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Learners Name
Mohamed Saif Al Bedwawi
Programme Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Unit No / Title Unit 10: Strategic Human Resource Management

Assessor Name Mr. Ettiene Hoffman

Assessment Criteria Learning

Learning outcomes Comments

1Understand how Explain the importance of strategic

the strategic human resource management in
1.1 Importance explained
management of organisations
human resources
contributes to the
achievement of
organisational Assess the purpose of strategic
objectives human resource management
1.2 SHRM Purpose assessed
activities in an organization

Evaluate the contribution of

strategic human resource
1.3 management to the achievement of Contribution evaluated
an organisations objectives

Analyse the business factors that

2Be able to develop
underpin human resource planning
human resource 2.1 Business factors analyzed
in an organization
plans for an
Assess the human resource
2.2 requirements in a given situation HR requirements assessed

Develop a human resources plan for

2.3 an organization HR Plan developed

Critically evaluate how a human

resources plan can contribute to
2.4 Evaluation done
meeting an organisations objectives
3Understand human Explain the purpose of human
resources policy resource management policies in
3.1 Purpose explained
requirements in an organisations
Analyse the impact of regulatory
3.2 requirements on human resource Impact analyzed
policies in an organization

Analyse the impact of an

organisational structure on the
4.1 Structure analyzed
4 Be able to examine management of human resources
human resources
management in an Analyse the impact of an
organization 4.2 organisational culture on the Culture assessed
management of human resources

Examine how the effectiveness of

human resources management is
4.3 Effectiveness examined
monitored in an organization

Make justified recommendations to

improve the effectiveness of human
4.4 resources management in an Recommendations justified

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Mr. Ettiene Hoffman
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