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Cooperating Teacher Lesson Feedback Form

Note: A complete lesson plan should be provided by the teacher candidate prior to

To be completed by the teacher candidate prior to observation

Preservice Teacher: Mykayla Perry Observer: Ms. Bridget Joyce
Date: 13 October 2017 School: Nathaniel Alexander
Time: 9:30 Grade: 1st Grade

1. What are your goals and objectives for this lesson?

My goal for this lesson is to get students engaged and excited about science. I want students to
actively ask questions and be curious about the topic I am teaching about; Magnets.

2. What are some specific things you would like observed?

I would like the flow of my lesson plan observed. I want to know if the way in which I have
constructed my lesson plan and the way I am teaching makes sense. I also want to know if I need
to simplify or add anything to my lesson to make sure the students are understanding the

To be completed by the Observer:

3. Strengths to continue to build on:

I like how you introduced the vocabulary at the beginning of the lesson. I like how you related
the magnets to their lives (Where have you seen a magnet?). Great visuals! This was a good
start for a science unit. Keep up the good work!

4. Suggestions for future lessons:

Remember 1st graders usually dont have much background knowledge on science or SS
subjects. Some things that might have helped would be to demonstrate with the volunteers how
the magnets would attract and repel by having them move around more. I like having them do
the yes and no independent practice, but it takes 1st graders a long time to write. Having a print
out with the words and pictures would help. Videos and hands on activities with the magnets will
also help them understand better.