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This report reviews the Tenders received from the contractors for the the execution of
Swimming Pool Systems at Oman LNG School, Sur and concludes the
recommendations so as to facilitate the Client to select the suitable Contractor.

2. Tenderers-General
The Tender Documents comprised the following:

Value Engineering documents

Bill of Quantities

National Engineering Office invited tenders and received techno-commercial offers from
the following contractors.

Kehlan Pools & Fountains

Al Hajiry Trading LLC
Al Ansari Trading LLC

All the tenderers had carried out an inspection of the site to witness the nature of the
Works and the present conditions as stipulated in the Tender Document.

3. Tender Price
Contractors Tender Sum Tender Sum
(Option-1) (Option-2)

Kehlan Pools & Fountains RO. 92,647.000 RO. 90,662.000

Al Hajiry Trading LLC RO. 84,265.000 -

Al Ansari Trading LLC RO. 93,472.000 -

4. Basis of Tender Evaluation

The returned tenders have been evaluated. The qualitative analysis of the tenders
considered the following:

Completion of tender documentation.

Safety and health
Experience on similar types of contracts
Programme certainty
Quality Management Systems/checking procedures
Technical Issues

5. Evaluation Methodology & Criteria

The following evaluation methodology and criteria were used to evaluate the Bidders

Evaluation Methodology

1. The Tender is scored in accordance with the evaluation criteria as set out below.
2. The Tender is checked firstly for compliance with the specification for
3. The scoring process works on the principle of allocating scores (between 0 - 10)
to each of the 9 evaluation topics.

Evaluation Criteria
1. The tender is evaluated in accordance with the following criteria as set out in the
2. Project Deliverability
3. Specification Compliance.

6. Tender Evaluation

1.1. Kehlan Pools & Fountains

The tender offer of Kehlan Pools & Fountains was second highest when
compare with the other two tenders received.

1.2. Al Hajiry Trading LLC

Their tender offer of Al Hajiry Trading LLC was the lowest when compare
with the other two tenders received.

1.3. Al Ansari Trading LLC

The tender offer of CEMEC Engineering Trading LLC was the highest when
compare with the other two tenders received.
7. Summery
Criteria Kehlan Pools & Al Hajiry Al Ansari Atlantic
Fountains Trading LLC Trading LLC Projects &
Services LLC
Price Option- RO. RO. RO. RO.
1 171,229.000 148,233.300 76,852.760 45,000.000
Option- RO. RO. RO. RO.
2 145,685.000 124,756.050 72,788.260 34,200.000
Total Price RO.143,685.000 No Correction No No Correction

Scoring Assessment
Score Score Score Score
(0-10) (0-10) (0-10) (0-10)
5 5 5 5
10 10 10 10
Assessment 5 7 5 5
Health & Safety 7 7 7 7
Policies &
5 5 5 5
4 (Not taken
Technical into Total Index
Not Available Not Available Not Available
Ability - Staff as others not
included this)
Service levels 5 7 5 5
Management & 7 7 7 7
Pricing Basis &
0 2 7 10
Total Index 44 50 51 54
8. Conclusion and Recommendation.
Based on theanalysis as assessed in 7 above, we recommend that the offer submitted by
Atlantic Projects & Engineering Services LLC in the sum of RO. 45,000 (Option-1) RO. 34,200
(Option-2) can be considered further for the final selection of the Contractor.

Owing to the simple nature of the Works, higher level of technical competance of the
Contractor is not necessary but it is recommended further review of the following aspects from
the Atlantic Project and Engineering Services LLC, be carried out prior to finalization of the

a) Technical ability for carrying out the Works, as it is not submitted with the offer.
b) Technical personnel who would be allocated for this Works
c) Possibility of reducing the Construction Period to 2 monthswhich is well sufficient for
this Works, without any price variation, in our opinion. Three months Construction
period is indicated in the offer.
d) Impose of Penalty in case of non-completion as per the agreed period
e) Confirmation of other Financial and Contractual obligations as necessary.