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Koleksi soalan percubaan
negeri 2014
1 Diagram 1 shows the stomach chambers of a cow.

Diagram 1

Which of the label part A, B, C or D, is the true stomach of cow?

2 The following statements are about mineral X in plant.

What is mineral X?

A Molybdenum C Magnesium
B Zinc D Mangan

3 Diagram 2 shows the structure of a chloroplast.

Diagram 2

Which of the following statements is true about reaction that occurs in X?

A Hydrogen atom reduces carbon dioxide into glucose.

B Substance required in the reaction is water.
C Sunlight is captured, causing the electrons of chlorophyll to get excited.
D Light energy is used to split the water molecules
4 Table 1 shows the nutrient content for every 100g of certain food.

Which food A, B, C or D in the Table 2 is most suitable for those suffering from

5 A patient is told by doctor that organ X as shown in Diagram 2 fails to function.

Diagram 2

Base on the information, which are most likely to happen if that patient does not receive
proper treatment?

I Digestion of protein will be affected

II Digestion of uncooked starch is not completed
III Hyperglycemia will occur
IV No neutral medium in duodenum

A 1 and 11 only C I, II and III only

B II and III only D I, II, III dan IV

6 Which of the following happens during inhalation?

A The external intercostal muscles relax

B The diaphragm muscles contract
C The rib cage moves downwards and inwards.
D The diaphragm curves and become dome-shaped.
7 Diagram 3 shows part of a tracheal system in an insect.

Diagram 3

Gaseous exchange in insects occurs between

A Q and S C R and S
B P and R D R and Q

8 Diagram 4 shows part of human respiratory system.

Diagram 4
Which tissue supports the structure X?

A Bone C Cartilage
B Chitin D Muscle

9 Diagram 5 shows how an air sample is taken from a student who just finished running

Diagram 5
It is found out that the concentration of carbon dioxide after exercise is higher.
Which of the following causes the increase in carbon dioxide?

A Due to increase in ventilation

B Conversion of lactic acid
C More glucose breakdown to release more energy
D Tiredness cause the cell to become more active at releasing carbon dioxide

10 Durio zibenthinus is the scientific name of durian tree. The word zibenthinus refers to ..

A Genus C Class
B Species D Order

11 Diagram 6 shows two organisms living together.

Diagram 6

Which of the following describe the relationship between a remora fish (Y) and a shark
12 When cellulose is digested by the protozoa in the caecum of a rodent, what is the final
product absorb by the intestine?

A Starch C Sucrose
B Maltose D Glucose

13 The following statements describe the process that occurs in the body defence

The level of antibody rises slowly over a period of few weeks

when attacked by pathogens.
The antibody is very specific and last as long as the
lymphocytes producing it survive

What type of immune response is obtained?

A Naturally acquired active immunity

B Naturally acquired passive immunity
C Artificial active immunity
D Artificial passive immunity

14 Diagrams 7 shows the structure of human heart.

Diagram 7

What are the structures labelled P and Q?

A P is pulmonary artery and Q is the bicuspid valve.

B P is pulmonary vein and Q is bicuspid valve.
C P is pulmonary artery and Q is tricuspid valve
D P is pulmonary vein and Q is semilunar valve
15 Diagram 8 shows the internal environment in multicellular organism

Diagram 8

Which part labeled A ,B, C and D contain higher concentration of fatty acid and

16 Diagram 9 shows cross section of vascular bundle of a plant.

Diagram 9

The plant is exposed to radioactive carbon dioxide and light for a few hours.
Which tissue labelled A, B, C and D is the first to have a trace of radioactive carbon?


Which animal shows the kind of movement describe above ?

A Snake
B Worms
C Insect
D Lizard
18 Diagram 10 shows two of the vertebra bones in the spinal cord.

Diagram 10

What type of movement is allowed between the joint of these two bones ?

A Movement of head from side to side

B Nodding
C Bending
D Rotating 180o

19 Diagram 11 shows water exudes from the special pores at the edge of leaves.

Diagram 11
What is the process in which water exudes from the special pores at the edges of leaves

A Guttation
B Translocation
C Transpiration
D Root pressure
20 Diagram 12 is a structure protected by the spinal column.

Diagram 12

What is the main component of structure X?

A Cerebrospinal fluid
B Cell bodies and synapses
C Myelinated nerve fibres
D Red blood cells

21 Diagram 13 shows direction of light on coleoptile .

Diagram 13

What conclusion is derived from the experiment based on the diagram shown ?

A Light stimulates the elongation of coleoptiles

B Elongation of cells are longer at the side further away from light
C The hormone ethylene distributed downwards
D Growth of coleoptile is not influenced by distribution of hormone
22 Which structure and function of a nerve cell is paired correctly?


What is the reason for such an action?

A Reduce the production of thyroxin

B Slow down the child movement
C Increase the ability of child to control his movement
D Improve coordination and response

24 Which cell has a diploid number of chromosomes?

A Secondary oocyte
B Spermatid
C Spermatogonium
D Polar body

25 Which pair of hormones are released by ovary in the menstrual cycle ?

A Luteinizing hormone and FSH

B Progesterone and Oestrogen
C Luteinizing and Oestrogen
D Androgen dan Progesteron

26 The informations below are problem faced by a couple.

Which method is best applied if the couple want a child of their own?

A In vitro fertilisation
B Gene therapy
C Replace Fallopian Tube
D Take Viagra pill

27 Diagram 14 shows a mature ovule of a flowering plant.

Diagram 14

J,K,L and M are the nuclei found in the ovule. Which nuclei fuse with male gametes
during double fertilisation?

A J and K
B K and L
C L and M
D J and M
(Percubaan SBP 2014)
28 Which organelle absorbs light energy during light reaction of photosynthesis?

A Chloroplasts
B Mitochondrion
C Golgi apparatus
D Rough endoplasmic reticulum

29 Which group of organisms undergo the process of exchange of respiratory gases

the skin?

A Fish
B Reptiles
C Mammals
D Amphibians
30 Diagram 15 below shows an owl with a rat.

Diagram 15

What is the type of interaction between the organisms?

A Parasitism
B Mutualism
C Commensalism
D Prey-predator

31 Diagram 16 shows the cross section of dicotyledonous root.

Diagram 16

Which of the labeled parts A, B, C and D transport water and mineral?

32 Diagram 17 shows a structure of the heart and its associated blood vessels.

Diagram 17

Which of the following A, B, C and D carry blood to body tissue?

33 Which of the following is part of the appendicular skeleton in humans?

A Vertebral column
B Skull
C Pectoral girdle
D Rib cage

34 Diagram 18 below shows the human endocrine system.

Diagram 18
Which is adrenal gland?


35 Which of the following is the site of female gamete formation?

A Ovary
B Uterus
C Ovule
D Vas deferens

36 Diagram 19 below shows an osmometer.

Diagram 19
What will happen to the level of the concentrated salt solution in the glass tube after 60
A Increases and then decreases
B Decreases and then increases
C Increases and then stops
D Decreases and then stops

37 What is the importance of cellulose in the human diet?

A It is digested to glucose which is absorbed and used to generate energy.

B It is digested, absorbed and reconstituted for use as long term energy storage.
C It is digested, absorbed and reconstituted for the formation of cell wall.
D It absorbs water and adds bulks to the faeces to aid defecation.

38 Table below shows the menu taken by a 10 years old boy.

Which of the following health problem may occur if he continuously taking this menu
for a long time?

A Obesity
B Gastritis
C Scurvy
D Kwashiorkor

39 Diagram 20 below shows three different types of organisms.

Diagram 20
Which of the following shows the correct respiratory surface of the organisms?

