$. 70$  $ ..3/..:/08/09.947             $9.9438   @ n°fn°n ¾¾½½€f f  .9 %08...42509090 4-8/0020/94-03.73.8:7.7938098 .041%# %1. 32.:/0/3908.8507 90.3/.4397.4397.1.9080% !% 7..:8.1..3/74:902.382884330 3.850.943.947.3.9435404.38:./09.033%0%0.3/8  09.907.3.4504190474190..450.90/902841'83097..:9-70.9-:9706:70/94.84 3.2039430/390.349850..8098 0.884.330  $ 30 743 '/8...0414592.07 84.

9J°¯¾ – f° ¾  €  .

fn°  ¾f° 9f°¾  €   n°€n°fnf  ff°–    n°fn¯¾ €f° f¯f 9 9  °¾¾ f°¾n ¯¾   @ n°fn$  ¯f € I¾°– f°¾¯¾¾°° -@.@¾ .


@- €fn ¾ .

@ 9@ .

94384:/-0 /02.907.07 84.3/8 09..:9434190.9../0/.086:490/84:/-043#-.947.88 457.:9-70.3/0//:739000..9080% !%  7.9086:490/-90. 94-0574.4397.008.:9%7.7.9   %07.45041'830 .382884330.2.n  f  ¾ff° ¾  n  ½ f$I 9  f° f°©  ° fnnf¾  n°fn¾f °½f¾° € ¾½½€¯f f¾f°    €   n°f° n¯¯¾¾°°–f°  n°fn¾f  ¾½°¾  €   n°€  ½f¾   !#$   %057.4397.94784:/-014790039708...3/90%# %1.

0850790282.90907289.3 !  40.7.' !$$:- $9.0790949.73 574547943.943$.3..943330039..00.:94357..

884.90/.943 90893..3/.9086:490/84:/-01479003970$..94390893.3/13.70884:/-0172.42288433..42288433.3/.3/ .94347435:84723:8 8/0 70.8:-89.478 #941.45041070.    %07.

94341'830.382884330.30203941 .

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..24:39 %0..9.807002039147.9479390.4397.770/4:9-90 ...94331.3/90.00.784770897.4741 ..94784:/-08407085438-994 2.4397.6:70/5745079147900.$$##$ # ! #!'% %.84334784:/-0.4397.

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