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Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce
105 St. James Avenue (Hwy 98),PO Box DD Carrabelle, FL 32322
(850) 697-2585
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The Pearl of the Panhandle Friday, October 27, 2017
Fri 27th Bay-Friendly Landscaping 1-3:30 pm a t the Na ture Center in
Ea s tpoint. The class is free, but to make a ra in barrel will be $ 20 per
ba rrel. Register i n a dvance a t
For more i nfo call Emily Ja ckson (850) 670-7743 or email
The Ca rra belle Chamber of Commerce is proud to be a major supporter of small
Emi l
bus iness and our communi ty. This year the Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce
Fri 27th Free Friday Night Movie at the Carrabelle Library: The Dog
Who Saved Halloween (PG) Doors open at 6:15 pm, Chi l dren mus t has enrolled as a Neighborhood Champion for the Small Business Saturday
be a ccompani ed by a n a dul t…BYOP Ca l l (850) 697-2366 for more Campaign, November 25th, through American Express. Bus i nesses do not have
i nfo. to a ccept American Express i n order to pa rticipate. This ca mpaign encoura ges
Sat 28th-Open House Band Jam at Rio Carrabelle 3-7 pm Pl a ying a l l people to patronize small businesses during the holiday s eason a nd throughout
a fternoon culminating in a jam session. Free hot dogs & ha mburgers the yea r. Ca rrabelle Chamber members will be receivi ng i nformation packages
wi l l be on the grill…bring your own beverage. $ 5 donation to cover i n the next week wi th deta i l s on how to pa rti ci pa te.
expens es . Ca l l (850) 307-0098 for more i nfo.
Sat 28 Chillas Hall Halloween Party & Dance 7 pm unti l …$ 6 Welcome to our New Members:
dona tion a t the door. Pri ze a warded for best costume, BYOB & bring
s na ck to s ha re. Mus i c by DJ Greg & Krewe Campaign to Elect
Sat 28th Halloween Party at Harry’s Bar, Cos tume Contes t, & Li ve Barbara Sanders for County Judge
Mus i c by “Redneck Mothers ” 9 pm
Tues 31 Truth & Treats 6 pm-8 pm a t the Fi rs t Ba pti s t Church of
Ca rra belle. Free Famil y Fun, Ca ndy, Hot Dogs & More. Ca l l (850) Ba rba ra Sa nders i s a n a ttorney a t
697-3819 for more i nfo. Sa nders a nd Dunca n, PA.,
November Apa l a chi col a , FL. She s tudi ed a t
nd th rd
Thurs 2 -Sat 4 The 53 Annual Florida Seafood Festival in Fl ori da Sta te Uni vers i ty, The
Apalachicola For more info & schedule of events, go to: Uni vers i ty of North Ca rol i na a t -to-do/events-calendar/53rd- Greens boro, a nd Loui s i a na Sta te
annual-florida-seafood-festival/532/ Uni vers i ty.
Fri 3 iPhone Photo Class 101 at the Franklin County Senior
Center by David Stahler. Check for Music & Entertainment Promotion & Caribbean Raft Rentals
times, prices and signup. Production: Wa tch for i nfo on the Programs A l oca l provi der of event
Fri 3 Gifts in a Jar 1:30 pm at the Carrabelle Library Free & a t the Rio Carrabelle Arts Center (a t the promoti on, s oap, & quality T-
open to the public. Fun & unique ideas to create the perfect corner of Ta l l a ha s s ee Street & Hwy 98 i n s hi rts .
homemade gift. For more info (850) 697-2366 downtown Ca rra bel l e).
rd th
Fri & Sat 3 & 4 --HUGE YARD SALE on the Lanark Village
Caribbean Raft Rentals T-Shirts: They’ve
Golf Course. 8:30 - 4:30. This sale is to benefit the non-
profit Golf Course up keep and also the Franklin County ma de your s election very s col or,
medivac heliport location. tropi ca l yel l ow wi th the Ca ri bb ea n
Thurs 9th Estuary Class at the Nature Center in Eastpoint. 12-4 pm Ra ft Rentals Logo in tropical blue on a Hanes
Do you know wha t a n es tua ry i s a nd why i t i s s o vi ta l to our
economy a nd way of l ife? Join us to explore the estuary we depend ComfortBl end, EcoSma rt s hi rt. Sel ect from
on. Thi s is the second date of three this cl ass will be offered. (Aga i n Medi um, La rge or Extra -La rge!
