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Coating Inspector Aramco Questions

1 Galavnizing coating
2 FBE(Fusion bond epoxy) Coating
3 Fire proofing coating
4 General questions on technical coatings
5 Insulation
6 coating standards

Welding Inspector Aramco Questions

1 Hydrotest Punch list
2 In process welding process
3 After welding what is the process
4 In 7018 what is 1 stands for
6 Welding defects
7 Materials worked with
8 Preheat
9 What is MPI,UT,Postive materials inspection(PMI)
10 Welder qualification
11 P numbers and S numbers
12 Last project worked
14 What are the types of gaskets & flanges
15 if welder is qualified with backing metal then will he allowed without backing metal
16 Heat Input formula-In Welding
17 During Fitup Inspection(Pipe & Structural) what are the check list
18 6010 Backing required or not
19 What is Purging in Argon gas
20 What is difference b/w WPS & WQT
21 What is interpass temperature.
22 if welder is qualified for 2" pipe which means what range he qualified for?
23 If Pipe welder qualified for F4 Material and then whether he qulaified for other materials also?
24 What is HOT Tapping Piping?
25 How to prepare ITP & WPS
26 With Backing for welder is that essential variable?
27 What kind of precautions will take care for SS Welding?
28 for SS Piping hydrotest what kind water/medium to be used?
29 SS welding