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Simulation System for

Dynamic Enviornment
About Us
Sdyn began as an engineering company two decades back
with a belief in mind of upgrading technology & product through
innovation and continuous learning. We soon took the
challenge of developing & manufacturing electrodynamic
Vibration test systems for emerging needs of vibration testing in
the Asian-sub continent.

As the journey gathered momentum, we inducted multi

disciplinary engineering talent, utilized frontier technology and
materials to offer high performance system which inscribed a
mark of reliability. During our journey, we have emerged as an
organization providing design & manufacturing of complete
range of air & water cooled Electrodynamic Vibration Test

Performance of a leader
Heart of a family

Our mission statement is a reflection of our vision of

becoming a preferred and trusted long term supplier,

1. Serving customers with reliable & cost effective

vibration test systems with worldwide distribution & a
comprehensive unparalleled support network .

2. Continuous product and technology innovation in order

to offer the best possible solutions to customers.


To become a preferred and trusted

long term supplier for Electrodynamic
Vibration Test System, globally.

With increasing sophistication in product

quality and better understanding of our
customers over the years, Sdyn offers a
holistic range of solutions and support aimed
towards the advancement of Electrodynamic
Vibration Test Systems.

Total area spread in 22000 sq meter and

covered area 2500 sq meter distributed
among mechanical, electrical, power
electronics, training, inspection, calibration,
customer support and commercial besides
sales & marketing.

We at Sdyn provide products which

demonstrate state-of-the-art technology in
vibration field and help our clients to create
real life environments to test and validate the
quality & reliability of their products. Our
established network provides un-matched
after-sale service & application support to
the clients offering value-for-money in long

We provide an array of products including

Thrust shakers, Vibration controllers
,Amplifiers ,Vibration attachments with /
without climatic / altitude chambers and
many more.

Through our products and expertise, we

have catered different vibration testing
scenarios in multiple industries like
Aerospace, Automobile, Defence
Manufacturing, etc.

Creating awareness of environmental testing in the

1985-1989 Indian sub-continent

Launch of mid range electrodynamic shakers.

Random controller in PC based configuration

PWM switching amplifiers for all branded shakers

1995-2000 New generation shakers for Aeronautical and

Aerospace applications

Export to South East Asia, China, South America

2001-2005 Technology upgradation for Air cooled shakers upto

80kN force in automotive and military applications

Hi-efficiency PWM solid-state power amplifiers for all

brand of ED shakers and introduction of climatic
water cooled technology Electro Dynamics Shakers and
integration with climatic chambers .

Universal type Power Amplifiers for Grounded and

Floated Shakers

Entered in global arena for complete range of shaker

systems (700N-300kN)

Long stroke 63.5mm/76mm shakers for transient shock

testing, 2.5 m X 2.5m sized slip table
SP Gupta
Late Shri. SP Gupta (December 04, 1927 to May 20, 1987) was GROWTH RATE
a visionary, who laid the foundation stone of Sdyn to cater to
the need for earthquake and actual life simulations as
experienced by complex structures in strategic applications.
His pioneering efforts have resulted in solutions that can
replicate the in-service environment conditions inside a INDIA GDP Growth Rate V/S Sdyn Growth Rate
laboratory. Sdyn products have contributed immensely to the
improved safety and comfort of our society.
Late Shri. SP Gupta instilled in the organization a firm belief 11 11
that innovation is essential for upgradation of technology and 10 10
continuous learning.Sdyn's success and achievements over 9 9
the years is a reflection of his thoughts and desires to make
8 8
Sdyn, the world's leading environmental simulation solutions
provider. The responsibility to take this journey ahead was 7 7
entrusted to his son Mukesh Goel. 6 6
5 5
2006 2008 2010 2012 2013
Mukesh Goel
Mukesh Goel, a second-generation entrepreneur can be
credited for driving Sdyn to a leadership position in India in FINANCIAL RATING
vibration testing systems. For over three decades, he has been
actively pursuing the dreams of his father, transforming them
into reality with meticulous investments in technology, people, Over the year, Sdyns financial growth have been steady keeping the
infrastructure and building lasting customer relationships. He financial strength of the company on the higher side.
is a dynamic leader, a motivator and a trendsetter for the
industry. His ability to leverage innovation in strategic Sdyn had been successful in taking multiple high value turnkey projects
applications has given Sdyn an edge in the industry. Today, and have delivered outstanding results to the clients.
Sdyn is a testimony to his indomitable wills, dedication,
commitment and teamwork. Having gained leadership position Sdyn earned the industrys renowned crisil crecit rating of 2A, a sign of our
in India, Sdyn is steadily establishing strong footprints in the high performance, strength and capabilities.
international markets.

Arjun Goel
Arjun Goel, armed with an Electrical & Computer engineering CRISIL Rating -
graduate degree from Purdue University, West Lafayette, 2A (High performance strength & capability)
USA, is actively involved and has contributed significantly in
the R&D department of Sdyn. He is focused on diversifying the R&D unit registered with
product portfolio to align with global technological trends and Ministry of science & technology , Govt. of India
requirements while adding more strengths to existing products
compared to global counterparts. Today, he is a growth engine
offering latest concepts and advance technologies.

