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Poster Project Rubric

Student names _____________________, ____________________, ____________________

0-70 Points 71-89 Points 90-100 Points
Poster lacks either relevant image, Poster includes one image and two or Poster includes one clear image,
player name, year, and/or basic less relevant stats. As a whole, the includes player name and 2016 Stats.
player stats. Graph contains poster communicates something about Graph organized with all required
mathematic errors. Presents little of the big idea but does not contain all of stats. Correct calculations of the
the required information. the required content. player’s batting average and slugging
percentage. As a whole, the poster
successfully communicates the big
idea of the project.

Presentation is unorganized. Presentation is adequate. Each student presents, the presentation
Presentation is missing more Presentation is missing one of the key is clear and organized. The presentation
than one key components: includes a detailed information for the
following components:
• Player name
 Player name
• Year 2016  Player name
 Year 2016
• At Bats (AB)  Year 2016
 At Bats (AB)
• Singles  At Bats (AB)
 Singles
• Doubles  Singles
Presentation  Doubles
• Triples  Doubles
 Triples
• Homeruns.  Triples
 Homeruns.
• Presents more than 2 incorrect  Homeruns.
calculation of the player’s batting  Presents one incorrect calculation of
 Present correct calculations of
average and slugging percentage the player’s batting average and
the player’s batting average and
slugging percentage
slugging percentage.

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