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Struggling to make sense of tragedy

Friends, family grapple who appeared to have lost consciousness
with deaths of D.C. gay behind the wheel and hit the two men
while they were standing beside their
couple in Delaware crash bicycles on a sidewalk in front of the
Starboard Restaurant on Coastal Highway
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. in Dewey Beach. A police statement says the SUV, a black
2017 Chevrolet Suburban, hit Chittick
Family members and a wide circle of and Walton at the same time it struck a
friends of Richard Greg Chittick, 58, and utility pole, severing the pole along the
James D. Jimmy Walton, 53, who were ground. The police statement says the
married in D.C. in October 2016, were SUV continued across the sidewalk and
struggling this week to make sense out of entered the restaurants parking lot,
an accident on Oct. 21, in which an out-of- where it struck an unoccupied Jeep and
control SUV struck and killed the two men nally came to a stop.
on a sidewalk in Dewey Beach, Del. The statement says Walton and Chittick
According to Delaware State Police, were pronounced dead at the scene. It
the SUV was driven by a 61-year-old man says the driver of the SUV, who was said to RICHARD CHITTICK (left) and JAMES WALTON were killed Oct. 21 by an SUV while
standing in front of the Starboard Restaurant in Dewey, Del.

Harris emerges as LGBT favorite, despite trans court case

Rising Dem star
making the rounds on Facebook at the Senate
argued against gender dais brushing her hair back, clasping her
reassignment for inmate hands and blinking her eyes wearily as shes
cut o during a Senate Intelligence Committee
By CHRIS JOHNSON hearing. Also check out the widely shared video of her exchange with U.S. Attorney General
Je Sessions about his Russian connections,
Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) was likely which left the Trump ocial muttering he felt
chosen as a featured speaker at Saturdays nervous under questioning from the U.S.
Human Rights Campaign National Dinner Senates only black female senator.
because shes quickly becoming a favorite in But a look at her LGBT record reveals one
the LGBT community among potential 2020 wrinkle on transgender rights that may surprise
Democratic presidential contenders. her followers and that has disappointed some
Sen. KAMALA HARRIS (D-Calif.) is a featured speaker at this To recognize her popularity among LGBT
weekends HRC National Dinner.
people, just nd the animated picture of Harris CONTINUES ON PAGE 17


Mayor Bowser joins Danica Roem condent Area bars and clubs ready
thousands of spectators of unseating Bob Marshall to celebrate Halloween
at annual High Heel Race. in next months election. with parties and more.

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0 2 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 0 3

0 4 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 LO CA L N E W S

smiling. We anticipate were not going to have any problems here tonight.
Joining Newsham at the event were Lt. Brett Parson, who oversees the departments
Special Liaison Division, including the LGBT Liaison Unit; and Sgt. Jessica Hawkins,
supervisor of the LGBT Liaison Unit.
The event was founded and continues to be organized by the 17th Street gay bars
JR.s and Cobalt. But Sheila Alexander-Reid, director of the Mayors LGBTQ Aairs Oce,
said that for the rst time the mayors oce this year became the ocial sponsor of the
High Heel Race. The Washington Blade served as media sponsor.
Organizers named Bowser for the second year in a row as one of three grand marshals
for the race. The other two named this year were Ruby Corado, founder and executive
director of the LGBT community services center Casa Ruby; and drag performer Banaka.

Northam, Roem speak at Freddies Beach Bar

Virginia Lieutenant Gov. Ralph Northam and Danica Roem on Monday spoke
to supporters who gathered at Freddies Beach Bar in Crystal City.
Northam who is running against former Republican National Committee
The 31st annual High Heel Race was held Tuesday on 17th Street. For more photos, see pages
36-37. Chair Ed Gillespie so succeed Gov. Terry McAulie sharply criticized President
WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY Trump over his administrations decision to end the Deferred Action for
Childhood Arrivals program and a host of other issues as he spoke. Northam
also applauded Attorney General Mark Herring who announced in 2014 that

Thousands line
he would not defend Virginias same-sex marriage ban and Justin Fairfax, who
is running for lieutenant governor.
We need to welcome people to Virginia, said Northam. It shouldnt matter
your sexual orientation. It shouldnt matter the color of your skin, the country

17th Street for you come from or the religion that you practice. We are all in this together. Lets
welcome people to the commonwealth of Virginia.
Northam hugged Roem on stage as he spoke.

High Heel Race

Roem, a former journalist, is running against state Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince
William County) in the 13th District of the Virginia House of Delegates. Roem
would make history as the rst openly transgender person seated in any state
legislature in the country if she were to beat Marshall on Nov. 7.
Ive been his constituent for 26 years . . . I interviewed him for a long time,
said Roem, referring to Marshall, who is among the most vocal opponents of
Mayor, Ruby Corado serve as grand marshals LGBT rights in the General Assembly. I know why he does what he does and I
stood up this year because yeah you know what, Im really upset about (Route)
By LOU CHIBBARO JR. 28 and at the same time I want to make the point to every person throughout our commonwealth that no matter what you look like, where you come from,
how you worship or who you love, you should be celebrated because of who
D.C Mayor Muriel Bowser gave the signal for the start of the 31st annual 17th Street you are, not for what politicians like Del. Marshall tell you who you should be.
High Heel Race on Tuesday night as thousands of spectators lined both sides of the MICHAEL K. LAVERS
street to watch more than 100 runners dressed in drag compete in an event viewed as
the citys largest Halloween party.
Among the public ocials attending the race this year in addition to Bowser were City Trans student defends Frederick school policy
Council Chair Phil Mendelson; City Council member Jack Evans, whose ward hosts the
annual event; and D.C. Police Chief Peter Newsham. A 17-year-old transgender student in Frederick County, Md., led a motion
As has been the practice in past years, in the hour preceding the 9 p.m. start of in federal court on Oct. 20, to defend the county school board against a lawsuit
the race, many of the drag contestants in the race join dozens of others dressed in seeking to overturn the boards sweeping policy of protecting trans students
Halloween costumes in parading up and down 17th Street, N.W., between P and R from discrimination and harassment at school.
Streets to the loud cheers of spectators. Many of the spectators view the festivities from James van Kuilenburg, an honor student at Governor Thomas Johnson High
the upper oor windows and balconies of the apartment buildings that line the street. School in Frederick, led his motion to intervene in the case as a defendant with
We celebrate our D.C. values every single day, Bowser told the crowd from a stage the aim of presenting a separate legal argument for why the lawsuit lacks merit
set up at the starting point of the race at 17th and R St. and should be dismissed by the U.S. District Court of Maryland, according to
We are working together to build the best city in the world, she said in noting that team of attorneys representing him.
she will be part of a contingent heading for Paris later this week to advocate for D.C. to The Frederick County School Board did the right thing they created policies
be selected as the host city for the 2022 Gay Games. that arm and respect their students gender identity, said Jennifer Kent,
And I dont care who lives on Pennsylvania Avenue, she said, drawing laughter and Managing Attorney for FreeState Justice, a Maryland-based LGBT litigation group
cheers from the crowd. We are ghting every single day to protect and promote our representing van Kuilenburg.
D.C. values. So are you ready? We intend to vigorously defend these polices in the interest of our client and
Minutes later she gave the signal for a horn to be blown to start the race. aected students in Frederick County Public Schools, Kent said in a statement.
A short time later a young man dressed in drag that identied himself as Sue Pository The Frederick School Board adopted its transgender nondiscrimination policy
became the rst to cross the nish line as the winner. in June, with widespread support from the community, according to LGBT activists.
It was cool coming down the nish line knowing I had a good lead, he told the Among other things, the policy allows transgender and gender nonconforming
Washington Blade. And being able to enjoy the experience and just coming in for the students to use school bathrooms and locker rooms in accordance with their
win was cool. Everyone was cheering, he said. gender identity.
When not competing in events like the High Reel Race he said he works in D.C. as a The policy also requires schools to provide separate bathroom and locker
real estate agent. room facilities for any student that may feel uncomfortable using such a facility
Newsham said he deployed about the same number of police ocers to patrol the where a transgender student may be present.
event and divert trac away from the section of 17th Street closed for the race. LOU CHIBBARO JR.
People from all over the city come down here for the High Heel Race, he said. Its an
awesome event. If you look around you can see everybody is having fun, everybody is
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 0 5

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0 6 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 LO CA L N E W S

Roem condent going Former Vice President Joe Biden endorsed Roem last week.
Roem on Monday spoke at an event at Freddies Beach Bar in Crystal City that featured
into campaigns nal stretch Lieutenant Gov. Ralph Northam who is running against former Republican National Committee
Chair Ed Gillespie to succeed Gov. Terry McAulie and other Democratic elected ocials who
included state Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria) and Arlington County Board Chair Jay Fisette.
Equality Virginias Political Action Committee, the Human Rights Campaign, the Gay
Republican opponent continues and Lesbian Victory Fund, the Trans United Fund, the National Center for Transgender
to attack her gender identity Equality and the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence have backed Roem. LPAC on Wednesday
announced it has also endorsed Roem.
By MICHAEL K. LAVERS Roem told the Blade she expects the Victory Fund, the Trans United Fund and other LGBT groups to once again help her with voter outreach eorts before Election Day. She
also acknowledged that students and other LGBT people who live in the 13th District
HAYMARKET, Va. There were fewer may see her as an inspiration.
than a dozen people eating lunch at Theyve never seen someone like me in their home community who is talking about
Giuseppes Ristorante Italiano in downtown x Route 28 and bringing high-paying jobs to Innovation Park and extending VRE out to
Haymarket on Oct. 13 when Danica Roem Gainesville in a cost-eective way and all the other really important public policy issues
arrived shortly before 1:30 p.m. not to mention water infrastructure that we deal with here whos also like them,
Roem, who was a reporter for the said Roem. Theyve never had that and I know that because when I was growing up
Gainesville Times from 2006-2015, told here and I realized I was trans and I realized that I was dierent from my classmates, I
the Washington Blade as she ate her lunch didnt have anyone to talk to about it and I didnt have any elected ocials to emulate or
that she used to interview local ocials at to look up to in Prince William County.
the restaurant. A framed copy of a prole Marshall did not return the Blades request for comment for this story.
that Roem wrote about Giuseppes hangs As for Roem, she said she is condent that she will defeat Marshall.
near the restaurants entrance. Yes, Im a 33-year-old stepmom, Im a life-long Manassas resident, Im a journalist, Im
I can be a really good advocate for a transgender woman, Roem told the Blade. Ive got a lot of inherent identiers and
our localities at the state level, Roem DANICA ROEM told the Washington Blade Im well qualied for oce.
told the Blade, noting she covered local during a sit-down interview in Haymarket, Robocalls like that that attack transgender children and Del. Marshalls legislative
Va., that she is condent going into the nal
government for more than a decade. I stretch of her campaign against state Del. record of leaving 3,700 of his constituents uninsured when hes supposed to be the
feel like my skill set is really geared toward Bob Marshall (R-Prince William County) family values candidate and hes leaving families in danger of dying, that just strengthens
serving extremely well as a state legislator. PHOTO COURTESY OF DANICA ROEM
my resolve to soundly defeat him on Nov. 7, she added.
Roem is running against state Del. Bob
Marshall (R-Prince William County), who
has represented the 13th District of the Virginia House of Delegates since 1992. Roem,
who would be the rst openly transgender person seated in any state legislature if she
were to defeat the Prince William County Republican, sat down with the Blade less than
Bowser, Grimm headline Best of Gay D.C. party
a month before Election Day on Nov. 7.
Roem, 33, lives in the Manassas section of Prince William County. She has also worked for the D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and transgender rights advocate Gavin Grimm
Prince William Times, the National Journal and the Montgomery County Sentinel in Maryland. were greeted with tumultuous applause at the Washington Blades annual Best
Roem has made transportation, infrastructure, economic development and education of Gay D.C. Awards Party at Town Danceboutique nightclubon Oct. 19 when the
the cornerstones of her campaign. two appeared on stage to receive awards.
Marshall, who is one of the most vocal opponents of LGBT rights in the General Bowser, a strong advocate for LGBT rights, was selected by Blade readers for
Assembly, in 2011 sponsored a bill that sought to ban gays and lesbians from the the award of Best D.C. Public Ocial.
Virginia National Guard. Roem told the Blade the measure set the template for Donald Grimm, 18, who with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union led a federal
Trump attempting to ban transgender people from not just serving in the military, but lawsuit in 2015 against his school district in Gloucester County, Va., for the right to use
blocking health care coverage for their health care needs not wants, but needs. his schools boys restroom and locker room, has emerged as a nationally recognized
He did that to capable, ready, able members of the military who are actively champion for trans rights. Blade sta selected him for this years Local Hero Award.
contributing to the leadership and readiness of our military, including in Prince William In the 2017 Best of Gay D.C. Awards contest about 3,500 nominations were made
County, at Quantico, at the Marine Corps base, said Roem, referring to Trump. and 20,000 online votes were cast in 100 categories ranging from Most Committed
Marshall has also repeatedly attacked Roem and her gender identity during the campaign. Activist and Best Local Pro Sports Team to Best Real Estate Agent and Best Straight Ally.
Voters in the 13th District earlier this month received anti-trans robocalls from the American Im very proud to have been voted Best Public Ocial by the Washington Blade
Principles Project, an organization that says it supports public policy solutions that respect and readers, Bowser said after accepting the award. I secretly last year was hoping
arm: Human life from conception to natural death; the union of one man and one woman as that I would make it one day, and we did this year and Im very proud, she said.
the denition of marriage; the freedom to practice and proclaim religion; authentic economic One of the things Im proudest of is weve been able to recruit and appoint
progress for working Americans; education in service of the comprehensive development of the so many LGBTQ ocials in my cabinet. And what it reects is that the LGBTQ
person; and the legacy of immigrants in contributing to the American story. community knows that the D.C. government is welcoming and that they will
Marshall last week in an email he sent to his supporters included a link of a 2015 interview be recognized and rewarded for their talents, said Bowser, who recently
with American Principles Project Chair Sean Fieler in which he said society is wrestling announced she was running for election to a second term next year.
with the idea of whether or not we want to accept that people exist independently of their As Bowser stepped down from the stage the crowd began to chant, Four more years!
bodies as really the transgender community is claiming as we should. Fieler, who lives in Grimm said his selection for the Local Hero Award reected the eorts by him
New Jersey, donated $20,000 to Marshalls campaign on Sept. 11. and trans youth throughout the country to stand up for their rights.
Roem pointed out to the Blade that Marshall last month asked a Prince William Times I was incredibly honored, he said. I didnt expect it and it really is an incredibly deep
reporter why she uses female pronouns to refer to her and if Danicas DNA changed. honor and I was really humbled to be in the presence of so many fantastic people.
Roem said her response to Marshalls comments was to release a YouTube ad that Also drawing prolonged applause at the event was the announcement that the
shows her taking hormones and putting make up on. late Jim Vance, D.C.s longtime NBC4 News anchor, was posthumously selected
The ad also features a trans high school student from Manassas. by Blade readers for this years Best Local TV Personality Award.
My response was to take the high road, Roem told the Blade, while acknowledging Vance, 75, died in January following a prolonged battle with cancer. He worked at
some trans activists criticized the ad. Im communicating to an audience who by and NBC4 for more than 40 years, making him the citys longest serving TV news anchor.
large is extremely unfamiliar with the day-to-day life of a trans person. NBC4 meteorologist Chuck Bell appeared at the Best of Gay D.C. Party to
A second ad that highlights Roems experience as a reporter began airing on television accept the award for Vance. Bell, whos gay, won the Best Local TV Personality
earlier this month. Award in 2015 and was selected as runner-up for the award this year.
Roem raised $349,446.62 between July 1-Sept. 30, compared to $121,580.74 that Marshall LOU CHIBBARO JR.
raised during the same period. Roem has also received the backing of the Democratic
establishment and LGBT advocacy groups in Virginia and around the country.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 0 7


Take an active role in your health.

Ask your doctor if an HIV medicine made by Gilead is right for you.
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0 8 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 NATIONAL NEWS

Grenell in 92: Only whores and children wear red shoes

The 1995 Post prole piece written before Grenell met his partner of 15 years, Matt
Lashey never mentions Grenells sexual orientation.
Despite Grenells support for Trump and other GOP presidential candidates, the
article calls him a fan of then-rst lady Hillary Clinton.
Grenell didnt respond to the Blades request for comment on the 1992 remarks
about women at the time of his nomination to the Trump administration. Although the
Senate has held a conrmation hearing, it has yet to hold a vote on his conrmation as
U.S. ambassador to Germany.

