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Starting Smart Guide

Frameworks for Building Smart Communities

32 percent of Things (IoT)— 75 percent of cities worldwide cities and counties Cities are will fail to take full advantage in the United States currently use expected to spend $41 trillion of smart city data and digital assets due to data analytics. crime. or both. or otherwise. Smart Statistics 32 41 75 Use of Data Spending on Lack of Process and Change Analytics—Only Internet of Management—By 2017. Modern communities face constant challenges. Public CIO. Geographic information system (GIS) technology supports these efforts by uniting data sources. 2015) Yesner Clarke. IDC—December 2. project management. Budget constraints. Given what can be a complex process. Ultimately. and Digital Government. homelessness. analyzing information at scale. communities need a road map to guide them through the journey to becoming smart. Independent of scale or structure. Use this guide to envision your digital transformation and make the proper accommodations along the way. GIS is used to examine information rapidly. To address these challenges and provide the best services sustainably. (Source: Data-Smart change management skills (Source: Ruthbea of Tomorrow. 2015) City Solutions—August 31. Smart governments use these attributes to blend endless datasets so that they can analyze relationships and integrate business systems. Whether it's congested roadways. (Source: Center for on IoT technologies in the next a lack of process. 2016) . time. and comprehensively.An Introduction to Smart Frameworks Simply put. smart communities are about connecting people to technology to achieve better daily outcomes. Connecting the Data Points Nearly all data relates to space. As a tool or science. smart communities use geographic context to reveal insight. data-driven decision-making. Smart communities find the results they seek more often through civic engagement. and deliver positive outcomes. objectively. and training large staffs can all stall aspiring smart communities. But how does a community become smart? The process is no simple task. lack of jobs. organizations that understand the importance of connecting data will see opportunities where other communities will not. difficulties navigating intricate technology. the opportunity for improvement is everywhere. and providing intelligence with context to help anticipate outcomes. underperforming schools. improve decision-making. The Platform 20 years. governments leverage the efforts of the entire community to devise smarter solutions. and collaboration.

to overcome. Communities for those critically in need? team to see tasks through all inputs into live data feeds what organizational gaps that build and reuse app Establishing clear priorities to completion. resources it already has? What smart implementation will Ultimately. found. and has strong change. and stimulate will achieve the greatest good stall without a motivated goal should be to convert or data inputs. . will be measured. start to finish. be prepared to accept that there will be unknowns in the process. An and apps gives context to cause. making expectations and set the a technical staff that takes departments. local intelligence their strengths. policy and avenues to share data. A maturing smart community demonstrates it can:  Prioritize Initiatives  Assemble a Team  Gather the Data  Address Gaps  Provide Insight Connecting people with A smart community is only Data drives initiatives. highlight collaboration. Assemble a must be collected and better suited to address community. People and opportunities will the community's initiatives locate where they can be technology. to drive initiatives. a community's capability. skilled personnel. track progress. smart adoption is not possible. Whether beginning or expanding your smart journey. Should inputs be technical skill sets fall short. expand them with Whether it's the need for pages and robust business accomplished with the with executive support. Surround that are either centralized or are limiting progress. A community must and empowering an executive datasets. from be addressed first. procedure gaps will be the it quicker and easier to access standards by which success ownership of objectives from most difficult for governments intelligence. they're doesn't inform a smart much unless they're supporting it. network systems. Building maps being connected to a solid foundation by locating referenced against other their weaknesses. Success comes more easily when initiatives have clear business objectives. Identify which data understanding of community challenges and influences focus on which problems champion who understands sources initiatives need and data pinpoints where innovative solutions. more hardware. lightweight apps to web What initiatives can be management skills. data-capture best practices. Without a culture that nurtures scientific analysis and new ideas.Smart Starting Points The primary condition for a successful smart community is to have in place the right people with the right mind-set. and use information tools. Even inadequate. processes. To be When governments know Authoritative data alone data doesn't accomplish as effective as the individuals informed. In templates produce more allows governments to shape the designated leader with decentralized for government many instances.

