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CTF Lesson Plan

Challenge What does my Possible Future Career Choices Look Like?

Lesson Research 3 of the possible future career choices in depth. 6
Learn about safe internet uses & protocol
Objective Students will use technology and the internet, in a safe and Time 1 hr
secure manner, to research 3 of their possible career Allotted
choices to learn more about them.

CTF Learning Outcomes: Identify the learning outcomes from the CTF Program of Studies that will be
addressed in this lesson.
☐ I explore my interests and passions while making personal connections to career possibilities.
☐ I use occupational area skills, knowledge and technologies.
☐ I follow safety requirements associated with occupational areas and related technologies.
☐ I demonstrate environmental stewardship associated with occupational areas.
☐ I plan in response to challenges.
☐ I make decisions in response to challenges.
☐ I adapt to change and unexpected events.
☐ I solve problems in response to challenges.
☐ I create products, performances or services in response to challenges.
☐ I appraise the skills, knowledge and technologies used to respond to challenges.
☐ I communicate my learning.
☐ I determine how my actions affect learning.
☐ I develop skills that support effective relationships.
☐ I collaborate to achieve common goals.

Skills, Knowledge and Technologies Related to the Occupational Areas
-Business: Information Processing: Researching and Organizing
-Human Services: Human & Social Services: Identifying careers related to skills & strengths

Safety and/or -Business: Information Processing: Copyright restrictions & permissions, Plagiarism. Digital Citizenship:
protect personal safety when using the internet, Identify & minimize security risks.
Remember to follow your school’s and/or district’s safety requirements at all times.

Resources -Lesson Plan
-Internet Safety Slide Show
-Career Worksheet
-Cluster Cheat Sheet
-Computers for students access
-OCCinfo & NOC websites
-Likes, Dislikes, Special Skills & Passions Identifier Sheet for reference of career choices

CTF Lesson Plan
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CTF Lesson Plan

Interdisciplinary Learning Opportunities: Identify the learning outcomes from other subjects that will be
addressed in this lesson.
Health – GLO: Life Learning Choices – Students will use resources effectively to manage and explore life role and career
opportunities and challenges. SLO6.5 Relate knowledge, skills and attitudes of a successful student to those of successful
Information Communication Technology (ICT) – GLO C1: Students will access, use and communicate information from a variety
of technologies. SLO 2.1Access and retrieve appropriate information from the Internet by using a specific search path or from
given uniform resource locations. SLO 2.2 Organize information gathered from the Internet by selecting and recording the data
in logical files or categories; and by communicating effectively, through appropriate forms, such as speeches, reports and
multimedia presentations, applying information technologies that serve particular audiences and purposes
GLO F3: Students will demonstrate a moral and ethical approach to the use of technology. SLO 2.1 Comply with the acceptable
use policy of the school and school authority for Internet and networked services, including software licensing agreements.
SLO 2.2 Work collaboratively to share limited resources SLO 2.3 Use appropriate communication language and etiquette.
SLO 2.4 Document sources obtained electronically, such as web site addresses. SLO 2.5 Respect the privacy and products of
others. SLO 2.6 Use electronic networks in an ethical manner. SLO 2.7 Comply with copyright legislation.

Competencies: Identify the competency or competencies that will be addressed in this lesson. See Learning
through Competencies for more information.
Communication – Students are to read online research and fill out their Career Worksheet with what they have found.
Creativity & Innovation – Students must explore the career possibilities they came up with to pick 3 of their favorites to
Critical Thinking – Students must evaluate the information they find online, organize it on their worksheet, and find
relationships between the career and their likes and skills.
Managing Information – Students must research 3 of their career choices online, reference the information on their worksheet
and organize the information they find.
Personal Growth & Wellbeing – Students will make connections between their career choices and their likes and skills. They
will also reflect on their top 3 choices of possible careers as they research more about them.

Literacy and Numeracy: Identify how the lesson supports the development of literacy and numeracy.
Reading, Listening, Researching, Responding, Writing and Understanding to/of the information collected online will show and
support literacy.
Reading, Listening, Responding & Understanding of the safe internet uses and protocols will show and support literacy.
No parts of the lesson will support or how numeracy.

Assessments: These should include opportunities for students to reflect on and communicate their learning.
The document CTF Classroom Assessment Tool may be a helpful resource.

