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10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu, IHM Srinagar 1

Contract Cleaning
 Contract cleaning is a growing industry in India at
 In Europe it is a very big industry and nearly all
offices and airports are cleaned in this manner.
 The contract cleaning business has developed so
much universally that hotels sometimes contract
out whole housekeeping department.

10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu, IHM Srinagar 2

For instance. you can have internal staff (that is.DEFININING “OUTSOURCING” AND “CONTRACTS”  Outsourcing is a ‘conscious business decision to move internal work to an external provider’.  A contract can be defined as ‘an agreement between two parties negotiating a business deal’. IHM Srinagar 3 .  Some of the first processes to be outsourced in hotels include janitorial. employees) on contract as well. while all outsourcing involves a contract. all contracts are not necessarily related to outsourcing. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.  Both these terms are now being used interchangeably.  However. security. and catering services.

To carry out general accommodation and cleaning services where management considers that the use of a specialized company will be more economic. management and staff do not have sufficient expertise and/or it is preferably not to be responsible for the day to day administration of this aspect of their activities. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.WHEN ARE OUTSOURCED SERVICES CONSIDERED? The services of contract cleaners will be used in two broad types of situation: 1. IHM Srinagar 4 .

WHEN ARE OUTSOURCED SERVICES CONSIDERED? (Contd. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.) 2. To carry out specialized or periodic cleaning tasks where specialized skills and equipment are unavailable and it is uneconomical to teach staff specialized skills or purchase specialized equipment. IHM Srinagar 5 ..

selected cleaning within an establishment to assist the existing housekeeping staff.  Periodic services to assist existing housekeeping operations such as window cleaning.Contract Services in housekeeping Hotels may go in for the following types of outsourcing contracts:  Complete cleaning programme. cleaning of carpets. IHM Srinagar 6 . the cleaning of public areas at night.  Regular. cleaning of walls and ceilings. for example. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu. with all the work and responsibility undertaken by the service provider.

conference utilities. which are drawn up for a given number of years. for soft furnishings.  Consultancy services. with the whole gamut of housekeeping activities becoming the responsibility of the contractor. etc. For furniture and upholstery.  Leasing contracts for equipment. IHM Srinagar 7 . the lease is generally for 3 years. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu. these are usually written for a 5-7 year lease period.Contract Services in housekeeping (Contd. where a housekeeping expert visits the hotel and guides the existing staff on achieving professional standards. furniture.  The entire housekeeping operations of the property put out on contract by a hotel..)  Hiring contracts with various rental firms for linen. and furnishings. equipment.

. carpet and floor cleaning or full cleaning services. polishing of different surfaces.  Cleaning------deep cleaning. public area cleaning. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu. IHM Srinagar 8 .) The following are some areas of housekeeping where services may be offered on contract basis.  Linen hire-----entire hotel linen or specialized linen like banqueting items. cleaning of hard to reach areas.  Equipment and furniture hire.Contract Services in housekeeping (Contd.

)  Laundry-----complete or part. IHM Srinagar 9 ..Contract Services in housekeeping (Contd. etc 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.  Flower arrangements and decorations  Pest control  Horticulture and landscaping  Eco-friendly garbage disposal  Other services such as shoe-polishing machines. guest amenities such as hangers.

members of professional organizations or business associates.Hiring Contract Providers These are the steps the management should follow once they have decided to outsource a particular service for the hotel:  Put out tenders to at least three contractors and compare quotes.  Check references thoroughly and visit other job sites.  It is very important to get reliable referrals from other hotels. IHM Srinagar 10 .  Check whether the contractor is registered and licensed under The contract Labour Act 1970 of the Government of India.  Preferably select a contract provider with a local office. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.  Check out their existing market credibility by contacting previous/current clients.

processes to be used..)  Check on the degree to which the contract provider undertakes supervision of the work.Hiring Contract Providers (Contd. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu. and any special projects. frequency of service. time-table. areas of operations and responsibility. indicating the exact number of working hours.  Prepare detailed contract specifications. IHM Srinagar 11 .

 Consider not paying in advance..Hiring Contract Providers (Contd.  Give the project a spot-check and a rundown at completion to review the contractor’s work and to ensure that specifications are being met. IHM Srinagar 12 . 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.  Visit the job site shortly after work has begun to ensure that the hotel’s expectations are being met.  Keep equipment and supplies belonging to the hotel and those belonging to the contractor separate.) Some guidelines a hotel can follow to make its outsourcing contracts a success are provided below:  Greet the contracted workers when they arrive and review the job parameters.

date of signing the contract. as the level of cleanliness depends on the time lapse between successive cleaning processes.  The schedule of areas to be serviced and the frequency with which a job is to be done.  It is from this that the service provider draws up the contract.  For example.Contract Specification  It is essential that the executive housekeeper provides the service provider with a clearly defined and detailed specification of the work to be done. how it is to be done. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.  This is important.  Contract specifications should be carefully worded and should necessarily cover the following points:  The period or duration of the contract. and a provision for regular review of the specifications. and so on. IHM Srinagar 13 . horizontal surfaces may need daily dusting and vertical can do with weekly.

