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Reflex Sensor

with Analog Output

Part Number Technical Data
Ultrasonic Data
Working Range 100...1200 mm
Measuring Range 1100 mm
Reproducibility maximum 2 mm
Linearity Deviation 7 mm
Resolution 0,2 mm
Ultrasonic Frequency 225 kHz
Opening Angle < 12
Service Life (T = +25 C) 100000 h
Switching Hysteresis 10 mm
Electrical Data
Supply Voltage 18...30 V DC
Current Consumption (Ub = 24 V) < 30 mA
Switching Frequency 7 Hz
Response Time 72 ms
Temperature Range -25...60 C
Switching Outputs 1
Switching Output Voltage Drop < 2,5 V
PNP Switching Output/Switching Current 100 mA
Analog Output 0...10 V
Synchronous Mode up to 40 sensors
Short Circuit Protection yes
Reverse Polarity Protection yes
Digital and analog output Overload Protection yes
Stainless steel housing Lockable yes
Synchronous mode Interface IO-Link
IO-Link Version 1.0
Temperature drift eliminable
Protection Class III
Mechanical Data
Setting Method Teach-In
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Full Encapsulation yes
Degree of Protection IP67
Connection M12 1; 4/5-pin
Safety-relevant Data
MTTFd (EN ISO 13849-1) 829,12 a

PNP NO/NC switchable

These ultrasonic sensors evaluate the sound reflected Analog Output
by the object. They detect almost every object and are IO-Link
suited especially for the filling level monitoring of fluids Connection Diagram No. 182
or bulk material or the detection of transparent objects. Control Panel No. D12
The sensor detects objects independent from their ma- Suitable Connection Technology No. 2 35
terial, aggregate state, color or transparency. Suitable Mounting Technology No. 150
Convenient programming and quick diagnosis is possi-
ble via the IO-Link interface.

Complementary Products
Analog Evaluation Unit AW02
Deflection plate Z0021, Z0022
IO-Link Master
PNP-NPN Converter BG2V1P-N-2M

Ultrasonic Sensors
Ctrl. Panel


01 79

01 = Switching Status Indicator

06 = Teach Button
79 = Run/Error Indicator

1 = Sensing Face
All dimensions in mm (1 mm = 0.03937 Inch)

182 Legend PT Platinum measuring resistor Encoder A

Supply Voltage + not connected Encoder B
Supply Voltage 0 V Test Input Digital output MIN
Supply Voltage (AC Voltage) Test Input inverted Digital output MAX
Switching Output (NO) Trigger Input Digital output OK
Switching Output (NC) Analog Output Synchronization In
Contamination/Error Output (NO) Ground for the Analog Output Synchronization OUT
Contamination/Error Output (NC) Block Discharge Brightness output
Input (analog or digital) Valve Output Maintenance
Teach Input Valve Control Output +
Time Delay (activation) Valve Control Output 0 V
Shielding Synchronization Wire Colors according to
Interface Receive Path Receiver-Line DIN IEC 757
Interface Send Path Emitter-Line Black
Ready Grounding Brown
Ground Switching Distance Reduction Red
Clock Ethernet Receive Path Orange
Output/Input programmable Ethernet Send Path Yellow
Interfaces-Bus A(+)/B() Green
Power over Ethernet Emitted Light disengageable Blue
Safety Input Magnet activation Violet
Safety Output Input confirmation Grey
Signal Output Contactor Monitoring White
Ethernet Gigabit bidirect. data line (A-D) Encoder A/A (TTL) Pink
Encoder 0-pulse 0-0 (TTL) Encoder B/B (TTL) Green/Yellow

Characteristic response curve

Measurement of the sonic cone on a 100 100 mm plate



Specifications are subject to change without notice

200 400 600 800 1000 1200




Ob = Object Standard
Sc = Sonic cone width Medium-width