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Information for the
Class of 2018
30 credits = 18 COMPULSORY + 12 optional

Plus …

Ontario Secondary Literacy School Requirement


40 hours of Community Service
Will you meet all of the

Check your status sheet!
Things to Note on your Status Sheet
Pearson Student
Student #: 123456
OEN: 123456789

Volunteer Hours Done?
Ontario Scholar
Courses Literacy Test/Course?

18 Compulsories?

30 Credits or more?
Volunteer Hours
● Must be outside of class hours
● Must be for a non-profit organization + bulletin
board outside Student Services.
● Must have to graduate!!!
● Due: Before May 31, 2018
● Must be complete to buy a Prom
College World of Work
- Must have 4C English - Consider taking a Co-op
- Check every program’s - Getting a part-time job now
requirements carefully for to gain experience
required courses

University Apprenticeship
- Must have 4U English - Consider taking Co-op
- Must have a total of 6 4U/4M - OYAP
courses - Make connections with a
- Check every program’s skilled tradesperson who will
requirements carefully for hire you as an apprentice
required courses
Check These Lists in Student
Services - Grad Board
1) Graduation List
If you expect that you are graduating
this year you must be on it.
Check the list to ensure your legal
name is on it and spelled correctly.
2) College and University
Application Lists - this is who we will
send marks to the application centres
● Information for all grads about
university, college, important
dates, graduation, scholarships,
● Check back often as new dates and
information will be added as the
year progresses.
● Grad events, Ceremony and Prom
Year at a Glance
Scholarships + Awards
- Explains the 5 types and how to access

Ontario Scholar
- Must have 6 min. Gr. 12 classes
- Average of 80%+ in these classes