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+=========================================+ | TABLE OF CONTENTS: | | | | | 1. Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ | | 1.0. Basics | | 1.1. Menu layout | | 1.2. Sora's abilities | | 1.3. Sora's ability progression | | 1.4. Friends' abilities | | 1.5. Equipment | | 1.6. Synthesis & XIII mushrooms | | 1.7. Gummi ship | | 1.8. Cutscenes | | 2. Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories | | 2.0. Basics | | 2.1. Menu layout | | 2.2. Cards | | 2.3. Sleights | | 2.4. Sleight/card progression | | 2.5. Sora cutscenes | | 2.6. Riku cutscenes | | 3. Credits | +=========================================+

++=================================++ +++=================================+++ ||| ||| ||| 1. KINGDOM HEARTS 2: FINAL MIX+ ||| ||| ||| +++=================================+++ ++=================================++ =========== 1.0. BASICS =========== In this section, I go over a few things that are worth knowing but are hard to find or are unavailable in other guides. If you are completely new to Kingdom Hearts 2, first read the manual online for the original game: http://www.replacementdocs.com/download.php?view.4781 Then, try skimming through the Basics sections of walkthroughs. Warning: The functions of Circle and X are switched for Japanese releases! This means that you now push Circle to attack instead of X! COMBOING -------Sora attacks using combos. Normally, he does two weak "combo attacks" followed by one strong "finishing move". He then pauses and is temporarily vulnerable. Combo attacks and finishing moves can be either sword swings or spells, and they can be mixed and matched. For example, you can do two sword swings and then cast Blizzard as a finishing move. There are several exceptions, however. First of all, there are abilities that increase or decrease how many combo attacks you do in one combo (Combo Plus and Negative Combo), and there is an ability that increases the number of finishing moves you do in one combo (Finishing Plus). Combo Plus makes individual combos more damaging but increases the chance that you will be counter-attacked or hit from behind. Negative Combo makes individual combos weaker, but it allows you to get to finishing moves faster and safer. It is particularly good for mini-games. Reflect makes this more complicated. Used as a combo attack, it makes you

invincible for a short time. Used as a finishing move, it does that AND it damages nearby enemies (but leaves you vulnerable afterwards). If something hits your reflect spell, it automatically becomes a finishing move, thereby skipping part of your combo. Thus, a single Reflect can do damage if you are attacked while it is up. This can actually be bad if you want to stay invincible longer, but you can prevent it from happening by Reflecting again right away. Confusing? Heck yeah. Similarly, Magnet always counts as a finishing move and thus skips part of your combo. Note that bosses and certain objects (e.g. urns in Phil's training or Vexen's shield) cannot be killed by combo attack sword swings. LEVEL 1 CHALLENGES AND ZERO EXPERIENCE -------------------------------------On Critical mode, you begin with the ability Zero Experience. While this is equipped, you gain no experience. This is a bad thing... unless you want to intentionally make the game harder by playing through at a low level. At level 1, you still gain abilities and hit points from beating bosses. By the end, you will have all active abilities, but you will have very bad stats and you will be missing many passive abilities, including Once More and Second Chance (see Section 1.3). This means most bosses and some normal enemies have attacks that can instantly kill you. People have gotten to the end of the game and beaten every optional boss at level 1 without using stat boosts, so it is possible, but it is very hard. To get 100% journal completion, I think a little bit of stat boosting is required for the mushroom mini-games, and the required scores on the Paradox cups are absolutely hellish. I do not know of anyone actually completing all of this, but I do think it is possible. If you want to try this challenge, the best place for tips is YouTube, where you should look for videos by apulapul2000 and Bizkit047. GUMMI SHIP ---------The Gummi Ship minigame can be pretty intimidating at first look. Here's a good blueprint for a first ship:

- Get HP. This can be done by placing a single big gummi lump. I suggest picking one with around 100 to 200 HP. Note that other gummi blocks can overlap the gummi lump. - Get weapons. I suggest cannons. You want to be able to deal some damage all around you, and concentrated damage directly in front of you. The latter can be done with Fire/Boomerang/Gravity type weapons. The former can be done with Blizzard/Shuriken type weapons. - Get more power. This is the symbol on the bottom-right that looks like a cannon blast. The higher your power, the more damage your attacks do. The simplest way to raise power is to add Neon Bars and Neon Orbs. - Choose some abilities. If you are looking for a high score for a rank 3 mission, consider Draw and Medal Converter. Otherwise, you can take whatever you want. Note: In Final Mix+, you need much, much higher scores to complete rank 3 missions than you did in the original game! If you rely on cannons (and you should), then you should turn on Full Auto firing in the Gummi paused menu. See Menu Layout below. Unlike KH1, there are a fixed number of Gummi blocks in this game. Each one can be attained once by killing a specific enemy or gaining a specific rank on a mission. For more information, try looking at Daburke's Gummi Ship FAQ for KH2: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/915410/42268 Be warned that the stats for many gummi blocks are different for FM+. RANDOM NOTES ------------ Twilight Town Day 1: The weapon order is +1 Magic, +1 Defense, +1 Attack - Twilight Town Day 2: 1200 Munny is required for the full +2AP bonus - Twilight Town Return: The correct password for Ansem's computer is option #2 (but there is no penalty for being wrong) ================ 1.1. MENU LAYOUT ================ +----------------------------------------------------+ | NEW GAME MENU: | | | | Beginner Mode -> Vibration On -> Stereo | | Standard Mode Vibration Off Pro Logic II | | Proud Mode Monoaural | | Critical Mode | +----------------------------------------------------+

+----------------------+ +--------------+ +---------------------------------+ | IN-GAME ACTION MENU: | | PAUSED MENU: | | | | | | | | Attack <-> Attack | | Items | | | Magic Summon | | Abilities | | | Item Party | | Customize | | | Drive Limit | | Party | Auto/Full-Auto | +----------------------+ | Status | | | Journal | | | Config | | +--------------+ | | --------+

| GUMMI PAUSED MENU: | | Continue | Retry | Advice Log | Rapid Fire: Semi| Vibration: On/Off | Y-Axis: Normal/Reversed | Camera: Normal/Reversed | Gummi Hangar | World Map +-------------------------

+---------------------------------------------+ | SORA'S STATUS: | | | | Level Strength | | Experience Magic | | Experience to next level Defense | | HP Fire Resist | | MP Blizzard Resist | | AP Thunder Resist | | Drive Gauge Dark Resist | | Bonus Level Form Levels... | +---------------------------------------------+ +-------------------------------------------------------+ | FRIENDS' BATTLE CUSTOMIZATION MENU: | | | | Technic Attack (use character's individual abilities) | | Target Attack (attack Sora's target) | | Huddle Attack (stay close to Sora) | | Party Attack (attack a target other than Sora's) | | Sora Attack (support Sora's attacks) | | Relentless Attack (attack one target until dead) | +-------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------------------+ | FINAL BATTLE REPORT: | | | | Game level | | Completion of Jiminy's Journal | | Completion of Gummi routes | | Healed party members | | Saved by Mickey | | Most used form |

| Used anti-form | | Most used summon | +--------------------------------+ ===================== 1.2. SORA'S ABILITIES ===================== SPELLS & SUMMONS: ----------------FIRE / FIRA / FIRAGA: ファイア / ファイラ / ファイガ Create flames around Sora, damaging nearby enemies (12 MP) BLIZZARD / BLIZZARA / BLIZZAGA: ブリザド / ブリザラ / ブリザガ Shoots an ice bolt at a single target (15 MP) THUNDER / THUNDARA / THUNDAGA: サンダー / サンダラ / サンダガ Calls lightning around an enemy, also damaging nearby enemies (18 MP) CURE / CURA / CURAGA: ケアル / ケアルラ / ケアルガ Fully heals Sora and nearby party members (All MP) MAGNET / MAGNERA / MAGNEGA: マグネ / マグネラ / マグネガ Pulls enemies into a magnetic ball, damaging and stunning them (30 MP) REFLECT / REFLERA / REFLEGA: リフレク / リフレラ / リフレガ Makes Sora invincible and damages nearby enemies if Sora is attacked (10 MP) CHICKEN LITTLE: チキン・リトル (Baseball Charm: ベースボールチャーム) GENIE: ジーニー (Lamp Charm: ランプチャーム) STITCH: スティッチ (Ukelele Charm: ウクレレチャーム) PETER PAN: ピーター・パン (Feather Charm: フェザーチャーム) ACTIVE ABILITIES: ----------------GUARD: リフレクトガード (2 AP) Press Square to deflect an enemy's attack. UPPER SLASH: スラッシュアッパー (4 AP) Press Square to hit enemy into the air in the middle of a ground combo HORIZONTAL SLASH: エアサイドスラッシュ (2 AP) Press Square to do a strong side slash instead of an aerial combo attack FINISHING LEAP: フィニッシュライズ (5 AP) Hit an enemy into the air as a finishing move RETALIATING SLASH: リベンジスラッシュ (3 AP) Recover mid-air with Square and hit nearby enemies SLAPSHOT: スラップショット (2 AP) Automatic ground combo attack - quick multi-swing DODGE SLASH: ドッジスラッシュ (2 AP) Automatic ground combo attack - diagonal slash hitting nearby monsters FLASH STEP: フラッシュステップ (2 AP) Dash towards an enemy and attack, ignoring guard (e.g. Large Body front) SLIDE DASH: スライドダッシュ (2 AP) Dash towards an enemy and attack (better range than Flash Step) ROUND BREAK: ラウンドブレイク (2 AP)

Spin-slash if there are many enemies nearby GUARD BREAK: ストライドブレイク (3 AP) Thrust at an enemy as a finishing move (replacing default), ignoring guard EXPLOSION: エクスプロージョン (3 AP) Attack everything nearby as a finishing move AERIAL SWEEP: エリアルスィープ (2 AP) While on the ground, hit flying creatures with a vertical spinning air-attack AERIAL DIVE: エリアルダイヴ (2 AP) While on the ground, hit flying creatures with a forwards spinning air-attack AERIAL SPIRAL: エアスパイラル (2 AP) Automatic aerial combo attack - 360 degree spin slash AERIAL FINISH: エリアルフィニッシュ (3 AP) Multi-vertical slash finishing move (replacing default) MAGNET SPLASH: マグネスプラッシュ (3 AP) Similar to Explosion, but for aerial finish GUARD COUNTER: ガードカウンター (4 AP) After successfully using Guard, attack quickly to do a counter-attack AUTO-VALOR: オートブレイヴ (1 AP) Reaction -> Valor Form when critical AUTO-WISDOM: オートウィズダム (1 AP) Reaction -> Wisdom Form when critical AUTO-LIMIT: オートリミット (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit Form when critical AUTO-MASTER: オートマスター (1 AP) Reaction -> Master Form when critical AUTO-FINAL: オートファイナル (1 AP) Reaction -> Final Form when critical AUTO-SUMMON: オートサモン (2 AP) Reaction -> Summon last summoned creature when critical TRINITY LIMIT: トリニティリミット (5 AP) Begin Trinity Limit Attack GROWTH ABILITIES: ----------------HIGH JUMP: ハイジャンプ (2 AP) Jump higher than normal QUICK RUN: エアスライド (2 AP) Quickly dash on the ground with Square button (hold down) DODGE ROLL: ドッジロール (3 AP) Roll along the ground with Square button (tap) AIR DODGE: エアドッジ (3 AP) Can jump twice GLIDE: グライド (3 AP) Glide while in the air with Square Button PASSIVE ABILITIES: -----------------SCAN: ライブラ (2 AP) See enemy health bars AERIAL RECOVERY: エアリカバリー (2 AP) Recover mid-air with X COMBO MASTER: コンボマスター (4 AP)

Can do a combo even when no enemy is being hit COMBO PLUS: コンボプラス (1 AP) Do 1 more attack before each finishing move when on the ground AIR COMBO PLUS: エアコンボプラス (1 AP) Do 1 more attack before each finishing move when in the air COMBO BOOST: コンボアップ (5 AP) Ground finishing move damage increased (depending on # of combo hits) AIR COMBO BOOST: エアコンボアップ (4 AP) Aerial finishing move damage increased (depending on # of combo hits) REACTION BOOST: リアクションアップ (2 AP) Reaction commands do more damage FINISHING PLUS: フィニッシュプラス (5 AP) Can do extra finishing move NEGATIVE COMBO: コンボマイナス (2 AP) Do 1 fewer attack before each ground/aerial finishing move BERSERK CHARGE: チャージバーサク (5 AP) Combos continue forever (no finishing moves) while MP is recharging DAMAGE DRIVE: ダメージドライヴ (3 AP) Drive Bar goes up as you take damage DRIVE BOOST: ドライヴブースト (3 AP) When MP is 0, hitting monsters increases drive recharge rate FORM BOOST: フォームブースト (5 AP) Increases drive form duration SUMMON BOOST: サモンブースト (5 AP) Increases summoning duration COMBINATION BOOST: コンビブースト (4 AP) More time is allowed for attacks during a Limit move EXPERIENCE BOOST: EXP チャンス (4 AP) Gain EXP 100% faster when at critical health LEAF BRACER: リーフベール (1 AP) Immune to damage while casting cure MAGIC LOCK-ON: オートロックマジック (2 AP) Magic will automatically lock on to nearest target DRAW: ドロー (3 AP) Attract Munny and HP/MP/Drive balls to this character JACKPOT: プライズアップ (4 AP) Increases Munny and HP/MP/Drive ball drop rate LUCKY LUCKY: ラックアップ (5 AP) Increases item drop chance DRIVE CONVERTER: ドライヴコンバータ (5 AP) Converts Munny into Drive balls FIRE BOOST: ファイアアップ (3 AP) Fire damage is increased BLIZZARD BOOST: ブリザドアップ (4 AP) Blizzard/ice damage is increased THUNDER BOOST: サンターアップ (5 AP) Thunder damage is increased ITEM BOOST: アイテムアップ (2 AP) Healing items have greater effect MP RAGE: ダメージアスピル (3 AP) MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) MP HASTE: MP へイスト (3 AP) MP recharges 25% faster MP HASTERA: MP ヘイスラ (4 AP) MP recharges 50% faster DEFENDER: ディフェンダー (3 AP) Defense increases by 3 when at critical health CRITICAL HALF: クライシスハーフ (5 AP) Take half-damage when at critical health

SECOND CHANCE: ラストリーヴ (4 AP) Stay at 1HP after being hit by a finishing move ONCE MORE: コンボリーヴ (4 AP) Stay at 1HP after being hit by a combo ZERO EXPERIENCE: EXP ゼロ (1 AP) You gain no experience VALOR (ブレイヴフォーム) SORA'S ABILITIES ---------------------------------------1 EXP for each hit inflicted BRAVE SHOT: ブレイヴシュート Ground finishing move - knock enemies into the air with a shockwave BRAVE BEAT: ブレイヴビート Ground finishing move - spin and hits multiple enemies SONIC STRIKE: ソニックストライク Aerial finishing move - air dash attack towards one enemy SONIC END: ソニックエンド Aerial finishing move - multiple slashes in all directions OVER THE HORIZON: オーバーホライズン While on the ground, dash towards an enemy and do an aerial attack OMEGA FINALE: フリーフィニッシュ Do a finishing move any time during a combo by pressing Square RETALIATING SLASH: リベンジスラッシュ Recover mid-air with Square and hit nearby enemies HIGH JUMP: ハイジャンプ Jump higher than normal SYNCH BLADE: シンクロブレード Use two key blades simultaneously COMBO PLUS: コンボプラス Do 1 more attack before each finishing move when on the ground AIR COMBO PLUS: エアコンボプラス Do 1 more attack before each finishing move when in the air WISDOM (ウィズダムフォーム) SORA'S ABILITIES ------------------------------------------1 EXP for each Heartless defeated WISDOM SHOT: ウィズダムショット Instead of the normal attack, shoot ranged energy bolts MOBILE ACTION: アクティブホバー Float above the ground instead of walking, and allow actions while moving MAGIC HASTE: マジックへイスト Cast spells at a faster rate MAGIC SPICE: マジックスパイス Finishing move spells have increased damage and area RETALIATING SLASH: リベンジスラッシュ Recover mid-air with Square and hit nearby enemies QUICK RUN: エアスライド Quickly dash on the ground with Square button COMBO PLUS: コンボプラス Do 1 more attack before each finishing move when on the ground MP HASTEGA: MP ヘイスガ MP recharges 75% faster

LIMIT (リミットフォーム) SORA'S ABILITIES ---------------------------------------1 EXP for each Limit command performed to completion SONIC BLADE: ソニックレイヴ Limit command - Quick dash attack, O button (60 MP) ARS ARCANUM: ラストアルカナム Limit command - Ram and slash, Triangle button (75 MP) STRIKE RAID: ストライクレイド Limit command - Throw the keyblade at an enemy, Square button (65 MP) RAGNAROK: ラグナロク Limit command - Laser beam attack, X button, there are three reaction commands for the final laser attack - wait for the third for max damage (80 MP) ZANTETSUKEN: ザンテツケン Finishing move - Use the power of light RIPPLE DRIVE: リップルドライヴ Finishing move - Hit multiple enemies with an aura attack HURRICANE PERIOD: ハリケーンピリオド Finishing move - Spin keyblade 360 degrees vertically ZANTETSU COUNTER: ザンテツカウンター After blocking with Guard, attack to do a finishing move counterattack REFLECT COMBO: リフレクトコンボ Press Square to deflect an enemy's attack during an enemy's combo GUARD: リフレクトガード Press Square to deflect an enemy's attack. SLAPSHOT: スラップショット Automatic ground combo attack - upwards slash SLIDE DASH: スライドダッシュ Dash towards an enemy and attack AERIAL SWEEP: エリアルスィープ While on the ground, spinning air-attack nearby flying creatures DODGE ROLL: ドッジロール Roll along the ground with Square button HP GAIN: HP ゲイン Every successful hit with a Limit Ability increases HP DRAW: ドロー Attract Munny and HP/MP/Drive balls to this character LUCKY LUCKY: ラックアップ Increases item drop chance MP HASTE: MP へイスト MP recharges 25% faster MASTER (マスターフォーム) SORA'S ABILITIES ----------------------------------------1 (resp. 3) EXP for each small (resp. large) drive ball obtained MASTER STRIKE: マスターストライク Finishing move - multiple aerial strikes on all sides DISASTER: ディザスター Aerial finishing move - sucks nearby enemies into a whirlwind, damaging them MASTER MAGIC: マスターマジック Increased magic damage AIR DODGE: エアドッジ Can jump twice

SYNCH BLADE: シンクロブレード Use two key blades simultaneously ENDLESS MAGIC: エンドレスマジック Magic combos continue forever (no finishing moves) AIR COMBO PLUS: エアコンボプラス Do 1 more attack before each finishing move when in the air DRAW: ドロー Attract Munny and HP/MP/Drive balls to this character MP HASTERA: MP ヘイスラ MP recharges 50% faster FINAL (ファイナルフォーム) SORA'S ABILITIES ----------------------------------------1 EXP for each Nobody defeated FINAL ARCANA: ファイナルアルカナム Finishing move - Throw keyblade FINAL OVER: ファイナルオーバー Finishing move - Spin up and dive down, damaging nearby enemies FINAL ARTS: ファイナルアーツ Finishing move - Hit several enemies with one giant spin attack AUTO ASSAULT: オートアサルト Automatically attack nearby monsters while jumping, landing or gliding CRIME & PUNISHMENT: クライムぺナルティ Greatly increased magic damage, especially on finishing moves MOBILE ACTION: アクティブホバー Float above the ground instead of walking, and allow actions while moving GLIDE: グライド Glide while in the air with Square Button SYNCH BLADE: シンクロブレード Use two key blades simultaneously MP HASTE: MP へイスト MP recharges 25% faster LION SORA'S ABILITIES --------------------COMBO UPPER: コンボアッパー Press Square to hit enemy into the air in the middle of a ground combo AERIAL IMPULSE: エアインパルス Press Square in an aerial combo to deal an extra hit FINISHING BLAST: フィニッシュバースト A finishing move that aura-blasts nearby enemies (press Square to use) RETALIATING SMASH: リベンジスマッシュ Recover mid-air with Square and hit nearby enemies RUNNING TACKLE: ダッシュインパクト Do a spin-attack when attacking while running DASH: ダッシュ Hold Square to run twice as fast =============================== 1.3. SORA'S ABILITY PROGRESSION

=============================== ABILITY PROGRESSION (LEVELING) -----------------------------+=====+===================+===================+===================+ | LVL | SWORD | STAFF | SHIELD | +=====+===================+===================+===================+ | 7 | Combo Boost | Experience Boost | Item Boost | | 9 | Experience Boost | Item Boost | Combo Boost | | 12 | Magic Lock-On | Magic Lock-On | Magic Lock-On | | 15 | Reaction Boost | Fire Boost | Damage Drive | | 17 | Item Boost | Combo Boost | Experience Boost | | 20 | Leaf Bracer | Leaf Bracer | Leaf Bracer | | 23 | Fire Boost | Damage Drive | Reaction Boost | | 25 | Drive Boost | Draw | Once More | | 28 | Draw | Once More | Drive Boost | | 31 | Combination Boost | Blizzard Boost | Defender | | 33 | Damage Drive | Reaction Boost | Fire Boost | | 36 | Air Combo Boost | Negative Combo | Jackpot | | 39 | Blizzard Boost | Defender | Combination Boost | | 41 | Drive Converter | Thunder Boost | Critical Half | | 44 | Negative Combo | Jackpot | Air Combo Boost | | 47 | Once More | Drive Boost | Draw | | 49 | Finishing Plus | Berserk Charge | Second Chance | | 53 | Thunder Boost | Critical Half | Drive Converter | | 59 | Defender | Combination Boost | Blizzard Boost | | 65 | Berserk Charge | Second Chance | Finishing Plus | | 73 | Jackpot | Air Combo Boost | Negative Combo | | 85 | Second Chance | Finishing Plus | Berserk Charge | | 99 | Critical Half | Drive Converter | Thunder Boost | +=====+===================+===================+===================+ Critical Mode starting abilities: Reaction Boost, Finishing Plus, Draw, Lucky Lucky (x2), MP Hastera, Zero Experience ABILITY PROGRESSION (GROWTH) ---------------------------Valor: Auto-Valor, High Jump L1, Combo Plus, High Jump L2, Combo Plus, High Jump L3 Wisdom: Auto-Wisdom, Quick Run L1, MP Rage, Quick Run L2, MP Haste, Quick Run L3 Limit: Auto-Limit, Dodge Roll L1, Draw, Dodge Roll L2, Lucky Lucky, Dodge Roll L3 Master: Auto-Master, Air Dodge L1, Air Combo Plus, Air Dodge L2, Air Combo Plus, Air Dodge L3 Final: Auto-Final, Glide L1, Form Boost, Glide L2, Form Boost, Glide L3 ABILITY PROGRESSION (STORY PROGRESSION) --------------------------------------+=================+============================+====================== ========+ | WORLD | LOCATION | REWARD |

+=================+============================+====================== ========+ | Twilight Town | Seifer | +1 Magic, Def., or Str. | | | End of Day 2 | +1 or +2 AP | | | Station of Tranquility | Aerial Recovery | | | Twilight Thorn | HP Boost, Guard | | | Axel I | Scan | | | Axel II | HP Boost | | | Three Fairies | Valor Form | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Hollow Bastion | Merlin | Blizzard Element | | | Bailey | Fire Element | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Land of Dragons | Village Cave | Slide Dash | | | Shan-Yu | HP Boost, Aerial Sweep | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Beast's Castle | Thresholder and Possessor | Upper Slash | | | Beast | Armor Slot | | | Dark Thorn | HP Boost, Retaliating Slash, | | | | Cure Element | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Olymp. Coliseum | Cerberus | Guard Counter | | | Maniac Training | Aerial Dive | | | Demyx I | HP Boost | | | Zexion absent silhouette | Item Slot | | | Pete II | Trinity Limit | | | Hydra | HP Boost, Thunder Element | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Disney Castle | Minnie escort | Accessory Slot, Auto Summon | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Timeless River | Pete III | Dodge Slash |

| | Pete IV | Element, | | | | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Port Royal | Interceptor (pirates) | | | | Interceptor (barrels) | | | | Larxene absent silhouette | | | | Captain Barbossa | Finish | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Agrabah | Stone Guardians | | | | Treasure Room | | | | Volcanic & Blizzard Lords | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Halloween Town | Prison Keeper | | | | Oogie Boogie | Element | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Twilight Town | Lexaeus absent silhouette | | | | Station Plaza | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Pride Lands | Gnu Valley | | | | Banzai, Shenzi and Ed I | | | | Scar | Element | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Hollow Bastion | Mickey | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Space Paranoids | Data Space monitors | | | | Hostile Program | Break | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Hollow Bastion | Demyx II | Element | | | Great Maw | | | | 1000 Heartless | |