40 Diagram 21 below shows a closed and single circulatory system in an organism.

Diagram 21

What are organs J and K?

41 Diagram 22 below shows a human vertebra.

Diagram 22

What is the function of Y?

A Give support
B To protect the spinal cord
C To form joint with the ribs
D For muscle attachment

42 Graph shows the blood glucose concentration in a healthy person before, during and
after a meal.

What causes the decrease in glucose level 3 hours after the meal?

A Antidiuretic hormone
B Insulin
C Glucagon
D Oestrogen
43 Diagram 23 below shows how the thickness of endometrium change against the level of
hormone X and Y.

Diagram 23

Based on the diagram which statement is correct?

A The level of Y increases, the thickness of the endometrium increases.

B The level of X increases, ovulation occurs.
C The level of Y decreases, the corpus luteum degenerates.
D The level of X decreases, development of follicle occurs.

44 Table below shows the result of a food test on one food sample.

Which of the following is present in this food sample?

I Protein
II Reducing sugar
III Vitamin C
IV Starch

A I and II only C II, III and IV only

B I, III and IV only D I, II, III and IV
45 Table below shows the result of the experiment to determine the energy value of a

The specific heat capacity of water is 4.2 J g-1 C-1. Calculate the energy value of the

A 1 680 Jg-1 B 3 360 Jg-1

C 7 560 Jg-1 D 11 760 Jg-1

46 Which methods of transporting carbon dioxide gas released by the respiring cell of
human body are correct?

I Carbon dioxide is transported as carboxyhaemoglobin.

II Carbon dioxide is transported as carbaminohaemoglobin atom.
III Carbon dioxide is transported in the form of bicarbonate ions.
IV Carbon dioxide is transported as dissolved carbon dioxide in blood plasma.

A I and II only C II, III and IV only

B I, III and IV only D I, II, III and IV

47 Diagram 24 below shows diffusion of gas Y from an alveolus to a blood capillary.

Diagram 24
Which of the following is true about the difference in the concentration of gas Y of a
healthy person and a cigarette smoker?

48 Diagram 25 below shows a vertical section through the human heart.

Diagram 25

Which of the following is the function of sino-atrial node (SAN)?

A Control the ventricular contraction.

B Transmit the impulse to the ventricular walls.
C Control the opening of semilunar valves.
D Act as pacemaker which initiates the heart beat.
49 Diagram 26 below shows part of the mechanism of blood clotting.

Diagram 26
What are X, Y and Z?

50 Diagram 27 below shows a cut off apical coleoptiles which placed on an agar block.

Diagram 27
What is the possible result at the end of the experiment?

51 A labourer is doing vigorous work under the hot sun.

Which of the following changes would occur in the mans body?

52 Diagram 28 below shows on type of twin.

Diagram 28
Which of the following statement is correct about the twin?

A Fertilisation between one sperm and one ovum developed a zygote and the zygote
divide into two.
B Fertilisation between two sperms and one ovum developed a zygote and the zygote is
divided into two.
C Fertilisation between two sperms and two ovums developed into two zygotes.
D Fertilisation between two sperms and one ovum developed into two zygotes.

53 Which of the following statements are true about double fertilisation in a plant?

I One male gamete nucleus fuses with the nucleus of an egg cell to form an embryo
II Two haploid nuclei formed in the ovule fuse with two male gamete nuclei.
III One male gamete nucleus fuses with the female nucleus to form a diploid zygote.
IV Two polar nuclei fuse with one male nucleus to form the endosperm.

A I and II
B III and IV
C I,II and III
(JUJ Pahang 2014)

54 Diagram 28 shows the digestive system in human.

Diagram 28

Which of the labeled parts A, B, C and D is the first part where protein is digested?
55 Rajah 29 menunjukkan kesan enzim X ke atas kanji.
Diagram 29 shows the effect of enzyme X on starch.

Rajah 29/Diagram 29

Apakah enzim X dan hasil Y?

What is enzyme X and product Y?

56 Jadual 2 menunjukkan eksperimen bagi menentukan kandungan vitamin C dalam jus

Table 2 shows an experiment to determine the content of vitamin C in lime juice

Jadual 2/Table 2
Apakah jumlah Vitamin C dalam jus limau?
What is the amount of vitamin C in lime juice?

A 0.2 rng/cm3 C 0.3 mg/cm3

B 0.5 mg/cm3 D 5.0 mg/cm3

57 Antara berikut yang manakah dihasilkan semasa tindakbalas cahaya dalam fotosntesis?.
Which of the following is produced during the light reaction of photosynthesis?

A ATP C Oksigen / oxygen

B Tenaga / energy D Glukosa / glucose

58 Rajah 30 menunjukkan keratan rentas melalui sebahagian daripada peparu.

Diagram 30 shows a cross section through a part of a lung.

Rajah 30/Diagram 30

Apakah penyesuaian pada alveolus yang dapat menambahkan kadar pertukaran gas ?
What are the adaptations of alveolus which increase the rate of gaseous exchange?

I Boleh mengembang dan menguncup

Able to expand and contract
II Luas permukaan yang kecil
Small surface area
III Terletak berdekatan dengan kapilari darah
Located close to blood capillaries
IV Diliputi oleh satu lapisan nipis kelembapan
Covered by a thin film of moisture

A I dan II / I and II C II dan III / II and III

B I dan IV/ I and IV D III dan IV/ III and IV
59 Rajah 31 menunjukkan sistem respirasi manusia.
Diagram 31 shows a human respiratory system.

Rajah 31/Diagram 31

Apakah yang berlaku ke atas struktur R semasa tarik nafas?

What happen to structure R during inhalation?

A Mengendur dan mendatar/ Contract and become flatten

B Mengecut dan melengkung /Contract and become doom shape
C Mengecut dan mendatar/ Relax and become flatten
D Mengendur dan melengkung/Relax and become doom shape

60 Rajah 32 menunjukkan satu persamaan bagi respirasi anaerob yis.

Diagram 32 shows an equation for an anaerobic respiration in yeast.

Rajah 32/Diagram 32

Apakah P, Q, R dan S?
What are P, Q, R and S?
61 Rajah 33 menunjukkan keratan rentas jantung dan kaitannya dengan salur darah.
Diagram 33 shows a section through the heart and its associated blood vessels .

Rajah 33/ Diagram 33

Manakah antara A, B, C dan D adalah vena pulmonari?

Which of the following A,B,C and D is the pulmonary vein?

62 Apakah fungsi perentak jantung dalam jantung?

What is the role of the pacemaker in the heart?

A Ia menurunkan tekanan dalam ventrikel

It decreases pressure in the ventricles.
B Ia menghalang darah berpatah balik ke jantung
It stops the back flow of blood in the heart.
C Ia meningkatkan pengaliran darah merentasi arteri koronari
It increases the blood flow through the coronary arteries.
D Ia mengawalatur kadar pengecutan otot jantung
It regulates the rate of contraction of the heart muscle.

63 Rajah 34 menunjukkan sistem peredaran darah dalam manusia.

Diagram 34 shows a blood circulatory system in human.

Rajah 34/ Diagram 34

Antara berikut manakah yang benar tentang peredaran darah dan tekanan darah pada L dan M?
Which of the following is TRUE about blood flow and blood pressure at L and M?

64 Rajah 35 menunjukkan struktur lengan manusia.

Diagram 35 shows the structure of a human forearm.

Rajah 35/Diagram 35

Apakah yang berlaku pada bahagian P, Q, R dan S yang menyebabkan lengan di dalam posisi
yang ditunjukkan pada rajah?
What happens to the parts P, Q, R and S which cause the arm to be in the position as
shown in the diagram?

