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515551N | 42845E

Port of Rotterdam, Netherlands


Smart Ports Seminar

ROPES Joint Industry Project

Marco Pluijm
Business Development Manager Ports, Bechtel Civil

ROPES Awareness
Personal involvement
How ROPES has developed
Why Bechtel ?
Life after ROPES
ROPES Awareness

ROPES stands for Research On Passing Effects on Ships (Prof. Pinkster)

Various Port Authorities and terminal owners were and are facing
problems with passing effects on moored ships
Little was known about causes and the actual magnitude of the effects
Various individual research projects were started
Mitigating measures were often taken on an ad hoc basis
Remedy instead of anticipation in design
Hardware solutions developed by suppliers
Still many questions unanswered
Various parties decide to team up : ROPES is born
Older Case

Titanic Leaving Southampton, April 10th, 1912

Recent Case

Santos do Brasil, September 15th, 2012

More delays in Santos looming after Panamax Yusho Regulus damaged loaders

Friday, September 21, 2012 - 6:15:00 AM

On Sep 15 bulk carrier Yusho Regulus broke her moorings in the wake of a passing vessel, and collided by stern
with a pier, damaging two loaders, in Brazils Santos port, reported

Vessel also suffered damage. Accident left both loaders inoperable, which may seriously hamper cargo operations
in already congested port.
During the passage of a vessel under her sailing manoeuvre called "Coal Hunter" (fully laden with soya beans + sugar
+ maize), the vessel which was berthed at shed n. 38 (Export Corridor) called "Yusho Regulus" (fixed to load
66,000 m/t soya beans ex Santos port), under allegations of fast speed by the "Coal Hunter", moved rapidly through
the pier and also stood off from the jetty causing severe damages to both ship loaders situated at such terminal.
Personal Involvement

Port of Amsterdam IJpalen in IJmuiden

Personal Involvement (ctd.)

Potential Dangerous Situation

Secondary mooring lines snapped, due to passing vessel, going too

fast, too close
Personal Involvement (ctd.)

IJPalen Layout Configuration

Wind (API spectrum; gemiddelde snelheid 19 m/s

IJpalen en fenders


Personal Involvement (ctd.)

Long term solution to the problem : Averijhaven basin reinstated

Remove the problem from the main channel

Reduced speed and increased distance are not options
Personal Involvement (ctd.)

But : regardless of how much research we do ....

... its the human factor that makes the difference.

Proper mooring is Key !
ROPES Objectives

Provide insight in and understanding of the relevant processes

Develop a proper numerical model and design tool
Verify, validate & deliver numerical tool to ROPES participants
Assess the potential of Dynamic Berth Control
Demonstrate all results on current terminal situations
Develop best practice
Assess guidelines for port planning and design
Provide adequate advice to users and owners
ROPES Interaction

Coherent approach based on full scale tests, model tests and

mathematical modelling, leading to adequate tools for proper advice
ROPES Full Scale
Full Scale Tests on Palen 80, Caland Canal, Rotterdam (ongoing)
ROPES Full Scale
Full Scale Tests on Palen 80, Caland Canal, Rotterdam (ongoing)
Dynamic Berth Control
Mitigating Measure
Active, shore based systems restricting
vessel motions and avoiding peak loads
Increase of uptime
Decrease in line failures

Cavotec Shoretension
ROPES Work Packages
Phase 1 Phase 2
XX Year 1 Year 2 & 3
WP 1 state of the art Review & use Specification of model test conditions
Prediction methods
WP 2 software Development of Software Updates & support
Delivery Beta-version

WP 3 model tests Use of existing data Dedicated model tests ;

Yangtze Habour Systematic variations (WL)
TBA with/without current, drift (Marin)
with/without bathymetry (Deltares)

WP 4 full scale Monitoring Campaign Full Size Monitoring Campaign Full Size
Delta Container Terminal, Europoort longitudinal berth
Steinweg, Maas transverse berth
Suikerunie ,Oude Maas Dynamic Berth Control
Palen 80, Caland Kanaal.

WP 5 correlation Correlation of prediction Verification/validation

Existing model tests Alternative prediction methods
Full Scale data Dedicated model tests
Full Scale Validation
Design guidelines and model tool
ROPES Participants


Why Bechtel ?
We want the best for our clients
Clients become more and more demanding
Turnkey is the trend
More responsibilities shifted towards the EPC Contractor
ROPES provides cutting edge technology
JIPs are excellent means for joint knowledge development
Investing in your future is crucial:
Matching clients increased requirements
Ahead of the competition
Life after ROPES
Advantage of specific specialist knowledge for three years;
Spearhead more innovation:
New JIP for mooring in heavy swell (leaflet available)

Innovative concept for a Multi User Offshore Hub for dry and liquid

Both linked to the knowledge we have jointly gained during ROPES

Things to come