Further. By sourcing authoritative data. and actions. Smart communities unite the Beyond just publicly sharing deliver services that citizens need. To With the overwhelming amounts community groups through actively explore new ways to interact and people centric. and governments need data-driven and acted on. Using data to act in the community's best interest. but they all share common operational traits. governments that might impede initiatives. governments better justify their priorities. From Once limited by data silos. and remove obstacles evidence to determine actions. To achieve smarter operations and The pressure to invest wisely and Better decisions begin with current. promotes build ecosystems that encourage emphasizing analysis. media. Data is what avoid waste and public scrutiny. and using draw actionable intelligence traditional boundaries. Through channels such as social optimized. inputs across the IoT. promptly from streaming data. governments intelligence accessible beyond government departments. community groups in the process. the public make it easy for people entire organization. to transparency. When data- driven rationales and logical thought processes are made clear to the public. and time is saved. of the organizational food chain. to improve outcomes. The governments achieve their To make a meaningful difference. proactive administrations embody the following characteristics: Forward-Thinking Data-Driven Real-Time Collaboration across Civic Leadership and Strategy Decision-Making Awareness Departments Engagement Modern leaders rely on facts. . facts from multiple perspectives. of live information being observed free-flowing information across with citizens and provide them fuels the smart community. data through their applications of that embrace communication with best leaders will motivate their initiatives with greater success organizations must remain choice. efforts are better aligned. governments must civic strategies must be measured has never been greater. real-time data departments and organizations. When transparency and opens additional innovation. efforts of government and information. critical incidents in a timely manner. response. continually aware of community resources are allocated more to provide and find feedback. mobile devices to networked integrated networks make which may be viewed as untapped Leaders progress ideas forward. Each relies on real-time intelligence for evidence-based decision-making. budgets. and relevant information. with contextual data. users share and pull communal resources. more effective collaboration. Including its adoption begins from the top decisions that are justified by feeds are no longer a luxury. inspiring a and support. citizens can contribute commentary that directly influences government decisions. respond to situations effectively accurate. and public engagement. smart community to become events in order to respond to wisely. successful operations. Information provides perspectives Live data informs immediate Pooled intelligence enables Engaging open data is essential not gut feelings.Smart Community Characteristics Every smart community may be different.

As community Government operations and Advocates have begun organizations are looking within a government first. connecting concept. data and its uses will need to constantly evaluates its processes to technology in place to evolve with a effective smart communities. processes. sufficient well-oiled machines that improve addressed and budgeted value through proof of repeatable implementations. Legacy software constrains initiatives. from the experimental stage. Proactive smart new events rapidly and at contextualized data. giving strategies are driven by data. an open data strategy is a fine place success depend on governance that anytime. With lessons applied organizational culture occurs. or identified key communal smarter. governments can improve themselves a competitive advantage not guesswork or theories. and what steps remain to affect outcomes while also involving additional internal integration with core business Organizations can be data to one another in complete become optimized. governments must and modern technology. by the technology they use. in time. data. or GIS. of living and be resilient when analysis proves smart projects. their levels of service. plenty will be reluctant to intuition. concept internally. Their legacy systems proactive and are no longer integration without duplication of how business objectives strategies. and protected? making? Are initiatives addressed in a integrate many different business mature and achieve various capable of implementing smart Under what circumstance is it shared. and used within your be streamlined without having to start organizations. How is data system in place for flexible decision. processes. and beginning have been sufficiently planned caught off guard by sudden of information or effort. problems and opportunities decision-making are geared to be already being intelligently demonstrating business to expand on successful. insight. and technology come together to make advancements possible. As such. tying is operating in to determine how smart approaches stakeholder buy-in. Is there a making. Whether development require connects people to information. stored. Smart communities begin by identifying a government's overall maturity. Initiatives to outline a clear approach for or replaced with modern developments. over their peers. providing useful examples departments in smart systems. Without its process. Everything is connected in a fully maturity your government Pilot projects are testing momentum by expanding form standards for data Internally. before it expands outward to are anticipated. and impact positive change people to authoritative data toward new responsibilities. and it's sensors. This transformation internalizes disruptions. While establishing integration. Officials have opportunities to become a transformation in they can provide solutions in how it addresses issues. framework allows leadership to keep are often isolated to smart to connecting the entire platforms. community groups as well. or unrepeatable. strengthening the make use of data so that disastrous events occur. and data. each stage of maturity will depend on how its people. modern increasingly streamlined While most people will embrace this on intelligence but is merely subjective workflows that guide an organization's technology is an indispensable tool. quality. and prevent service and effective in acting quickly. collaboration between demonstrate what to expect with and contribution to a superior ability to raise standards Regardless of silos. and convey intelligence effortlessly. processes. are public service needs challenges to address. personnel and resources community services sustainably. communities encourage scale.Stages and Dimensions Governments must consider their operations in detail to determine what shortcomings are holding back their smart strategy. initiatives. comprehensive smart strategy? community pursues smart optimization. capture. partnerships. accessed. the policies. efforts may be ad hoc. Governments must continually operations and decision-making are To stay informed. and through any device. innovative to sell the smart community to take form. in the community. governments must strategies is of the utmost importance. for? Assess what stage of concept to key stakeholders. To securing staff who are willing and procured. stands. systems. way that is repeatable? Can operations systems. the needs of their citizens. of their information. people. applied departments on smart from projects and actively community intelligence. and has been fully adopted. with problem solving. as opposed to static they be flexible enough to allow quick transition to up-to-date offerings. Structured strategies encouraging collaboration Optimized smart communities have improvised. build better intelligence than rigid enough to maintain quality and technology in order to better connect. Such a succeed or fail. so implicitly. Externally. drive better decision- accept change because of uncertainty question the integrity and transmission fundamental to its structure. so flexible solutions be conscious of how each It takes inspired personnel to maintain community? Communities that connect from square one? It's necessary that must be devised or communities must of these aspects supports an organization's direction and to live data. . Whether a smart strategy is well developed or still in its infancy. Dimensions People Data Process Technology The progressive stages Becoming a smart community is a Authoritative data is the lifeblood Developing a smart community is a Smart communities are measured of smart community cultural shift for governments that of any smart community. Governments build Maturing smart communities are budgeted in advance. the smart concept mature smart community. be under constant examination as a ensure optimized performance. servers. Stages Experimental Siloed Successes Functional Intentionally Smart Transformational Enhancing Integration Predictive Proactive Intelligence Optimized Sustainable Progress Are members of your Your smart community A maturing smart community When smart processes When governments predict An optimal smart community is agile organization still attempting project is just beginning deliberately seeks become second nature. ties between governance. Is your to long-term adoption by to begin. sharing. Long-term maturity and observe. and analyze data anywhere. Independent advance its digital transformation with datasets that show isolated snapshots adjustments while also remaining governments need interoperable of where an organization innovative problem solving. these areas are critical their counterparts. decision-making isn't based governance. Mature one another. so they can address citizens increasingly access citizens and staff aligned on issues incubation groups whose organization.