ACLU, Colo. le briefs for

gay couple in Cakeshop case

RICHARD GRENELL said in 1992: Only whores and very small children wear red shoes.
Lawyers advocating for the gay couple who insist they should be able to purchase
a wedding cake from a baker under Colorado law whether the baker has religious
SCREEN CAPTURE PUBLIC DOMAIN objections or not red their opening salvo before the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday.
In the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, a pair of opening briefs was submitted
Trumps gay nominee has history by Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which argues the court should uphold
lower court decisions for Colorados Anti-Discrimination Law, and the American
of derogatory comments about women Civil Liberties Union, which is representing the same-sex couple in the lawsuit,
Charlie Craig and David Mullins.
By CHRIS JOHNSON Both briefs argue the Supreme Court should reject the claim by Jack Phillips, the Christian baker who owns Masterpiece Cakeshop and says can he refuse a
wedding cake to same-sex couples because the making of the cake is inherently
President Trumps nominee for U.S. ambassador to Germany the rst major openly an act of expression protected under the First Amendment.
gay appointment of the administration came under re in the recent past for snide The 70-page brief from the ACLU makes the case Phillip cannot be free to
comments on Twitter about the physical appearance of several prominent women discriminate on the basis of his religious views because the Colorado non-
but a 1995 Washington Post prole story on him reveals he was making such comments discrimination law is generally applicable to all businesses.
long before the arrival of social media. The bakery is not the rst business to claim a First Amendment right to
The more than 20-year-old prole piece on Ric Grenell, sent to the Washington Blade violate an anti-discrimination law because of its sincerely held religious or moral
on Saturday, takes a look at his personality long before the Trump nominee served as beliefs, the brief says. This court has never accepted that premise, and has,
spokesperson for the U.S. mission to the United Nations during the George W. Bush instead, armed repeatedly the governments ability to prohibit discriminatory
administration or as a Fox News commentator. The piece was written during Grenells days conduct over the freedom of expression, association, and religion objections
as press secretary to Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) at the dawn of the Gingrich Revolution. of entities ranging from law rms, and labor unions; to private schools, and
A key portion of the prole quotes Laurie Blackford, then a producer for Chris universities; to membership organizations open to the public; to restaurants,
Matthews long before he came to MSNBC, recalling remarks Grenell allegedly made to and newspapers. Retail bakeries should fare no dierently.
a fellow campaign staer on the 1992 Bush-Quayle re-election campaign. The brief also argues a ruling in favor of Masterpiece Cakeshop would lead to
One of our sta people came in and had on a owery dress and red shoes and Ric a slippery slope of discrimination other than against same-sex couples and in
looked at her and said, Didnt your mother ever tell you only whores and very small capacities other than wedding cakes.
children wear red shoes? Blackford is quoting as saying. If the First Amendment bars a state from applying an anti-discrimination law to
At the time the prole piece was written three years later, the Post sought a response the sale of wedding cakes because they involve artistry, then bakeries could refuse
on the remarks from Grenell, who acknowledged them as a joke. to provide cakes for an interracial or interfaith couples wedding, a Jewish boys bar
You know that was a joke, Grenell is quoted as saying while chuckling. But come mitzvah,anAfrican-Americanchildsbirthday,orawomansbusinessschoolgraduation
on. Red shoes? party, the brief says.
The remarks are consistent with comments Grenell has made about women on Mark Silverstein, legal director for the ACLU of Colorado, said in a statement a
Twitter. One 2011 tweet directed at Rachel Maddow, the lesbian MSNBC host, said she ruling in upholding Colorados non-discrimination law is essential.
needs to take a breath and put on a necklace and another compared her look to that As a nation and as a state, we decided decades ago that businesses that are
of pop singer Justin Bieber. open to the public should be open to everyone on the same terms, Silverstein
One tweet directed at Callista Gingrich questioned whether she snaps on her hair. At around said. A ruling allowing discrimination in this case would have implications far
the same time, Grenell tweeted Hillary Clinton is starting to look like Madeleine Albright. beyond LGBT people. It would put in jeopardy longstanding protections against
Grenell, who also has a history of antagonizing reporters on Twitter, deleted and discrimination here in Colorado and across the country.
apologized for those tweets years ago during his brief tenure of several days with Mitt The other 75-page brief led by Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which
Romneys 2012 presidential campaign. Although some point to the tweets as the reason determined Phillips violated the state law, asserts state laws like Colorados have
he didnt last long with the campaign, others say the appointment of a gay person to the prohibited discrimination in the United States for more than 150 years.
GOP campaign was nixed after objections from anti-gay activists. Phillips demands respect for his religious beliefs, and that respect is secured
During Grenells conrmation hearing last week, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) queried by the Constitution, the brief says. But under that same Constitution, a religious
him about his comments on Twitter about women, asking him if he regrets those words belief is no justication for a State or a business open to the general public
and can understand the concern about the impact theyll have on his role in Germany. to treat a class of people as inferior simply because of who they are.
Anybody who knows me knows that I am a very caring person and very sensitive Oral arguments will be held in the case on Dec. 5.
and I also appreciate good humor, Grenell said in response. Unfortunately, there are CHRIS JOHNSON
times where what was intended to be humorous turned out to be not so humorous,
and, again, that was never my intention and I regret that.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 0 9

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events & museum exhibitions

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film | NOV 3&4 | 7 : 3 0 P. M .

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ta l k | NOV 14 | 7 : 3 0 P. M .

V I E W F R O M A B OV E : a n WILD: michael nichol s

a s t r o n au t s p e r s p e c t i v e A Legend of Photography. Untamed.
Images of wildlife and wild places by former National Geographic
magazine Editor at Large for Photography Michael Nick
ta l k | NOV 15 | 7 : 3 0 P. M . Nicholsthe photographer who changed the way we see animals.

exhibition opens nov 15
happy hour | NOV 16 | 5 : 3 0 P. M .
to m b o f c h r i s t
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Be transported to the Holy Land via an immersive 3-D exhibition.
ta s t i n g | NOV 30 | 7 : 0 0 P. M . Learn the fascinating story of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre,
AT L A S O F B E E R an iconic Christian pilgrimage site.


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DC F17 - Blade 10/29.indd 1 10/24/17 2:13 PM


1 0 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 NATIONAL NEWS

Trans community tries to heal after Caitlyn Jenner controversy

Critics label her a then executive director of the Transgender
Law Center, that he meet with Jim Mangia,
humanitarian fraud, who Samala has known through many
protest award years serving on the Imperial Court. The
Transgender Law Center had a statewide
grant to provide training for sta
By KAREN OCAMB at Federally Qualied Health Centers but
no one wanted to participate. Mangia did.
LOS ANGELES Meeting face to face With help from a transgender advisory
was decidedly dierent from ame council, he hired and integrated trans sta
throwing on social media. in all departments.
As about 50 people crowded into the Some community members were
emergency trans community meeting at outraged to learn that Jenner was being
St. Johns Well Child & Family Centerlast honored. They were already unhappy
night, anticipation was high: Would with the selection of the new David
sparring leaders bash each other in France documentary on the life of Marsha
person or respect Mother Karina P. Johnson for the TransNation Film
enough to settle down, really listen to Festival. Transgender activist, lmmaker
each other, and try to heal from hurt and writer Reina Gossett had accused
before celebrating everyones shero France in Teen Vogue of stealing her
Jazzmun Nichcala Crayton. Trans super work, her years of research on Johnson
star Laverne Cox presented the actress, Some community members were outraged to learn that CAITLYN JENNER was being honored.
for a lm that debuted on Netix while
activist, model, and spiritual leader she was borrowing money to pay rent.
with the Marsha P. Johnson Trailblazer WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY MICHAEL KEY They didnt buy Frances explanation on
AwardSaturdaynight at the TransNation Facebook that Nothing in the lms
Eleganza gala atThe Cicada Club. prompted by political dierences, with her for allowing the media to portray concept, research or execution came
Despite all the issues and obstacles intrigue, gossip, racism, classism, ageism her as one of the two biggest voices in from anyone outside of this process or
Hollywood has historically presented, and all the other isms that plague the the transgender community. The other our immediate team.
Jazzmun a trailblazer herself is larger society. And as the play and lm was Laverne Cox. Trans media activist Ashlee Marie
grateful for the transgender talent that has Boys in the Band documented so well, The trans community felt that made Preston, who had already publicly
come before her. Following thedeaths of sometimes the attacks can be vicious and Eleganza the Caitlyn Jenner show, highlighting challenged Jenner, calling her a
Holly Woodlawn, Lady Chablis, and Alexis soul-wounding. But unlike past battles, her rather than Jazzmun, TransLatina humanitarian fraud, took the lead,
Arquette, Jazzmun honors trans pioneers deep-claw ghting on social media in Coalition founder Bamby Salcedo says. posting a petition on The
and legends: They opened doors and the era of Donald Trump can spread and She would steal the show. We didnt want LGBTQ community has given Caitlyn
kept doors open so that the rest of us can generate more chaos, misunderstanding that, especially since the community didnt Jenner SEVERAL attempts to right her
continue to walk through them. They did and retaliation than ever before. These recognize her as a voice for the community. wrongs, but her cognitive dissonance and
their job and did it so well that it allowed cuts, often posted on Facebook in the The media made her into that. stubborn arrogance have prevented her
people to start thinking about us, putting heat of an argument, can cut to the bone Additionally, Salcedo says, the decision from formally apologizing to us and vowing
us on their radar. They did it so well that and leave a festering infection. to honor Jenner didnt come from the to do better, the petition said.Therefore;
they brought a joy, dignity and pride to Thats what happened after the trans sta. Their voice was not counted. we (Trans Liberation Now) ask that St.
being a person of trans experience, TransNation production team selected Diana Feliz Oliva, the Transgender Johns Well Child & Family Center rescind
Addison Rose Vincent wrote about Caitlyn Jenner for an honor alongside Health Program Manager, explained that their award/honor on 10/21/17. Failure
Jazzmun on HuPost. Jazzman. Jenner had given two checks she was away at the US Conference on to meet that demand will result in a
But the strife around this years from her foundation totaling $50,000 to AIDS in Washington that early September demonstration at the Eleganza Gala.
TransNation Film Festival a benet for St. Johns transgender program and had when the TransNation Planning Preston collected more than 2,000
the unique and critical free transgender served as a judge for the Eleganza beauty Committee apparently thought it was a signatures on the petition. The St. Johns
healthcare program at St. Johns Well Child pageant last year, without incident, good idea to honor Jenners foundation. sta met with Jenner, after which Jenner
& Family Center in South Los Angeleswas though there were scattered boos when Program sta member Queen Victoria said she declined the honor in the spirit
so intense, Karina Samala, a highly regarded her name was announced. Ortega, a longtime community activist, of unity and love. She added: Trans
trans activist for more than 20 years, called Jenner came out as a Trump-supporting was also not involved in the decision- people understand what its like to be
a community meeting to air grievances and Republican during her reality TV show, I making because she was at the clinic. judged for who we are, and dened by a
initiate healing with riKu Matsuda, who Am Cait, but it was clear she was clueless So Olivia relied on feedback from the world that doesnt understand us, so lets
works for the LA County Human Relations about what Trumps politics actually meetings, after which she brought it to present a united front in support of St.
Commission, serving as facilitator. meant and was stubbornly certain she her trans sta of eight. Johns Trans Health Program. I am with
Matsuda established rules that all could help. It was often agonizing to watch As you can imagine, I was a little bit you, and I am here to help.
agreed to abide by, including no cell the brilliant Jennifer Boylan and trans shocked, Olivia says of nding out about The sta issued a statement
phones, no recordings or video and no diva Chandi Moore try to educate Jenner the decision made in her absence. acknowledging their mistake.
identied direct quotes to the press or about the real ways of the world for trans Jenner had previously visited the clinic For us, it has always been about the
on social media. The exception was Jim folk, when money cant buy you love. with the Arcus Foundation and met the sta, patients who we serve. We have managed
Mangia who could speak briey and in The heat was really on after Trump who told her how the program was saving to focus on the human impact over
general terms as theout CEO of St. Johns. surprisingly won the election and Jenner and improving lives. Jenner couldnt believe politics. But, in todays political climate,
Therefore, this story has been constructed stuck with the MAGA hat, though she more people didnt know about the work we realize that it is increasingly dicult
from pre-community meeting interviews, continued to evolve, learn about and and on the spot contributed a check for to separate the two especially because
transcripts or citation from public contribute to the LGBT community, many $25,000. The sta concluded she was nice transgender lives are at risk every day
utterances on Facebook and background of whom viewed her as an unwelcome but a baby trans who could be educated. under this new administration. This
conversations with participants. rich Trump lackey. Even after Jenner Indeed, the trans program has been an reality has renewed our commitment to
The LA transgender community is blasted Trump for his shocking ban on oasis in the hostile desert of persistent work to create positive change and bring
not monolithic. As with other minority trans military service members, many transphobia. The program started after members of our community together to
communities, there is inghting in the trans community remained upset Karina Samala suggested to Masen Davis, heal, the statement reads in part.
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1 2 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 I N T E RN A T I O N A L N E W S

Panama judge rules against

marriage equality: report
A judge on the Panama Supreme Court has reportedly issued a draft ruling on
whether to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples.
La Estrella, a Panamanian newspaper, reported Justice Luis Ramn Fbrega has
concluded the two portions of the countrys family code that prevent gays and
lesbians from marrying in the Central American country are not unconstitutional.
La Estrella also reported the draft ruling leaves the door open for members of the
National Assembly to legislate on civil unions between people of the same sex.
Equality must be constitutionally guaranteed via the law, wrote Fbrega, according to
La Estrella. It is incumbent upon the Assembly to pass the necessary laws to comply with
the purposes and the exercise of the states duties as outlined under the constitution.
A Panamanian television station reported it obtained a copy of the draft ruling from
sources within the countrys judiciary, even though it has not been released publicly.
A gay couple led a lawsuit in which they seek formal recognition of their
U.K. marriage in Panama. A second lawsuit challenges the provisions of the
Panamanian family code that bans same-sex couples from marrying.
The Supreme Court heard oral arguments in both lawsuits over the summer.
They have been combined into one case.
Carlos Ernesto Gonzlez, a lawyer from Morgan & Morgan, which is the largest law
KARLA AVELAR has sought refuge in Ireland after she and her mother received threats in El rm in Panama, represents the plaintis in the marriage cases. Freedom to Marry
founder Evan Wolfson; Hunter T. Carter of the New York City Bar Association, who
PHOTO COURTESY OF KARLA AVELAR works with advocates throughout Latin America who are seeking marriage rights for
same-sex couples in their respective countries, and Herman Duarte of the Costa Rica-
based Fundacin Igualitos are among those who led amicus briefs with the court.
Trans activist from El Salvador seeks refuge in Ireland Ivn Chanis Barahona, a gay Panamanian lawyer who once lived in D.C., is
working pro bono on the cases.
He told the Washington Blade last month during an interview in Panama City
SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador A transgender activist in El Salvador has sought refuge that Fbrega will share his ruling with the eight other judges on the Supreme Court.
in Ireland. Chanis said he was optimistic the Supreme Court would rule in favor of the plaintis,
Karla Avelar made the announcement in a letter she addressed to her colleagues in the even though it remains unclear when it would release their nal decision.
countrys LGBTI rights movement and at Comunicando y Capacitando a MujeresTrans, a trans We have a really solid case, Chanis told the Blade.
advocacy group known by the acronym COMCAVIS-TRANS that she founded and directed. Neighboring Colombia is among the Latin America countries and jurisdictions
Avelar in her letter said she left El Salvador because of concerns about her safety in which same-sex couples can legally marry.
and that of her family. The activist and her mother were subject to threats to their The Inter-American Court of Human Rights in 2012 ruled in favor of Karen
physical and mental security, and she felt obligated to seek refuge outside the country Atala, a lesbian judge from Chile who lost custody of her three daughters to
as a result. her ex-husband because of her sexual orientation. The landmark decision
I strongly believe that my activism was pure and genuine but it is time to think a established a legal precedent throughout Latin America.
little about my safety and the security of my family who accompany me in this new Panamanian First Lady Lorena Castillo who was the grand marshal of Panama Citys
challenge, said Avelar in her open letter. Pride parade in July and Vice President Isabel de Saint Malo are among the ocials who
She was the victim of two attacks with a rearm in the 1990s. The U.N. High publicly support marriage rights for same-sex couples. The Panamanian Roman Catholic
Commissioner for Human Rights has urged the Salvadoran government to protect the Church and evangelical groups have spearheaded the opposition to the issue.
LGBTI human rights defender. Chanis noted to the Blade that President Juan Carlos Varela who is Catholic
In spite of this adversity, Avelar always emphasizes how proud she feels that she is a has never gone all the way to say yes or no to marriage equality. Chanis said Varela
human rights defender for trans women in El Salvador, work that she has done since 1994. irted with the idea of civil partnerships for same-sex couples during an interview.
To work in the ght for the human rights of my community is part of my conviction, MICHAEL K. LAVERS
Avelar told the Blade during an interview on Sept. 22 of this year. This is the vision that
I have for the future, to see that my country gets better.
Avelar is the rst trans nalist in the history of the prizes that the Martin Ennals Situation for LGBT Chechens remains perilous
Foundation awards to human rights defenders.
She was the victim of extortion by gang members two days after the foundation Advocates say that the situation in Chechnya remains dire roughly six months
announced her nomination. after initial reports of arrests, torture and killings of LGBT Chechens emerged.
Avelar led a complaint with the attorney generals oce and an article about it It should not be like this. We are all people. We all have rights, Maxim
appeared on the front page of a local newspaper the next day. Laponov said in a press conference on Monday outside the Moscow oces of
The same prosecutor leaked the information, Avelar told the Blade. A system that is Novaya Gazeta, an independent Russian newspaper that broke the story of the
supposed to be safe for all citizens who le a complaint is the same one that is violating crackdown. If those rights can be violated [in Chechnya], it could happen in any
you and makes you visible to your aggressor. region. And no one knows whose son or daughter will be next.
Avelar took additional security measures after she was threatened: She moved and Lapunov is the rst of the victims of the Chechen gay purge, as it is commonly
changed her cell phone and used two passwords to protect her email account. But all of called, to come forward formally with his story.
this protection was not enough, and her main concern was for her mother. The only charge they made was that I was gay, Lapunov said at the press conference.
What truly worries me right now is the last time that I had contact with them they I could hardly walk. I was sure they were going to kill me, I was preparing for that.
emphatically told me that they were going to look for me in October, when I was He spoke about his 12 days in captivity, telling reporters how he was thrown in
presumably going to return from the awards ceremony, Avelar told the Blade. a blood-soaked cell and could hear the screaming and groans of other captives
Avelar was notied about a request for refuge made on her behalf while she was on receiving brutal beatings as ocers interrogated him.
a world tour as part of her nomination for the Martin Ennals Award. They beat me with a stick for a long time: In the legs, ribs, buttocks and back.
According to statements made by Cruz Torres, director of sexual diversity for El When I started to fall, they pulled me up and carried on, Lapunov said. Every
Salvadors Secretary of Social Inclusion, approximately 600 LGBTI people have been day they assured me they would kill me, and told me how.
killed in the country since 1993. MICHAEL K. LAVERS
Michael K. Lavers contributed to this article.

