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5 – minute filler: Word search

Circle the words: excursion, entertainment, hospitality, nightlife, sightseeing, off-limits, safeguard,
identity, review, theft

2. Game: Who am I?
Use sticky notes to guess the celebrity.
Ask only one question.
Answer only yes or no.

Am I a woman?
Am I a famous?
Do I live in America?
Have I acted in films?
Am I still alive?
Am I old?

3. Start activity: Warmer
4. Vocabulary. Match words to definitions.
5. Listening
6. Speaking
7. Vocabulary review: excursion, entertainment, hospitality, sightseeing etc.
8. Present perfect simple/continuous (review state verbs and verb 3)
9. Speaking: NEF

happening/existing now 5. upgrade a. swipe person’s identity 4. to make (a machine.Match the words to their definitions. 1.) through a machine that reads information from it 2. etc. install b. ATM card. badge d. a small object that is worn by a person to show that 3. a service. to pass (a credit card. etc. current c. to make (something) better by including the most recent information or improvements e.) ready to be used in a certain place .