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[ 2806 : Incorporate MS Project Server into Your EPPM Business

Processes Using SAP Enterprise Project Connection 2.0
Ian Strain and Kevin Madden

[ Abstract
SAP Enterprise Project Connection 2.0 broadens the coverage of
supported 3rd-party project management and scheduling application with
the introduction of Microsoft Project Server(2007 and 2010). The use of
Microsoft Project is ubiquitous throughout SAP's install base with the
majority using manual, internally developed or other tools to synchronize
the data which are prone to error and time consuming. SAP Enterprise
Project Connection’s unique Information-Powered Project integration
approach can help your organization rapidly introduce a seamless, end-to-
end project management business process with minimal disruption to your
existing processes. Regardless of your project management maturity level
or the type of projects your business manages Capital, Service, or
IT/Internal the flexible SOA architecture, data modeling capabilities, and
iterative approach to designing a solution embedded within the SAP
Enterprise Project Connection framework allows you to realize true bi-
directional integration.

Real Experience. Real Advantage. 2

See a demonstration of an End-To-End ‘Distributed’ EPPM Business Process using SAP Enterprise Project Connection to align and synchronize SAP PPM. Real Experience. regardless of the types of projects your organization manages or the current PPM maturity level of your organization. How EPC addresses the concept and role of project management integration – the applications.0. technologies. Why information-powered project integration is about designing an end-to-end process not just mapping data across application databases and how EPC can quickly enable these processes to be optimized. 3 . architecture and models. SAP Project System and Microsoft Project Server.[ Learning Points Learn how to improve project management maturity using SAP Enterprise Project Connection 2. Real Advantage.

Real Advantage. .[ Maturity Models: Integration is key to elevating maturity Every corporation in the world executes projects in pursuit of its strategies and business objectives New SAP Benchmark Survey : Portfolio & Project Management SAP PPM Maturity Model Real Experience.

Real Advantage.[ Enterprise Portfolio and Project Management Integrated Architecture SAP Project & Portfolio Management SAP EPM Portfolio Management Project Management Resource Management SAP MRS Collaborative Product Development (CPD) SAP ERP 6. .0 Product Structure Synchronization (PSS) FI/CO DMS MM PS PM CATS Master Data SAP NetWeaverTM People Integration Information Integration Process Integration Application Platform Portal Collaboration Business Knowledge Integration Broker J2EE ABAP Intelligence Management Enterprise Services Business Process Multi Channel Access Master Data Management DS and OS Abstraction Repository Management Legacy/External Systems Real Experience.

Right Time.[ Information-Powered-Integration Right Information. . Right Decisions Integration needs to be ‘in-context’ Optimize the synchronization of ‘contextual’ information – not just data Enable effective and efficient decision making Best Practices based on numerous project implementations Implementation measured in days w/o costly customizations 6 Real Experience. Real Advantage.

. Real Advantage.[ Business Value Shorten time to Go-Live Flexible architecture to model project management business processes Using applications as they were intended Increase Project Management Maturity Limit redundant/manual data input Increase Agility Achieve Ultimate Flexibility – Cost Effectively Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 7 Real Experience.

[ Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Portfolio Management Portfolio Analytics “Managing and monitoring the portfolio & programs” Strategic Level Aggregate SAP Project Management PPM “Project management Projects and execution” Tactical Level Initiate PS Logistics Resources Financial Data “Core enterprise processes Project PP HR & Activities” System Time Time Operations . Real Advantage. .Level FI/CO/BPC 8 Real Experience.

Real Advantage. .[ Distributed Project and Portfolio Management Others Project Mgt Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Portfolio Management Portfolio Analytics SAP Project Management Others Project Mgt PPM Projects Project System Logistics Resources Financial Data Project PP HR System MM Time FI/CO/BPC 9 Real Experience.

10 .[ Information-Powered Project Integration Enterprise Project and Portfolio Management Portfolio Management Portfolio Analytics “Managing and monitoring the portfolio & programs” Strategic Level Aggregate SAP Project Management Others Project Mgt SAP Enterprise PPM Project Connection “Project management Projects and execution” Integrate Initiate Tactical Level PS Logistics Resources Financial Data Project “Core enterprise processes PP HR System & Activities” Time Time Operations . Real Advantage.Level FI/CO/BPC Real Experience.

Real Advantage. Levelling 11 Real Experience. . Detailed Activity Establish Master Resource Status and Progress Tracking and List and Resource Schedule Structure Allocation. and Updating Monitoring Planning. Cost Procure Materials and Structure Project Collect Actuals Assign Budget Services Monitor Project SAP Enterprise Project Connection Scheduling tool Scheduling.[ EPPM Business Processes – Capital Project Scenario Portfolio Management (PPM) Analyze Risk and Create and Approve Define Strategy Identify Opportunities Initiate Project Rank Opportunities Budgets Monitor Portfolio Project Management (PS) Plan Resources.

[ SAP Enterprise Project Connection: What is it? • Project Management integration Enablement • Pre-package integration business processes • Information-Powered Integration ‘In Context’ • Flexible SOA Architecture – rapid implementation to meet requirements Management integration Customer Needs Business Benefits • Capital Projects • Holistic View – “in context” • Ready to use integration • Service Delivery Process • Timely. accurate and ‘out of the box’ Optimization complete information • Leverage existing • Shutdown/Turnaround/Out • Reduced administrative investment in external ages overhead Project scheduling applications • Routine Maintenance • Reduced TCO • Enable Earned Value Mgmt • Reduced TCO • Reduced Risk – Project/Schedule variances • Rapid Return on Investment 12 Real Experience. Real Advantage. .

