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"No change, then?" / "No, none..." / "... I'll stay here, then.

Keep an
eye on her, I need a bite to eat."

How could this happen? She was one of the best bounty hunters in the
universe, and yet the poor girl was unconscious and... changed... by some
strange, never before encountered creature. Samus was internally
distraught, struggling to find some way to deal with this turn of events.
To see her friend like that, to see the corruption spreading through not
just her body but her suit too... And to see her treated like some feral
beast being locked up by the federation... They were gonna catch hell
from her for this.

Click. Thunk.

A rather filling ration bar fell from the machine, which Samus grabbed
and opened, taking a bite as she went back into her thoughts again,
wondering how to fix this... The best way would probably be to go to that
planetoid and find answers, but... No, that was a dumb idea, and she was
needed by her kouhai's side. She sat outside the room, eating the ration
bar slowly, lost in thought...


She could feel it. Hear it. Thoughts. Not her own, something... feral,
hungry... lewd... "Spread!", they told her. "Breed, spread, infect!".
Rei, the former space bounty hunter lie on a restraint table, unconscious
and bound, lost within a hive-like maze within her own mind. "Become
queen, fuck, spread, breed, lay, INFECT!"

The thoughts were growing louder as her mind was fading away to feral
lust and desire, her now enhanced, throbbing, drooling shaft eager to do
exactly what those urges were ordering her to do. But she was bound...
could she... escape...? Could she... really get free? Her strength, it
too had been enhanced, further still by the ongoing changes... her biceps
flexed, showing the new extra tone she now had. Her thighs, too, flexed
and pulsed, feeling out the tightness of the shackles.

... Yes... perfect...

With a single loud crash, the now Xenomorphoid bounty hunter shattered
her pathetic excuse for bonds and looked down at herself. While they were
enhanced as well, her breasts did not obscure her vision, nor her cock.
It twitched as a thick fluid leaked from the tip, a knot swelling up and
the air hitting those sensitive ridges just right, stealing a hissing
gasp out of the changed woman.

Thoughts of her senpai, her friend, her... her fantasy object... Samus
Aran filled her mind. Those toned legs, those abs, those strong, handsome
arms, those damned sexy lips, intense blue eyes... that fucking tight ass
in that Zero suit, those pert breasts so perfectly jutting, like beacons
waiting to be grabbed and touched and ravaged and...

With a loud, screeching, roaring hiss, the Xenophoid -- formerly known as
Hana-Rei -- purposely slammed herself against her medical bay prison,

She let out a loud. dear stars and galaxies those fucking fangs and their bites! It was like Samus found that she had a serious kink for being bit while fucking. get my Hana-Rei back. snarling. but it looks like you're coming to your senses enough.. make love. So c'mon. she was muttering words. I-.. thrusting her hips. but she didn't expect it would be such a one sided conflict. those luscious yet beastly lips and fangs. fuck me. have to.. Those ridges. raping me like that.. let's enjoy this for a little longer.. --- How!? How did she break those bonds that easily!? Did her strength really increase that much from this? And she was. Samus.!" / "W-What--!? Hana- Rei. to cut off monitoring.. more strength robbed from Hana-Rei's body.. she needed a clear head... help me.. now riding her cowgirl and on top and. the Gynian AI. hotdogging herself between Samus' bodysuit-clad ass.. that knot. she had an idea.. pushed Hana-Rei back and against the floor. Thrust after thrust. for me to. more importantly. fix. you know. hiss... Samus was finding more pleasure in this.. If she was to be fixed. Samus Aran herself. and by extension... if I have to!" Something clicked in Hana-Rei. in control. Samus told all guards to stand down. and to have Sakuya. ange. don't worry. well. Those sleek yet powerful arms.... mus. will breed.. to leave.. albeit knotted and hilted on that wonderful cock.. O-Once you feel better. Strength was robbed from her as it happened... "You've been a bad girl.. back. to ensure they did.... and a grab to Samus' hips.. Samus knew what had to be done.. and said cock hit its own climax right with it. more than she was willing to admit. hissing roar of triumph and absolute bliss as she felt the first of many orgasms hit her like a heavy battle frigate going lightspeed. Hana-Rei hilted herself deep within Samus' folds..... help me ch. / "Samus... fuck.. knotting herself almost immediately. that thickness of the shaft itself.. and being THAT pent up. The biting... eliciting a snarl. f--. / "Sa. hissing.. on top of Samus..grabbing the attention of her Gynian-bodied AI partner.. bitch.... FUCK ME... corrupted body or not. As Hana-Rei humped away at her senior's wonderful rear. give me a bite on my earlobe. and Samus noticed this..!" . love you.. 'Lead her. Samus understood......AHH~N!!" With an aggressive thrust forward. twitching and clenching on that xenocock inside her. have her cum a couple more times. and god damn did that get her hot! She felt herself climax. Feels good. and that was her moment. fix me!" / "I'll fix you. She wanted this too. then take control'. So let's go.. even. to l-let me know. I'll drain you until you've got me looking like a fucking cow. and with that.

