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Valentina Salas

Independent essay 2

The widespread use of internet has given people access to informa9on in a level never experienced before.
How does this increase in the availability of informa9on influence life in today´s world?

Over the past few years, the use of internet has been transforming the way of living we were used to. In my
opinion, it has higlightened globaliza9on´s effect making it easier to share, create and access to informa9on.
I feel this way beacuse of two reasons, which i will explore in the following essay.

Firstly, it has facilited the most various sources coming from all over the world, allowing us to improve the
quality of our work. Not only can we listen, watch or read in local newspapers what is happening in other
countries but we can also analyze what the media in those countries have to say. In other words, we have
access to primary sources which usually have more accurate facts. My personal experience is a compelling
example of this. Last year, i prepared my final assignment for my Interna9onal Rela9ons subject based on
the impeachment to Brasil´s president. I started by searching on my country´s database but then moved on
to check the facts by doing a new reasearch, this 9me on brasilian sites. Moreover, i realized many of the
facts Argen9nian press had wriPen about were biased and i even discovered further informa9on and tools
which helped me develop a more serious work. For example, i found the phone number of some journalists
which ended up helping me get tes9monies and poll numbers. Therefore, by combining different sources
we can assess carefully the fenommenons ocurring around the globe.

Secondly, it has helped us enhance the bonds between humankind and overcome 9mes of sufferment, like
natural disasters and crisis, more efficiently. The development of online newspapers, blogs, communi9es,
makes it possible to know what is happening right now in every single country. As a result, many lives are
saved since ci9zens can be bePer warned and also because in moments of need the interna9onal
community can show support and sympathize with the vic9ms. With a simple "share" or "forward" a single
piece of informa9on can mul9ply its recipients. News travel faster since pos9ng online can be more
informal. For instance, this year a very strong hurricane addressed the coast of United States of America
forcing millions of people, like my aunt, to leave their hometown and migrate. Individuals knew were to go
for refuge thanks to the informa9on uploaded in official sites, in celebri9es´ Instagram or Facebook. In
addi9on, bank accounts were opened where people could contribute with dona9ons to mi9gate the
catastrophical damages suffered. Hence, having more access to informa9on can bring people together and
overcome nega9ve consequences.

In conclusion, i strongly believe the availability of informa9on has intensified globaliza9on´s effect. This is
because we can access to more and bePer quality of facts, and we can know immediatly what is going on in
different places and, therefore, address the difficul9es in the most convinient way by stretching bonds.