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Article Says Plan to Make Pakistanis Victims of Phobias Like US Public Under Way

Article by Masood Anwar "Americans...Coward Nation" -- All Words Within Quotation Marks,
As Published.

Though the United States is a superpower, and it does what it wants, it has also the ability to
make any nation its cliental, or transform any state into ruins. The supreme commander of the
nation like us is worth a single phone call from the United States. Just the bluff of sending into
the Stone Age transforms anyone into [a statue of] stone. It is hard for our leaders even to talk of
the nation's rights seeing it eye to eye, what to talk of fighting until the least breath or the last

Innocent daughter of the nation, Aafiya Siddique, was handed over to Americans with her hands
and feet cuffed, just as slave nations pay tax to their worldly gods. Those, who crafted the slogan
of "Pakistan First", bowed before their mundane god in such a way that it is hard to expect even
from the slaves serving for generations. Musharraf was not alone in demonstrating this style of
slavery. Before him, Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto had also won medals by handing Aimal
Kansi and Yousuf Ramzi over to the United States.

However, this hectoring of the United States owes a great deal to the international conspirators.
If we look at the US nation itself, it is stunning to know that they are ruling over the entire world.
It is a nation that has nothing to do with the civilized and polite manners of living, whose history
is replete with bloodshed, where human relations are meaningless and even humanity is not seen.

During Vietnam War, a group of students from Michigan University made a public
announcement that they were going to tie a puppy with the staircase of university's campus in
order to see how long the puppy could survive without eating or drinking anything. As was
expected, the entire US nation stood up against it. The group of students was neither to do it
practically, nor they did but they exposed the entire US nation in the eyes of the world in that no
US citizen bothers when innocent Vietnamese were being burnt in the fire of explosives.
However, the entire so-called US civil society united against them in a single voice just in the
name of a puppy.

The same American nation is shackled in multiple fears. According to a recent survey of an
American survey company, Leaf Lin Incorporated [as read], every US citizen is a victim of one
obsession or fear. The US media has trumpeted the war against terror so much so that it has also
become a one of the fear for the US citizens. Besides this, natural calamities such as volcanoes,
tsunamis and earthquakes are a permanent fear for them. However, the thing that is making the
entire US national to be more fearful is the economic tornado.

Today a common US citizen is most worried about unemployment, payment of credit card bills,
sequestering of houses and the declining living standard. They are aware of the hard times ahead.
According to the results of the survey, nearly 63 percent of Americans are afraid of the economic
bankruptcy of the United States. The ratio of those afraid of natural calamities and terror acts is
46 and 44 percent respectively. While the ratio of Americans afraid of a worldwide epidemic and
destruction caused by world war is 33 and 27 per cent. Around 25 per cent of them fear a nuclear
accident at any moment and 22 percent are constantly occupied by the rise in the temperature.
Eight percent of them are worried about fuel shortage, and eight per cent each of a likely famine
and cyber war, while six percent suffer from phobia of each leakage of oil from oil wells and
industrial accidents.

Americans who demonstrate their "so-called bravery" against the helpless Vietnamese, Iraqis and
Afghanis are limited to the air strikes only. They are never ready to enter the ring, until their
opponent is not unarmed.

People living in the United States are altogether different from the people of other nations.
Firstly, there is not a single nation living in the United States. It started in the same way when
people from different areas and nations shifted there and started living together over there. The
original residents of the country, Red Indians, have shrunk in terms of population as low as to be
obsolete. After that, an unending process of immigrants shifting to the United States started that
still continues.

This is how today the United States has the largest number of people from different nations who
speak countless languages. They are not followers of a single religion. That is why the traditional
notion of nationality does not exist. Now the crutches of media are being used to unite them.
They are being assured a psychological superiority over the world. Every US national considers
him to be a superior creature. On the other hand, the same media is being used to deny them to
have access to real facts. The media outlets of the United States are as controlled as one can
imagine. A very few Americans would be knowing the real reason behind the destruction of the
Twin Towers [World Trade Center] and of the atrocities committed by the US forces in Iraq and
Afghanistan. Surprisingly, there is more political awareness in Pakistan as compared to the
United States.

In the same country, many fears were concocted to control these divided members of different
nationalities and later media was also taken on board. This fearful US nation is not the result of a
single day; instead, it is the result of efforts of more than 50 years. Every day, a new fear is
created and then it is given so much publicity that everybody is engrossed in the fear. "War
against Terrorism" is its best example: Who is terrorizing the world? Who terrorized the innocent
and unarmed citizens of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen? They became a victim to
the terror of those who coined the term "War against Terrorism".

However, the entire US nation is mesmerized by the catchy slogan of war against terrorism
instead of rising against the real forces behind the falling down of the Twin Towers and is afraid
of the unseen terrorists. Instead of uttering a single word against the people, who brought the
United States on the verge of economic bankruptcy in the name of this war, the Americans are
just obsessed with fear of future and economic bankruptcies looming large on them. A similar
play is being dramatized in Pakistan also. All should be aware of it!