HP Boost, Reflect Wisdom Form

Aerial Spiral Item Slot MP Boost Drive Gauge+1, Aerial

Summon Boost HP Boost Finishing Leap

Flash Step Item Slot, Magnet

Accessory Slot Limit Form

Dash HP Boost MP Boost, Fire

Master Form

HP Boost Drive Gauge+1, Round

Armor Slot, Blizzard Cure Element Stride Break

+-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Land of Dragons | Storm Rider | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Beast's Castle | Marluxia absent silhouette | | | | Xaldin | Element | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Port Royal | Grim Reaper I | | | | Grim Reaper II | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Agrabah | Vexen absent silhouette | | | | Jafar | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | 100 Acre Wood | Starry Hill | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Halloween Town | Lock, Shock and Barrel | | | | Experiment | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Pride Lands | King's Den | | | | Banzai, Shenzi and Ed II | | | | Ground Shaker | Element | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Atlantica | 5th musical | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Space Paranoids | Solar Sailor | | | | MCP | Element | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Hollow Bastion | Sephiroth | | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Twilight Town | Old Mansion | | | | Betwixt and Between | |

Thunder Element

Drive Gauge+1 HP Boost, Reflect

Horizontal Slash Magnet Element

Armor Slot Fire Element

Cure Element

Item Slot HP Boost

Running Tackle Accessory Slot HP Boost, Thunder

Blizzard Element

Explosion HP Boost, Reflect

Drive Gauge+1

HP Boost Slapshot

+-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | TWTNW | Roxas | HP Boost, Combo Master, | | | | Final Form unlocked | | | Xigbar | MP Boost | | | Luxord | HP Boost, Magnet Element | | | Saix | HP Boost | | | Xemnas I | HP Boost, MP Boost | | | Xemnas II | Drive Gauge+1 | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Hollow Bastion | Transport to Remembrance | Item Slot | +-----------------+---------------------------+------------------------------+ | Disney Castle | Terra | Drive Gauge+1 | +=================+============================+====================== ========+ ======================= 1.4. FRIENDS' ABILITIES ======================= DONALD'S ABILITIES -----------------DONALD FIRE: ドナルドファイア (2 AP) Donald damages nearby enemies with Fire (10 MP) DONALD BLIZZARD: ドナルドブリザド (2 AP) Donald shoots an Ice bolt at an enemy (10 MP) DONALD THUNDER: ドナルドサンター (2 AP) Donald hits enemies with Thunder (10 MP) DONALD CURE: ドナルドケアル (3 AP) Donald heals a single ally (All MP) FANTASIA: ファンタジア (3 AP) Enables the "Comet" Limit command FLARE FORCE: フレアフォース (3 AP) Enables the "Duck Flare" Limit command DRAW: ドロー (3 AP) Attract Munny and HP/MP/Drive balls to this character JACKPOT: プライズアップ (4 AP) Increases Munny and HP/MP/Drive ball drop rate LUCKY LUCKY: ラックアップ (5 AP) Increases item drop chance FIRE BOOST: ファイアアップ (3 AP) Fire damage is increased BLIZZARD BOOST: ブリザドアップ (4 AP) Blizzard/ice damage is increased THUNDER BOOST: サンターアップ (5 AP)

Thunder damage is increased MP RAGE: ダメージアスピル (3 AP) MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) MP HASTERA: MP ヘイスラ (4 AP) MP recharges 50% faster AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP HYPER HEALING: ハイパーヒーリング (3 AP) This character revives more quickly from KO and with more health AUTO HEALING: オートヒーリング (3 AP) This character heals when switched out of the party GOOFY'S ABILITIES ----------------GOOFY TORNADO: グーフィートルネド (2 AP) Goofy spins at an enemy, stunning it (10 MP) GOOFY BASH: グーフィーブレイド (2 AP) Goofy throws his shield at an enemy (10 MP) GOOFY TURBO: グーフィーターボ (2 AP) Goofy jumps on his shield and dashes around, stunning enemies (10MP) TORNADO FUSION: トルネドフュージョン (3 AP) Enables the "Whirli-Goof" Limit command TEAMWORK: ユニゾンアスリート (3 AP) Enables the "Knocksmash" Limit command DRAW: ドロー (3 AP) Attract Munny and HP/MP/Drive balls to this character JACKPOT: プライズアップ (4 AP) Increases Munny and HP/MP/Drive ball drop rate LUCKY LUCKY: ラックアップ (5 AP) Increases item drop chance ITEM BOOST: アイテムアップ (2 AP) Healing items have greater effect MP RAGE: ダメージアスピル (3 AP) MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) DEFENDER: ディフェンダー (3 AP) Defense increases by 3 when at critical health CRITICAL HALF: クライシスハーフ (5 AP) Take half-damage when at critical health SECOND CHANCE: ラストリーヴ (4 AP) Stay at 1HP after being hit by a finishing move ONCE MORE: コンボリーヴ (4 AP) Stay at 1HP after being hit by a combo AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP AUTO CHANGE: オートチェンジ (5 AP) Automatically switch out with another character when at critical health HYPER HEALING: ハイパーヒーリング (3 AP) This character revives more quickly from KO and with more health AUTO HEALING: オートヒーリング (3 AP) This character heals when switched out of the party MULAN'S ABILITIES -----------------

MUSHU FIRE: ムーシューファイア (2 AP) Summons Mushu to damage units around Mulan (10 MP) FLAMETONGUE: フレイムタン (2 AP) Mulan charges at an enemy damaging them with Mushu (10 MP) DRAGONBLAZE: ドラゴンブレイズ (3 AP) Enables the "Red Rocket" Limit command DRAW: ドロー (3 AP) Attract Munny and HP/MP/Drive balls to this character FIRE BOOST: ファイアアップ (3 AP) Fire damage is increased ITEM BOOST: アイテムアップ (2 AP) Healing items have greater effect AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP HYPER HEALING: ハイパーヒーリング (3 AP) This character revives more quickly from KO and with more health BEAST'S ABILITIES ----------------FURIOUS SHOUT: フュリアスベロウ (2 AP) Beast roars, damaging nearby enemies (10 MP) FEROCIOUS RUSH: フェロシアスランジ (2 AP) Beast rams a single enemy (10 MP) HOWLING MOON: ハウリングムーン (3 AP) Enables the "Twin Howl" Limit command ITEM BOOST: アイテムアップ (2 AP) Healing items have greater effect DEFENDER: ディフェンダー (3 AP) Defense increases by 3 when at critical health SECOND CHANCE: ラストリーヴ (4 AP) Stay at 1HP after being hit by a finishing move AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP HYPER HEALING: ハイパーヒーリング (3 AP) This character revives more quickly from KO and with more health AURON'S ABILITIES ----------------DIVIDER: 雪月花 (2 AP) Auron flies through the air and repeatedly slashes at an enemy (10 MP) HEALING WATER: いやしの水 (3 AP) Fully heal all allies (99 MP) OVERDRIVE: オーバードライヴ (3 AP) Enables the "Bushido" Limit command MP RAGE: ダメージアスピル (3 AP) MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) MP HASTE: MP へイスト (3 AP) MP recharges 25% faster ONCE MORE: コンボリーヴ (4 AP) Stay at 1HP after being hit by a combo AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP)

Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP JACK SPARROW'S ABILITIES -----------------------NO MERCY: マーシレスリー (2 AP) Jack repeatedly upper slashes an enemy (10 MP) RAIN STORM: レインストーム (2 AP) Jack repeatedly throws his knife at an enemy (10 MP) BONE SMASH: ボーンクラッシュ (2 AP) Jack throws 3 bombs at enemies (10 MP) TREASURE ISLE: トレジャーアイランド (3 AP) Enables the "Bluff" Limit command DRAW: ドロー (3 AP) Attract Munny and HP/MP/Drive balls to this character LUCKY LUCKY: ラックアップ (5 AP) Increases item drop chance ITEM BOOST: アイテムアップ (2 AP) Healing items have greater effect DEFENDER: ディフェンダー (3 AP) Defense increases by 3 when at critical health AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP AUTO HEALING: オートヒーリング (3 AP) This character heals when switched out of the party ALADDIN'S ABILITIES ------------------SLASH FRENZY: スラッシュラッシュ (2 AP) Aladdin runs around an enemy attacking it (10 MP) QUICKPLAY: クイックプレイ (2 AP) Aladdin dashes at an enemy, attacking, and then back-flips away (10 MP) TRICK FANTASY: トリックファスター (3 AP) Enables the "Speedster" Limit command JACKPOT: プライズアップ (4 AP) Increases Munny and HP/MP/Drive ball drop rate ITEM BOOST: アイテムアップ (2 AP) Healing items have greater effect MP HASTE: MP へイスト (3 AP) MP recharges 25% faster ONCE MORE: コンボリーヴ (4 AP) Stay at 1HP after being hit by a combo AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP AUTO CHANGE: オートチェンジ (5 AP) Automatically switch out with another character when at critical health JACK SKELLINGTON'S ABILITIES ---------------------------BLAZING FURY: 怒りをまとう火炎 (2 AP) Jack shoots 3 fireballs and dashes at an enemy (10 MP)

ICY TERROR: 恐怖にっかまる吹雪 (2 AP) Jack jumps and shoots an ice missile (10 MP) BOLTS OF SORROW: 悲しみのつづく雷 (2 AP) Jack jumps and calls down 6 bolts of lightning to hit enemies (10 MP) APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE: アブローズブリーズ (3 AP) Enables the "Dance Call" Limit command LUCKY LUCKY: ラックアップ (5 AP) Increases item drop chance FIRE BOOST: ファイアアップ (3 AP) Fire damage is increased BLIZZARD BOOST: ブリザドアップ (4 AP) Blizzard/ice damage is increased THUNDER BOOST: サンターアップ (5 AP) Thunder damage is increased MP HASTERA: MP ヘイスラ (4 AP) MP recharges 50% faster AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP AUTO HEALING: オートヒーリング (3 AP) This character heals when switched out of the party SIMBA'S ABILITIES ----------------FIERCE CLAW: フィアスリークロウ (2 AP) Simba repeatedly claws at an enemy (10 MP) GROUNDSHAKER: アースシェイカー (2 AP) Simba roars, damaging nearby enemies (10 MP) HEALING HERB: 大自然のいやし (3 AP) Fully heal all allies (99 MP) KING'S PRIDE: キングスプライド (3 AP) Enables the "Wildcat" Limit command MP RAGE: ダメージアスピル (3 AP) MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) DEFENDER: ディフェンダー (3 AP) Defense increases by 3 when at critical health AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP HYPER HEALING: ハイパーヒーリング (3 AP) This character revives more quickly from KO and with more health AUTO HEALING: オートヒーリング (3 AP) This character heals when switched out of the party TRON'S ABILITIES ---------------SCOUTING DISK: オートディスク (2 AP) Tron throws his disk at one or more enemies (10 MP) PULSING THUNDER: パルスサンダー (2 AP) Tron damages several enemies with a Thunder attack (10 MP) COMPLETE COMPILEMENT: フルコンパイル (3 AP) Enables the "Setup" Limit command JACKPOT: プライズアップ (4 AP) Increases Munny and HP/MP/Drive ball drop rate

THUNDER BOOST: サンターアップ (5 AP) Thunder damage is increased ITEM BOOST: アイテムアップ (2 AP) Healing items have greater effect MP HASTE: MP へイスト (3 AP) MP recharges 25% faster AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP AUTO CHANGE: オートチェンジ (5 AP) Automatically switch out with another character when at critical health RIKU'S ABILITIES ---------------DARK AURA: ダークオーラ (2 AP) After a Sora finishing move, reaction -> make Riku shoot energy balls (10 MP) DARK SHIELD: ダークシールド (2 AP) When Sora is hit, reaction -> Riku protects Sora with a shield wall (10 MP) CURE POTION: キュアポーション (3 AP) Fully heal one ally (99 MP) ETERNAL SESSION: エターナルセッション (3 AP) Enables the "Session" Limit command ITEM BOOST: アイテムアップ (2 AP) Healing items have greater effect MP HASTEGA: MP ヘイスガ (5 AP) MP recharges 75% faster DEFENDER: ディフェンダー (3 AP) Defense increases by 3 when at critical health SECOND CHANCE: ラストリーヴ (4 AP) Stay at 1HP after being hit by a finishing move ONCE MORE: コンボリーヴ (4 AP) Stay at 1HP after being hit by a combo AUTO LIMIT: オートれんげい (1 AP) Reaction -> Limit when Sora is nearby with non-zero MP HYPER HEALING: ハイパーヒーリング (3 AP) This character revives more quickly from KO and with more health ============== 1.5. EQUIPMENT ============== KEYBLADES --------KINGDOM KEY: キングダムチェーン (Attack: 3, Magic: 1) Critical Half: Take half-damage when at critical health OATHKEEPER: 約束のお守り (Attack: 3, Magic: 3) Form Boost: Increases drive form duration OBLIVION: 過ぎ去りし思い出 (Attack: 6, Magic: 2) Drive Boost: When MP is 0, hitting monsters increases drive recharge rate STAR SEEKER: スターシーカー (Attack: 3, Magic: 1)

Air Combo Plus: Do 1 more attack before each finishing move when in the air HIDDEN DRAGON: ヒドゥンドラゴン (Attack: 2, Magic: 2) MP Rage: MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) HERO'S CREST: ヒーローズクレスト (Attack: 4, Magic: 0) Air Combo Boost: Air finishing move damage increased MONOCHROME: モノクローム (Attack: 3, Magic: 2) Item Boost: Healing items have greater effect FOLLOW THE WIND: フォローザウィンド (Attack: 3, Magic: 1) Draw: Attract Munny and HP/MP/Drive balls to this character CIRCLE OF LIFE: サークルオブライフ (Attack: 4, Magic: 1) MP Haste: MP recharges 25% faster PHOTON DEBUGGER: フォトンデバッガー (Attack: 3, Magic: 2) Thunder Boost: Thunder damage is increased GULL WING: ガルウィング (Attack: 2, Magic: 3) Experience Boost: Gain EXP 100% faster when at critical health RUMBLING ROSE: ランブリングローズ (Attack: 5, Magic: 0) Finishing Plus: Can do extra finishing move GUARDIAN SOUL: ガーディアンソウル (Attack: 5, Magic: 1) Reaction Boost: Reaction commands do more damage WISHING LAMP: ウィッシーズランプ (Attack: 4, Magic: 3) Jackpot: Increases Munny and HP/MP/Drive ball drop rate DECISIVE PUMPKIN: ホーリーパンプキン (Attack: 6, Magic: 1) Combo Boost: Ground finishing move damage increased SWEET MEMORIES: スウィートメモリー (Attack: 0, Magic: 4) Drive Converter: Converts Munny into Drive balls MYSTERIOUS ABYSS: ワンダーオブアビス (Attack: 3, Magic: 3) Blizzard Boost: Blizzard/ice damage is increased SLEEPING LION: スリーピングライオン (Attack: 5, Magic: 3) Combo Plus: Do 1 more attack before each finishing move when on the ground BOND OF FLAME: ボンドオブフレイム (Attack: 4, Magic: 4) Fire Boost: Fire damage is increased CHANCE ENCOUNTER: めぐりあう二人 (Attack: 5, Magic: 4) Light & Dark: Increases chance of becoming Anti or Final form FATAL CREST: フェィタルクレスト (Attack: 3, Magic: 5) Berserk Charge: Combos continue forever while MP is recharging FENRIR: フェンリル (Attack: 7, Magic: 1) Negative Combo: Do 1 fewer attack before each ground/aerial finishing move ULTIMA WEAPON: アルテマウェポン (Attack: 6, Magic: 4) MP Hastega: MP recharges 75% faster WINNER'S PROOF: ウイナーズプルーフ (Attack: 5, Magic: 7) Zero EXP: You gain no experience STAVES -----MAGIC STAFF: まどうしの杖 (Attack: 1, Magic: 1) HAMMER STAFF: ハンマーメイス (Attack: 2, Magic: 1) VICTORY BELL: ビクトリーベル (Attack: 3, Magic: 2) COMET STAFF: コメットメイス (Attack: 2, Magic: 2) LORD'S BROOM: ロードブルーム (Attack: 3, Magic: 3) WISDOM WAND: ワイズワンド (Attack: 4, Magic: 5) METEOR STAFF: メテオスタッフ (Attack: 4, Magic: 3) Thunder Boost: Thunder damage is increased

RISING DRAGON: ライジングドラゴン (Attack: 4, Magic: 4) Fire Boost: Fire damage is increased SHAMAN'S RELIC: スペルズレリック (Attack: 4, Magic: 5) MP Rage: MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) SHAMAN'S RELIC+: スペルズレリック+ (Attack: 4, Magic: 5) Defender: Defense increases by 3 when at critical health NOBODY LANCE: ノーバディランス (Attack: 5, Magic: 5) Item Boost: Healing items have greater effect CENTURION: センチュリオン (Attack: 13, Magic: 3) CENTURION+: センチュリオン+ (Attack: 13, Magic: 3) Critical Half: Take half-damage when at critical health SAVE THE QUEEN: セイヴザクィーン (Attack: 5, Magic: 6) Hyper Healing: Donald revives more quickly from KO and with more health SAVE THE QUEEN+: セイヴザクィーン+ (Attack: 5, Magic: 6) MP Rage: MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) PLEASANT MUSHROOM: プレジャーキノコ (Attack: 0, Magic: 1) PLEASANT MUSHROOM+: プレジャーキノコ+ (Attack: 0, Magic: 3) PRECIOUS MUSHROOM: プレシャスキノコ (Attack: 1, Magic: 5) MP Haste: MP recharges 25% faster PRECIOUS MUSHROOM+: プレシャスキノコ+ (Attack: 2, Magic: 7) MP Hastera: MP recharges 50% faster PREMIUM MUSHRROM: プレミアムキノコ (Attack: 3, Magic: 9) MP Hastega: MP recharges 75% fas SHIELDS ------KNIGHT'S SHIELD: 騎士の盾 (Attack: 1) ADAMANT SHIELD: アダマンバンパー (Attack: 2) CHAIN GEAR: シェーンギア (Attack: 3) FALLING STAR: シューティングスター (Attack: 3) DREAM CLOUD: クムロニンブス (Attack: 4) KNIGHT DEFENDER: ナイトディフェンダー (Attack: 5) OGRE SHIELD: オーガシールド (Attack: 5) Defender: Defense increases by 3 when at critical health GENJI SHIELD: 源民の盾 (Attack: 6) Hyper Healing: Goofy revives more quickly from KO and with more health AKASHIC RECORD: アカシックレコード (Attack: 7) MP Haste: MP recharges 25% faster AKASHIC RECORD+: アカシックレコード+ (Attack: 7) MP Hastera: MP recharges 50% faster NOBODY GUARD: ノーバディガード (Attack: 8) MP Rage: MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) FREEZE PRIDE: フリーズプライド (Attack: 5) FREEZE PRIDE+: フリーズプライド+ (Attack: 5) MP Hastega: MP recharges 75% faster SAVE THE KING: セイヴザキング (Attack: 9) Item Boost: Healing items have greater effect SAVE THE KING+: セイヴザキング+ (Attack: 9)

Critical Half: Take half-damage when at critical health HAPPY MUSHROOM: ハッピーキノコ (Attack: 1) HAPPY MUSHROOM+: ハッピーキノコ+ (Attack: 3) PLATINAL MUSHROOM: プラチアルキノコ (Attack: 5) Protect: All damage reduced by 10% PLATINAL MUSHROOM+: プラチアルキノコ+ (Attack: 7) Protectra: All damage reduced by 20% LIMITED MUSHROOM: リミテッドキノコ (Attack: 9) Protectga: All damage reduced by 40% ARMOR ----ELVEN BANDANNA: エルフィンバンダナ (DEF: 1) DIVINE BANDANNA: ディバインバンダナ (DEF: 2) PROTECT BELT: プロテスベルト (DEF: 3) GAIA BELT: ガイアベルト (DEF: 3, Thndr Res: 20, Dark Res: 20) POWER BAND: パワーバンド (DEF: 4) BUSTER BAND: バスターバンド (DEF: 5) COSMIC BELT: コズミックベルト (DEF: 6) FIRE BANGLE: ファイアバングル (DEF: 1, Fire Res: 20) FIRA BANGLE: ファイラバングル (DEF: 2, Fire Res: 20) FIRAGA BANGLE: ファイガバングル (DEF: 3, Fire Res: 20) FIRAGUN BANGLE: ファイガンバングル (DEF: 3, Fire Res: 25) BLIZZARD ARMLET: ブリザドブレス (DEF: 1, BLIZZARA ARMLET: ブリザラブレス (DEF: 2, BLIZZAGA ARMLET: ブリザガブレス (DEF: 3, BLIZZAGUN ARMLET: ブリザガンブレス (DEF: Ice Res: 20) Ice Res: 20) Ice Res: 20) 3, Ice Res: 25)

THUNDER TRINKET: サンダーレット (DEF: 1, Thndr Res: 20) THUNDARA TRINKET: サンダラレット (DEF: 2, Thndr Res: 20) THUNDAGA TRINKET: サンダガレット (DEF: 3, Thndr Res: 20) THUNDAGUN TRINKET: サンダガンレット (DEF: 3, Thndr Res: 25) SHOCK CHAIN: ショックチャーム (DEF: 3, Thndr Res: 40) SHOCK CHAIN+: ショックチャーム+ (DEF: 3, Thndr Res: 40) Thunder Boost: Thunder damage is increased SHADOW ANKLET: シャドウアンクル (DEF: 1, Dark Res: 20) DARK ANKLET: ダークカラーアンクル (DEF: 2, Dark Res: 20) MIDNIGHT ANKLET: ミッドナイトアンクル (DEF: 3, Dark Res: 20) CHAOS ANKLET: カオスアンクル (DEF: 3, Dark Res: 25) CHAMPION BELT: チャンピオンベルト (Fire, Ice & Thunder Res: 20) ABBAS CHAIN: アーバスチェーン (DEF: 1, Fire, Ice & Thunder Res: 20) AEGIS CHAIN: イージスチェーン (DEF: 2, Fire, Ice & Thunder Res: 20) ACRISIUS: アクリシオス (DEF: 3, Fire, Ice & Thunder Res: 20) ACRISIUS+: アクリシオス+ (DEF: 3, Fire, Ice & Thunder Res: 25) COSMIC CHAIN: コズミックチェーン (DEF: 3, Fire, Ice & Thunder Res: 30) PETIT RIBBON: プチリボン (DEF: 4, All Res: 10) RIBBON: リボン (DEF: 4, All Res: 15) HIGHEST RIBBON: ハイエストリボン (DEF: 4, All Res: 25)