65 Rajah 36 menunjukkan tiga jenis tulang vertebra pada tulang belakang manusia.
Diagram 36 shows three types of vertebrae in the human backbone.
Rajah 36/Diagram 36
Antara berikut yang manakah menunjukkan turutan vertebra yang betul?
Which of the following shows the correct sequence of the vertebrae?

A X, Y, Z C Y, Z, X
B Z, Y, X D Y, X, Z

66 Rajah 37 menunjukkan sistem organ.

Diagram 37 below shows an organ system.

Rajah 37/Diagram 37

Apakah fungsi sistem organ yang ditunjukkan dalam Rajah 37?

What are the functions of the organ system shown in diagram 37?

I Untuk menyingkirkan bahan buangan metabolisme

To remove metabolic wastes
II Untuk mempertahankan badan daripada penyakit
To defend the body against diseases
III Untuk mengangkut oksigen kepada sel-sel badan
To transport oxygen to the body cells
IV Untuk mengawalatur isipadu dan komposisi darah
To help regulate the volume and composition of blood

A I dan II / I and II C II dan IV/ II and IV

B I dan IV/ I and IV D III dan IV/ III and IV
67 Antara neuron berikut, yang manakah menghantar impuls dari sistem saraf pusat ke efektor?
Which of the following neurons transmits the impulse from central nervous system to effector?

68 Rajah 38 menunjukkan otak manusia

Diagram 38 shows a human brain.

Rajah 38/Diagram 38

Antara bahagian berlabel A, B, C dan D, yang manakah mengawal keseimbangan badan?

Which of the following parts labelled A, B, C and D control body balance?
69 Diagram 39 shows the transmission of neurotransmitter across a synapse.
Rajah 39 menunjukkan pemindahan neurotransmitter merentasi sinaps.

Rajah 39Diagram 39

Antara berikut, yang manakah urutan yang betul tentang pemindahan neurotransmitter tersebut?
Which of the following shows the correct sequence of transmission of the neurotransmitter?

A Q, R, P C P, R, Q
B Q, P , R D R, Q, P

70 Ujian berikut telah dijalankan ke atas bendalir yang diambil daripada tiga bahagian nefron.
The following tests are carried out on fluids taken from three different parts of a nephron.

Rajah yang manakah menunjukkan lokasi yang betul untuk bendalir tersebut?
Which diagram shows the correct locations of the fluids?
71 Antara rajah berikut, yang manakah merupakan taburan auksin yang betul dalam pucuk
tumbuhan selepas terdedah kepada cahaya matahari?
Which of the following diagrams shows the correct distribution of auxin in a plant shoot which has been
exposed to sunlight?

72 Manakah antara berikut menunjukkan turutan yang betul bagi pembentukan sperma?
Which of the following shows the correct sequence of sperm formation?

A Spermatogonium spermatosit sperma

Spermatogonium spermatocyte sperm
B Spermatosit spermatogonium sperma
Spermatocyte spermatogonium sperm
C Spermatogonium spermatid sperma
Spermatogonium spermatid sperm
D Spermatosit spermatid sperma
Spermatocyte spermatid sperm
73 Rajah 40 menunjukkan perubahan dalam folikel semasa pengovulan.
Diagram 40 shows the changes in a follicle during ovulation.

Rajah 40/Diagram 40

Pada peringkat manakah aras progesteron paling tinggi?

At which stage is the level progesterone the highest?

74 Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan permanian beradas?

What is the meaning of artificial insemination?

A Pemindahan gamet ke dalam tiub falopio.

The transfer of gametes into the fallopian tube
B Pemindahan zigot ke dalam uterus melalaui serviks
The transfer of zygote into the uterus via the cervix
C Pemindahan sperma ke dalam uterus isteri ketika tempoh pengovulan
The transfer of sperms into the wifes uterus during her ovulation period
D Pemindahan embrio daripada seorang wanita ke dalam uterus wanita mandul
The transfer of embryo from another woman into the uterus of a sterile woman

75 Rajah 41 menunjukkan keratan memanjang bunga. Bunga dipotong pada X.

Diagram 41shows a longitudinal section of a flower. The flower is cut at X.

Rajah 41/Diagram 41
Kenyataan manakah menerangkan mengapa ovari tidak berkembang menjadi buah?
Which statement explains why the ovary does not develop into a fruit?

A Ovul gagal untuk menghasilkan pundi embrio/ The ovules fail to produce embryo
B Ovul tidak disenyawakan/ The ovules are not fertilised
C Ovul tidak menerima nutrien /The ovules do not receive nutrient
D Ovul gagal memperoleh oksigen dari udara/ The ovules fail to obtain oxygen from the
(Modul Potensi Melaka Gemilang)

76 A farmer practices organic farming. He wants to increase the soil fertility. Which method is the
most suitable to increase the soil fertility?
Seorang petani mengamalkan pertanian organik. Dia mahu meningkatkan kesuburan tanah.
Kaedah manakah yang paling sesuai untuk meningkatkan kesuburan tanah itu?

A Ploughing

B Crop rotation
Tanaman bergilir

C Direct seeding
Tabur terus

D Water drainage system

Sistem saliran air

77 The following information is about photosynthesis.

Maklumat berikut adalah mengenai fotosintesis.

Plants require water and carbon dioxide to produce starch in the presence of
sunlight and chlorophyll.

Tumbuhan memerlukan air dan karbon dioksida untuk menghasilkan kanji dengan
kehadiran cahaya matahari dan klorofil.

What will happen if the take of water is decreases?

Apakah akan berlaku jika pengambilan air berkurangan?

A Production of oxygen decreases C The use of carbon dioxide increases

Penghasilan oksigen berkurang Penggunaan karbon dioksida meningkat

B Production of glucose increases D Concentration of hydrogen ions increases

Penghasilan glukosa berkurang Kepekatan ion hydrogen meningkat
78 Which group of organisms obtain nutrients from dead organic matter?
Kumpulan organisma yang manakah mendapat nutrient daripada bahan-bahan organic yang

A Parasite C Commensal
Parasit Komensal

B Autotroph D Saprophyte
Autotrof Saprofit
(SPM 2014)






Diagram 51/ Rajah 51









(Percubaan MARA 2014)

108 Diagram 61 below shows part of the human digestive system.
Rajah 61 di bawah menunjukkan sebahagian daripada sistem pencernaan manusia.

Diagram 61/Rajah 61

Which part of A,B,C or D produces enzyme which responsible for the digestion of
Bahagian manakah A,B,C atau D yang bertanggung jawab menghasilkan enzim bagi
pencenaan lipid?

109 Diagram 62 shows a food guide pyramid.

Rajah 62 menunjukkan piramid makanan.

Diagram 62/Rajah 62

Which are most probably the examples of food levels P, Q, R and S?

Yang manakah mungkin contoh-contoh makanan pada aras P, Q, R dan S?
110 The following statement refers to a process which occurs after the process food
Pernyataan berikut merujuk kepada satu proses yang berlaku selepas proses
pencernaan makanan.

What is the process?

Apakah proses tersebut?

A Assimilation
B Absorption
C Deamination
D Defaecation

111 Pancreas is the importance organ to maintance the glucose level in the blood.
Pankreas adalah organ yang penting untuk mengekalkan aras glukosa di dalam

Which of the following should be done by the patient to maintain a normal blood
sugar level?
Antara berikut, manakah yang perlu dilakukan oleh pesakit itu untuk mengekalkan
aras gula darah yang normal?

