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1939 Belden Sw

Wyoming, Mi 49509
October 19, 2017
(616) 635-7904

Francesca’s Company

Francesca’s Collections, Woodland Mall
3195 28th SE, D110, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Dear Francesca’s Company,

While searching online for fashion stylist job openings, I came across to your website
and saw you were in need of a seasonal stylist. The position sounds very engaging to
me given the requirements such as merchandising, teamwork, and a creative flair for
fashion. This position fits perfectly for me, because I have experience with all the
necessities included, especially with teamwork. Having a flexible schedule I would be
available for employment at any time.

While a junior at Lee High School, I am a self inspired student with a 3.5 GPA and have
been told I am very diligent by the people around me. Working at Romero’s Jewelry for
3 months, taught me qualified skills such as, customer communication, creative
thinking, and reliability. My current job is waitressing at Tacos el Cuñado. I have plenty
of experience working with my coworkers and having a good sense of humor with
customers. I am always on time and have plenty of free time to work especially on

It would be very useful to meet up with you and discuss more about this position and my
qualifications and go more into detail with it. My creativity and my sense of humor with
others can really make a person's day and I am very trustworthy so therefore, this
positions would fit me perfectly. You would not be disappointed in me.

I look forward to meeting you sometime in the future. Thank you for your deliberation.


Horalia Cortez