Continuous innovation and R&D

Solutions engineered to your needs
Quality & safety norms
Selecting the right test
On-demand support
Customer training

Continuous innovation and R&D Selecting the right test

At Sdyn, our endeavor is to constantly improve the quality and accuracy of one of the There are innumerable specifications for each product to be tested upon. Selecting
most important QA procedures necessary for your products - vibration testing. It is the right test or a set of tests relevant for your product, is a challenging proposition. At
this endeavor that compels us to invest in R&D to produce solutions that you can rely Sdyn, we work closely with you to determine the testing needs at remarkably cost
on for years. effectiveness .

Solutions engineered to your needs On-demand support

Each product from Sdyn is engineered and customized based on its application for Offering one of the most widely distributed and available customer support teams,
you, and assured value in terms of its operational capabilities. Our products are Sdyn gives its customers peace of mind when it comes to managing and supporting
regularly upgraded and designed to meet the extreme challenges of high Sdyn products.
performance products with respect to their applications used in design-development, We not only offer you a complete spectrum of services as part of our contract which
product-qualification and fatigue testing. includes installation, commissioning, application assistance, original spares and
If you have a specific requirement in mind, all you need to do is to provide the test training programmes, we also make it easier for you to reach us through multiple
specifications to our sales representative present in your region. modes including our customer friendly website.

Quality & safety norms Customer training

Customer delight is an imperative part of our quality policy. We achieve this by A major aspect of product delivery is customer training in compliance with operational
providing products and services that not only meet but exceed your expectations safety requirements.
within the given time line and budget constraints. Further, Sdyn continually embarks Apart from providing assistance that helps you derive the specifications and
upon improving effectiveness of its products in accordance with the Quality installation of the equipment, we provide you with technical manuals which have
Management System ISO 9001:2000, the CE marking and safety norms adhering to reader friendly operation and service details. We also conduct regular training
international standards . programmes, both at your facility and at Sdyn.

Quality of service, knowledge, expertise, courtesy and
Sdyn has emerged as a global brand in promptness these are the hallmarks on which Sdyn
providing complete vibration testing develop trusts keeps it for decades
Maintenance Contract
We have raised our product reliability
and applicability to meet international 24 hrs x 7 days Service hot-line
quality and norms and are now serving
as global brand. Add - on Warranty

With specialization of more than 20 Application guidance

years in design, development,
manufacturing and servicing of Factory and on-siteTraining programmes
vibration test systems, we have a
diverse product portfolio to match At Sdyn customer relationship begins before the sales. Each
different industry requirements. customer receives personal attention, and our teams make
themselves available at all times for every type of service.

Vibration Systems Service Quality

The ISO 9001:2000 norms of the company are stretched
Electrodynamic Shakers beyond 100% satisfaction to define customer delight.
Power Amplifiers
Vibration Controllers
Horizontal Slip Tables
Head Expanders

Environmental Chambers
Vibration Integrated Chambers
Climatic Chambers
Thermal Shock Chambers

Sdyn products are CE certified - EN 1050 - 1997

which means they comply with
international regulations related to Safety of machinery - Principle of
health, safety and environment. risk assessment
The normal applicable directives
are EN ISO 12100 - 1

2003 - Safety of machinery Basic

l Low Voltage directive concepts, General principles for
(73/23/EEC, modified as design, part 1: Basic terminology
93/68/EEC) methodology

EMC Directive (89/336/EEC) EN ISO 12100 - 2

Machinery directive (98/37/EEC) 2003 - Safety of machinery- basic

concepts, general principles of

Low Voltage Directive System Technical File Norm Affixing

Each product at Sdyn is designed The Technical File on product The CE mark is affixed on the
The following EN standards and manufactured to ensure comprises:
product as a symbol of
covered: protection against hazards arising General description of the product. compliance to health and safety
from electrical equipment, which requirement
means the user is adequately Design and manufacturing
protected against danger of physical drawings of components, Sdyn has gone one step further
EN 61010 - 1 injury or harm
subassemblies, circuit, etc in self certification getting
Safety requirements for electrical certified by an external agency
EMC Directive Test results of conformity of
equipment for measurement, control l
and laboratory use product with health and safety l European and American norms
As per the EMC directive, our norms are affixed on products as a
products have an adequate level of mark of compliance for global
EN 61326 electromagnetic immunity in the Description of methods adopted use
specified electromagnetic l
to eliminate hazards presented
Electrical equipment for compatibility environment l
measurement control and laboratory by the product The ISO 9001:2008 certification
use ensures quality in all fields


l India l Korea l New Zealand l Singapore

l Australia l Indonesia l France l Portugal
l Poland l Serbia l Spain l Russia
l Mexico l USA
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