ACCESSORIES ----------MEDAL: メダル (STR: 1) ABILITY RING: アビリティリング (AP: 1) ENGINEER'S RING: エンジニアリング (AP: 2) TECHNICIAN'S RING: テクニカルリング (AP: 3) SKILL RING: スキルリング (AP: 4) SKILLFUL RING: スキルフルリング (AP: 5) EXPERT'S RING: エキスパートリング (AP: 6) MASTER'S RING: マスターリング (AP: 7) COSMIC RING: コズミックリング (AP: 8) EXECUTIVE RING: エグぜクティブリング (AP: 30) SARDONYX RING: サードニクスリング (AP: 1, STR: 1) TOURMALINE RING: トルマンリンリング (AP: 2, STR: 1) AQUAMARINE RING: アクアマリンリング (AP: 3, STR: 1) GARNET RING: ガーネットリング (AP: 4, STR: 1) DIAMOND RING: ダイヤモンドリング (AP: 5, STR: 1) SILVER RING: シルバーリング (AP: 1, MAG: 1) GOLD RING: ゴールドリング (AP: 2, MAG: 1) PLATINUM RING: プラチナリング (AP: 3, MAG: 1) MYTHRIL RING: ミスリルリング (AP: 4, MAG: 1) ORICHALCUM RING: オリハルコンリング (AP: 5, MAG: 1) SOLDIER EARRING: ソルジャーピアス (AP: 4, STR: 2) FENCER EARRING: フェンサーピアス (AP: 5, STR: 2, MAG: 1) MAGE EARRING: マジシャンピアス (AP: 4, MAG: 2) SLAYER EARRING: スレイヤーピアス (AP: 5, STR: 1, MAG: 2) MOON AMULET: ムーンアミュレット (AP: 3, STR: 2, MAG: 2) STAR CHARM: スターチャーム (AP: 5, STR: 2, MAG: 2) COSMIC ARTS: コズミックアーツ (AP: 7, STR: 2, MAG: 2) SHADE ARCHIVE: シェイドアーカイブ (AP: 5, MAG: 3) SHADE ARCHIVE+: シェイドアーカイブ+ (AP: 5, MAG: 3) MP Rage: MP recovers every time this character is hit (not while recharging) FULL BLOOM: フルブルーム (AP: 5, STR: 3) FULL BLOOM+: フルブルーム+ (AP: 5, STR: 3) MP Haste: MP recharges 25% faster DRAW RING: ドローリング Draw: Attract Munny and HP/MP/Drive balls to this character LUCKY RING: ラッキーリング Lucky Lucky: Increases item drop chance CONSUMABLES ----------POTION: ポーション Recovers 40% HP for one character HI-POTION: ハイポーション Recovers 60% HP for one character ETHER: エーテル Fully recovers MP for one character if MP>0; shortens recovery time if MP=0

ELIXIR: エリクサー Fully recovers HP and MP for one character MEGA POTION: メガポーション Recovers 40% HP for all characters MEGA ETHER: メガエーテル Fully recovers MP for all characters if MP>0; shortens recovery time if MP=0 MEGALIXIR: ラストエリクサー Fully recovers HP and MP for all characters TENT: テント Fully recovers HP and MP for all characters (not in combat) DRIVE RECOVERY: ドライヴリカバー Replenishes 3 Drive Bars HIGH DRIVE RECOVERY: ハイドライヴリカバー Fully replenishes all Drive Bars POWER BOOST: パワーアップ Increases one character's Strength by 1 MAGIC BOOST: マジックアップ Increases one character's Magic by 1 DEFENSE BOOST: ガードアップ Increases one character's Defense by 1 AP BOOST: AP アップ Increases one character's AP by 1 =============================== 1.6. SYNTHESIS & XIII MUSHROOMS =============================== MATERIALS --------Farming locations are listed with each material BLAZING SHARD: 燃え上がるかけら Hammer Frame, Minute Bomb (Beast's Castle) BLAZING STONE: 燃え上がるしずく Cannon Gun, Tornado Step (Olympus Coliseum) BLAZING GEM: 燃え上がる魔石 Fat Bandit, Fiery Globe (Agrabah) BLAZING CRYSTAL: 燃え上がる結晶 Crescendo, Crimson Jazz (Beast's Crystal) FROST SHARD: 凍てつくかけら Hook Bat, Lance Soldier (Land of Dragons) FROST STONE: 凍てつくしずく Aeroplane, Hot Rod (Timeless River) FROST GEM: 凍てつく魔石 Fortune Teller, Icy Cube (Agrabah) FROST CRYSTAL: 凍てつく結晶 Living Bone (Pride Lands) LIGHTNING SHARD: とどろくかけら Bolt Tower, Rapid Thruster (Land of Dragons) LIGHTNING STONE: とどろくしずく Driller Mole, Emerald Blues (Olympus Coliseum) LIGHTNING GEM: とどろく魔石 Armored Knight, Surveillance Robot (Hollow Bastion)

LIGHTNING CRYSTAL: とどろく結晶 Devastator, Strafer (Space Paranoids) LUCID SHARD: 透きとおるかけら Rabid Dog, Trick Ghost (Halloween Town) LUCID STONE: 透きとおるしずく Graveyard, Toy Soldier, Wight Knight (Halloween Town) LUCID GEM: 透きとおる魔石 Bookmaster, Magnum Loader (Hollow Bastion) LUCID CRYSTAL: 透きとおる結晶 Neoshadow (Land of Dragons) POWER SHARD: 力のかけら Creeper Plant, Large Body (Halloween Town) POWER STONE: 力のしずく Luna Bandit, Silver Rock (Agrabah) POWER GEM: 力の魔石 Aerial Knocker, Shaman (Pride Lands) POWER CRYSTAL: 力の結晶 Morning Star (Hollow Bastion) DARK SHARD: うごめくかけら Shadow, Soldier (World that Never Was) DARK STONE: うごめくしずく Assault Rider, Nightwalker (Land of Dragons) DARK GEM: うごめく魔石 Gargoyle Knight, Gargoyle Warrior (Beast's Castle) DARK CRYSTAL: うごめく結晶 Air Pirate (Land of Dragons) DENSE SHARD: はざまのかけら Creeper, Dragoon (World that Never Was) DENSE STONE: はざまのしずく Sniper (World that Never Was) DENSE GEM: はざまの魔石 Samurai (World that Never Was) DENSE CRYSTAL: はざまの結晶 Berserker (World that Never Was) TWILIGHT SHARD: たそがれのかけら Dusk, Gambler (Twilight Town) TWILIGHT STONE: たそがれのしずく Dancer (Twilight Town) TWILIGHT GEM: たそがれの魔石 Assassin (World that Never Was) TWILIGHT CRYSTAL: たそがれの結晶 Sorcerer (World that Never Was) MYTHRIL SHARD: ミスリルのかけら Synthesis (Dense Shardx3, Dense Stone, Twilight Shardx3, Twilight Stone) MYTHRIL STONE: ミスリルのしずく Synthesis (Dense Shardx3, Dense Stone, Twilight Shardx3, Twilight Stone, Serenity Shard) MYTHRIL GEM: ミスリルの魔石 Synthesis (Dense Gemx3, Dense Crystal, Twilight Gemx3, Twilight Crystal) MYTHRIL CRYSTAL: ミスリルの結晶

Synthesis (Dense Gemx3, Dense Crystal, Twilight Gemx3, Twilight Crystal, Serenity Gem) REMEMBRANCE SHARD: 追憶のかけら Perplex, Iron Hammer, Silent Launcher REMEMBRANCE STONE: 追憶のしずく Air Viking, Magic Phantom, Lance Warrior, Necromancer REMEMBRANCE GEM: 追憶の魔石 Spring Metal, Rune Master, Mad Bumper REMEMBRANCE CRYSTAL: 追憶の結晶 Reckless TRANQUIL SHARD: 安らぎのかけら XIII Mushrooms TRANQUIL STONE: 安らぎのしずく XIII Mushrooms TRANQUIL GEM: 安らぎの魔石 XIII Mushrooms TRANQUIL CRYSTAL: 安らぎの結晶 XIII Mushrooms BRIGHT SHARD: うるおいのかけら Bulky Vendor, Creeper Plant, Hook Bat, Minute Bomb, Rabid Dog, Soldier (Land of Dragons) BRIGHT STONE: うるおいのしずく Bulky Vendor, Aeroplane, Cannon Gun, Driller Mole, Luna Bandit, Silver Rock, Tornado Step, Wight Knight (Timeless River) BRIGHT GEM: うるおいの魔石 Bulky Vendor, Aerial Knocker, Magnum Loader, Surveillance Robot (Pride Lands) BRIGHT CRYSTAL: うるおいの結晶 Bulky Vendor, Air Pirate, Crescendo, Neoshadow, Strafer (Space Paranoids) ENERGY SHARD: みなぎるかけら Bolt Tower, Gargoyle Knight, Gargoyle Warrior, Nightwalker (Beast's Castle) ENERGY STONE: みなぎるしずく Hammer Frame, Lance Soldier, Trick Ghost (Halloween Town) ENERGY GEM: みなぎる魔石 Emerald Blues, Fortuneteller (Agrabah) ENERGY CRYSTAL: みなぎる結晶 Bookmaster, Shaman (Hollow Bastion) SERENITY SHARD: 満 たされるかけら Assault Rider, Creeper, Fat Bandit, Graveyard, Hot Rod, Large Body, Toy Soldier (Land of Dragons) SERENITY STONE: 満たされるしずく Crimson Jazz, Devastator, Dusk, Living Bone, Morning Star (Hollow Bastion) SERENITY GEM: 満たされる魔石 Dancer, Dragoon, Gambler, Sniper, Mad Bumper, Runemaster, Reckless (World that Never Was) SERENITY CRYSTAL: 満たされる結晶 Synthesis (Tranquil Crystal, Remembrance Crystal, Bright Crystalx9)

FOUND ILLUSION: 現れを幻影 Terra, Synthesis (Tranquil Crystal, Remembrance Crystal, Bright Crystalx9, Serenity Gem) LOST ILLUSION: 失われた幻影 Vexen Data, Lexaeus Data, Zexion Data, Marluxia Data, Larxene Data (Hollow Bastion) ORICHALCUM: オリハル Bulky Vendor (Land of Dragons, Beast's Castle, Olympus Coliseum, Agrabah, Halloween Town) ORICHALCUM+: オリハルコン MOOGLE LEVELS ------------1. Amateur - Decipher recipes and synthesize items 2. Novice - Use Brightness (double exp) and Energy (half price) materials 3. Junior - Use Serenity (item upgrade) materials 4. Skilled - Use up to two extra materials 5. Senior - Rank C recipe materials cut by half 6. Artisan - Rank B recipe materials cut by half 7. Master - Rank A recipe materials cut by half 8. Superior - Make new items in Free Development 9. Primo - Rank S recipe materials cut by half XIII MUSHROOM GOALS ------------------Goals are given for B/A/S ranks. Only a B is required for journal completion. B/A/S ranks give 0/10/100% chances of getting a limited or premium mushroom. 1. Memory Skyscraper, World that Never Was Hit mushroom 70/94/99 times 2. Christmas Tree Plaza, Halloween Town Reflect mushroom's attack for 80/97/99 points 3. Bridge, Beast's Castle Score 450/495/500 points from collecting orbs 4. Palace Gate, Land of Dragons Kill 85/-/- mushrooms without getting hit 5. Cave of Wonders: Treasure Room, Agrabah Wake the mushroom within 10/4/3 seconds 6. Underworld Caverns: Atrium, Olympus Coliseum Kill all mushrooms in 45/35/31 seconds 7. Tunnelway, Twilight Town Kill the mushroom in 10/4/3 seconds 8. Tower, Twilight Town Air-juggle the mushroom 85/97/99 times 9. Castle Gate, Hollow Bastion Spin the mushroom 75/97/99 times 10. Isla De Muerta, Port Royal Kill the real mushroom in 55/37/36 seconds 11. Waterway, Timeless River Reduce the counter to 0 in 19/16/15 seconds

12. Old Mansion, Twilight Town Kill 40/47/50 mushrooms within the time limit 13. Great Maw, Hollow Bastion N/A =============== 1.7. GUMMI SHIP =============== PROJECTILE GUMMI BLOCKS ----------------------FIRE/G: ファイアグミ Rapid-fires 2 straight rounds (Cost: 35, Damage: 35) FIRA/G: ファイラグミ " " (Cost: 41, Damage: 41) FIRAGA/G: ファイガグミ " " (Cost: 53, Damage: 53) BLIZZARD/G: ブリザドグミ Rapid-fires 2 bi-directional rounds (Cost: 71, Damage: 35) BLIZZARA/G: ブリザラグミ Rapid-fires 2 tri-directional rounds (Cost: 108, Damage: 35) BLIZZAGA/G: ブリザガグミ Rapid-fires 2 quad-directional rounds (Cost: 138, Damage: 35) GRAVITY/G: グラビデグミ Fires a round that scatters on hit (Cost: 145, Damage: 15) GRAVIRA/G: グラビラグミ Fires a round that scatters wide on hit (Cost: 155, Damage: 40) GRAVIGA/G: グラビガグミ " " (Cost: 184, Damage: 60) COMET/G: コメットグミ Fires 2 laser rounds at auto-locked targets (Cost: 82, Damage: 200) METEOR/G: メテオグミ Fires 4 laser rounds at auto-locked targets (Cost: 156, Damage: 250) SHURIKEN/G: シュリケングミ Fires several shuriken in random directions (Cost: 200) BOOMERANG/G: ブーメラングミ Fires two zig-zagging boomerangs directly ahead (Cost: 212) LOCK-ON GUMMI BLOCKS -------------------THUNDER/G: サンダーグミ Fires 2 laser rounds at locked targets (Cost: 132, Damage: 400) THUNDARA/G: サンダラグミ Fires 4 laser rounds at locked targets (Cost: 222, Damage: 400) THUNDAGA/G: サンダガグミ Fires 6 laser rounds at locked targets (Cost: 312, Damage: 400) ULTIMA/G: アルテマグミ " " - can repeatedly hit one target (Cost: 328, Damage: 500) DRAIN/G: ドレイングミ Absorbs enemy gunshots with Square/Triangle, and then fires back a massive blast - do not combine with shields! (Cost: 395) PUNCH/G: パンチグミ Auto-locks onto several targets and then hits them all (Cost: 262) BOMB/G: ボムグミ

Charges up, and releases to deal massive damage to nearby enemies (Cost: 338) SLASH GUMMI BLOCKS -----------------ORICHALCUM/G: オリハルコングミ Slashes forwards (Cost: 129, Damage: 500) MASAMUNE/G: マサムネグミ Slashes vertically (Cost: 134, Damage: 500) EXCALIBUR/G: エクスカリバーグミ Slashes horizontally (Cost: 126, Damage: 500) INFINITY/G: ラグナロクグミ Slashes around the screen perimeter (Cost: 160, Damage: 500) LUNAR BLADE/G: エンゲツリングミ Slashes all nearby enemies (Cost: 248, Damage: 500) IMPACT GUMMI BLOCKS ------------------DRILL/G: ドリルグミ Damages enemies on impact (Cost: 8) SAW/G: ノコギリグミ " " (Cost: 13) GUNGNIR/G: グングニルグミ " " (Cost: 8) ENGINE GUMMI BLOCKS ------------------VERNIER/G: バーニアグミ Converts power to speed (Cost: 17, Speed: 11, Power: -5) THRUSTER/G: スラスターグミ " " (Cost: 14, Speed: 15, Power: -10) BOOSTER/G: ブースターグミ " " (Cost: 23, Speed: 24, Power: -15) MINI-PROPELLER/G: ミニプロペラグミ " " (Cost: 9, Speed: 8, Power: -5) PROPELLER/G: プロペラグミ " " (Cost: 12, Speed: 9, Power: -5) SCREW PROPELLER/G: スクリューグミ " " (Cost: 9, Speed: 18, Power: -15) ROTOR/G: ローターグミ " " (Cost: 9, Speed: 13, Power: -10) LARGE ROTOR/G: ラージローターグミ " " (Cost: 9, Speed: 13, Power: -10) WING GUMMI BLOCKS ----------------CYCLONE/G: サイクロングミ Increases mobility (Cost: 8, Mobility: 16) STORM/G: ストームグミ " " (Cost: 8, Mobility: 16) TEMPEST/G: テンペストグミ " " (Cost: 8, Mobility: 16)

TYPHOON/G: タイフーングミ " " (Cost: 8, Mobility: 16) HURRICANE/G: ハリケーングミ " " (Cost: 8, Mobility: 16) VORTEX/G: ボルテックスグミ " " (Cost: 11, Mobility: 22) SONIC TURBO/G: ソニックターボグミ " " (Cost: 18, Mobility: 36) DARKNESS/G: ダークグミ " " (Cost: 20, Mobility: 40) ANGEL/G: エンジェルグミ " " (Cost: 24, Mobility: 48) COCKPIT GUMMI BLOCKS -------------------BUBBLE HELM/G: バブルヘッドグミ Converts speed to power (Cost: 9, Power: 19, Speed: -15) FLAT HELM/G: フラットヘッドグミ " " (Cost: 8, Power: 24, Speed: -20) SOLID HELM/G: ソリッドヘッドグミ " " (Cost: 11, Power: 30, Speed: -25) SPHERE HELM/G: スフィアヘッドグミ " " (Cost: 9, Power: 34, Speed: -30) BRIDGE/G: ブリッヂグミ " " (Cost: 19, Power: 44, Speed: -35) BIG BRIDGE/G: ビッグブリッヂグミ " " (Cost: 10, Power: 50, Speed: -45) SHIELD GUMMI BLOCKS ------------------SHIELD/G: シールドグミ Blocks enemy gunshots (Cost: 8, Power: -20) LARGE SHIELD/G: ラージシールドグミ " " (Cost: 7, Power: -25) SHELL/G: シェルグミ Blocks enemy lasers (Cost: 8, Power: -20) LARGE SHELL/G: ラージシェルグミ " " (Cost: 7, Power: -25) OPTIONAL GUMMI BLOCKS --------------------NEON ORB/G: ネオンボールグミ Increases power (Cost: 8, Power: 4) NEON BAR/G: ネオンバーグミ " " (Cost: 8, Power: 4) WHEEL/G: ホイールグミ Increases mobility (Cost: 15, Mobility: 30) RADAR/G: レーダーグミ Allows faster lock-on - can be stacked (Cost: 10, Speed: -5) ANTENNA/G: アンテナグミ " " (Cost: 20, Speed: -10) PARABOLA/G: パラボラグミ " " (Cost: 23, Speed: -15)

ROUND LIGHT/G: ラウンドライトグミ Converts power to HP (Cost: 13, HP: 47, Power: -20) SQUARE LIGHT/G: スクエアライトグミ " " (Cost: 8, HP: 27, Power: -10) CROWN/G: クラウングミ Reduces HP to 1, but starts missions in Berserk mode (Cost: 15) MAST/G: マストグミ Increases speed (Cost: 17, Speed: 6) FLAG/G: フラッググミ Increases power (Cost: 15, Power: 7) CATERPILLAR/G: キャタピラグミ Increases mobility (Cost: 14, Mobility: 28) FIGURE/G: フィギュアグミ Increases HP (Cost: 14, HP: 29) GUMMI MODELS -----------FALCON: ファルコン INVINCIBLE: インビンシブル HIGHWIND: ハイウインド MUSHROOM: マッシュルームモデル HIGHWIND ALPHA: ハイウィンド α モデル PUPU: コヨコヨモデル TONBERRY: トンベリモデル MOOGLE: モーグリモデル MANDRAGORA: マンドラゴラモデル CHOCOBO: チョコボモデル CACTUAR: サボテンダーモデル CAIT SITH: ケット・シーモデル FENRIR: フェンリルモデル KINGDOM: キングダムモデル SECRET MODEL: シークレットモデル GUMMI ABILITIES --------------CANNON UPGRADE: ショットアップ (5 AP) Increases Projectile Gummi damage by 30% (excludes Comet and Meteor) LASER UPGRADE: レーザーアップ (5 AP) Increases Lock-on Gummi damage by 30% (includes Comet and Meteor) SLASH UPGRADE: スラッシュアップ (5 AP) Increases Slash Gummi damage by 30% DRAW: ドロー (4 AP) Attacts nearby orbs MEDAL CONVERTER: メダルコンバータ (4 AP) Converts 50% (or 75% if equipped twice) of HP orbs into medal orbs HEAL UPGRADE: ヒールアップ (2 AP) Increases the healing effect of HP orbs AUTO-LIFE: オートリレイズ (3 AP) Come back to life one time after dying AUTO-REGEN: オートリジェネ (2 AP) Automatically restores HP over time AUTO-COUNTER: オートカウンター (3 AP) Fires lasers automatically when hit by an enemy attack SLASH HASTE: スラッシュヘイスト (2 AP)

