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Vol. XXIII No.

03 May - June 2017

A Bi-Monthly Publication of the Pakistan Institute of Management

Mr. Ikram Sehgal

Chairman of Pathfinder Group
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PIMs Professional Diploma Awarding Ceremony 2017

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1 Executive Directors Message 03
2 Editors Note 03
3 A Look at The Supply Chain Today 04
4 Insiders Attack: Internal Threats To Your Companys Cyber Security 05
5 How well do you know your philosophers? 06
6 Pakistani Saith Companies - A Mixed Blessing 07
7 PIMs Advanced Management Program (AMP) 08
8 Interview Mr. Ikram Sehgal 10
9 PIM Course Schedule 15
10 PIM Upcoming Certification and Diploma Programs 15

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Executive Directors Editors Note
The only thing worse than training your employees Ever wondered why are some nations enjoying all the
and having them leave is not training them and having luxuries while others deprived of many of those
them stay. Henry Ford, Founder, Ford Motor luxuries?
The difference between haves and have-nots is
Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) role in simply because of the vision of the leadership of
executive training and development is undeniable those nations. The nations with visionary and sincere
and we always ensure this through our different leadership focused the future and took measures
platforms including this magazine. We take pride in which benefitted it in short term and the long term.
our contribution to this society and our beloved The leaders of those nation led their people by
country by developing professional skills in people. example and spent huge portion of national budget
on education. There is no denying of the fact that
The One Belt One Road concept is really a game today if any nation has to progress then they have to
changer and this has increased the need for more and focus education, training, and research and
more trained and qualified people to handle the development.
upcoming challenges. Training, retraining and
employee development has always been a priority of Unfortunately these are not important things for
all good companies and organizations in the world. under developed countries particularly the Muslim
With explosion of internet, self-learning has become
countries. This is the high time that we also focus
very common and important as well. But there is no
what the developed world focused and we take out
denying of the fact that the focused material for
our people from miseries. Pakistan Institute of
training and development has to be made available by
Management (PIM) is putting all its efforts to
institutions, like PIM.
contribute to this noble cause. We are putting in our
sincere efforts in the field of education, training, and
PIM is constantly making required changes and up-
gradations in its offerings to keep pace with the development to cultivate the most important
changing requirements of our valued customers. resource, the human resource for our country and its
Keep supporting us in developing this knowledge nation. Keep supporting us. Thanks
resource and delivering it to the masses looking for it.
Mohammad Abid Hussain Muhammad Ovais

A Look at
The Supply Chain Today
By Aslam Soni CSCP, CLTD, PMP
PIM Faculty
This is the first article in this series of profitable manner. 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed
Supply Chain Management. It gives an worldwide. But have you ever stopped to
overview of some basics and then A supply chain network is comprised of think about where your coffee came
discusses why supply chain mastery is many components, or supply chain from and how it got to your cup? Its
critical to business success. nodes, that are connected via flow paths. journey is way more complicated than
Inventory and products as well as you might imagine.
Supply chains of the 21st century are information travel along these flow
more complex and dynamic than ever paths to various supply chain nodes, with Your steamy cup of coffee is actually a
before. How efficiently and profitably the ultimate goal of ensuring that carefully coordinated global effort. The
companies can plan, buy raw material customers needs are met, in the most beans are often grown on one continent,
and components, produce and deliver profitable way possible. roasted in another, and packaged
products to their customer is what somewhere else across the world. Then
At the most basic level, a supply chain But in reality, most companies today operate a supply
can look like the figure shown below: chain network that is much more complex and looks
more like following figure:

separates industry leaders from Essential to a well-run supply chain are theres the coffee machine. Its like the
laggards. For companies to drive real several key business processes: United Nations of parts and components.
business value and result in todays The body could come from Germany,
competitive global economy, they need - Top-down processes: These electronics from Japan, gaskets from
to better manage multiple facets of their processes translates strategy into China, and a thermostat from the U.S.
business such as inventory, cost, fixed plans, and then plans into execution. Everything must come together
assets, and new product introductions. - End-to end processes: processes perfectly for coffee to reach your kitchen
And that, of course, cannot occur that connect different functions, both or local barista. Yet to do that, companies
without a best-in-class supply chain. intra-enterprise and inter-enterprise, must successfully navigate a never-
across the supply chain such as ending sea of what-ifs:
My first article in this series of supply continuous demand, supply and
chain management, will give you an replenishment planning, category ?
What if one of the factories cant
overview of some basics of the chain and management, store operations, fulfill the order?
then explain why supply chain mastery transportation/warehousing, and
is critical to your business success. sales and operations planning.
What if the price of coffee beans
suddenly changes, affecting the
- Processes across the value chain: pricing strategy?
Supply Chain Basics: these are typically collaboration
Defining a supply chain is simple processes between companies, such ?
What if a critical shipment is delayed
as sellers/retailer, distributors, by customs?
enough. It is a term that describes that
planning, sourcing (bigger term for manufacturers and Suppliers. ?
What if theres a storm or an
procurement), manufacturing, accident?
distribution, and delivery of products or The Power of a Best-In-Class ?
What if theres a geopolitical incident
services from the point of origin to Supply Chain that disrupts supply?
consumption. However, the details are To give you an idea of the power of a
numerous, highly varies, and difficult well-orchestrated supply chain, imagine (contd. in next issue)
for humans to manage in an efficient and your morning cup of coffee. Each day,
Internal Threats To Your Companys Cyber Security
Compiled By: Muhammad Aleem Habib MS, BS, MBA, PMP
PIM Faculty

Cyber crime is costing large risk, vulnerabilities and

companies an average of t h e p o s s i b l e
$15.4 million annually, and consequences of an
internal threats are viewed internal attack
as one of the most costly
sources of problems. Screen job candidates
Although much attention
for criminal records and
has been paid to external
verify their employment
threats, companies often fail
to recognize Internal risks histories.
from employees, Incorporate guidelines
contractors, vendors and for online activity into
trusted business partners employee review and
who have privileged access to networks, security challenges. termination procedures.
systems and data.
Contractors and vendors who have Limit employees access to the data
Internally sourced cyber-attacks can privileged access to company systems on need to know basis. No one in the
inflict disaster with computer systems pose a considerable risk. One of the most company should have access to the
and cause the loss of data and intellectual common tactics used by cyber criminals entire IT system or all data, not even
property. These breaches can leak is to find privileged users in an
the CEO or IT staff.
sensitive information to third parties or organization, gain access to their
the media, severely harm a companys accounts, and then use their credentials
Institute firm policies regarding
reputation, and damage investor and to move freely throughout the system.
social media use.
customer confidence. A recent Harvard This enables the criminals to avoid
Business Review article estimated that firewalls and other security controls as
there may be at least 80 million insider they map out the network and gain Insider threats can be detected and
attacks occurring each year in the United intelligence. well prevented through job
States and noted that the number is likely separation and rotation of duties.
much higher, as many internal attacks go Steps To Limit Insider Threats
unreported. Some of the steps companies can take to Ask vendors and suppliers to clearly
limit their risks of internal cyber threats outline their electronic security
How It Works? include: protocols for interactions with your
Many internal security breaches are Clearly define the critical assets to be company
unintentional, the result of employees protected. Create a multi disciplinary
unwittingly opening email or team from IT, Finance, Legal, IT departments should subscribe to
attachments loaded with viruses, or Operations, Security and senior cyber-threat intelligence alerts so
clicking on links and visiting websites leadership to identify key threats and they know which attackers may be
that infect the companys network with vulnerabilities. targeting them and how they are
malicious software. Even opening a likely to attack.
personal email account or accessing Determine what policies and
Facebook on a workplace computer can procedures need to be updated or
As cyber-attacks continue to increase,
introduce a virus or malware into a added to improve cyber security, like
companies need to limit their internal as
companys network. policies for mobile computing
devices and 4G enabled personal well as external risks. Company
Although some companies have limited Internets. executives must communicate clearly
the use of personal smart phones and with their employees to raise awareness
tablets in the workplace, these devices, Require security teams and risk of cyber threats and underscore the need
as well as flash drives and other portable advisors to produce regular risk to remain vigilant to keep the company
data storage devices, continue to present assessments that cover sources of safe.
How well do you know
your philosophers?
Find out your Socrates, Plato and Aristotle

Plato Socrates Aristotle


1 Quality is not an act, it is 9 Beware the barrenness of a

a habit. busy life.

2 10 He is the richest who is

Pleasure in the job puts
content with the least, for
perfection in the work.
content is the wealth of
3 There is no great genius
without some touch of 11 Human behavior flows from
madness. three main sources: desire,
emotion and knowledge.
4 We make war that we may live
in peace. 12 Wise men speak because they
have something to say; Fools
5 The worst form of inequality because they have to say
is to try to make unequal something.
things equal. One of the penalties for
6 refusing to participate in
Wisdom begins in wonder. politics is that you end up
being governed by your
7 I am the wisest man alive, for
I know one thing, and that is
that I know nothing. 14 A good decision is based on
knowledge and not on
By all means, marry. If you
8 15 There is no harm in repeating
get a good wife, you'll become
happy; if you get a bad one, a good thing.
you'll become a philosopher. For answers see page 8
Pakistani Saith Companies-
A Mixed Blessing
The majority of businesses everywhere- Strategy becomes a game of chess in By Atif Tufail
including Pakistan are family controlled which the pieces-great blocks of Chief HR Officer,
and family managed. Family management businesses and companies-get moved AKHUWAT
is by no means confined to small and around with a ferocity that dazzles the
medium-sized firms-families run some of market analysts. All the pieces look like Admitting errors not only helps in
the worlds largest companies. DuPont they fit neatly together-at least on the building a culture of telling the truth, it
was controlled and managed by family board. The problem is the map is not the also helps mobilize efforts. Morale suffers
members for 170 years, since its founding territory, and never has been. Its all very when people dont believe that their own
in 1802 until professional management impressive, except that the pieces actions affect their organization
took over in the mid-1970s, grew into the themselves, ignored as every eye focuses performance. Attributing problems to
worlds largest chemical company. Yet on the great moves, disintegrate. Imagine forces outside of anyones control fuels a
management books and management if we took all this energy spent on culture of helplessness. Admitting
courses deal almost entirely with the shuffling and used it instead to improve mistakes, on the other hand, is the first
publicly owned and professionally real businesses. These Saith companies step towards recovery. No one will feel
managed company-they rarely as much as want people to give their best to work and like taking responsibility for his or her
mention the family-managed business. point out that they are paying you well, own mistakes unless he sees the
that they're busy, that they're powerful, companys leaders doing the same thing.
Saith companies of Pakistan are what one and that they accept nothing short of high
may call a controlled experiment in performance or you're out. This strategy In Saith companies, usually the focus is
mismanagement. More or less, the of getting work done through people is on peoples weaknesses rather than on
functioning model of these companies is based on factory mindset, of their strengths. The person who always
One Genius accompanied with many interchangeable parts and knows exactly what people cannot do, but
helpers. Their firm conviction is that a interchangeable people. It is the strategy never sees anything they can do, will
business does not need managers and of ensuring six sigma perfection, on undermine the spirit of the organization.
management. All it needs, they believe, is demand, and the strategy of someone in An executive should be a realist; and no
the owner-entrepreneur with his power, who can demand what he wants, one is less realistic than the cynic. Saith
helpers. Saith sahibs fire or sideline any when he wants it. organizations are ususally more interested
one of their helpers, no matter how in Who is right? than in the question
able, who dare act as a manager, make a However, our Saiths don't realize that What is right? To ask Who is right?
decision, or take action without their people dont give their best when they are encourages ones subordinates to play it
orders. Such Saiths (owners- treated like things and instruments. This is safe, if not to play politics. Above all, it
entrepreneurs) refuse to accept managers sure shot way to make people alienated encourages subordinates to cover up
and management as necessary and as from their work and their companies. In rather than to take corrective action as
grounded in task and function rather than this way, you may get the job done, but it's soon as they find out they have made a
in delegation from the boss. not clear if the job done is in a befitting mistake.
These Saiths consider themselves to be The Pakistani Saiths need to realize that
Great Strategists. However, great The other strategy which is usually organizations need continuous care, not
strategists are either creative or generous missing in these private limited sweat interventionist cures. That is why nursing
and we have too few of either type. We shops is to nurture people, encourage is a better model for running an
call the creative ones visionaries - they see them, set a high bar and then support them organization than medicine. The French
a world that others have been blind to. on their way. These all-knowing Saiths term for a medical operation is
These are often difficult people, but they can exercise the choice of mentoring their intervention. Intervening is what all
break new ground in their own ways. The people and make them realize their hidden surgeons and too many CEOs do. CEOs
generous ones, in contrast, bring strategy potential. keep operating on their systems, radically
out in other people. They build altering them in the hope of fixing them,
organizations that foster thoughtful usually by cutting things out. Then they
Truth is an endangered species inside
inquiry and creative action. The creative leave the consequences of their messy
these Saith organizations. People who
strategists reach out from the center of that business to the nurses of the corporate
surface problems or issues are often told
circular organization to touch the edges, world.
that they arent team players or are
while the generous ones strengthen the being too negative. And the old adage
whole circle by turning strategic thinking about killing the messenger, or at least Maybe we should try nursing as a model
into a collective learning process. resenting the messenger, is pervasive in for running family businesses in Pakistan.
these organizations. No-body appreciates Organizations need to be nurtured-looked
Most so-called owner-entrepreneur that the best way to inject an organization after and cared for, steadily and
strategists, however, just sit on top and with truth serum is to start at the top. When consistently. They dont need to be
pretend to strategize. They formulate ever leaders admit that they dont know violated by some dramatic new strategic
so clever strategies for everyone else to everything, that they too make mistakes, plan or some gross new reorganization
implement. They issue glossy strategic and tell the truth about what is going right every time a new thought wave happens to
plans that look wonderful and take their and what is going wrong, they set an parachute on the screen of Saith sahibs
organizations nowhere with great fanfare. example that others are likely to follow. mind.

Pakistan Institute of Management experience, carefully designed like: Chairman, Member Board, MD,
laid the foundation of Advanced curriculum, world-class faculty and CEO, COO, CTO, CFO, CIO,
Management Program (AMP) in dynamic peer-to-peer interaction, all CHRD, President, SEVP, EVP, SVP,
Pakistan. The first AMP in Pakistan of which combine to create an Divisional Head, Country Head, etc.
was held in 1962 in collaboration unparalleled learning experience that
with the Harvard Business School, will forever change how senior Last year 39th AMP was organized at
with the support and funding of the management does business. At PC Bhurban from August 8 to 20,
Ford Foundation. It was launched to present the resource persons selected 2016. The faculty included experts
provide a forum for developing the to run the AMP consist of not only from both Pakistan and UK. The
managerial skills and effectiveness well-qualified and experienced top above picture shows the AMP
of top managers in Pakistan. In 1966, executives and trainers from Pakistan participants with Dr. Salman Shah,
PIM faculty took over the program but also seasoned faculty members former Minister of Finance, who
and conducted it successfully for from reputed foreign universities. conducted Macro Analysis &
next more than 30 years. After a gap Scenario Planning. The picture
of few years, last year in 2016 the PIMs Advanced Management shows Dr. Salman Shah with Mr.
39th AMP was offered at PC, Program is for senior executives who Abid Husain, Executive Director
Bhurban. are serious about taking their PIM, Dr. Junaid Ahmad, Program
organizations and themselves to a Coordinator, AMP participants and
PIM's AMP has had a significant higher level. It is for leaders who officials of PIM.
impact on management development strive for excellence and want to
in Pakistan as over 1,000 CEOs and make a difference by creating
top managers have so far attended exceptional organizations through Answers Page 6
this program. Main features of AMP agile and innovative leadership. 1,2,3,4,5-Aristotle 6,7,8,9,10-Socrates
include an intensive training Typical AMP participants hold titles 11,12,13,14,15-Plato
PIMs Advanced Management Program is a 40 th ADVANCED
truly transformative experience for the
individual & the organization. Participants will
return to their organizations with the skills, PROGRAM

insight, & confidence to lead change, drive
innovation, & sustain short-range & long-term

AMP FACULTY: 7 th to 18 th August, 2017

Mr Wali Zahid, CEO Skill City having over 25 KARACHI
years of training experience in Pakistan &
Mr Jaseem Ahmad, Associate Prof in Strategy & TRAINING MODULES:
Management, Middlesex University, UK with 1: Macro Trends & Scenario Planning
over 30 years experience of industry, teaching &
2: Business Model Evaluation
training in UK, EU, ASEAN, etc.
3: Financial Analysis & Control
Mr Abdul Rahim Suriya, former President of 4: Talent Management for the Future
ICAP and visiting faculty at IBA, NIPA, PICG &
5: Corporate Reputation & Brand Management
6: E-Business Management
Mr Shah M Saad Husain, CHRD & Head of
7: Innovation Management & Digital Media
Corporate Planning, Hascol, having 40 years
Web 2.0
experience in industry & over 31 years experience
8: Strategic Management Simulation
of teaching & training at IBA, CBM, etc.
(Business Game)
Dr Faheem Ul Islam, Prof & Dean GIFT 9: Leadership Challenges & Strategy Failures
University Business School having over 38 years
experience in industry, government & teaching. PROGRAM FEE:
Mr James Pennington, Associate Lecturer & Rs. 360,000 per person. Group discount of 10% is
Module Leader, WMG, University of Warwick, available for two or more participants from the
UK & Director P-Tech Ltd, UK. same organization. 10% discount available for
female participants and PIM member
Dr Ali Junaid Ahmad, Senior Fellow Innovation organizations.
at a top Russel Group University in UK. He has
over 18 years experience as an entrepreneur, PLEASE CONTACT
manager & trainer. Mr. Adeel Zeerak,
Dr Junaid Ahmad, Chairman & Founder of Phone: (021) 99251711-14
National Management Consultants & Aptech Pak Mobile: 0333-2165223
Operations with over 40 years of experience in Email:
industry, consulting, teaching & training. Website:
Typical AMP participants hold titles like Chairman, PAKISTAN INSTITUTE
INTERVIEW By Muhammad Ovais

Mr. Ikram Sehgal

Ikram Sehgal is the Chairman of PATHFINDER GROUP,
comprising three Divisions, the Security Services Division, the
Financial Services Division and the Technology Services Division.
The Security Services Division includes two of the largest private
security Pakistani companies.

Sehgal is also the Publisher & Chief Editor of Defence Journal (DJ),
and writes weekly columns for various magazines and newspapers.

Outlook: Tell us about your which my father raised. He had the honor no social security, and no facilities. So, I
background. of establishing2nd battalion of the East decided to start my own security
IS: I was born to an East-West couple; a Bengal regimentin Kurmitola, Dhaka on company, Security and Management
Bengali mother and a Punjabi father. As February 8, 1949 as a Major. As a Services (Pvt) Ltd (SMS) with 10
my father was serving in the Pakistan nucleus he took the best part of a rifle people. I started my Company from aga
Army as an Infantry officer, I had to company of 7/16 Punjab Regiment (now rage and today the Group has 15,000
travel from one station to another with 19 Punjab) from Sialkot. people working for us in different
my fathers postings. This travelling companies. We believe in quality and
affected my education so I was admitted Outlook: Life changing events? this has been endorsed by ISO 18788
to boarding schools; first five years in a IS: First, was the unfortunate division of (Management System for Private
convent (Our Lady of Fatima Convent, Pakistan into Pakistan and Bangladesh Security Operations) certification. We
Comilla) and then next five years in in 1971 my father being Punjabi and are the only company in the developing
public school (Lawrence College, my mother Bengali, I lost both of my world and the only company in the entire
Ghoragali). My father had extensive families for quite some time. world to get certified without any
property in Sialkot but he sold it from nonconformance. We were also honored
time to time to support our education. The other was when I was forced to leave by ASIS International convention in
the army in 1974 (because of the above Orlando, Florida, USA in 2016.
Outlook: Your views about yourself. issue). Although, I had stood first in
IS: I loved the army and had wanted to 1973 in both theory and practical in the Outlook: What are you concerns as
serve my country like my father. Since Captain to Major Examination (3500 Chairman of a big security service
my father was an infantry officer, we officers appeared) and the subsequent provider?
grew up in strict army customs and Staff College Entrance Examination IS: The biggest concern is the welfare of
traditions. I wanted to join army but was (600 officers appeared). security guards. Private security
reluctant as there was no financial industry owes it to its employees to
security. However, at the insistence of Outlook: What was the idea behind follow the rules and regulations and
many senior officers, I finally joined my setting up this security business? customs of normal corporate bodies.
fathers regiment and never looked back. IS: The business was not really planned. There is no proper training and no
There was nothing else in my life but the Many of my former soldiers from 44 thorough background and verification
army. I served for 10 years other than my Punjab (now 4 Sindh) came to me checks done. EOBI and social security is
two years in army aviation when I flew looking for jobs so, I got them into not being given to them. There is
both airplanes and helicopters. different organizations. The feedback exploitation of these poor people. The
was not good. They were not working as employer is making money but the
Outlook: What were your childhood security guards rather they were benefit is not passed on to the
dreams? watchmen. They were being exploited employees. I ensured all this for my
IS: I wanted to command the regiment by the employers. There was no training, employees. We have our own training

school where everyone has to go through Outlook: What is the ratio of law is household name because of efforts of
mandatory training. We have health enforcement personnel and security all the team members. We got our people
insurance for our 15,000 employees of guards? trained in other countries and they have
our Group and their 53,000 family IS: In Karachi, the ratio of police to been certified by international agencies.
members. They have comprehensive security guards is 1:3.
hospital coverage without paying a Outlook: Your biggest success?
single penny. Around 6,000 employees Outlook: Is this increasing number IS: I upgraded the watchman to security
have subsidized food and free showing failure of police? guard. Given them their due rights and
accommodation. In private security IS: Not at all, they are doing fine. They set highest level of service quality. We
business, the most important ingredient can do better if they are released from have the most prestigious clients with us.
is the individual and I think most of the VIP duties. One third of the force is busy We believe in transparency and do not
companies fail to focus on employees. with VIP protection, another one third is get involved in any kind of unfair means.
politically inspired and only one third is
Outlook: What role did you play as the available to handle the situation. Outlook: Your biggest failure?
president of All Pakistan Security IS: The biggest failure is I could not
Agencies Association (APSAA)? In private security upgrade the majority of the security
IS: I was elected president three times, business, the most industry to the desired level of service
and I tried my best to resolve the issues; I quality and employee welfare.
had some of the finest people with me in important ingredient is
the executive committee of APSAA. Outlook: Your biggest regret?
But, I found the majority was not
the individual and I IS: Being made to leave the Army is the
interested in addressing the real issues of think most of the biggest regret. I wanted to command my
employees. There is no such thing as battalion before 1971 2E Bengal and
employee welfare and their entitlement. companies fail to focus after 1971, 44 Punjab (now 4 Sindh). 4
The army says the glory and honor of the on employees Sindh has a rifle company bearing my
regiment comes first, the contentment name. Along with being given battlefield
and welfare of the command comes next Outlook: What types of people are promotion to the rank of Major this was
and your own safety and comfort comes hired in security services companies? bestowed by Lt Col (Later Brig)
last. Here, safety and comfort comes IS: They are mostly armed forces Muhammad Taj SJ & Bar CO 44 Punjab
first, then the institution, and then the personnel. Armed forces are a great (now 4 Sindh) on Dec 13, 1971.
employees. We have SMS and reservoir of trained personnel but now
Wackenhut as member of APSAA and I the situation is changing and less people Outlook: Did you compensate this by
decided long time back that I would stay coming in here as forces are rehiring sending your son to army?
only as a member of APSAA but play no them, they are getting good jobs in IS: My son has studied abroad and has
active role. Just get an internationally corporate sector and also being hired in chosen to be a lawyer. He has been
credited inspection agency to do a CPEC related projects. We do take fresh acknowledged as one of the best lawyers
security/credit check of the Members of people, provided they have proper in US in his field and was mentioned in
the Executive Committee of APSAA education and they go through our two top directories in US; Legal 500 and
whether they conform to the laws of the training program. Technology has US Chamber of Law for several years up
land. All of them will not pass detailed become an important tool for security todate. I did not pressurize him on his
scrutiny. management and we hire high-tech professional choice. Once we visited the
people as well. battalion and at that time he had tears in
Outlook: Why is there increase in his eyes and said I should have joined
number of private security agencies? Outlook: What kind of training is army and commanded this battalion! All
IS: The law and order situation has provided in your group? my children chose their careers at their
deteriorated overtime. Many watchmen IS: We have our own training school, in own and are doing very well.
are now turned into security guards. Islamabad and Karachi. We provide
Corporate sector has entered the market. training as per US Diplomatic Security Outlook: Your approach to business?
I am sorry to say that even the best Service (DSS) standards. This includes IS: My business approach is: you are
corporate customers do not look into 80 hours of classroom and 40 hours of there to give service to the people and
security and have no clear understanding practical training including live firing you must be paid for it. You should not
of the concept of quality service and they and handling bombs. have hit and run approach, develop an
want services at cheapest rate. They association with your clients. Our
wait for some incident before their Outlook: What new concepts did you association with US embassy is now 30
mindset is changed and then ask for introduce in the market? years and we have provided them 2,500
quality service. Multinationals and IS: We have set industry standards for guards. We won all the bids there on
embassies to some extent are quality the market which are difficult for others merit.
concerned and are less ready to to match. The clients are getting
compromise on service quality. demanding and service provider has to Outlook: How do see employees and
show that they are capable. Today, SMS their welfare?
IS: I consider my employees as my Just an hour before you came in there doing great.
family. Love and respect your was a widow with her daughter (our
employees they will do everything for former employees), she came in to thank Outlook: Any spiritual experiences?
you. Allah SWT says take care of your for the all the support we provided for IS: I was in solitary confinement, in
dependents and I will take care of you. her two daughtersmarriages. prisoner camp. I could not sleep, I was
We are supporting 125 widows by giving afraid. I used to feel a hand caressing my
half salary for two years and any other Outlook: How do you see your family? head. I used to hear someone telling me
support they need. Over 300 children are IS: I am proud of them and their this that if tried to escape, all the doors
being educated on SMS expense. achievements. I give time to my family would open for me. I managed to escape
and visit selected friends. I prefer to stay from the camp.
Outlook: What more to achieve? home and compensate for my absence
IS: I have a dream of establishing due to travelling. Second is when my father died, my
Islamic electronic microfinance bank mother called me and told that fathers
which will be providing loan to poor Outlook: Your connection with
condition was critical, I rushed from
people through technology. We spent romance, poetry, literature, etc.?
PECHS to DHA and stopped at Abdullah
three years and $4.5 m to get license for IS: I write weekly article in Business
Shah Ghazi (ASG) mazar to pray, my
financial services from State Bank of Recorder. I wrote English poetry 50
Pakistan and establishing a new switch years ago when I was young. I am very father also regularly visited and prayed
in the country. We want to have true fond of music, I love watching TV and at the mazar. While praying at mazar I
Islamic banking in the country. My aim movies. I hate talk shows. heard twice my father calling my name,
is to have financial inclusion for people Chand (my nickname) and at that
of Pakistan. Outlook: Which sports did you play? moment I knew my father died. When I
IS: At the Pakistan Military Academy, I reached his residence, he was gone but
Our Islamic electronic microfinance was an athlete and a cricket player. I also his head was tilted towards the door and
bank will provide loan to people in few captained the cricket and athletics teams my mother told me he was waiting for
minutes. We are coming up with Mobile at Dhaka University. you and called you twice.
Wallet and we have signed with SAP to
provide state of the art mobile wallet.
One third of the force is My father, mother, uncle, and an aunty
SAP is so impressed with us that they are busy with VIP are buriedat ASG mazar. My father did
establishing an innovation lab in not like black color and he was fond of
Pakistan in our premises. We have protection, another one qawwali. Now next to his grave, every
established Virtual Remittance gateway third is politically Thursday, qawwali is held and the area is
limited (VRG) to provide high-end lighted.
financial services. Do not just promise, inspired and only one
deliver more than what you promise. third is available to I donot believe in dividing people, I want
to connect people of all religions and
I am member of World Economic Forum handle the situation sects.
(WEF), we have been hosting breakfast
for presidents and prime ministers of Outlook: Do you play golf these days?
Outlook: Message for government.
Pakistan as well as other dignitaries at IS: I hate golf. There is no pleasure in
hitting a ball and then walking, you can IS: Provide honest leadership. The
WEF for the last 15 years. people of Pakistan are the best just meet
walk otherwise. The amount of money,
water, and space spent can be used for so their expectation. Our company is
Outlook: What is the importance of
many other purposes. People have no recognized and respected globally
ethics in business?
water to drink; you can make ten because of Pakistani workforce. We are
IS: Very important. Earlier whole
stadiums in place of one golf course. I ISO 18788 certified and WEF also gave
business was based on verbal dealings
and everyone kept his words. This was am member of golf club but never played us certificate.
the highest form of ethics. golf there.
Outlook: Message for the nation.
Outlook: Your ideal personality? Outlook: If someone comes in for IS: In ShaAllah the way things are
IS: My ideal personality is Muhammad guidance, what do you emphasize? working out, in 10 years time we will be
Ali Jinnah; his character is matchless. He IS: Maintain the integrity of soul; no the most powerful nation. We have the
is my role model. A number of teachers matter what happens. skilled manpower and the material
and seniors are very close to me and have resources we just need an honest
guided me all the way. Outlook: What is the world to you? leadership.
IS: It is a fantastic place to live in, as
Outlook: Your approach to life? long as you understand that there are Outlook: Message for the youth.
IS: Work hard, relax, and go easy. Look many deprived people, and, if you are do IS: Work hard and come up to your true
after your inner and extended family. anything to make their life better, you are potential.
I f t h e s e s o u n d f a m i l i a r, y o u r
organization needs to develop
professional Contracts Managers, who
can manage your contracts in an
efficient way. Contracts management
training prepares you to understand the
complete project cycle from acquisition
planning and source selection to
contracts administration up to final
claims management.

Through this course, youll learn how to

use the core set of contracting skills that
are needed to:
Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Executives at Islamabad ? Manage risks effectively.
This engaging program is highly ? Evaluate price and cost proposals
Management Course for efficiently.
participative and covers a wide variety
Junior Executives of personal organization and personal ? Define, establish and justify "fair and
PIM will conduct a course on reasonable" prices.
effectiveness topics. By the end of the
Management Course for Junior
course, participants will have practical ? Use proven techniques for
Executives at Karachi from August 7 to
and worthwhile action points that they conducting successful negotiations.
10, 2017.
can implement immediately to help
improve their effectiveness in, and away Contracts management training is for
PIM's very popular course MJE is an
from, the work. you if you are a contracts manager, a
ideal vehicle for giving first exposure in
p r o j e c t m a n a g e r, a c o n t r a c t s
management to those who are about to
Team Work: Getting People administrator, a sales or business
begin their management careers, and to
development manager, a contracts
those who have recently been promoted to Work Together proposal writer, a member of a source
to the management cadre. It covers, in PIM will conduct a course on Team
selection team or a commercial contracts
considerable depth, the process of Work: Getting People to Work Together
professional who wants to strengthen his
management and the functions of at Karachi from August 28 to 29, 2017.
or her abilities. With shrinking project
administration, modern concepts and
profits and increasing customer
practices in all functional areas of Poor team-work is a phenomenon which
demands for international level
management e.g. Organizational many organizations suffer from. Getting
management, organizations and
Behavior and Management, Personnel people to work together in a cooperative
individuals need to invest in Contracts
Management, Marketing Management, and collaborative manner, calls for skills
Management skills to survive and
Operations Management, and attitudes on the part of managers and
compete in an extremely competitive
Administrative Control, Financial group members which experience alone
future. Let us help you get started on the
Management etc. does not teach. This course has been
road to contracts management success
specially designed to help managers
improve team-work and organizational
Art of Peak Performance effectiveness, and will benefit managers
PIM will conduct a course on Art of
at all levels. Developing Human Resource
Peak Performance at Islamabad from and Administrative Policy
September 25 to 26, 2017.
Contracts Management Manual
Increasingly, people want to find a PIM will conduct a course on Contracts PIM will conduct a course on
balance between work, personal and Management at Lahore from August 22 Developing Human Resource and
family lives that enables success in each to 23, 2017. Administrative Policy Manual at
area. Finding this balance is difficult but, Islamabad from August 28 to 30, 2017.
when found, the benefits to the Are your projects being derailed by
individual and the organization are outsourcing with high hidden costs? Are With the increase in pressure from global
enormous. In an increasingly contracted services exceeding budget market it is imperative for managers in
pressurized environment, this course and schedule due to poor internal Pakistani industry to have complete
will help employees at all levels to take contracts management? Are contracts understanding of the Human Resource
control of their working lives and being terminated or tied up in claims or issues in the industry. The purpose of
achieve the goals and objectives of their litigation? developing a manual is to define the
job. policies and procedures that affect and
apply to the various types of employees
in the organization. The policies provide
information about working conditions,
employee benefits, and policies
affecting employment. This course is
designed for HR personnel &
individuals involved in developing
polices & procedures.

Training Needs Analysis

PIM will conduct a course on Training
Needs Analysis at Karachi from
August 21 to 22, 2017.

F o r e ff e c t i v e d e v e l o p m e n t o f Effective Communication Skills at Lahore