 A provision for adequate supervision. lockers and perhaps accommodations for the contracted staff. IHM Srinagar 14 .  A provision for storage areas. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.)  A description of the method.. including appropriate penalty and cancellation clauses. and materials required. listing the hotel’s requirements specifically.Contract Specification (Contd. equipment. as well as the hotel’s quality expectations.

Contract Specification (Contd.  The renumeration for the job. IHM Srinagar 15 . 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.. and a termination procedure. the terms and conditions of payment. Both parties should sign these contract specifications.)  Specified frequencies of inspection agreed upon with the service provider.

IHM Srinagar 16 . 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.  A unit rate agreement  A fixed period cost.  A cost for the job plus a fixed fee.  A cost for the job plus a percentage of profits.Pricing of contracts The basis of payment for outsourced services may include one or more of the following:  A management fee for consultancy services.

Unit Rate Agreements  Most contracts are agreed on a unit. agents.hours = areas x time x frequency  For example. and asks the service provider for the costs. if a contracted firm has to clean five different areas. the firm adds costs of equipment. and then quotes a price. The executive housekeeper provides details of the area to be covered and the frequency of the job. then man-hours will be calculated as: Man-hours=5 x 2 x2hours = 20 hours  To the cost of wages (for workers and supervisors). taking two hours each. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu. The contractor measures the area and calculates the cost thus Man. twice a week. plus over heads and profits. IHM Srinagar 17 . and supplies.rate basis.

 With the costs-plus-fixed fee type of contract.  The specifications should be the same as for in-house labour and the housekeeper should compare the contractor’s bid with her own in-house cleaning costs. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu. equipment.  In this case. as there is no point in the contractor’s cutting costs. to be employed. and so on.Cost Plus Fixed Fee  Better than the above mode of pricing is one in which the contractor is paid for the costs of the job and given a fixed fee. the executive housekeeper specifies the staff. IHM Srinagar 18 . as he has a guaranteed profit margin.

)  Contracts alleviate the necessity of buying or hiring specialized equipment.  Good contract firms provide skilled labourers. (In most cases. and supervising staff is passed on to the service provider. organizing. well trained in their area of expertise.Advantages of using contract services  There is no capital outlay for equipment. IHM Srinagar 19 . 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.  The difficulty of finding. training. the contractor provides all supplies and equipment. so that money is available for investment in other purposes.

IHM Srinagar 20 . while reducing the likelihood of employment claims and lawsuits.  Contract services alleviate many of the problems between the management and workers’ union.. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.  Contract services can generally be terminated faster and more easily than the services of regular employees.)  Extra work may be carried out at certain times without increasing the basic staff.  Contractors provide uniformed workers and take responsibility for all their wages and benefits.  Accurate budgeting can be done for a fixed period.Advantages of using contract services (Contd.

 There is loss of flexibility in effecting changes. as the housekeeper no longer controls the entire operations. or the same pride in their work or job satisfaction.  Workers brought in by the contract providers are not representatives of the hotel and may not have the requisite skills for guest interactions.Disadvantages of using contract services  Contracting weakens the authority of the management over the quality and loyalty of the staff.  There is a natural tendency among contractors to use cheaper products. which may be of poor quality and may damage the building and its contents in the long term. IHM Srinagar 21 . 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.

Disadvantages of using contract services (Contd. resulting in cut-price tenders being offered and accepted which do not enable the contractors to employ a sufficient number of employees of the right caliber to do the job properly. IHM Srinagar 22 .  One of the reasons for this is the sudden growth of contract cleaning firms.  There may be problems regarding liaison and cooperation between departments. with the standard of work falling below par as a result. 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu.)  There may be poor supervision.  Workers may not show up within the designated time frame.  Contract cleaners may not meet the hotel’s standards of quality.  There may be problems regarding security..

damp wipe and/or polish. glass fittings. fittings. but a very thorough and complete clean in every respect. •Spot clean and shampoo carpets. soap dispensers. cisterns. •Damp wipe tiled surfaces and window ledges. Ashtrays •Empty. •Damp wipe mirrors and pipes.Work to be carried out daily Offices •Dust and clean all furniture. •Spot clean and shampoo upholstered chairs. window edges. Windows •Clean thoroughly inside and out An example of a cleaning contract specification at office building 10/14/2014 Ashiq Hussain Regu. •Clean metal handrails with a metal cleaner. IHM Srinagar 23 . buff or spray clean. Corridors •Sweep and spray -clean floors. •Replace toilet rolls. Waste paper •Empty all waste paper baskets in bins as directed. •Vacuum carpets--. (all waste paper must be retained for 24 hours before destruction). & urinals. clean and replace linings. Lavatories •Remove all waste paper and litter. •Scour and disinfect lavatory bowls ---W. Corridors •Strip off old wax and replace with 2 coats of emulsion wax.carry out any spot cleaning. skirting. etc. Work to be carried out periodically (as arranged) Offices •Damp wipe venetian blinds. Work to be carried out weekly Offices •Damp wipe all glass fittings.C. •Damp mop floors. Damp wipe all skirting. Lavatories •As daily operation. radiators. electric light fittings. Stairs •Damp-mop all steps and landings. fittings. towels. Corridors •Sweep. •Clean hand basins and taps. clean and polish all metal work.