Increases the Slash Guage fill rate SLASH PRECHARGE: デフォルトスラッシュ (2 AP) Begin the mission with one Slash Guage filled FORMATION CHANGE: チェンジタイプ (1 AP) Allows Teeny Ship formation changes with the L2 and R2 buttons ACTIVE FORMATION: アクティヴタイプ (1 AP) Allows Teeny Ships to be put in active mode with Square COST CONVERTER: コストコンバータ (1 AP) Allows a Teeny Ship to be left behind, giving its cost limit to the main ship GUMMI BLOCK LOCATIONS --------------------The ordering on these lists corresponds roughly to when the enemies first appear, which should help you pinpoint items you are missing. Enemies are preceded by a two letter code (e.g. "LR" or "BG"). The first letter tells you which direction the enemy is in (Front, Back, Left, Right). The second letter tells you if the enemy is Red or Gold. If the enemy is colored normally, the letter is omitted. You get the Crown Gummi automatically after getting all other gummi blocks. +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | ASTEROID SWEEP 1 | ASTEROID SWEEP 2 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Caterpillar/G | EX S Rank | Shuriken/G | EX S Rank | | Patt Skin A | S Rank | Highwnd Alpha M | S Rank | | Neon Orb/G | A Rank | Propeller/G | A Rank | | Mini-Prp/G | B Rank | Large Shield/G | B Rank | | Fira/G | C Rank | Fira/G | C Rank | | Thundara/G | D Rank | Saw/G | D Rank | | Laser Upgrade | E Rank | Gravira/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Gravity/G | Completion | Fire/G | BR Knight Head | | Thunder/G | L Ring Tank | Tempest/G | BG UFO | | Fire/G | BR Knight Head | Tempest/G | RG Ring Tank | | Blizzard/G | FR Knight Head | Blizzard/G | FR UFO | | Material/G | FR Knight Head | Propeller/G | FR Spider |

| Neon Bar/G | FG Knight Head | Fire/G | BR Knight Head | | Square Light/G | FR UFO | Blizzard/G | FR Mega Tank | | Flat Helm/G | FR UFO | Kingdom M | FG Spider | | Typhoon/G | FG Knight Head | Vernier/G | FR Knight Head | | | | Storm/G | FG Bomb Bell | | | | Vernier/G | FR Knight Head | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | ASTEROID SWEEP 3 | STARDUST SWEEP 1 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Figure/G | EX S Rank | Flag/G | EX S Rank | | Flat Helm/G | S Rank | Patt Skin/B | S Rank | | Hurricane/G | A Rank | Rotor/G | A Rank | | Thruster/G | B Rank | Shield/G | B Rank | | Radar/G | C Rank | Solid Helm/G | C Rank | | Gungnir/G | D Rank | Blizzara/G | D Rank | | Masamune/G | E Rank | Cannon Upgrade | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Neon Bar/G | BG UFO | Heal Upgrade | Completion | | Wheel/G | FR Ring Tank | Blizzard/G | FR Gatling Ship | | Thunder/G | FR UFO | Fire/G | BR Hex Ring | | Blizzard/G | LR Ring Tank | Fire/G | LR Cyclops | | Gravity/G | FR Bomb Bell | Bubble Helm/G | RR Gatling Ship | | Slash Haste | FR Spider | Fire/G | RR Gatling Ship | | Vernier/G | BR Knight Head | Material/G | B Hunter | | Tempest/G | RR Knight Head | Vernier/G | BR Knight Head | | Fire/G | LR Knight Head | Thunder/G | LR Cyclops | | Typhoon/G | BG Knight Head | Blizzard/G | FR Cyclops | | Vernier/G | BG Knight Head | Vernier/G | BR Knight Head | | Sonic Turbo/G | FG Knight Head | Thunder/G | F Spider | | Slash Precharge | FG Spider | Blizzard/G | FR Knight Head |

| Tempest/G | FR Knight Head | Typhoon/G | FG Knight Head | | Fire/G | FR Knight Head | Neon Orb/G | FG Bomb Bell | | Typhoon/G | FG Bomb Bell | | | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | STARDUST SWEEP 2 | STARDUST SWEEP 3 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Boomerang/G | EX S Rank | Punch/G | EX S Rank | | PuPu M | S Rank | Bubble Helm/G | S Rank | | Thruster/G | A Rank | Sonic Turbo/G | A Rank | | Parabola/G | B Rank | Booster/G | B Rank | | Blizzara/G | C Rank | Drill/G | C Rank | | Radar/G | D Rank | Antenna/G | D Rank | | Orichalcum/G | E Rank | Comet/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Heal Upgrade | B Spider | Booster/G | B Spider | | Storm/G | BG Knight Head | Neon Bar/G | BG Knight Head | | Gravity/G | FR Bomb Bell | Fire/G | FR Gatling Ship | | Tempest/G | FR Gatling Ship | Cyclone/G | LR Cyclops | | Vernier/G | FR Knight Head | Thruster/G | FR Cyclops | | Fire/G | FR Knight Head | Cyclone/G | BR Cyclops | | Thunder/G | F Hunter | Thruster/G | BR Cyclops | | Screw Prp/G | FG Cyclops | Drill/G | BG Cyclops | | Vernier/G | FR Knight Head | Large Rotor/G | LR Knight Head | | Slash Precharge | FR Gatling Ship | Fire/G | RR Gatling Ship | | Fire/G | F Spider | Parabola/G | F Hunter | | Slash Haste | FR Gatling Ship | Tempest/G | BR Knight Head | | Blizzard/G | F Spider | Rotor/G | FG Cyclops | | Tempest/G | FR Gatling Ship | Fire/G | FR Gatling Ship | | | | Blizzard/G | B Spider | | | | Round Light/G | BG Knight Head |

| | | Tempest/G | BR Knight Head | | | | Neon Orb/G | BG Bomb Bell | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | PHANTOM STORM 1 | PHANTOM STORM 2 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Mast/G | EX S Rank | Punch/G | EX S Rank | | Realistic Skins | S Rank | Tonberry M | S Rank | | Hurricane/G | A Rank | Storm/G | A Rank | | Flat Helm/G | B Rank | Sonic Turbo/G | B Rank | | Cannon Upgrade | C Rank | Radar/G | C Rank | | Gravira/G | D Rank | Gungnir/G | D Rank | | Auto-Life | E Rank | Thundara/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Teeny System | Completion | Gravity/G | BR Grappler | | Square Light/G | FR Knight Head | Fira/G | BR Gatling Ship | | Material/G | FR Grappler | Screw Prp/G | BR Grappler | | Blizzara/G | FR Knight Head | Cyclone/G | BG Spiked Roller | | Fira/G | FR Grappler | Neon Bar/G | FG Gatling Ship | | Thruster/G | FR Knight Head | Neon Orb/G | FG Grappler | | Square Light/G | FR Knight Head | Gravity/G | FR Grappler | | Neon Bar/G | FG Grappler | Meteor/G | FR Driller | | Gravity/G | F Skull | Drill/G | FR Driller | | | | Thruster/G | FR Spider Roller | | | | Booster/G | F Skull | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | PHANTOM STORM 3 | SPLASH ISLAND 1 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Caterpillar/G | EX S Rank | Flag/G | EX S Rank | | Drill/G | S Rank | Decal Skins | S Rank | | Storm/G | A Rank | Neon Bar/G | A Rank |

| Large Rotor/G | B Rank | Screw Prp/G | B Rank | | Bridge/G | C Rank | Bridge/G | C Rank | | Blizzara/G | D Rank | AP Limit Up | D Rank | | Thundaga/G | E Rank | Heal Upgrade | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Thruster/G | BR Grappler | Auto-Counter | Completion | | Fira/G | BR Gatling Ship | Formatn Change | FR UFO | | Thruster/G | BR Grappler | Fira/G | RR Bomber | | Neon Bar/G | BG Spiked Roller | Sphere Helm/G | FR Bomber | | Antenna/G | F Skull | Screw Prp/G | FG Bomber | | Fira/G | LR Gatling Ship | Thundara/G | FR UFO | | Vortex/G | RG Gatling Ship | Material/G | LR Shield | | Storm/G | BR Knight Head | Booster/G | FR Bomber | | Storm/G | BR Knight Head | | | | Vortex/G | BG Gatling Ship | | | | Thruster/G | BR Grappler | | | | Neon Orb/G | BG Grappler | | | | Blizzara/G | RR Knight Head | | | | Comet/G | BR Spiked Roller | | | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | SPLASH ISLAND 2 | SPLASH ISLAND 3 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Boomerange/G | EX S Rank | Mast/G | EX S Rank | | Moogle M | S Rank | Solid Helm/G | S Rank | | Storm/G | A Rank | Storm/G | A Rank | | Round Light/G | B Rank | Screw Prp/G | B Rank | | Antenna/G | C Rank | Firaga/G | C Rank | | Laser Upgrade | D Rank | Blizzaga/G | D Rank | | Thundaga/G | E Rank | Meteor/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+

| Screw Prp/G | LR Gatling Ship | Rotor/G | FR UFO | | Neon Orb/G | FG Gatling Ship | Fira/G | LR Gatling Ship | | Fira/G | RR Bomber | Comet/G | FR Gatling Ship | | Comet/G | FR Knight Head | Neon Bar/G | FG Bomber | | Screw Prp/G | FR Knight Head | Storm/G | BR Bomber | | Orichalcum/G | BR Shield | Firaga/G | FR Bomber | | Large Rotor/G | FG Shield | Vortex/G | FG Bomber | | | | Square Light/G | FR Knight Head | | | | Screw Prp/G | FR Knight Head | | | | Flat Helm/G | FR Shield | | | | Propeller/G | FR UFO | | | | Vortex/G | BG Shield | | | | Large Rotor/G | FR Shield | | | | Thruster/G | FR Bomber | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | FLOATING ISLAND 1 | FLOATING ISLAND 2 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Lunar Blade/G | EX S Rank | Caterpillar/G | EX S Rank | | Variety Skins A | S Rank | Mandragora M | S Rank | | Propeller/G | A Rank | Large Rotor/G | A Rank | | Shell/G | B Rank | Cost Converter | B Rank | | Sphere Helm/G | C Rank | Excalibur/G | C Rank | | Orichalcum/G | D Rank | Firaga/G | D Rank | | Active Formatn | E Rank | Graviga/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Cost Limit Up | Completion | Masamune/G | BR Driller | | Material/G | FR Knight Head | Neon Orb/G | L Crawler | | Mini-Prp/G | F Crawler | Auto-Regen | FR Bomber | | Fire/G | FR Mega Tank | Neon Bar/G | B Crawler | | Propeller/G | F Crawler | Fira/G | BR Phoenix |

| Mini-Prp/G | R Crawler | Rotor/G | BR Bomber | | Propeller/G | F Crawler | Fira/G | BR Phoenix | | Mini-Prp/G | F Crawler | Neon Bar/G | F Crawler | | Booster/G | FR Knight Head | Neon Orb/G | F Crawler | | Blizzard/G | BR Bomber | Neon Bar/G | F Crawler | | Storm/G | BG Bomber | Propeller/G | FG Phoenix | | Mini-Prp/G | F Crawler | Mini-Prp/G | FR Phoenix | | Thunder/G | FR Tank | Neon Orb/G | L Crawler | | Solid Helm/G | FR Bomber | Gungnir/G | FR Driller | | Propeller/G | F Crawler | Neon Bar/G | R Crawler | | Gravity/G | BR Phoenix | Bridge/G | RG Tank | | Drill/G | BG Phoenix | | | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | FLOATING ISLAND 3 | ANCIENT HIGHWAY 1 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Figure/G | EX S Rank | Figure/G | EX S Rank | | Sphere Helm/G | S Rank | Variety Skins B | S Rank | | Square Light/G | A Rank | Cyclone/G | A Rank | | Mini-Prp/G | B Rank | Wheel/G | B Rank | | Saw/G | C Rank | Slash Upgrade | C Rank | | Firaga/G | D Rank | Firaga/G | D Rank | | Ultima/G | E Rank | Auto-Regen | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Masamune/G | BR Driller | Comet/G | Completion | | Fira/G | FR Knight Head | Blizzara/G | FR Phoenix | | Mini-Prp/G | F Crawler | Wheel/G | B Reaper's Wheel | | Screw Prp/G | FR Bomber | Sonic Turbo/G | FG Speeder | | Large Rotor/G | F Crawler | Cannon Upgrade | FR Speeder | | Comet/G | BR Phoenix | Material/G | FR Phoenix | | Round Light/G | BR Bomber | Sonic Turbo/G | L Hunter |

| Saw/G | BR Phoenix | Neon Orb/G | FG Phoenix | | Rotor/G | R Crawler | | | | Mini-Prp/G | L Crawler | | | | Propeller/G | R Crawler | | | | Blizzara/G | FR Knight Head | | | | Angel/G | FG Phoenix | | | | Bubble Helm/G | BR Bomber | | | | Neon Orb/G | BG Bomber | | | | Comet/G | FR Phoenix | | | | Screw Prp/G | F Crawler | | | | Propeller/G | F Crawler | | | | Angel/G | BG Phoenix | | | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | ANCIENT HIGHWAY 2 | ANCIENT HIGHWAY 3 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Caterpillar/G | EX S Rank | Boomerang/G | EX S Rank | | Chocobo M | S Rank | Saw/G | S Rank | | Angel/G | A Rank | Neon Orb/G | A Rank | | Shell/G | B Rank | Wheel/G | B Rank | | AP Limit Up | C Rank | Sphere Helm/G | C Rank | | Fira/G | D Rank | Gravira/G | D Rank | | Ultima/G | E Rank | Infinity/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Hurricane/G | FR Speeder | Wheel/G | B Reaper's Wheel | | Angel/G | FR Speeder | Cyclone/G | FR Speeder | | Sonic Turbo/G | LR Phoenix | Darkness/G | FG Speeder | | Angel/G | LG Phoenix | Blizzara/G | LR Phoenix | | Sonic Turbo/G | B Reaper's Wheel | Darkness/G | LG Speeder | | Typhoon/G | BG Hex Ring | Rotor/G | LG Phoenix | | Hurricane/G | FR Phoenix | Wheel/G | B Reaper's Wheel |

| Typhoon/G | FG Phoenix | Cyclone/G | FR Speeder | | Antenna/G | F Hunter | Firaga/G | BR Hex Ring | | Wheel/G | FG Knight Head | Neon Orb/G | FG Hex Ring | | | | Slash Haste | L Hunter | | | | Draw | FR Knight Head | | | | Saw/G | LG Phoenix | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | BROKEN HIGHWAY 1 | BROKEN HIGHWAY 2 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Caterpillar/G | EX S Rank | Figure/G | EX S Rank | | Neon Skins A | S Rank | Cactuar M | S Rank | | Typhoon/G | A Rank | Darkness/G | A Rank | | Booster/G | B Rank | Wheel/G | B Rank | | Large Shield/G | C Rank | Big Bridge/G | C Rank | | Blizzaga/G | D Rank | Blizzara/G | D Rank | | Medal Converter | E Rank | Masamune/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Teeny Limit Up | Completion | Saw/G | B Reaper's Wheel | | Rotor/G | FG Knight Head | Thruster/G | BR Speeder | | Wheel/G | B Reaper's Wheel | Vernier/G | RR Knight Head | | Hurricane/G | FR Speeder | Screw Prp/G | RR Knight Head | | Shield/G | RR Shield | Booster/G | B Reaper's Wheel | | Laser Upgrade | RR Gatling Ship | Firaga/G | BR Knight Head | | Material/G | BR Speeder | Blizzaga/G | FR Knight Head | | Fira/G | LR Gatling Ship | Thruster/G | FR Knight Head | | Gravira/G | FR Gatling Ship | Round Light/G | BR Shield | | Radar/G | LR Speeder | Darkness/G | BG Gatling Ship | | Wheel/G | B Reaper's Wheel | Thruster/G | LR Speeder | | Blizzara/G | BR Knight Head | Vernier/G | LG Speeder | | Hurricane/G | BR Gatling Ship | Screw Prp/G | B Reaper's Wheel |

| Cyclops/G | BG Speeder | Darkness/G | BG Knight Head | | | | Sonic Turbo/G | B Reaper's Wheel | | | | Firaga/G | BR Knight Head | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | BROKEN HIGHWAY 3 | SUNLIGHT STORM 1 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Punch/G | EX S Rank | Figure/G | EX S Rank | | Gungnir/G | S Rank | Neon Skins B | S Rank | | Neon Bar/G | A Rank | Sonic Turbo/G | A Rank | | Wheel/G | B Rank | Large Shell/G | B Rank | | Solid Helm/G | C Rank | Thundaga/G | C Rank | | Thundara/G | D Rank | AP Limit Up | D Rank | | Excalibur/G | E Rank | Draw | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Vortex/G | BR Speeder | Ultima/G | Completion | | Neon Bar/G | BG Knight Head | Comet/G | FR Mystic Flyer | | Fira/G | RR Knight Head | Firaga/G | RR Knight Head | | Typhoon/G | RR Knight Head | Round Light/G | BR Spiked Roller | | Saw/G | B Reaper's Wheel | Material/G | F Spider | | Vortex/G | BR Speeder | Round Light/G | FR Mystic Flyer | | Gravira/G | BR Gatling Ship | Darkness/G | FG Mystic Flyer | | Typhoon/G | FR Shield | Blizzara/G | FR Spiked Roller | | Wheel/G | BG Gatling Ship | Neon Bar/G | FR Grappler | | Firaga/G | FR Gatling Ship | Gravira/G | FR Grappler | | Saw/G | B Reaper's Wheel | Blizzaga/G | FR Mystic Flyer | | Blizzaga/G | BR Gatling Ship | Comet/G | FR Myster Flyer | | Square Light/G | BG Speeder | Darkness/G | FG Spiked Roller | | Hurricane/G | BR Knight Head | Saw/G | F Hunter | | Hurricane/G | BR Knight Head | Drill/G | FR Driller | | Neon Orb/G | BG Knight Head | | |

| Fira/G | BR Knight Head | | | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | SUNLIGHT STORM 2 | SUNLIGHT STORM 3 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Shuriken/G | EX S Rank | Punch/G | EX S Rank | | Cait Sith M | S Rank | Bridge/G | S Rank | | Neon Orb/G | A Rank | Cyclone/G | A Rank | | Drill/G | B Rank | Typhoon/G | B Rank | | Parabola/G | C Rank | Orichalcum/G | C Rank | | Slash Upgrade | D Rank | Comet/G | D Rank | | Infinity/G | E Rank | Gravira/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Round Light/G | L Spider | Comet/G | FR Mystic Flyer | | Meteor/G | LR Spiked Roller | Fira/G | B Hunter | | Square Light/G | LR Grappler | Thruster/G | LR Spiked Roller | | Vortex/G | LR Mystic Flyer | Rotor/G | BR Spiked Roller | | Mini-Prp/G | LG Knight Head | Large Rotor/G | F Spider | | Parabola/G | FG Driller | Comet/G | FR Mystic Flyer | | Wheel/G | FR Mystic Flyer | Drill/G | LR Grappler | | Firaga/G | LR Spider | Excalibur/G | BR Mystic Flyer | | Neon Orb/G | LG Grappler | Neon Orb/G | BG Mystic Flyer | | Wheel/G | BR Mystic Flyer | Meteor/G | BR Mystic Flyer | | Neon Bar/G | BG Mystic Flyer | Blizzara/G | BR Spiked Roller | | Vortex/G | BR Mystic Flyer | Booster/G | B Hunter | | Comet/G | BR Spiked Roller | Neon Bar/G | BG Spiked Roller | | Firaga/G | FR Spider | Propeller/G | F Spider | | Blizzaga/G | FR Spider | Firaga/G | F Hunter | | Gungnir/G | B Hunter | Gungnir/GG | FR Driller | | Propeller/G | FG Knight Head | | | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+

| ASSAULT OF THE DREADNOUGHT 1 | ASSAULT OF THE DREADNOUGHT 2 | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Shuriken/G | EX S Rank | Caterpillar/G | EX S Rank | | Mushroom M | S Rank | Fenrir M | S Rank | | Vortex/G | A Rank | Square Light/G | A Rank | | Big Bridge/G | B Rank | Vortex/G | B Rank | | Excalibur/G | C Rank | Large Shield/G | C Rank | | Meteor/G | D Rank | Auto-Regen | D Rank | | Cost Converter | E Rank | Drain/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+----------------+--------------------+ | Cost Limit Up | Completion | Booster/G | F Cruiser | | Firaga/G | F Cruiser | Neon Orb/G | FG Mystic Flyer | | Big Bridge/G | F Cruiser | Firaga/G | LR Phoenix | | Graviga/G | FR Speeder | Blizzaga/G | F Spider | | Meteor/G | FR Speeder | Infinity/G | F Spider | | Angel/G | F Cruiser | Neon Bar/G | R Core | | Large Rotor/G | F Cruiser | Slash Haste | L Spider | | Firaga/G | F Cruiser | Slash Precharge | L Spider | | Angel/G | FG Phoenix | | | | Blizzaga/G | FR Speeder | | | | Material/G | F Core | | | +=================+====================+=================+============ ========+ | ASSAULT OF THE DREADNOUGHT 3 | +-----------------+--------------------+ | Bomb/G | EX S Rank | | Big Bridge/G | S Rank | | Darkness/G | A Rank | | Angel/G | B Rank | | Meteor/G | C Rank | | Graviga/G | D Rank | | Firaga/G | E Rank | +-----------------+--------------------+ | Drill/G | F Cruiser | | Hurricane/G | F Cruiser | | Booster/G | F Cruiser | | Round Light/G | FG Mystic Flyer | | Hurricane/G | F Cruiser | | Infinity/G | B Spider | | Comet/G | B Spider |

| Medal Converter | R Core | | Sonic Turbo/G | L Spider | | Secret M | F Hunter-X | +=================+====================+ GUMMI EX MISSIONS ----------------After getting S on a regular mission, press Triangle to select its EX mission. This is the same mission except you have restrictions on your ship. You get a prize for getting an S rank on the EX mission. Asteroid Sweep 1: Must have speed at least 50 Asteroid Sweep 2: Must have power at least 100 Asteroid Sweep 3: Must have power at least 250 Stardust Sweep 1: Must have at least 12 wing gummi blocks Stardust Sweep 2: Can use only projectile weapons Stardust Sweep 3: Must use at least 20 projectile weapons Phantom Storm 1: Must use a pre-made Highwind ship Phantom Storm 2: Must have at most 50 HP Phantom Storm 3: Must have at most 20 HP total (including teeny ships) Splash Island 1: Must have the ability "Formation Change" Splash Island 2: Must use a pre-made Invincible ship Splash Island 3: Cannot have weapons on the main ship (but can on teeny ships) Floating Island 1: Must use a "special model" gummi ship Floating Island 2: Must have at least 4 lock-on weapons Floating Island 3: Cannot use any teeny ships Ancient Highway 1: Must have at least 8 wheel gummi blocks Ancient Highway 2: Must have at least 8 abilities Ancient Highway 3: Must have at least 80 speed total (including teeny ships) Broken Highway 1: Must have at least 6 shield/shell gummi-blocks Broken Highway 2: Must have at least 2 slash-type weapons Broken Highway 3: Must have at least 4 slash-type weapons Sunlight Storm 1: Must use a teeny ship with at least 4 impact gummi blocks Sunlight Storm 2: Must use a pre-made Falcon ship Sunlight Storm 3: Cannot use cost more than 400 on the main ship Assault of the Dreadnought 1: Must have at least 2 Ultima Weapons Assault of the Dreadnought 2: Main ship must fit in a 3x3x3 box Assault of the Dreadnought 3: Must have a Drain weapon ============== 1.7. CUTSCENES ============== Most of this material is adapted from KHVids, which provides subtitled versions of in-game cutscenes. End of Twilight Town Day 4 (Organization XIII headquarters) ----------------------------------------------------------Axel: Get rid of him? He just needs more time! Xaldin: It's an order. Why are you hesitating? Aren't you the one who dealt swift merciless judgment to those who turned their back on the

Organization? Axel: He hasn't turned his back on us! He just hasn't come back yet, that's all! Xaldin: If he doesn't come back, then he must pay the price. And if you oppose these orders, you will be the one to pay. Axel: You would turn me into a Dusk? Fine! I'll do it, I'll do it! After leaving Twilight Town (Sunset Hill) ----------------------------------------Axel: He's gone. Riku: Let's go now. Axel: You don't have any place to go, do you? And you don't have anywhere to go back to either, right? Such things don't exist for people like us. Namine: That's right - there's no place for me in this world. Still, I do have some places I want to go and some people I want to see. Axel: Yeah, same here. So... why don't you just let us go? That old guy told you to get rid of us, didn't he? Namine: Really? Riku: Go. Axel: You don't think you should finish the task right here? Riku: I owe you two. Namine: Do you? Riku: Yes, from Castle Oblivion. Axel: Alright... thank you then. Namine: I'm sorry... After opening Hollow Bastion first keyhole (Organization XIII headquarters) -------------------------------------------------------------------------Xaldin: The hero of light seemed quite shocked. It's 10 years too early for a child like that to wield the Keyblade. Xigbar: Well, that's good for us. Now he'll obediently keep along his path. Just like someone of the light. Saix: If he doesn't, then he is of no use to us. Luxord: Well, then he might be entertaining. I'll pass out some cards. Demyx: Pick a good one for me! If so, we'll be fine! Xigbar: Well, aren't you the confident one? So if anything happens, you'll handle it? Demyx: Huh? Me?! Y'know, menial labor isn't really my thing... Xaldin: Stop this - acting like you have hearts misleading you. We feel nothing. Luxord: How boring. There goes my entertainment. Saix: Those who forget our true goals will be eliminated. Xemnas: Everyone. The wielder of the Keyblade is once again walking the path. Let us plant some seeds in that path. Go.

After opening Twilight Town first keyhole (Organization XIII headquarters) ------------------------------------------------------------------------Saix: I told Sora. I told him to keep defeating the Heartless. Xemnas: Well done. You not only hurt him, but you also threw his heart into confusion. Yes, this will gain us many hearts. Now Sora is confused and hesitant. In the depths of his confusion, he will begin to hate even himself... and in attempting to shake off the confusion, he will continue on more determined than ever before - on to our future. Saix: One thing concerns me. Xemnas: Axel? That compassionate fool. He continues to follow the illusion of a friendship that he cannot feel. And he still believes that he can recover what he has lost. Give him something to really be sorry about. Before Demyx battle, part one (Computer room) --------------------------------------------Xehanort: Master Ansem. Regarding the experiment I presented the other day... with your permission, I'd like to proceed. Ansem: Enough! Forget this talk of doors, and the heart of all worlds. That place must not be defiled! Xehanort: But, Master Ansem! I've been thinking... Ansem: Xehanort - those thoughts are best forgotten. Xemnas: It's been a long time... my friend. Before Demyx battle, part two (Twilight's View) ----------------------------------------------Vexen: Zexion! Zexion! Zexion: What's all this fuss about? Vexen: Where's Xemnas? Zexion: At the usual place. Vexen: The Room of Sleep. Zexion: If it's so urgent, why don't you just go and see? Vexen: Stop joking around! I will await his return. I must. This is what happens when we need him and he sleeps. Now, of all times... Xigbar: I'm not so good in that place either. How about you, Mister Zexion? Zexion: What are you doing, eavesdropping like that? The mission assigned to you and Xaldin was to look for new members. You shouldn't be able to afford wasting time around here.