A Taking glucose injections

Mengambil suntikan glukosa
B Taking a balanced diet
Mengamalkan pengambilan gizi yang seimbang
C Taking insulin and glucagon injections
Mengambil suntikan hormon insulin dan glukagon
D Reduce intake of high calory food
Mengurangkan pengambilan makanan berkalori tinggi
112 Digestion of food involves several organs and secretion of enzymes.
Which of the following is true about the organ?
Pencernaan melibatkan beberapa organ dan rembesan enzim.
Manakah antara berikut adalah benar mengenai organ-organ tersebut?

113 Which type of carbohydrate is found in abundance in liver?

Apakah jenis karbohidrat yang banyak dijumpai dalam hati?

A Starch
B Sucrose
C Glucose
D Glycogen

114 A student takes part in a 200 m sprint event.

Which equation represent his respiration process after he has
run the first 100 m ?
Seorang pelajar mengambil bahagian dalam acara larian pecut 200 m . Persamaan
manakah yang mewakili proses respirasi setelah berlari 100 m
pertama ?

A Glucose Lactic acid + Energy

Glukosa asid laktik + tenaga
B Glucose + Oxygen Lactic acid + Energy
Glukosa + oksigen asid laktik + tenaga
C Glucose Ethanol + Carbon dioxide + Energy
Glukosa Etanol + karbon dioksida + tenaga
D Glucose + Oxygen Carbon dioxide + Water + Energy
Glukosa + oksigen Karbon dioksida + air + tenaga
115 The following information describe the content of cigarette smoke
Maklumat berikut menerangkan kandungan asap rokok

Which of the following disease is most probably will be caused by carsinogen?

Manakah penyakit berikut berkemungkinan disebabkan oleh bahan
karsinogen ?

A Bronchitis
B Asthma
C Emphysema
D Lung cancer
Kanser paru-paru

116 The following equation shows a process that occurs in a cell P of an organism.
Persamaan berikut menunjukkan proses yang berlaku dalam sel P sejenis organisma.

Lactic acid carbon dioxide + water + energy
Asid laktik karbon dioksida + air + tenaga

What is cell P ?
Apakah sel P?

A Nerve cell
Sel saraf
B Red Blood Cell
Sel darah merah
C Muscle cell
Sel otot
D Liver cell
Sel hati
117 Diagram 63 shows the respiratory system of an insects. Air enter the trachea through
an opening labeled X.
Rajah 63 menunjukkan sIstem respirasi serangga. Udara memasuki trakea melalui
liang yang berlabel X.

Diagram 63/Rajah 63

Which of the following is X?

Manakah antara berikut adalah X?

A Air sac
Kantung udara
B Spiracle
C Bronchiole
D Tracheole

118 Diagram 64 shows the rising of a dough during the process of bread making.
Rajah 64 menunjukkan adunan tepung menaik semasa proses membuat roti.

Diagram 64/Rajah 64
Which of the following causes the dough to increase in size?
Antara berikut yang manakah menyebabkan adunan roti bertambah saiz?

A Water
B Ethanol
C Lactic acid
Asid lactik
D Carbon dioxide
Karbon dioksida

119 Diagram 65 shows a type of an interaction of an organism.

Rajah 65 menunjukkan sejenis interaksi bagi suatu organisma

Diagram 65/Rajah 65
What is type of the interaction?
Apakah jenis interaksi ini?

A Comensalism
B Saprophytism
C Mutualism
D Parasitism
120 Diagram 66 shows a human heart structure.
Rajah 66 menunjukkan struktur jantung manusia..

Diagram 66/Rajah 66

Which of the valves labelled A, B, C and D can prevent the backflow of the blood from the
aorta to the left ventricles ?
Injap manakah berlabel A, B, C dan D yang dapat menghalang darah daripada berpatah
balik daripada aorta ke ventrikel kiri ?

121 Diagram shows how does the blood can be divided into its components.
Rajah menunjukkan bagaimana darah dapat dibahagikan kepada komponennya.

Diagram 67/Rajah 67

Which of the following is true about P and Q ?

Antara berikut manakah benar tentang P dan Q
122 Diagram 68 shows a condition of a disease suffered by a boy.
Gambar 68 menunjukkan keadaan penyakit yang dihadapi oleh seorang budak

Diagram 68/Rajah 68

What types of immunity received by the boy after he recovers from the disease?
Apakah jenis keimunan yang diperoleh oleh budak lelaki ini selepas ia sembuh
daripada penyakitnya.

A Natural Acquired Active Immunity

Keimunan Aktif Semulajadi
B Artificial Acquired Active Immunity
Keimunan Aktif Buatan
C Natural Acquired Passive Immunity
Keimunan Pasif Semulajadi
D Artificial Acquired Passive Immunity
Keimunan Pasif Buatan
123 A doctor listened to Ahmads heart beat by using a stethoscope. He heard the sound
of lub-hiss, lub-hiss sound instead of the normal lub-dup sound. Which of the
following is most likely the cause of the hiss sound .
Seorang doktor mendengar degupan jantung Ahmad. Dia mendengar bunyi lub-hiss,
lub hiss berbanding bunyi jantung yang normal iaitu bunyi lub dup.
Manakah yang berikut adalah disebabkan dengan bunyi hiss tersebut.

A Clotted coronary artery

Koronari arteri yang tersumbat
B A defective semilunar valve
Kecacatan injap sabit
C High blood pressure
Tekanan darah tinggi
D A damaged pacemaker (SAN)
Perentak(SAN) bermasaalah

124 Diagram 69 shows a type of virus of HIV that can cause a fatal disease.
Rajah 69 menunjukkan sejenis virus penyebab kepada penyakit yang boeh membawa

Diagram 69/Rajah 69

Which of the following is the major effect of the virus

Manakah yang berikut kesan utama daripada virus tersebut

A lead to cell destruction.

mengakibatkan kemusnahan sel
B lead to cell division.
mengakibatkan pembahagian sel
C disrupted the circulatory system.
mengganggu sistem peredaran darah
D weaken the bodys immune system.
melemahkan sistem keimunan badan
125 Diagram 70(a) shows a cross-section of the root of a dicotyledonous plant.
Rajah 70(a) menunjukkan satu keratan rentas akar bagi satu tumbuhan dikotiledon.

Diagram 70(a) Diagram 70(b)

If the ring of the stem shown by the shaded area A and B are being removed as in
diagram 70( a) while diagram 70( b) shows the ringing of the bark, predict what would
happened to the plants after a month?
Sekiranya gelang pada batang seperti ditunjukkan pada bahagian berlorek A dan B
dibuang sepertimana yang ditunjukkan pada rajah 22 a) manakala rajah 22 b)
menunjukkan penggelangan kulit pokok itu, apakah yang akan berlaku kepada
tumbuhan tersebut selepas sebulan?

A Translocation does not occur

Translokasi tidak berlaku
B Transpiration does not occur
Transpirasi tidak berlaku
C Gutation does not occur
Gutasi tidak berlaku
D Water flows is blocked
Pengaliran air disekat

126 Diagram 71 shows the structure of the muscles in a leg and an forearm.
Rajah 71 menunjukkan struktur otot-otot dalam kaki dan lengan.

Diagram 71/Rajah 71
Flexor is the muscle which bends the joint while extensor is the muscle which
straightens a joint.
Which of the following muscles are known as flexor ?
Fleksor adalah otot yang membengkokkan sendi manakala extensor adalah otot yang
meluruskan sendi.
Manakah otot yang berikut dikenali sebagai fleksor?