although still drowning in arousal and a need to breed.. I have to fix this. . However. We can worry about that later.... Is Sakuya okay. It uh. it was that thing inside you. Hana-Rei's sobbing subsided.! I'm so sorry. Hana-Rei sighed and shook her head." / "Not right now.. Tears flowed from those eyes." / "Good. Hana-Rei and Samus had a long talk with the Federation doctors about her condition.. unmoving.. sorry. the changes were irreversable. which seemed almost untouched by the corruption.." / "Right.." Well. but a good cleansing will fix that up. I'll see to it they don't make that mistake again. Her hair seemed so much more full yet light.... Now. until the latter places that promised bite. to their dismay. A good two hours passed.. 'enhancements' to her lips... her headcase-like helmet breaking away and revealing her face.?" / "I... the suit enhancements and further strengthening of her body actually proved to be beneficial as she beat all of Samus' scores on suit testing and combat testing.... back to yourself. save for the darkening in skin colour and. teeth... hair many earth women would kill for. happy expression.. eyes.. "Samus. this affection. well..!" --- A shower or two later. It looks good on you.. she was Hana-Rei again... You're staying here and getting rest and a thorough examination to see what did this to you. it's okay. her own mind returning as she continued to fuck Samus' sweet.. get your sexy fucking cock out of me. holding each other in a lovers' embrace. I'll do this as many times as I need to if it means I can keep you stable...?" / "Yeah. Samus was a little jealous. I think so. holding it and petting her hair. she felt those thoughts die off and fade away. really..... But now that I know how to get you back. and let's show Sakuya you're okay. shit.. Slowly. a total of twenty orgasms from the both of them. Rei. Her eyes were like reptilian eyes almost. I'm. She's outside right now. what about my ship.?" / ". / "Well.. it wasn't you. and melted into a blissful.She heard.. her arms wrapping around Samus' waist. I forgive you. Samus and Hana-Rei lay there..." / "And..... "Ssshhhh. s-so. at least. she's fine.. and Samus brought her mate's head to her chest. and hair.. Those federation bastards clearly don't know how to make you comfortable..?" / "It's a little messy.... it was discovered that. c'mon." Hana-Rei started sobbing.. Panting. you're still in it." Those words. my gear.... too... heavenly folds... with a slit for the pupil and her irises a beastly yellow. I guess whatever did this to you corrupted your suit. clean up. and a LOT of cum leaking onto on the floor before they finally stopped. as long as everything else is okay. she understood. "So.. whatever. you're not. and after a thorough examination.!" / ".. it was heaven....

as it implied she fucked everything. that wasn't entirely wrong. and soon gained the nickname "Xenophile Huntress".. Samus found that amusing.But. despite Samus saying to not worry about it. this allowed Hana-Rei to continue her occupation as a bounty hunter.. was soon found by the fedaration. .. but a little insulting too. although she was enhanced.. however. now. Samus made it her duty to drain Hana-Rei whenever she could or needed. In doing so. and Hana-Rei always ensured that Samus was rewarded somehow for doing so. well. The planetoid where the infection took place.. but. and it seemed this was probably just the beginning of the infection.. Hana-Rei's new skills were about to be put to the test. so Sakuya proposed a shock system to be added to the new buffering suit that was permanently part of Hana-Rei's almost physiology.. she was also hindered by her insane libido and the feral urges that arise rather frequently.