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AeroScout Tag Management Suite

Configures and Manages AeroScout Tags for a Wide Variety of Applications

Overview Tag Manager
The AeroScout Tag Management Suite includes Tag Manager AeroScout Tag Manager software enables users to easily take
software and Tag Activator hardware. They are accessories advantage of multiple sophisticated features of AeroScout Tags.
for AeroScout’s Wi-Fi Tags, and are key components of Through the Tag Manager software, AeroScout customers can
AeroScout’s Unified Asset Visibility solution. Tag Manager is configure and program tags for a variety of enterprise visibility
a stand-alone software application that enables users and solutions. In conjunction with other AeroScout products, Tag
administrators to configure, program and activate AeroScout Manager allows the management of multiple tag functions,
Tags for multiple asset location and tracking functions. including asset tracking, presence detection and telemetry.
Tag Activator is a hardware component that connects tags
wirelessly to the Tag Manager workstation, and transmits
programming information to the tags. The Tag Management
Suite is easily set up, allowing complex tag management
functionality in minutes. With Tag Manager and Tag Activator,
users have the flexibility to configure and manage their
AeroScout solution for a wide variety of tracking and
management applications.

Tag Activator
AeroScout Tag Activator is a
wireless bridge between the Tag
Manager software and AeroScout
Tags, allowing commands from
the Tag Manager software to
be communicated directly
to multiple tags, and their
activation confirmed. The Tag
Activator provides flexibility Key Features
for users of the Tag Manager Tag Configuration
software. Tag Manager allows application administrators to modify
AeroScout Tag configurations such as transmission rate,
broadcast channel selection and stored message transmission
in order to best suit specific applications. The success of all
AeroScout Tag Management Suite actions performed can be verified on screen.
Tag Detection
Tags can be automatically detected by Tag Manager in batch
mode by simply placing them in proximity to the Tag Activator.
Manager via a barcode reader.
Activation and Deactivation
Tag Manager allows easy activation and deactivation of tags to
conserve battery life. Tags can also be activated or deactivated
wirelessly with the Tag Activator.

t Tag Communication:5BHTDPNNVOJDBUFXJUIUIF1$ DPOöHVSFEBOEJGSFRVJSFE BDUJWBUFE running the Tag Manager software either through a serial connection or by using the Tag Activator Battery Estimator t Regional settings:/PSUI"NFSJDB +BQBO &VSPQF Tag battery life is automatically estimated based upon the selected configuration. In this method. acknowledgments may trigger WBSJPVTGVODUJPOT TVDIBTBDUJWBUJOHUIFUBHCV[[FS Ordering Contact Info Information For ordering and pricing 1300 Island Drive. Suite 202 information contact 3FEXPPE$JUZ $" AeroScout at 5FM. Configuration and Activation The automatic option allows you to detect and configure a large Tag Management Suite Specifications number of tags. allowing users to modify tag options to TAG ACTIVATOR achieve a target battery life.Automatic Detection. Sensor Configuration 4FOTPSDPOöHVSBUJPOBMMPXTVTFSTUPDPOöHVSFUBHTFRVJQQFE with motion. This GFBUVSFJTBWBJMBCMFGPS5C 5QBOE55BHT Operating Modes When sending a button-press signal or telemetry data. you launch an automatic t Tag Compatibility:"FSP4DPVU5 5 5 5BOE55BHT process that performs the operation until all tags are detected. temperature. This method uses a Tag Activator but in this case TAG M"/"(&R you can handle larger numbers of tags when individual attention t Operating System:8JOEPXT BOE91 is not necessary. you can set a bi-directional tag to establish regular uni-directional communication or bi-directional communication. Wi-Fi Connectivity Parameters Wi-Fi connectivity parameters are designed to specify the way bi-directional tags communicate with the Wi-Fi network. In the case of bi-directional communication. Tag Call Button Configuration Tag Manager manages the call button feature on AeroScout Tags. setting the function or message that is associated with the button. t Distance: up to 2 meter t Batch size:VQUPUBHT Tag Status t Dimensions (mm):YY Administrators can view a tag’s full configuration (including t Weight:H CBUUFSZTUBUVT POBTJOHMFTDSFFO GPSFBTFPGNBOBHFNFOU t Network interface:&UIFSOFU 3+ EJSFDUUP1$PSWJB-"/ t Power:7%$VTJOH"$BEBQUFS PS1PXFSPWFS&UIFSOFU Multiple Tag Communication BGDPNQMJBOU Tag Activator enables wireless modification of all tags. or t Radio:L)[MPXGSFRVFODZUSBOTNJUUFS ()[SFDFJWFS TQFDJöFEHSPVQTPGUBHT TJNVMUBOFPVTMZ#BUDINBOBHFNFOUPG t Certifications: MBSHFOVNCFSTPGUBHTNJOJNJ[FTBENJOJTUSBUJPOUJNF t Radio:'$$1BSU TVCQBSU$DMBTT# TVCQBSU#&/ Message Programming  &/ &/344 $BOBEB "3*# 45%5 +BQBO "3*#45% +BQBO Tag Manager provides the ability to store up to 10 messages t Safety:$& D567VT &/ PO55BHTBOENFTTBHFTGPS5BOE55BHTGPSTVCTFRVFOU transmission or reading. humidity sensors and anti-tampering switches and set up how tags react to motion or temperature BOEIVNJEJUZDIBOHFT PSUPUIFSFNPWBMPGBUBHFRVJQQFEXJUI an anti-tampering switch.


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