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It's my job IWhere Customer care Find out Listening Reading Speaking Writing Language spot Vocabulary Pronunciation
in the world?
1 Arrivals . p.4
Singapore Cultural differences Points of arrival to Greeting and Welcome -the first Welcoming visitors Arrival information Greeting and Car hire Makes of car
in greetings the place where introducing encounter Car hire at an introducing Arriving and
you are studyi ng Car hire dialogue Cape Town arrival airport movingon

2 A place to stay . p.12
Grzegorz Rosinski Welcoming guests Survey about Registration Client perceptions Registering new Hotel information Where things are New arrivals Highlighting key
hotels procedures of hotels arrivals words
The staff structure Hotel services Tell mewhere
of hotels

3 Tourist information services . p.20
Copenhagen TIC Assessing customer Information Tourist information Tourist Information Giving information Recommendations Giving directions Information types Linking words
types services in your How do I get to . .. ? Centres and prepositions of together
city / region Liverpool movement
and promoting

4 Holiday rep . p.28
Ameli Destivelle Have you got the Tipping A rep for all Resort A day in the life of ... Local 'tips' Advice and Holiday health Pronouncing
right attitude? seasons representative A welcoming talk obligation plurals
Welcometo Tips on tipping

5 Eating out . p.36
eN Tower, Toronto What do you say? Regiona I food / Our national dish Food tourism Taking an order Th e food of my De scribing food Food: ingredients Ii: /, /;,:/; /0/
food fest iva Is Describing dishes The traveller's I'm very sorry region Relative clauses- and preparation
How to deal w ith guide to Turkish who, which,and
complaints food that

6 Rural tourism . p.44
Eduardo Barroso Encouraging Acountrythat Loca I people and Ask someone who Receivi ng ca m pers Welcome- Making prediction s Resources for rural High Iighti ng
customers to be offers rural tourism rural tourism ha s been there tourism words to confirm
Giving information Bienvenue-
sensitive to the Weather words or correct
Checki ng in at a Welcome! about the weather Willkommen
Forecasti ng the

terms Ip/. and Conference indu stry facilities equipment and facilities 12 Checking out . p. p. p. p.68 LucyTovchikh Personal Job opportunities / From tour guide to Three tours Checking the Preparing notes for Explaining Standards of Highlighting appearance training / tour manager schedule commentaries arrangements performance words to show qualifications for Practicalities on Coach tour role-play Language of feeling tour gUides tour calming and Whatwouldyou Problems on tour say? dealing with a crisis 9 Hotel entertainment .Writing bank . Four attractions in Describing a Trends in visitor Bringing Th ree fest iva Is The Passive Types ofvisitor leII.108 Grammar reference . p. IV.76 MGM Grand Las Customers of all Activities for Making a water ball What's on today Preparing a daily Email application Indefinite pronouns Something for Consonant groups Vegas ages different age Getti ng the job Working with kids programme Helping kids to everyone with /s/ groups Getting kids to make things The perfect worker make things 10 Specialized tourism . p. p. 1I'd1 different responses your country festival attractions attractions to life attractions Two top Paris Architectural attractions features People and faci Iities at attractions 8 On tour .128 Glossary . and Iki Delhi the tourism capacity.84 Photoventures Cross-cultural Specialized tourism Special request What is niche Four specialized Report on Respondingto Describing Stress in misunderstandings in your region tourism? tours specialized tourism special requests disability compound nouns Disabilityaccess Preparing and Identifying and running a checking special specialized tour needs 11 Business travel . p.1l8 Listening scripts .137 .lOO Abdol Sadeghi Quality standards Receptionist duties Life in the front Check-out Solving problems Reporting to the Respondingto Front office duties Understanding office procedures Checking guests manager problems rapid speech Common problems Unsolicited out Can I have my bill? feedback Pairwork .60 Alcatraz Different cultures. p.S2 1 Report writing 3 Public notices 5 Reporting incidents 2 Information leaflet 4 Email job application Writing bank key p. p.92 Metropol ita n Cultural awareness Business travel in The needs of the Culture gUide Comparing A conference Describing Business travel The consonants Hotel Nikko New your country business traveller Business travel and conference centres enquiry dimensions. I:m/.S9 7 Attractions and events . p.

about themselves.encounters with 2 Do your research . Tourism is about encounters . 1 encounter 3 hospitality 2 experience 4 welcome a friendly and generous behaviour towards guests b a meeting. smart. with places. but the smile is universal. on the tour bus. greetings . And the where you're going. especially a friendly one d something that has happened to you. the airport. to open the door. and tidy. the rules are the same: 4 Can you think of more advice to add to the list above? a Be prepared d Be interested b Look the part e Be helpful c Smile f Be yourself. Get that one right and the rest is much 4 There are many ways of greeting in different easier. or at the attraction. . at the hotel. Which subtitle do you think is the best? • Tourism: the encounters industry • Tourism: the experience industry • Tourism: the hospitality industry • Tourism: the welcome industry 3 Which of the six points (a-f) would include this advice? An introduction to 1 Offer to carry a bag. Wherever it takes place. and with experiences. and ask them restaurant. most important encounter is the first one : arrival and 3 Have confidence in your abilities and personality. 1 Where are they? E X AMPLE ata hotel Z What type of tourist or visitor is being welc?med in each case? Reading Welcome .4 Unit 1 Takeoff Look at the photos. worki ng in tourism anything to show you're there to help. know people.know who you're meeting. Arrival encounters can take place anywhere : at 5 Dress appropriately . at the campsite. clean. to get a drink. in the 6 Find out about the person you're with. especially one that is sudden and unexpected c a greeting that is given to some body when they arrive.the first encounter 1 Match the words with their dictionary definitions. often unusual or exciting Z Read the text.