A Quadriceps femoris and triceps

Kuadrisep femoris dan trisep
B Quadriceps femoris and biceps
Kuadrisep femoris dan bisep
C Biceps femoris and triceps
Bisep femoris dan trisep
D Biceps femoris and biceps
Bisep femoris dan bisep

127 Diagram 72 shows the human vertebral column with the numbers of the vertebrae and
two types of vertebrae, K and S.
Diagram 72 menunjukkan kolum vetabrata manusia dengan jujukan nombor vetebra
dan dua jenis vertebra K dan S.

Diagram 72/Rajah 72
Which of the following shows the correct vertebrae number for vertebrae K and S ?
Antara yang berikut, yang manakah menunjukkan nombor vertebra yang padan
dengan tulang vertebra K dan S ?

128 Diagram 73 shows the movement of an earthworm.

Rajah 73 menunjukkan pergerakan seeokr cacing tanah.

Diagram 73/Rajah 73

On which of the following surface will the earthworm move the fastest ?
Di atas permukaan yang manakah cacing ini bergerak paling cepat ?

A Glass Kaca
B Wood Kayu
C Plastics Plastik
D Metal plate Kepingan logam

129 Diagram 74 shows the wrong way and the right way to lift a heavy object.
Rajah 74 menunjukkan cara yang salah dan cara yang betul semasa mengangkat
sesuatu objek yang berat.

Which of the following part of the body will have the highest risk to suffer from injury?
Bahagian badan yang manakah akan mengalami risiko cedera yang paling tinggi ?
Diagram 74/Rajah 74

130 Diagram 75 shows three types of human organs, the heart, the forearm and the
stomach. These organs are made up of different type of muscles..
Rajah 75 menunjukkan tiga jenis organ manusia iaitu jantung, lengan dan perut.
Organ-organ ini diperbuat daripada otot-otot yang berlainan jenis.

Diagram 75/Rajah 75

Which of the following are muscle X, Y and Z ?

Otot-otot yang berikut manakah merupakan otot X, Y dan Z ?
131 Diagram 76 shows cross section of the human skin.
Rajah 76 menunjukkan keratan rentas kulit manusia.

Diagram 76/Rajah 76

What happen to P and Q during cool day?

Apakah yang berlaku kepada P dan Q semasa hari sejuk?
132 Diagram 77 shows the structure of a nephron
Rajah 77 menunjukkan struktur satu nefron

Diagram 77/ Rajah 77

Which of the following activities cause X to be more permeable to water?

Antara aktiviti berikut, yang manakah akan menyebabkan X lebih telap kepada air?

A P and Q C P, Q and R
P dan Q P, Q dan R

B P and R D P, R and S
P dan R P, R dan S
133 Diagram 78 below represents a dialysis machine.
Rajah 78 di bawah mewakili satu mesin dialysis.

Diagram 78/Rajah 78

Which substances in the dialysis fluid must be at the same concentration as that in
Manakah bahan-bahan dalam bendalir dialisis mesti sama kepekatannya seperti dalam

A Amino acids and urea

Asid amino dan urea
B Glucose and amino acids
Glukosa dan asid amino
C Glucose and urea
Glukosa dan urea
D Urea and salts
Urea dan garam

134 The information below is about a neurological disease.

Pernyataan di bawah adalah berkaitan penyakit neurologi
What is the disease ?
Apakah penyakit itu ?

A Parkinsons disease C Osteoporosis

B Alzheimers disease D Arthritis

135 Graph shows the blood glucose concentration in a healthy person before, during
and after a meal.
Graf menunjukkan kepekatan glukosa darah pada seorang yang sihat sebelum,
semasa dan selepas makan.

What causes the decrease in glucose level 3 hours after the meal?
Apakah yang menyebabkan aras glukosa berkurang 3 jam selepas makan?

A Antidiuretic hormone
Hormon antidiuretik
B Insulin
C Glucagon
D Oestrogen
136 Diagram 79 shows part of human brain. A man complaining of breathing difficulties
after being infected by a virus .
Rajah 79 menunjukkan sebahagian otak manusia. Seorang lelaki mengadu kesukaran
bernafas selepas dia didapati dijangkiti oleh virus.

Diagram 79/Rajah 79

Which part of the brain is injured?

Bahagian otak yang manakah cedera?

(Modul Peningkatan SPM Kedah 2014)

137 Diagram 80 shows part of the human digestive system.

Rajah 80 menunjukkan sebahagian dalam system pencernaan manusia.

Diagram 80/Rajah 80
Which of the following is secreted by organ X when the blood sugar level is low?
Antara berikut yang manakah dirembeskan oleh organ X apabila aras glukosa darah rendah?

A Insulin C Glucagon
Insulin Glukagon

B Glycogen D Trypsin
Glikogen Tripsin

138 The following information is about amino acids .

Maklumat berikut adalah tentang asid amino.

Excess amino acids cannot be stored in the body and

are broken down in the liver through process K.

Asid amino yang berlebihan tidak boleh disimpan di

dalam badan dan dipecahkan di dalam hati melalui
proses K.

What is process K?
Apakah proses K?

A absorption / penyerapan C deamination / pendeaminaan

B assimilation /asimilasi D defeacation / penyahtinjaan

139 Diagram 81 shows the respiratory system of an insect.

Rajah 81 menunjukkan sistem resprasi bagi sejenis serangga

Diagram 81
Rajah 81

What is the structure N and name the substance that prevent the structure from being deflated.
Apakah struktur N dan namakan bahan yang menghalang struktur itu daripada menjadi kempis.
N Substance
A Trachea//Trakea Chitin//Kitin

B Tracheole//Trakeol Chitin//Kitin
C Spiracle//Spirakel Ring of cartilage//gegelang rawan

D Spiracle//Spirakel Ring of cartilage//gegelang rawan

140 Which of the following is the correct equation for the respiration in muscle cells during
vigorous activities?
Manakah yang berikut menunjukkan persamaan yang betul bagi respirasi di dalam sel otot
yang sedang menjalankan aktiviti cergas?

A Glucose lactic acid + energy

Glucosa asid laktik + tenaga
B Glucose carbon dioxide + ethanol + energy
Glucosa carbon dioksida + etanol + tenaga

C Glucose + oxygen carbon dioxide + ethanol + energy

Glucosa + oksigen carbon dioksida + etanol + tenaga

D Glucose + oxygen carbon dioxide + water + ethanol + energy

Glucosa + oksigen carbon dioksida + air + etanol + tenaga

141 Diagram 82 shows part of the pulmonary circulatory system.

Rajah 82 menunjukan sebahagian daripada sistem peredaran pulmonari.

Heart Lung Organ X

Jantung Peparu

Diagram 82/ Rajah 82

What is organ X?
Apakah organ X ?

A Liver / Hati C Lymph node / Nodus Limfa

B Gills / Insang D Heart / jantung
142 Diagram 83 shows the cross section of dicotyledonous root.
Rajah 83 menunjukkan keratan rentas akar tumbuhan dikotiledon.



Diagram 12
Diagram 12
83/Rajah 83

Which of the labelled parts A,B, C or D transport mineral ?

Bahagian berlabel yang manakah A, B, C atau D berfungsi mengangkut mineral ?

143 Diagram 84 shows a typical cervical vertebra.

Rajah 84 menunjukkan vertebra servik.

Diagram 13
Diagram 84/Rajah 84

What is P?
Apakah P?

A Centrum / Sentrum
B Neural spine / Spina saraf
C Neural canal / Salur saraf
D Vertebra arterial canal / Salur vertebra arteri
144 Diagram 85 shows the shape of an aerofoil.
Rajah 85 menunjukkan bentuk aerofoil.

