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Supplemental notes: El Refugio Board Member Meeting, Minutes, 10/19/2017

Brian Cummins, Cleveland City Council

Conditions for departure from Puerto Rico, Florida or elsewhere to North East Ohio.
• Airfare
• Medical support
• Legal issues in terms of their documents, possessions, what they are leaving behind

Categories of needs, agencies, available resources and processes for providing assistance.

• Supplemental financial assistance for agencies expected to serve displaced persons.
• Food, USDA's Food and Nutrition Service
• Clothing
• Shelter, Housing
o Temporary housing, senior housing, mid-term housing options.
o Furniture & Household Items – food pantries, emergency supply of groceries, food assistance
benefits (food stamps), furniture, kitchenware and other household items, tools, building supplies
and safety items, i.e. child car seats, smoke detectors.
o Agencies and Resources; FEMA, HUD, CMHA, CHN, Local CDCs, Affordable Housing Availability,
Local Landlords and Rentals.
• Medical needs - health screenings and evaluations
• Legal Assistance in Cleveland, Puerto Rico and Florida
• Education, Workforces training
o Designated contacts at CMSD for intake and assignment of students
o Agencies that can help with translation services, English classes, tutoring, school supplies.
• Employment & Income Support; government benefits, welfare programs, and other general financial aid.
• Family Support & Parenting - child care, case management and benefits screening, physical,
developmental, emotional, and mental disability, screening
• Transportation
o GCRTA bus passes
• General Assistance/Navigation of Systems
o Call for Volunteers/Individual or Family Adopter Program, being assigned a family to help
navigate benefits and services, possibly help serve for temporary housing, etc…

Government/Public Agencies

Congressional Offices

• Office of Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur (OH-9), Nicholas P. Turner, 216-767-5933,
• Representative Marcia L. Fudge (OH-11), Ariella J. Brown, 216.522.4900,
• U. S. Senator Sherrod Brown, John W. Ryan, State Director, (216) 522-7272,
• U.S. Senator Rob Portman , Caryn B. Candisky, 216-522-7095,

State of Ohio

• Governor’s Office and Ohio Emergency Management

Cuyahouga County
• Cuyahoga Job and Family Services
o Prevention, Retention & Contingency (PRC) Program
o Food Assistance Program (FAP)
o Utility Assistance

• Greater Cleveland Transit Authority: Eric Johnson, Government Relations Specialist, (216) 781-4087,; Jose Feliciano, Jr., 216-781-4543,

Lorain County
• Job & Family Services
• Lorain County Transit (LCT)

City of Cleveland
• Grady Stevenson, Interim Director, Community Relations Board
• Valarie J. McCall, Chief of Government & International Affairs
• Duane Deskins, Chief of Prevention, Intervention and Opportunity for Youth and Young Adults
• Edward W. Rybka, Chief of Regional Development
• Natoya J. Walker Minor, Chief of Public Affairs
o Mary McNamara, Director, Dept. of Aging
o Michael Cosgrove, Director, Dept. of Community Development
o Merle Gordon, Director, Dept, of Public Health
• Kevin Kelley, President, Cleveland City Council
• Councilman Brian Cummins, Cleveland City Council, Ward 14
• Councilman Kerry McCormack, Cleveland City Council, Ward 3
• Councilman Matt Zone, Cleveland City Council, Ward 15

City of Lorain
• Joel Arredondo, President, Lorain City Council
• Angel Arroyo Jr., 6th Ward Councilman

Health Care:

• The MetroHealth System: Financial Assistance Services; Mi MetroHealth Mi Comunidad; El Centro de
Salud en Thomas F. McCafferty Health Center; The Oscar Hispanic Clinic (Servicios para Niños y
• Cleveland Clinic; Lutheran Hospital:
Carlos Romero-Marrero, Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Hermann Stubbe, MD, Family Medicine;
Arnaldo Zayas-Santiago, MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine; Fernando Castro, MD, Gastroenterology and
Hepatology, Cleveland Clinic Florida – Weston;
• University Hospitals
• St. Vincent Charity Medical Center
• Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center
• Neighborhood Family Practice: Medical Care; Family Planning; Women's Health; Behavioral Health
• Front Line Service
• Medwish