on 12/8) Cos t i s $ 25 & you ca n purcha s e a dva nce ti ckets a t: Forgotten Coast Soap ma nufa ctures , by
www.a nerres tua rycl a s s .eventbri ha nd, a va riety of bath s oaps. Purchases may
Thurs 9th Florida Manatees in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Why be ma de ei ther on the whol es a l e l evel or
Do Some Go West by Ji m Rei d. 7-8 pm. FSUCML Audi tori um, St. PS…di d I menti on they’l l be
reta i l . Ema i l me for deta i l s a t
Teresa. Free & open to the public. Refreshments avai l a bl e before hel pi ng wi th our mus i ca l
the ta l k. For more i nfo: ri nel a b.fs rob@ca ri bbea nra ftrenta l s .com
entertainment a t the Street
th Check out our website for more informa ti on
Fri 10 iPhone Photo Class 102 at the Franklin County Senior Fes ti va l for Hol i da y on the
Center by David Stahler. Check for a t https :// or Ha rbor on December 9th??
times, prices and signup. ca l l (850) 307-0098. I’l l keep you pos ted!
Mon 13 Veteran’s Day Program at the FC School 10:30 am. Please The whol e pa rk wa s
call (850) 670-2810 for more info. tra ns formed i nto a
Tues 14th Growing Greens During the Brown Season-Presenter Les gl owing art ga l l ery a t the
Harrison, Wakulla County Extension Director 1:30-3 pm Free & open to the 2017 Lantern Fest at the
public. Ea stpoi nt Bra nch of the FC Publ i c Li bra ry. Ca l l (850) 670-8151 for Crooked River Lighthouse.
i nfo. Tha nks to a l l the ha rd
th worki ng vol unteers a nd
Fri 17 “All Girl” Songwriters in the Round Performance a t Ri o Ca rra bel l e.
8 pm Ti ckets $ 15 a t Door, or purcha s e i n a dva nce for $ 12 a t other orga ni za ti ons tha t
https :// Ca l l Rob a t (850) 307-0098 hel ped create this magical
for more i nfo. eveni ng!
Photo by David Stahler 501~Gallery
Fri 17th Oysters 101 1-4 pm. Come l ea rn a bout the fa mous bi va l ves of
Apa l achicola Bay at the Na ture Center in Eastpoint. Registration Is requi red
a nd the cost is $ 25 per person at www.oysters101october.eventbri
For more i nfo, ca l l Ani ta Grove (850) 670-7708 or ema i l
a ni Pa rticipants need to bri ng s ocks or thei r own
fi s hi ng wa ders .
Sat 18th “Steamboat a-comin’!” pres ented by the Ca rra bel l e Hi s tory
Mus eum 10 a m-12 pm at the FC Senior Center. Don’t miss this s pecial free
progra m. For more i nfo, ca l l (850) 697-2141 or go to: Mel issa Samet, Co-Cha i r of the Wa ter Protecti on Network, recentl y
http://ca rra bel l ngs -to-do/events -ca l enda r/-s tea mboa t-a - pres ented our Riverkeeper Dan Tonsmeire wi th a Li feti me
comi n/1127/ Achi evement Award for hi s on-goi ng, col l a bora ti ve work to protect
Tues 21st Container Gardening: Growing Inside While It is Cold Outside- Fl ori da's water. Congratulations a nd thank you for a l l your ha rd work!
Presenter Les Harrison, Wakulla County Extension Director 1:30-3 pm Free
& open to the public. Ca rrabelle Branch of the FC Publ i c Li bra ry. Ca l l (850)
Tha nks to Si gn De -Si gn for the
697-2366 for i nfo.
Thurs 23rd Happy Thanksgiving! Chamber & Visitor Center closed i ns ta l l a ti on of our new reader
Fri 24th 1st Annual Ducks Unlimited Dinner Event a t Pi ra te’s Cove Restaurant board sign at the Carrabelle
on Ti mber Island. Doors open at 5 pm. Ca ll Ki p Ka ne (602) 510-1888 or go Library. Of cours e not all of our
by FSBO Depot on Hwy 98 & a t foot of bridge to purchase your ti ckets . For progra ms a nd events ca n be
more i nfo, go to: l i sted so remember to stop in and
http://ca -to-do/events -ca l enda r/1s t-a nnua l -di nner-
fi nd out a ll tha t's ha ppeni ng a t
event-ducks -unl i mi ted-155/1129/
th your Fra nkl i n County Publ i c
Sat 25 Carrabelle Chamber’s Small Business Saturday
Li bra ri es - Ca rra bel l e a nd
For More info on any Carrabelle Chamber member events & activities Ea s tpoi nt.