[ SAP Enterprise Project Connection 2. Activity Owner.0: What’s New? • Microsoft Project Server Services Adaptor • Primavera API / Adaptor Enhancements • SAP Standards Compliance • Infrastructure Modifications and Enhancements MS Project Server Primavera API SAP Standards Infrastructure Integration Services Enhancements Compliance Modifications • 2007 and 2010 • API – 8. Roles. . Real Advantage. WBS Fields • Eliminated Open and versioning • Atomic Services for and Object Deletion discrete objects Source components • Migration to SAP JRA • Performance: • Support for additional Adaptor Object Compare Post processing NetWeaver Platforms • Logging and Tracing and Versions. Resources Activity Steps. (NWCE) • Java Rules deployment 13 Real Experience. process to Database (Modes) Steps.1 support • NWDI – Integrated • NetWeaver / EPC version support • New methods and into the SAP Configuration via CTC • Composite Services object coverage Development Scenario for Project. Expense infrastructure • Solution Deployment and Custom Fields UDF.

[ SAP Enterprise Project Connection: Component Architecture SAP GUI SAP NetWeaver CE End Point Systems • ABAP Add On • Integration Service • SAP Transaction Codes Component • Oracle Primavera • Adaptors • Microsoft Project • Data Access Services Server • Configuration api R Oracle Primavera SAP Web Dispatcher R GUI Integration Microsoft Project Server 2007/2010 WS R Service Component R SAP ERP ABAP ECC 6. Real Advantage. .0 JCo NetWeaver Dialog Instance(s) http Add-On SAP NetWeaver CE Cluster NetWeaver CE DB 14 Real Experience.

Project Activities. . Resources. Model (LIM) Information Model Model (CIM) Orchestration Reporting Local System View of Data (AIM) Business View of Information Reuse Data Rules & Mappings Adaptor Resources Important “Any System” Data… Data Business Adaptor Rules Rules Costs Finance. Business SAP Services Plans… Projects Data Service Adaptor Mappings Mappings Project. 15 Real Experience. Real Advantage. All rights reserved. Assets Management WBS… © 2012 SAP AG.[ SAP Enterprise Project Connection: Integration Model Local Information Adaptive Canonical Information Service Integration.

Real Advantage. . Scheduling and T-CODE Audit using SAP Security Model Open Architecture • Framework for enabling easy access configuration. business rules and data Pre-configured mappings and rules mappings to enable integration based on use cases and industry best practices Standard BAPIs and RFCs • Infrastructure utilizes SAP standard integration objects SAP ERP GUI • UI with On-Demand. deployment and management Real Experience.[ SAP Enterprise Project Connection: What does it do? • Pre-built for SAP PM & PS Modules Out-of-the-box integration for SAP Apps • Adaptors for Primavera and MS Project • ‘Default’ workflows.

Enhanced Conditional • Evaluate data to determine how to Logic – Business Rules process updates. Modify Field Level • Rapidly introduce new data objects Mappings and additional fields. SAP BAPI’s / RFC’s • Introduce Custom BAPI’s that can be incorporated into Workflow.[ SAP Enterprise Project Connection: What can it do*? Modify System of Record • Enable scheduling tool as ‘source’ to create and control SAP Objects. . Real Advantage. Enhanced Adaptor • Tune system and workflows to Functionality improve performance and overhead. * Customizations must be designed and implemented based on supporting overall business process Real Experience. including delete.

[ Demonstration End-To-End ‘Distributed’ EPPM Business Process using SAP Enterprise Project Connection to align and synchronize SAP PPM. Real Advantage. 18 . SAP Project System and Microsoft Project Server Real Experience.

Information Powered Integration is an approach to integration that decouples the tools. SAP Project System and Microsoft Project Server provides a sample ‘Use Case’ for adopting EPC but also illustrates the flexibility inherent in SAP EPC’s Information Model. Processes and Systems) is a prerequisite to elevating your maturity and by incorporating the ‘Information- Powered Project Integration’ approach available with SAP EPC. thus leading to the Right Decisions. accurate and intelligent information to the right systems. Real Experience. ‘Integration’ of the primary dimensions in EPPM (People.[ Key Learnings Irrespective of the business or industry where your company competes. manage and execute them effectively are explicitly tied to your company’s strategic and business objectives. 19 . the right people and at the right time within your PPM Ecosystem. Determining your organizations current Project Management Maturity Level is the first step towards developing a plan to incrementally improve your EPPM level. the use of ‘Projects’ and the need to organize. Real Advantage. resources and data involved in your current project management business process and aligns them in a manner that enables the execution of more successful projects – providing timely. The End-To-End ‘Distributed’ EPPM Business Process using SAP Enterprise Project Connection to align and synchronize SAP PPM. you can most efficiently and cost-effectively improve your PPM practice. Architecture and Infrastructure.

Real Advantage. For ongoing education on this area of ] [ SESSION CODE: 2806 Real Experience. Please remember to complete and return your evaluation form following this session.asug. visit the Year-Round Community page at www.[ Thank you for participating. 20 .