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Compass Test for CX

The test consists of 7 stages (exact sequence of stages may vary)

There are 2 ways that you can practice for this test:
1. For FREE:
- Since this link is free, there are only few test trails. Besides, only the Memory Test,
Orientation Test, Slalom Test, Task Manager of this link is relevant to the Compass
Test of CX. Not exactly the same way as they presented in the Compass Test of CX,
but worth to practice at no cost.

2. For EUR69.90: SkyTest Preparation Software for Middle East Carrier Screenings
- The software consists of:
Advanced Control Test (for AE only)
Basic Control Test
Memory Test
Orientation Test
Slalom Test
Task Management Test
- I would say this software is 99.9% similar to the Compass Test of CX. It gives you a
very good understanding of the test and you should choose at least medium level
for all tests.
- The software also comes with other supplementary tests such as Psychometric Tests
and Math. If time allows, the Math Test would worth trying as the Compass Test of
CX has also included a Math Test and a Physics Test.
Part 1 - Orientation Test (using Keyboard)

- Orientation Test requires you to find and name the aircraft in the grid the instrument values
relate to. Input your answer in the Answer Box at the bottom of the screen with the
number of grid you consider contains the corresponding aircraft.
- No exact time limit but if your answer is wrong, marks will NOT be deducted. I believe
they count on the number of questions (with correct answers) done within a fixed time

Part 2 Basic Control Test (using Joystick & Rudder)

- Your task is to control the pointer with joystick in a way that it shows to the small red
rectangle on the left side of the circle. To move the pointer up/down, you have to
pull/push the joystick. The direction of slip ball will be controlled by the rudder and try to
keep the ball in the middle of red line.
- There should be 3 trials, with only 20 seconds break in between.
Part 3 Slalom Test (eye-hand coordination, using Joystick)

- In 3 runs of 90 seconds (with only 20 seconds break in between), you have to channel the
cursor through a steady stream of green and red squares moving downward from top of
screen in sync motion.
- The cursor may not hit the squares and can only be moved laterally from side to side to
avoid collisions. The sequence of square pairs neither maintains a constant speed nor a
recurrent vertical or horizontal distance pattern. Likewise, squares may seesaw from side
to side as they approach the cursor. Always strive to place the cursor as centrically as
possible between passing squares.

Part 4 Math Test (24 questions in 30 minutes)

- Pencils and papers will be provided. You cant skip a question or go back to the previous
question once you click continue. Thus, if you dont know the answer for this question,
you still have to input a number into the Answer Box in order to proceed to the next
question. Insufficient time to complete the test seems to be a common issue.
- e.g. 2934782 / 13

- e.g. A travels at 100km/hr, B travels at 200km/hr, when would they meet each other?
Part 5 Memory Test (using Keyboard)

- You will be asked to memorize sequences of information introduced for 6 8 seconds on

your screen. The information is presented in a New Data Box that states up to 4
readings. Each reading will be relate to one of the following categories:
Altitude (a)
Speed (s)
Heading (h)
Radio (r)
- After the period given to memorize the readings, you will be asked to reproduce the
information into the Answer Screen. As time is a factor in this test, you should complete
the task not only as accurately but also as fast as possible. I believe they also count on the
number of questions that you have done correctly within the fixed time frame.

Part 6 Task Management Test (using Keyboard)

- This test compiles 2 concurrent tasks to complete. The primary task requires you to enter
incoming new information into an autopilot interface. The secondary task is to response to
(cancel) visual alert signals that will surface at random intervals.

Part 7 Physics Test (Multiple Choice)

- The test consists of basic JKI knowledge and physics calculations. I believe the questions
are randomly selected as everyone got different questions for this test.