See our website under “Things to Do” Events Calendar or the
Community Calendar The 2017 Battle at the Bay wa s a grea t tes t of gol f through wi ndy
Events Further afield: Listen to WOYS 100.5 FM Oyster Radio, condi tions. Thank you to everyone that parti ci pa ted. Exci tement wa s or or
s pread throughout the field. Especially to Jason Jones with hi s Hol e i n
One on #11, Sa turda y 10/7. Tha t a wes ome s hot won hi m a Tri p to
Vi da nta Resort i n Mexico for 5 da ys / 4 ni ghts. Have a great trip Jones y!
Congratulations to FSUCML Graduate Student Bryan Keller (a dvi s or Dr. Keep a n eye out for the 2018 Ba ttle a t the Bay, next Fall. Stay tuned to
Dea n Grubbs) on his research being one of 18 funded new projects by the
our website, or ca ll the Golf Shop (850) 697-9606
Sa ve Our Seas Foundation. These projects are a imed a t genera ti ng cri ti ca l
knowledge on marine species a nd their habitats. To read more a bout Brya n for other Tourna ment opportuni ti es .
a nd his research click here: der/brya n-
kel l er-2/ A sad good-bye and a happy hello!
Congratulations also to Abbey Engleman a wa rded the 2017 Matt Beard St. James Bay Resort s a dly says good-bye to Eddie Cl ark a nd Carra bell e
Properti es Limited, as he has s old to a n i nvestment Rea l Es ta te group
Memorial Award for Excellence in Research. Thi s annual award is given to a
out of Chi cago. We thank him for a l l he wa s a bl e to do to keep thi s
s tudent of the FSU scientific divi ng community that best embodies the spiri t bea utiful facility operating. We wish him the best i n life a nd bus i nes s .
of former FSU student Ma tt Beard. To rea d more a bout Abbey’s res ea rch We trul y a ppreciate everything he did for us, the empl oyees , a nd the
https ://fs uma ri nel a b.wordpres s .com/…/ca n -3d-pri nted-cora l s …/ product he was a ble to offer to the cus tomer. The s orrow ha s been
cha nged to exci tement wi th the i ntroducti on of John Green, MJM
Executive Board Ca rra belle LLC, a nd KemperSports Ma nagement Team. We are proud to
President-Cher Novaria/At Your Service Concierge be a pa rt of the KemperSports fa mily, a nd a re thankful to John Green,
Vice President- Lewis Christie/Christie’s Cottage Living MJM Ca rra belle LLC for the opportunity to continue being a part of thi s
Secretary- Dr. Lois Mendez Catlin- Phoenix Family Health Care Ctr. grea t fa cility. Pl ease bare with us as we get organized a nd i mpl ement
Treasurer- Paul Marxsen/Roberson & Associates, P.A. s ome changes. The future is s oon to be here, and l et's ha ve s ome fun
Directors wi th what is to come. Pl ea s e joi n us i n the movi ng forwa rd wi th St.
Tonia Chisholm, Lisa Lance/FC Public Library-Carrabelle Ja mes Ba y Res ort.
Skip Frink/Old Carrabelle Hotel The American Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes (HMFH) program
Sheri Wesson-Forgotten Coast Photography empowers peopl e to “Gi ve Somethi ng Tha t Mea ns Somethi ng” by
Downtown Improvement Committee: s ending a ca rd of thanks a nd s upport to the members of the Armed
Skip Frink/Old Carrabelle Hotel Forces , veterans, and their families. Your Red Cross office wi l l col l ect,
Lewis Christie/Christie’s Cottage Living s ort, a nd distribute the holiday ca rds to mi l i ta ry memb ers , vetera ns ,
Executive Director-Lisa Munson a nd thei r fa mi l i es . Wa nt to get i nvol ved? Lea rn more here:
http://www.redcros s .org/…/north-fl ori da /Send-a -Touch-of-Home
Total Website Visitors: Jan 1-Oct 22: 200,060 !!!

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