Xigbar: I'm doing enough work already! Found another one, just yesterday. I think his new name is "Mar-" something or other. With him, the Organization now has 11 members. That's quite a number. And so just for today, I asked Lexaeus to cover for me so I could take a break... in anticipation of tomorrow's work, that is. Zexion: Then please rest fully. I have work to do for today, so I'll be goingXigbar: So harsh of you. I just wanted to have a little chat... about, say, Xemnas's secret. How many years ago was it? People with the blade of keys started to appear and they fought great battles. When they were gone, a man who had lost his memories appeared. Xemnas... no? Xehanort was taken in by Ansem at around this time, was he not? Zexion: What of it? Xigbar: The Room of Sleep... the underground laboratory where we were studying the darkness within people's hearts... the place that Ansem ordered us to seal away. The first thing Xemnas did when he got rid of our wise yet bothersome leader was to release the seal and to make that room within the depths of our laboratory. After that, he frequently went down there, and I could hear him talking with someone. Isn't that odd? Xemnas is supposed to be in there alone. Zexion: It seems you really do enjoy your eavesdropping. Xigbar: I couldn't hear what they were actually saying. And now it's bothering me. You're interested too, right? Zexion: I just want to concentrate on my assignment. You too should concentrate on your real mission, and collect more members. We must hurry with the preparations for our new quarters. Eleven members is not enough. Xigbar: Our new quarters - ah yes, Castle Oblivion. What does Xemnas hope to achieve with that? Zexion: We've been told that. Xigbar: There's another reason, one that hasn't been told to anyone. With the Room of Sleep comes the Room of Awakening. The other place that is what he is seeking. That room, which was not made by Xemnas, perhaps that is where the other "friend" is. After 1000 Heartless battle (Organization XIII headquarters) -----------------------------------------------------------Saix: Sora knows the truth now: the more Heartless he defeats, the more he

plays into our hands. And yet... I never thought he would make it this far. Xigbar: What else can we do? Sora can't neglect those suffering at the hands of the Heartless. His heart commands him. Luxord: The die is cast. Sora cannot stop now. Xaldin: Be wary. If you lose that die roll, you will share Demyx's fate. Luxord: Don't you understand? This is no game to be won or lost - we cannot afford to gamble on this. Xigbar: If we are forced to eliminate Sora, our plan can still continue, right? Xemnas: If it came to that, yes. We would have no choice. Xaldin: That's good. I can only put up with so much of this. After entering the World that Never Was (Organization XIII headquarters) ----------------------------------------------------------------------Xigbar: Seems we're getting a lot more empty seats now. I did find Axel's show entertaining, but still... he just went and died. Luxord: Maybe he was satisfied. Maybe he got something from putting his life on the line. Xigbar: We don't exist! What life is there to put on the line? That goes against all the rules of gambling. Luxord: Indeed. Axel put something that didn't exist on the line... and he probably won - obviously a cheater. Saix: It doesn't matter. All he got was nothingness. Axel couldn't stand living without a heart. And he was destroyed by getting close to one. He was weak. Xemnas: But... some things awaken through weakness. You can see. Axel touched Sora's heart. When he was with Sora, perhaps he awakened too. After Roxas battle, part one (Old Mansion) -----------------------------------------Xemnas: Do you want to know? You feel nothing. You can feel nothing. Do you want a meaning? Roxas: Roxas. Xemnas: A new you. After Roxas battle, part two (Station Heights) ---------------------------------------------Axel: Finally woken up? Roxas: Axel.

Axel: Nope, maybe you're going to sleep. Soon I won't even be able to talk to your consciousness like this. Roxas: I... I'm going back to how I was. Axel: I've thought about it a lot. Namine said the same thing. Roxas, you have a heart, don't you? While Namine and I... we don't really have hearts, do we? Roxas: I... I don't know either. Axel: I guess not... Roxas: But the heart's not something you can see. I've started wondering whether it's something you can't even feel either... If so, then... Nah, never mind... Axel: Hm? What are you getting at? Roxas: I'm sure Sora'll find the answer. Because he's me. Axel: Yeah, that's true... This really takes me back. Do you remember? We first met the day you got your new name. And then we watched the sunset from up here. Roxas: Yeah. This is where I came from. Everyone... Hayner, Pence, Olette... I hope they're okay. Axel: You should go and see them again, looking for your answer. Roxas: Yeah... So... I have to go. Sora's waiting for me. Axel: Yeah, I guess he is... Whoa, this ice-cream really is salty! Roxas: Goodbye, Axel. Axel: Goodbye... partner. After Saix battle (Memory's Skyscraper) --------------------------------------Roxas: Quit fooling around! Riku: What's wrong, Sora? Are you done already? Pretty pathetic. Roxas: What are you talking about? You're the one who's losing! Riku: You really are his Nobody. I guess I'll have to trust DiZ. Roxas: Why do you keep talking about him? I'm myself! I'm me! You can't beat me, no matter how much you try! Riku: I guess so... Looks like I have to do it. Roxas: Do what? Riku: The power sitting in my heart... the power suppressed by my heart... if I were to be someone else... the power of darkness. Riku: He sensed Sora. Ansem: Did he say that he hated Sora? What a joke. A Nobody cannot feel emotion. Riku: If he were to meet Sora, that might be different. Before Xemnas Throne Battle #2 -----------------------------Sora: I didn't say it. Riku: Huh?

Sora: I didn't say thank you to Namine. I never did think it would be easy to say unless everything was set right again. Riku: Let's finish this... You'll meet her again. Sora: Yeah. Before Terra Battle ------------------Terra: Aqua... Ven... Keyblade... Who are you? I can feel it - we have met before. But when... No... it isn't you... It isn't you that I have chosen. Why isn't it him? Xe...ha...ort... Is that you? Xeha...nort... Xehanort! After Terra Battle -----------------Terra: I see. Your strength is... What I sensed in you is... ++=========================================++ +++=========================================+++ ||| ||| ||| 2. KINGDOM HEARTS RE: CHAIN OF MEMORIES ||| ||| ||| +++=========================================+++ ++=========================================++ =========== 2.0. BASICS =========== If you are completely new to Chain of Memories, first read the manual online for the original game: http://www.replacementdocs.com/download.php?view.2311 GETTING STARTED WITH SORA ------------------------All attacks in Chain of Memories are done with cards. If both you and an enemy attack at the same time, the higher card will "break" the lower card. This means the lower card will be canceled and its owner will be stunned. One exception to this is that a 0 card will break anything else (but it will also be broken by anything else). You may also play sleights, which are combinations of cards that together have

special powers. Triangle adds a card to your sleight, L1+R1 uses your sleight in its current form, and L2 clears your sleight. A sleight has value equal to the sum of the cards in it, which makes it harder (but not impossible) to break. While you do not need to memorize all sleights, they are very important in the later part of the game. AOE sleights (Quake, Trinity Limit, Freeze, Mega Flare, etc.) are great for killing random monsters quickly. Ragnarok and Ars Arcanum deal fantastic damage to bosses, but you will probably need to stun them first with Strike Raid or you will get broken right away. Bosses will also use sleights against you, so you should be ready to break them with 0 cards. The main disadvantage of sleights is that when you use one, the first card in your sleight will be unavailable for the rest of the battle, even if you reload your deck. A few powerful item cards can reverse this effect but an item can only be used once per battle no matter what. You can also get premium cards, which are cheaper than regular cards, but which can be used only once per battle no matter how they are used. As with sleights, premium cards can be regained with certain items. Most deck cards require doing something special before you can get them (e.g. open a chest on a certain floor or beat a certain boss). From that point forth, you should be able to find the card randomly, both from Moogles and in the field. Enemy cards are sometimes dropped by the last monster you kill in any given battle. These can be used with the Select button, and they give some special power to Sora for a certain duration. Certain cards can only be gotten after winning Final Mix+ or after completing Reverse/Rebirth (see below). When you level up, you will be given an option between increasing your HP, increasing your Card Points (the maximum number and value of cards in your deck), and gaining a new sleight. I suggest taking sleights whenever possible, and otherwise, taking Card Points about 2/3 of the time. Other things to consider: - Different keyblades do very different damage depending on when you use them in your 3-hit combo. You should take this into account while constructing and

using your decks. - Magic and summons are always powerful, but watch out for elemental resistance. Caster enemies will often be healed, not hurt, by your magic. On the other hand, some enemies have weaknesses to certain types of magic. For example, Vexen is weak against fire. GETTING STARTED WITH RIKU ------------------------After completing the game with Sora, you can start a new game with Riku. This will give you a parallel story with different cutscenes and a relatively different combat system. You will be traveling through approximately the same areas fighting many of the same bosses. With Riku, you do not gain deck cards or sleights as you play, and you do not get to build your own deck. Instead, you will be given a deck on each floor consisting only of Soul Eaters, potions, and enemy cards. In addition to basic attacks, Riku has two other options: - Dark mode. Every time you break or are broken by an enemy, you gain or lose dark points. Once you hit 30 dark points, you switch into dark mode where you are faster, stronger, and have the option of using Soul Eater sleights. You will revert at the end of the fight or if you get hit/broken too much. - Duels. If you break an enemy with a card of the same value, you can trigger a duel with Triangle. Here, you have a fixed time to break 3, 5 or 7 of the enemy's cards. (There is no penalty for playing a card that is too low during the duel). If you win the duel, you do a strong AOE attack. If you lose the duel, you are stunned and the enemy gets a free attack. When you level up, you will be given an HP, increasing your Attack Points (how much increasing your Dark Points (how long you can stay reverting). I suggest taking AP whenever possible and of the time otherwise. GETTING JOURNAL COMPLETION WITH SORA -----------------------------------option between increasing your damage you do on hits), and in dark form before taking Dark Points about 1/2

- Use Warp against White Mushrooms. - To get the Pluto friend card, use sleights or premium cards to eliminate most of your deck during a fight. It will then appear with high probability. - Diamond Dust appears randomly in Castle Oblivion after you defeat Marluxia. - One-Winged Angel appears randomly in Twilight Town after you defeat Marluxia. - The Dark Ball enemy card is not available to Sora. - The Gold and Platinum cards appear in the first two chests you open after getting 100% journal completion. ================ 2.1. MENU LAYOUT ================ +--------------------------------------------------------------+ | NEW GAME MENU: | | | | Sora -> Beginner Mode -> Vibration On -> Stereo | | Riku Standard Mode Vibration Off Pro Logic II | | Proud Mode Monoaural | | | | (Must win with Sora to unlock Riku) | +--------------------------------------------------------------+ +--------------------+ | PAUSED MENU: | | | | Review decks | | Floor map | | Discard room cards | | Castle map | | Sleights / status | digital pad to | Journal | pointer set | Config | to the +--------------------+ +-------------------+ | SORA'S DECK MENU: | | | | Edit deck | | Activate deck | | Set deck pointer | | Clear deck | | Name deck | | Discard cards | +-------------------+ | RIKU'S DECK MENU: | | | | Examine deck | | Set deck pointer | +-------------------+ Press down on the warp to the deck above. Up always warps reload card. +--------------------------+ | RIKU'S STATUS: | | | | Level | | Experience | | Experience to next level | | HP | | Attack points (AP) | | Dark points (DP) | | Friends... | +--------------------------+ +--------------------------------+ | RIKU'S BATTLE REPORT: | | |


+--------------------------+ | SORA'S STATUS: | | | | Level | | Experience | | Experience to next level | | HP | | Card points (CP) | | Activated deck | | Friends... | +--------------------------+

+--------------------------------+ | SORA'S BATTLE REPORT: | | |

| Game level | | Completion of Jiminy's Journal | | Collector's rank | | Enemies defeated | | Treasures obtained | | Card breaks | | Most used Sleight | | Clear time | +--------------------------------+ ========== 2.2. CARDS ========== ROOM CARDS ----------

| Game level | | Completion of Jiminy's Journal | | Collector's rank | | Enemies defeated | | Quick card breaks | | Duel win rate | | Dark Mode transformations | | Clear time | +--------------------------------+

TRANQUIL DARKNESS: 静じゃくなる闇 Normal size, 6 enemies TEEMING DARKNESS: ひしめく闇 Large size, 16 enemies, enemy card drop rate +150% FEEBLE DARKNESS: ちからなき闇 Normal size, 6 enemies, all Heartless have -2 on cards ALMIGHTY DARKNESS: おおいなる闇 Normal size, 7 enemies, all Heartless have +2 on cards, enemy card drop rate up 150% SLEEPING DARKNESS: 眠りの闇 Small size, 5 enemies, all Heartless are sleeping on the field LOOMING DARKNESS: せまりくる闇 Large size, 10 enemies, all Heartless are aggressive on the field, enemy card drop rate up 150% PREMIUM ROOM: プレミアルーム Normal size, 8 enemies, Premium bonus drop rate up WHITE ROOM: ホワイトルーム Large size, 3 enemies, all Heartless are White Mushrooms, Premium Room drop rate up BLACK ROOM: ブラックルーム Small size, 3 enemies, all Heartless are Black Funguses, blue map card drop rate up ENDLESS DARKNESS: 底知れぬ闇 Large size, 13 enemies, all Heartless are Shadows, field is pitchblack ROULETTE ROOM: ルーレットルーム Large size, 10 enemies, a Card Roulette bonus can be dropped in battle MARTIAL WAKING: 武力へのめざめ Normal size, 8 enemies, you get +2 on all attack cards SORCEROUS WAKING: 魔力へのめざめ Normal size, 8 enemies, you get +2 on all magic cards ALCHEMIC WAKING: 錬金へのめざめ Normal size, 6 enemies, you get +2 on all item cards MEETING GROUND: めぐり合いの地 Normal size, 7 enemies, you start with a friend card in battle

STAGNANT SPACE: ていたいの間 Normal size, 5 enemies, Heartless move at half-speed in the field STRONG INITIATIVE: ダメージアップルーム Large size, 10 enemies, striking first does extra damage LASTING DAZE: スタンプラスルーム Large size, 10 enemies, striking first stuns all Heartless in battle, including reinforcements CALM BOUNTY: やすらぎの宝 Small size, 0 enemies, treasure chest GUARDED TROVE: 守られし宝 Small size, 7 enemies, treasure chest FALSE BOUNTY: いつわりの宝 Small size, 5(+2) enemies, treasure chest and two fake chests that spawn battles MOMENT'S REPRIEVE: 一時の休息 Small size, 0 enemies, save point MINGLING WORLDS: 交じり合う世界 Acts like a random map card MOOGLE ROOM: モーグリルーム Small size, 0 enemies, moogle shop and no Heartless JOKER: ランダムジョーカー Can satisfy any requirement for opening doors, acts like a random map card KEYBLADE CARDS -------------Keyblades are listed with damage on first/second/third combo attack, recovery time, damage type, and card CP cost KINGDOM KEY: キングダムチェーン D+/D+/D+ damage, B recovery, physical, 10-19 CP THREE WISHES: デザイアーランプ C+/D+/B damage, B recovery, physical, 15-24 CP CRABCLAW: トレジャーオブシー C/C/B+ damage, A+ recovery, physical, 20-38 CP PUMPKIN HEAD: パンプキンヘッド C+/C+/D+ damage, A recovery, physical, 15-24 CP FAIRY HARP: フェアリーハープ C+/C+/C damage, A+ recovery, physical, 20-38 CP WISHING STAR: ウィッシュスター C/C/D+ damage, A recovery, physical, 15-24 CP SPELLBINDER: エグザミネイション D+/A/D+ damage, A recovery, thunder, 20-38 CP METAL CHOCOBO: メタルチョコボ C+/C+/B+ damage, B recovery, neutral, 20-38 CP OLYMPIA: パワーオブヒーロー C+/D+/B damage, A recovery, physical, 15-24 CP LIONHEART: ライオンハート B/B/B damage, A recovery, fire, 20-38 CP LADY LUCK: ラストリゾート C+/C+/D damage, B recovery, physical, 15-24 CP DIVINE ROSE: ラヴィアンローズ A/D+/C damage, C recovery, physical, 20-38 CP OATHKEEPER: 約束のお守り

B/A+/B+ damage, B recovery, physical, 25-43 CP OBLIVION: 過ぎ去りし思い出 A/A/D damage, A recovery, neutral, 25-43 CP ULTIMA WEAPON: アルテマウェポン A+/A+/A damage, B recovery, physical, 30-57 CP DIAMOND DUST: ダイヤモンドダスト B+/B+/B damage, A+ recovery, blizzard, 25-43 CP ONE-WINGED ANGEL: 片翼の天使 C/C/A+ damage, C recovery, fire, 25-43 CP STAR SEEKER: スターシーカー C/D+/B+ damage, A+ recovery, physical, 15-24 CP MONOCHROME: モノクローム D+/B/B+ damage, C recovery, neutral, 20-38 CP FOLLOW THE WIND: フォローザウィンド C+/A/D damage, A recovery, phsyical, 20-38 CP HIDDEN DRAGON: ヒドゥンドラゴン D+/C+/B+ damage, A recovery, physical, 20-38 CP PHOTON DEBUGGER: フォトンデバッガー B/C+/B+ damage, B recovery, thunder, 20-38 CP BOND OF FLAME: ボンドオブフレイム A+/C+/B+ damage, B recovery, fire, 25-43 CP SOUL EATER: ソウルイーター D+/D+/D+ damage, A+ recovery, physical, N/A NON-KEYBLADE DECK CARDS ----------------------FIRE: ファイア 15-24 CP, shoots a homing fireball BLIZZARD: ブリザド 15-24 CP, shoots an ice ball directly ahead THUNDER: サンダー 15-24 CP, calls down lightning CURE: ケアル 25-43 CP, heals Sora GRAVITY: グラビデ 20-38 CP, deals damage proportional to enemy HP STOP: ストップ 20-38 CP, freezes enemies AERO: エアロ 20-38 CP, deals neutral damage and knocks back nearby enemies SIMBA: シンバ 20-38 CP, Simba roars, dealing neutral damage and stunning forward enemies GENIE: ジーニー 20-38 CP, Genie casts a random spell BAMBI: バンビ 20-38 CP, Bambi prances around, dropping treasure DUMBO: ダンボ 20-38 CP, Dumbo shoots water at enemies from his trunk TINKER BELL: ティンク 20-38 CP, Tinker Bell heals you over time MUSHU: ムーシュー 25-43 CP, Mushu breathes fire CLOUD: クラウド 25-43 CP, Cloud slashes at an enemy

POTION: ポーション 30-57 CP, Restores attack cards (not those used in sleights) HI-POTION: ハイポーション 40-76 CP, Restores all attack cards MEGA POTION: メガポーション 45-81 CP, Restores all attack cards and resets the reload counter to 1 ETHER: エーテル 20-38 CP, Restores magic cards (not those used in sleights) MEGA ETHER: メガエーテル 35-62 CP, Restores all magic cards and resets the reload counter to 1 ELIXIR: エリクサー 45-81 CP, Restores all attack/magic cards MEGALIXIR: ラストエリクサー 50-95 CP, Restores all attack/magic cards and resets the reload counter to 1 ENEMY CARDS ----------Listed in journal order - some require completing Reverse/Rebirth or FM+. Cost, duration, and a possible farming location are included. SHADOW: シャドウ (25 CP, 2 reloads, Traverse Town) Incrementor: Adds 1 to all card numbers SOLDIER: ソルジャー (15 CP, 3 reloads, Traverse Town) Combo Plus: Do 1 more attack before each finishing move POWER WILD: パワーワイルド (30 CP, 1 reload, Olympus Coliseum) Retrograde: Low cards now break high cards, rather than vice-versa. 0's are unaffected. BOUNCY WILD: バウンシーワイルド (10 CP, 5 reloads, Olympus Coliseum) Draw: Attracts cards and EXP drops to Sora. LARGE BODY: ラージボディ (40 CP, 1 reload, Wonderland) Guard: Nullifies physical frontal attacks FAT BANDIT: ファットバンディッド (40 CP, 2 reloads, Agrabah) Back Attack: Do more damage when hitting enemies from behind SEA NEON: シーネオン (20 CP, 1 reload, Atlantica) Random Values: Card numbers are randomized BANDIT: バンディッド (30 CP, 1 reload, Agrabah) Combo Finish: Causes all attacks to be finishing moves PIRATE: パイレーツ (30 CP, 1 reload, Neverland) All Zeroes: All cards become zeroes RED NOCTURNE: レッドノクターン (20 CP, 1 reload, Traverse Town) Fire Boost: Fire damage is increased BLUE RHAPSODY: ブルーラプソディ (20 CP, 1 reload, Traverse Town) Blizzard Boost: Blizzard damage is increased YELLOW OPERA: イエローオペラ (20 CP, 1 reload, Agrabah) Thunder Boost: Thunder damage is increased GREEN REQUIEM: グリーンレクイエム (20 CP, 1 reload, Agrabah) Cure Boost: Cure amount is increased WIZARD: ウィザード (30 CP, 1 reload, Hollow Bastion) Magic Boost: Forfeit summon cards to power up magic cards AIR SOLDIER: エアソルジャー (30 CP, 3 reloads, Agrabah) Reload Kinesis: Allows reloading to be done while moving BARREL SPIDER: バレルスパイダー (30 CP, 3 reloads, Olympus Coliseum) Quick Reload: Decreases reloading time

WIGHT KNIGHT: ワイトナイト (15 CP, 3 reloads, Halloween Town) Levitate: Increases jumping height AIR PIRATE: エアパイレーツ (30 CP, 3 reloads, Neverland) Item Bracer: Item cards cannot be broken GARGOYLE: ガーゴイル (30 CP, 1 reload, Halloween Town) Vanish: Makes you invisible, and harder to hit SEARCH GHOST: サーチゴースト (35 CP, 1 reload, Atlantica) Drain: Gain health with physical attacks, but enemies drop fewer items AQUA TANK: アクアタンク (30 CP, 1 reload, Atlantica) Auto-Reload: Reloads automatically once all cards are used SCREW DIVER: スクリューダイバー (15 CP, 1 reload, Atlantica) Decrementor: Subtracts 1 from all card numbers WYVERN: ワイバーン (20 CP, 3 reloads, Hollow Bastion) Reload Lock: Prevents the reload counter from increasing during reloads DEFENDER: ディフェンダー (30 CP, 1 reload, Hollow Bastion) Protect: Decreases damage taken from physical attacks WHITE MUSHROOM: ホワイトマッシュルーム (40 CP, 3 reloads, White Room) Hyper Healing: Restores HP every time a friend card is used BLACK FUNGUS: ブラックファンガス (40 CP, Black Room) Random Flush: Activates a random enemy card effect CREEPER PLANT: クリーププラント (35 CP, 1 reload, Halloween Town) Leaf Bracer: Healing cards cannot be broken TORNADO STEP: トルネードステップ (30 CP, 2 reloads, Monstro) Reload Haste: Resets the reload counter to 1 CRESCENDO: ラウドネス (30 CP, 1 reload, Destiny Islands) Summon Boost: Forfeit magic cards to power up summon cards NEO SHADOW: ネオシャドウ (30 CP, 1 reload, Castle Oblivion) Bio: Causes enemy HP to decrease over time DARK BALL: ダークボール (N/A, 1 reload, Atlantica) Duel Trigger: Triggers a duel regardless of the card numbers GUARD ARMOR: ガードアーマー (30 CP, 30 attacks) Wide Attack: Increases the area hit by sword swings HADES: ハデス (40 CP, 30 attacks, resistant to fire, stunned by ice) Berserk: Boosts the power of attack cards when in critical health TRICKMASTER: トリックマスター (25 CP, 10 breaks from an enemy) Value Break: When you get broken, the enemy's card value is permanently reduced by the value of your card JAFAR: ジャファー (65 CP, 20 attacks) Attack Bracer: Attack cards cannot be broken (except with zeroes) URSULA: アースラ (50 CP, 5 hits) Shell: Halve the damage taken from magical attacks OOGIE BOOGIE: ブギー (40 CP, 10 uses) Regen: Heals you over time PARASITE CAGE: パラサイトケイジ (60 CP, 1 use) Dispel: Breaks the opponent's enemy card HOOK: フック (35 CP, 3 times, resistant to thunder, stunned by fire) Second Chance: Stay at 1HP after being hit by a death blow DRAGON MALEFICENT: マレフィセントドラゴン (70 CP, 30 attack) Overdrive: Sacrifices reload speed to power up attack cards DARK SIDE: ダークサイド (99 CP, 1 use) Mimic: Copies the opponent's enemy card RIKU: リク (80 CP, 5 sleights, resistant to fire, ice, and thunder) Sleight Lock: Keep non-item cards available for reloading while doing sleights