L O CA L NEW S O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 1 3

Gay D.C. couple killed in Delaware SUV crash

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 01 and Jimmy Walton in their respective Rehoboth before they got their own said at least one media report that the
hometowns of Alpena, Mich., for Chittick, house there, Klenert said. And since driver had died was incorrect.
have suered an acute medical event, and Newport, Ark., for Walton. then they have invited me to stay at their If I had run over and killed two
was taken to Beebe Hospital in nearby Bruce Chittick said his brother was born Rehoboth place. Everybody that knew people I think I would be reaching out
Lewes, Del., for treatment. in Pontiac, Mich., and grew up in nearby them liked them, he said. to the families and I would want to be
Neither impairment nor distraction is Alpena, Mich., where he graduated from Adair said her mother called Delaware accountable in some way and I would do
believed to be a factor in the crash, says Alpena High School. He later graduated State Police to inquire about the driver everything humanly possible to nd out
the statement, which adds that the driver from the University of Michigan at of the SUV that hit her brother and Greg what happened and make sure it would
was from New York but the vehicle had a Dearborn. After moving to Los Angles Chittick. Her mother told her a police never happen again, Adair told the Blade.
Florida registration. shortly after college, Chittick moved to D.C. representative said the driver had been And I just need to know, she said,
The statement also says the driver, in the late 1990s, his brother said, where released from the hospital but declined about what really happened and why. Its
whose name wasnt released, had not he worked as a nancial analyst for one to provide any additional information. killing us. Im a Christian. My family, were
been charged by police as of early Sunday. or more consulting companies that did A State Police spokesperson, when Christians and we are all about forgiveness.
Authorities were continuing to investigate contract work for the federal government. contacted by the Blade, declined to And Im perfectly willing to forgive him,
the crash and issued an appeal to the Friends from Washington and provide information about the driver she said. But I just dont know if Im going
public seeking witnesses to the incident, Rehoboth have said Chittick changed other than what police had released in two to be able to sleep at night knowing that
police said. careers in the mid-2000s when he started written statements on the day following this person has just left the hospital and
Investigators are requesting that a home renovation company. Those the crash. However, the spokesperson thats that, you know?
anyone who may have witnessed the who knew him said he established a
crash or otherwise encountered the reputation as an excellent contractor for
involved vehicle prior to the collision home renovation work. His brother said
occurring, to please contact Corp. N. that about three years ago, however,
DeMalto of the Collision Reconstruction he went back to his original career as a Walk to End HIV slated for Saturday
Unit, Troop 7, at 302-703-3267, the police nancial analyst.
statement says. Adair said her brother Jimmy worked Stand With Us, the
In a Facebook posting on the day as a graphic designer for consulting 31st annual Walk/Run
following the crash, Waltons sister, Kendra companies that had contracts with to End HIV is Saturday,
Walton Adair, said her brother and Chittick the government. Oct. 28 starting and
were married and lived in D.C. She said she and her family enjoyed ending at Freedom
My heart is broken, she wrote in her visiting Greg and Jimmy at their homes Plaza at the intersection
posting. Yesterday my brother Jimmy in D.C. and Rehoboth, especially in of Pennsylvania Avenue
Walton and his husband Greg Chittick August of 2014 when Greg organized a and 13th St., N.W.
were killed in a tragic accident in Delaware. big celebration for Jimmy Waltons 50th Check-in begins at 7
I cant even begin to wrap my head around birthday. She said she witnessed Gregs a.m. The 5k begins at 9:15
this, she wrote. Our families desperately skills in home renovation when he and a.m. The walk begins at
need your prayers as we mourn the loss of Jimmy visited her home in Arkansas and 9:20. Post-event activities
two beautiful people. Greg immediately went to work adjusting start at 10.
In interviews on Tuesday, Kendra the doors to her kitchen cabinets so they Packet pick-up is The Walk/Run to End HIV is Saturday.
Adair and Greg Chitticks brother, Bruce opened and closed without making noise. Friday, Oct. 27 between
Chittick, said they and Greg and Jimmys Adair said the pain she and her family 11 a.m.-7 p.m. at Pacers
wide circle of friends in D.C. and Rehoboth are experiencing over Jimmy and Gregs (1821 14th St., N.W.) so
Beach, where the two had a home, were untimely death has been eased a little by participants will have their T-shirts ahead of time. If unable to do so, T-shirts will
struggling over the loss of two people the outpouring of supportive messages also be available at Freedom Plaza.
who were beloved by so many. shes been receiving on Facebook. Many Although online registration has closed, runners can register in person at
Bruce Chittick, whos a minister, said he who are writing supportive messages Pacers or on site starting at 7 a.m.
performed his brother and Jimmy Waltons never knew her brother or his husband but Both individuals and teams may participate. Top teams so far this year
outdoor wedding in October 2016 at a read about their deaths in the newspapers include Team PwC with $14,458 raised, Gilead Sciences with $50,000 raised and
small picturesque park in D.C.s Kalarama or happened to see her initial Facebook Whitman-Walker Health with $66,988 raised. Top-raising individuals are Kevin
neighborhood called Spanish Steps. posting about the fatal crash. Waldorf-Cruz with $5,198, Dave Kirkland with $8,500 and Randy Pumphrey with
In reminiscing about his brother, Bruce Complete strangers sent touching $8,825 raised as of Wednesday.
Chittick said, I would just say that he loved messages, she said. Its unbelievable. At last years event, held Nov. 12, 2016, about $715,000 was raised and about
Jimmy and he loved his friends and loved And it means so much to my family. 3,200 walkers and runners participated. Whitman-Walker ocials say theyre on
spending time with his friends. And they Some of those who sent messages were track to get similar numbers this year. Proceeds have held steady in that range
really found a sense of community and employees or customers of the Starboard for about the last ve years, Whitman-Walker ocials said.
family there in D.C. and Rehoboth. And Restaurant where the accident occurred. The Walk & 5k to End HIV is Whitman-Walkers largest annual fundraiser,
that was incredibly meaningful for them. My sister and I have every intention said David Mallory, director of annual giving for Whitman-Walker Health. The
He and Kendra Adair said Greg Chittick of going there to the Starboard in person generosity of the community through supporting the walk allows us to continue
and Jimmy Walton spent many weekends just to thank them, she said. She noted to provide critical and lifesaving HIV care to thousands.
in a home they owned in Rehoboth. They that some of the restaurants employees On both Saturday and Sunday, a Brunch to End HIV will also be held for the
said the couples primary residence was and customers have placed owers and second year. Participating restaurants will donate a portion of their proceeds
in D.C.s Beekman Place condominium pumpkins at the site where the crash both days to Whitman-Walker. Participating restaurants include the Lincoln,
development in Northwest D.C. took place as a memorial for her brother Quarter+Glory, Shaws Tavern, Teddy & the Bully Bar, Dirty Habit, Declaration,
Adair and Bruce Chittick told the Blade and Greg Chittick. Exiles, Brabo and Compass Rose.
that friends of the couple along with their D.C. LGBT rights advocate John Klenert, Whitman-Walker oers high-quality, culturally competent health care in
respective family members planned to who knew Chittick and Walton and Washington with a special expertise in LGBT and HIV care. Full details at
arrange a memorial service for the two attended their wedding, said the couple
men in D.C. in the near future. They was widely known and liked in both JOEY DiGUGLIELMO
said their families would rst arrange Rehoboth and D.C.
for funeral services for Greg Chittick They stayed at my rental place in

NATIONAL NEWS O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 1 7

Harris called LGBT champion, despite trans court case

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 01 understanding of our issues. a result, she was able to obtain surgery policies at the Department of Corrections,
On transgender issues in particular, through Medi-Cal, a state health care and thats a really signicant thing.
trans people. Zbur noted Harris as attorney general system in California. In the Quine case, At the time Harris engaged in the litigation
To be sure, Harris has a staunchly appointed last year a transgender the state agreed to grant her gender in 2015, Jon Davidson, legal director for
pro-LGBT record. As California attorney woman of color, Mariana Marroquin, to reassignment surgery as well as clothing Lambda Legal, said the attorney generals
general, she declined to defend the California Racial & Identity Proling and items consistent with her gender actions were her own choice.
Californias ban on same-sex marriage Advisory Board. identity. The California Department Even where the decision is made to
Proposition 8 in court. When the U.S. Harris will likely tout her record on of Corrections & Rehabilitation also defend an unconstitutional practice,
Supreme Court restored marriage LGBT rights during her remarks at the agreed to review and revise its policies theres nothing that dictates the tactics
equality to California, she ociated at 21st annual Human Rights Campaign writ large for transgender inmates and of that defense, particularly once a
the wedding of Kris Perry and Sandy National Dinner. medical treatment, including gender court has found there are likely ongoing
Stier, the rst same-sex wedding after But one part of her record she might reassignment surgery. constitutional violations, Davidson said.
the ruling, and instructed clerks to marry avoid is her role as California attorney But Harris actions in the Norsworthy The choice to appeal a preliminary
same-sex couples seeking a license with general in 2015 in arguing on behalf of the case have inspired consternation in the court order and to seek to delay its
no exceptions. state to withhold gender reassignment transgender community and on Twitter, implementation is just that a choice.
Also as attorney general, Harris in 2015 surgery from two transgender inmates including from Chelsea Manning, who Its also a very unfortunate one, given that
refused to certify a Kill the Gays ballot who were prescribed the procedure while fought to receive gender reassignment what is at stake here is potentially life-
initiative proposed in California that serving out their sentences. Advocates surgery though litigation during her time saving treatment that is widely recognized
would have (unconstitutionally) instituted have made the case that transgender in prison after the Army initially denied as medically necessary for some people
the death penalty for homosexual acts. inmates are entitled to receive the it to her. (A Washington Blade article suering from gender dysphoria.
Despite a legal challenge, a federal judge taxpayer-funded procedure because on Harris brief against the court order It seems the cases werent on Harris
agreed to relieve her of duty to prepare denying them medical treatment amounts is among the papers top 10 tracked radar, even though her name is on each
a title and summary for the measure to cruel and unusual punishment a stories this year the only story not of the legal briefs, until much later in the
before it advanced to the signature- clear violation of the Eighth Amendment from 2017 to hold that distinction.) process of litigation.
gathering stage. of the U.S. Constitution. Zbur said criticism of Harris role in the Nathan Barankin, whos chief of sta
Harris also co-sponsored a bill in One case involved Shiloh Quine, litigation, however, is really misplaced for Harris and served as her deputy
the California Legislature with former whos serving a term of life for rst- because as attorney general she was attorney general, said around 1,100
Assembly member Susan Bonilla to degree murder, kidnapping and robbery. compelled to represent the position of her attorneys are working on cases like these
eliminate the gay panic defense in The other case involved Michelle-Lael client, which in this case was the California and Harris wasnt personally aware or
cases of murder or violent crime against Norsworthy, who was serving time in Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation. involved in the litigation until a later time.
LGBT people. Gov. Jerry Brown signed prison in Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, As a lawyer for the government, She did learn about our oces
the legislation in 2014, making California, Calif., for second-degree murder. Both she was constrained in what she could involvement in this case by reading
along with Illinois, one of two states in were prescribed gender reassignment publicly say and do and her client was about it in the newspaper, Barankin
the country to ban the plea. surgery, but the California Department making decisions, but with us she really said. Her reaction to the way the case
Upon beginning her term as a U.S. of Corrections & Rehabilitation refused working hard to understand the issue, was being litigated was to work very
senator this year, Harris continued to to provide the procedure. providing information, and I think she closely with all of the parties involved
advocate for LGBT rights. A co-sponsor The process of the Norsworthy was a big part of the resolution, which to reach what we consider a successful
of the Equality Act, Harris also demanded case was quite public as it proceeded resulted in the really signicant policy conclusion, which was a permanent
answers from the Trump administration through litigation. Although U.S. District changes that were implemented by the change in state prison policy on the
on the decision to omit questions in Judge Jon Tigar ordered California to Department of Corrections when she treatment of transgender inmates.
the U.S. Census allowing responders to grant Norsworthy gender reassignment was attorney general, Zbur said. Two years later after the settlements were
identify their sexual orientation or gender surgery, Harris in her capacity as attorney But the argument Harris was compelled reached, Lambda Legal struck a dierent
identity. The Trump administration never general appealed the decision to the U.S. to ght the court order granting gender tone on Harris handling of the lawsuit.
provided a direct response. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and fought reassignment surgery to an inmate Peter Renn, a senior attorney in the
Harris has signed friend-of-the-court to reverse the decision. because that was her responsibility as Western Regional Oce of Lambda Legal
briefs arguing transgender people One 29-page brief in the case, signed attorney general raises the question on who works on transgender cases, said the
should be allowed to use the public by Harris, urges a stay on the court how she got out of similar duties in an situation changed in the lawsuits as Harris
restroom consistent with their gender order for Norsworthy because the eort to uphold LGBT rights. If Harris became more involved in the litigation.
identity. As California attorney general, hormone treatment the inmate receives could get out of defending Proposition 8 The California AGs oce shifted its
she led briefs in favor of Obama is sucient at least for the time being. or certifying the Kill the Gays initiative, handling of these cases signicantly after
administration guidance supporting The core of Ms. Norsworthys complaint why couldnt she also opt out of litigation now-Sen. Harris took over, Renn said.
transgender students and against North is that Defendants have not provided seeking to bar transition-related care to a Initially there was language in brieng
Carolinas notoriously anti-LGBT House the particular treatment she wants sex- transgender inmate? for the state that glaringly misunderstood
Bill 2. As a U.S. senator, she signed a brief reassignment surgery and unspecied Zbur said the dierence between the medical necessity of transition-
before the U.S. Supreme Court in favor of additional treatment, Harris writes. But the transgender inmate litigation and related medical care and was patently
transgender student Gavin Grimms case. the Constitution does not guarantee to the other two situations was that in oensive. But then, there was a dramatic
Rick Zbur, executive director of a prisoner the treatment of his choice. the former, Harris had a specic client, change, which seems to have gone along
Equality California, said Harris record on The Eighth Amendment requires that an namely, the California Department of with important policy shifts.
LGBT rights in her capacities as attorney inmate be aorded reasonable measures Corrections & Rehabilitation. Supporters of Harris point to the
general and a U.S. senator are nothing to meet a substantial risk of serious harm When you have a client, you basically settlements that were reached in the
short of impeccable. to her, not that she be given the specic have ethical duties to represent the cases as evidence that her role was
Weve known her since she was the care she demands. The essential test is clients interest, Zbur said. You take productive for transgender rights. After
DA in San Francisco, and then of course, one of medical necessity and not one direction from the client. And so, she did all, those agreements created precedent
when she as attorney general was more simply of desirability. really have constraints in terms of what in the state and new policy ensuring
engaged than any attorney general has Ultimately, both the Norsworthy and she could do, but I think the bottom line transgender people in California prisons
been with us in the LGBTQ community, Quine cases resulted in settlements. is that during that period of time, she can receive gender reassignment surgery.
Zbur said. [She] really engaged with us Norsworthy reached an agreement with was working hand-in-hand with us on
and has a really strong commitment and the state in which she obtained parole. As a process that resulted in changing the

18 OC T OB E R 27, 2017 H E A LT H N E W S

Minneapolis may lift bathhouse ban

MINNEAPOLIS About 50 residents gathered at a gay bar this week to discuss
the possibility of lifting Minneapolis ban on bathhouses, City Pages reports.
OutFront Minnesota representatives oered a legal analysis and the Red Door
Clinic sta gave a health perspective. Audience members said gay group sex parties
are common here, often taking place at homes or hotel rooms. Now that PrEP has
been embraced as a reliable HIV-prevention technique, some argue that a centralized,
clean, controlled site that oers shame-free regular testing would be welcomed.
Educated at Brown, Harvard, But the city is holding to a 30-year-old city law that denes HIV as an irreversible
and uniformly fatal disease that led to the closing of the citys bathhouses in
and Johns Hopkins 1986 and prevents new ones from being able to open.
Minneapolis used this so-called bathhouse ordinance last year to raid and
Washingtonian Magazine Top Doc close down a popular, unlicensed gay sex club operating out of a warehouse
US News & World Report in north Minneapolis. The owner had to move the weekly parties to a smaller,
private residence. The sex went on, just without testing that the Red Door Clinic
Top 1% of Doctors in USA health workers used to oer at the former location, City Pages reports.
At the time, city ocials spoke of rewriting the ordinance and researching
Dual Board Certified: Minneapolis appetite for a commercial sex venue. But as the year winds toward
Facial Plastic Surgery its close, the city has not oered the expected changes.
Body Plastic Surgery Speakers implied that the citys refusal to address scientic prevention
advances has an anti-sex, anti-gay undertone, City Pages reports.

Porn affects how gay men view themselves

NEW YORK Gay and bi men who watch porn report greater body-related stress
and anxiety, body dissatisfaction and eating disorders as well as negative body
analysis compared to straight men who watch porn, a new study has found.
A survey of more than 1,000 gay men published in the Archives of Sexual
Behavior last month found that between 96-99 percent of gay men watch porn
vs. 72-76 percent of straight men.
In an interview with Vice, one of the studys authors Jerey T. Parsons, a
professor at Hunter College and founder of its Center for HIV Educational
Studies and Training, said that the links between negative body image, engaging
in risky sex and not taking HIV medication on time stem from from the broader
mental health issues that gay men still grapple with on a daily basis: stigma,
discrimination, stress from being part of a marginalized group.
Greater consumption of porn was directly related to more negative body attitude
and both depressive and anxious behavior. There was also a signicant indirect eect
of porn consumption on depressive and anxious symptoms through body attitude.
One Supreme Court decision didnt reverse decades of discrimination, he
Laser Liposuction told Vice. If you add Trumps daily threats to the LGBT community and overlay
that with the feeling I feel bad about my body, the idea of then taking your
Pec and Ab Etching HIV medications its like, Well, maybe Ill just put that aside because Im feeling
Facial Rejuvenation so depressed and anxious and unhappy with how I look. Some people really
Gynecomastia allow the negativity they feel in their body to limit how well they take care of
their health.
Laser Hair Removal
Botox & Skin Care
Anti-gay church teaching takes toll: study
Transgender Surgeries
Ultherapy SYDNEY, Australia Faith leaders who insist same-sex couples should not be able
to marry even those who also promote love and support for LGB people may be
causing serious harm to the mental health of LGB individuals, the author of a new study
CALL TO ASK on the impacts of religious anti-gay prejudice has said, ABC Online in Australia reports.

LGBT people have frequently been shown in previous studies to have poorer
mental health outcomes than their heterosexual counterparts, resulting in part


from the stress that prejudice and anti-gay discrimination can cause.
But in the new study, published this week in the American Journal of
Orthopsychiatry, researchers from Macquarie University found both LGB and
heterosexual people who were exposed to even subtle religious anti-gay prejudice,
such as disapproval of same-sexuality among religious groups, displayed higher
levels of stress, shame, depression and anxiety, ABC Online reports.
The four-year study surveyed 1,600 individuals in the United States across a range
of metrics including mental health, the level of perceived conict between religion
and sexuality, social support, experiences of abuse as well as drug and alcohol use.
Respondents were also invited to rate perceived or encountered disapproval of same-
sex sexuality from family, friends, their school and workplace, as well as faith communities.
It found that religious anti-gay prejudice also negatively impacted straight people.

