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Upcoming Test

Date: Test:

Week of 10/30 – 11/3 11/1 Science Quiz
11/3 Science Force
Homework: and Motion
Unit Test
Social Studies Weekly Current 11/7 Topic 4 Math
Event (Due Test
Friday) (tentative)

Reading Read 20 min
nightly (record
in Agenda)
Math Weekly Math Q1
(due Friday);
Practice Math
Facts at home

Important Dates:
Oct. 27- End of Quarter 1
Oct. 30- Teacher Workday
Nov. 10 – Holiday – No School
Nov. 22-24 – Thanksgiving Break

Contact us for questions:
Mrs. Carriker (social studies/science)
Mrs. Deaton (math)
Mrs. Sudimack (literacy)
A Peek at this Week…
Math - We are still working within Topic 4: Multiplying 2-Digits by 2 Digits in math. We
learned various strategies to determine the answer. Last week we learned how to model 2-
digit by 2-digit multiplication with a Box/Area Model. We also discovered how to break apart
one factor to make it easier to solve using the Distributive Property. This week’s strategies
will focus on using partial products and standard algorithm. Any extra practice with
algorithm at home will certainly help with fact fluency. We will continue to incorporate multi-
step word problems within the content.

The students were given directions to a new game to study math facts at home.

Multiply two 2-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and the properties of
operations. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays,
and/or area models.

Reading: This week we will be working through challenges that are found in nonfiction
texts. We will analyze complex text to practice. By the end of the week, an at school research
project will be introduced. Students will be using their nonfiction analysis, comprehension,
main idea and summarizing skills to work.

Writing: We will be writing summaries about what we read (text structure + main idea and
details = summary).

Social Studies(Week 9) - We are skipping Week’s 7-8 so that we can get to the weeks on
government to coincide with the upcoming election. We will come back to weeks 7 and 8 after
weeks 9 and 10. For week 9, students will learn about some of the rights provided by the
Constitution, such as the right to privacy, freedom of speech and the notion of innocent until
proven guilty. Students will learn about state government and North Carolina’s
constitution. They will study the three branches of government and will learn the roles and
responsibilities of each. Students will learn the value of checks and balances.

Science: We will be completing our study of electricity and circuits and how they relate to
force. There is a quiz to cover only circuits on Wednesday, November 1st. We will then spend
class on Thursday reviewing the unit of force (magnets and circuits) and they will have the
unit test on Friday, November 3rd. Make sure students are using their resources on my
website and studying nightly on their notes from class and vocabulary we have covered. In
case you need the address to my website: