NASA Daily News Summary For Release: September 16, 1998 Media Advisory 98-30 TODAY'S SUMMARY: -- Note to Editors: Deep

Space 1 Prelaunch Technology Briefing, Sept. 22 -- Note to Editors: NASA's Underwater Station Mission Serves as Analog to Space Missions -- Video File for Sept. 16 - Item 1: Future Astronauts Tour Langley - Item 2: Underwater Archaeology Uses NASA Technology - Item 3: Jupiter Rings Fed by Small Moons (Replay) -- Live Television Interview Opportunity, Sept. 17 - New Pictures of Planet Earth -- Aeronautics Conference, Oct. 9 ***** DEEP SPACE 1 PRELAUNCH TECHNOLOGY BRIEFING SCHEDULED FOR SEPT. 22 Representatives from NASA's Deep Space 1 mission team will conduct a televised media briefing on the mission and its goals on Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 2 p.m. EDT. The briefing will originate from NASA Headquarters in Washington, DC, and will be carried live on NASA TV. Deep Space 1 is now officially scheduled for liftoff at 6:59:50 a.m. EST on Oct. 25, 1998, Deep Space 1 is the first mission in NASA's New Millennium Program, designed to test and validate new technologies so that they can be used confidently on science missions of the 21st century. NASA HQ Contact: Douglas Isbell, 202/358-1547. Contact at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, John Watson, 818/354-5011. Full text of this Note to Editors can be found at: ******

GOING "ALL OUT" UNDER WATER NASA's Life Sciences Division is sponsoring the Challenge Mission, an eight-day deployment of the Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station on the sea floor off Key Largo, Sept. 23-30. The station is a fully functioning, submersible habitat that serves as a demonstration setting for challenges to systems needed for human exploration of space. The list of official crew members includes former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, movie producer James Cameron, actress Kate Mulgrew, and Tom Whittaker, the first disabled person to summit Mt. Everest. Invited individuals and representatives of the Challenge Project museum and national organization partners will be joined by Space Life Sciences experts in the space analog station. Headquarters Contact: Jennifer McCarter, 202/358-1639. Full text of this note to editors can be found at: ****** An index of NASA News Releases can be found at: If any news releases are issued after this summary, adds to this summary will be e-mailed to the list. ****** Video File for September 16, 1998 ITEM 1: FUTURE ASTRONAUTS TOUR LANGLEY Footage shows the 1998 astronaut candidate class as they visit Langley Research Center, the oldest civilian aeronautics laboratory in the United States. 21 men and 4 women comprise the 1998 class. Contact at Johnson Space Center: Doug Peterson 281/483-5111.

ITEM 2: UNDERWATER ARCHAEOLOGY USES NASA TECHNOLOGY Using a submersible rover, researchers have discovered what appears to be the outline of a wooden ship lost in Arctic waters. The rover is equipped with a pair of stereo video cameras to record underwater footage in 3-D. Software developed for NASA's Mars Pathfinder is used to produce a virtual reality simulation of the sea floor. The researchers are looking for a whaling fleet lost beneath the Arctic waters in 1871. Contact at Ames Research Center: Mike Mewhinney 650-6043937. ITEM 3: JUPITER RINGS FED BY SMALL MOONS (replay) Contact at Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Jane Platt 818/3545011; contact at Headquarters: Doug Isbell 202/358-1753. The NASA Video File airs at noon, 3, 6, 9 p.m. and midnight Eastern time. For further information, please contact Ray Castillo (phone: 202/358-4555). NASA Television is available on GE-2, transponder 9C at 85 degrees West longitude, with vertical polarization. Frequency is on 3880.0 megahertz, with audio on 6.8 megahertz. The most recent NASA Video File Advisory can be found at: ***** LIVE TELEVISION INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY NEW PICTURES OF PLANET EARTH For the first time in history, NASA is releasing dramatic images documenting the Earth's changing biology, both on land and in the oceans for a continuous year, as observed from space. NASA Research Oceanographer Gene Feldman is available to discuss the new images via NASA-TV Thursday, September 17th from 6 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EDT. The interview comes to you from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. *****

UPCOMING LIVE EVENTS CONFERENCE TO REVIEW PROGRESS OF AERONAUTICS PROGRAM NASA will brief industry and the public-at-large on progress in meeting its aeronautics goals at the first conference of this kind to be held Friday, Oct. 9, 1998, at NASA's Lewis Research Center, Cleveland, OH. Contacts: Michael Braukus, NASA HQ, (Phone: 202/358-1979); Lori Rachul, Lewis Research Center, (Phone: 216/433-8806). For the full text of this Note to Editors: ***** CONTRACT AWARDS NASA contract awards are posted to: ***** The NASA Daily News Summary is issued at approximately 2 p.m. Eastern time on business days when news releases, new Video File material or live events are scheduled. Members of the news media who wish to subscribe to or unsubscribe from this list should send an e-mail message to: ***** END OF DAILY NEWS SUMMARY ****