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Novares and ruetasolv

for the Coatings Industry
Content and ruetasolv:
4 Paint and Varnishes Company Profile
5 Civil Engineering
6 Heavy-duty Corrosion Protection The RTGERS group with its eight international produc-
7 Cavity Protection tion sites is a global market leader in the field of aromatic
8 Pigment Pastes chemicals. The companys success is based on flexibility
9 Application Advantages and innovation along with partnership-based cooperation
- Novares and Ruetasolv in EP-Systems with clients.
- Influence on Potlife, Nonylphenol Replacement With some 150 years experience the RTGERS group is
- Migration Tendency, Water Repellency a competent and reliable partner for all kinds of applications,
- Flexibility particularly when it comes to developing innovative pro-
13 Water borne Epoxy Resins ducts for new challenges.
14 Benzylalcohol Replacement
16 Novares and Ruetasolv in PUR Systems
- Hardness Development
- Water Repellency

on track for Durable surface Protection

Our Products Delivery Forms

Novares resins are thermoplastic hydrocarbon resins based solid resins in pastilles supplied in paper bags and
on petrochemical and carbon feedstock. With innovative big bags
product solutions and logistical concepts and a high level of molten resin in heatable tankcontainer
flexibility we can adapt to a large range of individual custo- liquid resins in drums, IBCs or by tanktruck
mer needs. Our clients can choose from a broad selection solid resins dissolved in solvents.
of different resins with a wide range of viscosities and
softening points. We can provide these products tailor-made Our production processes, application technology and
to special requirements. marketing system are of course certified according to
Ruetasolv products are non-reactive modifiers based on DIN EN ISO 9001, EN ISO 50001 and DIN EN ISO 14001
naphthalene or biphenyl and are suitable for coatings, cas- quality and environmental standards.
ting resins, reactive- and water-borne systems.



C9 Resins Isopropylnaphthalenes Isopropylbiphenyls


Paints and varnishes

Paints and varnishes have a broad range of requirements to The practical benefits of Novares resins include:
cover, with their main purpose being to protect surfaces and
provide them with a decorative design. The type of basic - reduced drying time
binder to be used will depend on the particular application - improved adhesion
and usage. - increased solid content
Using Novares resins as co-binders means that the required - reduced solvent content
technical properties of the coating system can be adjusted - increased film durability
and improved to suit your preferences. - improved moisture resistance.

Selected Novares resins for paints and varnishes

Application Alkyds Acrylates Vinyls

Corrosion protection, TD 100 - TD 120
Industrial application, TL 100 - TL 120
Primer TT 100 - TT 120
LF 220, 100
LF 220, 115
Wood protection TK 100
Metal protection CA 80
TNA 80
Road markings, Top coats TM 90

Alkyd Compatibility

Novares TD 100 TD 120 TT 100 TT 120

Resin content (%) 10 25 50 10 25 50 10 25 50 10 25 50
Fatty acid modified alkyd, Short oil, Low viscosity P P P P P P P P P P P P
Fatty acid modified alkyd, Short oil, Air drying P P P P P P P P P P P P
Soya bean oil alkyd, Short-/medium oil, Air drying P P P P P P P P P P P P
Soya bean oil alkyd, Medium oil, Air drying P P P P P P P P P P P P
Linseed oil-/Tall oil alkyd, Resin modified P P P P P P P P P P P P
Soya bean oil fatty alkyd, Medium oil, Fast drying P P P P P P P P P P P P
Fatty acid modified alky, Urethane modified,
Air drying P P P P P P P P P P P P
Fatty acid modified alkyd (vegetable oil), Short oil,
Air- and heat drying P P P P P P P P P P P P

P compatible P partially compatible P incompatible


Civil engineering
In the civil engineering industry Novares resins and Novares resins and Ruetasolv products offer the following
Ruetasolv products are used in many different applications advantages in this particular area:
based on a wide range of reactive resin systems. The scope - improved resistance to moisture and aqueous media
of uses extends from floor coverings and sealing systems - improved adhesion to substrate
to formulations for roof coatings, wind generator construc- - improved intercoat adhesion
tion, casting resins and pottings for electrical and electronic - reduced brittleness/improved flexibility
equipment. - rheology control
- enhanced wetting of pigments and fillers
- increased solid content / reduced solvent content.

Selected Novares resins and Ruetasolv products for civil engineering

Application Epoxy 2K PUR 1K PUR Polysulfide Silanterm.

Floorings, EPX-L, EPX-L5 Ruetasolv L 100 EPX-L EPX-L2
Membranes, LA 300, LA 700 L 800 L 100 L 100
Sealants LC 20, LC 40 Ruetasolv LA 700 TL 10
Ruetasolv LC 25
Roadmarking, Roadconstruction, LA 1200 LA 1200
Jointing compounds HA 2100 HA 2100
Sealing systems for EPX-L EPX-L2 L 100
waterproof membranes, LA 700 C 10 L 800
Resin injection LS 500 L 800 Ruetasolv
Ruetasolv Ruetasolv
Mortars EPX-L2
HA 30

Heavy-duty Corrosion Protection

Expensive capital equipment such as industrial facilities, Novares resins and Ruetasolv products help to provide
ships and pipelines need reliable protection from corrosion. the following technological benefits:
Anti-corrosion coatings based on reactive resins play a key - water-repellency and resistance to aqueous media
role in preserving the value and operational reliability of - improved adhesion to substrate
facilities of this type. Novares resins and Ruetasolv make a - improved intercoat adhesion
major contribution to the performance and effectiveness of - reduced brittleness/improved flexibility
such coatings. - rheology management
- enhanced pigment and filler wetting.

Selected Novares resins and Ruetasolv products for heavy-duty corrosion protection

Application Epoxy 2K PUR 1K PUR

Target: Hydrophobicity / Flexibility LA 300, LA 700 LA 700 C 10
Marine paints, Off shore, EPX-L, EPX-L5 LA 1200 L 100
Industrial corrosion protection LC 15, LC 20, LC40 EPX-L L 800
(pipelines) TL 10 Ruetasolv TL 10
Ruetasolv Ruetasolv
Target: Hydrophobicity / Fast physical drying CA 80 - 100 TL 100
Marine paints, Off shore, TD 100 - 120 TM 90
Industrial corrosion protection TL 100 - 120
(pipelines) TN 110
TT 100
TM 90
Corrosion protection, Steel construction for HA 1100, HA 2100 L 800 L 100
hydraulic engineering LA 700 LA 1200 L 800
EPX-L Ruetasolv Ruetasolv
TL 10

Cavity Protection
In the automotive industry the protection of the bodywork Novares resins provide outstanding properties to the overall
and undersealing plays a key role in extending vehicle life. system:
Applying noise-reducing coatings provide a more pleasant - high heat resistance
ride. - improved resistance to water
- high film durability
- reduced moisture absorption
- high abrasion resistance
- reduced noise transmission over a wide range of
temperatures and vibration levels.

Selected Novares resins for cavity protection

Application Recommendation
Cavity preservation NL 85 - NL 100
TA 100
TD 100 - TD 110
TT 100
Temporary corrosion protection TK 100
Quenching oils TK 100
Noise insulation LF 220, 100
NL 100
TD 90 TD 120

Pigment Pastes
The excellent wetting properties of Novares special liquid Advantages of using Novares and Ruetasolv in pigment
resins and Ruetasolv products make them ideally suited for pastes:
the preparation of pigment formulations. These liquid resins
and modifiers are solvent free and are therefore espe- - good compatibility with epoxy resins, PUR and acrylates
cially suitable for the formulation of low-VOC and VOC-free - high pigment concentrations
systems. The low product viscosities also mean that high - excellent material flow and pumpability
pigment concentrations are possible. - fewer/zero solvents required.

Selcted Novares resins and Ruetasolv Products for pigment pastes

Application Recommendation
Pigment pastes for 1K PUR L 100
L 800
Pigment pastes for PVC L 100
L 800
Pigment pastes for 2K PUR and EP-systems L 100
LA 300 / EPX-L5

application advantages
Novares and Ruetasolv in epoxy resin systems
Epoxy resins are an important product category in corrosion- The product properties that can be adjusted by using
protection and civil engineering applications. Novares resins Novares and Ruetasolv in EP systems are described in
and Ruetasolv products are often used in combination with detail below.
epoxy resins in order to achieve the desired product charac-

Viscosity reduction
Low viscosity modifiers enable the adjustment of requiered Reduce product viscosity improves the surface wetting and
processing and product viscosity. the adhesion properties of the coating.

viscosity in epoxy resin systems 2500

[mPa*s / 25C]




unmodified + 20% Ruetasolv DI + 20% Novares L 100 + 20% Novares LA 300 / EPX-L5

Pot life
Nonpolar modifiers such as Ruetasolv and Novares L 100 In general an increase in the OH content of the liquid resin
will extend the pot life of the system because of the dilution results in a reduced pot life of the EP system. The pot life
of the reactive components. The polar OH group has an is defined as the period of time from the mixing of the
impact on the pot life - as has been determined by using components until the formulation achieves twice the initial
Novares LA 300. viscosity level.