employees the proper identification of different angles and identify their exercises will help participants to learn
training needs is critical. Training needs weaknesses and strengths so that they the concepts of corporate planning and
analysis is a key part of every managers may be able to determine the required its linkage with corporate objectives and
role but, unfortunately, seldom are course of action to improve their skills, the strategy for the accomplishment of
managers equipped to deal with this knowledge and personality. The course each goal. The focus will be to help
specialist task. is based on self-learning through participants to learn the art of
questionnaires, tests and exercises. negotiating goals with others, and
The primary objective of this course is to monitoring and controlling goals and
provide the participants with relevant their achievement.
tools and techniques to assess the
training needs within their respective
Project Monitoring,
roles. Evaluation and Control Executive Secretaries Course
PIM will conduct a course on Project PIM will conduct a course on Executive
Monitoring, Evaluation and Control at Secretaries Course at Karachi from
Financial Analysis: Concepts September 25 to 26, 2017.
Lahore from September 12 to 13, 2017.
and Techniques
PIM will conduct a course on Financial Project monitoring allows project This course has been designed to train
Analysis: Concepts and Techniques at managers and project stakeholders to and develop personal secretaries so that
Lahore from August 29 to 31, 2017. continuously evaluate the performance they may be able to provide effective
of projects against agreed parameters, administrative support to their
The course is intended to develop skills whereas project control provides executives and run the office efficiently.
to assess the overall financial position of effective mechanisms to keep projects Correspondence and filing
the firm its strengths, weaknesses and on track. This training program enables responsibilities, secretarial services,
the financial implications of alternative participants to understand the tools and information handling, dealing with
course of actions. This course will help techniques for effective monitoring and people, managing time, etc. are essential
in evaluating the performance of the control during the life of a project. elements of this training program.
organization, the course is useful for
managers involved in corporate The program will provide Human Resources
planning and control, as well as for comprehensive knowledge about the
personnel of DFI's and banks involved in
methods for project monitoring and PIM will conduct a course on Human
the financial evaluation of clients. A evaluation. It will also assist in
basic understanding of accounting is a Resources Management at Karachi
understanding project reporting from August 28 to 29, 2017.
prerequisite. requirements and developing effective
strategies for controlling projects The course is designed to provide a
Improving Personal sound basis of the field of Human
Effectiveness Skills in Goal Setting and Resources Management and how is
PIM will conduct a course on Work Planning Human Resources Management
Improving Personal Effectiveness at PIM will conduct a course on Skills in different from personnel management.
Lahore from August 21 to 23, 2017. Goal Setting and Work Planning at The aim of the course is to provide the
Karachi from August 29 to 31, 2017. participants with the latest tools and
This course has been designed to help techniques in the field with special
participants to make self-analysis from In this course extensive exposure to reference to the Pakistani scenario.
August to September 2017
Aug 7-8 Corporate & Business Law
Aug 7-9 Developing Human Resource and Administrative Policy Manual
Aug 7-10 Management Course for Junior Executives
Aug 7-18 Advanced Management Program Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Aug 15-16 Getting Massive Results by Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP)
Starting: July 19, 2017 Duration: 3 Months
Aug 16 How to Conduct Effective Meetings
Aug 21-22 Training Needs Analysis Day: Mon & Wed Timings: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Aug 21-23 Advanced MS Office
Aug 21-22 Motivating Self & Others IELTS Preparation Course
Aug 21-22 Breakthrough Thinking: Psychology for Success Starting: July 23, 2017 Duration: 1.5 Months
Aug 28-29 Team Work: Getting People to Work Together
Aug 28-30 Human Resources Management Day: Sunday Timings: 10 a.m. to 4
Aug 29-31 Skills in Goal Setting and Work Planning
Sep 7-8 Effective Purchase Management Diploma in Industrial Relations and
Sep 7-8 Creating Competitive and Productive Mindset Labor Laws
Sep 11-12 Stress Management
Sep 11-12 Improving Workplace Effectiveness Through Creativity & Innovation Starting: July 23, 2017 Duration: 4 Months
Sep 11-12 Dashboard Reporting & Advanced Data Analysis with MS Excel Day: Sunday Timings: 10 a.m. to 4
Sep 11-12 Strategic Management
Sep 18-19 Negotiation Skills Certified MS Excel Professional
Sep 18-20 Presentation Skills for Managers
Sep 25-26 Executive Secretaries Course Starting: July 23, 2017 Duration: 3 Months
Sep 25-26 Insurance Sales Management Day: Sunday Timings: 10 a.m. to 4
Sep 26-28 Production Operations Management
Sep 26-27 How Do Effective Managers Organize Themselves Diploma in Human Resource
LAHORE Management
Aug 7-8 Handling Difficult People Starting: July 26, 2017 Duration: 4 Months
Aug 7-9 Principles of Good Management Day: Mon & Wed Timings: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Aug 15-16 Building Resilience: Prepare Yourself to Thrive in Challenging Times
Aug 15-16 3D Presentation Skills Using Powerpoint & Flash Tools
Aug 21-23 Improving Personal Effectiveness
Diploma in Education Management
Aug 21-23 Advanced MS Access 2010 With MySQL Server Starting: July 26, 2017 Duration: 4 Months
Aug 22-23 Contracts Management Day: Mon & Wed Timings: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Aug 22-24 Workshop on Project Management
Aug 28-30 Effective Letters, Reports and Presentations Diploma in Quality Management
Aug 28-30 Quality Assurance & Management
Aug 28-30 Improving Spoken English Skills Starting: July 26, 2017 Duration: 4 Months
Aug 29-31 Financial Analysis: Concepts and Techniques Day: Mon & Wed Timings: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Sep 6-8 Lean 5S Advance Course
Sep 7-8 Managing Training and Development Function Diploma in Business English for
Sep 7-8 Applied Business Intelligence
Sep 11-12 Maintenance Management: From Breakdown Maintenance to Total Productive Maintenance Professional
Sep 11-12 Sap Business One Starting: July 26, 2017 Duration: 4 Months
Sep 12-14 Training Techniques for Trainers
Sep 12-13 Project Monitoring, Evaluation & Control
Day: Mon & Wed Timings: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Sep 18-19 Managerial Transition: From Operational Manager to Strategic Thinker
Sep 18-19 Talent Management Diploma in Administrative Skills
Sep 18-19 The Power of Positive Thinking Starting: July 26, 2017 Duration: 4 Months
Sep 19-20 Skills in Administration
Sep 20 Innovative Leadership
Day: Mon & Wed Timings: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Sep 25-26 Selling Competencies
Sep 25-26 Developing Performance Management System and Its Implementation CSCP Study Group
Sep 25-27 Learn MS Office 2016 Starting: July 27, 2017 Duration: 4.5 Months
Sep 27-28 Team Work: Getting People to Work Together
Day: Mon & Thu Timings: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Aug 8-9 Results Based Management & Monitoring
Diploma in Project Management
Aug 8-10 Problem Solving and Decision Making Skills Starting: July 27, 2017 Duration: 4 Months
Aug 15-16 Selling Competencies
Day: Tue & Thu Timings: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Aug 21-23 Best Practices in Hygiene and Food Safety Management
Aug 22-23 Negotiation Skills
Aug 28-30 Developing Human Resource and Administrative Policy Manual
Primavera P6
Aug 28-29 Understanding PPRA Rules Starting: July 27, 2017 Duration: 2.5 Months
Sep 7-8 Event Management Skills Day: Sunday Timings: 11 a.m to 3:30 p.m
Sep 7-8 Development Course for Supervisors
Sep 11-12 Corporate & Business Law
Sep 12-13 Materials Handling & Warehousing
Sep 19-20 Developing Managerial Competencies
Sep 19-21 Workshop on Project Management
Sep 25-26 Art of Peak Performance

For details and registration please contact the Program Office

Head Office: Shahrah Iran, Clifton, Karachi. Tel: (021) 99251718 EPABX (021) 99251711-14
Fax: (021) 99251715 E-mail: Website:
Branch Office Lahore: 70-B/2, Gulber-III, Lahore. Tel: (042) 99263137
EPABX: (042) 99263133-35 Fax: (042) 99263138 E-Mail:
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