Atemi-Waza - Vital Point Striking

A vital point is that part of a body which, when struck with sufficient force, angle and accuracy, can render the opponent incapacitated, unconscious or even dead. The important point however, is the scientific and drastic effect they have on the nervous system. If improperly practised vital point manipulation can lead to headaches, nausea, unconsciousness, paralysis or death. Atemi-waza has a long history in Wado Kai. Sensei Otsuka presented Funakoshi a chart of vital points in the early 1930’s as a gift to commemorate the publication of Funakoshi’s 1935 “Karatedo Kyohan” book. Apparently Sensei Otsuka received the chart as part of his training in Shindo Yoshinryu jujutsu.

36 Atemi-waza Jodan
1. Tendo (coronal suture) 2. Tento (just above the forehead and hairline) 3. Komekami (temples) 4. Gansei (eyes) 5. Mimi (ears) 6. Dokko (behind the ears) 7. Jinchu (region below the nose) 8. Gekon (below lower lip) 9. Shofu (side of neck) 10. Hichu (adam's apple) 11. Sonu (base of throat) 12. Clavicle fossa 13. Keichu (nape of neck)

32. Fukuto (outside lower thigh) 33. Hizakansetsu (knee joint) 34. Uchikurobushi (inside ankle joint) 35. Outside ankle joint 36. Kori (instep of big toe and 2nd toe)

14. Soda (between shoulder blades) 15. Danchu (sternum) 16. Suigetsu (solar-plexus) 17. Kyoei (armpits) 18. 4th thoracic vertebra 19. Kodenko (1st lumbar vertebra) 20. Bitei (coccyx, tail bone) 21. Myojo (below navel) 22. Kinteki (testicles and prostrate nerve) 23. Denko (between 7th and 8th ribs) 24. Inazuma (side, tip of 11th rib) 25. Yako (inside upper thigh) 26. Outside bicep 27. Outside forearm 28. Sotojakuzawa (wrist edge above pulse) 29. Kote (inside wrist crease) 30. Shuko (back of the hand between thumb and forefinger) 31. Web between the baby and ring finger

Atemi36 Vital Points of Karate .Atemi -Waza Jodan 1 Coronal Suture 2 Frontal Fontanel 3 Temples 4 Eyes 7 Philtrum 8 Chin 10 Throat 12 Clavicle Fossa 11 Sternal Fossa 1 Coronal Suture 2 Fontal Fontanel 3 Temples 5 Ears 13 Base of Skull 6 Mastoid 9 Neck 12 Clavicle Fossa .

Atemi36 Vital Points of Karate .Atemi -Waza Frontside 11 Sternal Fossa 15 Breast Bone 17 Armpit 16 Sternum 23 7th Intercostal 24 11th Rib 26 Outside Bicep 27 Forearm 21 Below Button 29 Inside Wrist Crease 25 Thigh Crease 22 Testicles 32 Lower Thigh 28 Outside Wrist Crease 35 Outside Ankle 36 Upper Big Toe Crease 34 Inside Ankle .

36 Vital Points of Karate .Atemi-Waza Backside 13 Base of Skull 14 7th Cervical 18 4th Thoracic 26 Outside Bicep 19 1st Lumbar 27 Forearm 20 Tip of Tail 30 Thumb Crease 31 Pinky web 32 Lower Thigh 33 Back of Knees 35 Outside Ankle .

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