Pot life 35






unmodified + 20% Ruetasolv DI + 20% Novares L 100 + 20% Novares LA 300 / EPX-L5

Pot life as a function of polarity

The following graph illustrates how the polarity of the liquid
resin, as mentioned above, affects the curing of the epoxy

25 Pot life




unmodified LC 5 LC 15 LC 40 LC 60 LS 500

An increase in the OH content of the liquid resin leads to a reduction in pot life.
(LC 5 = 0,5% OH; LC 60 = 6,0 % OH)

Substitute for nonylphenol

Novares liquid resin LS 500 has the highest polarity and The following graphic compares nonylphenol and Novares
when used in the EP system it displays a similar accelerati- in terms of their effect on the pot life of the system.
ve effect during the curing reaction as nonylphenol. Novares
LS 500 is therefore recommended as a possible substitute





N unmodified
N + 5 % Modifier
2 N + 10 % Modifier
N + 15 % Modifier
0 N + 20 % Modifier
LS 500 Nonylphenol LA 700 / EPX-L LC 40

Migration properties of Novares and Ruetasolv

Novares liquid resins and Ruetasolv products are not are attached via hydrogen bridge bonding to the nitrogen
chemically bound into the epoxy resin structure. When from the hardener structure. The following graph compares
compared directly, polar Novares resins have a lower the migration characteristics of Novares and Ruetasolv.
tendency of migration from the EP system. This can be Here the weight loss was measured after 22 days storage
attributed, among other things, to the OH groups that of the samples at room temperature.

Migration property 1,6








unmodified + 20% Ruetasolv DI + 20% Novares L 100 + 20% Novares LA 300 / EPX-L5

Water repellency and chemical resistance

Novares resins and Ruetasolv products have a very hydro- This means that the modified expoxy systems are showing
phobic, aromatic structure that significantly increases the a much better performance under heavy environmental
resistance of civil engineering and corrosion-protection conditions, e.g. offshore sector, compared with unmodified
systems to moisture and aqueous media. After 6 months formulations. Because of their positive characteristics the
storage in a range of aqueous media the Novares-modified modifiers generally help extend the life-span of the formula-
EP system exhibited a much lower weight increase than the tion and also provide increased surface protection.
unmodified reference system.

Hydrophobicity 25

weight increase [%]



unmodified N
20% Novares LA 300 / EPX-L5 N 0
Destilled Sulfuric- Acetic- Lactic- Sodium Potassium Ammonia Ethanol
Water acid acid acid carbonate hydroxide 10% 10%
10% 10% 10% 20% 10%

Improved flexibility/plasticisation
Novares modifiers and Ruetasolv products reduce the The coatings become more flexible and the impact resis-
brittleness and hardness of EP systems. The low glass tance of the formulation is significantly improved.
transition temperatures of the modifiers reduce the tensile
strength in the system and increase the elongation.

60 Mechanical properties


[MPa] / [%]



N Tensile strength [MPa]
0 N Elongation [%]
unmodified 20% Ruetasolv DI 20% Novares L 100 20% Novares LS 500

Novares in waterborne epoxies

During the recent years waterborne epoxies expanding coatings Novares liquid resins are improving also the per-
steadily their market share in civil engineering and corrosion formance of waterborne epoxy systems. The wide polarity
protection application. The main target for this health and range of the Novares liquid resins offers the possibility to be
environmental friendly development is to avoid solvents with- used in a broad range of different amine systems. Novares
out losing the technical performance of the coatings. The liquid resins are clearly improving the chemical resistance of
liquid resins showing good storage stability after incorporated water based epoxies without having a big influence on the
in the waterborne amine part. Like in conventional epoxy hardness of the coating as shown below.

Chemical resistance 20% LA 300

Sulfuric Acid

10% LS 500

10% L 100
20% LC 40
Acetic Acid

10% LS 500


10% LC 40

10% L 100

10% LS 500
no impact 0
slight irritation 1
first damage 2 20% LA 300

blisters 3 20% LC 40

big blisters 4 10% L 100

destroyed 5 unmodified

0 1 2 3 4 5

Buchholz hardness 80






without H20 [mm-1] N
+10% H20 [mm-1] N 10
+20% H20 [mm-1] N 0
un- 10% 20% 10% 20% 10% 20% 10% 20%
modified LC 40 L 100 LA 300 LS 500


Benzyl alcohol replacement

by ruetasolv products
In conventional epoxy systems benzyl alcohol is widely To reduce the migration tendency and improve the water
used to reduce the viscosity of the epoxy coating. repellency of epoxy coatings we recommend Ruetasolv
Due to its relative low boiling point benzyl alcohol has to DI. Depending on the customers or application request the
be counted as a VOC and migrate comparable fast out of curing speed can be adjusted by Novares LS 500.
the epoxy system into the ambient air.
In addition benzyl alcohol tends also to migrate into the
water phase if it is used in pipe coatings, off shore- and
marine paint application and in this case can contribute to
blister forming and reduced corrosion protection.