• The Cleveland Foundation, India Pierce Lee, Senior Vice President, Program, 216.615.7177,
o Cleveland For Puerto Rico Relief; Alan Ashby, Cleveland Foundation media relations officer,, 216-615-7591
• Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico – Puerto Rico Community Foundation Recovery Fund
• The George Gund Foundation, Marcia Egbert, Senior Program Officer, Human Services, 216-241-3114,,


• The Spanish American Committee: Programs; Economic Strength, Family Support, Cultural Outreach
• May Dugan Center; Services & Programs; Counseling & Community Services Dept.; Education &
Resource Center; Health & Wellness; Basic Needs; and, Moms First Program.
• Esperanza, Inc.
• The Centers for Families and Children
o El Bario
• Hispanic Business Center
• Hispanic Alliance
• Julia De Burgos
• Nueva Luz Urban Resource Center
• El Centro (Lorain, OH)
• HOLA Ohio (Ashtabula, OH)
• The Samaritan House (Ashtabula, OH)
• Towards Employment
• Care Alliance Health Center - West Side Clinic
• Catholic Charities - "La Providencia" Hispanic Services Office
• Hispanic UMADAOP
• West Side Catholic Center
• Greater Cleveland Food Bank
• Feeding America
• Banco de Alimentos de Puerto Rico - Feeding America
• The Salvation Army Northeast Ohio Division
• División de Puerto Rico e Islas Vírgenes - El Salvation Army de Puerto
• Greater Cleveland Habitat for Humanity
• Habitat for Humanity of Puerto Rico

Faith Based

• Nueva Vida Church of God, 2327 Holmden Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109, (216) 741-0511, Facebook Page.
• La Sagrada Familia Church, Rev. Robert Reidy
• St. Michael’s Church, Rev. Fr. Mark Riley
• Family Ministry Center, Julie Jones, Executive Director
• Fraternidad de Pastores Hispanos Unidos, Cleveland, Pastor Christian Omar Medina
• Sacred Heart Chapel, Rev. William A. Thaden (Lorain, OH)
• The United Pastors in Mission
o Church on the Rise, Pastor Paul Endrei
o Mega Church, Bishop Luther Blackwell
o Journey Community Church, Rev. Jim Wilkes
o West 58th Street Church of God, Rev. David Pratt
o Scranton Road Bible Church, Pastor Joe Abraham


• WIRE-Net
• Park Ohio
• Nestle’s
• Voss Industries

• Club San Lorenzo, Jose Acevedo
• Club Alma Yaucana de Cleveland, Jaime Orengo
• Latin American Academics, Athletics and Arts

Organizations and Contacts in Puerto Rico:
• Departamento de Salud de Puerto Rico, Gobierno de Puerto Rico
• San Jorge Children's Hospital
• Centro Medico de Puerto Rico
• University Pediatric Hospitals
• Instituto Especial para el Desarrollo Integral del Individio, La Familia y la Comunidad

Resource Information

• FEMA – Hurrican Maria, resources and information on the federal response to Hurricane Maria.

Media and News:

• Senate Approves $36.5 Billion Aid Package as Hurricane Costs Mount, By Thomas Kaplan, The New
York Times, 10/24/2017
• 500,000 pounds of donations leaving I-X Center for Puerto Rico, WKYC, 10/23/2017
• Lorain councilman visits Puerto Rico, says cities must prepare for influx of victims, By Michael
Sangiacomo, The Plain Dealer, 10/14/2017
• Lorain and Cleveland have strong ties to Puerto Rico: Statistical Snapshot, By Rich Exner,, 10/13/2017
• People soothe worries about relatives in Puerto Rico by sending supplies, By Michael Sangiacomo,
The Plain Dealer, 9/30/2017
• Donations for Puerto Rico aid collected in Lake and Ashtabula counties,, 9/26/2017