In addition. When people. Citizens 4 The sum of the parts is a well-oiled machine for implementing civic 3 improvements. Within a hub. and technology are tethered within an consume authoritative data. this networking directly supports real-time awareness and data-driven decision-making with insightful maps. Organizations find that connected individuals collaborate more productively while also saving time accessing information—their operational efficiency. Economic Police Development 1 What brings organizations together is enterprise GIS. IoT. Regardless of a community's modernize technology with GIS so that they can visualize and manage big data. forward-thinking strategies components of an organization through sustained engagement. and overall return on investment tend to agree. they expand and build a hub. Citizens other technology systems that allow people to provide and Health data. Esri calls these networks hubs. participation. These into the intelligence governments use to connected ecosystems produce interoperability between Public Works execute initiatives. a means to connect data between internal government departments. Fire Planning . they unite their entire organizational trees via information-sharing These networks use GIS to contextually analyze tracked movement and change across networks that tie all branches and agencies to one another. delivery of public services. any government can build a hub that reaps benefits for everyone involved. Whether contributing social media feedback or gaining greater Startups understanding from public services information. through a public engagement platform that streams live data. Doing so augments a smart community's workforce. intuitive apps. Academia Businesses community engine converts data a powerful integrated network is developed.What a Community Is Building Communities progressively build integrated networks to connect people and data. and improved communication. such as universities and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). and other live data sources. Building a hub enables a community to become part of the measured approach to A hub serves as an ideal foundation for a smart community because its framework addressing problems. and data contribution. maturity. processes. Governments given the intelligence to become part of the solution. citizens become valued open platform. governments seamlessly integrate community groups into the data-driven decision-making process for key initiatives. Nonprofits Journalist 2 When organizations are ready for greater community involvement. social media. emerge that guide intelligent action. With a hub. This smart By uniting community members and enterprise GIS. citizens benefit when governments build more ways for them to connect. people are provides people with insight for making better-informed decisions. In doing so. By sharing data between government and citizens. adding untapped resources.

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