3,5 evaporation losses


weight loss [%]




0,5 N 1 h 100C
N 2 h 100C
N 3 h 100C
BZA R DI +1% R DI +3% R DI +10% R DI +50%
LS 500 LS 500 LS 500 LS 500

3000 Hardness development

viscosity in mPa*s




500 3 R-DI +3 % LS 500
3 R-DI +10 % LS 500
0 3 R-DI +50 % LS 500
0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
time [min]

Ruetasolv modified hardeners show a similar viscosity

range as the conventionally with benzyl alcohol formulated
With an increasing amount of Novares LS 500 in Ruetasolv,
the viscosity of the hardener will increase accordingly.

viscosity 3000

viscosity in mPa*s / 25C





BZA R DI R DI +1% R DI +3% R DI +10% R DI +50%
LS 500 LS 500 LS 500 LS 500

Novares and ruetasolv in Pur-systems

As well as epoxy resins, polyurethanes also are an impor- The following shows how Novares liquid resins and Rueta-
tant reactive resin group with a wide range of applications, solv products affect a PUR system comprising a polyether
including civil engineering and corrosion-protection. polyol cross-linked with an aromatic polyisocyanate based
on diphenylmethane diisocyanate.

Viscosity reduction
Nonpolare modifiers such as Ruetasolv and Novares L 100 level, while a rise in the viscosity of the formulation can be
will reduce the viscosity, depending on the concentration observed as the polarity of the liquid resin increases.

1000 viscosity


[mPa*s / 25C]





N unmodified
N + 18% Modifier
0 N + 33% Modifier
Ruetasolv DI Novares L 100 Novares LA 300 / Novares LC 40

Impact on curing time

Novares resins and Ruetasolv products dilute the reactive
components of the formulation. This will increase the curing
time of the systems.

8 Curing time


1 N unmodified
N + 10% Modifier
0 N + 20% Modifier
Ruetasolv DI Novares L 100 Novares LA 300 / Novares LC 40

Impact on hardness development

The unmodified PUR system exhibits the lowest hardness By introducing Novares and Ruetasolv the reaction partners
development (Knig pendulum hardness). The reaction of remain mobile and a more uniform structure with a higher
polyol with isocyanate produces a build-up of molecular level of cross-linkage (higher hardness level) is able to
structures that increase the viscosity of the system and develop.
consequently restrict the mobility of the remaining reactants.

Hardness development 140

(polyether polyol)
pendulum hardness Knig [s]




unmodified 3 40
20% Ruetasolv DI 3
20% Novares L 100 3 20
20% Novares LA 300 / EPX-L5 3
20% Novares LC 40 3 0
1d 2d 3d 4d 5d 6d 7d

This behaviour applies specifically to the named reactants In the following graph the polyether polyol has been
and may vary when other polyols are used. replaced by a polyester polyol and the impact of the
modifier on the curing process can be clearly seen.

Hardness development 80
(polyester polyol) 70


Shore D




unmodified 3 10
10% Novares L 100 3
10% Novares LA 300 / EPX-L5 3 0
1d 3d 7d 14 d

Water repellency and resistance to aqueous media

The basic aromatic structure of Novares resins will improve The positive effect of the Novares resins can be clearly seen
the hydrophobicity both during and after the curing of the in the graphs below. The modified systems exhibit a much
PUR system. Test specimens of modified and unmodified lower increase in weight than the unmodified reference
PUR systems were stored for 6 months in the below menti- system. Using Novares modifiers in PUR provides reliable,
oned media and their weight increases were determined. long-term surface protection.

4,5 Weight increase





N unmodified
N + 20% Novares L 100
0 N + 20% Novares LA 300 / EPX-L5
Dest. Water Sulfuric acid 10% Acetic acid 10% Lactic acid 10%


N unmodified
N + 20% Novares L 100
0 N + 20% Novares LA 300 / EPX-L5
Potassiumhydroxide Sodium carbonate Ammonia Ethanol
10% 10% hydroxid 10% 10%

This information is based on the present level of knowledge.

Due to the fact that the individual conditions are beyond our control, no warranty or product liability can be given.
Please note that for the time being the EPXL liquid resins are not available in the USA, in Canada and Mexico.
The solid resins (LF- types, NL types, Colle, AD) are available in Europe only.


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