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Medical Cannabis Around The World

Cannabis Is
In many US States patients have legal In 2016, The Australian Parliament Some European countries, including
access to medical cannabis through passed an ammendment to the The Netherlands, Germany and
dispensaries and caregivers, Narcotic Drugs Act which allows Italy, patients have legal access to 5
depending on the state in which they Cannabis to be grown for research strains of a pharmaceutical grade Patients across the United Kingdom Patients from other EU countries can
reside. Patients have access to and medical purposes. South herbal cannabis branded as are currently being denied a legally bring medicinal cannabis into
professional medical advice Australia, Northern Territory and the Bedrocan. Bedrocan is availiable
concerning the strains and cannabinoids Australian Capital Territory have as a prescription medication. medicine that has the ability to the UK under the protection of the
most beneficial for their conditions. decriminalized possesion of small Many EU counries have already transform their lives. The cannabis Schengen Agreement: Patients can
amounts cannabis for all consumers. decrimilased the possession of . plant has been utilised across the bring up to thirty days supply of
personal amounts of cannabis
world as a safe and effective medication and use it without
UK Patients deserve legal access to medical cannabis NOW medicine for thousands of years. restriction.
The United Kingdom is becoming In contrast, a UK resident, with a
Cannabinoids and Medicinal Effects increasingly isolated in a world
where the benefits of cannabis are
condition qualifying for medicinal
cannabis, could be risking a prison
Analgesic (Relieves Pain) already widely recognised. More sentence for possessing or growing
than two thirds of the EU, Israel, the very same plant. The UPA
Anorectic (Weight Loss) Canada and 25 US states now permit demands the government recognises
Antibacterial (Slows Bacteria Growth) patients to medicate with cannabis. the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis.
Anti-Diabetic (Reduces Blood Sugar Levels)
Anti-Emetic (Reduces Vomiting and Nausia) Medical Cannabis has increasing support from scientists and politicians
Anti-Epileptic (Reduces Seizures and Convulsions) Professor David Nutt Caroline Lucas
Neuropsychopharmacology MP for Brighton
Antifungal (Treats Fungal Infection) Imperial College, London Green Party
Anti-Inflammatory (Reduces Inflamation) "Cannabis has been a medicine for “It has been incredibly moving to
around 4000 years and to continue to hear the courage of so many people
punish UK patients and their families who are essentially just trying to get a
who use it is an outrageous abuse of process, as drug to keep themselves well. To criminalise
well as a cruel and dishonest act." people is inhumane, unjust and immoral”
Anti-Proliferative (Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth)
Anti-Ischemic (Reduces Risk of Artery Blockage) Dr. Lester Grinspoon Norman Baker
Associate Professor Emeritus Former UK Drugs Minister
Anti-Insomnia (Aids Sleep) Psychiatry Harvard Medical
AntiPsychotic (Tranquillising) “The greatest danger in using “I think it is time to reconsider
cannabis medically is the illegality medicinal properties of cannabis,
Anti-Anxiety (Relives Anxiety) that imposes a great deal of anxiety given what I've learned in my role as a
Appetite Stimulant (Increases Appetite) Cannabinoid information provided and expense on people who are already suffering." minister. I've seen more and more evidence that
in association with... cannabis can provide genuine medical benefits”
Bone Stimulant (Promotes Bone Growth) Paul Flynn
MP for Newport West Peter Lilley
Immunosuppressive (Reduces Function in the Immune System) Labour MP for Hitchin and Harpenden
Neuroprotective (Retards Nervous System Degeneration) " In Canada, Austria, Germany, The Conservatives
Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Israel, “Much less effort and resources go
DISCLAIMER: The information on this leaflet is not intended to replace treatment for Spain, Portugal and parts of the US, into the prohibition of hard drugs,
serious conditions and illness. Always consult a healthcare professional before patients can take medicinal cannabis in its which cause the greatest harm and the
changing any treatments or medications. natural form safely and legally.Why are seriously greatest danger. If we could provide some legal
ill patients in our country forced to break the law outlets, we would be able to focus more of the when they want to use their medicine of choice?" effort on the drugs that do the greatest harm.”
Sarah has MS and finds cannabis helps her with her condition.“ I did some Justine has Anorexia, Anxiety and Depression.“The more cannabis I used the
research and realised there was more to our drugs laws than meets the eye, more I ate, I have now made it to 8 stone 3lb, it clears my head of horrible
cannabis is historic and traditional. It helps me with pain and spasms”. Sarah’s thoughts enough to be able to concentrate on my training and work, I think all
story was featured on BBC’s Inside Out in 2010 where she travelled to the adults should have legal access to cannabis and all patients should be able to
Netherlands to obtain prescription cannabis. benefit from the therapeutic benefits of cannabis”.

Keiron has Epilepsy and found that pharmaceuticals didn't work to control his Matt has Bipolar Disorder.“The University of Cologne proved CBD is an
seizures.“I can’t get cannabis very easily and I have started having seizures anti-psychotic in 2012, why does the government let GW grow high CBD
again.With every seizure comes the chance of brain damage, my life cannabis but I would be criminalised for growing the same plant? I find
expectancy would go up if I move to a place where I could access the right cannabis is the best thing for my mental health and I should legally be able to
amount of medical cannabis”. Keiron should not have to move to be well. obtain medical cannabis from a licenced dispensary”.

