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Getting involved is as easy as A-B-C!

Match your interests to see which committee is your calling.

A. You have an empathic heart and always help others. You love to do things out of kindness, not for

personal gain. Convincing people to give you money comes easily.

B. You are a jet-setter with a love for travel. You know all the hot-spots and fun things to do wherever you


C. You enjoy learning from those more experienced than you. Youre an expert at convincing relatives to

give you money.

D. You love to talk to people, personally or professionally. Youre intentional with conversation and very


E. You love planning huge events. Youre interested in learning more about Public Relations as well as

showing off your current knowledge.

F. You would consider yourself a cultured person that is able to bridge the gap between diverse groups of


Find out how you match up!

A. Philanthropy Committee

B. Agency Trips Committee

C. Alumni/ Fundraising Committee

D. Speed-Networking Committee

E. Regional Conference Committee

F. Diversity Committee

Okay Im in PRSSA, whats next?

Beyond being a member, there are other ways to get involved and obtain positions of

leadership. As mentioned previously, students may join one of the six committees or even

become a committee head. Beyond that, students may run for executive positions that are voted

on by members each spring. There are eight positions to be filled including president, vice

president, treasurer, secretary, programming director, historian, webmaster and inclusion


Students within PRSSA are highly encouraged to participate in Lindsey + Asp, a campus

advertising agency ran entirely by students. Being involved in Lindsey + Asp provides real world

experience and allows students to connect to business professionals. Another networking

opportunity is attending Top Jobs, a career fair that networks company representatives from all

around the United States to OU students looking for internships and potential jobs.

There are many ways to further your involvement and leadership skills within public

relations here at OU, you just have to take advantage of the opportunities.