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1 Listen to the text and fill in the blanks.

Yesterday my best friend ____________ me to go to London. London is a great city with

lots of things to see. We ______________ by car and we ____________ at around eleven
oclock. First we ____________ Madame Tussauds wax museum. We __________ the
museum a lot. Then we ____________ Sherlock Holmes Museum. In the afternoon we
____________ London Zoo because we like animals. At six oclock we ____________ to
listen to a music concert in the park next to Buckingham Palace. We ____________ our
trip very much! We want to go back because we _________________ the Tower of

2 Complete with the correct form of the Past Simple regular verbs.

1- What time ___________________ to school this morning? (you / arrive)

I ____________ at quarter past eight. (arrive)
2- They ____________ their visit to London Zoo last Sunday. (enjoy)
3- Bill ________________ for the school bus to go to school. (not wait)
4- My best friend ____________ his weekend in Paris. (enjoy)
5- What __________________ in London? (she / visit)
She ____________ some museums, The Tower of London and London Aquarium.
3 Match the columns.

I decided to buy some T-shirts of Souvenir shop


I travelled by because it was Underground

faster to get to the museums on

These special London buses are Double-decker buses

very famous.

In London they are black. Taxis

There are always lots of tourists Sightseeing tour buses

on them taking pictures of the

4 Change the adjective in brackets into an adverb and complete the sentences.

1- In big cities like London people drive ________________. (dangerous)

2- The museum guide explained the history of the museum ___________. (slow)
3- The wax figures were ______________ beautiful! (extreme)
4- London Eye _______________ opened in 1999. (official)