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Godfrey Lee Public Schools 1335 Lee Street SW

Wyoming, MI 49509
Lee Middle & High School
Home of the Rebels T.(616) 241-4722
Since 1923 T.(616) 452-3298
F.(616) 241-4677

Kathryn Curry October 13, 2017
To Whom It May Concern:
Rendel Todd
Assistant Principal In reference to Ms. Horalia Cortez, I would like to offer my highest recommendation.

Brett Lambert Horalia is a person of high character and has a drive for success inside and outside the
Dean of Students classroom. Mrs. Cortez has impressed me through hard work and determination to be a better,
student, worker, and person. She personality envelops the ideology of true grit.
Jason Faasse
Director of Athletics
Mrs. Cortez is much more than a highly qualified student. Her actions, calm personality, and
understanding voice have pushed her to be a highly qualified candidate for her pursuit to
Julie Warmels success.
HS Academic Advisor

Libby Drake Sincerely,
MS Guidance Counselor

Pam Keen
Liaison Officer Gabriel Snyder
Lee High School
Julie Gerard (517) 862-4690
Damary Lofgren
Maria Baker

Kevin Polston

Scott Bergman
Operations Supervisor

Dan Townsend
Technology Supervisor

Leela McMullen
Executive Assistant