FITNESS OC T OB E R 27, 2017 19

The coffee question

The good, bad and ugly of pre-workout Joe

For many, coee is a key part of the

morning ritual. A cup of coee wakes
you up, gets you ready for the day
and often can just make us happy.
Coee also can be tremendously
benecial to your workout if used in
the appropriate dosages. Improved
DAVID MAGIDA is founder of Elevate Interval Fit- eciency, fatigue and pain
ness, a member of the Reebok Spartan Race Pro resistance and a boost of energy
Team and author of The Essentials of Obstacle
Racing: A Beginners Guide. You can catch a class
are all noticeable benets from pre-
with him at Elevate on 14th Street or at its new workout coee. However, excessive
location in the Mosaic District in Fairfax, Va. coee use can lead to a number of
issues with your body. Its time to
take the deep dive into the good, the bad and the ugly of coee with your workout.
The good:
Theres no doubt coee can give you an edge in many ways. When you wake
up, coee in the morning may be part of your routine. Establishing a routine and
keeping it allows you to get your day started with a nice rhythm and can help
you focus on attacking your workout head on right out of the gates. So theres
certainly a mental advantage to coee in the morning.
Physically, we all know that the caeine in a cup of Joe can boost your energy,
but did you know it can also provide your muscles with resistance to fatigue?
This enables you to train harder and faster, maximizing your benets and
improving your overall eciency. The caeine can even numb your muscles to
the pain you feel from things like muscular stress, exhaustion and even lactic
acid buildup. Numbing your muscles just a hair enables you to squeeze every
last bit out of them.
The bad:
But lets be honest, coee can boost your performance but it isnt some miracle
drug to make you better. It also has a few adverse eects worth noting. Before
you chug six cups of java and try to knock out your next big training session,
remember that caeine is a diuretic. Simultaneously, it can alter your bodys
PH balance, shifting you to slightly more acidic. In combination, this can lead to
dehydration and even muscular cramping as a result. Theres a ne balance of a
cup or two to create maximum benet without going overboard and negatively
impacting your body.
Coee can also make you jittery and give that achy, anxious feeling when you
drink too much and begin sweating before you even start your workout. Its not
a great feeling. And if you train at night, you risk sacricing sleep just because
you ingested a cup of coee a few hours before bed. That sleep is key for your
recovery, to allow you to absorb as much as you can from your workout. Timing
with your coee is key. And lets not forget, pre-workout caeine presents an
even trickier issue to deal with: accelerating your digestive system.
The ugly:
When you consume large doses of caeine, your digestive system, specically
your gastro-intestinal (GI) tract can start to work on hyper drive. The end result
can vary, but excessive caeine can lead to GI distress, abdominal pain bloating
and even, you guessed it, the runs. This is the type of thing that can completely
derail your workout. Nobody needs a rhythm breaker like that. If youre training
properly, the workout itself is already dicult enough to throw GI concerns into
the mix. The potential associated pain is also nothing to joke about. This can be
the stu of nightmares, so to avoid it, be sure to limit your coee intake to one
or two cups maximum before training. And, to be safe, you may want to leave
yourself an hour or two for nature to run its course before heading to the gym
or out on a run.
This isnt meant to scare you away from your pre-workout java ritual. If it
works for you, absolutely keep on consuming it. But consider the quantity if
your consumption, the length and intensity of your workout and the time gap
until your session begins before chugging that Venti. Youll avoid any potential
disasters. And used in just the right dosage, it will allow you to crush your
workout or even your competition.

2 0 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 VIEWPOINT


Why is White House ADDRESS

PO Box 53352
Washington DC 20009

ignoring the Blade?

Thats a stark contrast from briengs dur- suggests something else is at work. Brown Na Pitts Omnimedia, Inc.
Press secretary hasnt called Weve tried to resolve this situation PUBLISHER
ing each year of the Obama administration
on LGBT outlet since May when press secretaries Robert Gibbs, Jay Car- through email correspondence with Sanders.
LYNNE J. BROWN ext. 8075
ney and Josh Earnest would take my ques- She told me skipping over the Blade was not EDITORIAL
tions regularly. President Obama called on at all purposeful and said shed make a point EDITOR
me himself during his nal press conference. of calling on me during the next brieng. But KEVIN NAFF ext. 8088
The current situation is sadly consistent when the next brieng rolls around, she still
with the treatment of the Blade during the doesnt call on the Blade. Sanders has given JOEY DIGUGLIELMO
George W. Bush administration. That was us repeated assurances shed call on the ext. 8081
before my time, but the White House out- Blade, but never follows through. SR. NEWS REPORTER
right refused to credential the Blade for news Given the anti-LGBT actions of the LOU CHIBBARO JR. ext. 8079
conferences during Bushs second term as he Trump administration, perhaps it should NEWS REPORTER
CHRIS JOHNSON is chief political reporter for
the Washington Blade. pushed for a Federal Marriage Amendment. come as no surprise the top spokesperson CHRIS JOHNSON
The Blade has otherwise been credentialed doesnt want to take ownership of the poli- ext. 8083
since the Reagan administration. cies under questioning from the only LGBT REPORTER & INTERNATIONAL NEWS EDITOR
Time to level with our readers: the Washing- Cut to today: The White House refuses to publication in the brieng room.
ton Blade has eectively been iced out from take inquiries from the only LGBT publication But there might be something more to POP CULTURE REPORTER
asking questions in the White House brieng in the White House at a time when the ad- ignoring the Blade: Sanders herself, as MARIAH COOPER
room under the Trump administration. ministration continuously rolls out anti-LGBT documented by the LGBT media watch- PHOTO EDITOR
Even though I regularly attend the brief- policies. Among them is a ban on transgen- dog GLAAD, has an anti-gay record. Is that MICHAEL KEY
ings on behalf of the Blade each day theyre der military service; a rollback of LGBT civil inuencing her decision on whom to call CONTRIBUTING WRITERS
held, the last time a White House press sec- rights protections at the Justice Department; on during the briengs? PETER ROSENSTEIN, MARK LEE,
retary called on me during an on-camera sending an attorney to a federal court in New Prior to joining the Trump administra- LATEEFAH WILLIAMS, KATE CLINTON,
news conference was in May. York to argue ring people for being gay is tion, Sanders headed the American Prin- KATHI WOLFE, RICHARD J. ROSENDALL,
That last question came around the time perfectly legal; and new religious freedom ciples Fund, a Super PAC with ties to the
of the departure of Sean Spicer who, de- guidance that essentially green lights the de- anti-LGBT National Organization for Mar- CREATIVE DESIGN/PRODUCTION
spite his faults, would call on the Blade nial of services to LGBT people. riage that essentially attacked Republican AZERCREATIVE.COM
and the rise of Sarah Huckabee Sanders to At rst, I chalked up the inability to get candidates for not being anti-gay enough. SALES & ADMINISTRATION
the role of Trumps top spokesperson. a question to the expanded presence of Blade readers may remember in 2013 the DIRECTOR OF SALES & MARKETING
Many times during the briengs, I see reporters in the brieng room at the start very public feud between Liz Cheney when ext. 8077
Sanders look directly at me as I raise my of the new administration, each of whom she was running for a U.S. Senate seat in Wyo- SR. ACCT. EXECUTIVE
hand for a question, but she nonetheless is eager to have the press secretarys at- ming and her lesbian sister Mary Cheney over BRIAN PITTS
skips me for another reporter, usually tention, combined with the brevity of the same-sex marriage. To Marys chagrin, Liz op- ext. 8089
from a conservative, Trump-friendly out- briengs. However, the consistent pass- posed same-sex marriage even though the JOE HICKLING
let like Breitbart or Newsmax. ing over of the Blade for ve months now candidate stopped short of endorsing a Feder- ext. 8094
al Marriage Amendment to ban it nationwide. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING/ADMINISTRATION
But that opposition wasnt good enough PHILLIP G. ROCKSTROH
E DIT OR IA L C A R T OON ext. 8092
for Sanders and the American Principles
Fund, which aired a 30-second TV attack ad RIVENDELL MEDIA
against Liz Cheney and accused of her aban- 212-242-6863;
doning the GOP on social issues for declining For distribution, contact Lynne Brown at 202-747-2077,
to support a Federal Marriage Amendment. ext. 8075. Distributed by MediaPoint, LLC
The unilateral truce on social issues All material in the Washington Blade is protected by federal copyright law
and may not be reproduced without the written consent of the Washing-
within the GOP is bad for our party and ton Blade. The sexual orientation of advertisers, photographers, writers
and cartoonists published herein is neither inferred nor implied. The
wrong for our country - our core values are appearance of names or pictorial representation does not necessarily
indicate the sexual orientation of that person or persons. Although the
under attack, and we will stand for those Washington Blade is supported by many ne advertisers, we cannot ac-
cept responsibility for claims made by advertisers. Unsolicited editorial
who stand for whats right, Huckabee material is accepted by the Washington Blade, but the paper cannot take
Sanders said in a statement at the time. responsibility for its return. The editors reserve the right to accept, reject
or edit any submission. A single copy of the Washington Blade is available
Huckabee Sanders is the White House from authorized distribution points, to any individual within a 50-mile ra-
dius of Washington, D.C. Multiple copies are available from the Washington
press secretary now. That means engaging Blade oce only. Call for rates. If you are unable to get to a convenient
free distribution point, you may receive a 52-week mailed subscription for
with established, credentialed media outlets $195 per year or $5.00 per single issue. Checks or credit card orders can be
sent to Phil Rockstroh at Postmaster: Send
whether theyre towing the Trump line or not. address changes to the Washington Blade, PO BOX 53352 Washington,
DC 20009. The Washington Blade is published weekly, on Friday, by
The Blade has been around for nearly Brown Na Pitts Omnimedia, Inc. Individual Subscriptions are $195
per year for 52 issues (only $3.75 per issue mailed to you USPS). Rates
50 years and continues to aggressively for businesses/institutions are $450 per year. Periodical postage paid
at Washington, D.C., and additional mailing oces. Editorial positions
cover LGBT news at the local, national of the Washington Blade are expressed in editorials and in editors
notes as determined by the papers editors. Other opinions are those
and international levels. Fortunately, our of the writers and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the
presence in the White House pool rota- Washington Blade or its sta. To submit a letter or commentary: Let-
ters should be fewer than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer
tion, arranged not through the White than 750 words. Submissions may be edited for content and length,
and must include a name, address and phone number for verication.
House but the White House Correspon- Send submissions by e-mail to

dents Association, is unchanged.

LGBT Americans deserve to have our ques-
tions answered at the White House regardless
of which administration is in power and this
freezing out of our publication must stop. 2017 BROWN NAFF PITTS OMNIMEDIA, INC.

V I E W PO I N T O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 2 1

NFLs embrace of Timberlake a racist, sexist joke concluded: The FCC found nothing to sug- erally from the Jackson playbook and from million copies worldwide, compared to Jack-
Super Bowl gig rightly gest they had planned the moment, as ESPN other black artists over the years. He once sons roughly 160 million records sold. Shes
outrages Janet Jackson fans reported. That nding is consistent with Jack- even wore his hair in cornrows, an uninten- won every music industry award there is
sons denials that it was planned. tionally hilarious and cringe-worthy choice. a total of 370, including ve Grammys, 33
Ten years after Powell pretended to be of- When Timberlake was the target of the Billboard Music Awards and 11 AMAs. She
fended by the split-second nipple ash in a MTV prank show Punkd, his true person- even holds nine Guinness World Records,
series of TV interviews, he nally admitted the ality was revealed. The gag involved IRS has an Oscar nomination and was named
truth to ESPN. I think weve been removed agents and a moving truck showing up at MTVs inaugural Icon award recipient.
from this long enough for me to tell you that I Timberlakes mansion as hes told he owes The next generation of pop stars have
had to put my best version of outrage on that $900,000 in unpaid taxes and his belong- unanimously cited Jackson as a primary inu-
I could put on, he said, while rolling his eyes. ings are being repossessed. He bursts into ence and her music has been covered by ev-
KEVIN NAFF is editor of the Washington Blade
Nevertheless, Jackson was immediately tears and again calls mommy for help. eryone from Whitney Houston and Prince to
and can be reached at blacklisted by CBS, MTV Networks and main- When he realizes its a gag and that camer- Buckcherry and most recently Katy Perry.
stream corporate radio. She was disinvited as are rolling, he reverts to his phony bad And though Timberlake is much younger,
Conrmation this week that Justin Tim- from the Grammy Awards that year, despite boy persona, complete with yo yo yos. Jackson is proving her modern relevance
berlake will headline the 2018 Super Bowl being a 26-time nominee and ve-time win- Timberlake is a copycat, a cheap imitation of and staying power. While Timberlakes last
oers further evidence of the NFLs rac- ner. Timberlake was welcomed at the cer- talent. Hes an average-looking Mickey Mouse album was released in 2013, Jacksons last
ism, sexism and ageism. Its craven lunacy emony, accompanied by his mommy. He Club alumnus who rode a wave of 90s teeny- outing was 2015s Unbreakable, which de-
that NFL executives would ask Timberlake used the opportunity to apologize, dutifully bop cheese to undeserved fame and fortune. buted at No.1 on Billboards albums chart,
back while continuing to boycott all things carrying water for a network and a con- He is the embodiment of mediocrity. A saccha- her seventh compared to three solo No. 1
Janet Jackson in the wake of the duos in- servative Republican administration at rine, non-threatening, milquetoast pop star albums for Timberlake. Jackson is currently
famous 2004 nipple-baring performance. the expense of his one-time friend Jackson. for the white bread Orlando suburbs. on a 56-date State of the World tour selling
The black woman took the fall for the acci- It was a cruel stab in the back for Jackson, And yet, the NFL is giving him the head- out arenas across the country at age 51.
dent, while the white boy was celebrated and who did so much to advance Timberlakes liner slot at the Super Bowl at a time when But back to Timberlake. The NFLs em-
saw his career take o in the aftermath. Yes, I career. Before letting him share her Super the country is nally beginning to engage in brace of this cad, who so blithely tossed Jack-
said accident. Amid the endless speculation Bowl stage, Jackson hired Timberlake and a dialogue about systemic racism thanks to son under the bus, reinforces all the racist,
about whether it was planned or not, one his cheesy boyband mates from N*Sync to athletes taking a knee during the National An- sexist and ageist stereotypes about Ameri-
fact is always forgotten: the FCC under then- open for her on 1997s acclaimed Velvet them. Two steps forward and two steps back. can popular culture. The decision this week
Chair Michael Powell launched a thorough Rope world tour. Many had never heard Virtually no one seems to think Jackson sparked a new trending hashtag, Justice-
investigation into the incident, prodded by of Timberlake before that tour. stands a chance of being invited back to the 4Janet. Jackson gracefully endured years of
angry members of Congress. The senior MTV Timberlake would go on to appropriate Super Bowl, even though shes the much ridicule and boycotts, yet has proven herself
executive in charge of the show was forced Janet and Michael Jacksons style and moves; bigger star by any measure. Timberlakes the better person and the bigger star, de-
to turn over her laptop to investigators, who hes the appropriator-in-chief, stealing lib- four solo studio albums have sold about 27 spite the NFLs unfortunate decision.


Halloween? I could take it or leave it

But should I dress as ally Vesuvian lesbianism, I was not into This year, deprived of the protective uni- of fractured institutions and identities. And
RBG or Wonder Woman? costumes as a fun hobby. My daily Catho- form of my famous women costumes, I de- those white sheets are so over-used. Instead
lic school uniform was welcome protec- cided to go less Tussaud, more contempo. I of full unhidden gures, I am going with a
tive camouage. It prevented inevitable too have been observing the culture. more ironic, abstract, Picassoan, fractured,
gaes like appearing for 5th grade Career Unfortunately the young clerk at the pop- fright-night Halloween costume. There is a
Day dressed in full work overalls, snap up Halloween store did not understand my new freedom dressing as an inanimate ob-
cap, steel-toed Keds and a tool belt. request. Do you carry the Wonder Woman ject. And the nice thing is you can still keep a
Thus when I nally came out, my Hallow- costume? The Wonder Woman from the Mitch McConnell costume as your fall-back.
een costuming suered from a distinct lack rst 20 minutes of the movie? The one who Hes been dead for years.
of imagination. I wore the same thing every was a happy Amazon, trained by the Claire Here are some of the ideas Ive been work-
year. It was with great sadness that I retired from House of Cards before she mistook ing on with my designers. A giant orange
KATE CLINTON is a longtime humorist. She my Marie Curie costume with its ingenious Botox for acting? The Wonder Woman be- tweeting yam. The boom-stock on Harvey
writes regularly for the Blade.
use of aluminum foil and crackling red cel- fore her power was zapped by a crisis of co- Weinsteins dick. Russian nesting Bobblehead
lophane. It was time. No one greeted me at dependency that forced her to rescue that Pocket Rocket Boy Dolls. Sarah Huckabee
My fathers answer to a lot of things parties with, Hey, Marie. No one was fooled. damn yboy in distress, causing the whole Sanders eyebrows. (But we are having trou-
was, I could take it or leave it. Even Last year I was so involved in the presi- Amazon Utopia to crumble? That one? ble coordinating the hydraulics of the lift and
though he had not been asked to do ei- dential campaign, I did not have time to After the election, I was a Prude for Democ- arch with the lip service). A hologram of the
ther. I am trying to make that my mantra take my go-to Margaret Mead uniform to racy. Always delicately asking, Can he do that? Cheshire smirk of Jeerson Noregard Sessions
in my mineeldness practice. the cleaners after Halloween. My dryclean- Sning, Can he talk about federal judges that superimposed on a shredder. A purple GAG,A
So about Halloween: I could take it or er says she is unable to get out the year- way? Wincing, Should he be tweeting? But as (Gays Against Guns, Asshole) hat topped with
leave it. OK, once in 6th grade, when I old, set-in blackberry wine stains. the months have passed, each one a century a Christmas crche, balanced on a rainbow
caused an apple-dunking contest to get a I cant take it. I am as crushed as one of long, I have become rude, crude, and lewd for wedding cake, blaring, Don, we are not now
little rough and tumble, I did enjoy Hallow- those little blackberries. When I would duck Democracy. No more Mrs. Nice Gay. My stress gay apparel. The thing weighs more than that
een. All my tumescent girl-crushes became into my Margaret Mead muumuu, pop on the spinner is now brass knuckles. belt buckle on Melatonins sheathe dress.
unwitting runners-up in an impromptu wire-rim glasses, slip into sensible shoes, cut This Halloween I plan to abandon my Oh just leave it. Im sticking with the
wet T-shirt contest. That I could take. in some bangs, and pick up my walking stick, genteel tributes to historical women. The dames. I still have enough time to get a kick-
But as someone whose full-time job I would become that wise, world-traveling an- current totalitarian zeitgeist does not rep- ass, spark-spitting Ruth Bader Ginsburg to-
was concealing my dangerous, hormon- thropologist. O to study other cultures. resent a singularity but a total shit storm gether. I plan to wear it for a lot of years.