Formative Assessments Summative Assessments
-Hold a discussion with the students prior to starting the -No summative assessments under this lesson
lesson about what they remember from the last lesson on
CTF Clusters.
-Hold discussion surrounding safe internet uses and
protocols before and after lesson to gage their prior
knowledge & understanding.
-Assist students as they research careers and fill out their
worksheets to make sure they are doing it correctly.
-Monitor students’ computer use (only on OCCinfo & NOC)
-Go over worksheet to ensure they have completed it
correctly to be able to move onto the next lesson.
CTF Lesson Plan
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CTF Lesson Plan
Introduction Time
-Let students know what they will be doing today (researching 3 careers online) 15 min.
-Hold a short discussion about what was taught last class (CTF Clusters) and go over it all again.
Mention each cluster, a defining feature of each cluster and a career example from each cluster (see
cluster sheet for information)
-Pre-assess students’ knowledge on safe internet uses and protocols by asking them what they think
proper use is. ‘What do you guys think it means to be safe online?’ ‘What websites should you access?’
‘Do you guys think you should put your or your families’ personal information online?’ ‘Should you talk
to strangers online? Meet up with strangers you meet online?’
-Introduce the topic of safe internet uses and protocols (using slideshow)

Teacher Procedure Student Tasks
-Discuss the topic of safe internet uses and protocols. -Students will actively listen to lecture and take 35 min.
Go into detail about plagiarism, protecting personal notes.
identities, using proper language online, cyber -Students will most likely have dealt with the
bullying, and respecting others online. (10 minutes) internet before and possibly one of these concerns, 10 min for
therefore they should be considering their own lecture
lives/experiences during the lecture.
-Introduce the activity of researching 3 of their
possible careers ideas by using the OCCinfo and -Students will choose 3 of their chosen careers 25 minutes
NOC websites. Reiterate that these are the only two from last lesson to research in more detail. for research
websites students are to access during this class time.
-Students will use OCCinfo and NOC websites to
-Give students a basic instruction of how to use the research their career choices.
two websites. (25 minutes) -Students will fill in the Career Research
Worksheet using the information they find online.
-Monitor and assist students in finding the -Students should be considering which career
information required to fill out their worksheets and sounds most interesting to them as a possibility for
ensure they are only on these 2 websites. the future (which will lead into lesson 3)

Handouts Hand out to students after lecture for the activity
-Clusters Cheat Sheet (if some students lost theirs from the last lesson)
-Career Research Worksheet
-Ask students to share with a partner about what they found while researching for 3 minutes and tell 10 min.
them some students will be asked to share. Select some students to share what careers they researched
and the most interesting fact they found out about it while researching.
-Introduce the next lesson on how students will be tying the first two lessons together to decide on a final
career and create a budget based off that budgets avg. salary and newspaper fliers & online prices of
what they think they would need to buy in a month.

-Ensure students online behavior is monitored and they are only accessing the sites given to them for this project.

The following resources are not authorized but are provided as a service to identify potentially useful ideas for teaching and
learning. The responsibility to evaluate these resources rests with the user. Note: All website addresses listed were confirmed as
accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change.

CTF Lesson Plan
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CTF Lesson Plan

For this lesson, the lecture portion is unrelated to what they students learnt last time, but still
very important. Students need to know how to use the internet safely and correctly for their
age group. If you can build basic skills and knowledge on safe internet uses and protocols at a
younger age then as the students grow up they will continue to build off those basics. The
only instructional portion of this lesson is teaching the students safe internet uses and
protocols. The rest of the lesson is student self-ran research on the computers. Since I want
the students to be able to fully research 3 of their career choices I do not want to take up too
much of their time instructing them during this lesson. Continuing to help students as they
work on their research individually and possibly stopping the class to share information will be
the only other instruction the students will get after the short internet use lecture.

The assessment for lesson two will be formative only. The only thing I can check is if they
completed their worksheets and that the information seems valid. Since it would take me too
long to fact check everything they put on their paper the students will get my trust that they
researched and filled in the afternoon correctly. I would not grade this because it is purely
informational for the next lesson. I also want students to be self-reflecting as they find out
more on the careers. They should be thinking ‘is this sounding interesting to me?’ as they
learn more to consider if it is something that they would consider for the future now. I just
want to assess that they are understanding and following the online rules/guidelines given to
them and that they completed the worksheet. The first two lessons are formative assessment
only because I just want to make sure they are on the right track to go into the third lesson,
which will have a summative assessed assignment.

CTF Lesson Plan
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