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English 203

Paper #2: Comparative Analysis

Assignment: Write an analytical/interpretive essay on The Submission and at least one other work
we’ve read this semester that focuses on ONE of the following topics:

1. Race: Consider the presence and meaning of race/ethnicity in the works (characters’
identities, characters’ relationships, larger society/settings, etc.)

2. Narrative perspective/Point-of-view: Consider the effects and/or implications of how
narrative perspective/POV is used in the works.

3. Historical memory/understanding: Consider the issue(s) surrounding our relationship to
the past (collective memory, personal memory, mediating/“interfering” factors, etc.)

These topics are admittedly broad, and one of the main tasks you face is to develop an interpretive
thesis that focuses on a particular facet of the broader issue. To do this, you will need to read and
reread carefully, make notes, “question” the works, brainstorm, and participate in class discussions
and activities. Forming a thesis is not an easy task, and you should continue to refine it well into the
revision stage (remember that writing is the main means by which we discover our ideas).

Use MLA formatting for in-text citations and include a “Works Cited” list for your essay.

Tasks: In your paper, you must do the following:
 Create and articulate a clear thesis that makes an argument/interpretation focused on one of
the three choices
 Structure your argument so that you explore the parts of your thesis across several
paragraphs that move smoothly from one to the next
 Elaborate on your ideas
 Support your ideas with textual evidence from The Submission and at least one other work
 Present your argument in coherent and relatively error-free prose
 Cite material according to MLA guidelines and include a “Works Cited” list

Format: 4 to 6 pages, typed and double-spaced.

Evaluation: I will evaluate your paper in terms of the depth, organization, and expression of your

Due date: Wednesday, October 11