2 2 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 VIEWPOINT

NFL protests changed how I view sports

Players are ghting for racial letes and sporting events. Baseball and ers sons of bitches, said that team own- paradigm of what protest is, Stephen
football games, tennis matches and other ers should re them for taking a knee and Ross, owner of the Miami Dolphins, told
justice, First Amendment athletic competitions are highly enter- tweeted that the NFL should no longer The Palm Beach Post.
taining. Whats more fun than munching receive tax breaks because it doesnt re- Changing public opinion now, he add-
chips and salsa, drinking a few beers and spect our Anthem, Flag and Country. ed, makes it incumbent for players to
watching the Super Bowl? Yet, to view Racism underlies the patriotic gloss stand during the anthem.
sports as only entertainment is to miss in Trumps tweets. Trump did not want When the right of free expression for
how intricately it is linked to politics. Blacks living in his buildings or handling one group is threatened it is diminished
For the past year, led by former San his money, American Civil Liberties for everyone. The queer community has a
Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kae- Union deputy legal director and direc- history of achieving social change through
pernick, some NFL players have knelt in tor of the Trone Center for Justice and peaceful protest. Any threat to the First
KATHI WOLFE, a regular contributor to the protest during the anthem. Theyve taken Equality wrote on the ACLU website, his Amendment should be a red ag for us.
Blade, was the winner of the 2014 Stonewall
Chapbook Competition. a knee to highlight the unfairness and encouragement of police brutality and Historically and, even now, LGBTQ people
racism in our countrys criminal justice championing of unconstitutional stop have experienced police brutality and ha-
system. Some 49ers protested on Oct. and frisk policies are not race neutral. rassment. Think of entrapment, police raids
Im heartbroken that, once again, the Na- 15 during the anthem at a game against Why do I, a white lesbian who watches on bars (Stonewall) and the unjust treat-
tionals didnt advance in the playos this the Washington Redskins at FedEx Field. the Super Bowl for the cool ads, believe ment of transgender people. How can we
season. Yet, I know as much about sports In a notably political stunt, Vice President that all of us, hetero or queer, should not support NFL players who are protesting
as I do about astrophysics. You watch ball- Mike Pence walked out on Oct. 8 when care about these protests? Being able to the racism and injustice of our justice system
games like a poet, a friend tactfully said af- some of the 49ers knelt in protest dur- peacefully protest is a constitutional right toward people of color? Who isnt appalled
ter I admitted to being clueless about what ing the anthem in a game against the In- for citizens of the United States. Trumps that Trump is using racism and football as
a shortstop does. Football and other sports dianapolis Colts. I left todays Colts game tweets threaten our First Amendment hes used hysteria over transgender people
arent usually on my radar, and I normally because @POTUS and I will not dignify right of free expression. Players have a and bathrooms to rally his base?
think of athletes as entertainers rather than any event that disrespects our soldiers, platform and its his right to do that, NFL Lets respect our country by supporting
as citizens with political views. our Flag, or our National Anthem, Pence commissioner Roger Goodell said when the right to peacefully protest injustice.
Recently, my feelings about sports (who had been ordered by President Don- Kaepernick began his protests last fall.
have changed. The NFL National Anthem ald J. Trump to leave the game) tweeted. But Trumps tweets are having a chilling
controversy has altered how I see ath- Trump has called the protesting play- impact. Trump has changed that whole


Stop talking about Bernie at the DNC

Democrats in the general election. We Northam for the Democratic nomina- good deed goes unpunished.
Only Democrats should have need to be realists. Tom Perez won the tion for governor of Virginia. Though I We have a host of good candidates
a say in how party is run chairmanship of the party and has the thought his race was a waste of money, across the nation running at every level
right to name people who supported him I applauded Perriello because after his of government. Some are already nomi-
to the national committee. Why would loss he immediately turned around and nated without opposition, others are run-
anyone question that? His list of nominees enthusiastically endorsed Northam. No ning in primaries. We need the DNC to be
is diverse and representative of every area negotiation, no waiting, he did it the night ready and able to support every Demo-
of the country and every group that has he lost. Hillary Clinton did the same for crat who stands for the basic principles of
supported Democratic victories. Its time Barack Obama in 2008 at the convention. our party and is committed to voting for
to stop the squabbling and move forward. Then she and Bill went out on the stump the Democratic leadership whether it be
I have been a Democrat all my life. I and worked their hearts out to elect him. in their statehouse or Congress. We need
PETER ROSENSTEIN is a D.C.-based LGBT rights have often supported the losing candidate She didnt talk about herself or make de- to support Democrats and not get side-
and Democratic Party activist. He writes regularly in a primary. But after the primary I step mands on him, she just worked hard to tracked with third-party candidates be-
for the Blade. up and support the winner going all out elect him. cause we dont agree with every position
to ensure they win the general election. I The only people who should have a the Democrat may take. There will never
It is time the Democratic National dont wait for them to come to me before I voice in the DNC are Democrats. You can be a candidate with whom you agree 100
Committee stopped taking Bernie Sand- do that. As a Democrat and someone who ght about issues and ght about the way percent unless you are the candidate. If
ers into consideration as it goes about is a progressive I know how important it forward but if you are not willing to join you dont like the options in a primary
the business of organizing and electing is to win as we work toward Democratic the party your views dont matter in the get out there and run. But if you run in a
Democrats. Sanders by his own words, majorities in state legislatures, winning internal workings of the party. The stupid- Democratic primary be prepared to com-
which he states often and loudly, is not a governors mansions, and taking back the ity of some people still claiming the DNC mit to support the winner with everything
Democrat. The leader of the organization majority in Congress in both the House of xed the last primaries is amazing. These you have as they should be prepared to
he founded Our Revolution has clearly Representatives and the Senate. people clearly dont even understand our support you if you win.
stated they have no commitment to elect- It appears too many of the insiders in electoral system. The DNC doesnt run I have high hopes for the DNC to regain
ing Democrats. So its time to get over the the DNC have lost track of those goals primaries, states do. They dont take their its footing and move the party forward.
debate within the DNC over who support- and are ghting intra-party ghts that orders from the DNC as to how they actu- Having recently had the chance to chat
ed whom in the last election. hurt all of us who want to see progress ally run them. In fact what the DNC did in with Jess OConnell, the new CEO of the
This time around the criteria for being made on all the issues we care about. I 2016 was generously let a non-Democrat DNC, I am sure under her wise direction
on the DNC, which by the way is all volun- have written about him before but a run in Democratic primaries. Maybe now and with her wealth of experience, the
teer, should be you are a Democrat and person to emulate is Tom Perriello who they learned their lesson for the future. It party will be successful in 2017, 2018,
enthusiastically committed to supporting ran a primary against Lt. Governor Ralph was Claire Boothe Luce who rst said, No 2020 and beyond.

B R O CK PA PE R SCI SSORS O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 2 3

Oh High Heel Race, never leave us

In Trump era, we need our scene, and 25 drag queens raced from JR.s oral newsletters, do we lose that edginess? ment. The High Heel Race brings focus and
Bar and Grill to Annies Paramount Steak- Well, maybe. But there are still a lot of pol- crowds back to our old gayborhood.
marquee queer events house on 17th Street, running upstairs to itics wrapped up in drag. And here are a few Second, in the age of Trump, its still im-
take a shot, and back to JR.s. And thats reasons why you should both go to the High portant. Last week it came to light that Presi-
played out more or less every year since to Heel Race and take everyone you know. dent Trump joked that Vice President Mike
larger and larger crowds of spectators all First, it helps 17th Street maintain its Pence wants to hang all gay people. So ter-
eager to snap pictures of the best in drag. gayness. Many in the queer community ribly funny, right? Maybe we had it too good
under Obama, but Trumps aside reminds us
that there are still plenty of people out there
that would rather not have us around. Pub-
Theres no mistaking that two of the citys largest, lic displays of queerness in the streets,
BROCK THOMPSON is a D.C.-based freelance
writer. He writes regularly for the Blade. most-vibrant celebrations, Pride and the High on the news, in the papers serves a real
Heel Race are also the best parties in town. purpose. Theyre still simple acts of deance
and important showcases of queer visibility.
The mayor, you gotta hand it to her. This Third, its a citywide, city-sanctioned
week in her newsletter, Mayor Muriel Bows- queer display. The mayor encourages
er encouraged all Washingtonians to join From what Im hearing, some gays have have written the obituary of the traditional people to attend. Theres no mistaking
her for one of the citys most unique and started to pooh-pooh the High Heel Race, gayborhood. Are they even really neces- that two of the citys largest, most-vibrant
popular events, D.C.s own High Heel Race. giving the all-too-familiar line of no one sary anymore? Can we sustain them if so? celebrations, Pride and the High Heel
In case youre new to D.C. or have been goes to that anymore, its too crowded. London has lost almost half its gay ven- Race are also the best parties in town.
living under some rock in Arlington, let Has the event become more and more ues in the last decade. Other cities have Finally, its so D.C. Youd be hard
me briey lay it out it for you. Way back in straight? Has it lost its queer edge? This reported similar trends. With the recent pressed to nd anything else like it. The
1986, a plucky Madonna warned us of the column has touched on all this before. addition of rainbow banners and other whole display is so very Washington.
perils of teen pregnancy with Papa Dont As gay culture becomes more and more public displays, D.C. it seems has been try- And that in itself should be celebrated.
Preach, Oprah Winfrey rst came on the mainstream, as we start to appear in may- ing to preserve its stretch of queer pave- Year after year.


Are donkeys and elephants now dinosaurs, or dodos?

More moderate independent With independents characteristically herence to legacy policy positions, or incli- celerating split between parties.
voters alienated by more centrist than partisan loyalists, the nation toward standard political conduct. One of the very few issues on which
shift by both parties toward increasingly Democrats, still reeling from a decade both Republicans and Democrats have
extremism of both parties extremist political identities and radical of state-level defeats combined with los- shifted in tandem is cultural anity and
policy positions is proving unpopular. ing both the national legislative and ex- political support concerning LGBT issues.
Gallups annual poll last month under- ecutive branches, continue to be riddled For the rst time, strong majorities of both
scores this prevalent attitude among in- with internal dysfunction, lack of a coher- parties say homosexuality should be ac-
dependents and even adherents of both ent or compelling message, a national or- cepted. That stance encompasses 70 per-
parties. ganization burdened with debt due lack- cent of all Americans and extends to all
A record-setting 61 percent now believe luster fundraising, an atrophied network major demographics including by sex,
that a third major political party is needed. of party leadership, and intense battling race, education and age. Likewise, 62 per-
Barely a third, at 34 percent, think that the over policy. cent support same-sex marriage, a new
current major parties are sucient. The GOP struggles to placate the far high, and includes whites, Hispanics and,
MARK LEE is a long-time entrepreneur
and community business advocate. Follow The four-in-10 independents over- right while Democrats attempt to appease for the rst time, a bare majority of blacks.
on Twitter: @MarkLeeDC. Reach him at whelmingly support the creation of a the extremist left, pushing both parties The historic dominance of the nations out of the mainstream. Each rushes to two parties, and the countrys winner-
third party, at 77 percent. Only 17 per-
cent of independents take the view that their respective outlier postures, primarily take-all electoral system, typically oers
Line up 10 representative voters to the Democratic and Republican parties focused on rallying a shrinking core base independents little incentive or practi-
gain insight into the continuing low level are adequate. of supporters, rather than appealing to a cal option other than choosing between
of aliation with either of the two major A majority of Democrats, notably, hold broader, and more moderate, electorate. major party candidates. There has been
political parties. the same opinion, at 52 percent. A near Centrist independents, in particular, are only slight growth in those voting for can-
The resulting headcount is four vot- majority of Republicans, at a 49 percent reduced to wondering why neither party didates of a minor party.
ers identifying as independents, and plurality, also agree. seems to care much about them. The dual danger for Democrats and
three each aligning with the Democratic Meanwhile, both parties are in func- As a result, the political polarization Republicans, however, is either more
and Republican brands. Among those tional disarray. between parties has grown ever greater. outsiders like Donald Trump and Bernie
35 years old and younger, independent Republicans, enjoying the partys stron- Illustrating this race to the extremes is Sanders will pursue hostile takeover ef-
identication consistently comprises fully gest nationwide position since 1928, con- the Pew Research Centers analysis that forts or that the inevitable market-driven
half of this age group in polling. trol both congressional assemblies and 95 percent of Republicans are more con- opportunity will prompt well-funded and
Political estrangement from the Republi- the White House, along with an extensive sistently conservative than the median popular alternative candidates to emerge
can and Democratic parties shows no sign preponderance of state and local govern- Democrat, and 97 percent of Democrats and capture voter support.
of abating among the public. Neither partys ments. Yet the party is plagued with in- are more consistently liberal than the me- If that happens the dual-party system
establishment leadership appears prepared ghting and a disruptor-in-chief with little dian Republican the largest dichotomy may end up like the dinosaur or, per-
to adapt to this new era of voter alienation. allegiance to the partys infrastructure, ad- in two decades of tracking the rapidly ac- haps more aptly, the dodo.
2 4 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

Join Us for Our LGBTQ Open House!

Wednesday, Nov 1 @ 9am | 4200 Davenport Street NW Washington, DC

At Georgetown Day School, we

cultivate an inclusive,
purposeful, and joyful
community in which each of
our students can develop their
intellectual power and social
Come preview our outstanding
PK-12 academic programs and
uniquely inclusive community
and learn why GDS is a
place where kids and families
love to be.

Send your RSVP to:

Barbara Eghan, Director of Enrollment Management & Financial Aid

prep for all occasions

The PrEP Clinic at Andromeda can help you decide if PrEP is right for you.

202.319.8541 Se habla espanol


Serving Our Community for 35 years

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3 0 1 . 8 9 1 . 2 2 0 0 S P - L aw. C o m
6 9 3 0 C a r r o L L av e , S u i t e 6 1 0 ta k o m a Pa r k m d

SOPHIE B. HAWKINS will sing hits and new songs at her Saturday evening concert in Vienna, Va.


Damn! Sophies back

90s hitmaker says her artistic drive is stronger than ever

Singer/songwriter Sophie B. Hawkins so many years in Los Angeles? out and do solo shows without one single that this should ever happen again, but
is at a place in her life where shes being SOPHIE B. HAWKINS: Well I was born musician, just me because Id never done they both gave me standing ovations and
highly deliberate about what she does. and raised in Manhattan so when I get that before until weekend before last. I did they all came back and it was a dierent
Shes sitting on a nished album but home to New York or anywhere near, I feel it in Massachusetts and Maine and I really conversation after the show. It really
wants to gure out a way to release it a certain accessibility to my soul. I feel like felt like this was the time for me to just could have gone terribly thats why I
strategically for maximum impact. A this is where I came into the world, where go on stage and really see if Im a good- didnt do it in New York. I could have walked
recurring theme in our lengthy phone Im coming back to and where Im allowed enough musician and good-enough artist o the stage and said, Im never doing that
chat last week is that there are lots of to be me. I can be my age here, I can be a and good-enough storyteller to get out again, and called my guitar player. But Im
great ideas, but several are just not high single woman, so exotic and excited to be there and be the person that I am (in my actually excited to do it more.
on her priority list right now. alive, just in the day, and its not weird. I home studio) working and writing songs.
Newly single after nearly two decades dont have to drive a fancy car, I dont have I loved the last two shows. They were BLADE: Youre working on a musical,
in a same-sex relationship, the 52-year- to wear makeup, I can just live and enjoy my favorites in a very long time because you have a new album in the can, you
old singer known for 90s radio staples everyones energy and creativity. Thats I just got up there with my instruments, did the Janis Joplin play a few years ago
Damn, I Wish I Was Your Lover and the dierence between L.A. and New my banjo, my drums, my guitar and my and said you even wrote some songs
As I Lay Me Down is back in New York York. In California, its harder to connect piano, and I sang the songs and it was as Janis. What all will you be singing?
focusing on her art and raising her two with people and harder to connect with so relaxed and emotional and, of course, Stu from your albums or some of that
young children, Dashiell, 8, and Esther, 2. peoples creativity. In New York, its very intimate, but it was something more. Sort stu as well?
She makes a rare D.C.-area appearance much coming up from the ground. of a heightened experience. I wouldnt HAWKINS: Well, OK, rst of all, Im always
this weekend at Jammin Java in Vienna, say its me being me because Im always going to do my hits. Theyre beautiful and
Va., on her fall mini-tour. Her comments BLADE: What can we expect at your me, but its really one on one. Its scary I just want people to know they wont get
have been edited for length. show this weekend and why are you but thats where I really like it the best. deprived of that. The second thing is Im
doing a mini-tour now? denitely doing some new songs. People
WASHINGTON BLADE: How does it HAWKINS: This mini-tour came about BLADE: How was it received?
feel to be back in New York again after for a very specic reason. I wanted to go HAWKINS: Both audiences, and not

2 6 O CTO B ER 2 7 , 2017 Q U E E RY : 2 0 Q U E ST I O N S F O R G RE G N E LSO N


How long have you been out and who If science discovered a way to change
was the hardest person to tell? sexual orientation, what would you do?
Twenty-six years. My father. Read that news article in the
Washington Post and then head to the
Whos your LGBT hero? dog park for my morning walk. In other
Congressman Alan Lowenthal words, nothing at all.
(D-Calif.) the rst member of Congress
to permanently display the Pride ag What do you believe in beyond the
outside his oce in the Cannon House physical world?
Oce Building. That all dogs go to heaven.