Lifting force

Diagram 85/Rajah 85

Why bird has the wing as shown in diagram 85?

Mengapakah burung mempunyai sayap seperti dalam rajah 85?

A To reduce body mass // Untuk mengurangkan jisim badan

B To reduce air resistance // Untuk mengurangkan daya rintangan
C To reduce thrust force // Untuk mengurangkan daya tujahan
D To reduce lifting force // Untuk mengurangkan daya angkatan

145 Which of the following hormones regulates the production of thyroxine and the osmotic
pressure in the body?
Antara berikut, hormon manakah yang mengawal kandungan gula dan tekanan osmosis dalam
badan ?

I Luteinizing hormone/hormon peluteinan

II Follicle stimulating hormone/hormon perangsang folikel
III Thyroid stimulating hormone/hormon perangsang folikel
IV Antidiuretic hormone/hormon antidiuresis

A I, dan II
B II, dan III
C III, dan IV
D I, II, dan III
146 Diagram 86 shows the changes in the thickness of the uterus wall during the menstrual cycle.
Rajah 86 menunjukkan perubahan pada ketebalan dinding uterus semasa kitar haid.

Thickness of endometrium / Penebalan endometrium

Diagram 86 /Rajah 86

What process occur at day 14?

Proses apakah yang berlaku pada hari ke 14?

A Ovulation / pengovulan
B Pregnancy / kehamilan
C Menstruation / menstruasi
D Abortion / keguguran

147 Diagram 87 shows the growth curve of an insect.

Rajah 87 menunjukkan graf pertumbuhan serangga.
Dry mass (g)

Time (week)

Diagram 87/Rajah 87
What happens at H?
Apa yang berlaku pada H?

A Pertumbuhan /Growth
B Ecdysis / Eksdisis
C Regeneration / Pertumbuhan semula
D Pemanjangan badan / length of body

148 Diagram 88 shows a type of human muscle tissue.

Rajah 88 menunjukkan satu jenis tisu otot dalam manusia

Diagram 88/Rajah 88

Which of the following organs consists of this type of muscle?

Antara organ berikut, yang manakah mempunyai otot jenis ini?

A Liver / hati C Kidney / ginjal

B Heart / jantung D Stomach / perut

150 Diagram 89 shows the blood circulatory system of an organism.

Rajah 89 menunjukkan sistem peredaran sejenis organisma.

Diagram 89/Rajah 89
Which of the following organism has the similar circulatory system as shown in the diagram ?
Antara organisma berikut, yang manakah mempunyai sistem peredaran yang sama seperti yang
ditunjukkan dalam rajah?

A A fish C A frog
Ikan Katak

B A bird D A snake
Burung Ular

151 Diagram 90 shows the structure of human forearm.

Rajah 90 menunjukkan struktur lengan manusia.


Diagram 90/Rajah 90

Which of the following action of P and Q will cause the arm straighten?
Antara tindakan P dan Q yang berikut, yang manakah akan menyebabkan lengan diluruskan?


A Contracts / Mengecut Relaxes / mengendur

B Contracts / Mengecut Contract / Mengecut

C Relaxes / Mengendur Contract / Mengecut

D Relaxes / Mengendur Relaxes / mengendur

152 The following is the information of the urine composition of four individuals.
Berikut ialah maklumat mengenai kandungan air kencing bagi empat individu.

Individual Concentration of urea in the urine Water content in the urine

Kandungan urea dalam air kencing Kandungan air dalam air kencing

P Low / Rendah High / Tinggi

Q Low / Rendah Low / Rendah

R High / Tinggi High / Tinggi

S High / Tinggi Low / Rendah

Which individual is most likely to have been eating less protein on a cold day ?
Individu manakah yang telah mengambil paling kurang protein pada hari yang sejuk?


153 Diagram 91 shows the structures involved in reflex action.

Rajah 91 menunjukkan struktur yang terlibat dalam tindakan refleks.



Hot pan

Periuk panas

Diagram 91/Rajah 91
Which of the following shows the correct sequence for the above action?
Antara berikut, yang manakah menunjukkan urutan yang betul bagi tindakan di atas?





154 Which hormone is produce during the ripening of fruits,

Hormon yang manakah dihasilkan semasa pemasakan buah?

A Auxin / Auksin
B Ethylene / Etilena
C Cytokinin / Sitokinin
D Gibberelin /Giberelin

155 The following are the statements about the formation of twins.
Berikut adalah pernyataan mengenai pembentukan anak kembar.

P - Two ovums are fertilized by two different sperms

Dua ovum disenyawakan oleh dua sperma

Q - Two zygotes with different characteristic will be formed

Dua zigot yang berlainan sifat akan terbentuk

R - Two foetuses share the same placenta

Kedua-dua fetus berkongsi plasenta yang sama

Which of the following statements explain about the formation of identical twins ?
S - Gender of the foetuses will be the same
Antara pernyataan berikut, yang manakah menerangkan pembentukan kembar
seiras ? Jantina fetus mungkin sama

A P and Q
B Q and S
C Q and R
D R and S
156 Which of the following enzymes is used in dairy product.
Antara enzim berikut, yang manakah digunakan dalam produk tenusu?

A Amylase
B Protease
C Zymase
D Lipase

157 Table shows the different methods of contraception and their functions.
Jadual 1 menunjukkan kaedah mencegah penghamilan yang berbeza dan fungsi bagi setiap

Method Biological principle

Kaedah Prinsip Biologi

To prevent sperms from entering the reproductive system of a woman

through the vagina
Untuk mencegah sperma daripada memasuki sistem pembiakan seorang
wanita melalui faraj
To prevent ovary from releasing the ovum
Untuk mencegah pembebasan ovum dari ovari

To prevent the implantation of a zygote in the endometrium

Untuk mencegah penempelan zigot pada endometrium

To prevent sperms from entering the uterus

Untuk mencegah sperma daripada memasuki uterus.

Which of the following A, B, C and D is the correct explanation for IUD?

Antara A, B, C dan D yang manakah penerangan yang betul tentang IUD?
158 Diagram 92 shows the experiment to investigate the content of carbon dioxide and oxygen in an
air sample .
Rajah 92 menunjukkan eksperimen untuk menyiasat kadungan karbon dioksida dan oksigen
dalam suatu sample udara.


/sampel udara


Diagram 92/Rajah 92

Initial length of bubble gas.................... 10.00 cm

Panjang awal gelembung udara . 10.00 cm

Length of bubbles gas + potassium hydroxide solution. 9.40 cm

Panjang gelembung udara + potassium hidroksida 9.40 cm

Length of bubble gas + potassium pyrogalate solution.. 8.00 cm

Panjang gelembung udara + potassium pirogalat . 8.00 cm

What is the percentage of carbon dioxide in the air sample?

Apakah peratus karbon dioksida di dalam sampel udara?

A 6%
B 10%
C 14%
D 16%
160 Diagram 93 shows the set-up of a potometer to study the rate of transpiration under different

Rajah 93 menunjukkan potometer gelembung yang disediakan untuk mengkaji kadar

transpirasi dalam keadaan yang berbeza.

Diagram 93/Rajah 93

Which of the following conditions will result in the air bubble moving at the lowest speed from
X to Y?

Antara berikut, yang manakah akan meyebabkan pergerakan gelembong udara dari X
ke Y pada kadar yang paling rendah ?

A Low humidity , high temperature and high light intensity.

Kelembapan udara yang rendah, suhu tinggi dan keamatan cahaya yang tinggi.

B High humidity, low temperature and high light intensity

Kelembapan udara yang tinggi, suhu rendah dan keamatan cahaya yang tinggi.

