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Olimpiada de limba engleza, faza locala, clasa a VII-a, anul scolar 2016-2017


1 Read the text and answer the questions. (3 x 5=15 p)

Diana Spencer was born on 1st July 1961 in Norfolk, England. She went to boarding
school in Kent and in 1977 she went to Switzerland to complete her studies. When she
returned to England in 1978, she worked as a nanny in London.
Diana married Prince Charles in July 1981 at St Pauls Cathedral in London. People all
over the world watched their wedding on television.
Diana was very popular. The people loved her for her kindness and beauty. She cared
very much about the sick and the poor all around the world.
Unfortunately, Diana and Charles divorced in August 1996. She died in a car accident in
Paris on 31st August 1997. She was only 36 years old.

1 When was Diana born?

2 Where did she go to complete her studies in 1977?
3 When did she marry Prince Charles?
4 Why was she popular?
5 When did they divorce?

2 Read the text. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)? (2 x 5 =10 p)

Patrick has never visited Hungary, so hes decided to go there for his holiday next month.
Hes going to fly from Bristol to Budapest, and hes booked a hotel near River Danube
for a week. Hes going to go with his friend Chandra, and they have planned lots of
sightseeing activities. They are going to visit all the interesting museums and art galleries,
and sit outside Budapests cafs and watch the boats on the river go past. Patrick wants to
watch some water polo matches Hungary has one of the best teams in the world.

1 Patrick has been to Hungary before.

2 He is going to stay in Bristol for a week.
3 Hes going to travel by plane.
4 Hes going to stay at his friend Chandras flat in Budapest.
5 Theyre going to visit museums and sit at cafs by the Danube.

Subiectul II , ENGLISH IN USE (50 p)

1 Choose the correct item. (3p x 10=30p)

1 Tom doesnt look well. He needs/should/can see a doctor.

2 While he jogged/is jogging/was jogging in the park, he fell and broke his leg.
3 Would you like some/little/something orange juice?
4 Youre new at this school, you are/you arent/arent you ?
5 Have you ever been to/went to/gone at the National History Museum? Its amazing!
6 Sandra makes the delicious/more delicious/most delicious cake Ive ever tasted.
7 Frank is spending/spends/spend this summer at his grandparents house in the country.
8 I tried/was trying/have been trying to call John for over an hour, but his line is busy.
9 If James wont book/doesnt book/isnt booking a room soon, he wont have
anywhere to stay on his holiday.
10 Oliver was watching TV when someone rung/has rung/rang the doorbell.

2 Change the sentences from the active into the passive . (2px5=10p)

1 Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?

2 Professor White will give a lecture on the benefits of technology tomorrow.
3 Bad organisation spoiled their holiday.
4 Teachers correct hundreds of exam papers every year.
5 The police found the money yesterday.

3 Complete each sentence with a noun made from the verb given. (1px10=10p)

1There are over one million ... in this city. (inhabit)

2 Greg often suffers from .. in the school holidays. (bore)
3 This is the tallest in the whole of the country. (build)
4 Some students cant find suitable .. .( accommodate)
5 I was upset by Carols to help me. (refuse)
6 It took Tim years to become a successful . . (act)
7 Every . in this company has received a pay rise. (employ)
8 You need a lot of to write a good story. (imagine)
9 Dont forget to turn off the .. before you leave. (cook)
10 I read an interesting . in the local paper. (advertise)


Your name is Mark/Ann. Write a postcard to your cousin Sean, describing him a new
friend from your school. You should mention your new friends appearance, personality
and interests/hobbies.(120-150 words)

Subiectul III (25 MARKS)

1. task achievement 9 p.(divided according to the number of task parts);
2. coherence and cohesion 5p.(logical expression of ideas) ;
3. range of vocabulary 5 p. (at least 5 topic related vocabulary items) ;
4. range of grammatical structures and accuracy 3p. (less than 3 grammar errors are not
penalized;1p. for every three errors) ;
5. effect on the reader 3p


1 (3px10=30 p)
1 should
2 was jogging
3 some
4 arent you?
5 been to
6 most delicious
7 is spending
8 have been trying
9 doesnt book
10 rang

2. (2PX5= 10 MARKS)

1 Who was Romeo and Juliet written by?

2 A lecture on the benefits of technology will be given by Professor White.
3 Their holiday was spoiled by bad organisation.
4 Hundreds of exam papers are are corrected by teachers every year.
5 The money was found by the police yesterday.

3 (1px10=10p)
1 inhabitants
2 boredom
3 building
4 accommodation
5 refusal
6 actor
7 employee
8 imagination
9 cooker
10 advertisement

Subiectul I (25 MARKS)

1 (3x5=15 p)
1 She was born on 1st July 1961.
2 She studied at a boarding school in Kent.
3 She married Prince Charles in July 1981.
4 She was popular because she was kind and beautiful.
5 They divorced in August 1996.

2 (2x5=10 p)

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