Whats Washingtons best nightspot, Whats your advice for LGBT
past or present? movement leaders?
I am the wrong person to ask. I met Have an open mind about stopping the
my partner three hours after moving to tribal partisanship between Democrats and
D.C., and while we often eat out and dine Republicans. I know that is much easier
with friends, we dont go to bars and said than done. However, I also know
By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO tend to be in bed by 10 p.m. every night. rst-hand, misconceptions exist on both sides. Please take a minute and attempt to
Describe your dream wedding. listen to one another as individuals before
Every town seems to have that house. You know, the one where the Getz, Gershwin & Gaynor. Creative making broad, sweeping generalizations
residents GO NUTS decorating for the holidays. black & white attire, private ceremony, just on the basis of political aliation and
In Washington, it could well be the 1609 16th St., N.W. home of Greg Nelson followed by the best theme music of the sexual orientation.
and Jose Cunningham. If you frequent the area, you probably know it its decade. Opening with Signature Cocktails
the one next to Church of the Holy City thats always decked out in wildly & Bossa Nova, followed by Farm to Table What would you walk
extravagant lawn decor no matter the holiday. Menu & American Standards, ending with across hot coals for?
And, of course, Halloween is one of the biggies. Nelson, the self-described Dessert & Disco. My Labradoodle, Arbo.
Mr. Holiday, started going all out about nine years ago and says that while
Christmas is his favorite (because its truly the most wonderful time of the What non-LGBT issue are you most What LGBT stereotype annoys you most?
year), Halloween and Easter arent far behind. He also says hed put money passionate about? That all gay men have a air for style
on the fact that he has the largest collection of red, white and blue bunting Criminal justice reform and interior decorating.
and USA stick ags in the city.
Nelson stores the massive collection in his basement and garage. Each What historical outcome Whats your favorite LGBT movie?
holiday has its own color-coded plastic bins. The most common comments he would you change? The Normal Heart
hears are, Thank you for bringing joy to the neighborhood, This is so cool, My rst relationship and
What is this place and Where do you store all this stu? his subsequent involvement with Whats the most overrated
Cunningham, he says, is supportive and looks at it as Nelsons hobby while serial killer Andrew Cunanan. social custom?
he has his own. Presidential turkey pardons.
Nelson, 47, came to Washington 21 years ago for work. The Minneapolis Whats been the most memorable pop
native works by day as a marketing consultant. He enjoys cooking, mixology, culture moment of your lifetime? What trophy or prize do you most covet?
holiday decorating (of course!) and walking his dog Arbo in his free time. The death of Princess Diana. The original recipe card for my
mothers Swedish meatballs. They are
On what do you insist? delicious and award winning.
Treating people with respect. Dont say
you arent judgmental if you only listen What do you wish youd known at 18?
Tenly Bulk to one side of the story. People who You will have friends for seasons,
assume without knowing all the facts or friends for reasons and friends for life.
Dump Truck Services the reasons why people are the way they Have fun, love and laugh with others but
are should think twice before throwing dont be disappointed or angry when
stones from their own glass houses. friendships end. Find wisdom behind the
reasons why some friends have enriched
What was your last Facebook your life, while others have brought you
post or Tweet? disappointment. But most importantly
Life lesson learned while on the cherish, love and show gratitude to the
Bourbon Trail in Kentucky this weekend: individuals who have stood by you and
You call & we haul I like my bourbon straight, but my helped to clean up your life messes,
garages | backyards | basements | commercial
tree trimmimg | grass cutting | power wash
friends can go either way. because those are the individuals that are
your true friends and matter the most.
Call for rental information
for 13 foot flat bed If your life were a book,
what would the title be? Why Washington?
Delivered and pick up by company
Life is better with a THEME It is the only place in America where
To schedule your
haul-away or clean up call you can never have too much bunting or
202-437-4413 too many ags.
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 2 7

2 8 O CTO B ER 2 7 , 2017 A RT S & CU LT U RE

This Week in the Arts provided by

Mixed Movement. Nov 1. Dance
Place. Woodrow Wilson House. The
Washington Jewish Music Festival: Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay. Oct 27.
Tararam. Nov 2. WJMF. EDCJCC. Dumbarton Oaks. Highlights from the
Dumbarton Oaks Rare Book Collection.
MUSIC Thru Jan 1.
Goethe-Institut. Brilliant Dilletantes.
Harold Lpez-Nussa Trio. Oct Thru Oct 28.
27. Nellie McKay. Oct 28. The Hillwood. Spectacular Gems and
Everly Brothers Experience. Oct Jewelry. Thru Jan 7.
29. Lydia Loveless. Nov 2. AMP. Library of Congress. LOC Halloween:
NEA Jazz Master Ron Carter Trio. Oct Chambers of Mystery. Oct 27-Nov 1.
27. Carrie Mae Weems. Oct 29-Oct 30.
NSO Pops: Pink Martini with China Forbes NSO: Slatkin conducts Bernstein / National Gallery of Art. Vermeer
Thru Oct 28. Kennedy Center. Stravinskys The Rite of Spring. Nov and the Masters of Genre Painting: 2-Nov 4. Kennedy Center. Inspiration and Rivalry. Thru Jan 21.
With an eclectic, whimsical charm and a repertoire spanning from jazz to
classical to retro pop, the self-described little orchestra and singer China Primary Blues. Oct 28. Victor Provost. National Geographic. Wild: Michael
Forbes return to D.C. for a highly anticipated reunion with the NSO. Nov 2. Strathmore. Nichols. Thru Jan 12.
Nikolai Lugansky, piano. National Museum of Women in the
Vintage Game Night - Prohibition Edition Nov 1. Washington Performing Arts. Makers Mart Arts & Craft Fair.
Nov 1. Woodrow Wilson House. Arts at Kennedy Center. Oct 29-Oct 30. National Portrait Gallery. Celebrating
Party like its 1917! Commemorate the 100th anniversary of Prohibition in DC Etienne Charles. Oct 28. BlackRock. Fifty Years. Thru Jan 6. Lincolns
with live music by the Foggy Bottom Whomp Stompers, an expanded food Contemporaries. Thru May 19.
selection, and a rare glimpse of the historic wine cellar. Tchaikovsky & Roundtree. Oct 29.
Washington Metropolitan Philharmonic
The Book of Mormon
Thru Nov 19. Kennedy Center.
Association. GW Masonic National
GALLERIES Street Scenes: Nicole Saphos, District Architecture Center.
The nine-time Tony-winning Best Musical follows the misadventures of a Bassist/Vocalist. Nov 2. Hill Center. Extraordinary Art by Vlad Zabavskiy.
mismatched pair of missionaries, sent halfway across the world to spread the Thru Nov 17.
Good Word. Orlando Consort. Oct 30. Library of gallery Neptune & Brown. David X
Congress. Levine: Painting with Pencils. Thru Nov
Belarus Free Theatre: Burning Doors Warren Wolf and the Wolfpack. 18.
Thru Oct 27. The Clarice. Nov 2. The Clarice. MilkBoy ArtHouse. Hill Center. Michael Ford: HOMEPLACE. Thru Dec 30. Joanathan Bessaci: Maps.
Pussy Riots Maria Alyokhina stage debut. This blazing new contemporary Pomerium: Flemish Musical Mastery Thru Dec 30.
theatre piece from the refugee-led Belarus Free Theater draws on the in the Age of Bosch and Bloemaert. ISAAG. Engravings and Monotypes
companys own experience of political oppression and continues their Oct 29. National Gallery of Art. (Argentina and Chile). Thru Oct 30.
campaign to stand up for artistic freedom and human rights across the globe. National Philharmonic Chamber
Performed in Russian and Belarusian with English surtitles. This performance Players. Oct 29. Potter Violins. Bender JCC. Adi Shani: Notes From a
contains nudity, adult language and scenes of a violent nature. Recommended Journey. Thru Dec 17.
for mature audiences. Jacques-pierre Malan, cello; Sahun JCCNV. Works in Paper by Ronni Jolles.
Hong, piano. Oct 31. Embassy Series. Thru Nov 28.
Residence of the South African Korean Cultural Center DC. Hangeul,
Ambassador. the Aesthetics of the Lines. Thru Oct 27.
FMMC--Strathmore Mansion Concert
Series. Nov 2. FMMC. Strathmore. The Art League. Tabletop. Thru Nov
THEATRE The Gondoliers. Thru Oct 29. GMU
Center for the Arts.
Sachal Ensemble. Oct 27. Maggie
5. M. Jane Johnson: Splendid Fortitude.
Thru Nov 5.
Antony and Cleopatra. Thru Nov 19. The Accidental Pilgrim. Thru Oct 28. Rose. Oct 29. Bernhoft. Nov 1. Wolf Waverly Street Gallery. Blooming
Folger Theatre. A Comedy of Horrors. Oct 27-Oct 28. Trap. The Barns. by Wanjin Kim. Thru Nov 4.
An Act of God. Thru Nov 26. Signature DC Arts Center (DCAC). Big Band Halloween Scream. Oct 30.
Theatre. The Clarice. Zenith Gallery. Artists Femina. Thru
The Eect. Thru Oct 29. Studio Shear Madness. Thru Nov 26. Bombay Rickey. Oct 28. M-NCPPC. BSU Nov 18.
Theatre. Kennedy Center. Performing Art Center.
Our Town. Thru Nov 12. Olney
Youre the Expert. Oct 27. National
Sotto Voce. Thru Oct 29. Theater J.
AIDA the Musical. Oct 27-Nov 11.
Reston Community Players. RCC.
MUSEUMS Arabian Sights Film Festival: The
Originals. Oct 27. A Day for Women.
Mean Girls. Oct 31-Dec 3. National Folger Shakespeare Library. Painting Oct 27-Oct 28. Solitaire. Oct 28. My
Theatre. Shakespeare. Thru Feb 11. Uncle. Oct 28. In Syria (Insyriated).
Vicua & The American Epilogue.
Nov 1-Nov 26. Mosaic Theater
DANCE Kennedy Center. Mark Twain Prize:
The Art of Robert Risko. Thru Oct 27.
Thru Oct 29. Foreign Body. Oct 29.
The Worthy. Oct 29. Filmfest DC. AMC
Company. Atlas. LMnO3. Oct 28-Oct 29. Joy of Motions Fantasy in Japan Blue. Thru Dec 3. Mazza Gallerie.
M USI C OC T OB E R 27 , 2 0 1 7 2 9
Branding products

The comeback kid

to promote your

Singer Billy Gilman plans

weekend show in Bethesda

Some people ght for years to break

into the music industry but Billy Gilman
became a star at the early age of 11. His
debut single One Voice cracked the
Billboard Hot 100 and led to a Grammy
nomination and plenty of touring.
Gilmans career started with a bang
but began to zzle when he suddenly
seemed to disappear from the music
scene. He reemerged with a coming-out
video on YouTube that went viral in 2014.
Then in 2016 Gilman auditioned for
The Voice by singing When We Were
Young by Adele. He joined Team Adam
Levine and swept the competition to BILLY GILMAN has big plans to release new music hes psyched about.
become season 11 runner-up. Now PHOTO COURTESY BETHESDA BLUES AND JAZZ
Gilman is giving his music career a second
go around but says this time its going to
be more authentically him. Calling from the Muscular Dystrophy Association. for out artists in the same way a genre
his oce desk in his home state of Rhode So, I was very busy I just really wasnt like pop is. Were you afraid of losing
Island, the now-29-year-old singer spoke doing my thing. I had to nd other ways fans coming out as a country singer?
with the Washington Blade about his 10- to work and be out in the public eye and GILMAN: If Im going to lose fans like
year hiatus, coming out as a country star not letting that ame die, hoping that that then I dont care. Ill go sing on a cruise
and if his friendship with Levine was just my voice would come back. And it did ship. I will always be a singer. If I was losing
for the cameras. and that began the process of relearning fans because I was sending a message
it. You cant hit those extravagant high that really was not a good one or I went
WASHINGTON BLADE: What was it notes that you used to hit. You have into rap or something that has more of a
like achieving success so early? Did newer, lower notes. negative tone I could see that as a hurt.
you realize what a big deal it was? But me being happy and spreading peace
BILLY GILMAN: No. I knew that it BLADE: Did you feel like your prior and helping some other person possibly,
was great. But all I was really concerned experience gave you an advantage on if I lose fans over that then it was meant
about was getting on a stage and just The Voice? to happen. At rst I told my family and
having fun. That was my main love. It GILMAN: No. The only thing that then I slowly started to tell my team. But
was almost like a game. It didnt feel like helped me was I knew how to hold notes then I gured its no one elses business.
a job. It didnt feel like a pressure like, and get around things if I was sick. That No one else deserves to know. Im just
Oh, weve got to get to number one. helped. But youre standing toe to toe a singer. You put my record on and you Awards
watch my video on YouTube and then you
Weve got to sell this many units this not knowing what the hell is going on
week. The pressure is now. Now that I just as much as the person that came go about your life. You dont need to know Drives
Tote &
know whats going on. from selling cars or behind a desk. There any more about me.
really was no advantage and they didnt Duffle Clothing
BLADE: What were you doing in the treat me any dierent. To the onlooker, BLADE: Being both gay and a country Bags
10-year break between your self-titled it looks like it maybe played a role but it singer, do you feel an obligation to Water
album in 2006 and your The Voice really doesnt. Theyre all about quality in speak out on events like the Pulse Mugs Bottles
audition in 2016? all forms. Everyone is the same. That was nightclub shooting and the Las Vegas
GILMAN: My voice really, I dont know really great because I was a little timid to shooting? Pens Flash-
if it was from all the stress it was under talk to anyone in the rst couple of weeks GILMAN: The way I feel is every voice
traveling for so many years as a kid or in the process. I didnt know if the other is important at certain times. I think that
whatever, but when my voice changed it contestants would be upset if they found theres a place and time for my ranting. I
was a very bad time. It took a long time for out or if anyone knew. could be like one of these artists that get
it to come back where I knew I could hold on Twitter every ve minutes. But what is Robert Safro
a show on my own and not have to worry, BLADE: Your coach was Adam Levine. that really helping? If you live your truth
Oh, is it just going to go and leave me? It Do you still keep in touch with him? and you live to help the cause in your 301.986.0585
would stay for a song and then it would just GILMAN: I do. We talk. The ones I talk everyday life that stands alone as well.
vanish, no sound coming out. We would to are him and Miley (Cyrus) mostly. Hes
go to the doctor but there really wasnt great. He was very black and white. I FULL INTERVIEW AT
any damage, it was just the vocal chords like truth and I dont like to be doted or WASHINGTONBLADE.COM
And creative solutions for all your
guring out what they wanted to do. It coddled. It was neat to see someone really
BILLY GILMAN design, marketing, and print needs
took two-and-a-half years for me to fully get invested in the situation and not just Sunday, Oct. 29
get back out on a stage and be able to hold when the cameras are on. Hes awesome. 7:30 p.m. The Graphic Issue
a show. But I lived in Nashville through all Bethesda Blues and Jazz Supper Club
7119 Wisconsin Ave., Bethesda, Md.
that time co-writing. I raised $2.5 million for BLADE: Country music isnt known $45-75

3 0 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 CA LE N D A R

E-mail calendar items to calendars@washblade.

com two weeks prior to your event. Space is lim-
ited so priority is given to LGBT-specic events
or those with LGBT participants. Recurring
events must be re-submitted each time.

Comedian Suzanne Westenhoefer
performs at the Birchmere (3701 Mt.
Vernon Ave., Alexandria, Va.) tonight
at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $45. For more
details, visit
AGLA and the Imperial Court of
Washington hosts their annual USO Show
at Freddies Beach Bar and Restaurant
(555 23rd St., S Arlington, Va.) tonight
from 6-9 p.m. The social is from 6-7 p.m.
The show is from 7-8:45 p.m. There will
be rae prizes. For more information,
Gamma D.C., a support group for
men in mixed-orientation relationships,
meets at Luther Place Memorial Church
(1226 Vermont Ave., N.W.) tonight
from 7:30-9:30 p.m. The group is for
men who are attracted to men but
are currently, or were at one point, in
relationships with women. Meeting
locations are in private residences. For PHOTO BY ELIOT HAZEL; COUTESY DONOVAN PR
more information about the group and
WRABEL performs at U Street Music Hall Sunday night opening for Leon.
location, visit
Women in Their 20s, a social discussion
group for LBT and all women interested today from 10:30 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Check- priced items in store. Food and drink will available in cash prizes. Look for the club
in women, meets tonight at the D.C. in is at Tyber Creek (84 T St., N.W.) be provided from local restaurants. For on Facebook for details.
Center (2000 14th St., N.W.) from 8-9:30 from 10:30 a.m.-4 p.m. There will be more information, visit The Gay & Lesbian Community Center of
p.m. All welcome to join. For details, visit lectures on the history of Bloomingdales anniesacehardwarebl. Baltimore (2530 N. Charles St., Baltimore, architecture and workshops with Out singer Wrabel performs at U Street Md.) hosts a Halloween party on Tuesday,
SMYAL (410 Seventh St., S.E.) presents Bloomingdales designers and architects Music Hall (1115 U St., N.W.) tonight at Oct. 31 from 6-9 p.m. There will be
a haunted house today from 4-7 p.m. from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Tours of the homes 7 p.m. He opens the show for singer/ performances by Chris Jay, Sapphire Bleu,
Admission is free. Email brandan. will be from 1-5 p.m. The Arts and Letters songwriter Len. Tickets are $20. For Ariel Von Quinn, Usagi, Bella La Blanc to RSVP. For more reception will take lace at Old Engine 12 more details, visit and Xander Lovecraft. All ages welcome.
information, visit (1626 North Capitol St., N.W.) from 4:30- Team LezLink will walk in Making Admission is free. For more information,
7:30 p.m. Tickets are $35. Reception only Strides Against Breast Cancer at RFK
SATURDAY, OCT. 28 tickets are $10. For more details, visit Stadium (2400 E Capitol St., N.E.) today from 8:30 a.m.-noon. Join the team for WEDNESDAY, NOV. 1
The Walk and 5K to End HIV kicks o at The 21st annual HRC National Dinner the walk or donate. For more information,
Freedom Plaza (1455 Pennsylvania Ave., takes place at the Walter E. Washington visit Bisexual rapper Lil Peep performs at U
N.W.) today at 7 a.m. Check-in starts at 7 Convention Center (801 Mt Vernon Pl., Street Music Hall (1115 U St., N.W.) tonight
a.m. with a program of music, speakers N.W.) today at 5p.m. The sold-out event will MONDAY, OCT. 30 at 7 p.m. GBC, Bexey and Yawns open
and warm-up exercise starting at 8:15 feature special guests Sen. Kamala D. Harris the show. Tickets range from $17-25. For
a.m. The 5K begins at 9:15 a.m. and the and Orange is the New Black star Uzo Us Helping Us (3636 Georgia Ave., more details, visit
walk starts at 9:20 a.m. At 10 a.m. there Aduba. For more information, visit N.W.) holds a support group for gay black Bookmen D.C., an informal gay mens
will be a post-walk celebration. General NSO Pops welcomes Pink Martinis lead men to discuss topics that aect them, literature group, discusses The Best
walk registration is $25. Student and singer China Forbes and special guest share perspectives and have meaningful Little Boy in the World by John Reid, at
senior walk registration is $15. General Ari Shapiro for a performance at the conversations. For details, visit the Tenleytown Library (4450 Wisconsin
timed run registration is $35. Sleep walker Kennedy Center (2700 F St., N.W.) tonight Ave., N.W.) tonight at 7:30 p.m. All are
registration, for those who cannot attend, at 8 p.m. The show will be a blend of TUESDAY, OCT. 31 welcome. For more information, visit
is $40 and includes a commemorative genres including jazz, classical and retro
Walk and 5K to End HIV T-shirt. For more pop. Tickets range from $24-115. For Queer Women Working Through The Tom Davoren Social Bridge Club
details, visit more details, visit Trauma, a support group, meets this meets tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Dignity
Taqueria Del Barrio (821 Upshur St., evening at the D.C. Center (2000 14th Center (721 Eighth St., S.E.) for social
N.W.) hosts a drag brunch today from SUNDAY, OCT. 29 St., N.W.) from 6-7 p.m. The group helps bridge. No partner needed. For more
10 a.m.-3 p.m. Sylvanna Duvel and Abbi individuals process trauma by learning information, call 301-345-1571.
Kadabra will perform. There will be shows Ladies Tea Dance will be at Annies Ace therapy techniques and behavioral
at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Tickets are $25 and Hardware (3405 Eighth St., N.E.) today processing activities such as art, deep THURSDAY, NOV. 2
include entry with one brunch entry or from 2-5 p.m. There will be prizes and breathing, stretching and meditation. For
three tacos and one brunch cocktail. activity stations where guests can learn more details, visit SMYAL (410 Seventh St., S.E.) hosts
Tickets are for either the 10 a.m. or 1 how to cut glass, repair bikes, rewire DJ Steve Henderson spins onight at Fight 4 Yr Rights Activist Night today from
p.m. show. For more information, visit lamps, repair walls and more. The rst Grand Central Nightclub (1001 N. Charles 5-7 p.m. LGBT youth can come to learn 100 people will receive a swag bag. All St., Baltimore) from 9 p.m.-2 a.m. There about historical activist movements. For
The 2017 Bloomingdale House Tour is guests will receive 20 percent o regular will be a costume contest with $800 details, visit
W A SH I N GTO NB LAD E.C OM O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 3 1

Celebrate Fall
with New Menus
B runch Weekends!
Champagne Celebrations
Unlimited By The Glass
Saturdays A-La-Carte $29.95
Some think I should dress more like
a woman. Some think I should dress
more like a man.