C High humidity, low temperature and low light intensity

Kelembapan udara yang tinggi, suhu rendah dan keamatan cahaya yang rendah.

D Low humidity, high temperature and low light intensity

Kelembapan udara yang rendah, suhu tinggi dan keamatan cahaya yang rendah.
161 Diagram 94 shows the cross section of human skin.
Rajah 94 menunjukkan keratan rentas kulit manusia.

Diagram 94/Rajah 94

Which of the following will occur when the surrounding temperature increase?.
Antara berikut, yang manakah akan berlaku apabila suhu persekitaran meningkat?

I R constrict
R mengecut

II Q relax
Q mengendur

III P erect
P menjadi tegak

IV S become active
S menjadi aktif

A I and II
B I and IV
C II and III
D II and IV
162 Diagram 95 shows the cross section of human placenta.
Rajah 95 menunjukkan keratan rentas plasenta manusia.

Artery Y


Diagram 95/Rajah 95

Which of the following is the function of artery Y?

Antara berikut yang manakah fungsi arteri Y?

A Transport carbon dioxide from foetus to mothers blood

Mengangkut gas karbon dioksida daripada fetus ke darah ibu
B Transport oxygen from mothers blood to the foetus
Mengangkut oksigen daripada darah ibu ke fetus
C Transport nutrient from mothers blood to the foetus
Mengangkut nutrient daripada darah ibu ke fetus
D Transport antibodies from foetus to the mothers blood
Mengangkut antibody daripada fetus ke darah ibu
(Percubaan Terengganu 2014)

163 Which of the following diseases are caused by deficiency of vitamin A?

Antara penyakit berikut,yang manakah disebabkan oleh kekurangan vitamin A?

A Anemia B Night blindness

Anemia Rabun malam

C Bleeding gum D Osteoporosis

Gusi berdarah Osteoporosis
164 When an animal dies, saprophytic bacteria will decompose the carcass. Interactions between
bacteria and the carcass would be akin to the following interaction.
Apabila haiwan mati, terdapat bakteria saprofit akan menguraikan bangkai itu . Interaksi
antara bakteria dan bangkai itu adalah sama dengan interaksi berikut



165 Diagram 96 shows a digestive system of a rodent.

Rajah 96 menunjukkan sistem pencernaan rodensia


Diagram 96/ Rajah 96

Which partCA, B, C or D a beneficial bacteria can be found.
Yang manakah A, B, C atau D bakteria berfaedah boleh dijumpai.
166 Diagram 97 shows longitudinal section of villus.
Rajah 97 menunjukkan keratan memanjang vilus.

Diagram 97 / Rajah 97

Which substances are absorbed into structure L.

Bahan manakah diserap ke dalam struktur L.

A Amino acid and fatty acid / asid amino dan asid lemak

B Glycerol and vitamin K / gliserol dan vitamin K

C Glucose and amino acid / glukosa dan asid amino

D Fatty acid and vitamin C / asid lemak dan vitamin C

167 Which of the following macronutrient is required for formation of middle lamella in cell wall ?
Manakah antara makronutrien berikut diperlukan bagi membina lamela tengah dinding sel?

A Phosphorous

B Calcium

C Sulphur .

D Magnesium
168 Diagram 98 shows a process in digestion occurs in duodenum.
Rajah 98 menunjukkan proses pencernaan berlaku di duodenum

Big molecule
Molekul besar

Diagram 98 / Rajah 98

If the process does not occurs , which food cannotTiny

be digested?
Jika proses itu tidak berlaku, makanan manakah tidakTitisan
boleh dicerna?
A Fish / kan B Bread / Roti
C Cheese / Keju D Orange / Oren

169 Which statement explains why plants are able to grow well in a green house?
Pernyataan yang manakah menerangkan mengapa tumbuh-tumbuhan tumbuh dengan
baik dalam sebuah rumah hijau?

A Increase the concentration of oxygen for photosynthesis to take place.

Peningkatan kepekatan oksigen untuk fotosintesis berlaku

B Decrease the light intensity which effect the rate of photosynthesis

Pengurangan keamatan cahaya memberi kesan kepada kadar fotosintesis

C Concentration of carbon dioxide is fixed at 0.03% for photosynthesis to take place.

Kepekatan karbon dioksida ditetapkan pada 0.03% untuk fotosinteis berlaku..

D Increase the temperature will affect the rate of photosynthesis

Peningkatan suhu akan mempengaruhi kadar fotosintesis
170 The following information is true about pasteurization
Maklumat berikut adalah benar mengenai pempasteuran

I Heated at 75oC for 15 minutes

Panaskan pada suhu 75oC selama 15 minit.
II Destroy bacteria include the spores
Memusnahkan bakteria termasuk spora

III Heated at 63 0C for 30 minutes

Panaskan pada suhu 63 0C selama 30 minit

IV Retain original flavor and nutrient content

Mengekalkan rasa dan kandungan nutrien yang asal


171 The following equation shows the fermentation that takes place in yeast.
Persamaan berikut menunjukkan penapaian yang berlaku di dalam yis.

Glucose Energy + P + Carbon dioxide

What is value of energy produced and substance P ?

Apakah nilai tenaga yang terhasil dan bahan P?

A 38 ATP and Ethanol

38 ATP dan Etanol

B 38 ATP and lactic acid

38 ATP dan asid laktik

C 2 ATP and Ethanol

2 ATP dan Etanol

D 2 ATP and Lactic acid

2 ATP dan Asid laktik
172 A hunter accidently shot his friend . A bullet penetrates his chest and he died on the spot.
He die because
Seorang pemburu tertembak rakannya. Sebutir peluru menembusi dadanya dan dia meninggal
di tempat kejadian. Dia meninggal kerana

A Thoracic cavity pressure is higher than atmospheric pressure

Tekanan rongga torak lebih tinggi dari tekanan atmosfera

B Thoracic cavity pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure

Tekanan rongga torak lebih rendah dari tekanan atmosfera

C Thoracic cavity pressure is same as atmospheric pressure

Tekanan rongga torak sama dengan tekanan atmosfera

D Thoracic cavity pressure is not change.

Tekanan rongga torak tidak berubah

173 Diagram 99 shows a across section of a leaf.

Rajah 99 menunjukkan keratan rentas sehelai daun.

Diagram 99 / Rajah 99

What is the adaptation of the structure Y to optimize photosynthesis?

Apakah penyesuaian struktur Y untuk mengoptimumkan fotosintesis?
A Have a lot of of mitokondria
Mempunyai banyak mitokondria

B The cells are loosely arranged

Sel-sel disusun longgar

C The cells are closely arranged.

Sel-sel disusun rapat.

D Cylindrical cell arranged end to end.

Sel berbentuk silinder tersusun hujung ke hujung.
174 Diagram 100 shows a type of human blood cell.
Rajah 100 menunjukkan sejenis sel darah di dalam manusia.

Diagram 100 / Rajah 100

Which of the following is the function of the cell in Diagram 100?

Antara yang berikut, yang manakah fungsi sel dalam Rajah 100?

A Transport oxygen
Mengangkut oksigen

B Produce antibody
Menghasilkan antibodi.

C Involve in blood clotting

Terlibat dalam pembekuan darah

D Destroy pathogens by phagocytosis

Memusnahkan patogen secara fagositosis

175 What is the function of the atrio-ventricular node (AVN)?

Apakah fungsi nodus atrio-ventrikular (AVN)?

A Initiates the heartbeat.

Memulakan denyutan jantung

B Conducts nerve impulses to the both atria and ventricles.

Menghantar impuls ke kedua-dua atrium dan ventrikel.