CARD SOLDIER: トランプ兵 (55 CP, 30 attacks) Attack Haste: Increases the swing speed of attack cards ANSEM: アンセム (40 CP, 10 sleights, resistant to fire, ice, and thunder) Sleightblind: Conceal your stocked cards from opponents XEMNAS: ゼムナス (65 CP, 3 reloads, resistant to all) Quick Guard: Blocks all hits after the first from a combo attack XIGBAR: シグバール (80 CP, 2 reloads, resistant to all) Shot Charge: Increases damage for ranged attacks, including both magic and sleights (e.g. Strike Raid) XALDIN: ザルディン (65 CP, 3 hits taken, resistant to all) Wind Guard: Damages nearby enemies with a wind shield VEXEN: ヴィクセン (60 CP, 1 use, immune to ice, stunned by fire) Auto-Life: Brings you back to life with critical health after dying LEXAEUS: レクセウス (99 CP, 50 attacks, immune to ice, resistant to physical, weak against special) Warp Break: Finishing moves have a chance of instantly killing an enemy ZEXION: ゼクシオン (65 CP, 50 attacks, resistant to all) Confuse Strike: Attacks have a chance of confusing enemies SAIX: サイクス (80 CP, 20 attacks, resistant to all) Combo Boost: Cumulative extra damage on each hit, but the damage is reset if you get card broken AXEL: アクセル (75 CP, 10 hits taken, immune to fire, stunned by ice) Quick Recovery: Can play cards even while stunned DEMYX: デミックス (80 CP, 2 reloads, resistant to thunder and special) Water Boost: Increases damage from water attacks (Aqua Splash, Blizzard, etc.) LUXORD: ルクソード (99 CP, 15 cards, resistant to thunder and special) All Break: All cards played break all enemy cards MARLUXIA: マールーシャ (99 CP, 3 sleights, resistant to all, weak against phys.) Double Sleight: Performs each slight twice in succession LARXENE: ラクシーヌ (65 CP, 15 cards played, immune to thunder, weak against spcl.) Dash: Increases running speed ROXAS: ロクサス (99 CP, 20 attacks) Double Damage: Attacks do twice as much damage BONUS CARDS ----------GOLD CARD: ゴールドカード (99 CP, 5 reloads) Premium Recovery: Premium cards are recovered with reloads PLATINUM CARD: プラチナカード (99 CP, 20 cards played) Shield: Take 0 damage from enemy hits ============= 2.3. SLEIGHTS ============= SLIDING DASH: スライドダッシュ (three same-type attack cards, total value 10-15)

Slide towards distant targets for a close-range attack STUN IMPACT: スタンインパクト (three same-type attack cards, total value 20-23) Stun surrounding enemies with a single aura attack STRIKE RAID: ストライクレイド (three attack cards, total value 24-26) Hurl the Keyblade forwards, stunning and damaging enemies BLITZ: ファイナルブレイク (three varied-type attack cards, total value 1015) Powerful two-hit combo using the triangle button ZANTETSUKEN: ザンテツケン (three attack cards, total value 0 or 27) Break a card and prevent it from being reloaded for the rest of the fight SONIC BLADE: ソニックレイヴ (three varied-type attack cards, total value 20-23) Rocket across the field, striking enemies with the triangle button ARS ARCANUM: ラストアルカナム (three attack cards, total value 1-6) Rain a flurry of blows on the enemy with the triangle button RAGNAROK: ラグナロク (three attack cards, total value 7-9) Leap into the air and fire a stream of rays TRINITY LIMIT: トリニティリミット (attack + Donald + Goofy) Inflict heavy damage on all visible enemies FIRA: ファイラ (Fire x2) FIRAGA: ファイガ (Fire x3) BLIZZARA: ブリザラ (Blizzard x2) BLIZZAGA: ブリザガ (Blizzard x3) THUNDARA: サンダラ (Thunder x2) THUNDAGA: サンダガ (Thunder x3) CURA: ケアルラ (Cure x2) CURAGA: ケアルガ (Cure x3) GRAVIRA: グラビラ (Gravity x2) GRAVIGA: グラビガ (Gravity x3) STOPRA: ストプラ (Stop x2) STOPGA: ストプガ (Stop x3) AERORA: エアロラ (Aero x2) AEROGA: エアロガ (Aero x3) WARPINATOR: デジョネーター (Stop + Gravity + Aero) Instantly kill the closest enemy, but no EXP is gained WARP: デジョン (Stop + Aero x2) Instantly kill all enemies in sight, but no EXP is gained BLIZZARD RAID: ブリザドレイド (Blizzard + attack x2) Hurl the Keyblade forwards, inflicting blizzard damage SYNCHRO: シンクロ (Cure + Gravity + Aero) Set surrounding enemies' HP to that of the target FIRE RAID: ファイアレイド (Fire + attack x2) Hurl the Keyblade forwards, inflicting fire damage AQUA SPLASH: アクアスプラッシュ (Blizzard + Fire + Aero) Spray melted ice for a period of time, inflicting ice damage TERROR: テラー (summon x2 + Jack or Simba + Mushu + item) Strike fear into enemies so that they no longer approach MIRACLE GIFT: ミラクルギフト (summon + magic + Jack or Bambi + Blizzard + item) Reload cards and reset counter while restoring HP to Sora and to all enemies BIND: バインド (Gravity + Stop + magic) Hold enemies in place, although they can still attack SHOCK IMPACT: ショックインパクト (Simba + attack x2) Send enemies flying and trigger Stop

HOMING BLIZZARA: ホーミングブリザラ (Aero + Blizzard + magic) Cast Blizzara that seeks out the targeted enemy QUAKE: クエイク (Gravity + Simba + magic) Inflict damage on all ground enemies with a violent tremor TELEPORT: テレポ (magic x2 + Peter Pan or Stop + Aero + item) Teleport behind the targeted enemy, stunning it THUNDER RAID: サンダーレイド (Thunder + attack x2) Hurl the Keyblade forwards, inflicting thunder damage CONFUSE: コンフュ (Genie + Tinker Bell + summon) Confuse enemies so they attack less often FIRAGA BURST: ファイガバースト (Fire x2 + Gravity) Shoot a fireball into the sky which rains blasts across the battle field REFLECT RAID: リフレクトレイド (Cloud + attack x2) Hurl the Keyblade forwards and make it ricochet to hit several enemies MAGNET: マグネスパイラル (Gravity x2 + attack) Cast a Magnet spell and then hit all trapped enemies STOP BLADE: リーサルフレーム (Stop + attack x2) Cast stop, then run and slash an enemy, also causing damage over time TORNADO: トルネド (Aero + Gravity + summon) Envelope enemies in a tornado, damaging and incapacitating them FREEZE: フリーズ (Blizzard x2 + Stop) Freeze enemies in blocks of ice - enemies take extra damage if the blocks are shattered JUDGMENT: ジャッジメント (Aero + attack x2) Hurl the Keyblade forwards for a direct hit following by a spinning attack HOLY: ホーリー (Mega-Ether + Megalixir + item) Inflict damage on targeted enemy and on all surrounding enemies BLAZING STORM: レイジングストーム (Aero + Fire x2) Temporarily surround Sora with flaming tornadoes MEGA FLARE: メガフレア (Mushu + Fire x2) Incinerates all enemies in a wide area PROUD ROAR: プラウドロア (Simba x2 or Simba x3) Showtime: ショータイム (Genie x2 or Genie x3) CROSS-SLASH: 凶斬り (Cloud x2) CROSS-SLASH+: 凶斬り・改 (Cloud + Stop + attack) Cloud teleports to an enemy and does a triple attack OMNISLASH: 超究武神覇斬 (Cloud x3) Cloud flies around attacking enemies (use triangle) SPLASH: スプラッシュ (Dumbo x2 or Dumbo x3) TWINKLE: ツインクル (Tinker Bell x2 or + Tinker Bell x3) PARADISE: パラダイス (Bambi x2 or Bambi x3) IDYLL ROMP: パラダイススタンプ (Bambi + attack x2) Bambi confuses the enemy FLARE BREATH: フレアブレス (Mushu x2 or Mushu x3) MAGIC: マジック (Donald x2 or Donald x3) BLAZING DONALD: スターダストブリッツ (Donald + Fire) Donald shoots a fireball into the air that can be redirected into enemies with triangle GOOFY TORNADO: グーフィートルネド (Goofy x2 or Goofy x3) GOOFY SMASH: グーフィースマッシュ (Goofy + attack) Aerial combo an enemy with Goofy using triangle WILD CRUSHER: ワイルドクラッシャー (Goofy + Donald + attack)

Rush at enemies, using Goofy as a battering ram LUCKY BOUNTY: ラッキーバウンティ (Pluto x2 or Pluto x3) SANDSTORM: ストームリーパー (Aladdin x2 or Aladdin x3) SURPRISE!: サプライズ (Jack x2 or Jack x3) SPIRAL WAVE: スパイラルウェイブ (Ariel x2 or Ariel x3) HUMMINGBIRD: スラストラッシュ (Peter Pan x2 or Peter Pan x3) FEROCIOUS LUNGE: フュリアスボレー (Beast x2 or Beast x3) DARK BREAK: ダークブレイク (dark mode: Soul Eater x3, total value 5-15) Jump high and attack down on enemies, use triangle for up to 6 hits DARK FIRAGA: ダークファイガ (dark mode: Soul Eater x3, total value 16-25) Similar to Firaga DARK AURA: ダークオーラ (dark mode: Soul Eater x3, total value 27) Dashing attack followed by a powerful aura attack MM MIRACLE: MM ミラクル (Mickey x2 or Mickey x3) HOLY BURST: ホーリーバースト (Mickey + Soul Eater x2) Float in the air with Mickey, shooting light balls INVERSE BURST: インヴァースバースト (dark mode: Mickey + Soul Eater x2) Float in the air with Mickey, shooting light and dark balls, confusing enemies IMPULSE: インパルス (duel with 3 card breaks) Aura and jump attack, hitting multiple enemies DARK IMPULSE: ダークインパルス (dark mode: duel with 3 card breaks) Dark aura and jump attack, hitting multiple enemie MAELSTROM: メイルストロム (duel with 5 card breaks) Thrust, spinning attack, and uppercut DARK MAELSTROM: ダークメイルストロム (dark mode: duel with 5 card breaks) Similar to Maelstrom, but with two Keyblades during the spinning attack VIRTUE: バラージュ (duel with 7 card breaks) Dash towards an enemy doing a double upper slash and then throw the Keyblade DARK VIRTUE: ダークバラージュ (dark mode: duel with 7 card breaks) Similar to Virtue, but shoots dark arrows instead of throwing the Keyblade ============================= 2.4. SLEIGHT/CARD PROGRESSION ============================= SLEIGHT PROGRESSION BY LEVEL ---------------------------+=====+==============+ | LVL | SLEIGHT | +=====+==============+ | 2 | Sliding Dash | | 7 | Stun Impact | | 12 | Strike Raid | | 17 | Blitz | | 22 | Zantetsuken | | 27 | Sonic Blade | | 32 | Stop Blade | | 37 | Tornado | | 42 | Ars Arcanum | | 47 | Holy | | 52 | Ragnarok | | 57 | Mega Flare |

+=====+==============+ SLEIGHT/CARD LOCATIONS ---------------------+==================+====================+============================= ========+ | FLOOR | LOCATION | REWARD | +==================+====================+============================= ========+ | Traverse Town | Room of Beginnings | Simba | | | Chest | Hidden Dragon | | | Room of Rewards | Lion Heart, Saix | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Floor Landing | Floor 2 | Fire | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Wonderland | Chest | Stop | | | Room of Rewards | Synchro, Xemnas | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Olympus Coliseum | Room of Guidance | Hi-Potion | | | Room of Truth | Cloud | | | Chest | Blizzard Raid | | | Room of Rewards | Metal Chocobo, Monochrome | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Agrabah | Room of Guidance | Ether | | | Room of Truth | Genie | | | Chest | Gravity | | | Room of Rewards | Warp, Luxord | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Monstro | Room of Beginnings | High Jump | | | Room of Truth | Dumbo | | | Chest | Fire Raid | | | Room of Rewards | Aqua Splash, Xaldin | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+

| Halloween Town | Start | | | | Chest | | | | Room of Rewards | | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Floor Landing | Floor 7 | | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Atlantica | Chest #1 | | | | Chest #2 | | | | Room of Rewards | | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Floor Landing | Floor 8 | | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Neverland | Start | | | | Room of Truth | | | | Chest | | | | Room of Rewards | Wind | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Floor Landing | Floor 9 | | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Hollow Bastion | Chest | | | | Room of Rewards | | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | 100 Acre Wood | Piglet | | | | Veggie Panic | | | | Balloon Glider | | | | Jump-A-Thon | | | | Chest near Tigger | | | | Whirlwind Plunge | | | | Bumble-Rumble | | | | End | |

Terror Miracle Gift Bind, Bond of Flame


Shock Impact Homing Blizzara Quake, Demyx


Glide Tinker Bell Teleport Thunder Raid, Follow the


Reflect Raid Mushu, Xigbar

Confuse Cross-Slash+ Firaga Burst Idyll Romp Spellbinder Mega Ether Elixir Bambi

+------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Floor Landing | Floor 11 | Freeze | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Twilight Town | Chest #1 | Warpinator | | | Chest #2 | Ansem (clear w/ Sora, Riku) | | | Room of Rewards | Blazing Donald, Roxas | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Floor Landing | Floor 12 | Mega Potion | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Destiny Islands | Room of Truth | Oathkeeper | | | Chest #1 | Judgment | | | Chest #2 | Zexion (clear w/ Sora, Riku) | | | Room of Rewards | Megalixir, Photon Debugger | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Floor Landing | Floor 13 | Oblivion | +------------------+-------------------+-------------------------------------+ | Castle Oblivion | Start | Trinity Limit | | | Chest #1 | Blazing Storm | | | Chest #2 | Ultima Weapon (clear w/ Sora, Riku) | | | Chest #3 | Lexaeus (clear w/ Sora, Riku) | | | Room of Rewards | Super Glide, Star Seeker | +==================+====================+============================= ========+ =================== 2.5. SORA CUTSCENES =================== Most of this material is adapted from KHVids, which provides subtitled versions of in-game cutscenes. Introduction -----------Marluxia: Ahead lies something you hold dear - but to claim it, you must lose something first.

Floor One Landing ----------------Goofy: You sure we should just barge in like this? Donald: We have to if we're gonna find the king... Goofy: The king?! King Mickey's here? Donald: Maybe, maybe not. Something told me he'd be here, that's all. Goofy: Now that you mention it, I was thinkin' the same thing. Sora: Are you serious? So was I! One look at this castle, and I just knew: They're here. Goofy: Great minds think alike I guess. Jiminy: Guess again! This can't be mere coincidence. Donald: Why Jiminy? Don't tell me thatJiminy: Yeah! I'm feeling the same thing! Goofy: Gawrsh, maybe it's contagious. Donald: Or maybe something funny's going on! I think we should check it out. Sora: Okay. Donald: Hey, where are you going? Sora: To check it out! What's the matter, scared? Donald: D-Don't be ridiculous! Come on, Goofy! Goofy: Okay, but we should shut the door behind us. Sora! Sora: Who is THAT?! Donald: It must be a Heartless! Let's see how it handles my magic! THUNDER! Huh? THUNDER! THUNDER! Umm... BLIZZARD! FIRE! Why isn't my magic working? Marluxia: I should think it obvious. The moment you set foot in this castle, you forgot every spell and ability you knew. In this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find. That is the way of things in Castle Oblivion. Sora: Castle Oblivion? Marluxia: Here you will meet people you know. People you miss. Sora: Look, there's no one - Riku! You mean Riku! He IS here! Marluxia: Do you want to find him? If you do... Sora: What did you do? Marluxia: I sampled your memories. And from them, I made this. This is the key to reuniting with those you hold dear. Sora: What is this, a card? Marluxia: A promise. Use that card and press on. The card will open the door to a new world. Go, Sora. To lose and claim anew, or to claim anew only to lose... Sora: C'mon guys - let's go. Floor Two Landing (part one) ---------------------------Marluxia: Well, Sora? Did you enjoy meeting your memories? Sora: It was good to see everyone again. But what do you want from me? Marluxia: That depends. Axel: Hey!

Marluxia: What do you want? Axel: Hogging the hero? Marluxia: Perhaps you'd like to test him. Test his heart. Axel: Looks like it's my show now, Keyblade master! The name's Axel. Got it memorized? Sora: Um... sure. Axel: Good, you learn quick. So, Sora, now that we're on a first-name basis... Don't go dying on me! Floor Two Landing (part two) ---------------------------Goofy: More cards? Jiminy: Hmm... They look kind of like the card that made Traverse Town. Sora: Then we need these to go on... Axel: Correct. Donald: Axel! Axel: After an introduction like that, you don't think I'd just give up the ghost? Sora: So you were just testing our strength? Axel: And you passed! Congratulations, Sora. You're ready to take on Castle Oblivion. Follow your memories. Trust what you remember, seek what you forget... and you will find someone very special. Goofy: You mean Riku and the king? Axel: Well, I don't know. You'll just have to give some more thought to who's most important to you. Our most precious memories lie deep in our hearts, out of reach. But you can find yours, Sora. Sora: How? Axel: The light within the darkness. You've lost sight of it, Sora. You've forgotten forgetting. Sora: Light? I don't understand... Axel: Would you like a hint? Goofy: Well, Sora? Sora: No, I want to figure it out for myself. And if you get in my wayDonald: He won't! We won't let him! Axel: That's my kind of answer. Just what I'd expect from the Keyblade master. But be forewarned... when your sleeping memories awaken, you may no longer be you. Floor Two Landing (part three) -----------------------------Jiminy: Hmm... Sora: Something wrong, Jiminy? Jiminy: What Axel said's been bothering me. What could he have meant by, "You may no longer be you"?

Sora: Come on. How can I be anyone besides me? Jiminy: I know, I know. Still, it always pays to be careful. Goofy: Yeah, just about anything could happen here in Castle Oblibbity... uh, Oblostemy... Donald: Oblivion! Goofy: Right, what you said. Sora: We'll be fine. Whatever they're cooking up, together we can handle it. Goofy: Hey, remember that other castle we explored together? With all the contraptions? Sora: When was that? Donald: I don't remember any castle like that. What was it called? Goofy: Gawrsh, what was it again? Holla... Holler... Gee... I must have forgotten. Donald: Oh, for Pete's sake! Sora: Are you making this up? Goofy: I don't think so... Floor Three Landing (part one) -----------------------------Donald: What is it? Goofy: It's that castle I mentioned earlier. I'm sure I didn't make it up. That was the castle where Sora used the Keyblade to free Kairi's heart. Then he disappeared for a while. I'll never forget how worried I was. Sora: Oh, yeah! When I turned into a Heartless! Wait... that happened in... a castle? Donald: You forgot? Well, I remember it perfectly. Sora: What was it called then? Donald: Easy! It was... Hey, Jiminy. You wrote down everything that happened in your journal, right? Jiminy: Every letter! I finished off the first volume right before we got to this castle. Let's see if I can find the old book... Ah, here it is! Let's have a look... Th-This isn't possible! Goofy: What's wrong? Jiminy: All the entries have vanished! Every page, blank! Donald: What?! Jiminy: How could this happen?! I take such good care of my journals! All that hard work, gone... Sora: What kind of castle is this... Floor Three Landing (part two) -----------------------------Donald: How could everything Jiminy wrote just vanish like that? Sora: Maybe it's not just the stuff we write down. Goofy said we've been to

some other castle. But I don't remember it at all. Maybe... maybe we don't remember because those memories are gone. Donald: Gone? Are you crazy? Jiminy: Wait! Remember what Axel said? "In this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find." He was talking about memories! Sora: So if we keep going, we'll lose our memories... No wonder they call it Castle Oblivion. Donald: So... the higher we go, the more we forget? What if we forget everything and can't get it back? Sora: I'd forget Riku and Kairi, too... Donald: Maybe we should turn back. Goofy: Don't worry! We might forget where we've been or what we've seen, but we won't forget our friends. Donald: I'm not sure... Goofy: Sora, when you turned into a Heartless, did you forget about us? Sora: Of course not! Goofy: See! No matter what happens, you won't forget your friends. Sora: Yeah... you're right. Thanks, Goofy. Donald: I guess there's nothing to be scared of after all. So bring it on! Come on guys, let's go! Sora: When I was a Heartless, who was the one who clobbered me, hmm? Donald: THAT's what you should be forgetting! Floor Four Landing (part one) ----------------------------Donald: Phew... I hope the king is okay... Sora: Where'd that come from? Donald: I just wanted to make sure I haven't forgotten about him. Goofy: And? Donald: I still remember perfectly! We went to... Goofy: We went to find him and he stayed on the other side of the door of darkness to save the world, right? Donald: Bingo! Sora: And me - I'm looking for Riku, who should be with the king. I guess we really can't forget the most important memories. Donald: I hope not... Floor Four Landing (part two) ----------------------------Larxene: Wow, you seem pretty intrigued by this Sora kid. Axel: And you're not, Larxene? Larxene: Well, good question, but I'm more worried about why you're so interested in him. Axel: He became a Heartless - and you know what happens to people who do. Larxene: They lose all consciousness and feelings, and they become slaves to the darkness.

Axel: Right. But that didn't happen to Sora. He held on to his feelings, even as a Heartless. Only one other man ever managed to do that. Larxene: So it's the strength of his heart that intrigues you - the heart chosen by the Keyblade. Axel: Isn't that the mission of the Organization - to unlock the mysteries of the heart? Floor Four Landing (part three) ------------------------------Donald: So except for our friends, we're forgetting everything bit by bit... Goofy: Hmmm... I can't think of anything I've forgotten... Guess I musta forgot it... But whatever it was, it must not have been that important, right? Sora: Right, or else you wouldn't have forgotten it. Look. Donald: What's that? Sora: It's a good luck charm Kairi gave me. It's special to her, so I promised I'd return it. I'll never forget that promise. That's why I'll never forget her. Will I, Kairi? Huh... wha? Who was that? Donald: What's wrong? You just spaced out. Sora: Huh? Oh, nothing. Never mind. Goofy: Well, let's keep going. Floor Five Landing (part one) ----------------------------Sora: Who was that I remembered earlier? It wasn't Kairi... Was there... someone else? What was her name again? I know it, it was... it was... Donald: Sora! Get a move on! You want to find Riku and the King, don't you? Sora: Well, yeah... Darn! It was on the tip of my tongue... Floor Five Landing (part two) ----------------------------Sora: I remember! There was another girl. Goofy: What? Where? Sora: No, no, I mean on the islands where I used to live. Besides Kairi and Riku, there was one other girl I was friends with. The four of us used to play together all the time. Jiminy: Well I'll be! I think that's the first time you've ever mentioned her. Sora: Yeah... I forgot all about her. I think... she went away when I was still little. Donald: That's strange. Why are you remembering all that now?