Sunday Buet $38.95

Voted 2016 TOP TEN Best Brunches I may not fit some
*** ideas about gender,
Under $10 - Daily Lunch Specials and I am a proud
Choice of Entres, Pastas, Salads or Burgers part of DC.
Happy Hour $3-$4-$5-$6-$7
Appetizers, Martinis & Drinks - 4PM-7PM Please treat me the same way any
*** person would want to be treated:
with courtesy and respect.
Sky-Bar Warm Fall Nights Discrimination based on gender identity and
$7.00 Champagne & Sparkling Drinks expression is illegal in the District of Columbia.
Live DJ Wed-Sat - Dierent Vibe Nightly If you think youve been the target of
discrimination, visit
Season Closing Party: Tues-October 31 or call (202) 727-4559.
Halloween Costume Contest

Chillin Patio Specials


Pitchers, Platters, Buckets

202-872-1126 17th & Rhode Island Ave. NW Show your support! Spread word of the #TransRespect
campaign by photographing this ad and sharing on Twitter.
Time to Plan Your Holiday Event Great Choices,
New Menus With Something For Everyone

Carol Schwartz Just Released Her Autobiography

(Quite a Life! From Defeat to Defeat ... and Back)

Come hear Carol talk, buy a book & get it signed:

Saturday, October 28 Sunday, October 29
1:30-3:00 Cactus Cantina (Ward 3) 1:30-3:00 Dupont Kitchen (Ward 2)
3300 Wisc. Ave., NW 1637-17th St., NW
3:30-5:00 Players Lounge (Ward 8) 3:30-5:00 Bens Chili Bowl (Ward 1)
2737 MLK Ave., SE 1213 U St., NW
Saturday, November 4 Sunday, November 5
1:30-3:00 Star & Shamrock (Ward 6) 1:30-3:00 Carolina Kitchen (Ward 5)
1341 H St., NE 2350 Washington Pl., NE
3:30-5:00 Dennys (Ward 7) 3:30-5:00 Oohhs & Aahhs (Ward 4)
4445 Benning Rd., NE 5933 Georgia Ave., NW

To buy now and/or host a book party: go to


32 OCT OB E R 27, 2017 O U T & A BO U T







FEAT. DARDEN SMITH, SMYAL Fall Brunch is Nov. 5
AND MARY GAUTHIER SMYAL hosts its Fall Brunch at Marriott Marquis (901 Massachusetts Ave.,
N.W.) on Sunday, Nov. 5 from 10:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
There will be an open bar cocktail reception with Nellies Sports Bar bloody
DEL MCCOURY BAND Marys and Duplex Diner mimosas, a three-course brunch and a silent auction.
Gavin Grimm will receive the Communicate Advocate Award and the Dupont
FRI, NOV 3 7:00PM & 10:30PM
Social Club and Stonewall Sports will receive the Todd Peterson Award. Fall
REBIRTH BRASS BAND Brunch Chairs Gary Duke and Rebecca Miller will also make appearances. NBC4
anchor Wendy Rieger will emcee the event. Registration is at 10 a.m. followed by
SAT, NOV 4 7:00PM & 10:30PM
the cocktail reception and silent auction at 10:30 a.m. The seated brunch begins
General admission tickets are $150. Admiral level tickets with preferred
LIVE NATION PRESENTS seating are $250. For more information, visit

FRANK SOLIVAN Champ Chad channels Cher
& DIRTY KITCHEN RuPauls Drag Race All Stars winner
Chad Michaels performs at the La Boum
SAT, NOV 11 Brunch at Saint Yves (1220 Connecticut
NEWMYER FLYER PRESENTS Ave., N.W.) on Sunday, Nov. 5 from noon-
Michaels will turn back time
SUN, NOV 12 celebrating Daylight Saving Time with a
DOYLE BRAMHALL II Cher impersonation. Gigi Holliday will join
W/ ALTHEA GRACE as co-host. DJ Matt Bailer will spin tracks.
The brunch party includes a buet at
TUES, NOV 14 noon. Food is not guaranteed after 1 p.m.
HABIB KOIT & BAMADA PHOTO COURTESY GIRLIE ACTION Tickets are $45 plus a 20 percent gratuity.
W/ SAHEL For more details, visit

Tori Amos to make MGM debut Drummers tackle classic lit
W/ SAMMY MILLER & THE CONGREGATION Tori Amos brings her Native Invader Tour to MGM National Harbor (101 D.C.s Dierent Drummers hosts its
MGM National Ave., Oxon Hill, Md.) on Friday, Nov. 3 at 8 p.m. Its her debut Capital Pride Symphonic Band Concert at
SAT, NOV 18 performance at the new venue. For years, she played DAR Constitution Hall on the Church of the Epiphany (1317 G St.,
BIG SAMS FUNKY NATION her D.C. tour stops. N.W.) on Saturday, Nov. 4 at 7 p.m.
The tour is in support of her 15th studio album, Native Invader, a mellow The shows theme will be Once Upon
and personal album that explores climate change and her mothers debilitating a Time, and will feature pieces from
stroke. It is the follow-up to her 2014 album Unrepentant Geraldines. Tickets dierent eras and styles. The focus will be
range from $45-281. on classic literature. Student and senior
For more details and to purchase tickets, visit tickets are $10. Adult tickets are $20.
THEHAMILTONDC.COM For more information, visit

T H E A TE R OC T OB E R 27, 2017 33



ANNIE OTTATI as Nora in Safe as Houses.

Frustrating Houses Angela Meade

Intriguing premise never fully about meeting Jack in high school while
mined for dramatic heft dissecting a frog or something. Shes not
sure about the details of that anecdote or
By PATRICK FOLLIARD a lot of things. Her feelings are revealed
with a furrowed brow.
Nora is an unsentimental 15-year-old Safe As Houses (the title comes
lesbian, or so it seems. When reunited from an old English phrase meaning
with her father after his mysterious completely safe) is made up of longish,
decade-long absence, shes reluctant to uneven scenes connected by some
show vulnerability. awkward transitions. The production,

Angela Meade. Photo by Julio Rodriguez

But eventually she expresses her anger directed by Megan Behm, would benet
and sadness about how hes missed so from a brisker pace. Plodding domestic
many holidays, her stint in Girls Scouts, business like when Isabel slowly places
father/daughter dances and that he and carefully lights candles (battery
wasnt there for her when she came out. operated) at the top of the second act
Its a memorable, well-acted scene in doesnt help. And intentional or not, the
Pinky Swear Productions latest oering play owes a heavy thematic debt to the
Natalie Ann Piegaris Safe As Houses. classic J.M. Barrie play Mary Rose.
The action takes place on Valentines Theres a lot left unexplained which
Day, 2017. Outside a violent storm is is ne. But whats vexing isnt that the
raging. Inside sullen Nora (Annie Ottati) is big questions arent answered, its that
mainly concerned that texts arent going theyre never asked. Why doesnt Isabel
through to her girlfriend. Noras mother get mad and shout, Where the [insert
Isabel (Carolyn Kashner) is oddly calm, expletive] have you REALLY been the
folding plaid shirts. Isabels husband last 10 years, Jack? Why isnt Jack slightly
Henry (Patrick M. Doneghy) is tucked away more freaked out that hes a modern-day,
in another room doing nerdy things on non-aging Rip Van Winkle?
his computer. Eventually he emerges There are relatable moments too. As Jack,
to suggest they follow ocial weather Miot is particularly eective when he learns
warnings to move to higher ground. that his mother has died from cancer in his
Isabel, an oil painter who clearly calls the absence. Also, when he engages in some
shots, is unreasonably set against it. territorial rage with Henry.
Unexpectedly, a young-looking man, Jessica Cancinos pleasingly spare set
wet and bogged down with shopping centers on a projection of nonstop, pounding
bags, lets himself in the house. We will rain seen through a huge paned window. A
learn that this is Jack (Jonathan Miot), simple grouping of worn furniture provides
Isabels former husband and Noras the casual atmosphere suited to the artists November 419 | Eisenhower Theater
father who has been missing for exactly modest but orderly home. Sound designer
Music by George Frideric Handel / Libretto by Riccardo Broschi
10 years. He says hes carrying the same Kevin Alexander adds appropriately startling
groceries and owers that he went out claps of thunder. In Italian with Projected English Titles
for on that long-ago Valentines Day, and The dramas rare ashes of humor
has a jug of milk with a 2007 expiration are provided almost entirely by Nora
date to back his claim. Mysteriously, he whose teenage sarcasm and scathing
hasnt aged a day since then and has no observations of an insane situation are TICKETS ON SALE NOW! KENNEDY-CENTER.ORG | (202) 467-4600
memory of the time passed. welcomed. The determinedly out lesbian Tickets also available at the Box Office. Groups call (202) 416-8400.
Isabel is slow very slow in teen comes across as playwright Piegaris For all other ticket-related customer service inquiries, call the Advance Sales Box Office at (202) 416-8540.

recognizing her former husband who most authentically written character.

Major support for WNO is provided by WNO's Presenting Sponsor
remains physically unchanged. Since Jacqueline Badger Mars.
his highly publicized disappearance the Safe As Houses
Through Nov. 11 David and Alice Rubenstein are the
family has been taunted by cranks so its Pinky Swear Productions Presenting Underwriters of WNO. Generous support for WNO Italian Opera is provided
by Daniel and Gayle DAniello.
understandable that shed be wary, but Logan Fringe Arts Space: Trinidad Theatre WNO acknowledges the longstanding generosity of
1358 Florida Ave., N.E.
this seems a little strange. In some clichd 866-811-4111
Life Chairman Mrs. Eugene B. Casey.

exposition, Isabel tells her daughter


3 4 O CTO B ER 2 7 , 2017 O U T &A BO U T

Booze and boos at weekend parties

The Zoo, Distrkt C, today from noon-4 p.m. Costumes are
encouraged but not required. There will
Synetic among main be music, vendors, special edition edibles
Halloween area events and more. Smoking is permitted. A $5
donation is required. The address will be
given with RSVP. For more information,
By MARIAH COOPER visit Uproar Lounge and Restaurant (639
Florida Ave., N.W.) hosts House of Horror
With Halloween falling mid-week this Costume Party tonight from 9 p.m.-2 a.m.
year, all the big partying is this weekend. The party is open theme and all costume
Here are some regional highlights, many types are allowed. For more details, visit
with a gay twist.
Skintight USA hosts Hot Horror
FRIDAY, OCT. 27 Halloween at Green Lantern (1335 Green
Ct., N.W.) tonight from 8 p.m.- 2 a.m. There
Camp Variety Cabaret presents will be a costume contest and rae with
the Scary Tales: A Grimm Night of $1,000 in prizes including porn, comics,
Burlesque tonight at 8 p.m. Burlesque toys and games. Shirley U. Jest will perform.
and variety performers will bring to DJ David Merrill will spin tracks. Tickets are
life Washingtons scary fairy tales. $10 at the door. For more information, visit
Performers include Ophelia Zayna Hart,
Danny Cavalier, Queen Nefertittie, Ginger Distrkt C hosts Warlock, a Halloween
Jameson, Delilah Dentata (Rocky), Cherie party, at the D.C. Eagle (3701 Benning
Sweetbottom, Carlita Caliente, Phoenix Rd., N.E.) tonight from 10 p.m.-6 a.m. DJ
King. Buster Britches hosts the show. Josh Whitaker will play an extended set.
Zamora the Torture King will be the There will be a midnight costume contest
special guest.Tickets are $15 in advance with a $250 prize. Tickets are $25. For
and $17 at the door. Doors open at 8 more details, visit
p.m. For more details, search Camp Lindy Promotions hosts its 19th
Variety Cabaret on Facebook. annual Nightmare on M Street bar
Night of the Living Zoo is at crawl today from 2-8 p.m. There will
Smithsonians National Zoo (3001 be costume contests, prizes and drink
Connecticut Ave., N.W.) tonight from 6:30- specials. Participating bars are Barcode,
10 p.m. There will be live entertainment, the Big Hunt, Blacknn, Decades, Dirty
performance artists, a bar and food trucks. Bar, Dirty Martini, The Gryphon, Public
There will also be a costume contest, rides The region is teaming with LGBT-friendly Halloween parties and costume contests this weekend. Bar and D.C. Taphouse. Tickets range
on the Speedwell Conservation Carousel from $10-20. For more information, visit
and snowless tubing. Guests will receive WASHINGTON BLADE PHOTO BY ANN LITTLE
after-hours access to the Small Mammal
House, Reptile Discovery Center and Great SUNDAY, OCT. 29
Cats Circle. General admission tickets are cash prizes of $500, $250 and $150. SATURDAY, OCT. 28
$30 for members of FONZ and $40 for Cover is $15. Flash hosts a Halloween edition of
non-members. It includes two drink tickets Burlesque-a-pades presents a Ghosttown, Towns 21-and-over Flashy After Hours this morning from
and complimentary soda and water. VIP two-night Halloween show featuring Halloween party, is tonight at 10 p.m. There 3:30-9 a.m. Tickets are $30. Guests with
tickets are $65 for FONZ members and $90 Angie Pontani, the Main Attraction, will be a costume contest at midnight with a wristband to the Cherry Fund party at
for non-members. It includes three drink Mr. Gorgeous, Ginger Leigh, Cherry $1,000, $500 and $250 cash prizes. DJ Ed Cobalt will receive $5 o. DJ Sean Morris
tickets, VIP express check-in, a souvenir Bomb, Peek-a-Boo Revue and Rosalee Bailey and DJ West will play music. Drag and DJ Twin will play music. For more
tumbler, one ticket for snowless tubing, Sweet and other special guests. Albert show starts at 10:30 p.m. Cover is $15. For information, visit
private access to the VIP bar and lounge, Cadabra hosts. The show will take place more details, visit
complimentary food tastings, animal at the Creative Alliance (3134 Eastern Synetic Theater hosts its new Pirates TUESDAY, OCT. 31
demonstrations and a private dance party. Ave., Baltimore, Md.) tonight at 8 p.m. Ball, a family friendly party, today
For more details, visit national Tickets are $25. On Saturday, Oct. 28 at 2 p.m. Tickets include the 2 p.m. D.C. Gaymers host a Halloween party
events/night-living-zoo. at 7 p.m., the show takes place at Rams performance of Peter Pan, family at Cobalt (1639 R St., N.W.) tonight from
D.C. Bear Crue hosts its annual Head On-Stage (33 West St., Annapolis, activities, light appetizers and a meet- 7-10 p.m. The group will be playing
Halloween contest at Town (2009 8th Md.). Tickets are $22.50. For more and-greet with some of the cast. Guests classic games like Smash Bros., Mario
St., N.W.) tonight from 6-11 p.m. Prizes information, visit and are encouraged to come in costume Kart, Tekken, Pokken Tournament
include drink tickets and bottles of alcohol. and to bring a trick-or-treat bag. Tickets and more. The game Resident Evil will
Line up starts at 9 p.m. and contest starts Synetic Theater (1800 S Bell St., range from $50-70. For more details, also be screened. There will be a rae
at 9:30 p.m. For more information, visit Arlington, Va.) hosts its 11th annual visit for prizes and a costume contest with Vampires Ball tonight at 8 p.m. The party Black Cat (1811 14th St., N.W.) hosts a grand prize of $500. For more details,
Town (2009 8th St., N.W.) hosts will follow the theaters performance of Eighties Mayhem: 80s Halloween Dance visit
Stranger Queens Halloween Party, for Peter Pan. There will be an open bar Party tonight at 9 p.m. DJ Missguided, DJ D.C. Front Runners hosts a Halloween-
guests 18 and older, tonight at 10 p.m. and costume content. DJ Konstantine Steve EP and DJ Killa K will spin tracks. themed run kicking o at Union Station
Drag show starts at 10:30 p.m. GoGo Lortkipandidze will play music. Tickets Costumes are encouraged. Cover is $15. (50 Massachusetts Ave., N.E.) tonight
boys perform after 11 p.m. DJ West and include the 8 p.m. performance of Peter For more details, from 7-9 p.m. Costumes are encouraged.
DJ Back2back will play music. There will Pan. Tickets range from $25-75. Mamajuana Edibles hosts Tree or For more details, search D.C. Front
be a costume contest at midnight with Treat, a Halloween cannabis event, Runners on Facebook.

F I LM OC T OB E R 27, 2017 35



World of Wonder

New Todd Haynes Working closely with Director of

feature juxtaposes two Photography Ed Lachman and Editor
Aonso Goncalves, Haynes uses two very
touching tales dierent visual styles to tell the stories.
Roses story is shot in black and white

Wonderstruck, the latest lm from

queer auteur Todd Haynes, is a visual
and even includes scenes from the Lillian
Mayhew weepie Daughter of the Storm.
Its worth noting that Roses favorite movie
theater is about to be renovated for the

masterpiece that will surely be a favorite opening of The Jazz Singer, the rst
this awards season. Like his earlier talkie, a movie that would change the
movies, (Velvet Goldmine, Carol, Far course of Hollywood history and would
From Heaven and the HBO miniseries of profoundly change the movie-going
Mildred Pierce), the movie is an indelible experience for the deaf community.
delight for the senses. Its also a tonic for Bens story is told in vibrant color and
the heart. his adventures through Times Square are
The movie is based on the richly seen in a gritty urban style that echoes
illustrated young adult novel by openly classics from the 1970s like The French
gay author Brian Selznick, who also wrote Connection and Taxi Driver. Both eras
the screenplay. His earlier novel The are lovingly recreated in amazing detail
Invention of Hugo Cabret was the basis by production designer Mark Friedberg
for the delightful lm Hugo. Haynes and and award-winning costume designer
Selznick tell two interwoven stories that Sandy Powell.
come together in a magical and moving Haynes jumps back and forth between
Photo of Evan Casey, Tom Story and Jamie Smithson by Margot Schulman

nale you have to experience for yourself. time periods with supple and charming
The rst story starts in Hoboken, N.J., in dexterity. The cuts are never predictable
October, 1927. A young deaf girl named and the stories illuminate each other in
Rose Kincaid (played by the magnicent surprising and unexpected ways. When
deaf actress Millicent Symonds) is bored both children are exploring the museum,
and lonely at home, stied by her over- the interplay between the two periods is
protective father. She runs away to New fascinating as Haynes and his colleagues
York City to see her favorite actress, explore how the museum has and hasnt
silent lm star Lillian Mayhew (a delicious changed over time.
Julianne Moore), who is rehearsing for a The acting is excellent. Julianne Moore
new Broadway play. joyously chews up scenery right and left,
The second story starts in Gunint whether appearing onscreen, onstage or
Lake, Minn., in June 1977. After the death as the towering diva in her dressing room.
of his mother (Michelle Williams), Ben Oakes Fegley is solid and sympathetic as

an act of God
Wilson (Oakes Fegley) is sent to live with Ben. But the real nd of the movie is Millicent
his relatives. In a book about the Cabinet Simmonds. Her winsome face is extremely
of Wonders left behind by his mother, expressive and she beautifully captures the
he nds a clue to his fathers identity: a rhythms of the classic silent cinema.
bookmark from Kincaids Books in New While the movie is excellent, there are [TOM] STORY IS A TRULY WITTY,
York City. With money from his mothers some noticeable aws. The role of Bens


rainy-day fund, he heads to the city to friend Jamie (Jaden Michael) is sadly URBANE COMEDY
track him down. underwritten; its possible that the book THE WASHINGTON POST DCMETROTHEATERARTS
Both children end up at the wonderful rounds out the character more fully.
Museum of Natural History. Avoiding the More seriously, the pacing occasionally AN IRREVERENT COMEDY SUBLIMELY SATIRICAL AND
attention of watchful security guards and lags and the lm could use some cutting. BROADWAY WORLD UNSPEAKABLY FUNNY
each in their own era, they are entranced It loses some steam once the impressive THEATREBLOOM
by the lifelike dioramas, make wishes on novelty wears o and it goes on for a little NOW THROUGH NOVEMBER 26 PRIDE NIGHTS: NOVEMBER 3 & 17
the massive meteorite Ahnightito, and too long after the big reveal.
are awed by the amazing exhibits in the Nonetheless, Wonderstruck is a lm well- | 703 820 9771
Cabinet of Wonders. worth seeing especially on the big screen.

