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Power System Analysis and Design

J. Duncan Glover, Thomas J. Overbye, and Mulukutla S. Sarma
Sixth Edition
Errata for First Printing

Page Number Correction Description
20 In the first line, change “Institute of Electrical Engineers” to “Institute of Electrical and Electronics
67 In Solution: “(a) For the induction motor, P = 400 kW and”. Delete “(a)”
70 In Multiple Choice Question 2.4, (v) should be (c)
71 In Multiple Choice Question 2.15, change “Ω” to “Q”
84 In Problem 2.51, change “2000 v” to “2000 V”
85 In entry 5 under References, “Tan” should be “Ton”
152 In Figure 3.38, change j2 to j25
370 In Equation (6.8.7) change “Srecordered” to “Sreordered”
371 In Equation (6.8.8) change “Srecorderd” to “Sreordered”
466 π
In Problem 7.8, replace the current equation with iac (t ) = 10 (1 + e− t /200 + 6 e −t /15 ) ⋅ sin(120π t − ) A
468 In Problem 7.18, remove the instance of (a) at the start of the problem
590 In the second point under Simplifying Assumptions, change “Section 7.7” to “Section 7.5”
644 In Example 10.8, three lines above solution part b. “line 2-4” should be “line 2-3”
661 In Problem 10.18, remove the instance of (a) at the start of the problem
743 In the caption for Figure 1, change “red” to “dashed”, “orange” to “dotted”, and “green” to “dash-
748 In the legend for Figure 3, symbols need to appear as shown

750 In the caption for Figure 4, change “red” to “dashed”, “orange” to “dotted”, and “blue” to “double
804 In line 7 of the second column, change “red” to “black”
815 In Example 13.1, (b) should be inserted before “Plot the voltage…”