Sora: I'm not sure. But it's been coming back to me in pieces as we go through the castle. Goofy: So what's her name? Sora: I don't remember. I feel kinda dumb. Here we are, saying we won't forget our friends... and I can't even remember her name. Donald: Sora... Goofy: Well, there's no rush! Let's keep going. You're bound to remember it, just like the rest! Floor Six Landing (part one) ---------------------------Donald: Hey, Sora! Did you remember anything else about that girl? Sora: Yeah, bits and pieces. Goofy: Tell us about her! Talking about it might help you remember. Sora: Um... She was quiet... and almost always drawing pictures. While we were all swimming at the beach, she'd draw a picture of it instead. Sometimes she drew us, too! She was really good at it. I think sometimes Riku and I would fight over who would get his picture drawn next. But one day, she was gone. Just like that. I think our parents knew the reason. They might've even tried to explain it to me. But I was little. I probably didn't understand what was happening. I remember crying a little after she was gone. But that's it. I still can't remember her name. Donald: Still, at this rate, you'll think of her name in no time! Jiminy: Hmmm... anyone notice something odd? Sora's remembering things, instead of forgetting them. Maybe... forgetting things is the only way to reach the memories buried deeper down. Goofy: You mean you have to forget to remember? Sora: So it's like those black-robed guys said. "Our most precious memories lie deep in our hearts, out of reach." And all that stuff about finding being losing and losing being finding... I didn't get it at first, but maybe this is what they were talking about. Goofy: Awww... that's no fair! Why aren't the rest of us remembering anything yet? Donald: Come on, Goofy! We're not forgetting fast enough! Let's move! Floor Six Landing (part two) ---------------------------Larxene: Just as we planned. Axel: Let's see, then. I think it's time for another round. Larxene: Don't you think it's my turn to play? You had your fun on the first

floor. Who says I can't have my way with him? Axel: Don't break him. Larxene: Ohh... I'm not going to break the toy... just play with it. I'm not dumb. Axel: Remember, Sora is the key. We need him if we're going to take on the Organization. Larxene: So you're in on it too? Well, keep it under your hood until the time is right. Axel: You would have been wise to do the same, Larxene. Floor Six Landing (part three) -----------------------------Goofy: So, Sora... Have you remembered your friend's name yet? Sora: Nope. For whatever reason, her name's the one thing that isn't coming back. Donald: That must be driving you crazy! You have the memories, but no name to go with them. Sora: Heh... yeah. Floor Seven Landing (part one) -----------------------------Donald: You're with Axel, aren't you! Larxene: Ooh, aren't you clever? The name's Larxene. Are you enjoying your stay in Castle Oblivion? I bet it's nice to peel all the worthless memories away... and awaken the true memories that lie deep in your heart. Sora: True memories? Larxene: But... you're still forgetting the most important thing. When that poor girl hears that her friend Sora has forgotten her name, she'll be heartbroken. Sora: You know her?! Where is she, Larxene? Is she... here? Larxene: U-huuuuh. The bad guys are holding her deep within the castle. And you, the hero, have to go save her. But... I'M a bad guy so you have to go through me! Goofy: Sora!? Sora: What's... that? Is that mine? Larxene: Tsk, tsk. You've been wearing it all this time, and you forgot? No, you couldn't have! The memory is engraved in your heart. Now... think about it. What oh what could it be? Who gave it to you? Sora: Na... Nami... Larxene: Yes, yes, that's right! Free the memory from your heart! Sora: Nami... Namine. Larxene: So you finally remember? That's right... Namine. She's the one who

gave you the cheesy good luck charm. Not that you remembered. Can you imagine how Namine would react if she knew you forgot her? "How could you Sora! How could you forget about me!?" Talk about heartless! It'd serve you right if I smashed this piece of junk! Sora: Don't you touch it! Namine gave me this! It's precious to me! Larxene: Precious? Ten seconds ago you didn't even know what it was! Floor Seven Landing (part two) -----------------------------Larxene: Hey, you're not half bad. Guess you really are a hero. A heartless hero! Sora: Shut up! Larxene: Does it hurt 'cause it's true? Grow up kid! Here, play with these! They're more cards made from your memories. Say "thank you" like a good boy. Ta-ta! Sora: Wait, Larxene! Where are you? Don't you dare hide from me! Show yourself! Jiminy: Sora, calm down! She's not coming back. Goofy: Sora... Sora: I hate her. It's not fair that she's the one who made me remember... Namine is too special for that. Floor Seven Landing (part three) -------------------------------Larxene: Whew... Throwing the battle back there really wore me out. Axel: Throwing the battle? Looks to me like you plain old lost the battle. Larxene: H-How dare you!? You just don't appreciate the finer nuances ofVexen: He's right though. Larxene: Vexen! Vexen: Humbled by someone of such limited significance. You shame the Organization. Larxene: Grr... Axel: Can we help you, Vexen? It's not very often we see you topside. Vexen: I came to lend a hand. I remain unconvinced of any potential in this "hero" you've been coddling. Perhaps an experiment would put my doubts to rest. Larxene: I knew this would happen. Everything's an experiment with you. Vexen: I'm a scientist. Experimentation is what I do. Axel: Vexen, cut the act. Testing Sora is just an excuse to test your little follower. Vexen: Follower? He's the product of much research. Larxene: What he is is a toy. Vexen: Hmph. I see I'm wasting my time.

Axel: Have fun. But take this with you. A wild card to keep the game fresh. It's a present. Now don't tell me I don't respect my elders. Floor Seven Landing (part four) ------------------------------Donald: Sora, slow down! Sora: We don't have time! They've got Namine! We have to rescue her! Goofy: Hmm... Sora sure seems worked up. Donald: Can you blame him? After all this time, he finally remembers his friend... only to find out she's being held prisoner. Goofy: Good point. If we heard the king was in danger, we'd be upset too. Floor Eight Landing (part one) -----------------------------Sora: You, you're... Riku?! What are YOU doing here? Riku: Don't sound so happy to see me. Let me know if I'm getting in the way of something more important. Sora: No, of course not... Riku: Hmph. Spare me. You've all but forgotten about me, haven't you? Sora: Are you crazy! I've been looking all over for you Riku! Riku: But not anymore. Now all you're thinking about is Namine. You don't care about me at all. You care much more about Namine. Sora: Namine? Riku: Hmph. I knew it. She's all you think about. But, just 'cause you want to see Namine doesn't mean Namine wants to see you. Namine doesn't even want to look at you. Sora: Why not?! Riku: Ask your memories. If you bothered to remember why Namine left the islands, maybe you'd know why. Sora: Did I... do something? Is it my fault? Riku... Riku: Go home, Sora. I can take care of Namine. Anyone who goes near Namine... goes through me! Sora: What's your problem! We finally find each other and you do this! Riku: Sora... you don't care about me... Namine's not the only one who's sick of you. Sora: Riku, no! Floor Eight Landing (part two) -----------------------------Sora: Riku, please wait! Floor Eight Landing (part three) --------------------------------

Sora: Riku! Stop hiding! Goofy: Sora, are you okay? Sora: I'm alright... but... Riku's different. Jiminy: He sure was acting strange. I wonder if Ansem's controlling him again? Sora: We destroyed Ansem though. Goofy: I wonder what's wrong with Riku then... Donald: Hold on... the king! If something's happened to Riku, then the king might be in danger! Sora... Jiminy: Hey, Riku is still your friend, and that's no mistake. Sora: You sure? Jiminy: I know he said some awful things to you back there. But, don't forget we're in Castle Oblivion. People lose their memories here a little bit at a time. He's probably forgotten that he and you were friends. That's all. Sora: So he just forgot? Jiminy: That'd be my guess. So instead of being sad, let's figure out a way to make him remember. Let's work together and get through this. It's not like you to mope, Sora. Goofy: He's right. You shouldn't push your friends away. Sora: Yeah... okay. Donald: Sora, remember the promise we made? Sora: Huh? Donald & Goofy: Keep smiling! Goofy: We made that promise when we met. No matter what, keep smiling! Don't forget that! Sora: I didn't. Floor Nine Landing (part one) ----------------------------Riku: Can't take a hint, can you? Sora: I'm not leaving until I rescue you and Namine. Riku: I don't need to be rescued. Sora: Don't you remember anything? Think of Kairi. She wants you to come home, too. Riku: You're the one forgetting. At Kingdom Hearts - when we closed the door, I told YOU to take care of Kairi. Give it up. I'm not going back to the islands, and you're not changing my mind. Sora: It's not just Kairi! Think about everyone else! Riku: You can have them. I forgot about those losers ages ago. Sora: What! Riku: What about you? Do you even remember what they all look like? Sora: Of course I... Riku: Don't feel bad. That's what this castle does to you. You forget all the useless stuff and remember for the first time what really matters. I remembered it Sora. The one thing most important to me. I'm staying here

to protect Namine! Nothing else matters! Sora: Hey Riku. Maybe if I fight you, you'll remember. Riku: Go ahead and try. Floor Nine Landing (part two) ----------------------------Riku: Hmph... Too bad. Nothing's coming back to me. Maybe you should try hitting a little harder. Sora: No Riku. We need to stop messing around and go help Namine! Riku: What, together? That is so like you. You're always trying to worm your way into my heart! Sora: Wait! When did I ever try that? Riku: Hmph, you probably forgot. It never mattered to you how I felt! Sora: I won't let you push me away. Floor Nine Landing (part three) ------------------------------Axel: What's wrong Namine? Actually I know exactly how you feel, but don't get your hopes up. You should know. Nobodies can't be somebodies. Floor Nine Landing (part four) -----------------------------Sora: You know... Riku and I... We want the same thing. We both want to help Namine. So why are we fighting? I mean, Riku and I have bumped heads over stuff in the past... Goofy: The more you fight the closer you must be. Sora: Yeah, I know. But he doesn't seem to feel that way. Donald: Have a little faith! You guys used to be inseparable, right? You, Riku, and Kai... Kai... what was her name again? Jiminy: Oh... Our memories are fading fast. Sora! We'd better hurry. I'm sure you and Riku can talk things out. Sora: Yeah. After all, we were never apart. Me, Riku... and Namine. Floor Ten Landing (part one) ---------------------------Donald: No sign of Riku. Goofy: Maybe he doesn't want to fight you anymore? Sora: That'd be nice. Floor Ten Landing (part two) ---------------------------Larxene: What's going on, Vexen? Wasn't Riku meant to go out and attack Sora? Where is he? What's he doing?

Axel: Surely he's hiding on purpose to lure Sora deeper into the castle! You can trust me on that! Larxene: Oh, reeeeally? So that's it! I had no idea! I'm so sorry! Vexen: Shut up! Larxene: The usual response. People with no hearts truly are worthless. Vexen: Did you forget that you have no heart either? Marluxia: Stop it. Vexen: Marluxia! Marluxia: Vexen. Your project has failed. Do not disappoint us again. Vexen: Disappoint YOU? You presume too much, No. 11! I am No. 4, and I refuse to takeMarluxia: This castle and the girl Namine have been entrusted to ME. Defy me here, and you defy the Organization. All opposition is eliminated... you know how it goes. Larxene: We don't need failures. Vexen: Ngh... Marluxia: Vexen. You cannot defeat Sora. Vexen: You know so little. You only see what's on the outside. You cannot comprehend my true power. Marluxia: Oh? Then prove it. Vexen: Pardon? Marluxia: I don't want to doubt a fellow member's power. Vexen: You wouldn't dare. Axel: Taking off like that, you know he's going straight for Sora. Marluxia: And I'm sure nobody looks forward to the outcome. Well, what now? Your hero is soon to be wiped from existence. But he made a promise to you, didn't he Namine? Namine: Yes. Floor Ten Landing (part three) -----------------------------Donald: The tenth floor already... We've come a long way. Jiminy: And we've lost ten floors worth of memories. Sora, it's still not too late. Don't you want to get them back? Sora: I can't do that. I don't want to break the promise I made long ago. Jiminy: Promise? What promise is that? Sora: When we were little, I made a promise to Namine. "I'll protect you no matter what." But I forgot it. I lost so many memories and I didn't remember it, even though we promised each other... That's why I'm not giving up. From now, I'm keeping my promise! Jiminy: I see. I understand, Sora. Floor Eleven Landing (part one) -------------------------------

Sora: Who are you? Vexen: My name is Vexen. Time to pay back what you owe me, Sora. Goofy: Owe? Sora, did you borrow something from him? Sora: No way! Vexen: Oh, really? Didn't I let you meet up with your former friend? Sora: You meanVexen: Yes. I am the one who brought Riku here. Sora: So... you're the one... you're the one who's been controlling Riku! What have you done with him? Vexen: I see no need to tell you. You see... your path ends here. Floor Eleven Landing (part two) ------------------------------Vexen: I see you really don't go down easily. Sora: You think you could ever beat me? Vexen: We'll see. As we fought, I delved deep into your memory... and look what I found. This card is crafted from a hidden memory sleeping in your heart. Sora: Wait! A... hidden memory? Floor Eleven Landing (part three) --------------------------------Axel: If something happens to Sora, the Organization's plans may be in danger. Marluxia: Axel, you know what to do. Axel: No I don't. Maybe you could spell it out for me. Marluxia: What Vexen did was direct treason against the Organization. Dispose of the traitor. Axel: Can't argue with that. Floor Eleven Landing (part four) -------------------------------Jiminy: A card crafted from a hidden memory... I wonder what it does? Sora: Only one way to find out. Besides, it's the only card we have left. We have to use it to go on. Twilight Town (part one) -----------------------Goofy: What's the matter? Sora: I feel kind of strange. I don't know this place, but it's starting to feel real familiar... Donald: So you must've been here some time, right? Sora: I really don't think so. Goofy: You lost all your memories before, like the ones of Namine. So maybe you're starting to remember this too?

Sora: Hmmm... it doesn't feel like that. With Namine, the memories of us together sort of came drifting back piece by piece. But here, there are no memories. I'm just getting this nostalgic feeling, that's all. Vexen: Really? Nostalgic? A question then, Sora... That feeling, your memories of Namine. Which do you think is real? Sora: Namine, of course! Whatever I feel here is just some trick of yours! Vexen: Memories are cruel thing. You don't just forget them - they get warped and then they entrap your heart. Sora: What are you talking about? Vexen: I told you. This place is made from your hidden memories. You remember this place in the other side of your heart. Yes, your heart knows this place. Sora: No! I don't have any memories of this! Vexen: If you remain bound by the chains of your memory, and refuse to believe your heart... then you may as well throw your heart away. In that case, Sora, you're no hero anymore - just a slave to twisted memories. Yes, just like my Riku. You're not fit to exist. Sora: Your... Riku? Not fit? You're so full of it! YOU'RE the one who changed Riku, aren't you? Every word you said is a lie! I'm not throwing away my heart! I'm gonna take you down and then save Riku and Namine. THAT's what's in my heart! Twilight Town (part two) -----------------------Vexen: Urgh... Such strength even at the mercy of your memory... Sora: I don't care about that! Just put Riku back the way he was! Vexen: Put him back? All he can do is sink into the emptiness of darkness. And you will share that fate, Sora! If you continue to seek the girl Namine, the shackles will tighten... you'll lose your heart and become Marluxia's pawn! Sora: Marluxia? Who's that, and what does he have to do with Namine? Vexen: Gah! Sora: Axel! Axel: Hey, Sora. Did I come at a bad time? Vexen: Axel, what are you... Axel: Just stopping you from saying things you shouldn't... And finishing you off. Vexen: No... Wait! Axel: We are nobodies - we hardly exist. But now you can be nothing instead of just being nobody. Aren't you happy? Vexen: S-Stop! I don't want to-

Axel: Well, see you. Sora: What the... what ARE you people? Axel: Hmm... I guess I'm not sure either. Floor Twelve Landing (part one) ------------------------------Larxene: Nice work, Axel. Good riddance to that blabbermouth - it feels less dirty up here already. Axel: Marluxia. You used Vexen to test Sora's strength, didn't you? Larxene: Not just Sora, you too. We weren't sure if you had it in you to take out one of your seniors. And you did it splendidly. Welcome to the fold. With the three of us, taking over the Organization will be child's play. Axel: I see. And that's where Sora comes in. Larxene: Of course. He wants to meet Namine, so we'll give him what he wants. Marluxia: Rejoice, Namine. The hero you've longed for is nearly here. Namine: I'm... glad. Larxene: And remember, don't do anything that might hurt Sora's feelings! Namine: I know. Marluxia: You must layer the memories, one by one, and bring his heart closer. Namine: Sora... Even if you came for me - what then? Floor Twelve Landing (part two) ------------------------------Sora: Riku! Riku: Enough. You'll just hurt Namine if you go any further. Sora: You still want to fight? Vexen was controlling you, but nowRiku: It doesn't matter. I'll protect Namine by stopping you. That is what is in my heart. Yes, I'll keep Namine safe just like I promised her all that time ago... Sora: Promised her? Riku: There was a meteor shower one night when she and I were little... Namine got scared and said, "What if a shooting star hits the islands?" So I told her, "Even if a shooting star falls on us, I'll protect you." And thenSora: You made a promise! And you had a toy sword! Riku: How do you know about that?! Sora: But... that was MY promise! On the night of the meteor shower, I said I'd protect her! Riku: Liar! It was just me and her! Sora: Oh yeah? Then how come she gave ME her good luck charm? Riku: Her what? Sora: Look! Riku: Why? Why do you have that? Ah... I understand.

Sora: Riku: Sora: Riku:

Riku? That's a fake! I have the real one! Wh...what's going on here? I'll destroy the fake!

Floor Twelve Landing (part three) --------------------------------Sora: Riku! Donald: That's Namine's good luck charm, isn't it? Sora: It's just like the one she gave me. How'd he get this? Goofy: It turned into a card?! Donald: This is all getting so confusing! Sora: It doesn't matter anymore. Let's just keep going. Donald: But it's strange that both of you have the same memory! One of you's got it wrong. Sora: Got it wrong? Don't you trust me?! Goofy: That's not what Donald meant. We're just worried. Sora: Then let's hurry up and ask Namine. Then, we'll know for sure! Anyway, we don't have time to sit around here! Goofy: Sora... what's happening to you? Sora: What's that supposed to mean? Goofy: You're getting all touchy when it comes to Namine. Isn't that weird? Before we came to this castle, you didn't even know her name. Donald: And now, she's all you think about. Goofy: It doesn't make sense. Maybe you should stop and think things through? Sora: Think things through? You mean abandon her - is that it? Donald: No, butSora: Whatever, do what you want! Lay back, take a nap, I don't care! I'M going to find Namine! Donald & Goofy: Sora! Floor Twelve Landing (part four) -------------------------------Axel: You're all he cares for anymore. If you don't stop this, no one will. Namine: But... it's too late now. Axel: Oh, I don't think you should give up just yet. Hey Namine. I don't see Marluxia around anymore. Do you? Namine: I don't see what you... Axel: There's nobody here to stop you. Don't let me down. Weeeell... it's starting, Sora. I hope you're gonna put on a hell of a show for me. Hey, hey. This really is fun! Floor Twelve Landing (part five) -------------------------------Jiminy: Sora, you shouldn't have talked likeSora: Keep it to yourself!

Destiny Islands (part one) -------------------------Sora: The island! Destiny Islands (part two) -------------------------Sora: Oh! I have to protect her! Namine! Where are you?! Namine... Namine: Sora... you came for me. Sora: I've waited so long to see you again... I've fought so hard to get to you! Namine: I wanted to see you too. But... I was wrong. I really wanted to see you... but not like this. Sora: Namine? Namine: I was alone for so long. I couldn't bear it anymore... So I called out to your heart, called you here. And I'm so glad you found me. But I had toSora: No, it's okay. I promised I'd take care of you. Namine: Sora... thank you. And I'm sorry. But I'm not the one who should be here. Namine 2: That's right. Sora: Namine?! Namine: That's not me. I'm not in your heart. I'm not in anybody's heart. I'm not anywhere. Sora: What's going on Namine? What's happening?! We were always together back then, weren't we? But then I lost you... I came here so I'd never lose you again! Namine: Was it really me you came for? Sora: Of course it was! I may have forgotten so much in this castle, but I haven't forgotten you! Look! You gave me this, didn't you? Namine: That's right, I did give you that... Namine 2: No, Sora! Don't believe me! Sora: What do you want me to do? Namine 2: Sora, just remember again. Remember who's most special to you. See that faint glimmer way in the back of your heart? That's a piece of your memory. Call out to it! No matter how far away the light is, your voice will reach it. Sora: Who's most special to me? Isn't it obvious? It's you, NamiFloor Thirteen Landing (part one) --------------------------------Sora: Namine! It's not you. The person most special to me isn't you... is it?

Namine: No. The girl you care about... the one who was always with you... It's not me. It's her. Sora: But... who is she? I just... I can't think of her name. If she's so special to me, why can't I remember? Namine: It's because I went into your memories andRiku: Let ME explain this. Plain and simple. Your memory is a train wreck. You're not the one who's meant to protect Namine - I AM! But you and your messed up memories always get in the way, Sora! Floor Thirteen Landing (part two) --------------------------------Sora: Riku! Riku: Have some more! Namine: Sora! Sora: Riku... Riku: Looks like I win. Namine: Riku, stop! Riku: You're through, you fake! Namine: I said, STOP! Sora: R-Riku...? Riku! RIKU! What did you do? What did you do to Riku?! Larxene: She broke his heart. More like smashed it, really. Sora: His heart... smashed?! Then, then Riku, Riku's dead! Larxene: Ah ha ha! You're so much fun to watch. If it's Riku you're worried about, then worry no longer. Riku was never here to begin with. Sora: What do you mean? Larxene: You want me to tell you? Me, tell you? I don't know... Sora: Quit playing games! Larxene: All right, have it your way. It'll kill you to hear this but I can live with that. That thing lying there is a puppet Vexen made. Nothing more than a toy. It's laughable, really. It called you a fake, but IT was the fabrication all along. Sora: That Riku... is a fake?! Larxene: Fake in every way. It was only finished recently. And without any past, how could it remember anything? Its memories with Namine were planted, not real. All this time, it's been picking fights with you over bogus memories. Isn't that right, Namine? Behind that cute little face, you do some awful things. Sora: Namine? Larxene: You are so STUPID. Don't you get it? Messing with people's memories is about all she's good at. She steps into people's hearts and rearranges their memory. She can even draw new memories of things that never

happened. The girl you've been dying to protect... is a manipulative witch who shackles people's hearts with phony memories! Sora: Then... everything I remember... Larxene: Lies, lies. All lies! An illusion Namine made! Binding you in the chains of your own memory was central to our trap! It still makes me tingle to think how easily you were duped. We nearly had you. This was our chance to make the Keyblade master our puppet! But that jerk Axel used Namine! He wrecked everything and betrayed us! Sora: You'll pay... Namine: Wait! Larxene: Huh? Excuse me? Isn't it a little late for a conscience? Last time I checked, YOU'RE the one who got Sora into this mess. Namine: But! Larxene: I should tell you that I'm in an EXTREMELY foul mood. Thanks to you, all our plans are toast! Sora: Namine! Larxene: What?! Do I detect DISTRESS? You don't even know her! Sora: Maybe not. But... I still made a promise. Larxene: Huh? Sora: I promised Namine I'd keep her safe. Maybe my memories are fake. But they're still mine, and I'm gonna be true to them. Larxene: Hmph. Are you stupid? There is no promise, there never was! You are delusional. Must you insist on playing the hero? Oh, whatever. It's your funeral. Nighty-night, you sham! Donald: You'll have to go through us! Sora: Donald! Goofy! You came back! Goofy: Of course we came back. We were worried about you! Donald: We weren't about to let you have all the fun yourself! Goofy: Right! It's always been the three of us... Donald: And it will always be, got that? Larxene: Have it your way. Thrice the pain for you means thrice the fun for me! Floor Thirteen Landing (part three) ----------------------------------Larxene: No... Nooooo!! I refuse to lose to a bunch of losers! I... I'm... fading?! This isn't... the way I... I won't... allow... Goofy: Are you Namine? We're friends of Sora. I'mNamine: Goofy, I know. And this is Donald. Donald: Gee, how'd you know? Goofy: Congratulations, Sora! You finally found your friend. Jiminy: Hmm, where to begin... Namine, I know it's not easy, but maybe you could tell us what's going on. Namine: I don't mind. It's my fault, after all. I took the people and memories in Sora's heart... and little by little, I replaced them with false

memories that I made. Donald: So, the promise Sora made? Namine: A lie. All a lie. Sora never promised me anything. Me being on the islands - that was a lie, too. This is our first meeting. I was never Sora's friend... Sora: You were never anything... more than that, either... Namine: Yes. In your true memories, I was never there. Jiminy: So you're the reason the rest of us lost our memories, too. Can we ever get them back? Namine: Not right away. If we go to the thirteenth floor, I can fix everything. But Marluxia... Jiminy: Is that the person who made you tamper with our memories? Namine: He said he'd keep me locked away in this castle forever if I didn't obey. I've been alone for so long... Goofy: So you did as you were told because you were lonely... Namine: I'm so sorry... Sora: Don't be. Please don't cry... Namine: Yeah. I know. I don't have the right. Sora: That's not what I meant! Namine: Eh? Sora: Look... I'm really not happy about you screwing around with my memories. But you know, I can't really get mad at you, either. These memories that you gave me... in my head, I know they're lies, but they still feel right. Like my promise. I said I'd protect you, and if you cry, I... feel guilty. Like I let you down somehow. So please... don't. Until I get my memory back, smile and be happy. It's easier on me that way. Namine: Sora... Donald: Think he's laying it on a bit thick? Goofy: I don't know. Sora's always like this around girls. Sora: Shut up, you two! I thought you lost your memories! Donald: Friends don't forget things like that! Sora: Gimme a break... There! That's it! That's the Namine I remember. I used to really like it when you smiled. I mean, in my fake memory. But you're not fake, you're real. Namine: Thank you. Sora: Well, let's go! Donald: Yeah! Let's go get our memories back! Goofy: Marluxia is up there, so you'd better stay here, Namine. Sora: Yeah. Look after Riku for me. We'll come get you after this is over. Namine: Okay. Be careful, Sora. Sora: I'll be fine... I promise! Castle Oblivion (part one) -------------------------Sora: Who was it? Who gave me this? It's no use. Donald: Can't you remember?