Anis had been prescribed Anti-Depressants after facing traumatic events as a Chris suffered a spinal injury as a child, as a result of this he has problems with
child but found they made him sleep all the time and put on a lot of weight pain and spasticity in his legs and medicates with cannabis to relieve his
which led to him getting Diabetes.“I wanted to come off the meds so I could symptoms.“I’ve had medication from the hospital before which drove me
take care of my Autistic son, I went to Amsterdam for 3 months to come off my absolutely insane and I found that cannabis works very well and stops my legs
meds. 5 minutes in a coffee shop was enough to reduce all of my symptoms”. jumping around and helps me get a night’s sleep”.
Jane featured in the Worthing herald after being diagnosed with Peritoneum Viv found that cannabis was beneficial for her and her family.“My son, Asa has
Cancer and taking medical cannabis oil to treat the cancer.“They said to me it’s Diabetes and cannabis helps him control his levels to such an extent he can
incurable. They would give me chemo when it starts to be a nuisance and that take half the injections he needs without it. I had a wart on my foot which was
could hold it off for a while.When you compare it to the cost of some cancer very painful and led to me needing crutches. The NHS consistently failed to
drugs, it’s comparatively cheap, the last time I had a blood test, the doctor was a remove it. I used cannabis oil on it and it has completely gone. Myself and my
little suprised nothing had shown up so I’m hoping it’s working”. son should not be criminals for finding a medicine that helps”.

At the age of 27, Ann was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.“I was terrified Susan has found that cannabis helps her to deal with the symptoms of
that it would mean an end to the career that I had worked so hard to achieve. Menopause, particularly as a sleeping aid.“ when I use cannabis I can sleep, it
I am so thankful for cannabis, which helps me to control pain, and the side has helped me greatly to deal with the sweats and cramps of menopause.
effects of prescribed medication, allowing me to remain a productive If cannabis can help me it can help thousands of others”.
and reliable member of the workforce”.
Alex has Crohn's Disease and uses cannabis to alleviate his chronic pain and to
help him eat and sleep.“Cannabis' therapeutic effects noticeably reduce my
Cannabis & Mental Health
There has been a surge in negative reports from the media regarding the dangers of
symptoms, it relieves my pain, stimulates my appetite, helps me sleep and 'Skunk' - a strain of cannabis high in THC, bred in the 1980's. The term Skunk is often used
reduces my inflamation. It is believed that using medical grade cannabis oil by British media and politicians as an easy means to justify prohibition, rooting back to the
could lead to remission in Crohn's patients”. negative connotations towards high strength cannabis. 'Skunk' and regular Cannabis can
be distinguished similarly to beer (5% ABV) and a high strength spirit such as vodka or
whisky (40% ABV).Without regulation, proper testing and labelling, it is very hard to
The Truth About Sativex determine the difference between high and low strength varieties. CBD, also present in
Did you know that since 1998 our Government have permitted a UK-based company, many cannabis strains, has anti-psychotic properties and a balancing effect on THC, which
GW Pharmaceuticals, to grow 100 tonnes of high strength Cannabis each year? The may in fact play an important role in reducing any negative experiences when medicating.
crop is turned into a full Cannabis plant extract called Sativex, which is adminstered as
a sublingual spray. This legal medicine has consistently been proven as effective for
spasticity in MS patients participating in human trials, however an NHS Commission «« ∆9 THC CBD
decision ruled out routine funding of Sativex, due to it's cost.With a yearly charge of
£10,070.55, based on a median of 4 sprays per day - a relatively small dose - and with Tetrahydro- Cannabidiol
GPs requiring to register and pay for a licence to be able to prescibe the medicine to cannabinol
their patients, the NHS in England has deemed this too expensive. This means that only This is made from...
a small percentage of MS sufferers that apply for funding receive an NHS prescription ...This

for the drug that has the potential to be beneficial to so many, with some patients
forced to pay private charges of up to £850 per month. If a patient were to grow their Any dangers caused by 'Skunk' are exaggerated by cannabis being in the hands of the
own medicine, the yearly cost would be just £2200, allowing £1000 for equipment and
including electricity, based upon an average energy cost of 17.2p per kWh, so why black market.With regulation comes age limits, cannabinoid testing facilities, greater
such a high price from the pharmaceutical industry? The alternative is for patients to access to information and strain choice, with patients able to tailor their treatment as
turn to the black market, or suffer. August 2014 saw the NHS in Wales approve access to appropriate, including the option of CBD dominant strains. For the majority of people, the
funding for the use of Sativex, so why not everywhere else? UPA believe patients Sativex IS Cannabis most harmful effects of cannabis come as a result of the criminal records that are levied
should not be criminalised for choosing the best medicine for their condition. upon otherwise law abiding citizens.

Please note that some names have been changed in order to protect identities