3 6 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 P H O T O S BY MI CH A E L KE Y A N D T O M H A U SMA N

The Washington Blade held its annual Best of Gay D.C. Awards at Town Danceboutique on Thursday, Oct. 19.
Among the honorees were D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and transgender activist Gavin Grimm.


The 31st annual High Heel Race was held along 17th Street on Tuesday, Oct. 24. Ruby Corado of Casa Ruby and local drag legend BaNaka served as grand marshals.

3 8 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 P H O T O S BY MI CH A E L KE Y A N D T O M H A U SMA N

The Ladies of LURe held their monthly BARE party at Cobalt on Saturday.

BOOKS OC T OB E R 27, 2017 39

Double whammy

Sloppy editing mars touching
Paid for Bruce Majors and authorized by Friends of Cliff Hyra
LGBT family memoir


haircuts, body waxing, laser hair removal


since she was 3 years old.She lives in Wisconsin
with two dogs and 12,000 books. Reach her at

Always be prepared.
Thats not just a motto to wear on a
badge; it could save you money, time
or health. It might get you where youre
going faster or easier. Being ready for
anything can you feel secure and safe,
it can help you bounce back against
any adversity and, as in the new book
Straight Expectations by Peggy Cryden Finally, Cryden had stability and the
(with Janet E. Goldstein-Ball), it can make family she always dreamed of having: two
you a better parent. children, a girl and a boy, and a supportive
Everything in her life, it seemed, had husband. Theirs seemed to be the perfect,
readied her for what was to come. TV-ready, typical family down the block
Adopted as a small infant, Peggy until Julia, who was just a teen, confessed
Cryden grew up with a father who was to her mother that hed come to the
a genius, but was distant, and a mother understanding that he was really a boy.
with emotional issues and what Cryden Shortly after this, fragile Jay, whod always
indicates was probably mental illness. felt left out, came out to the family.
Cryden didnt completely understand Though it has steel-strong messages
the latter until she was an adult and of armation, unconditional love,
a working therapist and it took many acceptance and healing, Straight
decades for her to make peace with her Expectations is a rough read.
mothers legacy. Author Peggy Cryden (with Janet E.
Before that, however, as children, Goldstein-Ball, who oers pertinent
Cryden and her brother were often left to information in her introduction) tells an
their own devices. They woke themselves, absorbing story of childhood neglect and
prepared themselves for school, learned how she turned her own experiences
to swipe lunch money from their fathers into self-lessons on raising her two sons
pocket change and they tried not to be condently. Readers will clearly see that ADVERTISI
embarrassed by their moms antics, theres power in thosePROOF #
words but theres ISSUE DATE: 170915 SALES REPRESENTATIVE:
eccentricities or melt-downs. Untaught also repetition, often within the same REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of
proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24
by her mother, Cryden learned resilience half-page, causing the REVISIONSsentiment to hours of the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.
Brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of
and basic skills from her grandmother, wither like a pinpricked balloon.
REDESIGN Add in your ad. Advertiser is responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any
material to which users can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not
her grandmothers black housekeeper TEXT
an overabundance of choppy sentences REVISIONS violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement
or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety
IMAGE/LOGO REVISIONS right, false advertising, unfair competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-
and from a neighbor woman who and youve got a recipe NO forREVISIONS
frustration. discrimination law or regulation, or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff
pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington
By signing this proof you are agreeing to your cont
obviously noted a child in need. You want to nish the book but do you blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal
the washington blade newspaper. This includes b

Though she was generally independent have the patience it will take to do so? breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties. CALL FOR
fees and expenses that may be incurred by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertisers
placement, payment and insertion schedule.

much earlier, Cryden moved out of her Its worth a try. Straight Expectations
parents house when she was still in high contains is a basically good story plus
school. Later, while attending community resources, but it needed love with an
college, she met the man she would editing pen. You may like it enormously
marry, although Cryden indicates that just be prepared.
M-TH 11:30AM-10PM F-SAT 11:30AM-11PM
she sometimes felt she couldnt bond. SUN. BRUNCH 11AM-3PM / DINNER 3-10PM
That feeling extended to her rstborn STRAIGHT EXPECTATIONS: THE STORY OF A
child, a girl she named Julia. By Peggy Cryden (with Janet E. Goldstein-Ball)
She was a little better centered when Jessica Kingsley Publishers 322 MASS. AVE. NE 202.543.7656
her second child, a boy, Jay, was born.
4 0 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M

A R T S & EN TE RTA I NMENT O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 4 1

Ive never been so happy in my life, Hawkins says

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 25 something on those that couldnt be
seem to really love the new songs and Im HAWKINS: Yeah. There were periods
doing one I just wrote a couple weeks ago where dierent producers would try to
thats a brand new original Christmas song get away from it but even the head of the
so its going to be exciting to do one that I record company, Don Ienner at the time,
just wrote. As for the album, Im going to the head of Sony, he said, No, youve got
be totally candid because I always am, I to use the vocal on her demo, thats why
dont quite know how to get it out. I dont I signed her. So there were always those
want it to just be the same old process of moments where we would go back to
putting all this eort into something and that. So Whaler didnt take a long time
then making no money from it. Im trying cause Stephen works fast. Tongues and
to nd a new way and really taking my Tales took a long time because Id never
time. I really love it, I put a ton of energy made a record before and Rick Cherto
into it and the songs are, in my opinion, is known for taking a really long time.
phenomenal so I dont want to just throw He wanted demo after demo after demo
it out and have it go nowhere. The musical after demo. He could spend years on just
is still a work in progress. I may put the a thought. It takes him hours to get a
Christmas song out just to have a little freaking sentence out. But in some ways,
something but I cant just throw things thats also why hes brilliant. Hes like an
out there anymore. old-fashioned director. Hell take you to
dinner and you have to include all that in
BLADE: You did some shows in New the process. So on Tongues and Tales,
York back in June that you said you they didnt spend anytime on me. It was all
were going to record to try to capture SOPHIE B. HAWKINS at a 2004 Pittsburgh concert. about the radio, what will happen to the
something elusive you said doesnt WASHINGTON BLADE FILE PHOTO BY JOEY DIGUGLIELMO album, and Rick Cherto takes everything
always show up on your studio work. into consideration but then when it came
Did you? time for vocals, believe it or not, they gave
HAWKINS: Yes, well, I dont know if I we would have been dead if wed stayed carnal, which is forbidden in gospel me like a day. I was really upset about
captured that elusive whatever but I did a moment longer. And I mean completely music. Is that a fair interpretation or that inside, but I did not wanna complain
record all three shows and they were dead emotionally, psychologically, am I o base? because they didnt make me write with
lmed. I dont know if the lming was nancially, everything. Its scary to think HAWKINS: No, youre so on base and anybody, they completely stayed true to
good because I havent seen it yet. Im about. Thats one aspect of it. But thank I love that you said have sex with Jesus. my vision so I thought, Well, OK, I have
not sure if Im going to edit them and put God I landed and could begin again. Yes, its so true and in a way, thats sort of a day, Im just gonna use a day. So the
anything out because that takes so much There is still a reckoning Im dealing with what were doing. And yes, that is the vocals were very fast. But that worked
work. I wish I had another me to do that in my art and in conversations with close great thing about pop music and great out OK because Im one of those people
kind of work. And sometimes youre just friends, you know, walking around going, poetry, it connects all these things. you cant overdo things too much with.
too close to it. I thought it sounded terrible I cant believe this is part of my story Theres actually a movie out now thats On Whaler, though, he did take much
when I listened to it in June but then I now. I never thought it would happen about all this called The Novitiate. Have more time with the vocals.
heard it again in September by accident a betrayal on that level. you heard of it?
and I was like, No, that sounds pretty BLADE: What happens to all the
good, I should get to editing that. But BLADE: One song of yours thats BLADE: No. alternate takes and photo and video
again, it goes back to not wanting to just always haunted me is I Need Nothing HAWKINS: Its not out yet but I saw a outtakes when a major label project like
put stu out just to do it. Im looking for a Else. I know songwriters hate to screening and its really a brilliant movie that wraps? Do you get it all or is it sitting
right connection. Im not dying for people explain what songs are about but can but its not with men, its with nuns. Oh in box in a warehouse somewhere?
to say, Oh shes great, listen to this, and you illuminate us at all on that one? my God. HAWKINS: I think Sony probably
then move on to the next thing. Theres no HAWKINS: I love that song too because trashed it all because, you know, I fought
reason for that. Maybe once I gure out of the combination of the visceral and BLADE: How long did it take to with them by the third album. I have all
when the album is coming out, the live the spiritual and accepting it all as one make Tongues and Tales (1992) and the demos, which is shocking. But they
stu could be like the thank you for being and knowing that all things go together Whaler (1994)? How long did you didnt care about what they didnt use so I
part of my life and here is this gift. with no boundaries. All these things need spend recording vocals and how long would think by this time they would have
each other and pull each other and tug were the whole projects? trashed everything. I did get a bunch of
BLADE: What has it been like each other and theres that feeling of HAWKINS: OK, well, Whaler took pictures. Great outtakes from sessions
rebuilding after going through the passion that I really love and then the shorter than Tongues and Tales by David LaChapelle, Bruce Weber and
break-up of a 17-year relationship? phrase, I need nothing else, is what you because I worked with Stephen Lipson Mark Hanauer. It would be fun to do
HAWKINS: Oh, it was awful. Just so do you go through your life and you and he was well, for both albums by something with those but at this point in
incredibly sad, I cant even tell you. Its eliminate, you start to realize what you the way, we used my demos a lot, which my career, I dont want to spend the time
still so dicult to understand how that need and what you dont need and you was interesting, so wed have to include looking through photos.
could have happened. I felt like I was come back to this very essential quality. that time. Id recorded those songs at
saved when I got back to New York by You bring the drama on when you home rst. Like in Did We Not Choose
the skin of my teeth. Theres this amazing dont know what you need and you do so Each Other when you hear the frying CONTINUES AT WASHINGTONBLADE.COM
other part of yourself that says, Ive got many things to mask and then you nd it pans and all the crazy percussion and
to move before the tsunami hits, I gotta and its unmasked thats that song, its the keyboards, all that stu was done at
get out of my bed and start running and unmasked, here it is. home. As I Lay Me Down, the percussion, ELLIS PAUL AND SOPHIE B. HAWKINS
Saturday, Oct. 28
thats what happened. The tsunami was the keyboards, all that was taken from my 6:30 p.m. (doors, 5:30)
coming down on me and my son and I BLADE: Its taboo to say you wanna original demo and we just overlaid and Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave. E
actually got out of bed and said, Were have sex with Jesus but pop music is built upon it. Vienna, Va.
getting up now, move, move, move, get the kind of this nice place where you can $25
dogs, and we got to New York and boom, entertain both the spiritual and the BLADE: You felt youd captured
4 2 O CTO B E R 2 7 , 2017 W A SH I N G T O N BLA D E . CO M


4609 FOXHALL CRESCENT NW 1200 N NASH ST 1136/1167

FOXHALL The best view in town! Imagine the 4th of July from this home. Apartment 1136/67
Sophisticated home in convenient location. 4,200sf on three levels. is two apartments, merged by award-winning Studio 27 architects. Modern design
Generous main floor includes a light filled 2 story foyer. Walk-out lower level has with customized built-ins, Brazilian granite and sound proofing. Full east and west
2BR/2BA, 2nd family room and private entrance. Gorgeous flagstone patio, exqui- exposure light the home in a unique way. A spacious balcony provides iconic monu-
site landscape architecture/outdoor lighting, 2-car garage. ment views to the east with ample entertainment space. 24-hr staffed front desk,
$1,500,000 fitness center, outdoor pool.
Elegance abounds in this
renovated Kalorama manse
with four off-street parking
spaces. Approximately 5,500sf
on four levels. Grand, wide
staircase is capped by a large
skylight, illuminating the house.
2811 MCGILL TERR NW Could easily be transformed
into a grand residence.
Approximately 5,000sf with large public rooms on the main level, including $4,435,000
the elegant living and dining rooms, wood floors throughout the main and
upper levels and a finished basement. The paneled library/den and glassed
sunroom are big bonuses. Extra-large heated two car garage, private
garden with pool and terrace.

Direct: Direct:

Attorneys that are OUTthinking |OUTspoken |OUTdoing

W A SH I NGTO N B LA D E.C OM O CT O BE R 2 7 , 2 0 1 7 4 3


Top 6 most hated household chores

Raking leaves, cleaning
Here are the top 6: with vacuuming, of course, are sweeping,
bathrooms and more 6. Collecting dog poop. Yes, that little mopping floors and dusting.
fur baby gives you unconditional love, but But the clear winner is
By VALERIE M. BLAKE we dog parents know the cycle we deal 1. Doing laundry. Whether its washing
with every day: when you feed the dog, and drying it, folding it, ironing it, or put-
Since my role as a real estate agent in- you must then empty the dog. And when ting it where it belongs when done, laun-
volves marketing and promotion, I watch you have a large dog or multiples, as I do, dry figures prominently on the household
more television commercials than most picking up after them becomes a shitty chore hit list.
people to get an idea of how companies chore (pun intended). I expected this to Many of us can tell you how long we
attempt to appeal to genders, various ages be higher on the list. can go without doing laundry by count-
and a plethora of socio-economic groups. 5. Grocery shopping. I hate grocery ing our remaining pieces of clean under-
Ive recently seen a commercial that shopping and, apparently, Im not the wear. And admit it, I know there are some
gives me hope for my future as a home- only one. I will eat any weird item that has of you out there who have bought new
owner. A young girl named Molly, when been lounging in the freezer and even undies rather than do another load of
confronted with the tedious task of taking drink lemon Gatorade to avoid going to laundry, or have gone to work in wrinkled
out the garbage, develops an automated the store until I run out of dog food, Diet attire rather than iron.
garbage-taker-outer from a rope, a Coke and toilet paper. So what do we do about all these
pulley and a bicycle. She goes on to au- 4. Raking leaves. The futility of raking chores we love to hate?
tomate bed making, dusting and grass leaves came up again and again. As chil- Well, we can continue doing these
cutting, with her efforts culminating in a dren, we used to love to jump in a freshly things ourselves or we can hire someone
career in engineering and robotics. raked pile before having to sweep them to do them. Or perhaps we can form a
Having been confronted over the years into a bag but now, a gust of wind sends chore co-op where we do for others what
with more time-consuming, unpleasant us into a frenzy if it comes along before Raking leaves ranks high on the list of most we enjoy and have others do for us the
dreaded chores.
household tasks than enjoyable ones, Ive the leaves weve raked for hours have things we hate to do. Me, Im looking for
come to believe that we need more Mol- been bagged, especially if those leaves BIGSTOCK PHOTO; COURTESY OF INC someone to design a robotic personal
lys in our lives. come from the neighbors trees. shopping, gardening, pooper-scooping
I decided to test my assumption by 3. Cleaning bathrooms. Not surprising- the product. The result? Youre dressed housekeeper. Are you out there, Molly?
crowdsourcing on Facebook to determine ly, cleaning toilets was an unpopular activ- and wet.
which household chores my friends hate ity, but consider the dirty shower as well. 2. Vacuuming. Nearly everybody hates
the most. Within a minute of my posting You wash the shower with Lime Away to vacuum. Its noisy, it exacerbates aller- VALERIE M. BLAKE is a licensed Associate Bro-
ker in D.C., Maryland and Virginia and Director
the question, responses came pouring or a bleach product, reaching in or step- gies, and it makes pet owners crazy chas- of Education & Mentorship at Real Living| At
in and I found there are plenty of things ping in to get at all the corners and angles ing fur balls with a machine while their Home. Call or text her at 202-246-8602, email
her at, or follow
many of us just hate to do. and then you run the water to rinse off pets chase the machine itself. Lumped in her on Facebook at TheRealst8ofAffairs.


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I would love to talk with you!

Enthusiastically serving clients on both sides of the River!

Licensed in DC & VA To be used at the top of collateral:

VALERIE M. BLAKE, Associate Broker, GRI, Director of Education & Mentorship

Dupont Circle Ofce 202-518-8781 (o) 202.246.8602 (c) To be used at the bottom of collateral:


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Talk to your kids

openly and honestly
about sex.



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PICTURES adolescents & adults
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families, adolescents.
ADOPTION & ASSISTED Gay & Veteran Owner/Operator. 2016 CLEANING
Over 15 years serving REPRODUCTIVE Law Luxury BMW 750Li Sedan. Properly
EMPLOYMENT Attorney Jennifer Licensed & Livery Insured in DC.
the community. Mike Fairfax represents Residential & Commercial Phone 202- Cleaning, Reasonable
Giordano, LICSW. 202/460- STYLIST - COMMISSION OR BOOTH clients in DC, MD & VA.
interested in adoption 554-2471. Rates, Free Estimates,
6384 mike.giordano. RENTAL Carolina Antenzana@aol.
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*Trash Removal WV BEAUTY This
REASONABLE RATES ***A unique home includes Swedish to Sensual massage on
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530 N Columbus Street Alexandria, Virginia 22314 Offered at $1,395,000


703.346.7283 703.403.2465
AHF Healthcare Centers

1647 Benning Rd NE Ste 303
(202) 350-5000

2141 K St NW Ste 606

(202) 293-8680

4302 Saint Barnabas Rd Ste B
Temple Hills, 20748
(301) 423-1071

Dr. Mark Davis, Warren,

AHF Dental Director AHF Client