Sora: Namine's the only thing I remember. Do either of you remember anything? Donald: I think we're supposed to be looking for someone important, too. But I can't remember... I'm a little scared. Goofy: Then let's make a promise! Sora and Donald: Huh? Goofy: What you said back there got me thinking. When you've got a promise to keep, it's easier to be brave. Sora: Courage... Donald: Yeah, let's make a promise! No matter what happens - even if we end up far apart or forget each other... Goofy: We'll stay in this together... Sora: All for one, one for all! Donald: And that's a promise. Castle Oblivion (part two) -------------------------Marluxia: You're a fool among fools to show your face here, traitor. Axel: Traitor? I don't know what you're talking about. Marluxia: You let Namine go. You and your meddling... The Keyblade master could have been our slave. Axel: Right, your big plan. You use Namine to rewrite Sora's memory piece by piece. He becomes her puppet. Then, using Namine and Sora, you and Larxene overthrow the Organization. Am I right? 'Cause that would make you the traitor, Marluxia. Marluxia: But you eliminated a fellow member. Axel: Didn't you two need to trust me? Marluxia: I see... a double agent. Vexen was just a cover. Axel: All I did was weed the garden. Don't you remember? "Dispose of the traitor." I always follow orders, Marluxia. Castle Oblivion (part three) ---------------------------Axel: Larxene paid the price for disloyalty. Now, it's your turn! In the name of the Organization you betrayed, I will annihilate you. Marluxia: Go ahead, then - strike! Axel: It'd be my pleasure. Axel: What is this? Cowering behind her won't stop me. Marluxia: Oh really? Are you listening, Sora? Axel: Huh? Marluxia: Axel would harm Namine just to get at me! Destroy him! Axel: Well, well, Sora. Marluxia made you his puppet after all. Sora: Never. After I finish you, he's next. Axel: Hmm... Listen, Sora. We've got more in common than you think. I'd rather not fight you... but I do have a reputation to think of!

Castle Oblivion (part four) --------------------------Axel: Sora: Axel: Sora: You're not half bad. It was worth saving your hide after all. Saving me? What do you mean? I'd hate to kill the suspense. Axel!

Castle Oblivion (part five) --------------------------Marluxia: So you've destroyed Axel. You have my thanks, Sora. Or perhaps I should thank the power of the Keyblade. Sora: Let Namine go! Marluxia: You cannot win. Namine, erase Sora's memory. Namine: But... if I do that... Marluxia: Yes, Sora's heart will collapse. Goofy: Sora's heart... Donald: Collapse?! Marluxia: I'd prefer him undamaged... but even a riven heart can be rebuilt with time. Do it, Namine. Namine: No. Sora forgave me even though I deceived him. I could never break his heart, ever! I don't care what you do to me. I won't hurt Sora! Marluxia: You'll pay... Sora: Do what he says, Namine! I don't care! Erase my memory! Goofy: Sora, what are you saying? Sora: Who am I going to look after if I don't have you? So do it! Erase my memories, break my heart... I'll still have my promise. I'll still protect you! Namine: Sora... Sora: I don't need my memory to take on Marluxia. Donald: Yeah! Even if Sora forgets, we won't! Goofy: All we gotta to do is remember for him! Sora: Yeah, with everyone else's memories, I can piece my own together again in no time! Marluxia: Ignorant fool. If Namine destroys your memory, you'll be naught but a lifeless shell! Your heart will be unable to feel, to care! Just like that pathetic imitation of Riku. Riku: Guess again. Marluxia: How?! Sora: Riku! Riku: No, just someone's pet project. Marluxia: But... you're an empty shell! You're nothing! Riku: My body and my heart are fake - I have always been nothing. But there's one thing you can't take away from me, even if it is a lie! I made a promise. I will protect Namine! Marluxia: Well now... You've chained your heart with nothing but false memories, and cast your heart's freedom aside! All these lies have

made your heart weak... You cannot defeat me! Castle Oblivion (part six) -------------------------Donald: Did we get him? Marluxia: You could say that. But what you destroyed was just an image of me, a petty imitation. Riku: So what! Another trick! Sora: The real one's in there? Namine: Yes. Sora: It's powerful... whatever's on the other side. I can feel it. Goofy: Well then, we'd better hurry up and stop it! Donald: Sora, let's go! Sora: Riku... Keep Namine safe. Riku: You want... me to? Sora: You don't want to? Riku: All right. Castle Oblivion (part seven) ---------------------------Marluxia: Drown in the heart-torn world of nothingness! I shall scatter your heart to the empty winds! Castle Oblivion (part eight) ---------------------------Sora: You okay, Riku? Riku: I'm not Riku. I'm fake. I can't remember when I was created, or why... All I've got left is you and Namine. But those memories aren't real... Goofy: Namine, can you put Riku's memory back to normal? Namine: I can't... Riku: It's alright. Don't worry about me. Sora: Wait! Who cares if someone made you? You have your own heart. It doesn't matter how you got it. Those feelings and memories are yours and yours alone. They're special! Riku: Sora, you're a good person. I don't have to be real to see how real your feelings are. That's good enough for me. Sora: Riku! Goodbye... Donald: Can you fix our memories? Namine: Yes. Just because you can't remember something doesn't mean it's gone. Goofy: What do you mean? Namine: Remembering one thing leads to remembering another, and then another. Do you get what I'm saying? Your memories are connected, like links in a chain. Those same chains are what anchor us all together. I don't

destroy memories. I just take apart the links and rearrange them. You still have all your memories. Jiminy: So, you can put them back together? Namine: Yes, but first I have to undo the links I made. Then, I have to gather up the memories scattered in your hearts and reconnect them. It will take time. But I think it will work. No, I'll MAKE it work. It's my turn to help you out. Sora: All right. We're in your hands. Jiminy: Hey... Wait just a second! You said you'd have to undo the links you made. But that meansNamine: Yes. You won't be able to recall what happened in this castle. Sora: Not even you? Namine: I'm sorry. It's the only way. You have to choose, Sora. You can lose your memories of this castle and reclaim your old memories... or keep your memories here and give up the memories that you've lost. Sora: I have to choose? Namine: Yes. Sora: Put me back the way I was. Namine: Okay, I understand! Who needs false memories, right? Especially when you have real memories. Anyone would say the same. Castle Oblivion (part nine) --------------------------Donald: We have to sleep in these to get our memories back? Namine: You'll be fine. It might take a little time, but I'll take care of you. Goofy: But when we wake up, we won't remember you anymore... Donald: How are we going to thank you later? Jiminy: No problem! I'll make a note in my journal: "Thank Namine." Donald: Of course! Why didn't I think of that! Goofy: Good night, Namine. Namine: Good night. You too, Sora. Sora: Okay. Namine: It may have started with a lie, but I'm really glad I met you, Sora. Sora: Yeah, me too. When I found you... Even when I remembered your name, I was so, so happy. The way I felt was no lie. Namine: Goodbye. Sora: No, not goodbye! I'll find you again after I wake up. And when I do find you, we'll be friends for real. Promise me, Namine. Namine: You'll only forget. Sora: I won't. Even if you take apart the chain of memories in my heart, the links will stay there. This memory will always be inside me somewhere. I know it. Namine: I guess you're right. Let's promise, then. Sora: Yeah, it's a promise.

Namine: It's a promise. The loose links will sink into the darkness of your heart. You won't be able to just reach in and pick the one you want. But Sora... you made a promise to someone you could never replace. She's your light. The light within the darkness. If you can remember her... all the memories lost in the shadows of your heart will come into the light. Sora: Another promise... Namine: Look at the good luck charm. I changed its shape when I changed your memory. But when you thought of her, it went back to the way it was. Castle Oblivion (part ten) -------------------------Sora: Kairi! All my friends... Namine? Namine: Don't worry. You'll forget me... but we have our promise, so I can come back to you. Sora: A promise is a promise. Namine: One day, it'll be our light, the light that brings us together. I'll be in your heart until that time comes. Sora: Yeah, I know. Forgotten, but not lost. =================== 2.6. RIKU CUTSCENES =================== Introduction -----------Riku: Urgh... Where...where am I... Ansem: You've been sleeping. Riku: Who's there?! Ansem: You've been sleeping. Here, between light and dark. Riku: Between... what? The king! Where's the king?! Together we closed the door to darkness, and after that... Ansem: You're the only one who washed up here. You didn't have the power to prevail over darkness. No, you should have embraced the darkness. Riku: You talk like I'm some kind of demon of the dark. Ansem: You turned your back on the light before you closed your eyes. Here, blanketed by the darkness, sleep is safety. Sleep is eternal. Riku: But... Is this... a card? Ansem: It is a door to the truth. Take it, and your sleep ends. Take it, and take the first step toward the truth. But know this: the truth will

bring you pain. Will you still go? There can be no returning to the sweet security of sleep. Riku: Yeah, well... seems like a boring place to take a nap anyway. Ansem: As I expected from you, Riku. Riku: A door to the truth, huh... Basement Eleven Landing (part one) ---------------------------------Ansem: Why do you shun the dark? Riku: Oh, come on. I know you heard every word I said to Maleficent. Ansem: Darkness is your weapon. I need you to accept it. Riku: What do you care? Ansem: Stop resisting and accept the darkness. You must... if you are to serve me again! Riku: Ansem... Just as I thought. Ansem: You don't seem surprised. Riku: You always were chatty when it came to darkness. So let me guess... You want to pull me back into the darkness and play puppet master again... right? Ansem: Clever boy. You'll make a fine host. Now, surrender to me again andRiku: You're insane! There won't be an "again"! Unnh... Ansem: Did you really think you could harm me? A weakling like you couldn't even defeat Sora - and you had darkness on your side. Riku: Excuse me for... being weak... Ansem: You need the darkness. Submit! Bow to the darkness, and bow to me. Riku: Not a... chance... Ansem: Only darkness can help you now. Mickey: You're wrong! Riku: That voice...! Your Majesty, is that you?! Mickey: You betcha! Riku, you're not alone. Listen careful now, Riku. The light'll never give up on you. You'll always find it, even in the deepest darkness! But you have to believe! Riku: I will. Hear that? I'm not losing to the darkness today, Ansem. Ansem: You think some feeble light can save you from the darkness I command? Fool! Basement Eleven Landing (part two) ---------------------------------Riku: That all you've got? Ansem: It seems you are intent on resisting the darkness. Very well. See with our own eyes. These are cards crafted from your memory. Advance through the worlds they beget, and you will come to understand... Chasing the light will not distance you from the dark. You cannot run.

Riku: Who's running? Give me the cards. I'll enter those worlds. And in the end, if I haven't given up... I win. Ansem: I have one more gift for you. Riku: What did you do?! Ansem: I tempered the darkness that remains in your heart. Riku: What, you still think that I'd rely on darkness? Ansem: Whether or not you use it is your choice. I'll be waiting, Riku... for you to come to your senses and yield to the darkness! Basement Eleven Landing (part three) -----------------------------------Zexion: Don't I even get a hello, Lexaeus? Vexen: What's going on, Zexion? I demand an explanation. Zexion: Nice to see you too, Vexen. You know, it's deplorable... The Organization used to be the rope that binds us. And now it's full of kinks. Vexen: How dare you! Lexaeus: Let it go, Vexen. Zexion, tell us. What did you detect? Zexion: Visitors. I picked up two scents in the castle's lowest basement. One of them was Maleficent, butVexen: Absurd. The witch is gone. She cannot return from the realm of darkness of her own volition. Zexion: If you'd let me finish... The scent belonged to a very convincing double. But I can't say much beyond that, since the would-be Maleficent is no more. Our other visitor saw to that. Lexaeus: Who is it? Zexion: I don't know... But the scent was very similar to the Superior's. Vexen: But it's not the same person. I'm deeply intrigued. Zexion: So... what shall we do now? Lexaeus: Let us bide our time and see what develops. Basement Eleven Landing (part four) ----------------------------------Riku: Something... tastes kind of funny... What is it? It's so familiar... Darkness. The taste of darkness. What's happened to me... am I just a tool of the darkness? Mickey: Don't you worry, Riku. Riku: Your Majesty! What happened to you? You're all...fuzzy. Mickey: I can only send a little bit of my power here. But I have a request. Riku: A request? Mickey: Yes, Riku. Don't let go of yourself just because darkness has a hold on you. Fight the darkness inside you! It won't be easy... But don't forget! Even in the darkest darkness, there's always a little light.

Riku: Light... within darkness? Mickey: You and I have seen it! The far-off, welcoming light inside the door to darkness... The light of Kingdom Hearts, Riku - it'll show you the way. Please don't give up. Believe in the light. That's all I ask. Riku: Okay... I'll try my best. Mickey: And I'll try to find a way to reach you. I'll come, I promise. Riku: You're... an illusion? Mickey: But we shook hands, in our hearts. We're connected, you and I. Riku: Yeah...I guess so. Basement Ten Landing -------------------Zexion: I've identified the scent. It's Riku. Vexen: Riku? How could he have escaped from the realm of darkness? Zexion: He once shouldered the darkness... Vexen: I see, and perhaps that made him half-dark. The dark power given to him facilitated his escape from the realm of darkness. Zexion: What I want to know is why he appeared here. Vexen: That's simple. His existence resonates with that of another hero. Zexion: Then Sora's in the castle too? Vexen: Yes, he arrived earlier. Marluxia is already using Namine to meddle with Sora's heart. Zexion: And he didn't consult us about it. Vexen: It seems he's dying to control the Keyblade master. How stupid of him. Sora and Riku's existence may be interesting, but the one most valuable to us is Riku, the hero of darkness. Basement Nine Landing (part one) -------------------------------Vexen: Riku, I presume? Riku: Are you with Ansem? Vexen: You are half correct. Let us say that it's not the Ansem you know. He is Ansem and he is not - which is to say he is nobody. Riku: Riddles aren't my thing. Try making some sense. Vexen: He belongs to neither the light nor the dark, but walks the twilight between. As do I. And for that matter - Ha ha, that's right. We have much in common. Riku: Maybe... there's darkness inside me, just like you said. But what of it, darkness is my enemy! And you are, too, for making everything around here reek of it! Vexen: Oh ho, so it's a fight you want. Very well - a fight you shall get! Basement Nine Landing (part two)

-------------------------------Vexen: Ha ha ha... The darkness coursing through you is a tremendous power. All you needed was the right provocation. Your fiery reaction provided just the data I needed. Riku: What?! Vexen: You have my thanks, Riku! Riku: Kch... Why'd he run away? Basement Eight Landing ---------------------Lexaeus: What of Sora? Zexion: Namine is shuffling his memories as we speak. Marluxia may well get his puppet. This could spell out good fortune for the Organization, but... I smell something funny going on with Marluxia and Larxene. Lexaeus: Then there's Axel. Who knows what that one is thinking... Zexion: Let's observe a little longer, then speak with Vexen. He's putting the finishing touches on the replica. Lexaeus: But Vexen despises Marluxia. Think of the mess it would cause... Zexion: Well then, better he clean up the mess than us. Basement Seven Landing (part one) --------------------------------Riku: What the... What are you supposed to be? Riku Replica: Surprised? I guess you would be. I bet it's not every day you meet your twin. Too shocked to speak? This should come as a relief, then: I'm a replica of you that Vexen made. Riku: What, you mean a fake me? Riku Replica: I didn't mean "fake"! Just because you're real doesn't mean you're better! We share the same body and the same talents. There is one easy way to tell us apart, though. Know what that is? Unlike you, I'm not afraid of anything. Riku: Are you calling me a coward? Riku Replica: You ARE a coward. You're afraid of the dark! The darkness inside you scares you witless. Riku: Look, IRiku Replica: But I'M different. I embrace the darkness. I can make it do whatever I want. In other words... I can wipe the floor with you! Basement Seven Landing (part two) ---------------------------------

Riku: Hey, FAKE. I thought you were gonna wipe the floor with me. Riku Replica: Go on, laugh. I'm still new. I'll get stronger and stronger, just you wait. It won't be long before I surpass you. Next time we fight, you're finished! Riku: Sorry, you missed your chance. I'm finishing you first, right here! Riku Replica: Ha ha ha! It's nice to have darkness on my side. How could you be scared of something so thrilling! You're missing out. Riku: Shut up! Riku Replica: So now the coward is playing tough guy. That's cute. See you next time, Real Thing. Try not to miss me. Riku: Come back here! I'll show you who's a coward. Punk. Basement Seven Landing (part three) ----------------------------------Vexen: How did it feel to fight the real Riku? Riku Replica: He's spineless. I'll be running circles around him in no time. Vexen: Before that, wouldn't you like to meet another hero? Riku Replica: You mean that Sora kid. He's here in the castle, I hear. Want me to take care of him? Vexen: Nothing's definite, but yes, it may come to that. I intend to make good use of you. Riku Replica: No worries. Sora's just one more person to crush on the way to Riku. Basement Seven Landing (part four) ---------------------------------Riku: Come on out, you fake! Show yourself! Ansem: Fake? Oh, I don't think that's the right word. Riku: What are you saying? He's just a copy of me - he said as much himself. Ansem: A copy, yes - or maybe a model. He is an example of what you should be. He accepts the darkness... just as you once accepted me. But now, you are afraid. Perhaps YOU are the fake. Riku: Name one time I've been afraid of the darkness! Ansem: In the card-worlds, you grappled desperately with the darkness. Desperation is a product of fear. You fight the darkness because it frightens you. Riku: Shut up! Ansem: Tsk, so stubborn. Then continue your fight, if you must. Eventually, you will see. You cannot resist the dark. Basement Six Landing --------------------

Axel: Can we help you, Vexen? It's not very often we see you topside. Vexen: I came to lend a hand. I remain unconvinced of any potential in this "hero" you've been coddling. Perhaps an experiment would put my doubts to rest. Larxene: I knew this would happen. Everything's an experiment with you. Vexen: I'm a scientist. Experimentation is what I do. Axel: Vexen, cut the act. Testing Sora is just an excuse to test your little follower. Vexen: Follower? He's the product of much research. Larxene: What he is is a toy. Vexen: Hmph. I see I'm wasting my time. Axel: Have fun. But take this with you. A wild card to keep the game fresh. It's a present. Now don't tell me I don't respect my elders. That card contains Sora and Riku's memories of their home. Riku Replica: But it's just a card. What good is that? Larxene: This is your chance to get your hands on the real Riku's memories. All you need is that card and a little help from Namine. Maybe we'll get her to make you forget you're fake... Better yet, we could remake your heart so you can be just like the real Riku. Riku Replica: Hey, hold on! What do you mean, remake my heart?! The real Riku's a wimp who can't handle the darkness inside him. What do I want with his heart? Larxene: Any objections, Vexen? Do you or don't you want to test Sora? Vexen: It must be done. Riku Replica: What?! How could you! Vexen: Didn't I say I intended to make good use of you? Larxene: Relax, kiddo. It won't hurt... much! Riku Replica: I'll show YOU hurt! Larxene: Stupid little toy! What made you think you could even SCRATCH me? But look on the bright side... Namine will erase the memory of me knocking you flat along with everything else. She'll implant the loveliest little memories you could ever hope for. So what if they're lies? Riku Replica: No... NOOO!!! Basement Five Landing --------------------Larxene: Why so glum, Namine? Is something on your mind? Feeling bad about tinkering with Sora's memory? Or maybe youRiku Replica: Knock it off, Larxene. Namine wants to forget about Sora. Larxene: You don't say.

Riku Replica: Don't worry, Namine. I'll make whatever's hurting you go away. I swear it on the good luck charm you gave me. I'll be back. Larxene: Simply amazing. It's like you completely rebuilt his heart... The good luck charm was an especially nice touch. I didn't know you could use memories to transform objects like cards into keepsakes. Just like you changed Kairi's good luck charm. It won't be long before Sora forgets her completely! And then he'll be yours toNamine: He won't forget. No matter how much I change his memory, Sora will never forget Kairi. Memories of me will just make his feelings for Kairi stronger. Because... because I'm her shadow. Larxene: So what? There's your incentive not to screw up. Rewrite Sora's heart, and you can be somebody, not just the shadow of somebody. In Sora's heart, you can be real. Basement Four Landing (part one) -------------------------------Lexaeus: Vexen is no more. Zexion: Yes, his scent is gone. It was Axel. You know, it's deplorable... agents of the Organization striking each other downLexaeus: The bigger problem is Sora. His strength exceeds Vexen's, and yet surely Namine has subverted him by now. Zexion: So what do you propose? Shall we destroy Sora before Marluxia secures him? Lexaeus: That won't be necessary. If Marluxia is to hold the light, then we will hold the dark. Zexion: Riku... Basement Four Landing (part two) -------------------------------Riku: Just one card left. If I get through this, can I finally rid myself of the dark? Basement Three Landing (part one) --------------------------------Riku: That scent... You're another "nobody." Lexaeus: You've done well to make it this far, Riku. Your reputation is well deserved. But to be scared of the darkness... What a waste. Riku: I'm... I'm not scared.

Lexaeus: I can see that you are. You have the potential to control it. Cast away the fear that weakens you. Unbind your heart, and take hold of the darkness within. Riku: And if I say no? Lexaeus: Then you end here - light, darkness, and all! Riku: Urgh! Lexaeus: See the power of darkness! I, Lexaeus, will not yield to a frailhearted craven! Now, end your resistance, and let the darkness in! NOTE: The remaining cutscenes are still untranslated, and I don't speak Japanese so I cannot transcribe them myself. If anybody can help with this, please contact me! ========== 3. CREDITS ========== Main author: starrk (David Arthur) You can contact me at darthur@stanford.edu, but please do so ONLY for comments Main contributors I do not speak a word of Japanese so this guide relies heavily on existing resources on the Internet. The following things & people were instrumental in getting me started: the_wertle's Ultimania translations on the KH2FM+ forum popiah01's KH2FM+ ability guide Daburke's KH2 gummi ship guide KHVids's subtitled citscenes Google translator and wikiwiki.jp Unfortunately, the_wertle's topic has now disappeared but the rest is still around, and they are good places to look for more information! Special thanks: triplexraider for many corrections Mystery_Cooper for Re:COM tips alien_gundamneo, WrenchNinja (GameFAQs), aeonKH (YouTube) for translation help

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