C Causes the contraction of the heart ventricles.

Menyebabkan pengecutan ventrikel jantung

D Causes the relaxation of the heart muscles

Menyebabkan pengenduran otot jantung.
176 Diagram 101 shows substance X is injected into the body , at the same time substance X reach
immunity level.
Rajah 101 menunjukkan bahan X di suntik ke dalam badan, pada masa yang sama bahan X terus
mencapai aras keimunan.

Diagram 101/ Rajah 101

What is substance X?
Apakah bahan X?

A Serum / Serum
B Vaccine / Vaksin
C Antiserum / Antiserum
D Antibiotic / Antibiotik

177 Diagram 102 shows human bones.

Rajah 102 menunjukkan tulang-tulang manusia.

Diagram 102 / Rajah 102

What is X,Y and Z?
Apakah X, Y dan Z ?


A Ulna Biseps Ligament

B Radius Biseps Ligament

C Ulna Triseps Tendon

D Radius Triseps Tendon

178 Diagram 103 shows a cross section of a plant root.

Rajah 103 menunjukkan keratan rentas akar tumbuhan .



Diagram 103 / Rajah 103.

Which of the labelled parts A, B, C or D is involved in the transport of glucose ?

Antara bahagian yang berlabel A, B, C dan D yang manakah terlibat dalam pengangkutan

179 Diagram 104 shows a disease in an elderly female, her bone become porous due to lack of certain
hormones and nutrients.
Rajah 104 menunjukkan penyakit pada wanita berumur, tulangnya menjadi poros disebabkan
oleh kekurangan hormon dan nutrien tertentu.

Diagram 104/ Rajah 104

What are these hormone and nutrient?
Apakah hormon dan nutrien itu?

A Progesterone and ferum / Progesteron dan ferum

B Progesterone and calcium / Progesteron dan kalsium
C Oestrogen and ferum / Estrogen and ferum
D Oestrogen and calcium / Estrogen dan kalsium

180 Which of the following tissues joins bone to bone at the joint?
Antara tisu berikut, yang manakah menghubungkan tulang kepada tulang di sendi ?

A Ligament / ligamen
B Tendon / tendon
C Capsule / Kapsul
D Cartilage / Rawan

181 Diagram 105 shows the pathway of an impulse in a reflex arc.

Rajah 105 menunjukkan laluan impuls dalam arka refleks.

Diagram 105 / Rajah 105

Which statement is true about the diagram

Pernyataan manakah benar tentang rajah.

A J receives an impulse direct from N

J menerima impuls terus dari N

B N contract causes the finger to react

N mengecut menyebabkan jari bergerakbalas

C L transmits the impulse from M to K

L memindahkan mpuls dari M ke K

D There is a receptor at the end of M

Terdapat reseptor pada hujung M
182 Why does a farmer place a few unripe fruits together with ripe fruits?
Kenapa petani meletakkan buah yang masak dan buah tidak masa bersama?

A Makes the ripe fruits keep longer

Membolehkan buah masak tahan lebih lama

B Stimulates unripe fruits to ripe

Merangsang buah tidak masak supaya masak

C Makes the ripe fruits sweeter

Menjadikan buah yang masak lebih manis

D Make the colour more attractive

Menjadikan warna lebih menarik.

183 Diagram 106 shows the stages in the development of the embryo of a human.
Rajah 106 menunjukkan peringkat-peringkat dalam perkembangan embrio manusia.

Diagram../ Rajah.

Diagram 21 / Rajah 21

Diagram 106/Rajah 106

What is stage Y?
Apakah peringkat Y?

A Morula / Morula .
B blastocyst / Blastosista
C embryo / embrio
D Foetus / Fetus
184 Name the process of shedding skin in a grasshopper?
Namakan proses penyalinan kulit pada seekor belalang?

A Chemotaxis / Kemotaksis
B Mitosis / Mitosis
C Dialysis / Dialisis
D Ecdysis / Ekdisis

185 Diagram 107 shows the chages of hormone X in a woman.

Rajah 107 menunjukkan perubahan hormon X seorang perempuan.

Diagram107 / Rajah 107

What is hormone X?
Apakah hormon X?

A Follicle stimulating hormone

Hormon perangsang folikel

B Oestrogen

C Luteinising hormone
Hormon Peluteinan

D Progesterone
186 Diagram 108 shows a summary of spermatogenesis.
Rajah 108 menunjukan suatu ringkasan spermatogenesis
Primordial germ cell
Sel germa primordial



Diagram 108 / Rajah 108

Which of the cells A, B, C or D, is primary spermatocyte ?

Antara sel A, B, C dan , D yang manakah spermatosit primer ?

187 Diagram 109 shows a longitudinal section of the root tip of a plant.
Rajah 109 menunjukkan keratan membujur hujung akar tumbuhan.

Diagram 109 / Diagram 109

Which of the cells A, B, C and D are present in Zone II?

Antara sel A, B, C and D yang manakah terdapat pada Zon II ?


(Percubaan Kelantan 2014)

188 Diagram 110 shows a unicellular organism.
Rajah 110 menunjukkan satu organisma unisel.

Diagram 110/Rajah 110

What type of nutrition is conducted by the organism?
Apakah jenis nutrisi yang dikendalikan oleh organisma ini?

A. Autotroph nutrition C. Parasitic nutrition

Nutrisi autotrof Nutrisi parasit

B. Holozoic nutrition D. Saprophitic nutrition

Nutrisi holozoik Nutrisi saprofit

189 Which is the correct match of vitamin and its function?

Yang manakah padanan yang betul bagi vitamin dan fungsinya? A. Vitamin A to prevent
Vitamin A untuk mencegah skurvi B. Vitamin C to prevent pellagra
Vitamin C tntuk mencegah pellagra C. Vitamin D for formation of pigmen in the retina
Vitamin D untuk pembentukan pigmen dalam retina D. Vitamin B1 for formation of
coenzyme needed in cellular respiration
Vitamin B1 untuk pembentukan koenzim yang diperlukan dalam respirasi sel
1 C 13 A 25 B 37 D 49 D
2 B 14 A 26 A 38 C 50 A
3 A 15 D 27 D 39 C 51 A
4 C 16 B 28 A 40 A 52 C
5 C 17 B 29 D 41 A 53 B
6 B 18 A 30 D 42 B 54 A
7 C 19 A 31 A 43 A 55 A
8 C 20 B 32 B 44 C 56 A
9 C 21 B 33 C 45 B 57 C
10 B 22 B 34 D 46 C 58 D
11 C 23 A 35 A 47 D 59 C
12 D 24 C 36 C 48 D 60 B

61 D 73 D 85 B 97 A 109
62 D 74 C 86 D 98 C 110
63 A 75 A 87 C 99 B 111
64 A 76 B 88 D 100 A 112
65 C 77 A 89 C 101 A 113
66 B 78 D 90 D 102 C 114
67 B 79 A 91 B 103 C 115
68 C 80 C 92 D 104 D 116
69 D 81 A 93 A 105 A 117
70 B 82 B 94 B 106 B 118
71 C 83 A 95 A 107 A 119
72 A 84 D 96 C 108 120

121 133 145 157 169 C

122 134 146 158 170 D
123 135 147 159 171 C
124 136 148 160 172 C
125 137 149 161 173 B
126 138 150 162 174 A
127 139 151 163 B 175 C
128 140 152 164 D 176 C
129 141 153 165 D 177 D
130 142 154 166 B 178 A
131 143 155 167 B 179 D
132 144 156 168 C 180 A

181 B
182 B
183 B
184 D
185 D
186 B
187 C